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On the 20th of October, ten years ago, GIRLS’ GENERATION released their second Japanese single, Gee.

The Japanese version of their Korean magnum opus became a hit in Japan as well, receiving a gold certification and also surpassing 1M digital sales as well.

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On the 19th of October, nine years ago, Girls’ Generation released their American debut digital single, an English version of their Korean super hit, The Boys.

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On the 19th of October, Girls’ Generation released their third Korean studio album, The Boys, featuring the title track as the lead track.

Both the title track and the album becamd huge successes, with the album being the most successful album for 2011 in Korea and the title track becoming one of the most successful girl group singles to date.

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Originally posted by kimteyons


As soon as the name slipped out of your mouth, Taeyeon glanced at you in distress. What had happened with Jessica turned into a big mess and no one was ever really able to discuss it to the public because management restricted them from giving out details, so when you mentioned talking to Jessica, still, she was scared of what management might do.

She’s already dealt with the backlash of it and has yet to fully recover, she didn’t want you going through the same. So, after the filming was wrapped up, she had pulled you aside, concern written on her face as she asked you if you intended to reveal such a thing to the public.

Her reaction would depend on your answer. If you tell her that it was intentional, she will relax a bit but if it wasn’t, her worry would increase, tenfold. She’ll try to think of any possible solutions just in case problems arise for you. But one thing was for sure.

She was going to stay close to you.

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Jessica Jung, reading K-pop to filth in Shine (118)
All K-pop executives […] are known for being incredibly strict and set in their ways, accepting nothing less than a performer who will put the needs and wants of [the company] before anything else. Tradition over innovation. Rote perfection over authenticity. That is the K-pop way.
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I keep getting Intel adverts on Spotify and they always remind me of this song 😂. They should bring back this song for advertising then I might actually buy one of their laptops 😂. It’s a decent song though!! It is very computer-y almost classy robot sounding (classy robot should be a concept) but it also has some iconic high notes I mean… how?? TAEYEON AND JESSICA JUST BE OUT HERE GIVING THEIR GOD TIER VOCAL PERFORMANCES ON A SONG FOR A COMPUTER COMPANY 😂. ALSO MAY WE APPRECIATE THE EXPOSURE MY SWEET BIAS SEOHYUN GETS fuck I wish this was a main comeback and not just a computer advert 😂.

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