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thehopefulquotes · a day ago
I’m attracted to the extreme light and the extreme dark. I’m interested in the human condition and what makes people tick. I’m interested in the things people try to hide.
Johnny Depp
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kimkimberhelen · 2 days ago
This site is wild. Woker than woke™ progressives were literally contributing to the narrative that women can't be trusted in the wake of Depp v Heard. A woman's word wasn't to be believed; her credibility should be challenged. You know how us women folk be with our constant running around and making up abuse stories for attention - according to social media, it's an epidemic that needs to be stopped - it'll be 'good' for feminists and level the playing field for male abuse victims. Because women are always believed and always receive justice by the legal system. Never mind the fact that most male abusers never receive any jail time and usually just get restraining orders at the very most, whereas women are more likely to go to prison simply for self-defense in domestic violence cases.
So many folks were making the case that women making up abuse stories was the rule and not the exception. A woman should only be trusted if she's 'nice' which is an ever-changing and ever-shifting goal post, the requirements constantly being re-written. As of now a credible female abuse victim never fights back ever, under any circumstance, and displays the proper and appropriate trustworthy and traumatized body language in a televised court appearance.
Now women have lost abortion rights because women aren't to be trusted about our own choices pertaining to our bodies. Our decisions aren't credible.
If you fail to see how you've contributed to this misogynistic narrative, you're just being willfully obtuse at this point.
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yup-thats-me · 2 days ago
—find you always • j.d
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
a/n: this is for my friend @jdfan4life hope you like it :>
pairing: Johnny Depp x reader
summary: y/n faints in a supermarket and Johnny's worried
warning: fainting, supermarkets, chocolate, (are those warnings?) fluff
note: Don't hate. I take criticism not hatred. If you don't like it, KEEP. IT. TO. YOURSELF.
Tumblr media
Johnny chuckled. he knew you weren't actually irritated, you were just hungry. "lets go get 'em then."
"what do you want first, dear?" Johnny asked kissing the top of your head. "(your favorite snacks), that's all i want all the damn time," you replied a bit of annoyance in your voice.
he offered his hand which you gladly took with a smile. upon entering, the bright light blinded you for a moment making your hold on Johnny's hand a bit tighter. "you okay, y/n?" he asked concerned. you nodded
after regaining yourself for a moment, you both began walking around the supermarket. collecting all the necessary products, and some vegetables and all the domestic stuff.
johnny was walking ahead of you looking at some of the shaving cream options the store offered. "you don't need to shave. i like the moustache," you pulled him closers, your eyes shining with a glint of mischief.
johnny tossed the product in the cart. pulling you closer, he held you by the waist, standing incredibly close to you. "someone's in a mood," he whispered, nibbling on your earlobe. you silently thanked god that this particular aisle was empty otherwise your faces would be scattered on the tabloids the next morning.
"what? you do look incredibly hot with the moustache," you smirked teasingly. "oh come here," he remarked pulling you in even closer and pressed his lips against yours for a smearing kiss. the kiss was getting more and more hot. unwillingly, you pulled away.
"people might catch us, baby!" you giggled, hitting him playfully on the chest. Johnny threw his hands up in an exaggerated way. "I can't even kiss my girlfriend. a cruel world we live in." he sighed dramatically.
you pecked him on the cheek. "you know that's not what I meant, babe."
"of course i know, love. just messing with you. Are we done?" he questioned, placing his arms around your shoulder. "yeah. lets go home. not feeling too good," you said slowly. "hmm."
you stood behind Johnny waiting in front of the counter to pay the bill/ looking around, some people did stare at the two of you. it wasn't something new to you. you were used to it now.
a boy caught your eye. he was eating a bar of chocolate. focusing on the bar, you figured it was the chocolate that you've been wanting to get. you didn't find it today here. maybe you should go ask him where he got it. "be back in a moment," you quickly said to Johnny and progressed towards the standing boy.
"hey little guy!" you greeted. he smiled. "what's your name?"
