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Lance in writing: Dragon-types do not scare me…well…except for one in particular. It’s my Pokemon, and although he has good intentions, he’s going to kill me.


Uh oh!!! someone evolved! *sniff* *sniff* he’s all grown up now. He still wants to cracks da backs tho.

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Stantler for the Johtodex!

The first time I saw Stantler was in the anime in its debut episode where it could put people under illusions with a scent emitted from its antlers, which is what inspired this painting. I feel Stantler is still a cool design that often gets overlooked.

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Episode seventeen is here! I hope you enjoy!

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Spooning || Gym Leaders & Trial Captains


Brock - Leans big spoon

Misty - Little spoon

Lt. Surge - Prefers big spoon, but there are nights where little spoon is necessary

Erika - Switch

Koga - Leans big spoon

Janine - Big spoon

Sabrina - Leans little spoon

Blaine - Switch

Giovanni - Big spoon

Blue - Leans little spoon

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Proto Trainer Class from the Space World assets called Sportsman

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Thank you so much! I know these are super late but!! Such a cute prompt. I hope you enjoy these, and have a lovely day! <3 


♡ Blue knew you were getting sleepy during the movie, but instead of calling it a night he decided to rib you about it and put on the sequel. This would be his undoing. When your head hits his shoulder and your breathing transitions to soft snores, the poor boy freezes.

♡ He was not prepared for this in the slightest and now that he’s here… Oh Arceus… You’re cute. He takes a deep breath and settles back into the couch. He’s going to be staying here for a while. The only way you’re waking up is if you get up on your own, or the house catches on fire.

♡ He spends a good chunk of the time thinking of how flustered you’ll be when you wake up on his shoulder. He starts thinking up one liners and snarky remarks he could make, and rehearsing them in his head. But no matter what your reaction is going to be priceless.

♡ When your eyes flutter open and you realize where you are, your head shoots up. He can’t fight back his laugh. But all his witty remarks seem to leave his head when he sees your wide eyes and sheepish green. A lopsided smile appears on his face.

♡ He lifts up his arm and drapes it along the top of the couch behind you. He motions for you to come over. “Well, c’mon. At least get comfortable this time.” 

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A Much Needed Roost – A doodle suggestion from a good friend of mine.

- Any support is greatly appreciated! -

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Legend has it that Ho Oh was born of a rainbow, and bestows blessings on those adoring its symbol

Which is how it became a representive mascot for the LGBTQ community

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A new Poke Console design is available as earrings and prints! I’m planning on doing a lot more of these this year 😄

Shopify - Etsy

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