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What happened to you?
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Just Jinx annoying Silco
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Jinx: Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t have feelings for Caitlyn.
Vi, looking lovingly at Caitlyn from across the room: I don’t have feelings for Caitlyn.
Jinx: Vi, you're nowhere near my eyes.
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Tumblr media
I need a flashback scene of how Ekko tried to “save” Powder just to realize that she willingly goes with Silco now
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[I post more often on my twitter link in my bio👁)
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Goodreads (Part 3/Finale)
Tumblr media
A/N: Feeling like this will be the last part, I feel like I leave it enough on a good note, enough for y'all to fill in the blanks yourself ;^) A fun, flirty 3-parter, that suggests there's more to the story then what we get, but hopefully leaves a satisfying conclusion nonetheless.
Might come back to it one day, happy to do a few requests for it if asked, but for now, I hope you've enjoyed this mini-trilogy! <3
Warnings: Suggestive elements but SFW. Language, flirting, bit of philosophy-flirtations, tension, implied background violence.
WC/Pairing: 3.1K, Silco X GN!Reader
(Part 1, Part 2)
"'Why do men grovel...'" You begin to quote, slipping into your usual seat. He finishes for you, drink already halfway completed by the bartender you smile to in greeting, "'...as if deaf skies hear their pleas?' That's Yuean, yes? We covered his work last week."
"Nope," Holding out a hand, he presses the glass into your palm without further ado, though he does raise his natural brow at your correction. "Deumynon." Silco denies it immediately, "It's not."
"It is."
You hide your growing smirk behind the rim of your glass. "Deumynon... in collaboration with Yuean. 3rd edition, circa 971." The kingpin, and officially-unoffical King of Zaun, returns a small smirk at you, and lets out a chuckle so rare that the bartender can't help but look over with wide eyes.
Wide eyes that immediately, smartly, turn away before Silco can turn to give him a more-familiar sharp look. "You typically quote more alluring phrases. Groveling doesn't typically suit your speech," He notes casually. You hum, feeling the cool alcohol give a sweet, richer burn to your throat than the typical drinks that would be served at the bar to more average patrons. "For me, no, but I've had to deal with groveling the last couple times I've been here, that's why I came early to try and avoid it. Drunken, whining, and annoying groveling for my attention, for that matter." You sigh, turning slightly in your seat to look over the crowd. "Apparently he hasn't gotten the hint from last time."
Fingers go tight on glass next to you. "This has happened more than once?" Your response is replied with in the same, evenly calm tone, "How long?"
How long indeed.
It'd been several weeks since that infamous night you openly chatted with the man at the counter, and since you begun to join Silco in his office. It was becoming a routine at this point, arriving after work a few times a week to speed through the floor-level, avoid the raised brows of his goons hanging out in the downstairs area, before heading upstairs into the office.
You weren't blind to what those raised-brows meant. And you had no doubt the answer to the silent question would only raise them even further, in disbelief and incredulousness, but it was true. You and Silco just talked.
Just talked.
That was it. Talked, sometimes sipping a bit, then perhaps more than a bit of liquor as afternoon slipped into evening, cued in not by clocks, but by the dull thrumming of music beneath you. "To be fair, you located your office atop of a bar in the heart of the Undercity," You gently reminded him after he had slipped back to his desk to nurse his thirst. "You can't be that shocked, you decided to come here."
"Not by choice, I assure you. Conveniency is a tempting thing, and the temptation came at quite an... undoing moment for me." Smoothly returning to the couch, you go to lift your legs from they have stretched out over his spot so he could sit back down. Stopped by the touch of a hand at your ankle, you watch with a bit of a dry mouth as he casually slips it under both, raising them slightly so he could slid in between the space of your legs and the couch.
There's a smugness in his smirk as he oh-so-casually plops your legs down, settled across his lap, that had your ears burning.
Managing to work your mouth, you inquire subtly, "Undoing?" Humming in response, he reclined back onto the cushioned back of the couch, dipping his head back as he took a smooth dip into his drink. "Of sorts. A final haunting of old ghosts, an... acquiration of sorts. And a rather useless, destroyed warehouse, meaning a relocation was necessary on short-notice. My acquired had an idea, that benefited my reorganized goals, and so we ended up here."
