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from this snippet in @guqin-and-flute‘s 3zun Raise Jingyi universe because it was JUST TOO ADORABLE??? not only little A-Fu staggering about in Xichen’s huge overrobe with the hat covering his eyes, but also BRAID TRAIN (…for a given value of “braid” on A-Fu’s behalf, that’s gonna be a lot of fun for poor Xichen to try and untangle later) and Soft Sleepy JGY 🥺🥺🥺

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every time i feel more than the minimum amount of sorry for jiggy (the minimum is still high), i remember that he was angry at jgs bc he gave jzx paid paternity leave

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The Untamed has taken over my life and I aint complaining either. I haven’t felt such joy since the time I was watching that fight from twilight breaking dawn pt 2 as it was only a dream and carlisle didn’t get beheaded.


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Thinking about Nie MingJue and the three times Meng Yao/Jin GuangYao harmed him always brings to mind Snow White’s stunning monologue from The 10th Kingdom (a highly recommended fairy tale miniseries):

“Twice she came. Once with a corset to crush my ribs and then with a poison comb to drug me. The last time she came, she brought the most beautiful basket of apples that I ever saw.

“And this time she stayed to watch me die. And to be sure, she held me in her arms until I died in front of her, choking on a piece of poison apple.

“And I often think, ‘Why did I let her in? Didn’t I know she was bad?’

“I did. Of course I did. But I also knew that I couldn’t keep the door closed all my life, just because it was dangerous, just because there was a chance I might get hurt.”

The corset was given at Langya, where Nie MingJue is betrayed for the first time in his life by someone he trusted. He is left frozen on his knees, his chest tight and body unable to move, as Meng Yao leaves him stunned silent on the battlefield.

The poison comb was given at Nightless City, where Meng Yao drags it through Nie MingJue’s trauma and battle-tangled hair, hair grown long to honor his parents, to honor a father whose death was caused by the Sect Leader now watching the display of Nie MingJue’s abuse at Meng Yao’s hands.

The beautiful basket of apples was brought to the Unclean Realm, where Jin GuangYao makes promise to do better and be better if only Nie MingJue will open the door to him again. Sweet, delicious apples Nie MingJue is encouraged to eat until the poison is in his blood and a piece is caught in his throat. He claws at his neck, choking on it, as Jin GuangYao stays to watch him die, as Jin GuangYao is the last thing he sees.

Nie MingJue knew the world was dangerous. That was why he fought in the Sunshot Campaign. That was why he wanted Nie HuaiSang to practice his saber. The world was dangerous, but Nie MingJue tried to make it safe.

Nie MingJue also knew Jin GuangYao was bad or, more accurately, that Jin GuangYao had done bad things. Of course he knew. He had seen those things happen right in front of him. But that didn’t mean Jin GuangYao couldn’t change. Nie MingJue wanted him to do better. He gave him opportunities to do the right thing.

Which is why Nie MingJue opened the door and let him in again.

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MDZS No.87 (2020) U.S. Price: $3.99 | 32 pages

Written by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu | Cover by cyandemise

Jin Guangyao has been lying low since his humiliating kick down the stairs of Jinlintai — but as his qi deviations worsen, Nie Mingjue may find the answers he’s been looking for. Or at least, the answer to who is trying to kill him! Is it possible that these these Cleansing sessions were all just a ruse to get the killer closer to his target?

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chaotic everything ended up being and how JGY is less of a chessmaster, setting it all up perfectly beforehand, but an opportunist who can make plans up on the spot even in totally unexpected situations. He didn’t expect the Qiongqi Path ambush to blow up as hard as it did. He probably didn’t expect to actually get WQ and WN (and just wanted to open negotiations with a strong hand). He definitely didn’t expect the bloodbath in Nightless city. And yet I think he got out of the whole mess (2/3)

what’s basically a total win (if I’m not forgetting anything). Even the massive amount of casualties worked in his favor, by boosting the Jin’s reputation as righteous for leading the charge against the evil WWX and reinforcing their authority to lead the cultivation world as a whole in general. Plus he met all his goals in regards to demonic cultivation and bumped off a few important people off his “to-kill” list. Not bad when his original intent was probably just to stir up tensions. (3/3)

