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finding myself sad because i had…so many fic ideas, and was going to legit try in november to at least get the halo au further on and start the vidya game au and maybe try my hand at more.

had a lot of love to put into the au ideas, and as part of the grieving process i do want to go ahead and put down what all i wanted these fic ideas and aus and stories to go before this all blew up and im still on the fence of how comfortable or not i would be to continue. honestly i just want them out of my head instead of stewing in there too. And, for some reason tumblr isn’t giving me a read more option so that’s great.

Sorry this is going to be long. I just….just need these out of my head. I want them out so I can mourn and grieve them.

Also spoilers, I guess lol.

1. So halo. I was going to get Ryan to give Jeremy his name. They were going to have more shootouts and scout missions. Helmets would come off and Ryan would have the answer of what color Jeremy’s eyes were, be absolutely dazzled by his eyes. There was going to be another ODST oc who would flirt with Jeremy and ensue some jealousy and make Ryan question what he’s feeling. Things would go really well. Things would also not go well as Ryan tries to stick between duty and juggle how he feels. The attack on Earth by Covenant in Halooooo2 i believe would occur and Jeremy and Ryan would both be shoved there to defend Earth. After the battle, Jeremy would have attempted to take Ryan to a cafe and bakery, but the social anxiety would have overwhelmed Ryan and made them turn back–and then later in the night Jeremy would have come back with a box of donuts to bring to Ryan. Very touching bullshit stuff as they talk and eat donuts into the night with Ryan losing his mind over how good they were and then realizing they actually tasted even sweeter once he and Jeremy get to icebreaking and kissing. Solidfy how they feel. But they’d be separated as Ryan and fellow Spartan 3 Gavin and Alfredo and Spartan 2 Jack would be moved out to new missions and Jeremy and the ODSTs would be moving to the other side of the galaxies. And then later a distress thing would reveal to Ryan that Jeremy and his squad had gone to rescue and retrieve people with very dangerous-to-leak-info and were now stuck on a base infested with the Flood (the Flood, for those that don’t know, was basically space zombie virus-like parasite organisms, nasty stuff, look up the lore). And Ryan would make the very foolish decision to go on a one man rescue mission with a few other soldiers to rescue Jeremy and squad. The others of the Jeremy’s squad (besides useless oc’s) would have been safely recovered and Ryan would find Jeremy-injured, but not infected or taken by the Flood. Patch him up, return to the ship, and Jeremy would be whisked away to medical and once again…they’d have to part ways. Time skip about two years. Ryan’s receeded back into his former Spartan-2 demeanor, trying to bottle himself up. Geoff would recruit him, other Spartans (Jack, Gain, Alfredo and his ai Trevor), tech and communications specialists (Matt, Fiona, Andy, Ify, Sarah and Steffie), and a unique band of ODST’s (Michael and Lindsay and someone else hmm wonder who that would be) to gather aboard on their own unique ship for special missions. And on that ship, Ryan would come face to face with Jeremy, not only fully recovered but having been embraced into the Spartan-IV program and now a Spartan-IV. Kiss framed by stars and all that sap.

