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#Janus Sanders

 Summary: Assigned - Logan becomes assigned to a caregiver, or should we say a pair of caregivers, he would come to know far too well. 

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FNAF Sander sides AU???? Feel free to ask the bbys something!!

My computers not working with my tablet so I use gacha club- Their all based on one of the animatronics, but the animatronics have different names-

Soooooo we have:

Remus is based on Lolbit!!! However their called Jokes!

Then Remus’s twin, Roman as Funtime Foxy, but his name is Fantasia

Virgil as Lefty, goes by Pitch!

Patton is Bon Bon, named Bonnet!

Logan as Ballora, chose Bevalle to be his name

and finally, Janus as Puppet, nicknamed Lies

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I don’t think that anyone here knows that, but I’m a afab non binary person, which mean that, obviously, genderbends are my natural enemy


Enemies can work together toward an bigger goal, which in this case is something that I wanted to do for a long time: A genderbend version of the Sides!!


You may ask yourself: but why would you participate in such a cisnormative and binary practice? (I don’t actually think you are asking yourself that, I just wanna explain myself) Well, dear stranger on the internet, it’s easy: I really like how Sanders Sides deal with gender, gender presentation, gender roles and all this, so for the first time in my life I thought it would be interesting to imagine amab/masculine presenting characters of a show as being afab/feminine presenting

I tried my best to make they all look as the same person in costumes, because I was basically trying to do an alternative universe where everything is the same, except that Thomas (and all the sides, for extent) are women, so yeah, in this they are all white and cis (if I was to design they as actually human/different people Virgil and Remus would DEFINITELY be non binary, for example)

(And yeah Remus also has facial hair in this. BECAUSE I WANT TO)

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Janus: I’m coming dukey *walks into their bedroom and sees Remus in his birthday suit with a rose in his mouth*


Janus: Oh I totally hate this

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TW: Angst, crying, cussing, when someone is talking in their head or  someone is  talking to them it will have this (”) (only in first person),  whenever  Janus speaks in lies it will look like this “Bye”, Janus and Virgil are  brothers Janus is older though, Remus and Roman are still twins

Pairings: Logicality, Prinxiety, Demus, Remile

if you have no read the past chapters i recommend you do so

Chapter 1  Chapter 2   Chapter 3   Chapter 4  Chapter 5   Chapter 6

Remy’s POV: “Emile and me are heading to the palace the others are back at the mind palace getting ready they told me they should have everything set up within an hour so we have some time to kill Emile is planning on bringing up what happened we’re hoping that he’ll have the common sense to not want to talk about it in front of Virgil then i can take Virgil and knock him out and bring him to the others we all know both palaces pretty well the perks of us all being on the council oh god I need a hella lot more coffee for today” “Remy we’re here” okay babe lets go “we make it to the palace and get escorted to Roman in the throne room” “Emile Remy its good to see you two what caused you two to want to come by there isn’t a council meeting for a while?” “Roman says as he walks towards us along with Virgil and holy shit if his outfit wasn’t different and those huge wings i wouldn’t believe that this wasn’t the Roman I’ve always known i look over and i see Emile with the same expression” well damn can’t we just come bye and see how you both are doing “what do you mean see how we’re doing?” “Oh well you see Roman we’ve heard about the others so we wanted to make sure okay and i could talk to you about what happened so that way there will be no confusion sense I’m guessing the council will be down a couple of

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A random anxceit oneshot I wrote with kid! Roman, kid! Remus and kid! Patton

Word count: 3,760

Warning: food mention near the end, nothing else

Janus was never a fan of children, and he was adamant about it, too.

He just didn’t understand all the hype surrounding them. Especially when they were somehow an extra bratty version of their entitled parents. Always whining and screaming, asking for stuff they didn’t need, and covering his favorite shirts and pants with snot, drool, and tears.

Thankfullyhe was an only child.

He couldn’t imagine for the life of him having to deal with one or, God forbid, more of them in the future, –not that he needed to worry about any of that yet, – it was just clear that he wasn’t Dad Material and his partner would have to accept that.

