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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I believe now is as good a time as any to reveal I have been working on a lil project for the past two years, and it is nearly finished!

Back when YDYD season 1 first happened, I noticed a lot of people rewriting specific scenes in a more dramatic/serious tone.

What did I do with this? I decided to rewrite ALL of YDYD in a story format! I have finished writing and am currently editing.

I have also begun to work on rewriting YDYD 2, which yes I will indeed be rewriting every YDYD in a full series of three “books”.

The first story is called “The Broken” and it will be posted on Archives Of Our Own and Wattpad once it is finished!

I am honestly very excited, it is the most work I’ve put into a story and I really hope y'all enjoy it once it’s finished! (Consider this a lil teaser!)

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That was… amazing.

This episode summary was basically:

One man, his two kids and his friend get ready to face a dragon and leave their homes, perhaps for the last time. Who will make it home?

And now I need the fanfiction for it.

This episode was great though, the drama, the feels, the everything.

This season was full of amazing moments and episodes, but oh boy what a finale.

This is an appreciation post.

Thank you achievement hunter for YDYD 3.

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The night Ryan took over the kitchen, Jack really really wanted to be in there with him supervising. None of her boys are horribly competent in the kitchen which is why she does the cooking but Geoff was keeping her out. Y’see Ryan devised a plan. It was actually a plan he had put together with everyone in the crew to show Jack how much they appreciated her. Ryan’s job was to cook, Geoffs job was to keep Jack out and the Lad’s were (as Gavin affectionately named them) Team Distracty-doo. So while the lads entertained her and Geoff made sure she stayed out of the kitchen, Ryan worked for hours to make Jacks favorite meal. An hour or 2,  several hands of poker and one wink from Geoff later, The lads rush Jack away from the table while Geoff covers her eyes. When Geoff uncovers them all she sees is a beautifully set table with a mouth watering meal already on plates on top of it. Jack immediately looks to Ryan for an explanation  and all he offers is “Wanted to do something special” Before he pulled out a seat for her. Geoff led her over and pushed her chair in for her and the lads poured her a glass of wine before they all sat down with Jack to enjoy the meal. Turns out Ryan is a god in the kitchen and they all finish the best meal they’ve ever had (for the most part). 

Bonus: Geoff made dessert. Fresh brownies with ice cream. Ryan supervised and made sure to tell Jack that before she had a heart attack. It was actually really good! 

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