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Jessica Jones & Iron Fist season 1 : “Trish is my best friend” (Jessica) ; “my best friend Davos and I” (Danny) ; “we’re business partners, Danny !” (Ward)

Fandom : starts shipping them because why not

Netflix :

Jessica Jones & Iron Fist season 2 : “I know that you are my sister” (Trish to Jess) ; “this is my brother, Davos !” (Danny) : “my brother Danny almost died !” (Ward)

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I’m between SIs/hyperfixations and feeling listless so I wound up down a Trish Walker rabbithole and !!! these are not the feelings I signed up for!!! Tearing up just at gifs because goddamn they had ! so much potential in their hands and somehow they wrote garbage with it instead???

Like, how did they look at Jessica Jones, the tale of two traumatized women learning to fight back, and go ‘oh, happy endings are overrated’??? (And if you tell me Jess had a supposedly happy ending I will not believe it. I have not finished s3 but there is no world where her happy ending doesn’t involve Tridh, what the fuck)

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Originally posted by marvelheroes

pairing: jessica jones x non-binary!reader

requested? no

synopsis: jessica comes to you after the death of her mother.

warnings/notes: cursing, talk of death, blood, a brief mention of Kilgrave and abuse; [p/n] means pronoun(as in pick your pronoun, because not everyone goes with they/them) and if I have errors in spelling feel free to correct! 


Jessica Jones hadn’t felt so empty in a while. 

She felt numb as the police helped her up, and put her in the back of a car, as they spoke in hushed tones, occasionally looking back at the raven-haired woman. 

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Ooh. I got one. I got a question. Yay. 

Yes. Jessica has actually developed to be different. I had to. Unlike in the show where the others will continue to bother her until she sticks around, I found that it was extremely difficult for her to continue her get the fuck away from me attitude and still keep threads going. 

However I didn’t just up and change her. Usually I take it a bit at time. Depending on where the threads are set in her timeline and usually I keep most things the same. That is she still has the nightmares, hallcinations, sass, drinking problems, fear of sleeping etc. As long as the person interacting with her isn’t an outright dick, I tell her she must play nicely. Only being allowed to throw them through a wall once they crossed a line. 

And of course, in each verse she develops differently. If you would like a more detailled answer please send a specific verse and I will more than happily detail how she changed in those.

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Marvel Zombies RP Wanted Connection: Luke Cage and Jessica Jones
Requested by: Jessica Drew

Telephone networks have failed, the internet is gone.  Modern communication seems to have come to an end.  What remains is radiowaves.  People with the right equipment have begun to communicate with anyone in range using CB radios, walkie talkies, whatever they can get their hands on.  Some are broadcasting, some are just listening.

Jess slowly tuned through the channels on the old radio, stifling the frustrated feeling she was doing her best to ignore. Luke was pacing, Danielle was finally falling asleep against his shoulder, lulled by the sound of static. They both heard the crackling sound of numbers coming through as Jess found an active channel –

This is Jessica Drew broadcasting for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones. Luke, it’s been a while since we’ve been in contact. Jessica, it’s been even longer. But if either of you are out there, if either of you here this, there’s somewhere safe. Bring Danielle to Haven. Gerry could use a play date. Co-ordinates to follow.

Marvel Zombies RP is a Marvel Comics AU roleplay established 1 April 2017. We look forward to surviving with you.


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Matt Murdock playlist, still being updated.

Featuring songs such as:

Dance Macabre - Camille Saint-Saens

Songs for a Guilty Sadist - Crywank

Used to the Darkness - Des Rocs

How - The Neighbourhood

Lilac Wine - Jeff Buckley

Little Pistol - Mother Mother

How It Ends - Devotchka

Acrobat - Angel Olsen

And more.

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