"Benji. yours?"
"Y/n. mind if i ask you where you got that chocolate, Benji?"
he moved his head side to side, nodding. "there. its on that aisle." he pointed. "okay thank you. you're a good kid," you ruffled Benji's hair and walked away.
you half sprinted towards that aisle. after searching for a bit, you found your desired chocolate and held it proudly in your hand. "found you," you giggled at yourself suddenly, black dots started to appear in your vision. before you could do anything, you fell on the hard floor with a thud, unconscious.
on the other hand, Johnny was done billing. "c'mon. y/n, lets go–" he paused mid-sentence, when he looked up to find you were not there.
Johnny had heard your excuse and had nodded. although that was ten minutes ago. you should be back by now. "Y/N?" he shouted for you to hear, he got no response.
he stood in the middle of the store, his eyes searching for you. "Y/N?" he called again. after a few minutes, he decided to give you a call on your cellphone. he heard it ringing for few good minutes then the line went dead. he called again, no answer.
he began panicking. "Y/N! where are you?" he screamed. seeing him in distress, a worker came forward. "any problem, sir?" he asked.
"huh? yes actually. I can't find my girlfriend." Johnny answered in a rush.
"okay sir don't panic. we'll make an announcement. what's her name?"
"Y/N, Y/n L/n. please do it quickly," Johnny practically pleaded the worker. "yes sir. keep calm, please. you sure she was here?"
"yes yes. she was standing beside me in the line and went somewhere to get something. didn't tell ma what. it's been twenty minutes since then. she should have been back by now."
the worker nodded and walked away to make the announcement. "Ms. Y/N L/N, Mr. Depp is looking for you. if you can hear this, please come to the counter. i repeat. Ms. L/N please some to the counter if you can hear us!" the worker said in the microphone.
Johnny ringed your phone non-stop only to receive no answer. fortunately, Benji, the little boy was still there. he came forward Johnny. "you looking for Y/n? the woman with (your hair color)? and (your outfit of choice)?" he asked, his parents staring at Johnny.
"yes, yes! that's her! have you seen her, my boy?" johnny asked the boy frantically. "yeah she asked me where i got my chocolate and i showed her that aisle. she had went running there.''
Johnny thanked the boy and sprinted to the aisle. he fell knee first ont he ground when he saw you laying unconscious still on the floor. surprisingly, no one was there. or maybe, people had ignored your body laying on the floor. whichever it was, it didn't matter now.
"Y/n? darling wake up," he was nearly on the verge of tears. he fetched a bottle from the rack beside him and sprinkled some on your face.
"wake up, Y/n, wake up," he wishpered slapping your face gently.
after sprinkling water a few more time, you wokr up wioth a cough. "Oh god, o thank god!"
Johnny held you close to his chest as you regained yourself. people stood all around the two of you, staring. some even had their cellphones out recording. that made the blood in his veins boil.
"you people are recording? you think this is some kind of entertainment? you crazy fucks! Go mind your own business," Johnny roared. the people walked away in shame.
"you okay, love?" he asked, pushing aside the strands of your hair away from your face. you coughed again. "I am now that i have my chocolate," you grinned, your eyes droopy.
"you crazy girl," he chcukled. "your crazy girl."
"yes my crazy girl," he said kissing your temple. "now, lets go home."
"how did you find me?" You asked getting up with his help. "Benji, the little kid helped me. I'll always have a way to find you when in need, y/n."
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nightlyquotes · 2 days ago
I'm attracted to the extreme light and the extreme dark. I'm interested in the human condition and what makes people tick. I'm interested in the things people try to hide.
Johnny Depp
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princeadesblog · 2 days ago
Breathe. It’s only a bad day, not a bad life.
- Johnny Depp
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countesscuriosity · a day ago
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Spotted at Glastonbury, apparently. Source: x
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Johnny Depp smoking >>
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I'm innocently walking down the street and BOOM
Dior sauvage poster
Tumblr media
And I'm through the roof again...
