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#Jaune Arc

It’s the end of year prom, and Glynda has called the attention of the students.

“Attention please, it’s time to announce our this year’s Prom Royals, and these two have been a sweet couple for a long time, ever since they found each other in the Emerald Forest during initiation, support from all sides to have them come together, which brings us to now, their crowning of our Prom Royals.”

Before Glynda can finish, Ozpin, quite drunk from someone spiking the punch with vodka, steps up and takes the microphone.


The spotlight, which had been primed for Ren and Nora awkwardly shifts to JNPR’s other couple, while everyone wonders what’s wrong with Professor Ozpin as My Time Is Now plays over the speakers.

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Greetings Martial Arcs fans! Friendly reminder that tomorrow is the start of Martial Arcs week! We’re super excited to see what you all come up with and are hyped to reblog your creations!

Make sure to refresh yourselves on the prompts and rules, and get ready to celebrate!!! We’re really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

Hope you have a great day!

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Happy Halloween!

We on the rewrite team wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween! May you have some spooky tricks and excellent treats!

Art by: @yang-diary

Here are everyone’s costumes:

Team RWBY: Sonic characters

Ruby: Shadow the Hedgehog 

Weiss: Silver the Hedgehog 

Blake: Blaze the Cat

Yang: Super Sonic the Hedgehog

Team JNPR: Comic Book characters

Jaune: Pre-serum Steve Rogers

Nora: Thor

Pyrrha: Wonder Woman

Ren: Kid Loki

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Happy birthday Ruby!

Our most adorable shooting star is up! Ruby was born on October 31st (kept from CRWBY canon)! She came into the world just a pink little thing, and she stole everyone’s hearts with just one look. Her family loves her so much and so do we!

Line Art by: @bosiphas

Colour by: @data-plays-viola

Ficlet by: @lameclub

Edited by: @bosiphas @yang-diary @data-plays-viola and @thetopazvulpix

Ficlet under the cut!

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Exactly. It’s one of the reasons I love this show. The female leads actually get to be leads and swap gender norms in the process. There are a million fanfics about Jaune becoming a badass, unstoppable hero because people are so unused to the idea of a male lead not becoming that. It seemed like he had the set up for it, then the show takes the road less traveled. He’s firmly a support fighter and he couldn’t be happier with that. It fits his archetype better than a power-up ever could. I wish other shows, especially shonen, would come to this realization instead of falling back on the power fantasy we’ve seen over and over.

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RWBY & JNPRO Halloween costumes 2020 headcanon

Ruby Rose: Lady from Devil May Cry 5


Weiss Schnee: Luna from Final Fantasy XV


Blake Belladonna: Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3


Yang Xiao Long: Panther from Persona 5


Jaune Arc: Captain America


Nora Valkyrie: Daisy.


Pyrrha Nikos: Jessie from Control


Lie Ren: Luigi


Oscar Pine: Deku from My Hero Academia

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You’re Under Arrest (Search and Capture Mission)

Jaune: Listen up! (shouting using hand speaker)

Jaune: All of you are  under arrest…

Jaune: Stand in front and face the wall

Jaune: Place and extend your hand at wall

the criminals follow and do what Jaune says then Nora joins and she said

Nora: Put down your zipper! (snickering and blushing)

Jaune screams like a girl in shocked from what Nora said


Pyrrha: OH MY!

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Weiss: *sway her hips*

Jaune: Weiss? What are you doing?

Weiss: Nothing. *Sway her hips*

Jaune: You’re clearly doing something.

Weiss: No I’m not. *Sway her hips*

Jaune: Did Yang told you to do this?

Weiss: Noooooo. Yang did not offer advice on how to seduce you and I totally did not pay her 500 Lien for it. *Sway her hips*

Jaune: Whatever. * Swiftly lifted Weiss and put her on the bed before makes love to her*

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