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#Janus sanders
If I could ask for a request may we please see Virgil and Janus side swapped perhaps?
Tumblr media
Deceit!Virgil and Anxiety!Janus my beloveds also, I bought a chromebook so I use this request to test it out :]
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Janus: Logan, how long do you think it takes until you start hallucinating from sleep deprivation?
Logan: Approximately–
Virgil: Seventy two hours.
Janus: How do you–
Virgil: (stares past him) There’s a clown behind you.
Roman: That’s just my brother.
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stardustsides · 2 days ago
janus’s favorite movie is really legally blonde and he just pretends it’s the godfather send tweet
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kieraelieson · 2 days ago
In which Virgil has taken lessons on how to demand affection: Part Two, Roman.
Roman had swung around, startled at the sudden call. What was wrong?
But Virgil had looked suddenly hesitant. “Ah. Affection… please.”
A sudden rush of intense warmth rose up inside Roman. Virgil wanted his attention, his affection, it was such a sudden and powerful reassurance that he was liked, was wanted.
Roman grabbed Virgil’s hands and pulled him into the stream of creativity. “Do you want to see what I’ve been working on?”
And then Virgil had smiled, and said “Absolutely,” like it was something he really did want to be involved in. The world practically sparkled all afternoon.
— — —
The question was, could Roman do that?
Patton was the safest, by far, to try on. And he’d know, if Patton refused him, not to try again.
For once, he was at a loss for a new nickname. “Pat?”
Patton looked up from his puzzle and beamed. “Yeah?”
“Would you… could I have… affection?” He hated that the final word came out almost whispered and squeaky.
But instead of smiling, Patton looked almost sad. “Oh, Roman, anytime, every time!” He held out his arms, and Roman practically fell into them.
— — —
This was so much harder than he’d thought. It wasn’t like Logan liked him, and then on top of that Roman couldn’t seem to ever follow Logan’s schedules.
But… he thought back to how the world had sparkled with Virgil, and the soft reassurance with Patton. And he wanted.
If he wasn’t so much of a coward he would’ve knocked already.
Logan opened the door before Roman could gather the courage, and jerked back. “Roman! Apologies, you startled me. Did you need something?”
How had Virgil managed to do this?
“Could I have affection?” Roman blurted out, all of him wanting nothing more than to just sink out.
Logan set a hand on Roman’s shoulder, gripping gently. “I am unsure how to best express affection towards you… would you like to come in? I have a, ah, fanfiction, that I would be willing to share with you. Or perhaps you could advise me on how would be better to express affection to you?”
Roman’s eyes prickled, and his throat felt like it was closing up. “That… actually sounds amazing.”
— — —
Now this was entirely new ground. With the sheer wealth of affection showered on him so far by the light sides, Roman felt bolstered enough to attempt it, but it was still chancy.
Remus stopped what he was doing and looked at Roman, confusion plain on his face and in the tilt of his head. “What’re you doing down here?”
“I… actually came looking for,” well now it sounded almost dumb. “Affection?”
Remus’ confusion deepened. Then he shrugged. “Alright.”
Roman staggered back as he was suddenly grabbed in a tight hug. He didn’t know he was capable of feeling a genuine positive feeling around the dark sides, but this was actually really nice.
— — —
He’d always thought Deceit was, well, evil. They didn’t like each other. But Roman knew well how it felt to be left out of something for ‘obvious’ reasons that sometimes weren’t as true as they were assumed to be. And maybe he was also greedy to want affection from every side.
But here he was, standing again in the dark side.
Janus looked up from his book, raising an eyebrow.
“I’m… looking for affection,” Roman said, feeling awkward, but managing to ask clearly at least.
Janus’s eyebrow went up higher. But he stood, and walked over to Roman. One hand tipped Roman’s chin up, and then Janus leaned in and gently kissed his forehead, right above the bridge of his nose. Roman felt frozen in place, and his eyes closed.
When he opened them, Janus was gone.
He was definitely going to ask for that again.
— — —
He talked to Thomas all the time! Why was this time so hard??
“Roman? You ok, bud?” Thomas asked.
“I came to ask for affection?” Roman managed, not quite able to meet Thomas’s eyes. How could he, asking for favors when he couldn’t even keep up with what Thomas asked of him?
But Thomas went and grinned, all happily. “I don’t know what this is, but I’m loving it, come on!”
Roman was wrapped up in a hug.
“Do you want to make something with me?” Thomas asked. “Or would you want to do something a bit more mindless? Creating might be a bit too much like work.”
Roman squeezed Thomas tightly, almost overcome. He loved Thomas, loved all of them, so much!
