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infictionalwonderland · 2 days ago
Can you please write a headcannon of dating the twilight characters you write for ❤️
sure thing love <3
Tumblr media
Dating the twilight characters headcanons !
warnings : fluffff, mentions of blood death etc etc, swearing
characters included : jasper, rosalie, emmett, alice, carlisle, edward
Jasper Hale —
i am so in love with this man
he’d be really cautious at first
he doesn’t trust himself at all and with something as precious and fragile as you he was even more anxious at harming you
i feel like he would feel better if he initiated all of your touches when your relationship with him becomes more romantic & intense
pls respect my baby’s boundaries
but when the trust between the two of you strengthens
he’s willing to let you be the one to initiate contact and such things
when this happens.. pda will be a regular occurrence tbh
when he gets used to your touch, he’ll find comfort in it
hand holding :))
head buried into your neck, and you silently cheering him on as he overcomes his blood lust
but that’s just what his love for you does.
it overpowers his desire for blood
is his nickname for you
& in that accent
overall the cutest couple ngl.
Rosalie Hale —
you’re the only one who she’s just soft with.
that’s a major flex tbh
she loves when you run your hands through her hair, brush her hair, style her hair just anything like that
it’s so soothing for her
she’s so protective of you
arm around your waist at all times and glaring at anyone who looks over to youse
forehead kisses >>>
she’s big spoon 😁
she secretly loves your cuddles and cuddling with you
no matter how much she jokingly complains
loyalty is also a very serious thing for her so if you betray her trust in any kinda way
.. let’s just say she won’t be pleased
you two the typa couple to dance around to absolutely no music
& to run around in the rain
we all know bae wants kids
so.. yh prepare to adopt
bye bye your sanity :)
Emmett Cullen —
underrated hottie
you two are the LIFE of the parties
one of youse is always ‘misbehaving’ as esme says
mama cullen even suggested a naughty step
but like she loves you both, you’re her children, so it’s okay :))))
constant laughter
constant teasing
constant sexual comments
and to outsiders you two have the most confusing dynamic
one second you’ll be having a ‘fight’ and the next you’re literally jumping into his arms and he’s swinging you around happily
he loves to just kiss ALL over your face for no reason over than your laughter, his favourite sound
and you tend to just randomly jump into his arms or onto his back & he has to catch you
sometimes he purposely just lets you fall and laughs at you
what an ass 🙄 I know
Alice Cullen —
ALICE 💗💝💕💖
she’s so giddy and happy and UGH i love her
you’re basically her protector, not that she needs it, you just adore your bubbly fairy-like gf and never wanna see her in harms way
alice’s fav
can always catch the two of you cuddling wherever
constant adoring gazes
a lot of touching
lot of mushy-ness & soppy shit but it’s okay bc it’s alice
so so many compliments
she picks out your outfits for you sometimes and makes them match/coordinate with her own
best friends & lovers in one
she never fails to impress you
and you never fail to have her in sheer awe of you
cutest gfs
Carlisle Cullen —
okay im a dom
but this man 👀
anyway moving on
sorry sweetheart but you’re now the official mother of unstable dead bitches :)
have fun with that xoxo
i don’t really see a lot of pda with him
cuz idk i don’t think he’s the type
BUT i do however see him as the possessive type .. just me? mkay
he doesn’t really ‘mark’ you like in sexual way, cuz youse like with his kinda kids and they’d never let him live that down
but he does insist you wear his clothing, he’ll sometimes give you jewellery and perhaps even a ring with his initials
im here for it
lot of pet names
‘my love’
lemme catch my breath
Edward Cullen —
i kinda have mixed ish feelings bout him but let me just proceed with this
lives to tease
idc what youse say
this man IS a tease
hand on thigh
tracing your arms & figure ‘n shit
cheeky fucker just winks and/or grins at you
he likes you reading to him
he’ll have his head in your lap and you can just read to him, it’s peaceful
also outdoor adventures are another thing he likes
now that really ain’t for me, i don’t ever leave my house unless im forced but if that’s what you like then .. so does he 😶
he finds silence peaceful
like you two can be in bed, you’re sleeping on his chest ( if your human ) and he’s just looking down at you so in love, feeling peaceful and happy
in a non creepy way..
