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porunareff · 2 days ago
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Jolyne nendoroid revealed! Pre-orders start January 27th, with the respective bonuses being a punching effect piece and a customized pedestal.
But MOST importantly, rat!Jolyne is included, please acknowledge her...
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highdio · a day ago
Tumblr media
Jolyne Kujo art by Suzumori Nishiki, modeling director for the Stone Ocean anime OP (via twitter.com/kamikazenosyain; artist’s twitter: twitter.com/submori_521).
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holenareff · a day ago
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hoetaro-kujhoe · a day ago
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smursmur · a day ago
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This is by far the closest how Jotaro looks in my head
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lukosei · 2 days ago
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My piece for the @jjbafoodzine !! Go check out leftover sales, you got till Jan 31st highly recommend B)
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tamyedits · a day ago
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malibusmoke · 2 days ago
I’d like to send in a thirst!
NSFW ofc🌶🌶🌶
Fem!reader is rather shy in bed (and is short) so (part 4) Jotaro gently guides her and in his own way praises her. Size difference? Yes please
The part that makes her blush the most is when she has to get on top of Joot, and slowly take him in bc (in my thirsty ass mind) he is huge.
Joot tells her she’s doing well as she slowly rides him to adjust but omg it’s 😩😩😩
Jotaro enjoys her expressions and can’t get enough of her soft moaning and begging. When he cums he fills her up all the way, and she passes out bc the dick is bomb
Cuddles ensue after ❤️
Such a Good Girl- Jotaro Kujo × Reader
Tumblr media
note: this turned into more of a fic than a thirst... I've never actually written a fem reader fic before so ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
“F-ah-fuck…” Jotaro moaned as his cock slid between your slick folds, grazing against your clit and drawing a sharp whimper from you.
tw: AFAB! fem! reader, riding, overstimulation, coming inside, praise kink, size kink, pet names, implied fainting, soft sex
“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you Y/N.” Jotaro’s voice was low as he mumbled into your ear, leaving hickeys and soft kisses on your neck. He curled his digits against your puffy G spot, stretching you out for his cock.
“P-please,” you whine and bury your face in his neck, “Please Jojo…”
You heard his soft chuckle from above and the hand stroking your hair moved towards the straining tent in his pants. You felt yourself clench hard around his fingers as he removed his cock from his pants.
“Are you that needy for my cock baby? Want me to fill you up?” His voice was smooth as he smeared precum around the flushed tip and guided one of your hands to the throbbing length.
he couldn’t help but groan at the sight as you slowly pumped it- it was thick, long and heavy in your small hand. “God, F-fuck Y/N, you’re doing so good.”
You bit your lip, looking up at him and grinding down against his fingers. “Jotaro please… I need it…”
He grunted and lifted your hips easily, positioning you over his straining cock but not pushing you down. “Take it at your own pace, Y/N. Can you be good and do that for me?”
His blue eyes pierced into your own as you nodded your head. Reaching down and grabbing his cock. It twitched as soon as your fingers touched it and you guided it towards your dripping pussy.
“F-ah-fuck…” Jotaro moaned as his cock slid between your slick folds, grazing against your clit and drawing a sharp whimper from you. It took a few goes before you caught it on your entrance, face burning and hidden in Jotaro’s muscled shoulder.
“J-jotaro i- nghh!” You threw your head back as you began to lower your hips. Your gushing cunt was filled with his thick, long cock bit by bit, pushing against your g-spot.
“Just like that baby girl, s-hit Y/N you’re tight!” His thumbs rubbed circles on your hips as he tried not to buck into your wet heat, “Keep doing that babydoll.”
You had to stop for breath a few times, his cock stretching your walls almost too much, but never enough to hurt. He peppered kisses along your face and chest, telling you how much of a good girl you were for taking him, that you were so perfect for him, that he loves you so much.
When you finally took his length inside your throbbing walls both of you were breathing heavily. Jotaro was flushed, hair now messy from where your fingers had run through it and eyes half closed from lust and groaned loud when you started moving.