2. Vidya game au. It was going to be a very long and very arduous attempt at a two sided story. A story of 14 year old Michael living in a toxic household, and being taken under the wing of his teacher Geoff. Geoff would have recommended to Michael a new indie game for the ds. The story would flip back and forth between Michael’s perspective as a 14 year old troubled kid as he learns to open back up to the people he used to call friends, his own orientation and his feelings for his new friend and eventual sweetheart Gavin, and between the events of the game itself how Michael plays it. The game was a fantasy rpg ish thing featuring the main character Jeremy, a former mercenary knight on hard times, saved from death by a faerie named Alfredo. Their partnership would lead them across the countryside of the game’s settings to slay evil, try to heal the land, and save it from damnation from the BBEG, the Mad King. Michael would eventually beat the game, but realize there were multiple endings. Multiple ways to interact with others based on his choices in the game for Jeremy. As the story would further unfold for both sides, Michael would have found a father figure he’d been missing his whole life in Geoff, while his parent’s marriage would further deteriorate until finally it would snap apart with his mom kidnapping Michael and crashing in the car, his father knocked out from assault. On the flipside, we’d find out that Jeremy used to be partners with a man named Ryan, fellow mercenary knight. That they were sent to retrieve a relic and found the Crown of Madness. The absolute power and evil in the crown eventually overcame Ryan and had him turn on Jeremy, nearly killing him and leaving him for dead while Ryan embraced the crown’s power and became The Mad King. Michael’s parents and Michael are put through court after court after court because t would have come to life how bad the toxicity and abuse was on Michael from his parents, in addition to the parents hurting each other and his mother having injured and endangered others in the car crash. I was goignt o heavily debate and probably say fuck it and have the cases resolve with Geoff becoming his guardian and adopting him into his and Jack’s home, Michael ebign able to go visit a friend he was estranged with a long time ago who he felt guilty for hurting when they moved (Ray), Michael coming to terms with his feelings with Gavin. The school year ending and summer vacation happening. Michael and Gavin using the co-op function in the game to play as both Jeremy and Alfredo and then beating the game and getting an ending unique tot he sidequests and interactions touching on Jeremy and Ryan’s situation. Using their reforged wedding rings, Jeremy would have been able to shatter the crown and Ryan would revert to himself. They’d escape a crumbling castle, Ryan would apologize for having chosen the crown over him, letting it seduce him, all the terrible things he did and betrayed him, and Jeremy, having gone through a whole journey to come to terms with it witht he moral and emotional support from Alfredo, would be able to forgive him because they could rebuild themselves. He had defeated the crown and save the love of his life. Michael would get the catharsis of a game that gave him an outlet to explore himself and how he wanted to deal with his troubles and trauma. A hilarious extra would have been Geoff, Jack, and Michael preparing for friends and Gavin over including some of Geoff’s friends and Michael would just watched absolutely flabbergasted and floored as he watches a real life Jeremy and Ryan (married couple that built and made the game), with Alfredo and Trevor who were a lawyer duo that had helped Geoff’s case for Michael and also ended up handlign the case between Michael’s mom and her causing the car crash injuries to none other than Ryan. 

3. This one was a more recent one I had thought up and probs would have been named either after lyric line from Cage the Elephant’s Wicked or like something silly like on the flipsides. suspend some realism, it’d have been sorta pre-fahc and sorta in the middle of making the fahcs as Jeremy works for a crew that recently kidnapped and holding hostage none other than the recently Fake’s hired Vagabond. Jeremy was (because i said so for reasons) the guy that would clean up the torture room he was kept in. And theyd end up bonding accidentally because Vagabond would find it so strange that Jeremy just takes his reputation and fear in stride when he has a job to do, he’s not a torturer, and he’s just genuinely talking to him. They’d bond, have some touching tender moments of Jeremy trying to clean his torture wounds, and it’d come to a head as Jeremy decides he’s willing to risk himself if he can get the Vagabond free. Meanwhile, Gavin, also in the same crew, managed to get in touch with Geoff and offered a trade, Vagabond for his, Jeremy’s, Matt’s and Trevor’s safety. The two plans collide and Vagabond and Matt and Trevor are taken back by the Fakes while Jeremy and Gavin are left behind and end up stuck together as their rival crew tries to figure out how this all went down, who was the traitor. Meanwhile Geoff had gotten a new sniper Alfredo and was helping Matt and Trevor find their own place in their growing crew while seeing about reestablishing contact with Gavin and this strange fellow that Ryan had become attached to. Also because I said so, they would have cleaned Matt and Jeremy’s house out when they took Matt, so Ryan would end up with Jeremy’s cat going “you are now also my hoomin. feed and love me damnit.” Matt’s cat would be with Matt. Gavin and Jeremy would be shoved into more active jobs, and Gavin would have him and Jeremy frequent free wifi cafe’s to try to establish contact with the Fakes, where Jeremy would run into Ryan as a civilian. Not knowing that Ryan was the Vagabond, they would have eventually led themselves into a relationship, undercut only by Jeremy’s conflictions that he still had feelings for Vagabond. It also wouldn’t have helped that Ryan wouldn’t bring himself to outright say who he was, and ended up making it worse by pursuing him as both Vagabond and Ryan the civilian. Eventually this would come to head twice as 1, Jeremy and Gavin’s crew clash with the fakes. Jeremy and Gavin establish contact with Geoff and make a deal to help wipe out the other crew in return for bringing them into the fold, and Jeremy breaks up with both Vagabond and Ryan because he doesn’t want to endanger them both. and then 2, Jeremy and Gavin’s crew had figured out their traitors. Gavin escapes to get the Fakes, but Jeremy is brought to interrogation, and when he doesn’t give away anything they show him their trump card-they also kidnapped his boyfriend Ryan (because i thought it’d be hilarious to make Ryan a damsel in distress twice) Jeremy realizes through the conversation allowed between him and Ryan that he and the Vagabond were one in the same-the Fakes also come to rescue, Ryan and Jeremy team up to break out on their own, and both sides just meet in the middle like “Oh wow you got here fast-” “Yeah? We came to rescue you??” “Oh, uh, well thanks but nah we got it handled? So whats the plan now-” “Kill everything and leave what fuckin else do you think??” “Sounds fantastic let’s go.” Explosions galore and everyone returns to safehouses. Jeremy and Ryan figure their shit out and then makeout. Geoff inducts Jeremy and Gavin into the crew officially. The crew is now complete. End.