You hummed, curious for more, but also knowing better than to push, especially on only the fifth or so date. Shuffling slightly to rest your elbows on the couch-arm behind you, though careful not to move your legs off the comfortable position on Silco's lap, you ask curiously, "Did you have another place in mind?"
Bright green glances out of the corner of his eye to you, brow slightly raised as you elaborate. "You seem to be the man-with-the-plan, I'm curious if you had a ending-destination in mind before you wound up here-" "On this couch with a unique, quaint being such as yourself?" The tease is mild, an attempt at innocent, but you catch the smirk he struggles to keep neutral at your deadpan.
"Do you have a plan? For where you're going to end up in life?" There's a beat, then a curious hum, caught between a sip of hard liquor and your unwavering gaze as he thinks. "Who are you asking?
"Hm." Getting the feeling that it's not exactly what he wanted to hear, you go to repeat the question in a more suitable for his inevitable, cryptic monologue, which you have gotten quite familiar with in between long bouts of silence during your read-alouds, but he surprisingly continues. "Personal goals have always been simplistic for me. Live to see another day, then, live to see Piltover begging for mercy. Live to work, live to envision. Live to survive, live to reach that vision. I've never really sat down and gone over the finer details."
"You do for everything else though," You quip, gesturing around the meticulous, carefully put-together office around the two of you, earning a small huff as his eye flickers. "True, but I suppose it's easier to fine-tune the details around your life, rather than your life itself. Also, it's hardly as if such plans would be granted with ease."
"No, the world just isn't that nice to us." You agreed, tapping your nails on the cover of the forgotten book with a hum. A part of you pondered his earlier inquiry, 'who are you asking?' and decided to be more direct. "If that's the answer from Silco, the leader of Zaun, I want to hear what Silco himself has to say."
"And if I don't have an answer for you right now?" A slow blink as you curled your legs slightly on his lap, reaching up to grip the couch-top to leverage up. Avoiding putting access weight on him, you pull yourself up until your within reaching distance of his face, just as he tilts his head to the side to face you fully.
For a beat, there's only a quiet appreciation between the slim space of air between you. Enough space for it to be hard to pass-off as platonic, should someone stride into the room, but enough that it's comfortable. Tension is there, but it buzzes in the background, muted and benign, heightened only when you begin to speak, just low enough for his hearing only, "You want to hear what I have planned?"
The red eye glows right through you as his other eye falters, going hooded as he gives a nod. You let in a small breath as you feel his palm slide back over your ankle, fingers slowly beginning to slide up over your calf as you taste the faint tinge of scotch still on his tongue before you let a quiet sigh back out. You hadn't even heard him put the glass away, but his hand was more preoccupied with slowly rubbing up and down your leg, rather than any fine, high-classed beverage.
"I plan to wake up, and go about my day as normal." The hand stops and a brow raises, but Silco doesn't comment on the lack of originality. He trusts, or at least expects the half-teasing follow-ups at this point from you, and you don't disappoint. "It's an alright existance, but I plan to have more entertainment in my evenings. Wash away the daily routine of day, with the fun of night."
"A rare desire, truly." He comments dryly, but sees the smirk dancing at the corners of your mouth, mirroring the upward tilt on his own. "Enlighten me, will you? What kind of fun do you plan to have?"
"Oh, the usual." You walked your fingers along the couch tops before slowly, sliding your hand over his relaxed one. "Get dragged off to a party or club every couple weeks. Dance a bit, get bored, go hang out at the bar counter with a classic..." With one hand smoothing up to your kneecap, his other turned to catch you hand in his own, palm against palm.
Silco charmed lowly, "You know, I have the very oddest sensation that I've heard this story before. Rather enjoyed it the first time around, wasn't aware there was to be a sequel."
"Hm, maybe just an expansion." You murmured in response, smirk curving your lips as you saw him lean a bit closer to catch your words. "Story about a stranger meeting stranger at a bar... not the most unique tale, but I still think it's enjoyable." There's a small squeeze from both his hands, the one in yours, and the one slowly shifting towards your thigh, thumb pausing to rub along the outer part. "Oh yes, very much so."
