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#James and Cordelia
Matthew: Here, I have these really stupid videos of Alistair
James: ooh use them for blackmail
Matthew: good idea! I'll blackmail him for a bag of Cheetos
James: Think bigger
Matthew: 2 bags of cheetos
James: no
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panic-at-the-nico · a day ago
okay I just listened to seven by Taylor Swift again, like listen listen and now all I’m thinking of is Lucie and Jesse cause (the song is like Lucie talking to Jesse)
“Please picture me, in the trees”
Lucie and Jesse first met in the Brocelind Forest
“Feet in the swing over the creek, I was too scared to jump in. But I, I was high in the sky”
Just like Taylor, Lucie was running around enjoying the thrill of nature.
“I’ve been meaning to tell you, I think your house is haunted”
Blackthorn manor is um- something like that
then Taylor sings about some domestic issues at home and Jesse does have issues at home, Tatiana (blech) is not allowing him to get runed.
okay or maybe I’m clashing my fandoms or this might be meaningful
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anarmorofwords · a day ago
Every day I wake up and am once again frustrated at how much vital information we're missing about the TLH cast. I'm not even asking for an essay on Carstairs family dynamic, BUT DAMN WOULD IT HURT TO KNOW THEIR BIRTH DATES AND YEARS?! When did the Carstairs start moving? Did they stay at hotels or rented houses? When exactly did Alastair first meet Charles? Did he show interest in him only in Paris or before? When did Alastair learn about Elias's alcoholism? When and why did Thomas start writing songs? Did he start learning Farsi with Lucie? I have so many questions.
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mariakaestner · a day ago
Chain of Iron page 400:
Alastair: "I was in Golden Square when Thomas was passing through. I also heard Lilian Highsmith scream. I saw Thomas run to help her. She was already dying when he got there. He never harmed her. I'll swear to it...Because I was following him. I've been following Thomas for days. I knew he was going out on these insane night patrols by himself and I wanted to make sure that he was safe."
Chain of Gold page 540:
Cordelia: "The truth is that James Herondale did not burn down Blackthorn Manor last night. James cannot have been in Idris. He was with me. In my bedroom. All night. ...Obviously, I am sure. Which aspect do you think I am confused about?"
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panic-at-the-nico · 3 days ago
herondales, herondales. their names are so vast. so unique. so different.
on one hand, we have Jonathan Christopher Herondale. on the other, we have Christopher Jonathan Herondale.
(oh and also please don’t confuse them with Christopher Lightwood and Jonathan Morgenstern)
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panic-at-the-nico · 3 days ago
Matthew: *loses Alastair in a crowd*
Matthew: oh well
Matthew: *leaves*
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anarmorofwords · 3 days ago
Ok because I'm not sure I ever officialy posted this or just talked with people so
My two ideas for TLH short stories collection:
The Beautiful Cordelia as read to Mina by Tessa. First of all we would weep wouldn't we. It's structured kind of like Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy - each story starts with Tessa reading an excerpt from The Beautiful Cordelia, aka a sort of introduction, and then we get to the actual story. TBC introduction is obviously hilariously inaccurate to the real events, what with all the Cruel Princes etc., but in the end it's just some TLH gang shenanigans, from their own POVs - some demon problems, some parties and mysteries and important life moments, maybe some fun trips.
Thomastair/Jordelia travel adventures, HEAR ME OUT. Some of it is Thomastair (most i'd say, but let's keep it realistic), some Jordelia, maybe once or twice they went together. They have adventures while travelling, but there's also moments in between, when they're back in London, and we get some domestic friends/family scenes + updates on the characters that don't travel with them.
Someone help me pitch this to CC because otherwise I'd have to write it myself and it's a lot of work
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mariakaestner · 3 days ago
I meant it, then- you belong to me and not to him- you will never belong to him, James.
Cordelia Herondale to her husband, Chain of Iron page 493
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icycoolslushie · 4 days ago
Grace was the first one to know about Jordelia
Tumblr media
Can someone please show Cordelia (and Matthew) this paragraph?
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panic-at-the-nico · 4 days ago
Carstairs guys: I love playing instruments, pianos and violins are majestic.
Carstairs girls: WOAH IS THAT A SHINY SWORD WOW I WANT IT, oh wait it’s mine *pets said sword*
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panic-at-the-nico · 4 days ago
Lucie: I accidentally ate Christopher’s lemon tart. How long do you think I’ll live?
James: Ten
Lucie: Ten what?
James: Nine
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aruthlessblackthorn · 4 days ago
While we wait for Chain of Thorns...
I just know Lucie and Jesse are baking pies and scones in Cornwall, having picnics by the ocean, traversing through the forest and remembering the faerie trap in Brocelind. Lucie writes character studies about him, about the way his black hair lays perfectly against his cheek, and how his eyes flutter while he thinks. She describes the curve of his mouth when he’s about to smile, the sparkle in his eyes, how they remind her of grass in the early morning, or moss that’s bathing under sunlight. Yet dread coils in her stomach thinking of when she’s going to be caught with him. She’s terrified of being separated from Jesse.
And all the while, Malcolm never leaves the house in Cornwall. Instead he concocts letters to the Unseelie King, sifts through his journals about Annabel, and tries his best to ignore Lucie and Jesse falling in love with one another each day. He tells himself one day that’ll be him and Annabel, hiding away while they have their forbidden love.
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panic-at-the-nico · 6 days ago
Alastair: wanna play 20 questions?
Thomas: uh, sure
Alastair: ok, you go first
Thomas: what’s your favourite colour?
Alastair: triangle. my turn, do you like boys?
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