“That’s it sweetheart, so perfect aren’t you?” his hands gripped your thighs and supported you, bouncing slowly on his girth.
“A-ahh,” The tip of his cock pressed against your G-spot with every roll of your hips. His rough thumb presses circles into your clit, kissing you hungrily and pressing his tongue against yours to swallow your loud moans and whimpers.
“C-close Jotaro… god please, please I need it!” Your breathing was ragged as his length nudged your cervix, and the movements on your clit grew faster and harder.
Jotaro let out a soft growl, the knot in his stomach tighteting while he watched your smaller form bounce on his cock, your eyes rolling back and blissed out. “Keep f-fuck going baby, nearly th- ah- there Y/N…”
The heat and tension in your core snapped as his hips bucked into you, painting your vision white and your clit throbbing from oversensitivity. Jotaro kept moving you up and down his length, working towards his own release even as you trembled in his grip.
“Feel so good baby, taking… ah-ahh shit- my cock, such a good girl. All f-fucked out from me…” Your walls were convulsing over him as you breathed in the heavy scent of his cologne, gripping onto the flexing muscles of his back before he came.
You whimper softly, eyes squeezed shut and lost in the feeling of his cock grinding into you. He hit deep inside your fluttering, overstimulated hole, making your pussy clench and cream around him.
“Y-Y/N!” He groaned and held you tight, dick twitching as he released thick hot ropes of cum inside you.
you twitch and cling to him while he paints your walls with his seed; his thumbs circling sped upon your swollen clit, pulling another orgasm from you as you let out a silent scream, eyes rolling back and body going slack in his strong arms.
“Shhh,” he soothed you and ran his hand over your back, “You did so well Y/N, so good.”
His voice was deep and gravelly as he muttered praise into your ear, pulling you back to lie against his chest and kissing your forehead.
“I’ve got you baby,” he soothed, pulling a blanket over you as you cuddled into his warm body, “I love you.”
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quinnreadsjjba · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
The two things that stand out to me most are “anything you can see through” most definitely NOT being a color and Jotaro’s favorite musician NOT being his own father.
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joestar-jobros · 6 hours ago
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20/01 - 18/02 ♒ Happy birthday Ocean Man🌊.
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porunareff · a day ago
Tumblr media
Artwork by Suzumori Nishiki (modelling director for the first Part 6 OP)
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suedrawing · a day ago
Tumblr media
you can also like on instagram
Dio Brando · JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
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baker-chan-senpai · a day ago
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morthern · a day ago
Goth-shaming ✨
Tumblr media
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thebesttoxicroak · a day ago
Jojolion is just a lemon demon song in manga form
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fanny-in-weirdland · a day ago
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abellaheart-blog · a day ago
Kinktober 2021 🎃 Team Bucciarati Day 11: Over Stimulation | Temperature Play | Stockings
Demon Giorno Giovanna x Reader
Summary: A demon falls in love with you and brings you to his mansion. He asks you give a chance which you hesitantly agree to. You fall in love with the romantic demon and make love with him.
Warning: NSFW content, mature content in the story not suite for minors, Ages 18+
Word Count: 3.1k
Tumblr media
You've been running from the love struck demon for a while now. Your dress was a bit torn from it's skirt but it didn't matter to you since you intended on escaping from the demon. Your skirt ripped from several tree branches sticking out in the forest you're running through. It was times such as these you wished you didn't live alone in the woods. It felt very frightening not knowing how close he could be. He's been running after you but his footsteps aren't as close as you might think they are. You're unsure due to your breathing. Your panting quickened the further you ran. Your cottage was small and surrounded by a garden. One that caught the attention of the demon running after you.