let’s hope 😃
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theosbucky · 2 days ago
hair — j. hale
Tumblr media
pairings: jasper hale x fem!reader
summary: in which she has a thing for jasper’s hair and he finds out about it and teases her for it.
word count: 1.6k.
warnings: teasing!jasper, embarrassed/sensitive!reader, fluff.
author’s note: this was requested and i’ve been wanting to write an imagine about jasper for awhile now, so i’m really excited about this imagine, hehe! gif creds to owner!
p.s., feedback is very much encouraged and appreciated <3.
main masterlist
Tumblr media
IT had started off as an innocent question.
jasper and [y/n] were laying in her bed, on a late saturday afternoon. it was one of those rare weekends where nothing was going on that demanded the blonde vampire’s immediate attention or where [y/n] didn’t have a pile of homework to work on through the whole weekend.
throughout the past few weeks, there hadn’t been any free time for them to hang out or to go on any dates.
jasper had been dealing with the few supernatural issues — the ones that had ensued pretty quickly — with his family.
and usually, when the two would hang out, [y/n] would still have homework to do. but, jasper usually would have time for her, so when she’d have homework, he’d help her with it. he’d also make her food, since she’d always have the habit of forgetting about staying hydrated and eating snacks.
but, this saturday, in some miracle, jasper didn’t have to worry about dealing with anything with his family and [y/n] shockingly didn’t have any new homework assigned for the weekend.
jasper had come over late the night before, just really missing his girlfriend and decided to spend the night with her.
so, the next morning, they’d decided that they’d just have a lazy day.
that’s what they’re doing as of now. they were cuddling; jasper, holding her in his arms and [y/n], wearing a soft look in her eyes as she plays with his naturally curly hair.
and then, a random thought begins to draw jasper’s attention. the question racks at his mind, not being able to shake it off.
his curiosity starts to become so distracting that even [y/n] pauses her actions and pulls away from his embrace.
she leans her head on one of the pillows, looking up at him with curious eyes as he looks down at her, brows furrowing.
“jas? what’s up?” the girl asks, starting to sit up, directing all of her attention to her boyfriend.
he looks up at her, cocking his to the side, confusion taking over his features as he starts to sense her worry and confusion.
she notices his expression of confusion and sighs. “i mean, you look like you’ve got something on your mind.” she states, raising her brows in question.
his mouth shapes into an ‘o’ shape, before he nods in acknowledgement.
without another thought, he decides to just blurt out his question, rather than beat around the bush about it. “what was the one thing that attracted you to me, when we first met?” he asks curiously, his southern accent evident in his tone.
[y/n]’s [y/e/c] eyes go wide in shock, before a red tint colors her cheeks in embarrassment.
out of all the questions he could’ve asked, he asks this one.
“um…” she sputters, trailing off as she looks away from her boyfriend, who looks at her curiously. her cheeks flush redder, if that’s even possible.
“darlin’,” he says, chuckling as she refuses to look up at him. “what’s got you so embarrassed?” the blonde vampire asks, turning her towards him by turning her cheek with his pointer finger.
“babeeee… it’s embarrassing. can’t we talk about anything else?” she mumbles, moving to bury her face in his chest, too embarrassed to face him.
“c’mon. it can’t be that bad. just tell me.” he murmurs, rubbing little soothing circles on her back.
sighing, she realizes that he’s going to be persistent with the question until she answers him.
“you promise that you won’t laugh?” she asks in a child-like voice as she pulls away from his chest, playing with the collar of his shirt, instead of looking up at her boyfriend.
jasper chuckles again, grabbing a strand of her [y/h/c] hair and playing with it.
“sweetheart, i promise, i’ll try not to laugh.” he murmurs seriously, before looking back at her as he lets the strand of hair fall back onto her shoulder.
“it was your hair.” she says in barely a whisper, still thinking that her vampire boyfriend is going to laugh at her.
“what?” he asks, wondering if he misheard her.
“it was your hair.” she grumbles, still looking down as she pulls her fingers away from his shirt.
a small sound, like a wheezy laugh, leaves his lips.
at this, [y/n] snaps her head up in his direction, glaring daggers at him.
this causes him to snap his mouth shut, a glint of amusement in his eyes.
“you said you weren’t going to laugh.” she grumbles, cheeks red as a tomato as she shoves him lightly.
