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my-plastic-life · 3 months ago
Creating Kagome Part 2: The Props
More behind the scenes footage of my one of a kind Kagome Higurashi doll! LONG POST AHEAD!
No doll is complete without props. The 12″ Inuyasha figure that I made this doll to go with came with his Tetsusaiga sword, both transformed and not transformed, so of course Kagome needed goodies too! Keep reading to find out where everything came from and how it was made!
Obviously the first thing Kagome needed was her bow and arrow. Thanks to a YouTube tutorial by MyFroggyStuff, I was able to make the bow relatively easy. Then I just had to paint it, and then I wrapped it with bias tape (cut in half to make it thinner) and added some black thread to be the string.
I needed arrows as well, but I also needed a place to keep those arrows. So a quiver was necessary. I looked around for some possibilities before settling on the one that came with the Catching Fire Katniss doll. It had the closest shape I’d need, and because it was Mattel, I knew it was designed to fit a Barbie. It would need to be painted and have some twine added to it for those extra details, but I knew I could pull that off. And thankfully, I was able to find the quiver by itself on eBay, so I didn’t even have to buy it with a doll I didn’t need.
What I didn’t know was that the arrows in that quiver were NOT designed to come out. The first doll had removable arrows in her quiver, but this one, for some reason, did not. So I had to use a mixture of pliers, scissors, and a ton of muscle to cut and yank those things out of there. And I mean I had to get the base at the bottom of the quiver, or else the arrows I desired wouldn’t go in properly and would stick out too far and look ridiculous. I wish I’d saved the picture I took of when I was done doing all that digging, because there were literally pieces of curled wire-type plastic all over the counter. But finally, the quiver was empty and ready to be customized and filled with arrows!
The arrows were, of course, also tricky. They have a unique shape in the anime, kind of like a triangular diamond, and there are only two feathers at the opposite end. Most 1/6 scale archery accessories have arrows with three feathers on the end. But I did manage to find a set that had two! Yay for eBay! :D So I ordered those, and they arrived quickly, but they were unfortunately too long to fit inside the quiver.
Tumblr media
So I did some measuring, then used side cutters to cut the arrows down to the desired length. Of course, that meant I had no arrow tip left. Not a huge issue since most of the arrows are going to stay in the quiver anyway, and the only time the doll will actually hold/use the arrows is for pictures. But in that case, I did still need tips. So I took some Crayola Model Magic (all I had on hand) and stuck the blunt ends of the arrows into it, then began attempting to shape the arrowheads as close as I could to resemble the source material. Not perfect, but they’ll work! I even painted one a shade of magenta to give the illusion of Kagome firing a sacred arrow. :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I was going to stop there with the props. Like I said, Inuyasha had his sword and that was all he needed. Well, this is me we’re talking about. Me, who has an avid love of Barbie and a ton of random goodies lying around and the capability of obtaining more goodies. I had a Barbie bike in storage, and it was already pink (but light pink, so that had to change), so I thought, hey, why don’t I add her bike to the collection? Yeah, I’m such a perfectionist, I scrutinized her bike in every episode I saw it in, plus the movies, to find the right shade of pink. Of course, one major issue was that I didn’t have a rack on the back of the bike. And that’s a pretty big thing considering we see Inuyasha riding on that rack a number of times, in the show and in the “Every Heart “ending. It’s iconic! At first I thought I’d have to get an entirely different bike for that rack, but I couldn’t find one that satisfied me. The rack either had a heart design in it (cute, but not what I want here), the bike wasn’t meant for a Barbie-size doll, or the bike bars in between the seat and handlebars had the wrong shape (i.e., a bar directly underneath the seat).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I finally determined that the best option was to use the bike I already had and attempt to make the rack. I started by unbending and gluing paperclips together, but that quickly proved to be a disaster. So I looked on eBay one last time, and there it was. An off-brand bike made for a fashion doll that had not only a bike rack - but one that was attached via little arms! The bike itself wasn’t the right shape or design, but that rack? I needed it! I ordered it promptly, and when it arrived, I confirmed what I suspected - the rack easily detached from the bike it came with, and fastened itself nicely onto the magenta one I’d already customized! I had to paint the rack silver, and then I painted the little grippers magenta to camouflage them into the bike, and voila! Kagome’s bike WITH the bike rack! How fortunate that the one I’d had in storage even had a basket with it already!