It all began several weeks prior. The demon that would chase you in the future noticed your garden during a stroll through the woods. He enjoyed plants and the wildlife. He loved looking over your garden. He hid when he saw you tending to it. The demon's bright red eyes watched you carefully. His fangs and eyes are his only demonic features. Any human could tell but one could also recognize the beauty he beholds. He has long loose blonde hair and sharp features. Long blonde lashes covered in mascara to bring out the bright red eyes he knows could hypnotize any he chooses. His muscular build is covered by clothing a noble would wear. Fancy tailoring with colors of black and emerald. His suit is black with several white and emerald colored ladybugs stitched across it. The ladybug pins could also draw any people of a lower class due to its rarity. They're each made of emerald and several are pinned on his suit. His sharp black nails scratch at the tree he hid behind due to hunger. He didn't like to feed but he always tried to make his victims deserving of it. He always chose his victims from a jail cell or questionable bars filled with the worst type of individuals.
His stomach growled indicating his time to feed. He bared his fangs as he watched you but he then shakes his head in disapproval. He heard you screech, catching him off guard. You were staring down at a dead animal. It was a huge raccoon. It must've gotten into quite the fight with a predator. He noticed more raccoons nearby as did you. You took your leave inside your home knowing it could be dangerous. The demon used his inhuman speed to snatch the dead animal. He doesn't enjoy feeding on animals either but he will feed from one dying from natural causes. Behind the tree he fed on it. The raccoons nearby sensed the danger and ran. After he was done feeding he glanced back at your cottage. He doesn't know what possessed him to watch you through your window. You were drinking some tea and arranging a bouquet. He quietly gasped since it was a cute scene. He watched as you put the bouquet together. The flowers you arranged are his favorites. He’s usually not taken with humans but the sight gave him comfort. He notices your garden is filled with care. He would have to return.
The demon watched you for several weeks. He believed your care for animals and your garden to be respected. Such care was also a sweet sight to watch. You would partake in girly activities he also thought were cute from sewing to creating floral wreaths or crowns. He grew to fall in love with you when he would hear you recite poetry about flowers. It was romantic and he believed you shouldn’t be tainted by such a cruel world. One day he decided to take you back home with him. You would be at home creating a floral wreath. You sell them in town. The demon snuck into your cottage with great speed. He was as stealthy as a mouse. You didn’t notice he was watching until you turned to see him shadowed by darkness.
”Who are you?”
When he revealed himself he held a rose and offered it to you as he spoke. You look at the rose then slowly back away.
“I am Giorno Giovanna. I offer this rose as a gift to you and in return you give your heart, for you have stolen mine.”
”Me? We’ve never met.”
”I’ve kept a close eye on you.”
His words chilled you. You gulp looking over his eyes, fangs, and sharp black nails. He notices your distrust and concern.
”There is no need to fear me. I may be a demon but I promise my intentions are a pursuit for romance.”
You’re not sure how to respond. You didn’t like how he was watching you. Would he be enraged if you reject him? His eyes tell you he’ll patiently await your response but you also see he won’t take no for an answer. His words ring true but you know demons have their ways in getting what they desire. You decide to distract him with questions before escaping. Being sure they’re honest ones so as not to make him suspicious.
”You’re in love with me?”
”Yes you’re too pure for this rotten world. I wish to protect and love you. Accept the rose and become mine.”
”If I don't, will you punish me?”
He chuckles since he would never harm you. His smile is reassuring.
”No, of course not. You’re too precious to me.” He places a hand to his heart. “I, Giorno Giovanna, will never harm a precious maiden such as yourself.”
”I see you speak the truth in your words. I still feel as though you’re not telling me something.”
”You would be correct. I will not give up my pursuit for your heart even if you reject me.”
Again his words chilled you. What lengths would he go? He seems calm but his eyes. They tell you he’s patient and they’re filled with what you think is care but you’re still unsure. You doubt he’s trustworthy.
“I’m sorry Giorno. I think you better leave. You’re still a stranger.”
You hope your words won't enrage him. His expression doesn’t change but you notice he won’t be giving up as he said.
“I won’t hurt you. All I offer is my love.” He tried walking closer but you backed up again.
He didn’t like your hesitance. He brushes it off and leaves the rose on the table for you. He begins circling you as he talks. You keep a close eye on him in case he tries anything.
