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#Jean Pierre Polnareff

wack tier: polnareff and avdol get married and speak english to each other

ok tier: avdol speaks french and when they get married they speak in french or english

good tier: avdol speaks french AND polnareff learns arabic and so they do not have to speak english almost at all

great tier: avdol speaks french, polnareff speaks arabic, they get it tangled up and sometimes talk to each other in each others language for hours

awesome tier: avdol speaks french, polnareff speaks arabic, however, they both speak some other languages also, resulting in an endless loop of:

polnareff: hand me the…. the thing *incomprehensible french babbling as he realises he doesn’t remember the word in french either*

avdol: the what?“

polnareff: *gestures, speaks in a language avdol doesnt speak*

avdol: *also gestures, realising what polnareff means but doesnt know the word* yes yes the [Word for It in a Language Polnareff doesn’t speak]

polnareff, staring blankly: the knives, the things *speaks more in a foreign language*

avdol: yes cutting knives - *gestures, speaks in several languages up until he becomes frustrated*

polnareff: *sighs defeated* the scissors, hand me the scissors.

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