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#Ivy rambles

so my essay was due last night, and I didn’t finish it. I had the worst headache from too much coffee I was hoping that if I went to bed at 8pm and woke up at 4am I could smash it out before work. 

I woke up at 3:30am and it had progressed into a migraine so that was fun, turned off my 4am alarm took some painkillers and went back to sleep. Woke up at 7:30am still in a lot of pain so called out sick and went back to bed. 

I’ve been working on my essay for the last 3hrs, my head is still pounding, I have no idea if what I am writing is making sense. I am at 1400/2500 words. I am just going to write my last paragraph and conclusion hopefully it gets me to 2000 if not, oh well. 

I am losing 10% for being late and i will have to take further marks for this. 

I am going to email my lecturer and explain to her whats going on and hope she understands. 

My next two assignments are open book tests so I just need to prep all my notes this week and smash it. 

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So I got another drabble prompt from a lovely person and listen. I am not unaware that my prompt fills have been getting hornier. But the bunny that bit for this one is hornier than all the rest and this is not how I wanted these prompt fills to go, dammit!

I may fight this plot prompt bunny for a little while and see if I can steer it somewhere else. GDI.

Me @me rn;

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like ultimate dumb bitch. 

I have been depresso and sick for the past month and a half and I have just been putting off uni this term. I now have 4 weeks left of uni, and I have a major essay due tomorrow night and I have to do all of my uni work by then. 




so tell me things so I survive the next 32hrs? 


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Ya’ll I’ve got a Throin GIF / quote post I think is gonna be real good but I can’t decide on which shot to use for the last GIF so if anyone wants to help me decide, hmu

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So I need to watch North & South again for … giffing … reasons…


I’ll probably post some thoughts on the rewatch later. It might turn into a semi-liveblog; I’ll use #ivy liveblogs N&S if so

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So me trying to prep for North & South gifs has turned into a hell of a headache.

The mkv headers have the wrong pixel dimensions (as makemkv doesn’t read the ifo file which in this instance doesn’t match the headers) so OpenShot won’t process it at the correct aspect ratio (it is 16:9, but the pixels are for some reason set at 720x576 when it should be 1024x576), so I can’t trim clips down for gifs. VSDC can, but the exported clips are blurry. I could try getting clips with vlc record, but that’s janky and is hard to do precise clips on.

All the techniques in the forum threads for how to fix the mkv have thus far not worked.


Originally posted by tiptoesims

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dramatically sighs

I swear I’ve met eighty year olds in better shape than me.

I think I slipped a disc in my back, but basically I haven’t been able to move all week, I can’t sit, stand or walk and I can’t get into the doctors until next week.

I’m trying to move because I know the worst thing for a back injury is to sit still for too long but it hurts so fucking bad. So basically all I’ve done for 3 days is sleep because of how much pain I’m in.

I’ve got a paper due Sunday night which I haven’t even started and I’m so far behind on my uni work.


Guys, seriously, take care of your backs.

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North & South Liveblog part 2

Hi folks! I’ll be live blogging as I watch episodes 3&4 later so blacklist ’#ivy liveblogs N&S’ if you want to save your dashes

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I’ve had an influx of new followers that aren’t bots, so weird but anyway hello. 

I thought I would introduce myself, I’m Ivy, I’m old, I am addicted to ice coffee and I cannot adult. 

I live in Australia, with my boyfriend and my french bulldog her name is Benson and I love her more than life its self. I have anxiety, depression, a bunch of chronic illnesses and on occasion write fan fiction. 

My inbox is always open so come on by and say hi!

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So all the GIFs of Richard Armitage and his broody looks in North & South that are now floating across my dash have worked and I’m trying to find somewhere to watch it so any suggestions, let me know as it’s long gone from iPlayer.

EDIT : I’ve bought the dvd but I’ll leave this up so others can see what people have suggested. Thanks all!

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Thinking of expanding my request options to include moodboards and banner images (basic ones for now - I’m not practised enough for advanced edits just yet) etc alongside gifsets.

Could incorporate neo-khuzdul into them, if its single words or a translation has been done (I’m not confident enough in my use of the Dwarrow scholars translation tool to be able to do sentences yet).

Is there an appetite for those kind of things?

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One of the side effects of reading all the bagginshield fics I have is getting to know the dwarves so much better.

The way fanon has built on the characters we’re given to develop them into such rich personalities is incredible. It also has the side effect of hitting my weakness for the found family trope and group banter hard, meaning I now love them all and feel like I want to indulge Fíli and Kíli’s antics myself and hang out quietly with Ori and go drinking with Nori and Bofur.

They’re such a gang and it pleases me greatly.

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