There’s more but they would have been dumb (sailor moon au, mind powers and amnesia) but those were the ones i legit wanted to make an attempt to, even if just to go a few chapters and then fail and drop them, or just make them drabbles to link together. So there we go.

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So I’ve been doing some thinking about my writing. 

From the get go, I made very sure that I was never writing about the ah members as people. I don’t do office fics, or anything that approximates real life. I did this for my own comfort; I didn’t want to write about real people, I wanted to write about the characters they created.

To that end, I’ve only ever written about the vagabond, not about RH. Right now, I don’t feel comfortable continuing to write or curate content with him in it. While I’m processing how I feel, I’m going to put distance between me and the character of the vagabond.

I understand that for some of you, the character and the person are distinct enough that this isn’t as much of an issue for you. So for right now, I’m not going to delete the things I’ve written. They represent a period of creativity in my life I’m happy about, and they were written before any of this happened. I am going to be removing the tags off them. Anything I’ve written with him in it will have his first and last name tagged, and a request not to reblog, so if you’re looking to block it, his name is all you’ll need. I’m going to be going through my blog in the next couple days and changing the tags for content with him in it as well as removing content that is specifically about him and not his characters. Stuff with him and other ah members I’ll deal with on a case by case basis, but I’ll make sure to tag everything consistently.

Finally, I want to say in no uncertain terms that what RH did was fucking disgusting, and I do not, in any way shape or form, condone his actions. This is not an RH apologist space. I believe victims, and I believe the people RH engaged with are victims of a predator. There is no excuse that justifies that behaviour. 

Thanks for reading. If y’all need to talk more, or make requests for things to tag, you can always message me! 

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no more ao3feed-jeremwood i’m afraid. ryan has now left achievement hunter and rooster teeth effective immediately.

as it stands, i probably would have shut this down even if it had been an amicable and natural split. (see: why do folk still write ray content in 2020? a mystery!) unfortunately, i’m also not comfortable with content for a dude who uses his position of authority to take advantage of fans.

so i’ll be deleting this blog in due course. it’s been real, battle buddies and jeremwood folk.

if you need anything, my main is @futureboy and my writing blog is @futureboy-ao3.

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With everything that’s been going on, I don’t feel comfortable continuing fantober with jeremwood ficlets. I’m not going to cast judgments or throw stones with the information available, but until this resolves, one way or another, I don’t feel comfortable creating or curating that kind of content.

The AH fandom will always hold a special place in my heart as the spot where I reignited my love of writing. Y'all showed me that I am capable of producing works that can make people happy, and that’s been worth the world to me. I hope that I can continue to do that. But until things clarify, I need to stop and reflect.

Catch y'all on the flipside.

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-rolling up sleeves- So!

If I had to give Jeremy a name that isn’t Jeremy to insert him as a character in rvb, I’d call him JD. which is….just his initials. And his name is still Jeremy. But the joke can be that he’s called/referred to by people as JD (or JT?….nah I like JD) but his name is Jeremy.

And I’m still saying Jeremy unless canon or backlash gives me a reason to go “fine I’ll call him JD :p” but like let’s be real. Look me in the eyes. Look at me? It’s just me inserting Jeremy into rvb for the sole purpose of the hell of it and also because I’m a jeremwood slut first.

So Jeremy aka JD is just a guy. Just a dude. He’s a mechanic, best with land vehicles but he can do some small things for small ships. More noteworthy tho, he’s an armor technician specialist. Which is me stringing long words together just to say “he fixey the armor good.” Which when everyone’s new fashion sense is armor and armor only, or everyone in space is in armor, it’s got him becoming a popular source for repair. Specifically power armor. Specifically really cool power armor that has nifty power ups or enhancements. And also general repair and combat damage. That’s nice to have out in space.

