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adoniszaf · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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adoniszaf · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
最近GBFを 始めた...
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twsty-lav · 10 months ago
twst language barrier au part 3
because this is becoming a thing now. oh god oh fuck. 
the entirety of chapter 2 is just an entire blur for yuu lbr. crowley spends 15 min trying to explain overblot before he gives up and tells Deu-ace to draw them pictures.
both of them suck at art. 
eventually they all decide that yuu gets the point when they’re like. “ah yes i see. magic = overblot = we kill! korose korose!” 
“you know what sure yeah ok”
yuu, pointing at Jack: inu?
Deuce: no 
yuu, pointing at leona: neko.
Ace: NO
yuu, nodding: ok, i see, wakatta. Furries. 
Deu-ace: N O
yuu has absolutely no idea what Floyd’s nicknames are. they don’t even know ‘shrimpy’ refers to them they just nod whenever someone talks in their general direction.
yuu: me? koebi-chan? no. i am BIG koebi. koebi-san
yuu, bored: wa-taeshee-wah ka-koy day-soo 
ace: stop
yuu: EE-yeh  :)
ace: STOP
kalim is surprisingly helpful in that he doesn’t mind sitting down with yuu to build their notebook dictionary. and he’s good at charades. and he probably thinks a ‘super secret language’ is cool lmao 
kalim: i learned a new word today. it means i love you :) 
kalim: hi jamil! fuck you! 
kalim: did i say that right???
yuu: oh my god. oh fuck
kalim: thanks :)))
yuu: so... tu exciteed?
rook: we need to stop having these conversations. no i am not horny
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pearlwhitecats · 10 months ago
‼️You have been warned!! ‼️
Jamil’s singing part!!
Type #twst idol in my search bar to find the rest!!
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adoniszaf · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
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tinyfantasminha · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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he-is-iron-man · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
i’ll never stop talking about this image
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time-phoenix · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So I did a follow-up from Overblot side-effects, which is Overblot nightmares…
I did one for Idia too, which is here:
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citazioni-indie-rap · 4 years ago
La mia vita è un casino, ma ho scelto di farlo soltanto con te, prendo le chiavi cambiamo città, un posto lontano dimmi tu dov'è
Jamil, Occhi Su Di Te
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solthrys · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
last minute thing for fanime tomorrow! 
squeezed out a few extra things cuz my shirts/daki finally got mailed today orz they’ll get here like the day after the con… i’ll have them for akon/ax unless people want them mailed
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starry-eyes-inc · 10 months ago
Can I get a shy bunny reader x Jamil, Leona, Azul, and/or Malleus and their initial reaction to her timid nature when they first meet her? And then finding out that she’s actually really strong and good at martial arts and can kick ass when backed into a corner? By the way, her timidity isn’t an act. It’s from a bit of social anxiety and fear of getting hurt and hurting others. (By the way, when I say bunny reader, I mean like bunny ears and tail, kinda like students if Savanaclaw.)
Hello, dear star~! As stated previously, I will make these into headcanons! Now, onto these stars~!
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper won’t exactly be phased, if he’s meeting you for the first time. Yes, you’re timid, but will he care? No. You’re a bunny beastman? He’s seen a couple of them in both his dorm and Pomefiore. He will not be phased, whatsoever. He has far too many tasks to do. Admittedly, he’ll think your timid behavior is an anomaly in Night Raven College, but he doesn’t dwell on it for too long, as he’s more focused on being Kalim’s caretaker or on his studies. Or studying a new recipe. Either way, he won’t be too phased by this, and he’ll let it be.
But then, the next moment when he sees that you’re backed up in a corner, against some people who wants to start roughhousing? He won’t necessarily intervene, but if there are Scarabia students there...he’ll have to, as they’ll make a bad name in Scarabia. Once he comes in...he’s left dumbfounded, because you’re suddenly baring your fangs and taking names. What.
He’s...well, for a lack of better words, surprised. True, he knows that rabbits have certain ways to defend themselves from predators, but he didn’t think that it would be martial arts. He thought it was going to be through words, or through some tricks. He might ask for some tips, since you seem to be well-versed in martial arts.
When he hears about the reason behind your timid nature, he'll be slightly surprised. Admittedly, he’ll think there was a bigger reason, but if that’s the reason...he’ll offer his services to help you out, should you ever seek out his help. He’ll encourage you in his own way, through food and through small exercises, that will surely help you out to become a ‘diamond in the rough’ that was told throughout history.
“It’s fine, I don’t mind. I’ll help you out...just follow my lead.“
Tumblr media
“...I smell a rabbit.“
Leona Kingscholar won’t be phased either, but he’ll tease that he’ll ‘gobble’ you up, should you ever disturb his nap. He may respect women, but that doesn’t mean he’ll stop teasing you and wonder what a small, timid bunny is doing here in Night Raven College. He’ll keep an eye out, however. There are idiots prowling about in Night Raven College, and he doesn’t want to hear lip about how one’s physical capabilites can intervene with what’s in the inside. Though, he’ll probably send Ruggie in for a small check-up, if he’s too busy with his nap.
When he sees that you’re cornered by a few members of Savanaclaw, he’ll be annoyed. Women are highly respected in the Afterglow Savannah, and to see these idiots trying to fight...? He’ll try to intervene... that is until, you’re suddenly kicking the others away, and he’s left standing there, slowly processing what had just happened as he’s eyeing the unconcscious bodies on the floor.