Of course, the bike I had was designed for a Barbie to actually ride, so it had these huge, ridiculous pedals attached to it. Those had to go. I took some side cutters and cut the pedals off, then took some sticky-sided craft foam, stuck two together around a toothpick, and super glued that into the hole left from where the original pedals were. They don’t spin around like real pedals do, but it’s purely cosmetic, so it’s okay!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Did I stop at the props there? No, I did not. Another iconic prop from the show is Kagome’s backpack. It’s just an ordinary backpack but it’s never the same size! The thing seems to magically expand to accommodate whatever she may be carrying, be it books, medicine, food, extra clothes, or other supplies. Of course, none of the Barbie backpacks I had were the right shape/design, so even though I’d planned to paint a plastic one yellow, it wouldn’t do any good if it didn’t look right. So I checked Etsy for Barbie backpacks, knowing there were talented seamstresses out there who could make such things. I asked one shop, and they said they didn’t take requests but to contact MiniMichCrafts. I did just that, and met a wonderful, talented person who promptly made BOTH backpacks - yes, a regular size backpack, and an expanded one! Perfection!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Modern props are shown above, including ninja food, a portable hot plate, first aid kit, and school books)
Now we need something to put in that backpack! I knew right away that I wanted to make some of Kagome’s school books. Literally every time I saw one in an episode, I’d pause the show and take a picture of it with my phone, then I replicated it in Photoshop. Again, I’m a perfectionist! :D Plus, thanks to my good friend FabHat, who is fluent in Japanese, I was able to figure out what each individual Japanese character was on those books! Yep, I’m nothing if not authentic! :D But honestly, the books were probably the easiest props to make.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Both backpacks hold various items from food to books to hygiene products, and the tiny bottle of sacred jewel shards fits nicely in the front pocket!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Obviously Kagome needed something quite important to the entire plot - the sacred jewel shards! I had some little bottles found in the miniature section at Michaels, and I used one of those and filled it with actual smashed pieces of rose quartz to resemble the shards. Of course, the bottle was as big as the school books, and that wasn’t sitting well with me. So I started thinking of what I could do to get an even smaller bottle, one more to scale to a Barbie hand.
Then I stumbled upon my ReMent first-aid kit set. I was already going to add the first-aid kit and its goodies to the props list, albeit the box needed to be painted an off-white to match what was in the show. Thanks to some masking tape, I was able to do that and paint around the green cross! Inside that box was a tiny pill bottle that I knew would be perfect for the jewel shards. Of course, the cap wasn’t meant to be removed, so I had to use side cutters to pop open the bottle, which was filled with a rubbery substance meant to resemble tiny little pills. Getting those out of that bottle was a real chore - I had to carefully use an X-Acto knife to stab at them and slice them in order to pull little pieces out one by one, all while trying not to scratch the sides of the bottle. Scratches still ensued, but hopefully not too bad. I tried the toothpaste trick method to try to remove them, but I’m not entirely sure it helped. But that’s okay, I’m still happy with this little bottle of shards! I took the cork off one of the miniature bottles, trimmed it a bit with the X-Acto knife, and BOOM! The world’s smallest bottle of sacred jewel shards!
Source picture:
Tumblr media
(ReMent bottle on the left, miniature from Michaels on the right)
Tumblr media
Before and after of the ReMent bottle:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh, and that tiny bottle fits right inside the backpack’s front pocket!
Tumblr media
Back to that first aid kit, it’s the perfect size, but it wasn’t the right design. The kit in the anime is kind of an off-white color with a green cross and brown handle. Break out the acrylic paint for more customization! Here is before and after, plus goodies inside (I see gauze and pain killers for sure LOL):
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Of course, if Kagome is bringing her backpack and all this modern stuff with her, how can she not bring the ninja food for Inuyasha? Behold the instant noodles and dry potatoes!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yep, those are also ReMent! Authentic Japanese miniatures in the perfect size!
While not seen too often in the show, I did go ahead and test my hand at making Barbie-size jewelry - in this case, the sacred jewel necklace! There’s the one seen in the anime (which looks similar to the one you could buy from Hot Topic), and the one you can buy in real life that creator Rumiko Takahashi helped design. I made both versions... twice, because one has a clasp so it can be worn by dolls, whereas one has no clasp because said clasp is unsightly LOL. And of course, I made the special necklace Kagome wore when she had a huge chunk of the jewel on a chain - the one that eventually got stolen by Kikyo. That one was the hardest of them all to make!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Is that the end of the props? Nope! In fact, all those props came AFTER the big ones. Yep, these aren’t even the big ones!