Oh no he’s a chessmaster, very good at maneuvering pieces when he can set things up before hand. Not so good with improvising. Because actually Villainous Friends shows he really didn’t get what he wanted. With the Yin Tiger Seal broken, with everyone suffering from the Nightless City attack, and the Siege having Jiang Sect be the ones who got most of the glory…

Jin Guangshan was not happy at all. And that led to a lot of trouble for Jin Guangyao and even more crimes for him to commit. He eventually became Sect Leader but everyone knows that it’s not a normal situation; Jin Ling was just a baby at the time, at most 2-3 years old by the timeline we are given, so of course he couldn’t be Sect Leader! He has only his position of power until Jin Ling turns 20. That’s about 17-18 years of power. Unless something happens to Jin Ling…

(He was given his father’s generation’s theme naming, not his own generation’s; that’s basically saying “you aren’t a heir and won’t be sect leader ever”.)

Jin Guangyao, in canon, shows how bad he is at adapting to sudden change. He’s not absolutely terrible with it, but it doesn’t take much for him to panic and go to the same old routine: whenever he’s cornered, he immediately does his best to set up himself as a victim. I am very suspicious of the fact he drew out a cursed blade (and flat out removed it from its sheath) and placed it near Qin Su when she was in a bad mental state. It’s telling that he basically goes for either a crazy plan or one that paints him as the victim when cornered. He resorts to a comfortable norm in that regard. He does it with Nie Mingjue, with Lan Xichen, and very likely with others (depends on how much involvement he had in Jin Rusong’s death as that is entirely ambiguous; compared to Qin Su’s where the implications lean towards him doing it on purpose…)

He’s not terrible at improvising, but he really only knows how to fall back on to his finale plan. Which is “woe is me I am the most victimized person here” ick. That’s his default every time so no, not the best at improvising at all.

That reward goes to Wei Wuxian who is “the master of bullshiting” as per MXTX in an interview. Which is likely in part why Nie Huaisang called him back; aside from demonic cultivation and revenge, he is throwing chaos incarnate on the guy who relies on order and control of a situation to be on top. There is no way he’s going to win with Nie Huaisang stacking the deck in Wei Wuxian’s favour and him moving in secret for two months before Jin Guangyao ever finds out who is uncovering his secrets.

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Okay, clearly I am not gonna get anything done until I get this out of my head and on the screen, so here we go. In which Nie Huaisang did not find out his brother was murdered and Jin Guangyao is a bit yandere for both brothers.

By his internal estimate, he had only been at the paperwork for a little over two hours when his guest began to stir. Laying down his brush, he rose to his feet and went to sit at the edge of the bed. “Welcome back.”

Nie Huaisang blinked at him fuzzily, then put a hand to his head as he tried to sit up. “Back? Wait, why am I in bed?”

“You passed out in the middle of insisting you didn’t need the servants to fuss over you,” Jin Guangyao replied, letting the slightest bit of exasperated reproach leak into his voice.

It worked, and the younger man flinched and looked away in an attempt to hide his embarrassment.

His point made, he switched to a gentler tack, reaching out to delicately sweep Nie Huaisang’s hair out of his face. “You can’t keep this up, A-Sang. You shouldn’t keep this up. Da-ge wouldn’t want you to, you know that.”

“No. I don’t.”

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*grits teeth* i… made… a warrior cats cql/mdzs au

here’s a google doc that is basically just me absolutely brain vomiting about anything that came into my head. it’s very very unfinished, so please comment/make suggestions whatever! if you have any cool ideas just tell me! im very open to like. anything at this point.

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[How Jin Guangyao’s evil meetings with his lackeys often go]

Xue Yang: Very witty, my lord.

Jin Guangyao: Thank you, Xue Yang.

Su She: Very, very, very witty, my lord.

Jin Guangyao: Thank you, Su She.

Xue Yang: You’re certainly wittier than your father.

Su She: And head and shoulders over Nie Mingjue!

Jin Guangyao, glares at Su She: Is that supposed to be witty?

Su She, nervously: Er…No, my lord. Th-that was an example of the sort of thing that you yourself would not stoop to.

Jin Guangyao: Go away!

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