So prior to whatever circumstances occurred to create Team Bad Bi’s (Zero’s squad except my way cooler better name), Diesel is just a merc. Ex Spartan program, could have been a Freelancer candidate, went renegade and merc. He frequently works and joins the shenanigans of Phase and Zero in “security detail” (in quotes because idk what they’re be up to or doing. Dangerous things. Tentatively named neutral guys? Whatever.) But Diesel is our beloved, feral, murder machine of bullheadedness. He gets hurt. His armor gets messed up. Has to go get it tuned up or repaired (and maybe even enhanced? Hmmm perhaps we now have the source of the power armor light-up power ups hmmmm) and that’s when Jeremy came in. Contracted by Zero, or Phase, or Diesel, depending on who, to work and fix their armor.

Most meet and greet your armor technicians with Diesel go…..badly. Screaming, running, some dead or maimed bodies, some wet pants.

Jeremy was late but he was late because he was trying to get something tasty for him and thre new client to enjoy while they looked over armor systems and what all it needed now and in the future. Being late had him get two boxes instead of one, as an apology. Do merc’s like coffee? Or juice? Alcohol? Meh, he’ll deal with two boxes of pastries or nadda then for an apology. So Jeremy arrives and comes face to face with a behemoth of a man standing at 7 feet tall made of pure muscle and angry eyes. Angry eyes that take in his apology for being late and then stop being angry as two boxes of tasty sugary things are presented on the table. Within seconds half the box is gone and Diesel is half reclining in a chair and half reclined onto the table as the ice breaks and Jeremy walks through what needs to be done for his armor.

Honestly, Jeremy doesn’t know what the fuss was when he said his client was a big guy calling himself Diesel. Give him some apology donuts and the big guy is fine. A little growly and snappy, but fine. Makes weird jokes about murder, but like, Jeremys no saint either and has heard worse jokes or comments before at the bar, and he just laughs them off and tosses a few in himself, and the big guy Diesel just gives him this sort of happy lil grin, showing off his sharp teeth (weirdos real into being weird and got his teeth done, but hey, we all got things right?) and they keep passing back and forth inbetween talking about repair work and the bill.

Zero finds out Jeremy not only lived the meet and greet to tell the tale but also asked if he’ll be seeing them (Diesel) around more and well, they’re not throwing away the first armor tech/mechanic they’ve found that Diesel didn’t main or kill and actually *likes*, now are they?

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no I did not in fact within a minute of finishing watching FIRsT nights episode 1 of rvbzero immediately decide that somewhere out in the galaxy is a handler/mechanic/engineer insert of Jeremy with Jeremys voice and name that Diesel is 100% hot for and trying to woo tiny Jeremy the best that a giant murder shark-tiger man in power armor can even if he has only half the brain cells to do it right.

….I’ll have you know I did it within five minutes. So ha.

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Fandom: RT/AH

Pairing: Jeremy/Ryan

Summary: After a successful heist, the FAHC crew split to lay low. Ryan and Jeremy waste no time getting down and dirty. 

Tags: smut, trans! Ryan, bottom Ryan, top Jeremy, oral eating, creampie, afab terms used

Notes: Just wanted to write a quick pwp featuring oral sex with some creampie. Hope you enjoy. 

Successful heists always leave the crew basking, smug in their knowledge that once again, they had outsmarted not only whatever target they had hit, but also the police.

There’s an air about them as they all split into groups, going to hide or tease the LSPD some more or spend the money they just took on frivolous things. They leave each other with large grins and knowing winks, ready to ride the high for as long as possible.

For Jeremy and Ryan, after that day’s particular heist, it also leaves them feeling horny.

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Prompt: “Hey, talk to me. Tell me what’s wrong.” from the prompt lists. whatever ship you’re feeling!

Gavin leads Jeremy astray during a heist, but refuses to apologize for his mistake. As a result, Ryan has to find his Battle Buddy and convince him to come home.

Also posted to my AO3. Just search for the fic title or for ‘everamazingfe’ on the site!

The penthouse was notorious for never being quiet. The noise was constant, but it was never like this. Ryan hid in his room as the rest of the crew had a screaming fight over their latest heist. Jeremy had gotten arrested because Gavin had mistakenly guided him into a swarm of cops. They’d gotten the lad back, of course, but Gavin refused to apologize. And so, a fight had started.

There was the sound of a fist hitting skin before all of the yelling stopped, only the sound of Gavin’s whining filling the penthouse now. “What the hell was that for?!” The only answer he got was the slamming of a door, and the penthouse remained silent for a long time.

