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thedeathdeelers · 21 hours ago
Juke; a very short story:
Luke stares out of his bedroom window, watching the night sky as his mind struggles yet again to come up with new song writing material. His eyes bounce from one star to the other, frustration growing within him even as he marvels at their shining beauty.
Suddenly a shooting star briefly chases away the inky darkness of the sky, making its way across its expanse as it lights everything up in its path, momentarily blinding him. It‘s the brightest burning star he’s ever seen.
He blinks away the bright spots in his eyes once the star disappears as abruptly as it appeared, and remembers his mother telling him all those years ago about wishing upon shooting stars.
And while Luke doesn’t necessarily believe in any of the little silly stories he was told as a child, he figures he’s got nothing to lose.
“Oh brightest burning star,” he starts off dramatically, waving his arm in the air, “I wish for music to come pouring back into my life. Help me find music again!”
Luke laughs at the silence that follows, then laughs at himself some more before shaking his head and turning back to his bedroom, ready to flop onto his bed and mentally prepare himself for his last first day of school.
The very next day, Luke Patterson hears Los Feliz’s new transfer student, Julie Molina, sing for the very first time.
He starts believing in miracles and childish fairy tales the second her voice reaches his ears. Because either Julie Molina was the shooting star blazing across his sky last night, or the stars decided to grant him his wish.
Either way, music found its way back into his life with blinding force, all in the shape of one new transfer student.
Julie Molina, his brightest burning star.
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molinashimbos · 17 hours ago
an idea for a post similar to 'Edge of great/edge of a mental breakdown':
'can't wait to be finally free from this mortal coil! I'm so done bestie!'
anon this is genius i love it so much dhbjnbdab
Tumblr media
it is a ✨ big mood✨
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grayskyluna-art · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Guess it means some things, they never change 🏴‍☠️💜 1 out of 4 👀
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bisexualreginaldpeters · 12 hours ago
broke: reggie is the only monologue speaker in the band
woke: julie and ray teach reggie spanish
wired: reggie can actually speak/understand spanish french tagalog and german because he wanted his friends to be able to speak in their second languages whenever they wanted
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spencersendgame · 10 hours ago
the things i would do to be able to watch julie and the phantoms for the first time again
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willex-n-waffles · 3 hours ago
Flynn: why is it spelled “camouflage” and not “ ”?
Julie: what?
Flynn: “ ”.
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jonmercer · 12 hours ago
karinabalschuweit #TwentyOne
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No thoughts head empty just Alex braiding Willie’s hair
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astorytotellyourfriends · 11 hours ago
Sending like a normal person 🙄😂
I want number 10, any pairing, the more awkward and adorable, the better.
10: A hello/good-bye kiss that is given without thinking - where neither person thinks twice about it - ok you give me free reign then you know i'm going Luke/Reggie and WOW this got long lmfao
Reggie doesn't even notice it when it happens. Luke's making the rounds, collecting money from each of them before he leaves to go pick up the pizza they ordered. He gets to Reggie last, who just barely manages to scrounge up enough singles to pay for his share.
Luke snorts as he flattens out Reggie's money, counting it again before he pockets it. "What, no tip?" he teases.
"I…" Reggie goes bright red. "I don't have--"
"I'm kidding, Reg," Luke says, rolling his eyes as he pulls Reggie into a quick hug and presses a kiss to his cheek. It's not until Luke leaves the garage that Reggie realizes that both Alex and Bobby are staring at him.
"What?" he asks with wide eyes.
"What the fuck?" Alex asks, point-blank.
"What??" Reggie asks again as he reaches up to touch his face. "Is there something on my face?"
Bobby snorts. "Yeah, Luke's mouth." Reggie goes bright red. "Something you two forgot to tell us, bro?"
Reggie's speechless at first. He'd totally missed the fact that Luke kissed his cheek. He presses his hand to his right cheek and smiles like a total dweeb before he realizes what he's doing and drops his hand.
"I…" Reggie clears his throat, "no, I don't know why…"
"Uh-huh," Alex says. He clearly doesn't believe him, and judging by the look on Bobby's face, he doesn't either.
"I need some air," Reggie says as he quickly exits the garage, slamming the door behind him. When he looks up, he realizes that Luke's just a few feet away.
"Hi," Luke says as he cracks a nervous smile.
