#Jojo's bizzare adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable
canchuonsstuff · 22 days ago
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When you don’t have a driver’s license but your nephew does 😒
Tumblr media
Josuke is good uncle and pays for Jotaro
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kyoufroggo · 3 months ago
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Punk Rohan 
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mishkinis · a month ago
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shine on you crazy diamond
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honeye · 4 months ago
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they gonna smooch
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soupbabe · a month ago
If I may, the Jojos reacting to a reader that is a strong stubborn bastard that always insists that they’re fine even if they’re not. like they could have tears streaming down their face and still be like “i’m fine 😐.” like dude,,, you don’t have to be strong all the frickin’ time just let me hug you >:(
The Jojos with a Stubborn! Reader
Featuring: Jonathan Joestar, Joseph Joestar, Jotaro Kujo, Josuke Higashikata, Giorno Giovanna, and Jolyne Cujoh
My first time writing for Jolyne let's gooo!!
Jonathan Joestar
- Oh nothing is getting past him
- Like he wouldn't push too much, but he knows something is wrong and will remind you that he's always there for you
- Though he can always be stern when the situation really calls for it, like when you're physically hurt
- Even then it's nothing too harsh, it's more of a mom going "I'm not mad just disappointed" vibe
- If you're really going through it he'll just pull you in a hug, telling you about how great you are and how much you love him
Joseph Joestar
- He's much more upfront about his approach
- Type of guy to annoy you until you tell him
- Joseph would put you in a fireman carry, ignoring any pleas, only giving a "No can do, Sweetheart! Unless you tell your dear boyfriend what's wrong!"
- Ngl he treats you like a baby if you're not saying anything when he knows something's up 💀
- You know how he was tapping Santana's nose and just goofing off? Yeah he does that to you </3
- It's nothing malicious or meant to be Taunting though! If he knows he can't get anything out of you, he'd rather just go ahead and cheer you up still
Jotaro Kujo
- Oh no you two are the same person
- But Jotaro cares deeply about you, his approach is surprisingly sweet
- A major plus to having Star Platinum is an increase in picking up small details, so nothing would get past him
- He'd walk in on you crying and when he asks if you're alright and you brush of off like normal, he'd immediately call you out on your bullshit
- If you still insist that you're fine, he'd, without word, pull you into a comforting hug and give a kiss to your temple. A silent way of him giving you full permission to let everything out to him
Josuke Higashikata
- He's such a sweetheart omg
- Similarly to Jonathan, he wouldn't push too much, but remind you that you're safe with him
- You also notice him being more affectionate!
- Giving you a flower or two, walking you to classes, even giving you small kisses to help cheer you up when he noticed that you're going through something
- And when you do finally decide to open up to him, he'd drop everything he was focused on to focus on you
Giorno Giovanna
- He can understand you to an extent as someone who hides his feelings
- He's also very patient with you, though just know he notices everything
- His care is very quiet, he doesn't really give you constant reminders like Josuke or Jonathan
- If he notices you hurt and you brush it off, without warning Giorno is coming up to you to have you healed
- When he notices your day being less than favorable, he'll stick by you more often, holding and squeezing your hand in reassurances and comfort
Jolyne Cujoh
- She might get a little frustrated tbh
- Like all she wants is to be there for you and it feels like you're shutting her out when there's something obviously wrong
- I could see her taking the Joseph route and doing something until you confess about your true feelings
- I can imagine the only thing that annoys you enough or breaks your stubborn behavior is her relentless calling of really cheesy romantic nicknames, similarly to the ones she used to make towards Romeo
- But they never stick as she immediately gets down to helping you once your facade cracks, giving you all the care needed
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robin-just-robbing · 5 months ago
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another boobie meme
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bestjojo4thjosuke · 22 days ago
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I wish everyone the same joy as this little turtle feels as it is being carried by Josuke back to safety
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thusspokeshan · 2 months ago
That one shot you have of Rohan's baby liking Josuke.... what if they grew up and ended up having a crush on him? How do you think Rohan would react?
The One-Shot Mentioned
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You were the first one to notice.