”I Giorno Giovanna wish for your heart and I shall get what I desire.”
You become nervous. You don’t want him to get the chance to try forcing you into a relationship. You must make it to the town where you’ll be safe. His words alone are warning enough. You make a run for it to the back door. He follows but as he’s calling out to you he stays calm. He is behind you but you managed to get a head start since you caught him off guard. He didn’t think you’d start running until he told you, you’re to stay at his mansion.
As of now you’re running for your life, skirt torn, and heavily breathing from all the running. It’s still day time but you know once it’s dark he’ll have an advantage. He knows you’re headed for the town. Eventually he catches up with you when you’re tired out. He hopes it will give him an advantage over you. Once he’s caught up you scream as he lifts you off the ground. He’s calm and has a subtle smile.
”Don’t worry I won’t hurt you. Let’s get you home for dinner and a new change of clothes. Your dress is torn.”
Before you could say another word he entered a red portal. It leads into the inside of a mansion. He knows the place so it must be his home. You’re unable to pull away since he’s much stronger than you. He has his maids dress you and take you to the dining room. You notice it’s a candlelit dinner and the place is surrounded by red roses. You sigh, taking a seat at the table. You look over your surroundings hoping he will take his time. Before you know it he appears in front of you with speed that can’t be seen by the human eye. You gasp at his sudden appearance.
”I hope you like the meal. I know you mainly eat breads, soups, and salads. I made sure my chef prepared a good home cooked meal.”
You nod nervously. You’re left with so many questions. Like how he knew your dress size and the foods you ate. You’re not the wealthiest but you get by. You’re afraid to make a run for it. His speed and strength exceed your own. You see now how he was able to catch up to you so quickly. The meal looks to be roasted chicken and vegetables. The drink beside you is wine. You look over to him before eating. His red eyes aren’t filled with possessiveness nor impatience. He seems to be overjoyed by your presence. He nods hoping you’ll take a bite. You take a bite since you haven’t eaten dinner. The meal went beyond your expectations. It tastes better than any meal you’ve ever made. It was fit for royalty. You sigh in bliss. The demon knew you would enjoy it since you eat bland food on a regular basis. While eating you decide to question him a bit.
”Giorno, what do you think will happen by keeping me here?”
”It’s as I’ve said. I’m in love with you and wish for you to return it. I know if we become closer you’ll give me a chance.”
”You kidnapped me and stalked me.”
”I was only watching you because I fell in love with you.”
”How can you know it’s true love? We haven't had one conversation before today.”
”I didn’t need to speak to you. Your actions alone brought me joy. You live such a peaceful life and are so pure. You treat your garden and animals with such care. The more I would see it the more I grew to love you. It’s a purity I admire so much.”
”Is that so?” You’re taken back. “I’m flattered, Giorno but I wish to go home.”
”All I ask is to spend time with me. Please. In time if you don’t return my feelings I’ll let you be by returning you home. You’ll live a life of luxury as my guest for a short period of time.”
”I don’t like your methods but I have no choice here so I agree.”
”You’ll love it here. Let’s go for a walk.”
You sigh again then join his side where he guides you through the mansion. You avoid his offer of linking your arm with his own. You’re given a room and all the staff are to listen to you. You’re not sure why he’s in love with you. You love gardening and animals but there must be more to it. Purity is what he saw in you. He is a demon and they normally eat humans. He didn’t want to eat you nor hurt you from what it seemed.
As days pass you learn much about the demon. He explains how he only feeds on criminals or animals that die of natural causes. You also learn he hasn’t family and all he has is friends. His demon friends work under him. He understands your hesitance in trusting him. He kept asking to read your poems but you don’t allow it. He said he misses them which creeped you out. The demon didn’t realize it creeped you out at first but it’s what his kind does. Demons keep a close eye on a potential mate before picking them. He wasn’t being perverse. He did all he could to win your heart. He plays the piano for you, gives you a garden and endless jewels, he also gives you a new flower everyday. You noticed his flowers either meant purity or romance. He would also compliment you and recite the reasons he loved you.