Btw I can totally get used to walking past this every day for the upcoming week 🙃
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arianadeb0se · 19 hours ago
Amber Heard admitted on tape to starting physical fights with Johnny Depp and told him she “couldn’t promise not to get physical again,” then went on the stand and claimed he was the aggressor in every fight they had and she only ever hit him in self-defense (and in her sister’s defense), but please, oh please keep telling me Johnny was the one using DARVO tactics
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dailyjdepp · 23 hours ago
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sullxo · a day ago
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johnny-depp-daily · 15 hours ago
6-27-22: Johnny waving to his relatives as he leaves Annexet, Stockholm, Sweden on tour with Jeff Beck
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deppjohnnyforever · 2 days ago
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anthroxlove · a day ago
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The lawsuit contains explosive allegations including the claim that they once had to wipe drugs from Depp's face in a nightclub to stop others around him seeing the substance. The men say that not only did they have to watch as Depp 'spiraled' into a 'financial hurricane', they also had to act as babysitters for his children.  'Sanchez, whose primary detail was the protection of Depp's children, was more often than not the primary caretaker for Depp's minor child who lived off of Depp's compound in a separate home alone. ( credit to teamheard.co for the photo )
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lilyyrosedeppp · 2 days ago
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Pretty girl
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jdepppp · a day ago
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Rare Photos!
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ancientsstudies · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
"Tell the world, Johnny, tell them, 'Johnny Depp, I, a man, I'm a victim too of domestic violence' and see how many people believe or side with you."
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spaceeoddity · 29 days ago
As a verdict is possibly hours away, a sense of dread has been building in my stomach for what it will mean for Amber’s future, as well as all victims of intimate partner violence (IPV), particularly as women’s basic rights continue to be under attack in the United States. Like many people who are following the case, I have personal experiences with abuse. Much of my research focuses on IPV, specifically, the disparities in resources and services that are available for survivors to leave their abusers, such as economic, social, geographical barriers. It’s a topic which is deeply tied to my own personal experiences and academic career.
I initially was ambivalent to Amber Heard. Before I began to research the case, I was firmly in the "they both suck" camp, having only briefly glanced through articles. I started to pay more attention to the media coverage over the past six weeks and was really staggered by how Heard was being portrayed as a lying, crazy, gold-digging woman through narratives that were not only going unchallenged, but were heavily perpetuated in the public discourse. Even worse, that the abuse she experienced had been capitalized on by "true crime" junkies and mocked in TikTok videos and Youtube compilations. So I began watching the trial live and found that there was far more evidence and far more substantial evidence which shows that JD was the perpetrator of abuse within their relationship.
The evidence collected through JD's personal texts and emails show an early pattern of abuse. He exerted control over the clothes Amber wore and would become angry when she didn't dress "conservatively". He would consistently accuse her of having affairs with acquaintances, friends, and various co-stars, even with an openly gay director, Clive Barker. He didn't like that she was ambitious and would scorn her when she took opportunities to advance her career. He would constantly refer to her with misogynistic language. He also referred to Amber, an openly bisexual woman, as a “lesbian camp counsellor”. He messaged other men to discuss killing her through drowning and burning her, and then raping her burnt corpse to prove that she was truly dead. This all occurred while they were still dating. She was in her early 20s and he was in 50s. All of these coercive, paranoid, jealous, controlling behaviours are deeply and unequivocally abusive.
None of this includes the evidence which shows physical and sexual abuse. There are audio tapes in which he admits to headbutting her, so hard that she was concerned her nose was broken. In another recording, they discuss how her family and friends have seen her bruises, broken blood vessels, and bald spots from her hair being torn out of her scalp. Another shows him stating “I will smack the ugly c**t before I let her in.” A video shows him aggressively breaking and smashing furniture near her. One interaction reveals that Stephen Deuters, his assistant, begged her to come back to him after her assaulted her on a plane in front of his bodyguards, pleading to her that JD was remorseful for his actions. Heard also has stated he sexually assaulted her multiple times. Remember, he previously discussed violently raping her in those infamous messages to Paul Bettany.
