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#Jacques Laffite
k-ky · 2 months ago
Cameos of other drivers in Rush (2013)
I love retro F1 sm and when I saw Rush I was trying to identify all the drivers in the background. And then I really put in the effort and did so much research on trying to identify the drivers lol bc I love them sm. So here are the drivers from the 1976 grid that I spotted so far! If I missed any or you think I got someone wrong, don't hesitate to tell me!
I tried so hard lmao it got a bit inconsistent later on bc drivers back then would change their overalls halfway through their season lol.
Drivers featured are: Tom Pyrce, Jody Scheckter, Clay Regazzoni, Carlos Pace, Emerson Fittipaldi, Patrick Depailler, Graham Hill, Jochen Mass, John Watson, Jacques Laffite, Gunnar Nilsson, Carlos Reutemann, Guy Edwards, Michel Leclere, Ronnie Peterson, Bob Evans, Harald Ertl, Chris Amon, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Arturo Merzario, Jean Pierre Jarier,
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1337wtfomgbbq · 3 months ago
James: Watching the world cup final with the kids.
James. Nigel's eating all the snack... by himself... he won't let anybody else touch them.
James mumbles: I'm hungry *looks at Niki mournfully who has fallen asleep *
James: Gilles screams every time the commentators use a term also common in f1.
James: While Elio's doing his very best to become our own personal commentator.
James: Nelson and Alain aren't even watching the game but discussing the current racing season.
James mumbles: Maybe I should actually send those three into the bed room.
James remembers that Riccardo is in the bedroom, sick with the flu.
James: Maybe that's not that great of an idea after all...
James: Andrea still thinks we're watching ice hockey and keeps asking when Michael Jordan's gonna show up. 🤦‍♀️
James: Ayrton won't stop ranking the players looks.
James: *huffs * Jacques and Patrick have been singing the german national anthem for ten minutes straight *pulls a face * and that totally off key.
James: René is comparing everything to the wrestling match that he watched yesterday. He's even bitching about the jerseys not being as cool as the wrestling ones.
James: Now René's bitching about why they won't just settle the score with an awesome wrestling match *rubs bridge of his nose *
James. Honestly Didier seems to be the only one somewhat keeping up with the game.
James: Bruno is trying to beat Brazil on his game boy *mumbles * he got world cup usa for christmas... even though he could be literally watching the game RIGHT NOW!
*cheering in the background *
James looking scared: Brazil just won the world cup and I think Ayrton and Nelson are transforming into something.
Nelson and Ayrton: *actually hugging and celebrating together *
James: *looks even more scared *
James shakes Niki awake, who somehow hasn't been woken up by Ayrton and Nelson loosing their shit.
Niki groggily: What? What's going on, is the match over?
James: *points at Ayrton and Nelson, still hugging and jumping around with each other *
*sobbing *
James and Niki both turn and see Elio clinging to Nigel, utterly inconsolable and sobbing hysterically.
Niki: Did I wake in another dimension??!
Riccardo suddenly comes walking into the room looking like a zombie. He takes one look at the crying Elio, one look at the hugging Ayrton and Nelson before he just turns around again and leaves the room.
Bruno, btw, doesn't care at all that Italy lost the world cup because on his game boy he (read: Italy) beat Brazil.
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gentileformula1 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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frenchcurious · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Jacques Laffite (Ligier JS25 Renault EF4B 1.5 V6t) Grand Prix de Monaco 1985. - source F1 Old and New
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f1pictures · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Jacques Laffite  Ligier - Renault 1986
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claspgarage · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Matra, Jacques Laffite
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pierregasly · a year ago
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motorsport70 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Laffite v Peterson - South Africa 1977
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luimartins · 2 years ago
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Jacques Laffite
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neverwatchedonepiece · 3 years ago
486: “The Show Begins! Blackbeard's Plot Is Revealed!”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Holy crap, that was amazing... *_*
Just when you think Oda has run out of curve balls to throw and all that’s left is to tidy up the loose ends of an epic arc, he launches this one into outer space.