You weren't sure if it was just your mother's instinct, or how you were very observant when it comes to your child, but you've noticed the way your now 10-year-old kid reacts around a long-time friend of yours and your husband's.
Josuke Higashikata has always been a charming boy, even in his teens. He never left Morioh, claiming he wanted to stay here and take up the mantle left by his grandfather when he died and protect the city he grew up in — and now, the 26-year-old policeman truly has grown into a fine gentleman. You admire his mother's courage and dedication, having a child yourself, you can only imagine how hard it must have been for her to take care of a child all on her own. Yet, she did an amazing job at raising Josuke.
The one thing that hasn't changed even after a decade was the mutual dislike that he and your husband, Rohan, share. At this point, you have already grown used to their banter that you only roll your eyes at them, especially when Rohan gets out of his office just to harass Josuke who went to your place with Okuyasu and Koichi to play with your child.
Speaking of the teens — well, not really teens anymore — the trio playing with your child, those three were absolutely adored by your beloved kid, you guess it's because the trio visited frequently to play with them or help them with homework, and they were also your go-to babysitters — much to your husband's dismay — whenever you and Rohan have to go somewhere and can't take them with you.
However, you can't help but notice that they certainly have a favorite. And it just so happens that their favorite happened to be the guy their father loathes.
It was very subtle at first, the way they always ask for Josuke's validation and wait for him to praise them when they've done a great job at their homework, their eyes shining brightly whenever Josuke did, or how they always look at Josuke whenever they laugh. Though, recently, your kid hasn't been very subtle about their... crush? on the policeman.
The way their eyes light up the moment they hear Josuke's voice in the living room, their soft blushes when Josuke smiles at them or pets their head, and the way they straight-up approach you at night with a sad look on their face when Josuke hasn't come over in a long time asking you when the pompadour-wearing man will visit again.
You had a feeling, and when you asked your kid one time if they had a crush on Josuke, they immediately froze in their position, eyes as wide as saucers before running away to their room, leaving you in your position. — You sigh. Guess that confirms it.
And now, here you are in your shared room with Rohan, and you didn't know whether you should be amused or nervous — all you know is that you can't wait to see his reaction towards this newfound piece of information you have.
The moment Rohan steps into the room with you, he immediately drags himself to the bed, next to where you sat with your back leaning against the headboard. The green-haired mangaka wraps his arms around your waist and buries his head on your abdomen, and you instinctually let your hands stroke his hair now free from his jagged headband he still wears, which prompted him to let out a relieved sigh.
Rohan opens his mouth to rant to you about his editor when you cut him off by saying his name. He looks up to you to gauge the mood, your voice sounded serious, and yet, you have a huge amused smile on your face which made him think that there's nothing to worry about. Burying his head on your abdomen again, he hums as a way to tell you to continue.
"I think our child has a crush on Josuke."
He was wrong to think that there's nothing to worry about.
Never in his life has Rohan pulled back from your embrace so fast, sitting up immediately that he almost gave himself whiplash.
"You're joking." He deadpans, green irises on you, and you can't even read the emotions in his eyes.
"I'm not 100% sure, but they always ask me when is Josuke going to visit again and when I asked them if they had a crush on him, they ran away from me." You explained to him, "Like you once did when I asked if you liked me when we were younger."
"You still remember that?" Rohan scoffs and you smile sweetly at him.
"How could I forget?"
"Anyway, My child absolutely cannot have a crush on that boy."
"Why not? Josuke's a nice guy, they definitely inherited our good taste."
"I'd rather spend the day with Jugo Shishi than admit that Josuke is a nice guy."
Which you know in Rohan language means that deep inside, he does think that Josuke is nice — he's just too prideful to admit that out loud.
"I just hate that they like that bastard Josuke, of all people!" Rohan complains, throwing his arms in the air in exasperation. "I still haven't forgotten that he burned my house down a decade ago."
"he what?"
You didn't know about that. But it seems that Rohan is not going to elaborate further, so you scoot closer to him to cup his cheek and comfort him.
"It's just an innocent crush, Ro. They'll definitely grow out of it."