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Prompt: “What did you just send me?” For jeremwood?

The two are in the Fakes together, but Ryan works hard to keep Jeremy in the dark about his role in the crew. After he sends the wrong video, his identity is given away.
Also posted to my AO3. Just search for the fic title or for ‘everamazingfe’ on the site!

Ryan didn’t enjoy other people prying into his personal life. What he did in his time was his own business, not anyone else’s. The crew was notorious for trying to break down his walls and learn more about him. It was, quite frankly, obnoxious. He made a habit of keeping his work life and his private life separate, which was exactly why Jeremy could never know that he was actually the Vagabond. They were in the crew together, they worked together every day, but the Vagabond never showed his face.  He never spoke, addressing the crew through text or sign language. Jeremy would tell Ryan all about the crew’s shenanigans at the end of the night, completely unaware that he’d been there to witness it all. That was exactly how he wanted it.

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Oh my GOD yes, I am absolutely here for this idea.

I love love love their friendship so goddamn much, especially in the FAHC universe. Because she’s not in the crew, never really even worked with them all that much, just happens to be good friends with them. She’s roped Ryan into so many various shenanigans over the years, including: making him go on 6 am runs with her, having him help her plan Gav’s birthday party one year, assisting her with a hit during NYFW (which is when the ‘Ryan as an undercover model’ thing began) and what they refer to as 'The Strip Club Incident’.

Meanwhile, she’s become the one Ryan trusts most with anything personal. He’s not going to break in the middle of a heist to ask anybody else whether they think he and Jeremy would make a cute couple. He also isn’t going to ask if they think he’s capable of settling down, or complain about how running affects his knees.

Meg has told him a thousand times that he can absolutely be part of a disgustingly domestic couple, he’s made for it, really. She’s set him up more times than he can count, never once with any success. Every other week she calls him up with “So I have a friend…”

“How many goddamn friends do you have Meg? And how many do I have to embarrass myself in front of before you stop?”

And then Jeremy joins the crew, and Ryan falls head over heels for him. Just falls so fucking hard it’s unbelievable. He mentions it offhand to Meg one night, which he immediately regrets. He tries to play it off like “New guy in the crew, kinda cute, its whatever.” But she zeroes in on it.

“The fact that you even admitted he’s cute means you actually like him.”

“No…. Come on, if that were true I wouldn’t have said anything at all!” Which is bullshit, because he knows her well enough that had he avoided any opinion, she would have jumped to the obvious conclusion. He thought the tiny admission would make her assume he wasnt really interested. An attempt at reverse psychology that failed horribly, of course.

They argue back and forth for a bit before he hangs up on her, threatening to make her run alone if she ever brings it up again. Except shes Meg, he literally cant say no to her, and she cant let anything go.

She pesters him on and off for about a month before something happens. He’s on the phone with her while she’s on a drive to a hit somewhere, lamenting his ever growing crush on Jeremy. “He’s hot and he’s funny, Meg, this isn’t fair.”

“Oh my god, so are you, you self deprecating asshole.” She says, with this exasperated sigh like they’ve had this conversation a million times. They have, but she doesnt have to point it out like that. “You’re an absolute catch, Ryan, Jeremy would be lucky to have you.”

“You and I have different views of me.”

“Yeah, I’m right and you’re an idiot. And hey, if it all goes to shit I could use a partner. You’d be driving right now and I’d be sleeping.”

“Thanks so much. At least I have a fallback career as your chauffeur.”

It’s a fairly standard conversation, except for the fact that Ryan’s in the garage and has her on speakerphone while he fiddles with his bike. It is admittedly, extremely cliche to accidentally discuss someone while the subject of your discussion is listening at the door. Cliche, but also par for the course of Ryan’s luck.

“Are you guys talking about me?” Comes a voice from behind Ryan.

Ryan freezes, and Meg laughs through the phone. “Oh shit, Ry, is that who I think it is?”

“Are you- do you like me, Ryan?” Jeremy fully ignores the listening ears on the phone.

“I- Meg, I’m gonna need you to turn around and come help-”

“Sorry Ryan, I’m going through a tunnel!” She says, completely clearly. “But text me and let me know how it goes!”

“Liar, don’t you fuckin-” and then she hangs up, and Ryan is left alone with Jeremy. Jeremy who is staring at him, looking mostly confused, and slightly entertained.


“Um. I can explain? How- how much did you hear?”

