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#Jack Heart

I just had a weird thought…

In TW’s second chapter, Ace mentioned that he has a brother. And I’m guessing that he is older and has already graduated.

And then this came into my mind….


(images belong to their respective artists)

What if in some weird verse, Ace and Jack were brothers. Now I know that they have different last names and have different backstories. But wouldn’t it be fun to have an AU where they are brothers. And Jack when graduated, he went to serve under the real Queen of Hearts.

And even better, Jack actually went through the mirror to come to our world to serve her. After all, Jack Heart works as the Disney villain recruiters in Japan’s Disneysea. [some info for those who might know this. So during Halloween, Japan’s Disneysea brings these Villain Recruiters who try to get the guests to come to the dark side. Jack Heart is under the Queen of Hearts]

But it’s just a fun thought. Since I knew the Villain Recruiters before Twisted wonderland came out, I have a fun time coming up with ways that they can be integrated.  

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TMNT Wonderland, Roleplay with Animeria

This cover I had made it long before “Werewolf attack in Wonderland” but I wanted to wait to put the other one before this. I was satisfied with this art ^ ^!!
Heartslabyul from Twisted Wonderland © belong to Yana Toboso
Jack Heart © from Tokyo Disney Villains Recruiters
Alice person © belong to me
Kira © belong to Animeria (from Deviantart)

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I’m leaving the decisions up to you guys, but if you really want me to write one ending or the other (or both) feel free to lmk!!!

The Recruiter Guys having to choose between their Boss and their Long-Term Fem!S/O


  • Oh this would ABSOLUTELY break his heart.
  • He’d hate to break up with you, but he also really hates seeing Cruella mad..
  • The day after she makes the threat, he’s running to you, trying not to cry as he hugs you tighter than ever before.
  • He just can’t hide this. The struggle he’s facing, the hopelessness bubbling up inside. But to be fair, it wouldn’t have been very subtle if he tried anyway.

Jack Heart

  • He gets unusually antsy. Okay sure, he never really stood still to begin with but the fidgeting now seemed off.
  • You confronted him in private. One thing led to another, and somehow it slipped out. He didn’t want it to, never wanted it to, and yet…
  • You both know he’s a lot happier around you, but you also know the power that the Queen has over him.
  • He might consider going with you and running for the hills if the situation gets drastic somehow…

Apple Poison

  • He gets a lot more quiet once the Queen makes the threat of choosing you or her.
  • He won’t tell you right away, but he does try to find a reasonable time to do so.
  • The fact that he’s actually contemplating a decision makes you nervous.
  • He’s been the Queen’s underling for almost his entire life… But you’ve also managed to make a huge impact. To leave you would be worse than death.

Eight-Foot Joe

  • You’ve noticed he’s been more irritable lately. But when you ask what’s wrong, he only starts avoiding you more
  • Eventually you do find out, and you ask him why he didn’t tell you about it sooner. He didn’t want to get you involved, so that’s why he never told you about it.
  • He doesn’t want to choose between you and Ursula, so he tries to push you away so you don’t get hurt.
  • If it really comes down to it he’ll make a contract with Ursula to keep being with you, technically choosing both of you at once. He might not want to do this but he can’t stand the thought of giving you up


  • He doesn’t change much from his usual self. Or at least, that’s what he’s trying to show. But you see right through him and ask what’s wrong.
  • He swears everything is fine, and that you needn’t worry. After all, it’s him! What could somebody so amazing have to worry about?
  • Eventually he does give in and lets it out. Within the next minute he’s spilling everything, from his fears about what Maleficent could do to him, what could happen to you, the future he was hoping to share with you…
  • It’s genuinely tough for him. Pretty soon, he starts losing sleep and misses out on events because he’s so focused on trying to figure out which is best for him. Because he’s terrified of making the wrong decision.
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Of course!! This concept was super fun to work with, thanks for requesting it (and the last one as well)!!!

