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#Jason todd
ningmoe13 hours ago
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Robin..taker? instagram 鉃
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wormmell4 hours ago
inspired by this tiktok, sent to me by @abrokenlink
The bright peals of your laughter blended in with the raucous noises of the bar, but he heard it as clear as if he was standing next to you.
He had invited you out to celebrate your recent promotion yet somehow finds himself miserably watching as a mere stranger entertains you. You laugh outrageously loud at another thing he said and - you must be drunk, right? So incredibly drunk you can't be thinking straight because why else would you be ignoring him for that jackass standing next to you?
He's concocting the perfect plan to dramatically steal your attention and whisk you away while simultaneously making the guy shit his pants for ever talking to you. But you've lost your balance and now your hand's on his arm to steady yourself and he's putting an arm around your waist -
The glass he's holding shatters in his hand, alcohol from the long-forgotten drink splattering his clothes. He groans, convinced the night couldn't get any worse, but he feels a soft hand on his arm and looks up to see your face filled with concern, and feels nothing short of cocky to have your attention again.
You, though, were entirely confused. Some guy had come up to you at the bar, struck up a conversation, and you didn't have the heart to turn him down. You indulged him, and probably had a bit too much to drink, but it was all harmless.
The next thing you know, the bar's quiet as the sound of shattering glass echoes throughout the room. And when you turn, you see him, covered in alcohol, staring at the blood running down his fingers.
You're asking him, Are you okay, what happened?, but he looks up with an incredibly smug smirk, considering the situation, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear with his non-bloody hand.
"Glad you're paying attention to me, love."
a/n: i didn't necessarily write this with a character in mind, hope that's okay!
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thisiswhereikeepdcthings8 hours ago
Bruce: I love spending time with my children one-on-one.
Bruce: Because when they鈥檙e all together I can feel my life expectancy going down.
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90sdreamdoll18 hours ago
All the batkids have stood in a police station at least three times a month during their duration of being batman's sidekick , because supervillains keep calling cps on batman out of spite
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rent-a-bat6 hours ago
Okay what about 鈥渨e can鈥檛 do this鈥 kisses with Jason Todd?
I love this type of kisses!! So full of possibilities!! Thank you for requesting it! @prettybitchfatwitch hope you like it!!
"We can't do this." You try to say in between breaths, his lips attacking yours with a passion that threatens to burn you down to ashes.
"I know." He answers in a whisper, his breath hot against you as he keeps with his attack on you.
His hands scorching as he roams your body, feeling every curve of it, trying to keep the memory of it branded in them.
"We can't do this." You try to reach him once more, your hands pulling at his hair. Not sure if pushing him away or trying to bring him closer to you.
"I know." You can feel his smirk against your neck as he answers, his tongue lapping at the mark he just left.
"Jason..." You try for the last time, too soft to hear if he weren't this close, pulling at his hair with a clear intent now.
"... I know." He answers just as softly. The next kiss warm and soft, featherlight against your skin as he kisses you, trailing up your neck.
His lips feel like velvet once he reaches your lips, and just like before, he kisses you softly, taking his time, careful not to hurt you. The love of every kiss so different from the heat they had moments before. It takes your breath away, leaving you hurting.
His hands settle on your hips, caressing the skin he left exposed from his previous actions.
Your hands grab at his face, trying to deepen the kiss, but leaving it soft. Your lips moving with his as you cares his face, brushing away the tears from his eyes.
"I know." He answers with a shaking breath, pulling away from you, his forehead dropping into your chest, as he lets himself cry, pulling you closer to him.
And so you go, wrapping your arms around him, blinking away your own tears.
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thisiswhereikeepdcthings8 hours ago
Jason: *shows up to the manor one day with three kids he just adopted without telling anyone*
Dick: Oh my gosh you turned into Bruce.
Jason: How dare you.
Tim: Well, technically, Bruce only ever adopted one at a time.
Jason: So what you鈥檙e saying is, I鈥檓 doing it better鈥
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bruce-waynes-parenting14 hours ago
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threeleaves33 hours ago
some weird pics
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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batfamincorrect14 hours ago
bruce wayne:聽You think my problem is my own son?! My son is a聽fine young man!
jason todd:聽Oh, dad, you don't...
bruce wayne:聽Shut up, dumbass!
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thisiswhereikeepdcthings8 hours ago
A few members of the Justice League show up in Gotham to offer their help.
鈥淚 work alone,鈥 Batman says, as every batkid, and most of their friends, fly/run/swing around behind him. Oh, and there goes Superman.
Batman鈥檚 eyes remain firmly fixed on the Lanterns.
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our-happygirl500-fan3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fantasy Stephanie Brown in Batgirl (2009) & Fantasy Stephanie Brown in The Dark Knights of Steel (2021)聽
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hufflepuff-from-canada5 hours ago
One time for school Damian had to do a report on one family member who he things changed the world. Everyone things he will do his father but he was mad at Bruce for not letting him take home a snake he found on patrol. He showed up to class with a power point presentation on how his grandfather's ' medical retreat ' changes people bodies and minds :)
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