"What else," He continues after a minute of your silence and coy smile under his ministrations, hand stilling as you hum consiteringly, tapping your nails on the book cover you have in your lap. "Probably take up his offer of visitations... spend some quality time with a stranger, becoming a little less like strangers with each visit." You and the de facto leader of Zaun have gotten much closer, you realize suddenly. Close enough to see his eyes flicker briefly from your irises to trail down and watch the movement of your mouth, and close enough for you to see almost every miniscule detail as his lips part slightly, tongue slipping out just enough to slick his lips in a slow, methodical fashion...
You realize that you've completely forgotten what page you're on. Or what book you were reading.
"I rather like that plan. I think it's mutually beneficial, and leads to quite agreeable results..." That hand on your thigh begins to snake up along with his words, causing your breath to hit him as you feel his breath along your mouth as he murmurs, "Perhaps we should proceed to executing it?"
You let out an highly intelligent sound, as reflexive as your skill with the written-word, that vaugely resembles a 'uh-huh,' and there's a small chuckle against you as he goes to close the gap...
"Ew, not you kissin' the 'worm!"
The snort of astonishment, shock and bemusement that comes out of you is overshadowed by Silco's long-suffering sigh, mournfully pulling his hand from your leg to tilt his head back and glance up to the ceiling. "An intellectual, Jinx. Not a worm, those reside outside-" "Nah, ya got a right wormy here. Good thing I came along, ya know how fast the tabloids would pick up the story? I could see the headlines now, 'Scariest Old Man in town smooching a Slimy Little Bookworm-!'"
"Slimy?" You flick the book open in your lap and begin to thumb through the pages, pretending you don't hear the small huff that escapes Silco's mouth when you slip your hand from his. There's a blur of blue in your peripheral as Jinx lands from the rafters above, landing couched before bouncing-up on her toes with her arms spread in the air with an enthused 'ta-da!' "When did I get that reputation?"
"I dunno, it's just for the analogy, now scooch!"
You had to bite down hard on your lower lip as you quickly slipped your legs off of their resting place, said resting-place getting little time to complain as Jinx promptly tossed herself into his lap. The extended groan of pain from the father only made the too-old-to-be-doing-this daughter grin more innocently as she got comfortable, "Wasn't interrupting nothing, was I?" "Nothing we can't pick up at a later time," You assured her, again biting down on your lip as you saw a heterochromatic deadpan glare from atop her blue.
Jinx seemed to approve of your newfound, consistent presence in his life, at the very least, and seemed to find amusement in your calm demeanor in the face of her various, long-list of... quirks. This was hardly the first time she'd interrupted a meeting between you and Silco, either to demand attention from the latter, or muse herself with trying to get a rise out of you, the former.
You admit, the needle had been a bit off-putting, but if you could somehow charm the kingpin of the Underworld into wanting to spend time with you, you figured you could work on being at least an acceptable presence in the eyes of Jinx. "Welp, don't keep us waitin', wormy! Else he's gonna be all white come tomorrow... y'know, cause he's old 'n stuff."
"Ha." Silco reached over to grab his glass of scotch again, smoothly keeping it out of reach when his teenager made an attempt to grab at it. Shaking your head with a chuckle at the moment they were allowing you to witness, you finally caught familiar passages in the book, and believing to have found the page, picked up where you had left off...
How long days had gone like that, you weren't entirely sure.
The visits seemed to flow from one to another, minor differences not quite highlighting each visit as one would think, not even Jinx nonconsistant visits or interruptions every so open before skipping out.
The only true constant that made the visits pass as they did, was the ever-nearing closeness between you and Silco, gaps that were steadily closing tighter and tighter with each visitation. As it turned out, physical contact was not exactly the rarity one would imagine in the man known as the Eye of Zaun, at least from behind closed doors. Brief touches, longer slips and barely-present holds against you as the two of you simply sat there and just talked.
