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#Jason what are you talking about
plantedpluto · 18 days ago
apollo with everyone on the beach: and...scene!
jason, sitting up: wow pipes, that sounded totally real. you should be an actress.
piper: jas— apol— meg?
jason, yelling: caligula, my boy, that was awesome! you sounded so evil, man.
caligula, yelling back: i know right! it took everything not to laugh cause we were all so in character.
piper: what the fuck?
jason: did you not know this was a play...?
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Percy and Jason literally could've been our very own Bro Duet but nooooo Rick had to kill him off 😒
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hvvrtfulloflove · 24 days ago
I tend to think Peter didn’t think about Jason being dead during Epiphany because I’ve secretely been a peter hater the entire time i think this man has a main character complex
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