"They better." Rohan sighs, wrapping his arms around your torso and pulling you closer to him to embrace you tightly. "Or I'll rid this town of that pompadour-wearing douchebag."
Little does he know, he's still going to have to deal with their crush on Josuke for at least five more years.
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mimsylost · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Rohan and Josuke at the park
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saltycactusss · 9 months ago
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They are a set. Do not separate them.
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kiralimee · a month ago
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Quackhan Kishibe
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canchuonsstuff · 20 days ago
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Josuke and Okuyasu #1 babysitters
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kyoufroggo · 3 months ago
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Curious merman Josuke in lily lake. 
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baker-chan-senpai · a month ago
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groovy bois
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cheesethiefuwu · 2 months ago
Oh Noooo i am falling in here again babs 🤡
As You might know im in love with my old Nintendo consoles...and You know where this goes
Could i get some soft Josuke x fem!reader where He invites his crush over to study and she Sees his console and study is immediately forgotten because they play games instead?
Hello there babs bear! 😭
I hope you enjoy this!😊
Tumblr media
Soft Josuke x Fem!Reader: Video games
So it was exam time. The worst time of all times during the year.
You and your good friend, who happened to also be your crush, offered that you 2 study together.
Who was that someone?
It was Josuke Higashikata.
You nervously knocked on his door. School bag hanging over your shoulder, and you gripped onto the strap. Patiently waiting for him to open up.
He soon came, and answered the door, greeting you with a big smile.
"Hey Y/n! Come on in!" He said happily, letting you enter.
Josuke got you and him some cool snacks. And the moment you entered his room, your eyes lit up.
"Y-you have a game console?!" You asked surprised.
Josuke had feelings for you for a while. And the moment you questioned him about his game console, he kind of started to panic. What if you don't like it? What if you laugh at him for enjoying video games?
He gulped and nodded "Y-yeah... I guess I do..." He said nervous.
You jumped off joy "CAN WE PLEASE PLAY A FEW GAMES?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE?!" You asked excited, your eyes basically shining from excitement.
Josuke felt relieved... And just as excited as you. "Of course!" He said happily, immediately setting up his console.
You sat next to him, leaning your head on his shoulder, as you both decided to choose a racing game.
Study time? What's that? It was completely forgotten.
You and Josuke cuddled almost all day, playing video games. Laughing at how many times he lost to you.
Let's just say... Josuke was mad at you for a bit... For beating him in his favorite game.... :)
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soupbabe · a month ago
Hiya!! Could I perhaps request some HCs for the Duwang gang (and possibly Yukako if you wrote for her?) taking their gn!s/o on a roller rink date? Love your writing by the way, it always makes my day! :D
The Duwang Gang (+ Yukako) Takes Their S/o Roller Skating!
Thank you so much! :DD it's only my horror stuff where I have a specific character list, with everything else I'm open to write just about everyone :))
Josuke Higashikata
- This man?? Can't really skate, but roller rink dates are his favorite
- Like, they're cheap, fun, and he gets an excuse to cling onto you for an hour how could he not enjoy it
- Plus if you can't skate either, he doesn't mind spending an afternoon with you just tumbling and teaching each other how to keep balance
- But skating with Josuke has a major plus: Crazy Diamond is always going to be there to heal you in case something goes wrong
- If you're not a stand user, I imagine Crazy Diamond holding him upright as he skates to sell the illusion that he's a master at it
Okuyasu Nijimura
- He's surprisingly good at it and loves to show off!