Honestly, if it weren't for the small annoyance, however humorous, when you caught a glimpse of Silco's reaction at the missed opportunities to cross the line you'd both been toeing, you'd consiter these the best series of dates in a long, long time.
You and a man, not drunken, with fine drinks, a good book and a sense that you were slowly becoming a comforting presence in this world of discomfort?
Yes, you'd consiter these to be dates, and rather very, very good ones at that.
Still, there were some nights you'd wish there was more. Which is why you were rather intrigued, as he took your hand to lead you from the counter, to one of the booths in the back of the establishment as the nightly crowd began to trickle in, in earnest.
Calm and cool since your admittance of a drunken admirer, the facade was clear to you in the way his hand was near-rigid at the small of your back, only releasing so smoothly move to your front, holding out a hand as he guided you into your seat. "Fancy," You piped out, taking note of one of the few booths not stained, or with faint, likely obscene scribblings left behind by drunken would-be artists. "You use this place often?"
"Yes, quite often."
You hum, turning to buff out some faint dust on the headrest of your seat. "I can tell." Silco merely tips the rest of his scotch back, leaving the empty glass on the corner of the table in cue for another. You watch as he does this, feeling his hand smoothly slide behind your back to curl around your waist, palm at your hip.
"'Subtly is not for the faint of heart, nor the faint of the observant,'" You quoted under breath with a small curl at your lips and a flush at your cheeks, directing your attention to the swirling glass in your own hand. "I'm not exactly going for subtly at this point," He informed you under his own breathing, a slow tap of his nails as he watched the bar-goers already taking places on the dancefloor, tables and counter. "Speaking of, let me know when your problem walks in. I believe I could offer a solution."
"I hope you aren't planning to stain the hardwood for me," Commenting with a light frown, the kingpin responds with a quiet chuckle, melting into a distant hum at your hitched breath. "For you? I have many things planned."
The thumb doesn't stop its slow rub along your hip, and you have to set your glass down with a clink on the table, interlocking your fingers to rest your chin on your hands as you rest your elbows on the table.
"Thought you said didn't have any plans..." Another small smirk, and you're caught under bi-colored eyes as he turns to face you fully. "Funny, you're normally rather precise in your quotations. Slipping up for any particular reason, are you?" The innocent squeeze along your hip makes your breath catch again, and you have to turn your gaze forward in order to get any semblance of your thoughts straighten together.
Silco takes advantage of this to lean close, voice breezing past your ear and raising hairs, "I distinctly remember saying I didn't have plans in that moment. Things have changed since then."
For the sake of habit, he gently guides your glass to reaching-distance when you blindly pat the table for your glass. You down half of it, equally blind, until your eyes focus on a newcomer into the establishment, one you're unfortunately familiar with. "Indigo shirt, just walked in," You mutter, and Silco doesn't even question it, raising his free hand to catch the attention of his closest henchman, directing them with a subtle point.
You watch quietly, once again feeling a small shiver up your spine as he leans close to you once more.
"What do you want me to do?"
A part of you realizes he means with the drunken fool who'd been bothering you, but the louder part of you takes note of his tone. It's the sound of someone who would offer you anything, anything at all that you ask for in that given moment, and as someone who had simply walked into this bar, weeks ago, with the intention of simply immerse yourself in a book.
You find that in the present time, your plans have greatly changed, and you close the book laying in front of you on the book-table.
"Kiss me."
Evidently, it seems that his plans have changed, or perhaps, gone-off without a hitch, for he doesn't skip a beat to heed your demand.