“i—i’m sorry, darlin’. i just—w—why my hair?” he stutters in between laughs.
she sighs, refusing to look up at her boyfriend, completely humiliated that this conversation has gone from normal to humiliating.
she groans as he lifts her chin up, forcing her to look him in the eye.
“sweetheart, i promise, i won’t laugh anymore. just tell me, please.” he states seriously, gaining a little bit of her trust.
“it’s stupid. but, the first day i saw you at school, i saw your eyes, which drew me in. but… then, i saw your hair; it was hanging just above your shoulders, and i don’t know what came over me, but i caught myself wondering what it’d be like to run my fingers through your it. and i’d found myself thinking like that, on countless, different occasions.” the now flustered and nervous girl admits, taking the blonde vampire’s hand from her chin and placing it in her lap. she begins to fidget with them, before looking up, upon not hearing a response.
as she does so, jasper struggles with not trying to laugh. but, eventually his mouth uncontrollably opens as the laughs escape, chest rumbling, only finding amusement in the situation.
he continues to laugh, failing to notice the very sensitive teenage girl’s eyes clouding up with tears.
of course, the two usually had inside jokes and teased one another, but this was different.
she felt as if he were making fun of her, over something that she was taking the time out of her day to tell him about — just to answer his question that she didn’t even want to answer in the first place.
a trembling breath leaves her lips, catching her boyfriend’s attention, as she starts to get up.
once she’s standing at the edge of the bed and is turned away from him, she rushes to the bathroom. “y—you’re mean…” she chokes out in a sob, walking inside.
“sweetheart—” he starts, getting up very quickly, after hearing her tone of voice. but, he’s interrupted when she slams the door shut.
she slides down the door, locked away in the darkness as the hot tears start to stream down her cheeks. she tries to tell herself that she’s overreacting, that jasper has nothing to be at fault for. but, that just makes more tears escape.
she’s interrupted from her thoughts as jasper calls out from behind the other side of the door. “darlin’, i’m sorry. why don’t you come out for a second, so we can talk about this?” his voice is filled with regret and guilt.
after hearing the anguish in his voice, she instantly becomes guilty.
and after a few seconds, jasper sighs, starting to think that she’s not going to come out, as he internally yells at himself for making her cry.
i mean, he may have laughed about it, but he was going to try and lighten the mood and convince her that she had nothing to be embarrassed about.
but, just as the blonde vampire stands up, preparing to walk back to the bed, he hears the door knob of the bathroom twist, before [y/n] slowly pulls open the door.
he snaps his head up, worry and guilt evident on his features as she slowly emerges from the darkness of the room, dried up tears on her cheeks and her cheeks redder than ever.
he stays frozen, not sure of what he could say to make up for making her feel so bad. he opens his mouth, as if he’d found the right words, but before he can even speak, she rushes to him and presses her head into his chest, arms wrapping around his torso.
“i’m sorry, jas. i o—overreacted and i didn’t mean to make you feel so guilty.” she mumbles, the tears welling up in her eyes again.
this is the moment where he starts to notice the guilt and regret radiating off of her.
“you’ve got nothin’ to apologize for. i was goin’ to try to lighten the mood with a few jokes, but i’m now realizin’ that i didn’t work fast enough.” he murmurs, his accent becoming evident in his small tone.
she pulls away, sighing, as she lifts up her hands to her cheeks to wipe away the remaining tears on her cheeks.
“babe, you don’t need to apologize. i know you’d never make fun of me on purpose. but, sometimes i just get too sensitive about certain things. i’m sorry.” she mumbles, feeling embarrassed for acting the way that she did.
he shakes his head as he grabs her hands and presses them to his lips. “sweetheart, it’s quite alright. you are allowed to get upset over things. i love you so much and i hope you know that i’d never make fun of you like that.” he murmurs against her knuckles, which brings her to let out a few giggles — giggles that absolutely warms his heart.
“i know, jas. and i love you too. how about we just forget this misunderstanding happened and we go back to cuddling?” she murmurs, after she stops giggling.
he nods, a smile tugging at his lips. “yes, ma’am.” he says in his accent, causing the girl to bite her lip, in order to hide her smile as butterflies flutter in her stomach.
after that day, he’d tease her about his hair — it didn’t bother her, because she’d realized that he wasn’t holding it against her.
it had quickly become one of their inside jokes and he loved that his hair had become her biggest weakness — especially when it came in handy sometimes.