True, back in his home, women are very strong-willed and physically strong, but...well, he didn’t think someone as timid as you would be capable of...that. He’s intrigued. Who knew that a small rabbit, such as yourself, would hide away a dangerous predator? The thought makes him let out a bellowing laugh, and he’ll be even more interested to what you’re capable of.
Once he hears about your timid nature, he’ll click his tongue and say that you shouldn’t let THAT hold back your potential, especially if your abilites can take you far into life. He won’t do anything physically encouraging or the like, but he’ll offer some biting words of advice. He may be distant, but know that the lion has his eyes on you, and he’ll make sure that you’ll rise above the rest. Even if it’s through his own way.
“Herbivore, hurry up. The moment you falter, you’ll lose, let’s go.“
Tumblr media
“Oh? A bunny that falls within the sea?“
Azul Ashengrotto will be intrigued. A timid, young bunny that hopped his way into Night Raven College? If you have any inquries or any concerns, come to his VIP Office. He is a wonderful listener, and he’ll listen to any issues that can arise. Overall, he’ll think you’re like everyone else. Someone who can pay for his services/business.
The moment he stumbles upon the scene where you’re surrounded by a few students, who obviously has the intention of attacking you, he’ll let out a chortle and whip out his phone. A quick call to Floyd and Jade, the two will defend you, and he’ll be able to have you in his debt...or so he thought, until he sees that you’re kicking and fighting everyone off. He’s dumbfounded. Extremely so.
Well, aren’t you a strong, strong rabbit beastman? He’ll offer words of praise for you fighting prowess, and he’ll ask what has lead to such abilities. He’ll want to ask if you’re capable of anything else, what you’re able to do...well, he’s fishing for information, but as long as you’re receptive to it, he’ll take it.
When he hears mention of your timid nature, he’ll offer his own advice, and offer words of encouragement. He’ll listen to your issue surrounding the social anxiety, and with your own insecurities, and he’ll whip out a few, small exercises that might help curb those. He’ll even sprinkle in the Leeches for help...but first, you’ll have to sign a contract with him. Only then, will he exchange for your abilites as a prospective bouncer for Mostro Lounge!
“Now, sign here, [Reader]-san. I can assure you that, in exchange for your services, I can offer my own exercises to help you out...Kufufufu.“
Tumblr media
“...A rabbit?“
Malleus Draconia will not be phased if you have rabbit ears. He has horns, and there are a bunch of students that will walk about with a plethora of fuzzy ears. What is one more in the midst of sea of students that attend Night Raven College? He won’t really notice the timid nature, as he prefers words, but he’ll acknowledge your existence.
You’re suddenly cornered by a few members of Diasomnia? He’ll intervene. He doesn’t want Diasomnia’s name to be ridiculed, all because some students feel as if they should bully someone they believe is beneath them. However, before he can even speak a single suddenly jump in, fighting against the other students. To say the least, he’s a lot more interested now.
A large laugh escapes him. To think someone as timid as you carries such a powerful, fighting spirit...he’s intrigued, and he wants to know more about what you’re capable of. From the fuzzy ears, to the fuzzy think, that someone as fuzzy as you exists. He will want to speak more with you, and see what you’re like.
When he hears notice of your timid nature, he’ll be concerned. While he won’t treat you as if you’re made of glass, he’ll want to help you slowly break out of that anxiety and nature, to become someone who can fully embrace the world. He’ll offer words of advice, old stories that he once told to Silver when he was growing, and he’ll offer many experiences that might help you learn several lessons in life...otherwise, prepare for a wonderful, relaxing time with him. You can learn a lot from a fae like him.
“...Should I still call you a child of man? Or  should I call you a rabbit of man...? Which do you prefer?“
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tinyfantasminha · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Finished snake boi 🐍 I never thought I’d simp so much over him but life is full of surprises
this took way longer than I expected, sea snake-chan why are u so hard to draw
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randomfanner · 10 months ago
Scarabia NSFW headcanons
Time for the literal ray of sunshine and BASTARD(I do love Jamil but he a bastard)
Kalim Al-Asim
Shockingly a very switching switch. Though he is a tiny bit more of a sub, just a tad. 
Has his dick pierced. Loves to see your reaction to such the strange texture.
Not all that horny in general but when he gets horny, he gets H O R N Y and needs to fuck right then.
Loves having you dress up in fancy clothing so he can unwrap you.
Soft. Just, in general soft and gentle. If you want rough you have come to the right place.
Willing to try anything at least once, no matter how disgusting it may seem. You never know what you might enjoy till you have tried it!
Though in general he likes vanilla.
The kinkiest thing he is into regularly is a small breeding kink but he will keep that unwraps for awhile.
Snuggling is his after care and asks other people for help to take care of the practical stuff.
Jamil Viper
Snake whisper will be used in bed so be fully prepared for that.
Also more than willing to bring weapons to bed, don’t ask him why it just is kinda hot to see you bleed.
Anger sex is sorta a thing, if he is super pissed off fucking you senseless till you drool his is favorite sort of thing to do
Granted if you aren’t up for kinky shit he isn’t going to force you.
Though good luck getting him to sub or even power bottom because ain’t gonna happen.
He can be gentle... albeit rather rare to happen.
He is the third pillar man of aftercare. He is just so good at it. Him, Trey and Jade are the aftercare squad.
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cursedtwst · a year ago
Has this been done before? Idk I'm still posting it anyways since i love this chapter
Tumblr media
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