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Can I ask you how can Lyn sees Faye as fierce? Also… does the name “Heart-Bikini” aroused some curiosity in you? Last point before the message: To save some time, I’ll update the two messages with the images of the two swimsuits.

At some point there is a IF… it was supposed to be a OF… like I wrote you various times in the past… sometimes I HATE my hands. Changing topic… there are still people buying useless things?



While Camilla walks away, Athena bends a little to Lyn’s side: “Ve vere vondering… is it something if your vorld to hug betveen vomen or from hers? And vhy she continues to call you sister and sveeetie? is that another thing of one of your vorlds?” Meanwhile the two women reached the platform and Camilla is the first one that shows her bikini gaining cries and applauses from the crowd even if this doesn’t scare Faye too much. The girl is little blushing but looks like this is not going to stop her: “I… I don’t care what you wear. I can prove you that my swimsuit is more meaningful than yours!” Camilla, after bending various times to thanks the people (and to greet me with a wink), turns to her opponent with her usual smile: “Wonderful, pretty lady! Show us what you have there!”

Faye squeezes her punches before doing anything to charge herself:-I’m doing this for Alm and only for Alm! He’ll love me with this complete and I’ll win this competition so I’ll obtain a full day alone with him!- Thinking this, she removes her bathrobe letting it falls down. Even if the people are still eulogizing Camilla, here and there is possible to see some AWWW for Faye’s figure. Curiously, Camilla is one of these people: “Awwww… what a cute outfit that you have there! And with an heart in the middle as well! You’re lovely!” While Faye, little trembling and blushing begins to reach the centre of the arena followed by Camilla, I turn to Mark for a moment: “So… two questions. First, what is the… best bikini between the two? And second, who do you think will win and why?”

Athena came up and asked Lyn about her relationship with Camilla and she was happy to answer any questions she had.

“We’re just really good friends and Camilla is the type of woman who likes to protect her friends like she would her siblings, making sure they are safe, giving them cute nicknames, stuff like that.” She explained. “It’s nice most of the time, though she can get a bit smothering at other times.”

The two woman competing started to talk with each other, maybe trying to get the upper hand mentally on one another, and they took off their robes and showed them to the crowd once again who gave a roar of cheers and applause. Camilla even winked at JP as she did so. Faye was seeming more embarrassed than the last round and that made Mark’s answer easy.

“Well, I think Faye’s outfit is slightly better, it let’s the imagination flow a bit more and the heart on the chest is really cute, but I think Camilla is going to win. Just look how nervous Faye is and how calm Camilla is, it’ll probably be over quickly.” He explained.

(Because of Faye’s obsession over Alm gives her more strength sometimes. And I kind of knew what you meant already with Heart-bikini.)

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Can you really blame JP for not exactly approving Anna’s half perverted ways to gain money? Come on! Even in the game she has problems of copyright when she takes pictures of people in other worlds because a counterpart of her already made some job.


I turn again to his side: “I have no doubt that the whole thing will bring a lot of gold and money in Anna’s hands. A better question is: How much of that gold will remain in her pockets?” Then I return to what he said before: “You know… you should not think that everyone is the same only because you know a single individual. To be fair, I’m not even original of this world. I was summoned as well by Anna before receiving Breidablik because I’m supposed to be a legendary hero. And I don’t see anything bad in not completely enjoying this kind of things. There are a lot of other ways to gain gold. She planned to sell pictures of the heroines? She could have asked those two to make some portrait of them in their normal outfits. Is this idea really so weird?”

Camilla keeps holding Lyn in her arms while, at their side, Athena is simply watching them wondering if it’s something exclusive of their world: “Why don’t you offer him more than a single picture? You could give him all the pieces that they’ll make with you inside. So he’ll have a whooooole collection of images of his sweet wife in battle. What do you think about your Big Sister’s idea, Sweetie?” A pair of minutes after, Anna moves the things forward again: “AND NOW, WITH NO MORE DELAY, LET’S CONTINUE THE TOURNAMENT WITH A FIGHT BETWEEN OUR BEAUTIFUL CAMILLA WITH HER PURPLE BIKINI AND THE SWEET FAYE AND HER ”HEART-BIKINI“!” While the crowd greets the two names with another strong applause, Camilla releases Lyn standing up: “Alright, Sweetie, time to give another show to the people! Wish me good luck!”