Pretty Scar, Ms. Hades, Hock, Jack Heart, Eight-Foot Joe, and Veil with their Master Villain’s kid

Pretty Scar

  • This kid’s gonna be really rough and rowdy, so play-fighting is definitely a common thing between them
  • She’s not up for it all the time though, because she still wants to look cute
  • “You look cute today! Not as much as me, but still!”
  • They’re not super close but still on good terms. Mostly.
  • The older sister figure that roasts your friends (or attempts to)

Ms. Hades

  • Demigod child? Demigod child
  • They’ve got a bit of a short temper like their dad, so she’s there to keep them level-headed
  • When they DO visit, that is
  • She doesn’t see them often because they’re up in the mortal world trying to become a hero
  • She keeps an eye on them via whatever the equivalent of a magic mirror is in their universe


  • Will ABSOLUTELY teach them how to swordfight
  • They love storytelling, so there’s moments when she’ll sit and listen to them
  • Sometimes they’ll ask if SHE can tell them a story (and she does; she’s not too bad herself!)
  • Will fight if they end up in trouble (but not without some light scolding after)
  • She’s the cool older sister figure and neither of them would want it any other way

Jack Heart

  • Picks on them like an older brother does
  • Or at least he WOULD if the Queen hadn’t threatened execution for anyone who hurts the kid’s feelings
  • They’re definitely aware of this rule and will occasionally try to start things just to get Jack in trouble
  • To which he responds with petty, subtle (maybe not-so-subtle..) acts of revenge
  • … Yeah it’s just a lifelong prank war between the two of them. Whether it’s friendly rivalry or genuine mutual hatred is up to you.

Eight-Foot Joe

  • His first few interactions with them are similar to Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope’s first meeting (“Why are you so freakishly tall?” / “I don’t know, why are YOU so freakishly annoying?”)
  • They ask lots of questions and he gets a little irked but he can’t do anything about it or else they’ll tell Ursula
  • And that usually leads to more work as punishment so yEAH— No thanks..
  • He gets used to it, though
  • Until they’re older and the mini interrogations become less and less frequent and one day, he finds himself almost missing those times


  • You’d think they were actual siblings at first glance but they seem to have more of a mentor/student relationship
  • Both she and the kid are more on the serious and orderly side, so there isn’t much conflict between them
  • The one thing they WILL disagree on, however, is who’s Frollo’s favorite
  • The kid just follows her around the church and she doesn’t mind it much
  • I could see Veil being in charge of the church choir on some occasions, with Frollo’s kid being in said choir
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Jack x Apple and Joe x Apple hcs

( @sublimereinedesgarbage said: “Hello 👁👁 It’s me again. Sorry, I just really love you for creating this blog. And this time I want to ask for ship headcanons. It’s not against the rules? If no, I would like to ask for Jack x Apple and Joe x Apple. 🙄💕” )

It’s always nice to see you, thanks for another request!!

Jack x Apple

  • Definitely Enemies to Lovers trope
  • Most likely happened when Jack proposed a bet that seemed dumb at first, but then they both actually started catching feelings over time
  • Only problem is that they’re both too stubborn to admit it because well…
  • “Why HIM of all people?!”
  • Once they eventually confess and get together, things cool down
  • They still bicker here and there, but it’s more lighthearted couple banter instead of y'know. Actual rivalry
  • If Apple needs something and Jack happens to have it, Jack is definitely the type to ask for a kiss in exchange (Alternatively: If Appoi has something and Jack needs it, he holds it above his head/on a high shelf to watch Jack pout and struggle to reach it)
  • Almost always use pet names when talking to each other, some were old teasing nicknames that just stuck

Joe x Apple

  • Started as the two of them bonding over being the tired parent figures of the rest of the group
  • Nobody really knows when they moved from the friend stage to dating stage?? Farja just happened to see Appoi kiss Joe one day and:
  • “Wait, you guys are dating?” / “We have been for a while but thanks for noticing”
  • They don’t do any grand/sappy gestures but casual stuff like hand holding/arm linking is common. Most times one of them will be resting an arm/hand on the other’s shoulder
  • They take casual strolls and talk about whatever’s on their mind like an old married couple would
  • Sometimes they gossip during these walks. … Well, not exactly “gossip” per se, but they just drop a few comments abt the others from time to time
  • Pretty chill couple overall
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