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#JC pls step on me

Okay but WAIT


I apologize for the shitty screenshots, but THIS outfit (ep 11 in Lotus Pier, but it first shows up inexplicably in ep 9, and he changes outfits again while in Lotus Pier), is the SAME as


THIS one. (ep 50) Same pattern, same sleeves, just without the overcoat thing, and he’s wearing black underneath instead of red. It could also be a different outfit, but it was made with the same fabric and style. And this outfit is different at the end of the episode when he’s reuniting with lwj, from the one that he’s wearing when he separates from lwj, indicating some kind of passage of time.


It is entirely possible Wei Wuxian ended up in Lotus Pier at some point during his travels. No I do not take criticism. I don’t know the circumstances, but boy would I like to imagine them. And in the end, wwx was sent off with some comfy threads from so very long ago because he must be warm while he’s travelling dammit. (jc of course, will not admit concern until the day he dies.) 

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