You've grown used to his words but don’t feel it’s necessary to reciprocate his feelings. He’s still a stranger to you. His actions are flattering but that’s about it. Today would be different, he decides to take you on a date. A picnic with your favorite foods. You remembered he asked not too long ago. You found it thoughtful. He kisses your hand when he sees you smile. You hesitantly pull your hand away.
“Your smile is so beautiful, amore. I hope to see it everyday.”
You’re flattered and smile again. You eat and hope this picnic won’t last long but it does since he asks plenty about you. You answer all his questions and learn more about him in return. It was nice hearing about his hobbies and friends. Afterwards he gives you another rose before walking you to your bedroom. From then on he took you on small dates everyday. With every date you saw there was more to Giorno. Eventually he earned your trust and bashful nature. His words and actions slowly worked their way into your heart.
You hadn’t realized you'd fallen for the demon until one day he decided to recite poetry he wrote about you. You felt moved by his words and gave him a hug. When you realized what you did you froze. He looked at you with curious eyes. One gaze was all it took for you to kiss him. Giorno was surprised but returned the loving kiss. He held your cheek gently after the kiss.
”I’m so happy my feelings are requited, amore. I was afraid you wouldn’t fall in love with me and I’d have to return you to your home.” He pressed his forehead against your own.
“Don’t worry Giorno, I love you. I really do.” You smiled.
It was decided you move into the mansion. He helped you move in all your belongings from your cottage. You’re allowed to visit the town whenever you like. Eventually you shared a room with him. It took time but eventually you grew comfortable with the idea. Giorno did much for you. You wished to do the same for him so you would make sure he didn’t over work and he would eat with you.
Months pass in your relationship with Giorno and you wish to finally have sex with him. You decide to pick out a lingerie set with stockings. You wear white lace hoping it’s a welcomed surprise for your beloved. Giorno is a gentleman but you wonder if he’s ready. You know he is in love with you so you’re sure he must be ready. You set up rose petals and candles all over the master bedroom. Giorno does a double take when he walks in. The set you wear paired with the romantic atmosphere caught him off guard. His eyes are wide as he’s looking in the bedroom.
”Beloved.” You respond as you walk up to him.
He places a hand on your hip while the other grabs your chin. He’s speechless. He’s looking over your face with a smitten look.
”I love you..” He whispered, unbelieving his eyes.
You kiss him hoping to lead him to the bed. Which you slowly do. He returns your kisses not minding the little dance to the giant bed. You push off his jacket and kiss at his exposed neck. He removes your bra and caresses your back. When you both pull away you’re both left shirtless. He lifts you up and places you on the bed. As you’re laying down he removes his pants and underwear. He crawls over you grabbing your hand to kiss it.
“May I..?” He pulls at your lace panties.
You nod awaiting his reaction. You’re soon left in only your stockings. His eyes tell you how beautiful you are to him. He’s hoping you’ll allow him to go all the way.
“You’re so perfect.” He leans down to your face to kiss you.
He feels your hands all over him. He’s smiling in the kiss. You’ve longed to touch him. His hands are at your waist and back. His hand lifts you a bit while his lips latch onto your chest, sucking. His hand at your waist slides up to squeeze the other breast. You moan his name from sensitivity. He wants to get you ready so his hand on your chest slides down between your legs to pleasure you. His hand is gently rubbing slow circles on your clit. You guide his fingers inside hoping he gets the message. Giorno understands and the real pleasure begins. He works his way up to four fingers. You felt close but unfortunately he pulled his hand away. He’s ready and you can tell as he’s positioning himself. You focus on him since you’re a bit nervous. He eases your nerves by kissing your cheek and whispering sweet nothings in your ear.
“You’re in good hands tesoro. I’ll take care of you.”
Once he’s in you’re squirming with delight hoping he’ll move. Your eyes water from his size. You’re not used to this so he waits. To distract you his hand plays with the stocking.
“I can’t wait to see how they look once I have your legs on my shoulders.”