“Meg thinks I’d be lucky to have you and you have a fucked up perception of yourself.”

“Oh. I- I have no explanation, actually.” He supposes working with Meg wouldnt be too bad. He’s not keen on getting stuck with every driving job that comes along though.

“She’s right.”

“That I’d make a good chauffeur?” Because jokes. Jokes are the way to get out of this.

“I would be lucky to have you. Just… Never thought you’d be interested in me.” Jeremy says, and Ryan’s brain short circuits.

He says something that he intends to be 'are you serious’ but comes out sounding a lot more like his brain just keysmashed. But Jeremy only smiles at him, and Ryan falls a little more.

A week or so later when hes recapping the whole thing over text to Meg, Jeremy sleeping peacefully beside him, he leaves put the part about flubbing his confession. She still calls him out on it though.

Bet you didnt even say you liked him, just bleh-ed at him until he got it.’

He regrets being friends with her sometimes.

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This is so fucking funny to me??

I like to think that Jeremy will sing it at to him whenever Ryan gets lost in thought, staring off into nothingness. Just popping up from behind him 🎶but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell-🎶

Which immediately snaps Ryan out of whatever daydream he was in “If you say one more fucking word im leaving and never coming back.”

The terrible thing is he catches himself humming it far more than he’d ever admit?? Sharpening knives or cleaning guns or whatever, and he finds himself bopping along to this godforsaken song. It’s been stuck in his head for as long as hes been dating Jeremy, maybe a month or so off.

One day yeah, he’s in the grocery store shopping for Healthy Fruits and Veggies, definitely not snack cakes and frozen pizza, when it happens to come on the radio. It doesn’t even register at first, he’s just mumbling along to it while he inspects Little Debbie products. He catches someone looking at him strangely, and that’s when he realizes.

He shoves everything onto an empty shelf in order to take out his phone. He doesn’t call Jeremy, just films a slow zoom up to the speaker and sends it to him over Snapchat. The caption reads “"FUCK YOU, I was in the second verse before I realized. THIS IS ME BREAKING UP WITH YOU!!”

Jeremy sends back a picture of himself grinning in response.

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, the ‘other person’ is literally always Jack. Occasionally it’s Jack and Fiona, exchanging glances and shaking their heads at these oblivious morons.

Like… Jeremy’s in the kitchen eating pizza or something, the ladies are planning the next 'Family Fun Day’ and shooting down his numerous suggestions. (“Throwing smoke bombs on the pier is NOT Family Day appropriate.”

“Who are you to tell me how to celebrate?”

How he celebrates!” Fiona repeats mockingly, shaking her head.)

In walks Ryan, barefoot and still in pajama pants, even though it’s 2pm. Immediately Jeremy straightens up and hides his pizza behind himself. “Hi Ryan! Gavin and I were talking to Matt about playing-”

“Can’t.” Ryan says, immediately turning red. “Um. Work. Planning.”

“That’s weird, Ryan.” Jack pipes up. “We said no planning a heist until after we all take a week off.”

Ryan just stares at her silently before grabbing a diet coke out of the fridge. “I have to go now.” He says, avoiding any and all eyes in the room.

As soon as he’s gone Jeremy slumps down again. “He hates me.” He says, tone definitely not filled with self pity. “Did you see that? I asked him to play video games and he ran.”

“Jeremy, oh my god.” Fiona shakes her head. “Didn’t you guys profess your undying love for each other like a week ago?”

“No! I mean… Yeah, but that was after he fell off a boat, and it was a Battle Buddies thing… I don’t want to be weird about it.”

Jack and Fiona just stare at each other in disbelief that someone could be that much of an idiot.

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A friend pointed out in this thumbnail that Adam super looks like something out of the AU where Gavin and Jeremy had a kid who did the time travel-thing to fix something that went Horribly Wrong???

Or their kid from an alternate universe they contact via wacky science shenanigans involving other dimensions and continue to video conference once the two of realize the pining they’ve been doing is mutual?

(Also alternate dimension them video conference from time to time to talk science and the whatnot? Also brainstorm gift ideas when they’re drawing a blank and suchlike.)

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FAHC AU with hitmens!Gavin and rookie hitmens!Fiona who end up in Los Santos due to betrayal from their bosses/agency?

They manage to stay under the radar by posing as being known as a pair of generally competent criminal types? Hacker and muscle and both above average snipers. Know their tech and computer stuff, which is always a nice bonus.

Also, though?

Kind of idiots.

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