Tumblr media
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If the people of Forks made memes:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: yes there is a typo here, pls stop mentioning it
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This took so fucking long to make, but please do enjoy
Tumblr media
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Hot people on tumblr are even scarier than normal people because you know something has to be wrong with them
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Tumblr media
Me whenever I write
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My taste in men is ✨ Fictional ✨
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machikono · 10 months ago
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Tumblr media
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edwardsshinyvolvo · 9 days ago
Twilight 2008 without context
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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the-tryhard-twihard · 4 months ago
the thought of 3 inhumanly beautiful rich vampires cramming themselves into the backseat of a volvo to go to high school is absolutely hilarious
Tumblr media
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effervescent-influenza · 4 months ago
Emmett after watching Jasper try to kill Bella:
Tumblr media
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roxannecullen · 29 days ago
Edward in biology class, sitting next to Bella for the first time
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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chnnmrgn · a year ago
Tumblr media
We gonna play some baseball or what?
(do not use without permission)
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haletwinsstan · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
twilight + text posts: twilight characters as the gaslight gatekeep girlboss meme
Tumblr media
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joelsgeetar · 4 months ago
Fire In The Water — Jasper Hale
Tumblr media
TW: smut, language, etc.
Requested: Jasper pulling you into the schools bathroom because he’s horny and he gets pleasure out of making you feel good so he starts to kiss your neck and puts his thigh between your legs making you grind against him 😏😏
Additional info: (Fem!Human!Reader) thigh riding, sub/dom vibes, praise, light choking, jasper is fucking needy for you lol
I'll fix any spelling mistakes later xo
Word Count: (idk I forgot to type this on my laptop and I'm too lazy to copy and paste rn lmfao I'll add it later though <3)
(Song inspired)
Tumblr media
Jasper couldn't keep his hands to himself today. Ever since this morning, when you got ready for school - he kept pulling you back to bed to kiss all over you, mostly your neck and jawline.
"Jasper, we need to go. We're gonna be late."
"Five more minutes."
He then continued to lower his kisses until he eventually settled himself between your legs. Jasper always got off to your moans so he wasted no time on tasting you, devouring you hungrily and selfishly.
You tried pushing him away after you came once - your body couldn't handle a second one so early in the day, his skills overwhelming.
It's no different right now. Jasper is sitting with you in class - all the way in the back. Thankfully, no one could see what he was doing to you.
His hand rested on your thigh innocently for about ten minutes before he started to rub your clothed inner thigh, his golden eyes looking down at you - Jasper smirked when you inhaled sharply and crossed your legs. You were aroused and dripping within minutes.
Jasper focused on your heartbeat and how it went faster the higher his hand went. Your hips bucked slightly and you sighed; today wasn't going to be necessarily boring but it's going to drive you crazy, you've never seen Jasper act so needy, especially in public. And honestly, he didn't understand why he felt so lustful towards you to the point of touching you around other people - maybe the risk of getting caught excited him or maybe he just needs an intense stress relief. He can only do so much at school so he is already planning what to do when he takes you home later.
First period passed painfully slow for Jasper. When the bell finally dismissed the students, he followed you with preying eyes; never allowing you to have personal space. Even at your locker he stood behind you - venom pooling in the back of his dry throat. He swallows and tries waiting with patience but today he had none.
Jasper slammed your locker shut and before you could ask him why he did that or ask if he was angry - he grasped your wrist and pulled you into a bathroom meant for one person only; the teachers were the only ones allowed to use it but he didn't care. Jasper locked the door after shoving you inside in a hurry.
You hold onto your books tightly, heart pounding and chest heaving. You're somewhat uncomfortable from the smallest dose of fear but that fear also fueled the lust.
Jasper swiftly walked over to you - your back is pressed against the cold wall and he grabs your hands, pulling your books out of your anxious grip - they fall to the floor with a loud smack.
You hold eye contact with him and feel yourself slipping into a submissive headspace. His eyes are no longer golden; they're pitch black with desire and full of instinctual qualities, preying on you like an animal in the woods.
Jasper closes the gap with a surprisingly soft kiss. One of his hands cup your face, tilting his head to kiss you deeper, adding more passion and growling against your lips. "I love you."
You shiver at his lowered voice. It's almost raspy and it sends your body into waves of heat. Although the wall behind is cold - and even though he is similar to ice, your skin is on fire. Your body reacts differently from your mind.