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Tumblr media
Fandom meets palaeontology obsession, but hey, I just think the “monsters” in the river are very cool
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
They do look something like modern sharks, which might be the inspiration for the look of Jinx’s missile launcher, as people have pointed out. But they also look very like a dunkleosteus (an armoured fish that lived some 360 million years ago). A lot of recreations look very similar to what we see in the show, although seeing as we only have the skull it’s kinda hard to be certain what the rest really looked like.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Anyways, I just think they’re neat
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ddeeric · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Misc arcane stuff
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he-is-so-fucking-cute · 4 hours ago
Hearing Jason Spisak say “Jinx, how am I supposed to live laugh love in these conditions?” is something I didn’t know I needed
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ssoullessbeing · 23 hours ago
Sad arcane theory/headcanon that jinx doesn't only call Ekko "boy savior" bc he came in to save vi and cait but also bc he tried to save jinx from silco and failed (obviously) and jinx mocks him for it
Like- even his line "powders dead vi, all thats left is jinx and she belongs to silco now" when he says it, he says it in a way that kinda insinuates that he tried to save powder and get her to his side with the Firelights but he couldn't bc she was already too far gone
I suck at explain but you get the idea
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nicolethecreative · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Get Jinxed bitch
(Click for full view)
Insta | Tiktok
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ekko-jinx · 11 hours ago
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lady-griffin · 2 hours ago
Silco’s Epiphany
Silco: Wait, do other people feel the way I feel about Jinx, but like for their own children?!
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agoutighost · 19 hours ago
Drunk shenanigans with Jinx and Silco
Silco x reader. 18+ only, drinking, violence, and mentions of vomit and spit. Cursing.
Tumblr media
You and Jinx often drank at the bar of the Last Drop together. Getting absolutely shitfaced and egging each other on to do stupid shit. 
Tonight you were both particularly rowdy. You'd already wound up a regular, just because Jinx convinced you it'd be funny. There wasn't much the guy could do besides walk away. You both laugh like maniacs, knowing that if he'd reacted in any way, he'd have to answer to Silco. Nobody messed with Silco's partner or his daughter. So you both took joy in taunting just about anyone during your drunk escapades.
Tonight was different though. Silco was watching you from the balcony, a little tipsy himself from having a few too many glasses, alone in his office, from a particularly stressful day. 
A guy had come over to the bar and Jinx started talking a load of rubbish to him. You weren't really listening but just sat watching them both next to you, whilst you stuffed your face with the chips that were stacked in front of you. He turned his face away, but you knew Jinx wouldn't put up with that.
"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" She says. "It's aaaaawfully rude."
He turned back and opened his mouth to speak. Poor guy. Wrong choice. As soon as he faced you, Jinx pinched your sides and you burst out laughing. Spraying the guy's face with wet chunks of chewed up chips. The sight of him, paused in shock, with spit and food stuck to his face, it only made you laugh harder, so much it had you falling off your chair. You could hear Jinx wheezing above you and the guy stormed off.
"That was quite a show," Silco mumbled to you as he gave you a hand to help you up.
"I, I just… did you see the look on his face?!" You stutter out between laughs. Tears fell from your eyes as your chest began to hurt from how funny it all was.
"Fucking priceless!" Jinx yelled.
"You're both idiots," Silco said with a devilish smirk.
"Maybe, but we're your idiots." You said, with a tongue poked out at him. Jinx giggled and waved at the bartender, who knew to make up each of your usual drinks. 
The drinks kept coming and you each kept finishing them. This next round, Silco asks for a special cocktail. One you'd never heard of before.
Silco goes on and on about the mix of the flavours and how they just flow together "It's just so di-" hiccup "-vine. You, you both have to try it."
The bartender begins putting on a show, with glasses juggled in the air and shots literally dropped into the cups from an unnecessary height.
"Stop showing off Chuck, we just want a drink!" Jinx calls over at him.
"It's not Chuck, it's-"
"Who caaaares?" You tease, earning a laugh from Jinx. Your arms are heavy as you reach out straight in front of you to grab the glass. But you were way too fast and your fingers fumbled, making the glass go flying at the bartender and coating him in the drink.
"Errrr… whoops," you mumble. "Another please?" Now Jinx and Silco are both laughing.
Silco squeezes your arm and hands you his. "Here," gracefully and with ease, he raises your limp arm up to bring the drink to his mouth and take a quick sip. "Just have the rest of mine."
Once you finish, Jinx drags you away from the bar. You dance together for a little while. Bouncing up and down, shaking your heads to the music together. Then she riles you up by giving you a few playful punches to the chest. Not hard enough to hurt but enough to get some energy brewing and a crazed look in your eyes. Quick as a flash, she's off and you're chasing her around the dancefloor.
