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#Jaune Arc

Full body models of Teams RWBY (Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long) and JNPR (Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, Pyrrha Nikos and Ren Lie). (Posted January 20, 2021)

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fiona: i cant believe you guys are making me seduce the arc fellow

may:… no one is making you do it. yoi volunteered. in fact you dont even have to seduce him


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blake walks into the room and sees a shirtless jaune lounging on the sofa surroundes by scented candles and rose petals

jaune: welcome home blake.

blake: *blush and ears twitch* by the brothers

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After a riveting little chase, initiated by their collective fans, the two got a drink and chatted some.

Pyrrha was elated to make a new friend, as did Jaune. Though the boulevard press did have a field day.

“Pyrrha?” The all too saccharine voice of Ruby Rose called for the champion. “Can I ask you something?”

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robyn: my semblance work as a sort of lie detector. *holds jaune’s hand* for exsample tell a lie.

jaune: the sky is green. *red*

robyn: see now tell a truth*

jaune: i have a 12inch penis *green*

robyn: wait.. do you?

yang: he has a what?!

blake: *blush*

ruby: a what?

qrow: thats impressive


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This was torture.

“Thanks for…helping me out!”

Sweet, sweet torture.

“Had no one…to spot me…before!”

His sweat clung to him, developing abs starting to ripple as he did another sit-up. Deery had joined him in his workout, following Greta’s advice to gain trust.

Though right now, all she did was gain wet dreams.

“Twenty!” Jaune gasped as he continued some more. “Twenty-one!”

Deery wanted to lick the sweat off him really bad. The sight of a sweaty male before her called to a primal part of hers, especially since this one had no shirt on and only his sweatpants.

She gripped his feet a little tighter as the workout continued, vaguely recalling something about a report to Eve…

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Pietro: Well, I could try to help them with that….

Nora: But you dont have the equipment, do you? 

Pietro: I’m afraid not. When Penny gets back-

Jaune: We can go see if we can find some for you.

Pietro: I couldnt ask for you to do that-

Nora: No, he’s right. Jaune, Ren, and I can find our way back into Atlas and see if we can get the equipment you need. We stole an airship once. How hard could it be to get into Atlas? 

Pietro: It’ll be dangerous for you. Maria will be able to get you to Atlas, but getting out-

May: *walking over to the group* Leave that one to me. 

Pietro: *sighing and moving over to another table* I’ll go make the list then. 

Nora: You’ll help us?

May: *nodding* Of course I will. One, it’ll let me have a bit of fun with the general, and two, Robyn would want to help you guys out as long as you’re telling the truth.

Jaune: Great! We’ll get our friends back to normal in no time! 

3 notes

ruby: cute


pyrrha: smiles sweetly at him

neo: *im gonna fuck his brains out*


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jaune: hey ren can talk?

ren: oh jaune. go fuck yourslsf

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Weiss: *Takes Jaune home to meet her family*

Jaune: *Sees Willow*


Weiss: *Proceeds to strangle her boyfriend*

Willow: *Blushing and feeling slightly pleased at the bold compliment*

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I little sneak peak of something I’m working on.

The soft sound of the drizzling rain can be a very relaxing sound. Often times, though, it can be a sleepy one. And the last thing Lie Ren needed right now was to feel drowsy.

The day had been gloomy for the students at Beacon Academy. Dark clouds covered the sky and the slight drizzle of rain from the night before was now a bit more stronger. There was a distant rumble of thunder every now and again that made everything all the more gloomy.

Ren fought back a yawn as he half listened to Professor Port’s story about… something. He had honestly lost track. Ren felt his eyelids begin to close, despite his best efforts. It was only thanks to a soft thud that made his eyes snap open and he sat up a bit straighter.

Looking to his left, Ren felt a smile tug at the corner of his lips. It seemed the rest of Team JNPR were having trouble staying awake as well.

Nora was face first on the desk, snoring softly onto her open notebook. Pyrrha sat beside her, the red haired champion rubbing at her eyes in an attempt to stay awake. At her other side was Jaune, his head propped up on his hand and was trying his best not to nod off. But the sharp, subtle jerks of his head proved that he was doing a poor job.

Ren didn’t even realize that he was staring at his teammates until the final bell rang. The cheers that could usually be heard after the final class of the day was reduced to loud yawns and heavy footsteps as the students began to leave. Ren sighed inwardly. All he wanted was for it to be the weekend already so he can sleep longer. Unfortunately, it was only Thursday, and the news report stated that the rain wouldn’t stop until Sunday.

Shaking the bit of drowsiness from his mind, Ren collected his belongings and followed his team out of the classroom. Despite being asleep just a few moments ago, Nora was skipping in front of her team while humming a random tune.