Jasper always had a way to be soft during his dominant moments. He always tells you he loves you and that you're perfection. Jasper is genuinely a gentleman and keeps your mind away from thinking negatively; he never wants you to feel as if your body is the only thing he enjoys about and craves. It's you - all of you.
He pulls away to let you breathe. You gasp and sigh shakily, legs trembling and struggling to keep you standing. "I love you too, Jas."
Jasper then goes silent. He watches your body fall apart from lust and he licks his lips before pressing his chest directly onto yours. You can feel the coldness of his lips and breath near your ear and eventually your neck. He kisses you tenderly, closing his eyes to focus on your pulse. He can feel it; hear it coursing through your veins rapidly. It's dangerous for him to be so close but both of you trust each other.
He won't hurt you. You won't push him away. The relationship with Jasper is unbreakable and will never be attacked from the outside. There's so much trust, loyalty, love - Everything is heightened and it almost burns in the most beautiful way. He's such a darkened creature who has fallen in love with someone so innocent and sometimes he feels oddly satisfied about it. Jasper would never admit to having some sort of corruption kink; he doesn't want his intentions to be painted with a false layer of color. In all honesty, Jasper simply takes pleasure in knowing he's all you know.
Times like this have you questioning if he feels satisfied sexually - Jasper has a tendency to get you off multiple times while he remains untouchable and unreadable. He's told you before that he loves making you feel good and that seeing you get wrapped up in pleasure urges him to let go with you. But no matter how many times he explained that - you're confused.
Jasper pulls away just enough to look into your eyes and you nod - giving him more reassurance and consent. Another thing he never forgets even when completely owning you; he needs your approval several times.
After you silently say yes and plead with your eyes, he carefully lifts you up so you're barely touching the floor. The only thing keeping you stable is his thigh - placed between your legs.
The sensation of your soaked underwear and pulsing clit rubbing against his thigh is enough to make you worry about moaning too loud. Jasper obviously senses your anxiety and chuckles softly, kissing your lips once before grasping your throat and squeezing; not hard enough to hurt or cut off too much air flow. Jasper perfectly captures your throat with his ice cold hand to silence you. Only heavy breathing and a pounding heart can be heard.
Wordlessly, your body responds. You start slow, grinding almost shyly. Jasper quietly moans into your ear, not holding himself back. He truly gains a large amount of pleasure in this and he wants you to know that. And just like he predicted, you move with more confidence after hearing his heavenly moans and growls.
All that matters right now is the two of you. No one from outside can pull you out of this trance. Jasper guides your hips whenever your pace falters, he knows you're close and wants to help you claim your orgasm. You breathe heavily into the crook of his neck; he groans at the sound.
You start moving erratically, squirming with uncontrollable pleasure. Whimpers and muffled moans escape your mouth and faintly echo. Jasper can't gain control of his own desires and effortlessly holds you up to take your place against the wall - when you crash into him with an impatient whine, he slides down while holding your hips, moving you to sit directly onto his lap - you can easily feel how hard he is, the bulge in his pants desperate for a release.
Jasper's hands slide their way up and under your shirt, caressing your bare skin with urgency and bucks his hips against yours. You wrap one arm around his neck as the other stabilizes yourself by pressing your palm flat onto the wall behind him. It's taking all the self control in the world to hold back moans. He hears your heart skip beats frequently and feels the damp spot on his lap get warmer and larger. Jasper clings to your body and grabs the back of your neck to pull you away from hiding. He then kissed you hungrily yet lovingly, muffling both his and your moans successfully.
You pull away unexpectedly when your pleasure reaches it's peak and gasp, squeezing his cold body for some sort of composure. Jasper grips your waist again with more force and controls your movements since you can't anymore.
"There you go, Darlin. Let go, I got you." He mumbled deeply with sincerity, topped with a teasing undertone knowing damn well you loved it and craved his praise.
You try saying his name but all that comes out is unsteady breathing and high pitched whines. Jasper allows you to hide into his chest and he holds you there tightly, reaching his own climax shortly after yours. He always makes you cum first - it's both flattering and embarrassing. Finishing so quickly makes you shy away from his touch sometimes but he fucking loves it. There's just something about you - his mate, losing control and becoming a moaning mess all because of him.