 Or so he thought, anyway.  

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656 days since Janus was caught

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Well-p. I’m writing a bit of iZ!Logan exposition here and Janus aint fucking around:

I opened our discussion proper, “So you’re here to confirm the identity of someone here? Let me get you some forms to sign…”

I was about to open my desk for the file before I was interrupted by Janus, “Ah! That won’t be necessary.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yeah, that was simply pretense. I’m here for a different reason.”

I then readied myself to hit the panic button, but not quite yet, “Then what, may I ask, is your reason?”


(First impressions aside, shit will cool off and become amicable. Other than that, I’ll offer little context.)

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If you want to request a g/t prompt off of the list, you could also request who you want to be tiny and who you want to be big. Or just who you want in the prompt! If you don’t, which is totally fine, I’ll just do whatever my brain says with who I think would be most likely to say the thing

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“Virrrrgil, come out, come out, wherever you are,” Janus’- no, Deceit now, voice echoed down the halls, a high pitched tearing noise accompanying the sounds of his steps. “I only want to talk.”

Even now, Deceit’s voice is smooth as silk, never raising above a gentle cadence but still somehow projecting his voice, sounding as if he were right beside Virgil in the closet he had managed to stuff himself in. Virgil half expects to looks up and see Janus when they were young, hiding in there with him, away from the monsters of their small, small world. God he wishes for the weight of his familiar hoodie. Virgil heart races and he has to consciously stop himself from shaking, afraid any small movement will draw Deceit closer to him. 

“We could be together again,” the footsteps and screeching get nearer. “You want that, don’t you? What do you call yourself now? A protector?” A few more steps and the sound stops and suddenly all Virgil can hear is the rapid fire beating of his heart. “Don’t you want to protect me, just like the old days? Oh Virgil, you won’t leave me alone with the big, bad men, will you?”

Virgil from a crack in the closet can see Deceit finally from the doorway, as he leans in, and what he see kind of makes him want to vomit. He knew about the scales, the snake eye, hell, even the arms had come before he had left, but the claws that seem to drip an inky blackness, the mouth open far to wide and the jaw hung far to low. Even the fangs looked poised, ready to strike. 

Oh God, what had happened to him?!

An impossibly long tongue lolled out of his mouth and flickered in the air, all while he scanned the room. Virgil bit his cheek to keep from making any noise. Deceit’s snake eye snapped to the closet, and for one horrifying moment Virgil was sure that he could see him, that he could see him cowering in the corner of a closet and Deceit would finally enact his revenge and kills him or what is take him back there and he never see Logan or Patton or Roman ever again and oh god what if-

But then the moment ends and Deceit’s eye trails off and keeps looking. Frowning, he leans back out of the room. “But then again, you had no problem leaving me alone before.” Virgil’s heart drops, and Deceit finally moves, disappearing down the hall. Virgil stays still until he can hear Janus and the tearing, tearing, TEARING noise fade and disappear. 

Virgil, alone and crammed into a closet, finally lets himself cry.

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*Virgil and Andy meet*

Virgil: Hey, you’re my twin!

Andy: And you’re mine!

*meanwhile with Remus and Roman*

Janus, upon seeing Pryce: A fucking third one!?

Pryce, Remus, and Roman: Join us, Janus.

Janus: Fuck no! Begone demon children! I have a cross at home and I will use it!

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260 days but I hope patton stans had a fun time celebrating his bday :D

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Whenever these two interact I feel as though it would be both disturbing and weirdly wholesome


R… Roman,,,, I made you a room Roman,,, Roman


See Roman. Patt found his room, no problem

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@badthingshappenbingo tysm for my card!!


Send in a character and a prompt!

Please specify if you want ships/what ships!

No romantic Prinxeity, r*mr*m or U!Janus and U!Logan please!

This is gonna be fun :)

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Janus: you’re insane!

Remus: you knew that when you hired me.

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I know this blog is about Janus but I can’t stop thinking about the orange side lately


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Game Night

Requested by @superwholockandpfl


Ships: pre-relationship Loceit

Warnings: none that I know of? Arguing maybe?