“Finally! I thought classes would never finish!” The ginger haired girl said. She turned around to look at her friends, skillfully walking backwards without bumping into anyone. “So what do you guys wanna do? Watch a movie? Play video games?”

“How about we go to our dorms and sleep,” Jaune suggested with another stifled yawn. “All this rain is making me sleepy.”

Nora gasped at those words, a grin slowly pulling at her face. Ren dreaded what was coming next.

“That’s it!” The shortest member of team JNPR exclaimed. She stopped in her tracks, making the rest of JNPR to stop as well, giving her weary looks. Pointing a finger at her team, Nora almost squealed, “We should totally play in the rain!”

A moment of silence passed as the other three members of JNPR processed what their shorter friend had just suggested. Well… more like ‘demanded’.

“Wait, whoa, what?” Jaune sputtered. He stared at the grinning face of Nora and asked, “You want to play in the rain?”

“Yeah! Ren and I did it all the time when we were kids.” Nora proudly said, bouncing on the balls of her feet. “That’s also how I found my Semblance.”

“We didn’t have a choice, and you were struck by lightning.” Ren deadpanned.

Nora gave him a slight glare, but before she could say anything, Pyrrha cut her off. “I don’t think now would be a good time to play in the rain, Nora. We still have classes tomorrow.”

“Yeah, we could catch a cold.” Janue agreed, although, he did want to play in the rain as well. “And a cold is the last thing I want to get in this weather.”

Nora pouted but didn’t push it as the team continued to make their way back to the dorms. Ren still kept alert, knowing Nora will try something.

And he was right.

The moment they stepped out into the open, Nora jumped on Jaune’s back. The blonde yelped in surprise, letting go of his umbrella as his arms swung wildly. He wasn’t able to balance himself, though, sending both him and Nora onto the muddy ground.

Ren sighed as Jaune playfully scolded Nora about getting his uniform muddy, with said ginger laughing loudly on the ground beside the blonde. Pyrrha stood next to Ren, trying to hide her own giggles.

Just as Nora and Jaune began to splash each other by jumping on puddles, Pyrrha decided to intervene. The redhead suggesting that they go back to their dorms before the two catch a cold.

Ren saw the grin that was shared between his two teammates, and he made to warn Pyrrha. He was too late, however, when Nora suddenly kicked her foot in Pyrrha’s direction, splashing the red haired champion.

Pyrrha gave a surprised gasp as she let go of her own umbrella and raised her arms in front of her. Jaune let out a laugh as he watched his partner stare at her now wet clothes, Nora giggling next to him.

After a few more moments of shock, Pyrrha found herself laughing and splashing alongside her two teammates.

Ren stood a safe distance away, a small smile on his face as he watched the rest of his team chase each other in the rain. He would’ve scolded them, but he figured his friends needed this after having a gloomy day.

This is the first time I’m actually writing a RWBY fanfic. I hope the characters aren’t OOC cuz I don’t really have a grasp on how they really act in cannon. Maybe this is why I stick to writing AU’s.

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Jaune can give people literally healing hugs. 

27 notes

Pyrrha: Weiss, keep an eye on Jaune today. He’s going to say something to the wrong person and get himself punched

Weiss: Sure, I’d love to see Jaune get punched

Pyrrha: Try again

Weiss, gritting her teeth: I will stop Jaune from getting punched

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(ahh, the Thicclet and the Elmazon enter!)

The Ace Ops. An elite team of top Atlas operatives, bound together by duty and held together by impeccable leadership.

Most of the time.

Sure, bickering within their unit was inevitable, and so were the occasionall disagreements with the brass.

This, however, was all new.

Elm Ederne and Harriet Bree, two of the five-person team, had been given a special mission by General Ironwood himself. The mission, however, was not something the two were specialized in.

Breaking walls? Sure! Busting a gang op? No problem! Hunting down a wanted criminal? Exciting!

Seducing Councilman Arc to extract info…?

“What was he thinking?” Harriet asked herself, not for the first time.

“Probably that he was out of the normal options,” Elm commented. The two were walking down Vale’s streets side-by-side, on their scheduled meeting with the esteemed councilman. “Otherwise, he would probably not have suggested this.”

“Why the fuck us?! And not, I dunno, some prostitutes, maybe?!” Harriet yelled at her taller teammate. The hammer wielder shushed the energetic pugilist as best she could.

“We don’t have to sleep with him, you know.”

Harriet mumbled something to that, so Elm decided to ask. “Huh?”

“I don’t even have experience in seduction,” her colleague replied with a small pout, one that made Elm laugh.

“Cheer up! Kid looks like a cherry boy.” The big woman licked her lips. “You can leave him to me, if you want.”