As for witnesses, several testified to seeing bruises on her numerous times, including JD's witnesses, such as their marriage counsellor. A makeup artist, Melanie Inglessis, testified to covering swelling on her lip and two black eyes. Raquel Pennington saw several injuries, including bloodied bald spots on her head, a swollen nose, and cut lip. She expressed fear JD would eventually kill Amber if she didn't leave. Josh Drew also testified to seeing her with injuries, including black eyes, a swollen cheek, and a busted lip. iO Tillet Wright (who Depp misgenders throughout his testimony) recalled hearing JD assault Amber and scream “oh, you think I hit you? You think I fucking hit you? What if I peel your fucking hair back". iO then called 911. This was the incident which led Heard to file for a divorce and a restraining order, two days afterwards. It is worth noting that Pennington, Drew, and Wright all corroborated this incident in their depositions, as did iO’s 2016 essay.
Is she guilty of fighting back? Absolutely. She never lied about doing so, even dating back to her 2016 deposition. However, fighting back against a man who has beaten you, sexually assaulted you, controlled your career, finances, and who you can associate with does not equate to being an abuser. It’s simply surviving. And yes, I’ve heard those audio tapes, the in which she’s expresses her incredulity at him for stating their fights were fair when she feared he would kill her.
His case has relied upon deeply misogynistic narratives to discredit both her claims and her character. She was after his money all along, even though she refused the 30 million dollar fortune she was legally entitled to, as there was no prenup. She painted on bruises, even though a makeup artist testified to covering up her swollen lip and two black eyes. She cut off his finger, even though multiple texts and even an audio recording showcase him admitting to doing it in the midst of a bender. She didn't donate her money, even though she and the organization created a 10 year plan for her to make yearly payments (in my personal opinion, what she does with her money either way is nobody's fucking business). Also worth noting, an ACLU representative testified to her being ahead of schedule until Depp began suing her. She made up a hoax, because she documented her abuse - as we advise all people who are in abusive situations to do. She's a liar, because women are inherently deceitful liars.
None of the evidence that JD's attorneys presented has proven that she defamed him through her op-ed piece. That's likely because their goal was never to prove that her article - which never explicitly references him or their relationship - impacted his career. Those who watched the trial will know, Tracy Jacobs, his agent of 30 years stated that it was his drug and alcohol abuse, anger issues, chronic lateness (7 or 8 hours late to set each day), and unprofessionalism that led to his career decline. Film crews grew tired of working around these problems, and eventually, so did Hollywood. Tina Newman, a Disney Corporate Representative who worked on POTC stated no one knew of Amber’s op-ed until Depp sued her. 
The trial was always meant to humiliate, shame, and terrorize her. We are witnessing in a powerful man terrorize his ex-wife through the legal system, all while the world makes TikToks of her sexual assault testimony. JD has a documented history of violence and is due for another court date after assaulting a crew member of the set of City of Lies. To quote his own words, “If I’m angry and I’ve got to lash out or hit somebody, I’m going to do it and I don’t care what the repercussions are. Anger doesn’t pay rent, it’s gotta go. It’s gotta be evicted.”
I don't know whether Amber Heard will win her case. We’re witnessing a radical right-wing political swing to control and criminalize women’s bodies with Roe v. Wade under attack right now. To be blunt, I have very little faith in the justice system and that a jury - in Virginia of all places - will rule in favour of an abused woman over her charismatic, powerful ex-husband. However, I think it's important to remember that Amber did everything right, that is, everything we tell women to do. She documented her abuse, left her abusive partner, and was granted a restraining order - and she's continuing to be punished for doing so. If Amber, a privileged white woman with access to economic resources, is still struggling to escape her abuser, how can we expect women without those privileges to?
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