How could I have possibly made a Kagome doll, with the intention of putting her in a diorama with my 12″ Inuyasha figure, without this very important item?:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yes, I made a well! The iconic time-traveling device that allows our two primary characters to travel between worlds. :D Now, how to build a well? The first step was getting the right dimensions. The well had to be big enough to allow both Inuyasha and Kagome to fit inside, since they’re frequently seen using it together. It would also need to be tall enough to allow Kagome to sit on it while still allowing her feet to touch the ground. So after some practice measurements, it was time to get to work! My original idea was to have my husband use his Glow Forge and scorch plank lines into the sides. But he had a better idea - get some .5″ thick wooden dowels, cut them down to size, them glue them all together and stain them. He did use the Glow Forge to create the top portion, though. Special thanks to my dad for putting all those planks together and staining the well!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The well also needed vines, but thanks to Michaels, I was able to find the perfect little ones! I used hot glue to secure them in place. For the inside of the well, I paused like 10 episodes of the show, whenever I saw a straight-down well shot, took pictures with my phone, and then resized the interior of the well in Photoshop and printed it out. I then wrapped it around a piece of cardboard measured to fit inside the well, and voila!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Speaking of those vines, they served a second purpose - they were great for wrapping around the sacred tree! Yeah, I totally built a sacred tree for one-sixth scale figures. I regret nothing!
Source photo:
Tumblr media
The tree started out as a curled up tri-fold display board, but after constructing the bark and details, I decided it needed to be taller. So I added about half of a second tri-fold and curled it into the shape of a tree trunk, then hot glued it to the top. I then used Mod Podge to glue tissue paper all over the structure to give the illusion of tree bark. I also cut out, stacked, and glued some pieces of cardboard together to make a branch to go on the top of the tree. To make the roots (which was tricky because no two scenes showing the roots are alike lol), I used more tissue paper to get the desired shape and glued them onto the tree.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Next up was the paint! I used mixtures of brown shades and some dry brushes of gray to help bring out textures and details.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I also needed to make the symbolic scar on the tree, a reminder of how the story all began. Technically, the scar is kind of submerged into the rest of the tree with the bark growing around it, but I’d already completely covered and painted the tree, so a flat scar would have to suffice. I measured my 12″ figure, sketched out a design, then glued it to the tree (finding the ideal height was fun lol). The scar is lighter than the rest of the bark, so I used the same colors as before, but I used more of the lighter shade.
Tumblr media
I’d also originally glued the entire thing onto a large piece of cardboard to help keep it sturdy, and I was going to paint it to look like grass and dirt. But the cardboard began to warp, so I had to break out a box knife to cut all that away and repaint as necessary LOL. But it was worth it because I’d be able to set it on top of artificial grass and make it look better! And hey, the cardboard helped secure and shape the roots and keep paint from getting all over the counter and floor!
Tumblr media
After putting some greenery on the top of the tree (even though in photos the top may not be visible, but it didn’t look right without it lol), the final touch was adding the vines, which wrapped around the trunk. Yep, the same vines I used on the well. I love those things!
It may not be obvious in these photos, but that tree is about three feet tall! It may still technically be a bit small to be completely to scale based on scenes in the anime, but this will work! Here’s a shot of me showing off the size:
Tumblr media
And that’s it! That’s all the props! At least for now... more may come at a later date! hehehehe Overall, I’m very pleased with how everything turned out!
Thank you to all who contributed to making this doll come to life! This wouldn’t be possible without you!
CREDITS: Reroot by Paradise Doll Designs School uniform by elenpriv Backpacks (large and small) by MiniMichCrafts Face paint by me Bow and arrows by me Quiver customization by me School books by me Bike customization by me Sacred jewel shards & bottle by me (bottle was ReMent) Well made by me (with help from my dad and hubby!) Sacred tree made by me
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villainquoteoftheday · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Their sorrow feeds the darkness of the jewel nicely. How ironic. The more they love each other, the darker their despair...”
-Naraku, “Inuyasha”
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majokkotrashillustrations · 3 months ago
Apologies for the lack of activity on my socials. I have been frantically trying to finish everything in time for my wedding coming up on Halloween!! 🎃
I was noticing lots of people were hanging the Jewel Shard Shaker on their rear view mirrors, which inspired me to make them shimmer for you guys. So, for the new batch, I added a fancy holographic on both sides! 💖 They are already up on my etsy, link in my bio, so please go check them out 😘
Once my wedding is over I will be preparing some Yu Yu Hakusho prints I've been working on and possibly adding some kpop stuff! 🤞🏻 I know this was a lot so if you read this far, thank you and let me know what kpop groups you'd like to see me make stuffies for ❤
Tumblr media
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callmehealz · 3 months ago
rewatching Inuyasha for the umpteenth time
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shironezuninja · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Too bad the “Master Pearl” doesn’t exist anymore in the Inuyasha spin-off anime.
