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Hello everyone !!!

So, I’m trying a new thing, making HC with most of Joaquin characters because I realized a lot of you liked several of his characters and might enjoy same HC for different characters (Here we have Commodus, Arthur/Joker, Joe, Charlie, Max California, Bruno, Abbe, Doc Sportello and Freddie Quell!

Tell me if you liked it and would like more! 

You can request ! and also ask for some characters to be added like Bobby, Willy, Leonard, Abe Lucas, Theodore, etc ENJOY! 



Originally posted by a-loser-in-disguise

-        You had found an abandoned dog as you went for a walk in the city. Alone, in a corner of a dirty alley, undernourished. It looked at the crowd of people with sad eyes, hoping someone would notice them.

-        You had approached the poor animal, who instantly came to you, wagging its tail in excitement, happily accepting your caress on its head. You ordered to one of your servants to go get a piece of meat at a nearby butcher to feed the dog, it was a male, with a golden fur, which was quite tarnished by the dirt.

-        You couldn’t resist, this dog was way too affectionate for you to leave it alone in the streets; you had to bring it home. It happily followed you to the palace thankful for the food you had fed him. You instantly went to Commodus to tell him, you wondered how he would react. He was sitting at his study, reading papers of the Senate.

-        His eyes lit up as he saw you arrive, then he noticed the golden animal walking by your side.

-        “Y/N what is that?” he asked you, although he had an idea of what was your intent. But he didn’t want it, it was dirty and probably carrying diseases.

-        “That is our new companion. I couldn’t leave him alone, he’s really sweet.” You explained smiling as you looked at the animal, who happily wagged its tail in return. Commodus wasn’t so surprised after all, he knew you were a woman of compassion and love; the only one who loved him.

-        He wasn’t fond of the dog at all, but the Emperor would do anything to keep you happy and pleased. He sighed; he didn’t have the choice but accept “Keep it then. But don’t expect me to take care of it.” He said nonchalantly, but his heart fluttered as a big happy smile formed on your lips, and you took his face between your hands to kiss him.

-        But Commodus wasn’t as insensitive to the animal as he expressed; in fact, he was rather intrigued, he had a horse and truly cared about him, he wondered if it could be the same with the dog “The dog the Emperor cannot stay filthy like this, have him washed and properly fed” He told you looking back at his papers, you hide a smile, you knew Commodus was going to care for him as much as you.

-        As you had dinner, the dog would go sit at Commodus’s feet, lifting his ears each time your lover would take a piece of food, you couldn’t help but laugh, and Commodus found it funny too, grinning as he slowly put the food in his mouth on purpose. Then, he wouldn’t be able to resist and give a piece of meat to the dog.

-        As Commodus got attached to him, your dog would often accompany him to the Senate, and lie down at his feet, and when the Emperor would get angry at someone in particular, your dog would even bark at the Senator, and in return Commodus would appease him, by caressing his head “Good dog.” He would compliment, smirking defiantly at the Senator.

-        Commodus would even train him; in no time, your dog became very obedient. Commodus had even spent time to train him to be your guard dog and protect you when Commodus wasn’t by your side.

-        In the end, Commodus truly enjoyed his presence, it was soothing him when you couldn’t.  And Commodus often found himself petting him. You would even find your lover in the gardens playing with your dog, laughing, of course you would join them, glad that your dog brought even more light in the Emperor’s dark mind.



Originally posted by murrayshow

-        Both Arthur and Joker, would bring you a dog as gift. They knew how much you loved animals and dreamt of having one.

-        Arthur went to a shelter and had found this little old dog abandoned by his family, he wished he could have gotten you a young puppy in a shop but it was cheaper for him to get a dog at an animal shelter and Arthur knew he was making a good action, to make another being happy.

-        Arthur felt his heart melt as he showed you the little animal in his arms, you squealed in happiness, caressing the doggy’s head while it gave you excited licks on your cheek.  But before you could take the dog in your arms you made sure to thank Artie, giving him a big kiss, burying your fingers in his long locks. He moaned in surprised, he was so happy you liked his gift, he had been so nervous about it.  

-        Arthur constantly watches over the little dog, he’s fascinated. He loves how the animal constantly ask for his attention while you’re away from home. This beautiful being noticed him and enjoys his care.

-        However, Arthur often worries about the affection you give to your dog, you constantly pet him, talk to him and make sure he’s okay. Arthur worried that all your attention might travel to the dog and that you forget about him.

-        But he doesn’t say anything because he sees your smile and how happy the animal makes you feel.

-        Of course, you notice it. You knew how Arthur behaved when he was upset, how he threw you sad looks as you kissed and petted your dog. So, you took your dog in your arms and sat on Arthur’s lap, setting the dog between the two of you; you encircled your arms around Arthur’s neck, gently caressing his dark locks, and leaning forward to tenderly kiss his lips “I love you Artie.” You assured him between kisses, he exhaled in relief, caressing your back.