“It’s called having taste.”

“For men younger than you.”

“Oh, shut up!” Elm laughed at Harriet. “As if you didn’t imagine a roll in the hay with him.”

She did, but Elm didn’t need to know.


What went wrong?

At first, all was going to plan. The two Ace Ops met the blonde young man - and Harriet had to admit that she was a bit smitten by his innocence.

The woman herself had been jaded by lost comrades, but seeing someone so full of hope and optimism was oddly contagious.

Then they asked some polite questions about policies. The trade war against the SDC was increasingly in favor of Vale, and Jacques was lobbying hard for sanctions against the kingdom, something the imperialist part of the council agreed to, standing at odds with the more liberal and conservative-minded members.

A rarity, to be sure, but one that prevented a massive escalation no one needed.

Then Elm made her move. She sat down right next to Jaune, slinging an arm around him and grinning down at the boy - the woman was 6′5, so she towered over most men. The kid became nervous and almost jumped away from her when she got a bit closer.

Harriet intervened, playfully shoving Elm away as she took his head in her arm, dragging him against her side, as she swayed to the other side of the sofa.

Then the plan went out the window.

A rifle cracked, and the bullet hit the place where Jaune’s head was, shocking him and putting Elm and Harriet into action mode.

That was where it went wrong.

Within minutes, they had apprehended the shooter. Crazy guy, convinced Jaune was planning the downfall of humanity, in league with a cabal of baby-eating faunus worshipping darkness itself.

That decided put Elm out of her mood. Harriet did her a favor by knocking him unconscious.

Unfortunately, Jaune was very shocked by his close brush with death. Shocked enough that he had to adjourn their meeting. Elm tried to cheer him up by playfully offering to cuddle him to sleep, but the guy was still too shocked to answer properly.

Ironwood was informed shortly after.

“Well?” The general seemed a little eager to find out if they slept wit the boy. Perhaps that was his angle; ensure a scandal?

“A bust for today,” Elm grumbled. “There was an assassination attempt by some conspiracy theorist. We thwarted it, but the councilman had to be brought away for a check-up and psych eval. Kid was really rattled.”

Ironwood furrowed his brow, the clearest sign of his contemplation of the info and subsequent planning. “I see. To ensure that will not happen again, you both will have to stay in Vale for a while. It will make for a better cover-up if-”

Harriet tuned her superior out, angry at having to continue this crap but also…happy. She didn’t want that ball of sunshine hurt; he wanted to keep him safe.

That was when a thought came her.

“Sir, if I may?”

The general regarded her. “Go ahead, Operative.”

“Do we know if the councilman has aura?”

18 notes

“Well, can’t believe I’m saying this Ruby, but we somehow managed to not only go through plans A through Z, but we somehow managed to loop back around to Plan A. Which I am now dubbing Plan A2, you may applaud my creativity.”

Ruby sarcastically claps her hands. “Yeah genius, I was there for that, I helped make half those plans, while you slept and made muffins.”

“They were delicious.”

“They were chocolate chip, so that goes without saying. So anyway, plan A was just amping everybody up with your aura right?“


“So, how’s doing that again going to help? Isn’t doing the same thing over and over again the definition of madness?”

“Yep, but this time I’m only doing one person.”

Ruby breaks out in cold sweat.

“I’ll be honest with you Ruby, I haven’t thought this plan through, I haven’t slept in seventy-two hours, and I’m pretty sure we’re going to die in five minutes, and worse of all it one those plans I got while doing something like making muffin.”

“Jaune, you’re starting to scare me, who are you amping up?”

“If I told you Ruby, you’d stop me, hell I’d stop myself If I told myself.”

“By the way I’m changing the name of the plan.”

“What is it being changed to?”

Jaune points at Qrow, “Plan A, in other words, Plan Apocalypse, So, fuck it, I’m ending the world on my own terms.” Then he flooded Qrow with every last drop of Aura he had in his reserves.

9 notes

(ah, finally. someone who wants pyrrha in)

Jaune’s fame had become a bit too much for him. Sure, the chances of a councilman, moreover the only councilman in all of Vale - Ozpin didn’t count - to not be noticed when out and about were slim to none, yet he found that a minor disguise was just perfect.

“You think that’s him?”

“Naah, just another blonde dude.”

“He’s wearing a Pumpkin Pete’s hoodie, though.”


“They’re limited edition!”

“Which means that this dude was as lucky as our councilman was, Now calm down, will you? We need to get this specific brand…”

Success! All the blonde wanted was the new edition of X-Ray and Vav and all would be good. He might not like wearing his hoodie up and these cumbersome shades on his face, but it was a necessity, so that he wouldn’t be swamped by people.