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sailormoonblue · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Inuyasha S1E26 | Secret of the Jewel of Four Souls Revealed ついに明かされた四魂の秘密
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fearfades · 2 years ago
Shikon No Tama
Yes, yes, there was a basic lore and all behind the Creation of the Shikon no Tama, what it meant, how it affected people, how it could be destroyed but like... when has that stopped people from making fanon.
Which is why I’m back again to talk about the Shikon no Tama.
We know that Midoriko and a hoard of demons were waging a war against each other and that her last attack caused them all to be stuck in a bauble sized artifact. It’s a decent creation but the idea that there was so much output of power from both ends that the resulting vortex pulled all their souls in and their power crystallized around them.
Thus, creating the Shikon no Tama.
Midoriko and Magatsuhi don’t just lie back and let it happen, either. This is how they discover that they can somehow see/hear the memories, desires, faults, anything and everything that makes up a person. Magatsuhi is the first to see how this ability could play out.
Midoriko sits back and watches, observes, learns.
Say, as a result, a clan of demon slayers suddenly decided to set up their village and home near the cave where the physical display of their war sat. Or that there were suddenly rumors about a wish granting jewel in existence.
Slaughters, betrayals, suicides, and all matter of heinous and forbidden crimes that are committed are simply brushed off as a result of greed. No one questions that they may have been manipulated or deceived. 
So while Magatsuhi has his fun of devastation, Midoriko seeks out people to keep them safe. They have the demon slayers but they need more than that, need some way of breaking free of their imprisonment. 
Like a war on the same magnitude that put them in this position.
Miko’s are sought out. Many are picked but they either end up too weak in terms of power or of will. 
In terms of will, Tsubaki was actually stronger because of how much she wanted the honor of being the Shikon Miko. Kikyo, she had the power and the will but there were deep desires the Shikon could see that she refused to even acknowledge.
Then, luckily, here comes Inuyasha and Muso.
The Shikon plants the seeds and lets everything unfold after that.
We know everything from there.
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ka-go-me · 2 years ago
Tell us, dear holy shrine maiden, what are your thoughts on that damned jewel and why it existed?
Tumblr media
「巫女」::                         “Well, from what I understood–it was Midoriko’s final attempt to quell a multitude of youkai that had been melded into one man, who had lusted after her but could not have her…She used all of her power to lock all their souls away in a tight little container-with her soul being the lock and key. All the souls compacted and and tightened made the tama…That’s why it existed.
                                          “As for my thoughts on it…I don’t think it really grants wishes…At least–none of us have ever actually heard of it doing so. I think for youkai it just augments what youki’s already there–and for humans it takes their deepest desire-and augments that and twists it into something awful, whether the desire was good or ill. That’s what it did for the youkai that held it-and what I *believe* it did for Kikyou, Sango-chan, Kotatsu the hell painter…Almost for me too…Till I figured out that what I really deeply desired was for it to vanish forever. 
                                            “On that note: I’m figuring the reason it asked me though-was because it had labeled me as the one that was going to either destroy it for good, or keep it alive forever-and due to that–it couldn’t *read* my deepest desire..That and it had been a literal part of me for fifteen years, so I was immune to it’s ability to read human desire.
                                           “I really don’t believe that the tama was good in any way at all, Midoriko, strong as she was, wasn’t strong enough to make a difference on how the tama affected other people, so it was a bad omen to any and all it came in contact with. Even youkai. Sure it gave them more power–but it also made them lose their minds. Humans got their deepest desires granted–but in the most twisted and messed up way-that pretty much *hurt* the user. Even Kikyou. 
                                         “So-those are my thoughts on it…eheh”
Tumblr media
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lynnleepooh · 3 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
My drawing of kikyo; anime and manga version 😄
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kibaliciious · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
𝑲𝒂𝒈𝒐𝒎𝒆 𝒘𝒂𝒔 𝒃𝒐𝒓𝒏 𝒕𝒐 𝒎𝒆𝒆𝒕 𝒎𝒆, 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝑰 𝒘𝒂𝒔 𝒃𝒐𝒓𝒏 𝒇𝒐𝒓 𝒉𝒆𝒓.