The best part? I had no clue what was coming. My opinion of Teach and his crew as plot catalysts is totally cemented now. Once they show up, all bets are off.
Argh, I can’t wait to talk about it! I wish I had watched it earlier. I was still bummed about Ace and Whitebeard and couldn’t muster any reviewing energy. Now, the fire is back! As much as I love Whitebeard, that Blackbeard twist was above and beyond.
Let’s get the other stuff out the way first!
Welp, Akainu’s Alive
Tumblr media
I was holding out hope someone would find him at the bottom of the ocean during cleanup, but nope, he was clinging to a rock. Damn you, Akainu, and your uncanny grip strength. The way he returned to the battlefield was creative, though, I’ll give him that. He punched a hole in the rock he was holding, melted it and created a lava tunnel, which he walked through, muttering darkly about justice (probably).
While he trudged back looking like an angry, melting waxwork, everyone congregated on the battlefield was still reeling from Whitebeard’s glorious death. The entire world, who had been watching, were also reeling. Some idiots were celebrating, but of course we know most of the general OPverse population have been spoonfed government propaganda all their lives. Oh well. They’ll find out the hard way that Whitebeard had been keeping the peace on a lot of islands.
Rayleigh was watching too. Must’ve been weird for him. All the people he used to know are dropping like flies. I suppose that’s all part and parcel of growing old but normal folk don’t usually get to watch their mates die in battle on television.
Doflamingo was also cheerfully engaged with the plot twist. He felt weirdly like a viewer. He picked himself a nice rock, sat down and was like, “So Teach, what are you up to with those criminals and that jail manager, eh???”
At least Marco, Vista, Ivankov and Jimbei had the sense to obey Whitebeard’s final order and tried to get the hell out of Marineford. Jimbei’s resolve to take care of Luffy has convinced me he will be next in line for the Sea Dad title. This resolve was tained by major pathos when it was revealed Ace planned ahead in case he died, asking Jimbei to look out for his little brother. 
Tumblr media
At the time, Jimbei refused, saying he only did that for people he held in high regard. Hauling ass with Luffy slung under one arm and Hancock covering them, he fully admitted he still hasn’t broken his self-imposed vow. We all know what that means. He is now Luffy’s Uncle Jimbei FOR REAL and is now stuck with an adorable, adopted, rubbery nephew for life. I expect him to sign the legal papers any day now.
Just as they were about to board the ship, Aokiji appeared out of nowhere and froze the water. At which point, Akainu, the literal hot mess, pulled himself from the ground and was like, “ACCESS DENIED, PIRATES. HAND OVER DRAGON’S SON!” Jimbei was prepared to die, but Ivankov saved him the trouble. There’s another one with obligations to Luffy (mainly because he couldn’t face Dragon ever again if little Luffy died on his watch).
While this was going down, Buggy managed to spin his wailing cowardice into another PR coup. Success! The fact he froze when Teach and Whitebeard were fighting was, of course, a sign of compassion for the enemy! Saint Buggy has so much to teach us about life. As he high-tailed it off the battlefield, his crew dropped the DDM.
Turns out this was a good thing. It increased ratings for the Blackbeard Pirates’ Magic Show: Live from Marineford!
Every Little Thing He Does Is... Magic? No. Tragic. Yeah, I Meant Tragic.
Tumblr media
Must confess I laughed a lot at this bit before Oda dropped the curveball. It was oddly comedic, with Blackbeard saying, “Woof, thank god the old man’s finally dead!” and Laffite appearing at his shoulder, like, “Ahem, Captain, our show?” to which Blackbeard said, “Lol, yeah, almost forgot. Let’s go guys!”
When they flung that black cloth over Whitebeard, I almost lost it laughing. Like, Teach... Blackbeards... are you for real? Are you going for an ACTUAL magic show here? Then Teach wriggled under the cloth and Laffite told off some curious Marines for getting too close, like a ten year old at a talent show. “NUUUU, DON’T LOOK, WE’RE NOT READY!!! RIGHT, OKAY, HERE’S OUR MAGIC SHOW PRESENTED BY CAPTAIN TEACH, PLZ APPLAUD!”
