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Just another video I made their on my youtube channel

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National Enquirer, March 1 – part 3 of 6

You can buy a copy of this issue for your very own at my eBay store:

Page 11: Humiliated Hilaria Baldwin has issued a public apology for her bizarre claims to be Spanish and her husband Alec Baldwin made her do it to protect his career – Alec has been getting a ton of heat over this ridiculous scandal and he believes it’s ruining his credibility both in Hollywood and as a political influencer – six weeks after she was exposed for inventing a Spanish heritage, with a thick accent to match, the Boston born-and-bred rich kid offered a mea culpa – Alec was furious because he has a career to protect and he feels like she should have ditched this charade years ago and now he is paying the price – she never would’ve apologized without his urging and it’s caused even more tension between them

* Ken Jennings is about to get the boot as Alex Trebek’s Jeopardy! successor and he’s begging the bosses to give him one last chance – fans of the show called for Ken’s head after a barrage of insensitive internet messages and those comments stunned producers and alienated the public and it’s unfortunate because they had such high hopes for him and he was Alex’s choice to succeed him – Ken’s awkwardness on the air and questionable comments have left Jeopardy! fans cold and Ken can beg all he wants but the feeling is he’s toast

Page 12: Straight Shuter gossip column – Today show bosses want to hire Ashley Biden because they love to hire first daughters – first Chelsea Clinton then Jenna Bush Hager and now they’re after President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley and Jenna should be worried because Ashley is charming and chic and right now while the Bush era seems so long ago – but while Ashley would be happy to do a guest stint on Today she isn’t interested in a full-time TV gig

* Bride-to-be Gwen Stefani has nixed wild child Miley Cyrus as her wedding singer even though Gwen loves Miley but she doesn’t want an unpredictable Miley ruining her big day

* Jennifer Lopez has developed a taste for politics after performing at President Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony – Jennifer is one of the most powerful stars in the world, yet nothing she’s experienced compared to the power she felt being in Washington, D.C. and she plans to spend a lot more time in D.C. and expect her to be way more involved with political issues

* Cody Simpson made a splash with new galpal Marloes Stevens (pictures)

Page 13: Britney Spears’ ditzy social media posts are a cover for the crafty singer as she quietly orchestrates a plan to ditch her constricting conservatorship – the troubled star has not been in control of her finances or decisions about her health or career since her father Jamie Spears took over her life in 2008 following her infamous public meltdown – After the debut of Framing Britney Spears, an unauthorized documentary about her life, her tight-lipped boyfriend Sam Asghari labeled her dad a dick and now Britney’s preparing to break free and she is pulling out all the stops to try to get her dad thrown off the conservatorship – word is she was behind Sam’s social media outburst and she’s been making a ton of other plans to expose what she says is her dad’s wrongdoing and lack of suitability to preside over her life

* Diva Diana Ross offered warm words of sympathy and loss when fellow original Supreme Mary Wilson died but insiders close to the late singer didn’t want to hear it because it was way too little and way too late – Diana left the supergroup The Supremes in 1970 for a solo career, three years after she pushed Mary and another original member the late Florence Ballard to supporting roles – Diana and Mary last saw each other two years ago at Elton John’s Oscar party and when Mary went in to hug Diana, she put up her hand like she wanted no part of her and it hurt Mary until the day she died

Page 14: Crime


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strange - as usual

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Jennifer Lopez 2021

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Jennifer Lopez

Consta que fez um seguro aos glúteos de 27 milhões de dólares.

Uma vez num luxuoso hotel em Londres exigiu rosas, velas da sua marca referida, biscoitos e M&M sem amendoim. Fez com que uma camareira que lhe pediu um autógrafo fosse despedida.

Não fala com qualquer um. Numa viagem de avião, quando o comissário de bordo lhe perguntou se queria uma bebida, mandou o assistente dizer-lhe que queria uma Coca-Cola Diet com lima.

Para atuar na edição de 2010 dos World Music Awards exigiu uma lancha personalizada, com frigorífico e champanhe, uns headphones com diamantes, massagista, um piso do hotel reservado para si e uma praia privativa.

O namorado, Alex Rodriguez, não se podia dar com mulheres com menos de 40 anos, tinha de estar com ela um determinado tempo por semana e tinha um lugar específico para se posicionar na passadeira vermelha.

A mãe dela também é milionária. Saiu-lhe o jackpot de 24 milhões de dólares num casino.

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