- Inuyasha
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inutato · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
zoom zoom weeeeeeeeee
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fastpacedfreefall · 4 years ago
Fandom: InuYasha In which a jewel is the greatest puppet master the world has ever seen, until it isn’t.
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fandomtrashracoon · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
OMG HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS ‽‽ We’re getting more Inuyasha content. Officially 2020 has been redeemed.
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superextraordinarystore · 4 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shikon bracelets - updated listing!
Now you can see how all of the options look, plus a larger version of the rose quartz!
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shironezuninja · 10 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
These were the only screenshots I could take when watching the 21st episode of Yashahime today. I was too engrossed as the plot line unfolded itself before me anyway.
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moemoemammon · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
⚾️A Ball to the Balls ⚾️
(Feat. The Demon Bros)
✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦
Lucifer was happy to indulge you when you suggested playing a popular human world sport called 'baseball'. He's all for expanding his horizons, and it's a nice day out, so why not? It outta keep his brothers occupied for a while, too.
But,,,,,, he wishes he would've told you no, because generations of children have just been murdered by your mean throwing arm.
No one can remember the last time they've seen Lucifer crippled with pain, but it's as amazing as it is absolutely terrifying.
He's silent when the impact happens, but immediately turns away to hunch over and you can see him trembling. The brothers are staring at you, praying for your safe passage to heaven. Goodbye, MC. They'll never forget you...
Oh shit oh fuck oh no no one can help you now you're gonna di-
"Obviously, you're gonna be on MY team! No exceptions!"
Yeah no, you've decided not to do teams, since there'd have to be two teams of four and they'd fight over which team gets to have you.
Even if he can't have you to himself, Mammon's cheering you on like the good husband he is. Also actively encouraging you to throw the ball as hard as you can, because he'll DEFINITELY hit it with no problem at all.
Pretty sure you just knocked Mammon Jr clean off of his pelvis. Goodbye dickenballs
Mammon is on the ground and you can hear him sobbing from all the way across the field. Even his brothers, who act like they hate his guts, can't help but comfort him....
Levi's played enough wii sports to know how to play baseball, but he doesn't get the appeal of actually playing the sport. Why get all sweaty when you can just play inside??
But you manage to coax him out anyway, and he can't say that he hates it per se. though, his throwing arm isn't anything impressive....
YOURS on the fucking other hand... Yours is clearly the result of some sort of ancient evil curse, or a dormant power finally becoming active at the height of the plot
The power behind your throw has essentially neutered Levi and he's currently unresponsive. Someone's going to have to carry him to the hospital
Can we get an F in the chat
Satan was pretty happy to play a human game, and even more so that you seemed so excited about introducing them to it. It was bound to be a good time!
But thanks to your horrible aim he ended up with an involuntary vasectomy and ain't too happy about it
Like, at all. Dude gets so fucking mad but he can't ever stay mad at you, so he's hissing and spitting at every brother near him
You literally have to rely on Lucifer to tame him because Satan has reverted to feral mode and is no longer mentally with us. The trees are on fire. Mammon is screaming. Levi exploded. Asmo is missing. Beel has run off with Belphie.
Maybe sports just aren't for nerds after all? 😔
Yeah... he wasn't really a fan of the whole 'baseball' idea. There's only ONE situation where he's alright with the possibility of balls hitting him in the nose badum tss
But he DID have fun designing everyone's baseball uniforms with Levi, so there's no way he’d miss out on seeing everyone run around in them! Kinda wishes he did though, after the tragedy that happens on this fateful day
You thought Asmo's voice was high pitched in the beginning? Just wait until you hear the octave he reaches after you destroy his ween
Good thing he knows a guy who does great pp reconstructive surgery because uhhhhh his shit's obliterated.
Beel is a huge fan of sports, so he's definitely down to give baseball a try, though he wants you to watch out for his throw. Also wants to be on Belphie's 'team', even though you literally said you're not doing teams.
Speaking of throwing, Beel never expected you to have such a strong arm... and such bad aim. Unless you were specifically aiming to remove his di-
Doubles over in pain the moment the ball makes contact with his precious crown jewels.
He should've stayed home. Food would NEVER do this to him.
He'll forgive you for sure, but expect Beel to be a little cautious around balls from now on. Definitely takes an interest in protective gear. Clearly his sheer muscle isn't enough to protect the more delicate bits.