A few minutes pass and you're now slower, barely moving your hips in attempt to ride it out smoothly, still whimpering and clinging onto him. He rubs your back and kisses your neck affectionately, whispering into your ear again. "You're such a good girl, Darlin.. Thank you."
Jasper's praise can sound more like teasing but deep down you know he means it, especially when he says thank you. No matter what happened; even if he did all the work - Jasper thanked you for trusting him enough to have you so intimately and for allowing him to enjoy it too. Jasper never puts his pleasure first.
"I love you." He tells you sincerely, kissing your flushed cheeks and lips delicately.
"I love you more." You whisper in return. Your body is so drained from energy now and honestly you don't want to go back to class.
Jasper felt your tiredness and smiled softly at you - casually fixing your shirt to cover you back up, as always. "Wanna go home?"
"Yes. I need a shower and nap. You make me so tired it's not even funny." The laugh you let out involuntarily goes against your words.
Jasper chuckled and carefully stood up, holding onto your waist - he's feeling clingy. An hour ago in class he wanted to ruin you but now he just wants to hold you while you nap.
And he did exactly that. Jasper drove you home and snuck into your room to lay on your bed, snuggling with you under the covers and sharing innocent kisses, randomly having conversations until you fell asleep to the sound of his voice. Jasper kept himself perfectly still and rubbed your back, played with your hair, traced your skin with his cold fingers and kisses your head, mumbling softly on how much he loves you. Jasper knows you can't hear him but the waves of pure adoration and love he sends you is enough; even when sleeping, you feel completely safe and warm all because of him.
With a touch so cold as his you can't help but to burn like a candle from all the passion.
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ed-skreins · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jackson Rathbone & Ashley Greene in Twilight (2008) dir. Catherine Hardwicke
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carlisles-girl · 6 months ago
What pet names or nick names would the cullens use for their significant other? :)
a/n: Yes of course! Thank you so much for sending requests, if you are the same person, it made my day when I arrived from the store!
Pet Names The Cullens Would Use
Carlisle Cullen
Tumblr media
Carlisle would use standard, yet romantic, names.
“My love” would certainly be his favourite.
Especially when he greeted you whenever you, or he himself, came home from work.
“My love, I’m home!” And it’d follow with a warm smile, and a kiss on the forehead.
Or, “My love, you’re home!” And he’d get up from wherever he was seated at, and go over to you and bring you close by holding your waist, then kissing your forehead, then your cheek.
He’d definitely use “Dear”, too, but less often as “my love”.
Jasper Hale
Tumblr media
I certainly feel like he’d stick to the more “Darlin’, I’m home!” Sort of 50s family sitcom stereotype.
“Darlin’” is said by him about 63 times a day.
“Darlin’, look at this,” he’d say as he showed you something.
“Darlin’, come here,”
“I miss you so much, Darlin’. I can’t wait for you to get back.” He’d say as you both were on a phone call, distanced from the other.
His accent makes it so much better and smoother.
Imagine him feeling *needy* and he’s just like,
“Darlin’, I- uhh, need ya for somethin’.”
oh my god
Alice Cullen
Tumblr media
Alice has a more bubbly personality, so I feel like she’d switch up the pet names every once in a while.
One month, it’d be: “Sweetheart”.
The next it’d be: “Baby”.
The one she’d use the most would have to be “Honey”.
You’d asked her about it, why she’d call you that out of all of the names she’d given you, and she responded with:
“Oh, no reason, you’re just my honey :)”
Literally the cutest <3
Rosalie Hale
Tumblr media
Probably not into nicknames, it most likely reminds her of her ex-fiancé.
However, she’d call you a shorter version of your name.
If your name was too short to be shortened, she’d call you “dove”.
The definition for dove is; “Bird Of Peace.”
Whenever you come into eye-range of Rose, she becomes instantly happier, you are the light of her life - her escape.
Emmett Cullen
Tumblr media
As demonstrated with Rosalie in the first Twilight film, during the baseball scene, he used “babe”.
“Babe” is simpler for him to say; it’s one syllable, and goes along with just about any sentence.
And he looooves dragging it out to get something from you.
“Baaaaabe! Please? Just one more match?” He’d say after a wresting match.
Or, “Baaaabe, please?” For just about anything.
He’d occasionally use, “Baby”, whenever he wanted a little change in his everyday life, and a raised eyebrow from you, wondering why he changed it all of the sudden.