-        To this, your dog happily wagged its tail, making the both of you laugh “He needs love too, I think the both of us have enough love to share it with another being.”

-        Of course, the dog would sleep in your bed, Arthur and you too to be honest, couldn’t resist to the pleading of the dog at the feet of the bed. So, Arthur, would get up and pick up the animal in his arms, he knew that with age the dog couldn’t climb on the bed by itself. Your dog would then happily curve into a ball between the two of you.

-        Arthur loves walking your dog with you, holding your hand; he felt so much like a thing any other normal couple did.

-        As for Joker, he went through all the pet shops of Gotham to find the perfect puppy for you. He wants the cutest for his girlfriend.

-        He would enter your flat, you would be reading on the sofa, he wears a proud smile. The puppy is in a box behind the door. Your face lit up when you saw him, you quickly got up and encircling your arms around his neck, he passionately captures your lips, he’s excited to see your reaction, his heart his racing like the ghost fear of Arthur rushing back in him.

-        “Close your eyes, baby.” He’d purr against your lips. You didn’t expect a surprise but what could you say, Joker was unpredictable. You closed your eyes eagerly. Joker briefly detailed your beautiful face, smiling tenderly. Then, he hurried to get the puppy out of the box.

-        “Open your arms, careful it’s heavy and fragile.” He’d precise, holding the small animal in his arms. You briefly frowned when you felt what was in your arms and you quickly realized it was moving, you instantly opened your eyes and you felt tears come into your eyes as you looked at the cute puppy who rested its front paws on your chest so that it could lick your face.

-        Joker is not very interested in having a pet, but he enjoys your happiness with a puppy. He had to admit the little creature was touching, maybe it was how innocent and pure it was in this cruel and dark world.

-        He still leaves you the task to take the puppy on a walk. He has no time for this kind of activities, what would people say?

-        But one thing he likes to do is bath the puppy. Joker enjoys taking care of those under his protection and that included your little animal. He’d take off his waistcoat, and roll up his sleeves, he looked particularly sexy like that. You’d lean against the doorframe to watch them.

-        You love how he would constantly talk to your puppy in high-pitched voice, exciting your dog even more. You would laugh openly when the animal would shake himself and splash water on Joker and in return your lover would also splash him.

-        Joker would also get jealous of your dog very easily. He’d get even more physical with you “I’d like to be petted too…” he’d purr into your ear, nibbling your ear lobe.

-        It was quite funny, how your puppy would keep seeking Joker attention, running around him, trying to chew his shoes; when you’d be watching TV, if you weren’t the first by Joker’s side, the puppy would take your place, laying down on Joker lap, he would sigh in annoyance but somehow couldn’t get mad at the animal “No, that’s Y/N place…”and you found it so cute that you would just snuggle against the clown , kissing his cheek and caressing your puppy’s head.

-        He would groan when the puppy would jump on your bed, “aww little baby come here!!” you would say softened by the little fur ball, but he wouldn’t say anything else because you wouldn’t mind the puppy that night; Joker might end up sulking because the dog separates you from him but you would always find a way to snuggle against him during the night and he’d forget about his frustration.

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“You know what, I can over-think everything and find a million ways to doubt myself. I’ve been really thinking about that part of myself and, I’ve just come to realize that we’re only here briefly. And while I’m here, I wanna allow myself… joy. So fuck it.

HER (2013) dir. Spike Jonze
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“When we had our final fitting for the suit, it was all put together with the right shirt, with the right waistcoat, and the fit of it was really dead-on ‘70s, where it’s a little longer line in the jacket. Joaquin was very excited about it and he took on this different kind of slinky, sexy walk, which is just right for this guy at the end of the story.”

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Arthur doesn’t deserve someone who tries to change him, he deserves someone who loves his broken heart, deserves someone who, loving every scratched piece of his soul, holds them in their hands and kisses them one by one, and if they cannot be fixed that’s okay.

He deserves someone who loves his broken pieces just for the man he is. A beautiful and perfect man in is imperfect, broken and human way. He doesn’t have to be fixed to be loved

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I didn’t see the movie Joker for the first time until the beginning of February. Since then, I have (obviously) become infatuated with Arthur Fleck. At the same time, I have had some major emotional shit happening in the relationships in my own life, with this quarantine situation thrown in for good measure.

What I discovered, though, in these past months, is the absolutely amazing, diverse and accepting collection of people that make up the Joker fandom. Everyone connects to this character for different reasons, and the fact that we can all share and revel in the stories and pictures is astounding.

Thank you all for being you, Joker fans. You’ve made a difference in my life. 🤗

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