Belphie doesn't mind going out. It's comfortable sleeping under a tree when the weather is nice.
Yeah, he wasn't planning to play at all. He'll cheer Beel on from the sidelines and offer you a place to rest if you get worn out, but that's all.
Or that was the plan, until you sent a foul ball sailing straight into his nuts, and his soul to the next life.
Boy astral projects into the next plane from the force behind that ball, and it instantly puts him to permanent sleep
If you think he sleeps for a long time now, you'll be surprised to see how long this coma lasts. His body's gonna need a whole lot of rest after the absolute trauma you just subjected him to.
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kikyoxinuyasha-forever · 5 years ago
Alessa Gillespie Theory
I have a theory about Alessa’s “death” at the end of SH1, in the Good/Good+ ending.
I know that once she’s freed from the Incubus, she’s covered in golden light. Once she creates Heather/Cheryl and gives the infant to Harry, the light disappears, and she begins to fade away.
My theory is that, because of her innate powers, Alessa may have had the ability to remain living, even after having the god expelled from her. Going further, my interpretation is that she instead deliberately used her powers to reincarnate herself as Heather/Cheryl, and thus in a way choose to die. This would make sense considering even Dahlia mused to Harry that her daughter had been aching for death for the 7 years before SH1, but couldn’t because of the thing in her womb.
As a parallel, and because I’m such an Inuyasha geek, I compare her death to Kikyo’s first death in the anime series. With the Shikon no Tama in her possession, Kikyo could’ve easily chosen to use her wish to remain living. But instead, she opted to die, and to be with Inuyasha again, which lead to her being reincarnated as Kagome, who was fated to find Inuyasha herself 500 years later.
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sohyuki · a month ago
Tumblr media
as the wind blows, i stared at the light
Tumblr media
feat : xiao
genre : soulmate au, reincarnation au, modern au 
warnings : mentions of death, angst
notes : merry christmas to my elf, xi! (@xienn) thank you for being such a welcoming elf! i had a blast talking to you and watching all the chaos on your blog  p.s, this has this ost on repeat written all over it. title inspired by song of the same title from mdzs season 3. merry christmas xiao kissers :D
Tumblr media
He is a young noble. 
Heir to his father’s name and legacy, Xiao is sent to the mountain of a reclusive sect to cultivate his energy and learn martial arts, his parents eyes brimming with the hope that their son, their sole inheritor, will learn the way of the immortals. Insistent upon not looking like the pampered young master people think him to be, he sets off alone on horseback at dawn, the letter to the sect leader tucked into his left breast pocket. 
The road to the foot of the mountain is a three day journey. If he travels by morning and evening and rests at high noon, its likely he can —
“Hey! Watch it!,” 
His horse balks in protest and Xiao barely manages to grab the reigns. He soothes a hand down the side of his stallion, as the person in front of him spews increasingly flustered curses, looking harried as they try to pick up their fallen belongings. 
Xiao dismounts his horse and moves to help, one hand hovering over the jeweled dagger at his waist.  If this person is a wanderer or peddler, then all is good and well. But if he’s somehow run into a particularly creative bandit then, well. Better safe than sorry.
“My apologies. Let me —,”
“Ah! It’s fine, it’s fine!,” comes a slightly frazzled voice from under a wide-brimmed bamboo hat. “I’ve got it,” 
Xiao feels his blood runs cold.
Blood on his hands and blood on his spear. The ruins of a nation and the scent of the glaze lilies. Broken fans and broken dreams. A hand clasped in his own, a promise whispered on his lips. The glow of a god’s eyes. The ghost of a scream and the ghost of a past —
He remembers. 
And he blurts out your name, like a plea. Like a prayer. It sounds foreign on his lips, something he hasn’t said in forever, a word lost only to the memories of his soul, but oh, the feeling of home. The syllables roll of his tongue and he thinks of the endless horizons of Jueyun Karst and the sunsets of Liyue. Of the scent of the ocean and the taste of dreams. 
His heart is beating a mile a minute. Something in him, something, tells him to reach out and not let go again while everything else is screaming for him to run before his head bursts with the storm of memories, before he is sent to his knees by the weight of it.
You blink up at him, eyes as bright as he remembered.
“I’m sorry, do I know you?”
Tumblr media
The tides of war are tipped by his sword. 
A mere footsoldier. A commoner, and yet the crowds sing his name. He who saved the land.  
Hero, they call him. Saviour, they whisper. But Xiao’s hands still tremble, still feel the stickiness of blood despite the numerous times he’s scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. 