The mindscape was bustling. Each side, light and dark alike, had an ear to ear smile and a task to complete. These tasks are very specific and were meant to distract the sides to ensure that no fights were to break out over whether Pringles or Lays were better…. But then again, there were always slackers with the tasks, and it was always the side that you expected the least. Example A: Logan Sanders. Logan was meant to be picking the board games, but instead, he was arguing with Janus over if they could-

“Janus we are not playing poker!” Logan huffed as he put the chips and deck away. Logan knew the very second he first met the yellow side that they were either going to be the greatest rivals or completely inseparable…. Logan couldn’t tell which one was applied.

Janus rolled his eyes and smirked, “well why not?!” he leaned in closer to Logan, trying to be intimidating but failing spectacularly as Logan was a good head taller than him, “I see no reason to blacklist such a fun game!”

Logan blinked as his mouth gaped open slightly, “You cheat every time we play!” he leaned closer to Janus, his face was exasperated but he always enjoyed their debates.

Janus tilted his head up, a smirk on his lips. “Is that so?” laughing lightly at Logan’s hum of agreement, “and here you are, acting as if you don’t count cards~”

“That’s a completely lega-”

“WILL YOU TWO STOP FLIRTING FOR FIVE SECONDS AND DO YOUR JOBS?!?” The left-brained duo leaped apart from their placements, faces beet red as Virgil shouted from the living room. They couldn’t see the purple side but they could tell from his voice that he was smirking.

The two looked at each other hesitantly; Janus chewed on his lip, a small fang poking out. Logan was in complete shock; his mouth opening and closing as he scrambled to grab a board game. His attention was back to picking the best games strategically to make for the best game night, Logan swore that he heard Patton laugh from the kitchen.

Janus didn’t notice the games the logical side grabbed as he ran to go finish his task, scrambling to collect blankets and pillows to make the living room as cozy as possible. Janus scowled when Virgil cackled at his bright red face, sticking out his forked tongue like a displeased child only made the purple side laugh harder. Janus peered around the couch to see Logan reading the back of Clue. Virgil brought his attention back quickly by singing, “Janus and Logan, sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I- mmpph!!!!”

A pillow was pushed onto Virgil’s face by the logical side. Logan somehow managed to blush more when he heard Virgil singing, “That’s quite enough from you Virgil.” a clever grin on his face as Virgil pushed the pillow away with a glare.

Logan opened his mouth to scold Virgil when he felt his heart fly away. Janus broke his cool reserve and laughed. It wasn’t one of his deep chuckles, but a light airy laugh from pure joy. It showed Janus’ fangs; two small ones poking out between his lips, light brown curls falling in front of his eyes, which were skewed up in amusement. Logan could feel a lump form in his throat when he heard Janus go into another round of laughter.

Virgil sighed, “POPSTAR?” a muffled yeah was heard in the kitchen, “CODE YELLOW” quiet giggles were heard for a few seconds before Janus was called to help Patton cut the fruit for a platter. Janus wiped some tears from his eyes and walked out to the kitchen. Virgil turned around to face Logan, “Dude, you gotta stop with the puppy eyes.”

Logan crossed his arms with a huff, “I don’t have puppy eyes…”

The purple side rolled his eyes, “you’re a really bad liar dude.” the silence in the room was deafening before Virgil sighed, “just go get the games.” Virgil went back to compiling a playlist.

It was only another twenty minutes before all the sides were crowded around the coffee table, Roman and Remus had their weapons taken away for the safety of everyone playing, Virgil and Patton were sitting in the middle to separate the other four, Janus and Logan were sitting across from each other; both of them sneaking glances of the other while they weren’t looking.

Patton smiled “Ok kiddos! What game are we playing first?!” 

The sides turned to Logan as he pulled out a medium white sized box, red letters standing out in the background. Six characters stood out as they were arranged in different positions in the lounge. Remus grinned as Roman looked puzzled, Virgil had a smirk and Patton smiled nervously as he took the white box from Logan. Logan could feel Janus’ pleasure from the game choice, after all; it was one that Janus would love. Clue.

