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hey y'all remember when i said i was gonna design body pillows

i was being serious


this isn’t my first design but the other one is a surprise for someone i know and im waiting to post it :P

ANYWAYS UH self indulgent rubber soul design bc my dumb ass has a FAT crush on him and also the agents of dio are very underappreciated

if there’s enough demand for it might open commissions for these bc they’re actually a lot of fun to design

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me and the bestie abt to fight jotaro kujo wyd 

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i honestly forgot that my name on zoom was “Inez and Hol Horse are a iconic duo”–

everyone in my ELA class knows that I love Hol Horse–

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You know you gave up on sticking to that one type of person you’re attracted to when you read “x reader” stuff of every character from the show/game

You have a type?

Pff nonsense

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Lisa Lisa
I generally think of myself as an okay master but somehow I forgot to teach Jojo what an owl was and she called it a wood penguin
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Absolutely HATE the way koichi is drawn in the new rohan OVA <3

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I think both time periods would make for interesting plot and design BUT yes I think I’m going to stick to a modern-day setting just for the hell of it

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:0 would you guys like more Bucci gang positivity or should I do stone ocean?

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Okay so….him…..that’s all….

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At first, Joseph liked him cause he brought him food, but he falls in love after a while.

Also I like to imagine Joseph speaks whale so there’s a language barrier between the both of them- which makes for some funny moments


Also I will take advantage of any chance I get to draw Joseph with long hair

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Rainbow flag but it’s color picked from Mohamed Abdul!

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thinking abt teen rohan….. i am infinitely grateful that araki didn’t provide us with him so i can push my own bullshit onto u <3 some headcanons:

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wait how the absolute megafuck did kira know about cinderella and its abilities

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