Because it was only when his blade pierced the heart of the enemy general that he realises why those eyes looked so familiar. 
The light in them goes out before Xiao can say your name. 
Tumblr media
This time, he tells himself. This time, I’ll hold on. This time, I won’t let go.
Tomorrow, he will be wed. The long-awaited union of your families has been the talk of the capital because finally, finally, his family is saved, the descent into ruin stopped by the slip of paper from the astrologer confirming the harmony of your pairing and the approval of the elders of your family. His family celebrates, the halls of his home filled with laughter and merriment, the fires of the estate burning well into the night. 
But Xiao sits alone on the veranda, the silent song of the stars as his sole companion. Clutched in his hand is a letter and a jeweled hair ornament. Clutched in his hand is his fate, your fate, your future, his future, everything. Clutched in his hand is your goodbye. 
I’m sorry, it says. I’m sorry for deceiving you. I’m sorry you hoped for so much. I’m sorry for leaving. I’m sorry to your father. I’m sorry to your mother. To your aunts and uncles and cousins that prayed for a better tomorrow. I’m sorry you loved me. 
I’m sorry I couldn’t love you.  
He ignores the stab of hurt in his chest because I’m sorry. I’m sorry I set us on this path. I’m sorry for our first life and I’m sorry for our second, our third, our fourth, our fifth, for all of them. I’m sorry I was too late. I’m sorry for letting you slip through my fingers. I’m sorry for this life and the ones we’ll live. 
Forgive me. 
Tumblr media
The seas are his home but something calls for him from the land. 
This time, he almost wishes you miss each other. Anything, anything, would be better than carrying the weight of lifetimes around with him like this.
Xiao blames the karmic debt of his first for the horrible hand of cards he’s been dealt. Fate, he thinks, has never been forgiving, not for a sinner like him. And so it sends him a bright-eyed youth on the eve of winter. 
“South, please,” you say, a hand reaching for the pouch by your waist. 
“We’re full,” 
You send him a pout, and he can do nothing against the stab of familiarity that expression brings. How many times had that same pout dragged him to the Liyue’s marketplaces? How many times had those familiar hands tugged at his sleeve, pestering him for stories of his travels into the mortal world? How many nights had he spent counting the stars from within those eyes? 
"Well, I work at the square. If you have an opening, you'll come and let me know right?"
"We'll see,"
He huffs when you laugh in reply. 
(Because some part of him was hoping, almost expecting the exaggerated, drawn out whine of his name. He doesn’t know if it is relief that fills him or disappointment. Doesn’t know what to think of the fact that he can’t tell which it is.) 
You raise your hands in surrender, an amused grin spread over those lips (He knows them. Knows the way they say his name. Knows the way they feel against the skin of his cheeks, the plains of his shoulders, the slope of his brow.) 
“Fine, fine. If you have space onboard, don’t forget me, alright?” You grin over your shoulder, waving goodbye until the crowd swallows you whole, and Xiao is left with only a fraction of your warmth and the bustle of the port town he calls home. 
Impossible, he thinks. Forget you? He couldn’t even if he tried. 
(And he has. The countless nights spent laying awake, wondering when, where, how he’ll meet you In this life. Wondering if he’ll get the chance to apologise, to beg for forgiveness because I’m sorry I couldn’t save you. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry)
Because while you never remember, Xiao never forgets. 
Tumblr media
His phone buzzes right as he exits the grocery store, almost as if it were prompted.
He barely registers the caller ID before swiping, and his ears take a beating from the obnoxiously loud laugh that echoes from the receiver. Xiao sighs. 
“Xiao! Are you going to be in tonight?” Hu Tao’s pitched voice comes through from the other end and he almost misses the ‘Please say no!’ that sounds unmistakably like Yanfei in the background. 
He grimaces, “Is that a question or a request?” 
The only time Hu Tao ever asks if he’s going to be around the apartment is if Yanfei and the other girls are coming over, and if Yanfei and the other girls are coming over, he isn’t really sure he wants to be within a hundred meters of the apartment once Hu Tao’s ‘Weekly Drinking Club’ commences. 
Sure enough, Hu Tao giggles (already sounding just a tad bit tipsy. They must have started early) and says, “Fei Fei and the gang are over for dinner. Beidou says she’ll cook!”