Edward Cullen
Tumblr media
Probably would use some dumb shit like “Pookie” or something.
After an argument, let’s say, and you’re ignoring him;
Edward crossed his legs as he sat on your bed behind you. You had your back facing him and you were reading a book to clear your mind from the small argument you and Edward had just a few moments prior, but also just to ignore him. Ignoring him was such a difficult situation with Edward, because he could read every thought that passed through your brain. “I know you’re still thinking of me.” He whispered, his chin resting on his left hand. You continued to ignore him further, giving Edward a feeling of aggravation and frustration. He smiled mischievously as he scooted closer to your frame, your eyes drifting of the page you were on for a moment attempting to see what he was getting at. He rested his chin on your left shoulder blade as he brought his hands up your back, then trailed them down to your hands. You had dropped the book on your lap moments ago, forgetting even why you were mad at him as he entangled your hands with his, his chin still resting on the blade of your shoulder. “Hey,” he began, gaining your attention before your eyes fluttered closed. You hummed to him as a response, your mind still a little foggy. “You’re my pookie.” Your eyes snapped opened and you turned to face him, “What?” You said, attempting to feign your smile. “I said, ‘you’re my pookie.” Edward repeated himself as he brought a hand of his own to your jawline, bringing your face closer to his. You chuckled, so quiet that if Edward didn’t have his hearing enhanced, he wouldn’t of heard it. “What does that even mean?” “I don’t know.” He’d say as he brought your lips to his.
Esme Cullen
Tumblr media
Would keep it short and simple like “love” or “my beloved”.
She would absolutely adore you .
“My beloved, I made you (favourite food) for dinner.”
“Love, I have a new book for you to read.”
Absolutely would treasure you for the rest of your eternal lives.
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hi! maybe reader and Jasper Hale are married and Bella meets her along with the rest of the Cullens and she's more reserved than the rest, she doesn't hate Bella but she doesn't love her either
Harsh Truth
jasper hale x wife!reader
summary: you're not the only one who thinks bella isn't a good fit for the family
warning: fluff, angst, edward kind of being a dick
word count: 1.3k
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Tumblr media
From the first time you heard Edward mention the human girl, there had been a slight distaste in your mouth. Spending decades with your coven/family, you always kept away from humans, it was better for everyone.
Alice was the first to officially welcome Bella in knowing the future ahead of them, Emmett and Esme next. Carlisle didn't say anything on the matter, keeping his thoughts to himself. You, Rosalie and Jasper were the ones who were against Edward dating Bella.
She was a nice girl truly and under different circumstances, you would have accepted immediately, you saw the love that she held for Edward, but seeing how adamant she was for becoming a vampire after finding out about the family secret.
"Bella, this is Jasper and Y/n." Bella turned her head to the balcony, seeing the two of you come in, noticing the bouquet of flowers you held in your hand, watching Jasper smiling at you.
"It's nice to meet you." You said sharply trying to hold in your breath. Jasper had been tense behind you, trying to look at anything but her.
"Sorry, Jasper and Y/n are our newest vegetarians." Carlisle chuckled awkwardly.
"Pleasure to meet you." He spit out.
"Why don't we go upstairs and find a vase for these." You gave him a soft smile, tugging his arm in the opposite direction.
That had probably been the longest conversation you had with Bella, you and Jasper were practically conjoined at the hip and you knew how hard he worked for the vegetarian diet and didn't want to spoil it.
"As much as Edward wants to stay with Bella." You and Rosalie had been in Port Angeles. "Something bad is going to happen and it might expose us."
Rosalie agreed, nodding her head to your statement. "You know, I'm jealous of her. She has this wonderful life, a wonderful human life and she wants to be a vampire. I didn't get a chance at that, we didn't get a decision to choose and she's choosing the wrong one. She can marry, have children, grow old, we can't do that."
You sighed, remembering how you turned. Edward had been the one to turn you, after seeing Alice's vision of you and Jasper together.
You were true to your word, the night of Bella's 18th birthday party.
Edward had been the one to decide that they should leave Forks, the family distraught saying we didn't need to, Edward and Bella truly weren't mates, she was his blood singer.
You spent almost over 6 months away from your family, you and Jasper returning to his hometown after finding Peter and Charlotte.