Your brain was foggy, you don't know how many people you pushed over. Probably a few at least. But ehh who cares. You're having a great fucking time.
She races you back to the bar, a few feet from where Silco is leaning over it. You return her the gift of a few gentle punches and you're both howling with laughter again. Silco is watching you both closely, with an eyebrow raised, and a drunken haze glazing over his good eye. He can't hear you over the music but he can see Jinx whispering in your ear.
"Go on, just do it," she can't stop moving her hips side to side and bumping into yours as she repeats the idea to your drunk mind. "It'll be so funny. People will see and he won't know what the hell to do. Fucking hilarious." She grabs your shoulders and shakes you vigorously. The movement makes your head spin, more than it already was and you start giggling as you stumble over to Silco.
"Hey, how's your night-" he starts to say.
"POW" you cheer as your fist meets his face in a swift punch. After recoiling your hand, you raise your arms in a jokingly triumphant victory. You smile at him then immediately realise your mistake. You'd seriously just sucker punched your lover in the face? Jinx's hysterical laugh fills your ears, but the short pretend victory is over in a second as you see the shift in his face.
The punch you received back was a hell of a lot harder. You fell to the floor immediately and your eyes blacked out for a second as you heard Jinx gasp. But then, as fast as you'd fell, you got back on your feet and launched yourself into his arms. 
"Shit, you've got a much better punch than I have," you nuzzled into his neck and his tense stature relaxes in your embrace. "Show me how to fight like that one day." His arms are around your waist now and you kiss him on the cheek. It was only a little red from where you landed the hit.
"I, I'm impressed you got back up so fast." He stammered out. You could hear the uncertainty in his voice. "It was impressive. And I, I think I'm actually proud of you for that."
Jinx jumps over and joins the embrace.
"Fuck, m'you guys ha-had scared me for a secomd then," Jinx mumbled into your back, words slurred and just about understandable.
Next thing you knew, you were in Silco's private bathroom upstairs, face down, throwing up into the toilet, as he held back your hair. 
"Urrrrr…. Never again," you groan. Silco strokes your back gently and you lift your head to look at him. 
"You say that everytime, my love." He'd clearly sobered up by now.
"Yes, well, I don't know how you put up with me." You wiped your mouth with your sleeve. "Or Jinx." You both chuckled.
He cocked his head. "The things we do for love."
"Ha! Speaking of Jinx though-"
"She's already passed out on her bed."
You nodded in response, glad she was safe. Silence filled the room as you felt your stomach was finally empty.
"I-" he struggled to put his thoughts into words. "I apologise for my actions tonight. I shouldn't have done that." He looks down at his hands and your eyes follow, noticing the bruise that covered one of his knuckles and you wondered if you'd find a similar mark on your face. "You weren't aware of what you were doing, but I should not have reacted in such a-"
You waved a weak hand at him. "I was being an arsehole and I deserved it," you shrugged your shoulders.
"You did," he said, the edges of his lips raised in a teasing grin.
"Well, that's rude," you teased back. But a smug look grew on your face when you remarked that "Not many people can say they've punched the Kingpin of Zaun in the face and lived." You find your tongue sticking out at him and he rolls his eyes in response. You know full well that no one who crossed Silco ever survived his wrath, no one but you and Jinx.
"Take a shower and come to bed, you dirty little animal. I'll make sure your behaviour tonight doesn't go unpunished" he says in a low tone, almost a growl. You got the hint, as he kissed your mouth passionately, ignoring the fact you'd only just finished puking a few minutes ago. He nipped your bottom lip.
"Looking forward to it." You promised, knowing your body would ache in the morning from more than just a hangover. 
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hearth-fucker · 18 hours ago
Silco going over his quarterly expenses and allocating more funds to the "office supplies" budget so that Jinx can get the really good glow in the dark paint pens
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thebigqueer · a day ago
when girls with blue hair and pronouns are unhinged
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winterserpent · 13 hours ago
As an autistic with C-PTSD who has tics which make me say "shut up" and hit myself seeing Jinx do the same things makes me feel seen and understood❤
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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