“Pass,” he says, not before sighing again at the chaos he hears in the background. “I’ll spend the night at Aether’s” 
Aether wouldn’t mind him staying over. It’s been a while since he’s met up with him anyway, maybe they could catch a movie or go out around town. Maybe they’ll even be able to drag Albedo out of his cave because god knows he spend entirely too much time on whatever new art project he’s got going on. If Xiao being there gets him out of the house then he counts this as a win. 
"You're sure?"
"Just dont use my room," Xiao warns. He's not entirely convinced by the 'mmmmn' that Hu Tao gives him in return.
He looks down to stuff his phone back into his pocket when he turns a corner and —
"Hey! Watch it!"
He only has time thank every god he knows because Thank god there weren’t any eggs, before he's crashing into someone else, and his groceries are sent flying. Xiao can only make out the flurry of bright clothes and silken hair before they crash to the ground with an agonised wail, their things strewn about around them. 
"I'm sorry — here, let me —,"
"Ah! It’s fine, It’s fine!," comes a slightly frazzled voice "I’ve got it!"
He breath stills in his chest. His hands freeze over the pile of papers in front of him.
He looks up just as the person in front of him brushes a hand through their hair, tilting their head in curiosity.
"Say," You blink at him, eyes just as bright as he remembered.
"Haven't we met before?"
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kibaliciious · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Kagome Higurashi
But there’s another thing I’ve come to realize, Inuyasha. My meeting you was no coincidence. It’s more than that. Deep down you must know that I want you to live.
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indulgenthoax · 5 months ago
Kimetsu no Yaiba/ Demon Slayer
What it feels like to be loved by them pt. 3
Kyoujirou Rengoku, Sanemi Shinazugawa, and Tengen Uzui
Content- Fluff!
Warnings- Information from the manga (very subtle)
Honeyy’s note: I have such big crushes on everyone in KNY (ノ∀`♥)
Pt. 1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(MY HEART. (/∇\*)。o○♡)
Kyoujurou Rengoku <3
Kyoujurou’s love feels like when you’re sitting outside laughing with your friends on a sunny day right after it had been raining all week before.
This man is so in love with you it could probably make you cry from how much of it is there.
He will wrap you into BIG hugs!! Whenever he feels like it! Expect a lot of hugs and maybe kisses on your hands!!
(omg my literal heart)
Big time words of affirmation/ gift giving love language!
Less “I remember how much you liked this” and more like “I bought this golden necklace for you cause the shape of it made me think of you!”
He will always pour his whole heart into you (and he sometimes neglects himself so please take care of him!)
If you guys are sitting together basking in eachother’s presence he will be staring at you for a majority of it.
Then randomly he’ll be like “You are the most attractive human being I have ever laid eyes on.”
And then he calmly hits you with the prized smile? You’re dead now. Officially melted by pure adoration!
Tumblr media
Sanemi Shinazugawa <3
Okay to start off. Sanemi 100% has some messy trauma that conflicts heavily with love. (not to mention mommy AND daddy issues.)
He is a tough love kind of man, no doubt about it, but I swear to the lords he will kick anyones butts if they even breath insultingly at you.
Sanemi will definitely be protective over you because of his past and his current job but not so much that its suffocating?
You will be there with him and he will just calm down so much.
I actually think Sanemi would be the absolute best at remembering mile stones and anniversaries.
He will take the relationship super seriously and will be just such an amazing partner!
Acts of service are his go to. He doesn’t really know what else to do so damnit he’s just gonna help you.
Don’t get me wrong though, he will want to “lead” the relationship.
He’s gonna be brutally honest about something so it doesn’t weigh on his mind.
All in all though? He loves you so much and would go to the ends of the earth to support you.
Tumblr media
Tengen Uzui <3
Well to start off. This man has THREE WIVES.
Being loved by Uzui is what it feels like when you’re watching a load of fireworks go off and your soul is pounding and you’re just smiling like an idiot.
Uzui is a dedicated husband and loves his four spouses dearly.
He will put a lot of effort into making sure all of you are very well loved, absolutely no favorites.
When you first joined the Uzui family he made sure you were attended to and that you and his wives got along well.
He was SO happy when you all got along.
Uzui will shower you in gifts.
Jewels? you bet. Nice clothes? obviously. Books you’re interested in? He will buy the library.
Big words of affirmation guy too.
Imagine him lining y’all up and just going through and complimenting the heck out of everyone.
He is a big man with lots of love to offer, careful though because this man moves FAST.
Fast as in like he can’t not do something with you all at least twice a week.
(Yes he will throw a party to show you off to everyone.)
Tumblr media
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