"You all know what I want." Bella looked at the four couples. "And I know how much I'm asking for. The only thing I can think of to be fair is to just vote."
It hadn't been an even split, 5 to 3. Rose, Alice's mate, Parker and you said no.
"I never met anyone who was so willingly eager to become a vampire, knowing how much you were going to lose. And I never met a human willing to go to your lengths to keep a vampire alive. But I can't say yes, I'm sorry Bella, but it's a no for me." You said softly to the girl.
Edward glared at you from the stairs, hearing you truly wanted to say. You aren't his mate, he was merely attracted to your blood.
It seemed like whenever Bella was around the Cullens, danger seemed to follow.
"Jasper has experience with newborns." Carlisle told the group the night of the graduation party.
"No." You said sternly. "You can't do that Carlisle. You all know how hard Jasper worked to suppress those memories, the trauma that brought it, this really isn't your fault Bella, it's Edwards, if he control his bloodlust-"
"Y/n." Edward stopped you.
"Darlin'." Jasper grabbed your arm. "It's alright, I'm okay with it."
You stayed as far away from Bella while you all stood out in the field, your eyes stayed on Jasper as he spoke to the wolves.
"C'mon now darlin." Jasper pointed towards you, his finger giving a 'c'mere' motion.
You let him come to you first, dogging his arm, swiftly ducking under, swiping your foot over his ankles, letting him trip forward. The two you went at it again, Jasper being able to grab onto one of your arms, pulling you flush against his chest. His hand made its way towards you chin, slowly putting your head closer to his, pushing yourself away, jumping clear onto a branch, leaving him confused on the ground.
"I win, cowboy." You jumped down onto his back, pecking his lips before joining Rosalie.
Standing by the car, you saw Jasper halt in his step towards you, turning back to Bella. You couldn't help but frown hearing about Jasper's newborn year, you yourself wanted to cry when he first told you.
"But I met Y/n, Alice told her I had been waiting for her." You smiled when he turned to look at you.
The days leading up to the battle put stress on your body, usually saying outside on the balcony.
"Hey." You turned to see Bella by the door. She slowly walked up to you, standing by your side, looking at you while you kept your gaze on the moon.
"Do you hate me?" Bella asked sheepishly.
"No." You shook your head.
"But you don't want me to become a vampire." Bella asked.
"Why would you want to?" You asked. "You have this perfect life, I had a perfect life!”
You closed your eyes, calming yourself. I'm sorry."
"No, it's okay." Bella shook her head. "You can continue if you want."
Sighing, you rested your chin on your hands, looking back at the forest.
"It was the 50s, it was a happy time after the war for some people. I had lived in California, lived in a good neighborhood, had my parents and little sister, drove to the beach each weekend with my friends, went to diner every Friday after football games, a very American life so you would say.
That was around when Jasper joined the Cullens. I was 18, almost turning 19 when I was turned by Edward. He saw Alice's vision of me and Jasper together, and took it upon himself to make it come true."
"He turned you against your will?" Bella looked shocked never hearing once of it from Edward.
"He took me back to where my family was staying at the time, somewhere North. I held a grudge from all of time, not feeding at all until Emmett came to me, told me about him and Rosalie. He had been the only one I could relate to, told about his happy life and how it had been cut short but he met Rosalie and instantly fell in love." You continued.
"What about you and Jasper?" Bella wanted to hear more.
"Took me a while." You chuckled. "I joined in 1958, Jasper and I didn't get married until 1998."
"40 years." Bella said in awe.
"I was mad at my family for a while, but Jasper never once pushed me away, always tried to make me comfortable, happy." You smiled.
"And I would do it again." You both turned to see Jasper standing by the door. "C'mon now darlin, it's time to hunt."
You gave Bella a tight lip smile, before grabbing Jasper's hand, following him into the forest.
"I'm so lucky you're in my life." Jasper stood behind you, his hands on your shoulders. "Despite how long it took. Doesn't matter though, get to be with you for the rest of my life."
"It's going to be a long time Mr. Whitlock, you think you can handle me?" You smiled.
"I kept up with you for this long Mrs. Whitlock."
Tumblr media
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Lions gate isn't allowed to be this funny.
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Bella: It's like diamonds. You're beautiful.
Edward: Beautiful? This is the skin of a killer, Bella. I'm a killer.
Tumblr media
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