His prize in sight, Jaune power-walked to the shelf with the magazines, not seeing another shade-wearing person closing in on the same shelf.

Their clash was inevitable.


“I’m sorry!”

That girl  with the cap and the red hair had actually pushed him to the ground. Only a huntress would have that strength to do so this easily, Jaune realized.

“It’s fine,” he coughed a little, wincing while getting back up, not noticing the hand she offered. “I’m surprised, though, didn’t think-”

He suddenly realized that his shades had fallen off, leaving his easily-recognizable face on full display for her.

“I’m sorry,” the redhead apologized again. “I sometimes underestimate my strength when I’m out like this, so- wah!”

As she gesticulated, her arm had accidentally knocked off the cap she wore by the beak, unveiling a rich curtain of fiery red hair.

Jaune thought she looked oddly familiar…Maybe a cereal mascot?

“Weird,” he chuckled as he bowed after her cap, not noticing how nervous she had become. “You look like the cereal mascot on Pumpkin Pete’s. Sorry if that’s offensive, by the way.” He hoped to steer any conversation away from his own identity.

The girl stiffened, removing her own pair of shades and revealing a set of green eyes. “Yes,” she mumbled. “I’m Pyrrha Nikos.”

“Nice to meet you, Pyrrha.”

She blinked at him. “Um,” she started, and Jaune winced. “Four times Mistral regional champion Pyrrha Nikos?”

Jaune tilted his head like a puppy. “Doesn’t ring a bell.” Though he was glad she didn’t talk about his identity.

“Wait, aren’t you Jaune Arc?”

There it was.

“Yes,” he hissed in discomfort, closing in on her with a shushing motion. “And I would like for you not to proclaim that to the whole shop, please.”

She blinked at him, more confused than ever, but nodded regardless. She tried again with her shtick, whatever it was. “Invincible Girl? That’s me?”

“I don’t watch tournaments, sorry.” Then it rang in Jaune’s head. She must be a celebrity, which is why she was incognito.

Just like him!

He whirled around on her, big smile on his face.

“We’re in the same boat!”


Pyrrha expected many things from this encounter. For the guy to freak out, to ask an autograph or behave really weird with her.

None of that happened, and the third one was not the way of weird she was expecting at all. Instead, she encountered the sole councilman of Vale, incognito just like her, and apparently only recognizing her from the branding deal she did for the cereal!

He was not a rabid fan at all!

Immediately, Pyrrha resolved to get to know Jaune Arc. He could become a friend, especially snce he seemed to share her woes.

“All these people, right?” He was nice and had a beautiful smile on his face. No wonder so many were after him in the romantic and erotic sense; he could combine boyishly handsome looks with an ounce of charm and ferocious dedication to his duties.

“Yes, quite,” she giggled. “You would have no idea how many people would hound me if I was running around in the open, asking me for all sorts of things!”

“Tell me about it.” Jauen shook his head with a smile. “It’s why I came here with shades on and my hoodie up…”

He trailed off as he realized something, and Pyrrha caught on shortly after. Their disguises had been blown away by their ‘meeting’, resulting in Pyrrha Nikos and Jaune Arc to be seen side-by-side out in the open.

“Run,” Jaune whispered as the roaring and raving started.

27 notes

JANURWBY  Day 20 - Far Future: I drew this idea of the far future for Ruby and Jaune with the statue at Beacon in mind.

47 notes

“Jaune! Why do you have that tri-colored bitch!”

“We punched each other in the face and now we’re best friends, bound in blood!”

Neo with a bloody nose, nodding frantically.

Yang bows her head with a sigh.

“Fine, but you’re cleaning up after her!”

“Did ya hear that Neo? Yang says I can keep ya!”

Jaune picks up Neo spinning her around in his arms. Neo letting out a silent squeal of joy.

AN: Silent Knight is my favorite ship.

17 notes

Jaune: I once popped every bone in my body at once and Pyrrha looked at me like I was gonna die.

Pyrrha: You immediately fell backwards into a chair afterwards! I thought you broke your neck!

11 notes

*Cinder stabs Jaune in the arm*

Jaune heals his arm up.

Cinder stabs it again.

Jaune heals up his arm again.

Cinder slashes it to the bone.

It heals again.

Cinder puts both hands on it burns it to crisp.

Jaune heals his arm again…. Then it falls off.

Jaune looking at his arm on the floor: Your services are no longer required.

Cinder: I was about to call some bullshit on that if it healed up again!

Jaune grabs his shoulder and shoots out a new arm like Piccolo.

Cinder:….If you fix my arm and face, do you think I can get a redemption arc?

21 notes