"I, umm…" Luke chuckles bashfully. "Do you wanna come get the pizza with me?"
Reggie swallows hard as he walks over to Luke, and the pair head for the sidewalk in totally awkward silence. Neither of them say a word until they reach the corner and pause before they cross the street.
"I don't know why I did it," Luke says suddenly. "It just… like… happened."
"I, umm," Reggie clears his throat, "I didn't even notice?"
"Like, Alex and Bobby definitely did. But I just… didn't?"
"Sorry," Luke mumbles. "I won't do it again."
"No, you--" Reggie goes red when Luke looks at him. "You can do it again, if you want," Reggie squeaks out. Luke chuckles.
"I-If you want." Reggie shrugs. "I'll, umm, pay attention this time."
"Okay," Luke says with a bashful laugh. "Maybe when we get back to the garage."
"R-Right." Reggie nods, breathing out a deep sigh.
He thinks about it all the way to the pizza place. When they're waiting inside, he can't stop staring at Luke's mouth. By the time they get back to the garage, Reggie's about to lose his mind.
"Are you gonna do it?" he asks once they're halfway up the driveway. Luke pauses with the pizza box in his hand, turning to face Reggie with a half-smile on his face.
"You want me to?"
"I mean, i-if you wanna. Like, I don't wanna make you do it if you don't--"
Luke snorts and pulls Reggie close, pressing his lips to his cheek to get him to shut up. Reggie's whole face goes bright red and he lets out a soft whimper. Luke licks his lips, still so close that Reggie can feel his breath when he laughs.
"How was that?"
"G-Good." Reggie clears his throat and laughs nervously. "Definitely noticed that one."
"Can I do it again?" Luke asks, licking his lips again as his eyes drop down to Reggie's mouth. "Maybe a little different this time?"
"Yeah," Reggie breathes out, hoping against hope that Luke means what he thinks he means.
He finds out very quickly that he and Luke are very much on the same page. Luke presses his mouth against Reggie's in a tentative kiss and Reggie shivers when their lips meet. When Luke pulls back, Reggie follows and keeps kissing him.
"If you're gonna make out in the driveway can you at least give us the pizza so we don't starve?" Bobby asks in a snarky voice, snapping both of them out of their little stupor. Reggie turns even redder as Luke laughs, handing the pizza over and telling Bobby to get lost.
"But… pizza," Reggie says mournfully as Bobby disappears into the garage.
"Pizza can wait," Luke murmurs as he pulls Reggie back into another kiss.
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burntchromas · 19 hours ago
You Still Mystify | Part 2
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Julie has people who care about her
Taglist in reblogs. Send an ask or dm to be added
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thekaleidoscopeeffect · 10 hours ago
for alexs birthday willie got him a new pair of drumsticks with their ✨initials ✨ w&a on the ends
alex cried and he uses them everytime he plays💜
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lyxchen · 15 hours ago
After reading @willexxmercer mutants au I fell in love with it and so I drew this fanart because that's what I do when I like something♡
Tumblr media
Two different versions are under the cut☆
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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incorrect-jatp-cast · 10 hours ago
Charlie: I was absolutely fine last night.
Owen: You were so drunk that officers were called because you were too loud and, when they asked you for your name, you pointed to your face and said, "look it up, shitheads."
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isjatprenewed · 18 hours ago
Me realizing Netflix has stopped taking my calls about renewing Julie and the Phantoms:
Tumblr media
How many more ways can I say there's no renewal? Find out tomorrow.
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thedeathdeelers · 17 hours ago
i’m sorry but Love is Blind JATP AU is a hilarious idea that won’t leave my brain because netflix keeps shoving the reunion in my face so
julie does it as a jerk reaction after her mom passes away and needs a clean break. something different, something that’s the total opposite of who she is or what she’d ever do under normal circumstances. flynn thinks it’s hilarious
luke doesn’t even know he was signed up, the boys did it one night when they were all extremely drunk. apparently you can’t back out so he says “fuck it” and plans to go and just have fun, maybe try to write more songs while stuck indoors at all times and and eventually leave single and ready to rock
but then yknow. the juke of it all
they spend one of those pod sessions just writing songs, another talking about their moms, luke starts pestering the other contestants so he can have more julie time
in one of the last sessions before they have to choose, julie feels comfortable enough to try and sing and luke basically drops to one knee and asks her to marry him
is this dumb? sure
but also > juke
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