“Well, she probably has some sort of contract in place so she gets a percentage of the profits, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.” Mark commented. “And you are right about your point, but making assumptions based on a few points of information is what I’m good at. Most of the time I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong. And I don’t find it weird, just not something most places would be accepting of out in the open.”

“We didn’t come here with a lot of money, we really weren’t planning on buying a lot of things here, so we probably can’t get as many as you suggest Camilla, probably just one for the both of us honestly, depending on the prices.” Lyn explained. Then Anna announced that the next round would start with Camilla and Faye. “Good luck Camilla, she seemed pretty fierce.”

(Like I figured he wasn’t all for it, but Mark doesn’t know everything I know so he’s surprised that everyone else is okay with it.)

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You know that scene at Wayne Hall where Artie is swaying to the music from the film? I want nothing more than to be able to come up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist. I wanna brush his curls to the side and press my lips against the back of his neck. I just- 🥺🥺🥺

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Annoyance? Really? This is what he could consider me? Wow…


At this point, I turn to his side half smirking: “You had doubts about this? Can I ask why and about what part or parts of it raised them in you?” After his reply, Anna talks to the people: “WELCOME BACK TO THE SECOND PART OF THIS FEMALE TOURNAMENT! AFTER A FIRST SKIMMING, NOW THE THINGS WILL TURN EVEN MORE HOT!” The crowd answers with an applause and a cry of approval. After some second of enjoyment, Anna waves her hands to calm the things: “AND THERE IS ALSO AN EXTRA GOOD NEWS, SEEING THE LADIES FIGHTING IS NICE BUT MEMORIES COULD TURNS CLOUDED AND IS FOR THIS REASON THAT TWO TALENTED ARTISTS WILL TAKE PICTURES OF THEM DURING THE FIGHTS THAT YOU’LL BE FREE TO BUY AFTER THIS EVENT!!!” Another applause explodes in the arena but, even if I join the thing at the beginning, after her last sentences, I stop applauding while my face turns black: “I swear… if I could turn her into a bunch of feathers just for a moment… I would do it!”

On the other side, Camilla, still hugging Lyn, is even more excited: “Do you heard, Sweetie? They’ll take pictures of us! I will buy one and offer it to my Darling! What about you? Will you buy one as well for Cutie?”

“Well, I didn’t have doubts about Anna putting this together, you never doubt an Anna when it comes to money making ideas.” Mark started out. “No, I doubted the attitude of the people here to be able to enjoy an event like this. You see, my only information about the people here before we came here was you, and you are a very, how can I put this nicely, strict guy when it comes to enjoying things of this nature. So I figured everyone else would be like you and not enjoy this sort of thing, but it turns out that the people are more like Lyn and I then I thought.” After that Anna announced the second round, and that now there would be pictures to buy after the whole thing was done. “Oh come on, she’s gonna make a ton of money off those.”

“Probably, though he’ll most likely like one that’s not of me since he gets to see me all the time, I wonder who he would like the most though?” Lyn pondered.

(Just in relation to the plan with Loki, otherwise he’s fine with him overall.)

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《SB++》 KHIII Goofy

  • ABILITY [All] 1 turn: [P medal STR +4500], self: [GPSM DEF +10], Guilt +200% / AG +5 / Countdown +/- / More HP remaining = +multi / 15 hits
  • SUPER BURST [Weak Point Effect] [All] Up Po // x220.00 // 1 turn: [P medal STR +10 000], enemy: [GPSM STR -10], Guilt +300% // PVP def: activates before slot 1
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