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#Jaune Arc Headcanon

Due to his busy schedule of training, studying, team training, catching up to his peers, reviewing common huntsman knowledge, doing homework and classwork, and cleaning up after Nora with Ren; Jaune has gotten a new hobby of sleeping whenever possible, often taking naps in between classes or immediately after classes, sleeping till someone wakes him up.

Sometimes he wakes up to the entire team sleeping next to him. He doesn’t mind and goes back to sleep.

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Due to be being raised by an overwhelming number of women in his life Jaune has picked up an unusall number of skills due to being basically raised as a house-husband instead of a huntsman, which his dad still regrets.

One of those skills is to work well with others while cleaning, dividing problems and tackling them by the person best suit to do it. One of his other skills is to get stains out of basically anything and remove the smell.

The person Jaune works best while cleaning is Ren… The only person who works with Jaune in cleaning is Ren.

Nora can’t clean up a mess to save her life, she gets distracted far too easily and will end up making it worse.

Pyrrha can pick up after herself, but she can’t clean like the boys can. She was raise to make people bleed, not clean up after them.

Ren is just happy that some is there to help him for once.

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In any AU where Beacon didn’t fall, Jaune would have made sure to bring home his Ren and Nora to make sure they’re never alone during the holiday, by force if necassary. Wether they like or not, they’re unoffical-offical Arcs, and there will not be choice in the matter.

His dad and mom readily accept their new children, and his sisters do too.

Pyrrha has her own family so she can step off, Jaune will fight her for sibling custody over Renora!

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Send me a number 1-568 for ship headcanons

1. Whiterose (Ruby/Weiss)

Weiss bought a cheap necklace with an engraved phrase “my doltas a joke gift for Ruby

But Ruby started wearing it everywhere and Weiss didn’t except it

Ruby has trouble focusing and clicks her pen while trying

Weiss tries to not have it bother her, but it does somethings

She’s probably broken a few pens

Weiss likes making coffee for herself and Ruby in the morning

Mostly because she can’t cook and wants to help in the kitchen

Weiss hums and sings to herself a lot

Ruby loves it

Especially when theyre cuddling at night

564. Snow White and the Seven Dorks (Ply RWBYJNPR)

Cuddle piles!

Pyrrha, Jaune, and Yang at the bottom being crushed

Don’t worry, theyre happy

Ruby, Jaune, and Nora have short hair and are desperately trying to grow theirs out to match their partners

Also too join in on the braid train

Ren and Blake want to read in peace but the others are loud

Pyrrha tries to get everyone to quiet down, but she just adds to the chaos

Marching down the streets of Vale with pride flags during Pride Month

Everyone loves having a big breakfast

But they always end up eating too much

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  • Jaune will always get Elm chocolates or some kind of sweet for Valentine’s Day since he knows she has a little bit of a sweet tooth and at least tries to take her out on a date, even though their schedules might not be able to allow it.
  • Elm often forgets about Valentine’s Day, that is until Jaune gives her her gifts, then feels bad. She just doesn’t take it as seriously as Jaune.


  • Elm always gives Jaune whatever he wants in bed on Valentine’s day. Whatever position, whatever kink (as long as she is comfortable with it), she’ll do it for him. 
  • Elm also sometimes refers to herself as Jaune’s “Chocolate” that day when talking to him~.
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Okay @tsundere-bellwether has me wanting to work on this Redemption AU where Cinder’s a maiden on the run, doing good in the shadows. However, somewhere around Mistral, she comes across an orphanage similar to the one she was from before she was brought to Atlas and after scoping the place out a bit, she finds it’s a human trafficking ring. Particularly, it collects promising children who have gifted semblances.

So Cinder, noticing the town that houses the orphanage is turning a blind eye to the suffering of children, burns the place down and frees about sixteen orphans. However she knows they can’t stay safely in a corrupted town, so she tracks down Jaune and forces him to help her find the children suitable homes (despite her judgmental attitude towards anyone willing to adopt said children).

So Jaune just shows up one night at his apartment after a day of heroic huntsman work to his home stuffed with children running around everywhere and a very tired Maiden on his couch.

61 notes

when they get married cardin whispers an extra ‘i do’ against jaune’s lips after their kiss before kissing him softly and briefly a second time

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Silly Warriors Garden Headcanon

▪ They all like to cuddle eachother while they sleep, it makes them feel safe. They cuddle in their own type of pajama onesie

Joan in her Pumpkin Pete Bunny onesie

Ruby in a Corgi onesie

Pyrrha in a Fox onesie

Oscar in a Deer onesie


4 notes

Oscar: *makes a bad pun for the first time*

Jaune (tearfully): so proud, my son

Nora: ayyy

Ren: *rolls his eyes a bit but in a caring way*

Weiss: how dare you

Blake: *nods in silent approval*

Yang (tearfully): so proud *mentally plans a better pun*

Ruby: *actually laughing at the bad pun*

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