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As you know, today would have been JMU’s 5th Giving Day. We have received inquiries about Giving Day 2020, and we are inspired by your commitment to support CISR during this unprecedented time despite the challenges we’re all facing right now. #JMUGivingDay has been postponed.

While “social distancing” is probably the last thing any of us would associate with the JMU community, it is clear that we are ready and willing to come together even when we shouldn’t get together in person.

Thank you for your commitment to CISR and GO DUKES!

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Counterpoint’s finished, and true to my word, I blazed through it. We have one last meeting tomorrow morning and we’ll be done the class.

Orchestration’s also done. I’m just really happy to be done with the class.

Piano Lit’s also done for good. We had our final today and I think it went well.

So, yeah. Just Theory and Comp left to finish and a last Counterpoint meeting tomorrow.

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Objective #5 is done. I don’t think I was as thorough as usual, but my blood sugar’s low, I still have a composition discussion post to write, annnnnnnd I don’t feel like staying up all night tonight. So I’m giving myself some leeway.

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