Your eyes fill with anticipation hoping he’ll really do it. You can see he means it as he’s looking at the stockings. You’re in for it as he’s beginning to move. His pace is slow for your sake but once you’re ready for a fast pace he won’t ever slow down. When you think you’re almost there he adjusts your legs so they’re on his shoulders. The new position elicits moans out of you. You reach your orgasm when he grabs a candle and spills a bit of wax on your exposed thighs. Giorno hadn’t expected your sweet moans while he did this. You clung to him unknowingly doing a mating press. He simply couldn’t resist and made love to you in this position. You closed your eyes as you continued moaning. He was drawing out your pleasure, not that you mind. His rougher thrusts cause tears of sheer pleasure to reach your eyes. Giorno wasn’t done with you, his hand slipped down to your clit. The overstimulation was too much and you reached your peak again. Once Giorno has also reached his peak you’re laying in his arms afterwards. His forehead is covered in sweat and your legs are sore. You sigh in bliss loving the affection he’s giving you as he’s kissing your neck with his arms wrapped around you.
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tamyedits · 2 days ago
𝙅𝙤𝙡𝙮𝙣𝙚 𝘾𝙪𝙟𝙤𝙝
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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candyk0rn · 15 hours ago
WELCOME BACK!! I'm glad you're feeling better <<33!
I've been arguing with a friend so my mind's been dwelling on this. How about Jotaro, Abbacchio and Caesar fighting and making up with their gn!s/o?
I realize this makes both requests I've done about fighting now-
Ty ty, it’s good to be writing again! And there’s nothing wrong with requesting things like that trust me
But ur totally right, one was okay-fighting and the other actual fighting 😭 also fair warning these are pretty long ( but truly what’s wrong with that 😏)
Warnings: mentions of fighting ( verbal), mentions of alcohol, VERY angsty
Gender neutral pronouns
Jotaro, Abbacchio and Caeser making up with their s/o after a fight
Tumblr media
Unfortunately, fights with Jotaro are quite common
It’s something you may or may not have to get used to
Not that it’s necessarily as bad as it sounds, most fights are very ‘fake’
Like okay-fighting or arguing and laughing about it later
But, sadly, this wasn’t that case
Not that case at all
Jotaro had completely and utterly made you feel awful
He had cursed you out, and used his booming voice to scream at you, then storming out
You had said many things too, that you regret
You both took that whole night to keep to yourselves, which was probably the best
The next morning, however, was when it truly sunk in for the both of you
That morning, Jotaro tried his hardest to think about what he said and how to make it up
You had every right to be upset, he just didn’t want this to hurt your relationship with him in anway
He takes a very very slow approach, very quietly knocking on your bedroom door, making sure you’re awake
He starts by quietly walking in, whispering your name
He can see the frame of your body outlining the mattress, he can tell by your breathing you’re awake
He sits on the foot of the bed, facing away from you
“ About yesterday, I wanted to say sorry. I know I acted out and was a complete jerk. I understand if you don’t want to forgive me, I wouldn’t forgive me either.”
He was about to leave before he felt your arms wrap over his shoulders
For the rest of the day, you both make sure to apologize correctly :)
Tumblr media
He had been drinking again
Whenever doubting himself, he swallows up and the alcohol consumes him
It’s been better since you came along, but it was still there, eating at him
You had found him standing in the kitchen, but something was off. His stance was slumped, and his steps dizzy
He was drunk
You had tried to persuade him to go to bed, you tried to show sympathy and love
But with slurred words, he yelled at you and threatened you
You tried your hardest to understand, when drunk people aren’t themselves
But the words caught up with you
“ You don’t understand! You’re just a stupid parasite that clings to me like a leech.”