- But there's a good amount of moments where he's like "Hey babe look at this!" and then busts his ass mid trick
- Then you spend like 15min cradling him and kissing his face so he feels better
- But he loves gliding you around on the skating floor, thinks it's the most romantic thing ever
Koichi Hirose
- Going out isn't something you two do regularly, but going roller skating is something that Koichi loves doing with you
- He's a bit nervous when it comes to skating, but he's a natural at it
- Literally he'll gladly teach you how to skate and hold you as you make your way around the rink
- Plus Koichi seems like the guy to carry a first aid kit on him 24/7 so no worries if something happens
- That and he's extremely flexible when it comes to tough situations, if you're hurt or not having as much fun as you thought, he doesn't mind leaving for something else
Rohan Kishibe
- You had to plan this date so far in advance- with the mangaka's stubborn work schedule (and his insistance that he needed to order his own designer skates, no way in hell he'd wear the ones you'd rent), you had to adapt when wanting to go out
- And with the fact that you had to pull teeth to let him consider going?? Fair enough to say that you were hyped
- When it comes to skating, Rohan is embarrassingly bad
- He always had to casually cling onto you, glaring at anyone who snickered at the kids who saw the hot shot artist tumble around
- I do imagine you having to hold him back from screaming (or using Heaven's Door) on some poor kid who thought to make fun of his abilities
Yukako Yamagishi
- She thinks roller rink dates are so romantic, anything that sounds like it's from some teen romance movie is right up her alley!
- She's a surprisingly graceful skater, gladly showing off to impress you
- And if you're a skilled skater, she'll be there to hype you up and if you're not, she loves the idea of you depending on her
- Like?? How could she not enjoy an evening of you calling for her and holding her hand?? It's her dream
- But please be there to calm her down, no doubt she'll lose it and harm anyone to give you nasty looks or laugh at your clumsy skating
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soutzouart · a month ago
Tumblr media
Morioh-cho's friendliest resident and his adorable Sphinx cat!
(click for better quality)
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shirophantomvox · 2 months ago
Sweater Weather Kars x Reader
@a-bi-who-just-wants-sweaters . I forgot to tag you in this post. This is for you, i hope you like it. Congratulations! I chose you to have your request fulfilled. Thank you for following me and I’m sure you’ll love your story. If you’d like to request something again, look forward to the second window in December!
I’ve made this story about y/n spending Christmas with Kars for the first time. At first, Kars is very standoffish and doesn’t have any interest in interacting with the family, then they warm up to each other!
Let’s get started!!
Tumblr media
🎁 ❄️ 🎁 ❄️ 🎁 ❄️ 🎁
Maybe bringing your 7-foot boyfriend to dinner was a bad idea…so you thought. Your feelings for him were indeed authentic but he didn’t seem like he was ready. You were afraid he’d fail the assignment…miserably. Kars the Pillarman was quite antisocial and only agreed to be at your aid at this “dinner party” so long as Wamuu or Esidisi came with you. Oh, and he could place as many kisses on your cheeks or mouth regardless of who was in the room. You were ok with the gestures but quite nervous about the outcome. Your mother is notorious for squealing at cute things and gushing so much that it nearly makes you pass out from embarrassment every time. Your father, on the other hand, is much calmer but if it becomes too common at the dinner table, he won’t hesitate to speak up.
Leaving your condo, which was conveniently within walking distance of your parent's house, Kars put out the fireplace and left the dining room light on. The harsh cold breeze brushed against your face, nearly making your nose feel stiff from it. The entire time, neither of you spoke to each other only simply because if you opened your mouth, cold air would seep in resulting in a lingering sore throat. No one likes those! Everything felt fine regarding walkable weather conditions except for your hands. You forgot your mittens at the condo near the fireplace. If you weren’t rough-housing with Kars just before you left, you would have gotten them. Then again, your rosy red cheeks and ecstasy relaxed mind were at ease and made you feel fuzzy in a familiar way. Still, this was going to be a long walk and by the time you show up at your parent’s house, you might be a walking ice sickle.
After walking what seemed like an hour, you were 5 minutes away from your parent’s house. By that time, your nose became bright red from the irritation of what was known as the harsh winds in December. You began to cough a little, and your hands began to stiffen up. Kars glanced at you in concern for your wellbeing. Without facing him directly, you could feel his fiery red eyes burn a hole through your skull. He continued to walk but did not remove you from his sight. After refusing to get your attention, he forcefully grabbed your arms and pulled them out of your coat pocket. Thankfully, you hadn’t been frostbitten but the dry skin and unusual lines on your hands signaled major damage to your skin if you didn’t find warmth soon.
“You’re cold,” he said flatly.
“I’m fine. We’re almost there,” you replied.
“You are not. You’re going to get frostbitten if you do not put your mittens on.”