I refuse to believe they rehearsed this. All they had to do was play Could It Be Magic and I would have been hospitalized for split sides.
When Blackbeard was ready, the cloth was whipped off to reveal...
Nowt. A massive nowt.
I laughed.
Then Teach said, “Watch this, nerds.”
Tumblr media
And I grabbed all the laughter and shoved it back in my mouth because holy crap the painfully ill-rehearsed Tragic Show was totally worth the earth-shattering reveal.
Teach said before they would put on a show that would ‘shake the world’.
I see what you did there, Teach. You intended on stealing Whitebeard’s Tremor Tremor Fruit all along. 
In his words, “The gravity of darkness brings total annihilation. And the power of tremor destroys everything! I possess both! No one can compete with me now. I'm the strongest man in the world!”
Yup. So now Teach possesses two extremely powerful fruits. I’m not sure how this is possible but Marco said Teach is ‘physically different’ from other people. This seems to hint that Teach is special and very few characters would be able to replicate this trick.
It seems there was a real risk the Tragic Show wouldn’t go Blackbeard’s way. Shiryu hinted that if it didn’t go well, the crew would have disbanded. Just as well Teach’s gamble paid off. I wonder if there is a risk to Teach when he absorbs multiple fruits? How does he do it? How did he even figure out he could do it? I have many questions.
The coolest part, though, was the excellent speech he made after he pulled off the show of the century.
“The tremor fruit destroys everything! No one can compete with me. Tell all the people in the world, the boring people who love peace, the Marines, the World Government, and pirates! The future of the world is now determined. Yes, here comes the era that I conquer!”
Welp. That does it.
Good job breaking it, Marines. You fell for Teach’s scheme, hook, line and sinker.
Y’all are gonna regret celebrating Whitebeard’s death.
Tumblr media
*insert Barry Manilow*
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k-ky · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My favorite F1 Taxi moments:
1. Fernando Alonso picking up Mark Webber
2. Michael Schumacher picking up Jean Alesi
3. Nelson Piquet picking up René Arnoux, Stefan Johansson and Philippe Alliot
4. Jacques Laffite picking up Niki Lauda and Alain Prost
5. Nigel Mansell picking up Ayrton Senna
6. Jim Clark picking up 🍑 🍑 🍑Jackie Stewart
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1337wtfomgbbq · 4 months ago
Have you ever been in a car with multible F1 pilots? It's the most reckless thing ever, I don't know how they think.
We got the music on 98, Everyone screaming.
Jacques facetiming someone.
Gilles and Didier are having a conversation, while Nigel's butting in.
Alain and Nelson are making plans.
Niki's eating cashews AND driving,
All the fucking windows are down so there's hair flying fucking everywhere, we're going 90mph, I can't fucking think. Feel like I'm at a Jonas Brothers concert right now.
We're missing turns but somehow get there earlier.
And then I hear: *muffled banging noises* „What in the fuck?“
And they're like: „Oh yeah, René's in the trunk!“
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steel-and-asphalt · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Jacques Laffite’s Ligier (#26) leads the way at Watkins Glen. FIA Formula One World Championship, Watkins Glen International, 1976 United States Grand Prix East
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frenchcurious · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Jacques Laffite (Ligier-Ford SJ11) vainqueur du Grand Prix du Brésil -  Interlagos 1979. - source F History & Legends.
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f1pictures · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Jacques Laffite  Ligier - Matra 1976
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legendsofracing · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Winners’ circle:
Jacques Laffite leads teammate Patrick Depailler of Equipe Ligier the race throughout during the 1979 Brazilian Grand Prix, never being further back than first. He smashed the 1975 pole position record by seven seconds due to the new “ground effect” of the Ligier JS11, sat the fast lap and won one of his six Grands Prix wins.
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pierregasly · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Pierluigi Martini, Stefan Johansson, Nelson Piquet, Jacques Laffite, Michele Alboreto, Alain Prost & Philippe Alliot
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f1-blog-posts · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Jacques Laffite, Williams-Ford FW04, 1975 German GP, Nürburgring
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