Then you started throwing insults at him, both of you yelling things neither of you truly meant or felt
He turned quiet and still whenever he heard the sob escape your lips
He then sighed and staggered to bed, leaving you alone
The next morning, he hadn’t found you anywhere in your home
He didn’t really remmeber what happened last night, but something was bugging him
He instead found you right outside, sitting on the porch, watching the sun rise
“ Morning…” he said, but it just above a whisper
He could see your figure shaking the slightest bit, and the sniffles still coming out of you
He sat on the opposite side of the porch, close enough to speak but not close enough to touch, he knew you needed space
“ Look, I’m not all to sure what I said last night, but I know it wasn’t right”
He doesn’t look into your eyes, guilt taking over him in a way
“ I want you to know, I’m sorry, truly. It’s no excuse, but whatever I said, I didn’t mean it, I adore you.”
That’s when he finally looked up at you, tired and breathing slowly
It was as if you hadn’t gotten any sleep last night, and he wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t
He stood up, and walked steadily towards you, small steps made great lengths in that moment
He sat next to you, and rested his hand on your shoulder
“ I know we both said things we didn’t mean but, I really hope you can accept my apology, amore.”
His breath hitched as you scooted closer to him, resting your head in the crook of his neck
“ I’m sorry” you whispered
“ Me too.” He responded, then looking forward at the sunrise slowly transforming into a beautiful day for Italia
Tumblr media
Caeser is most definitely an argumentative type, but more in a teasing or friendly way
Another thing we can’t ignore about Caeser is that, he’s sort of.. a womanizer
Which is a perfect scenario for arguments! One point for CandyK0rn!
You were out with him, and you needed to go use the restroom
When you came back, however, you had seen him talking to a young women, who looked almost enchanted by him
He noticed your presence, and quickly brought his composure back to himself to walk with you
When you both arrived home, you made a comment about it, to which he responded very defensively
Basically it had began a tirade between the both of you
Which ended in both of your eyes becoming glassy, and both of your throats becoming sore
He actually ends up leaving, angry and annoyed
It took a whole night to realize he was being a jerk
And he was an awful one too
He decided to let you rest, and give you space
He had trouble sleeping, however, and you did too
The next morning he decided he had to do something
So he did
He came to your house, and approached it with an open mind
He knew you would be upset, he knew you would be mad, he knew there could be a chance you wouldn’t forgive him
“ Y/n, uh, I wanted to let you know I apologize for the way I acted, you have every right and more to be upset with me.”
He sighed
“ And…I understand if you no longer want me”
He visibly winced at the sound of his voice breaking on the last sentence
But he could hear the door slowly open
“ Caeser, I still want you, but I just don’t know how to feel about how you act sometimes.”
He nodded
“ Yes, will you still have me if..”
“ If you stop giving other girls the look?”
He nodded vigorously this time
You let him in, it will still take time, of course
But it’ll work
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malibusmoke · 20 hours ago
La Squadra Headcanons-
Tumblr media
note: headcanons for the little cheese man
tw: none
Loves his cat (despite trapping her in a bottle). He has scars on his back that he swears are from fights, but honestly, look suspiciously like claw marks...
Maggi got his stand because he didn't even try to keep the lighter on, he just figured he'd relight it the next day. He squealed when he saw Black Sabbath
Thrifts a lot, spends hours in one shop looking through every single rack and it's where he found his favourite jacket.
Humour? Yo mamma jokes and Illuso-Michael jackson jokes
"My pronouns are he/him... Lulu's are-"
Uses Axe body pray like a shower and doesn't open a window afterwards. Genuinley thinks the smell is a chick magnet instead of a repellent
Listens to sick luke religiously
Football fanatic with Prosci, both of them watch matches and shit talk opposing teams on smoke breaks
Both parents are Calabrese, and Formaggio grew up with three younger siblings
Has a lot of cats. It started with one, a homeless cat he fed at the base until he officially took it in. From there it escalated. Has about five cats, three rescues, and two american curl kittens
Shrinks cat toys and food to smuggle out of shops, his pets are spoilt, but get very high quality food so theyre healthy
Speaking of smuggling things with little feet, he'll turn furniture, posters, jewelry ect: doll sized to steal it
Hides his problems behind his humour, and laughs in uncomfortable situations to try and lighten the mood
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