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princeanxious · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Au in which Janus is a v tall witch and Virgil is a v short vampire and theyve been dancing around their mutual feelings for eachother for literal centuries.
Janus is well aware of his pretty vampire's obliviousness to the situation at this point, and thinks it's sweet that Virgil thinks hes being subtle despite the fact that Virgil hasnt onve taken off the slightly enchanted golden pendant Janus gifted him at least 200 years ago.
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reddstardust · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is like,, their dynamic in a nutshell 😔👊
♡reblogs are very appreciated♡
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warnadudenexttime · a day ago
The only thing I want in the season finale is this scene
Patton: …and I’ve learned recently some very important lessons… *ribbit* so I think… no- just uh, Virgil give Janus’ ideas a chance!
Virgil: Did he just ribbit?
Janus: Croaking for a response, huh?
Logan: You missed quite a bit last episode.
Janus: Anyways!
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whobrokethisvase · 20 hours ago
Remus: Nope. I can't show my face to Janus ever again.
Virgil: It can't be that bad.
Remus: Oh, it was.
Virgil: How?
Remus: He asked me where you were and I said 'who's Virgil'?
Remus: He's not even mad I was lying, just disappointed that I was so bad at it.
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sleepyvirgilprompts · 22 hours ago
"Jay?" Virgil whispered, the childish nickname feeling unwieldy on his tongue now but at the same time right. Janus looked up at him, surprised. Their relationship had been mending, but it was still unusual for Virgil to approach him like this, especially in the middle of the night-- wait, no, the middle of the night was a more normal time to hesitantly approach people for Virgil. "I can't sleep. I'm cold."
"You're cold?"
"No, I... I'm cold. I need..."
Then Janus understood. They were adults now, but they were still the little boy in the big hoodie and the mini Disney villain who shared secrets and protected each other. Virgil had gotten cold again, in the way that nothing but the warmth of human skin would fix. And he'd come to Janus, just like always.
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hannahdra-ws · a day ago
Tumblr media
omg I wonder what they were doing 😳
@crownedscribe @nesmayer @toxic-blueberry @thatsthat24 @omgsomeonesomewhereonearth @poptartsaysurloved @eliemo @plume-pigmented-pili
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thecrowslullaby · 2 days ago
because the murder mystery has been lacking in the cute, wholesome moceit content it deserves
Tumblr media
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princeanxious · 2 days ago
i made a whole au in like 3 seconds after the snake!anxceit so have that
Theyre owned by Thomas that has way to many pets
Virgil being a mischief maker got out of his cage and into Janus' one night and Thomas found them snuggling in one of Janus' hides
Thomas could barely get Virgil to leave the cage so he just got a bigger one and put both of them in it
Thomas totally put a gay flag over the tank and totally constantly posts online about his gay snakes
Virgil constantly makes Janus holes in whatever is in the tank as a sign of affection cuz Janus likes curling up in them
while Janus is curled up in them Virgil will wrap around it to protect him
Janus is a snake with double tail ends
Thomas sewed Virgil a jacket that Virgil willingly goes into
if Thomas shows any of his friends Virgil or Janus and lets them hold them, Virgil will wrap gently around Janus while hissing to protect him
Virgil has bitten multiple people to "protect" Janus from them
Thomas hasnt seen them mate but is like 87% sure that they have
i got way too carried away with this im sorry- XD
Jfkdisjdhd im here for this whole au
Protective virgil is my favorite thing ever, tho I would adjust Virgil biting people to the full out feint-bite?? Like, I know snakes do bite even as pets, but I think if virge is being handled alot he wouldn't bite for real(as itd be unsafe and irresponsible to handle a snake that you know is going to bite regaurdless of the amount of handling and appropriate handling at that that it gets) but def has enough of a wary temper to snip at people who handle him and Janus wrong.
Janus is just here for the ride like 'yes this is my grumpy hissy husband I love him he's mine i'm his :)"
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logically-asexual · a day ago
Tumblr media
i suck at light and shadows and whatever so i didn’t make an effort this time. i just wanted a smug Janus so here you go 💛
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Janus: I told Roman to fight his demons and that's all I remember before I was knocked out.
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whobrokethisvase · 20 hours ago
Patton, standing infront of his door: Hi Virgil! Did your... hair... loose weight?
Virgil: Um, what's behind your door?
Patton, hearing a thud behind the door followed by Janus loudly cussing: What's a door, did you get new arms?
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princey-daisy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More Trouble on the Quest for a Spell
Janus needs the help of five new friends to obtain all the ingredients he needs for a spell that will save everyone.
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