Logan gazed into the yellow sides eyes as the others battled over pieces. Janus seemed happy… or maybe intrigued? Janus was certainly giving him a look that he didn’t normally give the side. “Can I help you?” 

“You hate Clue.”

“Do I?”

Janus rolled his eyes, “don’t play dumb with me. You find the game easy and non-challenging.”

“So? I don’t see how that is relevant.” Logan laced his fingers together as he leaned towards the scaled side who leaned in to mimic, his eyebrow quirked up.

“So. I love Clue…” Janus was leaning closer, staring at the warm dark eyes of the logical side.

Logan could feel his cheeks start to heat up slightly, it wasn’t enough to be noticeable but it was very much there. “I can assure you that it ha-”

“What’s next Lo-Lo?! Gonna bend J- OW?!” The coarse voice of Remus tore the duo apart. Cheeks flushing heavily and absolutely speechless. Roman thankfully smacked Remus over the head with the empty game box, stopping the inappropriate comment. Remus cackled as the two struggled to find their voices.

“A-absolutely not! That’s absurd seeing how both Janus and I are asexual an-” Logan’s stuttering response was interrupted by an equally flushed Patton.

“L-lets just start playing the game”

It took a good half an hour before the two left-brained sides could get their blush to calm down and by that time, the sides were well into the game and the twins had already lost due to them accusing too early and getting it completely wrong.

“Janus! You can’t move there! When you roll the dice the square you’re standing on counts as one of the moves!” Janus rolled his eyes at the blue side.

“Watch me!” Janus sneered as he reached his hand towards the yellow piece, his face being replaced with a grimace once Logan snatched the piece from his grip. Moving it five squares when Janus rolled a six. Janus furrowed his brows, “Fix it.”

The others were turning their heads back and forth to each side. Curious looks and wondering if the duo was really going to fight over a game made for eight-year-olds. “There is nothing to fix because this is the correct way to play.” “That is bullshit!” “those are the rules, Janus!” “That’s a lie!” “How would you know?” “I am the lie!” “You’re just upset that you can’t win by being cute!!”

Janus flushed completely, “W-what?” his voice was wavering, ears tinting, mouth gaped open as his brain struggled to form words

It was only Janus’ confusion that made him realize what he just said. His face erupted in red as he stumbled to find a sizable excuse for his slip, “I- I mean objectively obviously…”

“Obviously” Janus mumbled back, crossing his arms over his chest.

“….Obviously.” Logan played with the rim on a glass of water, picking it up to have a sip.

Silence surrounded the living room, the only sound being the breathing of the sides and the subtle sound of the group playlist. Awkward sips from cups and curious glances with one another, Patton cleared his throat, “So… it’s my turn?”

The others nodded as Virgil looked under the table to view the other games (mainly to see how many games were left) grimacing when he saw Uno, Monopoly, Poker, CandyLand, and Scrabble. Virgil sighed, knowing this was going to be a long night.

Roman and Virgil walked to the kitchen to refill their glasses a little while later. Virgil poured while Roman looked out to the living room. Janus and Logan were arguing again. “They are completely hopeless, right edgelord?”

“Oh definitely.” Virgil took a small sip of his coke, “… I’ll bet you ten bucks that Logan will ask Janus out first.”

Roman smoothed out his sash and picked up his drink, “Just ten? You got a deal, emo!” Roman swirled the dark fizzy liquid in the cup, “Besides. Janus is DEFINITELY asking Logan out first.”

Virgil smirked as he walked towards the group once more, “we’ll see I guess. Come on Princey, I gotta beat you at scrabble.

The other two sides also joined their bet a few hours later, all while Janus and Logan argued over if ‘incomprehensibilities’ was a valid word for Scrabble.

Completely Platonic obviously.


Writing requests are open!!

No romantic prinexity or r*mr*m!

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janus fans and ranboo fans looked at the morally grey half-creature characters and said “is anyone gonna love and appreciate that?” and didn’t even wait for an answer

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