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#Jason Todd
gurlblunder · 2 days ago
i personally like the idea of jason being reintroduced to the public as part of the family by just gaslighting reporters like
“Weren’t you dead?”
“Oh my god, you guys are so dramatic. Stop making shit up and actually do your job, damn.”
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matsketches · a day ago
If you feel like it, Goliath (you know, Damian’s bat dragon) would probably look super cute in your style. Regardless, good luck with work and Uni, hope that starts going a bit better for you! <3
Tumblr media
Okay, but my first thought was YJ Jason giving Goliath to Damian! DC please make it happen!!
And thank you! <3
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prison-mikes-bandana · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Becoming dad to an orphan is how you make a billion dollar franchise happen super quick!!!
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incorrectbatfam · a day ago
Damian: Todd, where are you going?
Jason: Well, that depends, Damian. When I die again, probably Hell, but right now I’m going to the bathroom.
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aalghul · 2 days ago
I don’t mind the labels “Batman greatest success/failure” for Dick and Jason respectively, but I think people don’t understand what they mean. They refer to Bruce’s actions and results in trying to save them from the fate of a lonely orphan that watched his parent(s) die tragically in front of him; they do NOT refer to Dick or Jason’s accomplishments as characters. Bruce saved Dick from becoming another angry, traumatized kid that felt like he had no family. He couldn’t save Jason because in the end, Jason ran away because he felt like a biological mother was his only chance at having a parent that wouldn’t leave him. Because Bruce, unknowingly, caused him to feel that way. That is Batman’s greatest failure, not some unfair criticism of Jason labelling him as the “worst/angry Robin” claiming that he’s a black mark among the Bats. Quite honestly, “Batman’s greatest success/failure” has nothing to do with Dick or Jason as people, only Bruce’s role as a parent to them.
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shazamii · 22 hours ago
part 2- the batboys as generated by an AI
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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why-i-love-comics · a day ago
Tumblr media
Gotham City Villains Anniversary Giant #1 - "Bird Cat Love" (2021)
written by Danny DeVito art by Dan Mora & Tamra Bonviallain
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No the relationships in the batfam are very simple actually. Dick is Bruce's Ideal Son, Jason is the favorite, Cassandra is his legacy, Tim is the one he trusts, Duke is a mostly-failed fresh start, Damian is his shot at redemption, and Steph is his Karmic retrebution. Steph and Tim are soulmates. So are Dick and Babs, but it's a lot more complicated and we kind of try not to talk about it. Damian is Bruce's son and Bruce is Damian's father but Dick is Damian's dad. Steph isn't adopted because she's dating Tim but she's Damian's older sister, though she had to fight Dick for the title before he gave up and adopted the kid. 
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batsoffthewalls · 2 days ago
Jason: time for plan G
Dick: don't you mean plan B?
Jason: no, we tried plan B a long time ago, i had to skip over plan C due to technical difficulties.
Cass: what about plan D?
Jason: plan D was that desperate disguise attempt half an hour ago.
Stephanie: what about plan E?
Jason: i'm hoping not to use it, tim dies in plan E
Damian: i like plan E
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theundeadrobinclub · 2 days ago
Jason: *walks into the room while whistling and spinning his keys around his fingers*
Tim: oh my god, who'd you kill?
Jason: why would you assume I killed someone?
Steph: you're happy. like genuinely. someone has to have died.
Jason: yeah that's fair. the Jokers dead. however, I did not kill him. so, suck it, Tim.
Tim: you expect us to believe it wasn't you?
Jason: uh, yeah.
Jason: look, even if you didn't believe me, you won't be able to find any proof that I did it. so once again, suck it Tim.
Jason: *walks out of room whistling and spinning his keys*
Tim: he totally did it.
Steph: oh yeah.
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oifaaa · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
No joke here for once I just had a wee bit of a gay moment when I saw Otto Schmidt's version of Earth 11 Jason and just had to draw her
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alltheshadesofamber · 20 hours ago
I know in my heart that the one time Bruce tried to seriously discipline Robin!Jason, Jason demanded a lawyer and said he knew his rights and he was entitled to a jury of his peers, etc etc, and he said it all with such conviction and gravitas and the most determined expression on his little child face that Bruce ended up laughing so hard he forgot all about grounding or lecturing him or whatever. I know this
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the-rebellious-one · a day ago
Talia: Letting you go was the hardest decision I ever made.
Damian: What about Todd?
Talia: I thought that was a hard decision too but then he started visiting every two weeks and make dinner.
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sailorsophiee · a day ago
Tumblr media
dilf wayne made an appearance yall it’s okay AND LOOK AT THE FAMILY EVEN JASONS THERE :D
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Tumblr media
Teen Titans (2003) #29
"Would I have been a better Robin? Would I have been a better person?"
One of the great many tragedies in Jason's story is that he was misremembered. They can retcon all they like, but the fact of the matter is: Jason was a good kid, and he was a damn good Robin. All his problems... and he still turned out good. To the very end-- to his dying breath -- he was good... and then he was gone.
Jason's memory was warped by an unknowable grief. To those who knew him, and to those who loved him, his death was unacceptable-- because bad things don't happen to good people. And Jason? My God-- Jason was just a kid! So, maybe it was easier to say that he was reckless. Maybe it softened the blow to think that he was violent. Maybe they told themselves whatever story went down the smoothest because the truth was still so goddamn hard to swallow.
By the time Jason came back-- by the time he finally came home-- they had all been telling the story for so long that it had become the subjective truth. Everyone remembered that Jason was the 'Bad Robin'. They all knew that he was a bad person. And the greatest tragedy of all was that Jason started to believe it himself.
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thisiswhereikeepdcthings · 12 hours ago
I would absolutely watch a series about Jason’s goons trying to charm him back into the crime lord business, it would just be the goons bringing gifts to Jason and the other bats getting yelled at for stealing him
Okay first of all
And second of all, does anyone know Red Hood is related to the bats? (Don’t quote canon at me this was mostly rhetorical). Because then they’re trying to get the bats to fess up how they stole Hood and got him to stay and no one really knows how to answer this.
Gifts are deposited in front of Hood like a cat brings a mouse. He loves every one of them.
Someone finally figures out how to convince Hood to come back for good: They present (a PowerPoint?) Hood with the absolute incompetence that are the other crime boss wannabes. Hood is appalled. Hood can’t let this be. Professional pride and all that. I mean, come on, it’s Gotham, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t standards.
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why-i-love-comics · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nightwing Annual #1 - "Blood Brothers" (2021)
written by Tom Taylor art by Cian Tormey, Daniel HRD, Cian Tormey, Raul Fernandez, Rain Beredo, & John Kalisz
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