“Gosh, Kars, leave it be, ok?”
Whenever Kars took a moment every day to see if you needed any sort of assistance during the slightest inconvenience, the idea of his help was automatically shut down. You didn’t know why this happened… wait. You do know why. Knowing that Kars came from a group of people that were freakishly strong and independent, you felt like requiring any sort of help was an inconvenience. The pillarman has reassured you each time that you are not a burden to him and to always speak up if you need assistance.
Despite your attitude, his large hand was released from his mitten exposing his bare skin clinging onto your hands, instantly warming them up. Pillar Men have their abilities but they all possess an unnatural form of heat running through their blood. The instant contact of Kar’s palm on yours instantly made you perk up causing you to walk faster. Just as you thought your body couldn’t get any warmer, you felt a surge of heat on your cheek that spread to the tip of your nose. This slickster was the master at stealing kisses and that very tactic is what he planned to do while you were visiting your family.
“What was that for,” you asked slightly, giggling. The wetness of his cheek slowly began to freeze on your face.
“You were cold so I decided to warm you up.” Both of his purple brows raised high, the movement of his lips was soft, and his eyes were half-lidded. Do not be fooled; Kars is very respectful of those once he deems them as worthy but he always likes to take part in risky activities that would give him some sort of adrenaline rush. By the time you finally step foot at the door, the sun had set for the day and the festivities began.
🎁 ❄️ 🎁 ❄️ 🎁 ❄️ 🎁
“Honey! You’re here!”
As you walked through the door, both of your parents welcomed you with warm, welcoming arms. Their tight hugs reminded you of the ones you used to receive when you were a child. They were so happy to see you, that they both began to talk over each other trying to catch up on events that they’d missed. All of your relatives were greeting you from their seats in the living room, all sipping on pumpkin spice or chocolate cocoa. The air was full of love and good vibes, nothing could ruin this night! In the middle of their sentence, you noticed that they both stopped talking and the living room fell silent. Both parents appeared to be frightened as everyone else in the living room’s eyes were glued to the door. Just as you began to feel panicked yourself, you realized that Kars must have been towering over you from behind. As you turn around, you meet Kar’s disgusted gaze. Immediately laughing, it is recommended that you introduced Kars before a fight broke out.
“Everyone, this is Kars. He has been my boyfriend for the last 5 years.”
Everyone gasped.
“He is certainly handsome,” your mother said, eyeing him from head to toe.
“Maybe a little too handsome?” Your father’s voice shook a little not from fear but shuttered at the idea of him hurting you.
“Ha! Dad, you’re funny!”
“I’m serious!”
“Why don’t y’all take a seat in the living room, huh?”
“Sure, mom.”
As Kars made his way into the living room, the light in the hallway defined his muscular physique. His wide back somehow displayed his popping veins through his dress shirt. His hourglass waist seemed so perfect that it looked fake! His beefy arms stretched the cotton of his shirt leaving no wrinkles in the material, only more beefcake. The surprised look on your grandmothers’ and aunt’s faces was priceless! One thing that caught the attention of your mother was something that made you want to burst from laughter but made you slightly blush. The roundness and thickness of Kar’s backside were so prominent that his pants appeared to be so tight. If he bent over, he would risk them slipping. You could see your mother drifting away; who could blame her?
Your father crossed his arms in a huff and gave your wonderful mother the stare of death.
“Stop drooling over him! I’m standing right here!”
“Chill out, Marty! I’d never pursued him….that is unless you break up with him.”
“Oh, you’re going to pay for this, Mrs. Michelle!”
As he made his way to the only available seat on the couch, their eyes followed him. The involuntary grunt he made as he sat and twitched his nose nearly gave them a heart attack. The sharpness of his cheekbone complimented his chiseled jaw. And to add icing to the cake, his gorgeously full lips moistened themselves making the roughness disappear. At last, when he lifted his head to make eye contact, your poor grandmothers and aunts passed out on the floor. Only a few of your family members were concerned but the others just laughed at them exaggerating. Kars was utterly confused; you could see his pretty face scrunch in irritation. When you gently grabbed his hand, he seemed to calm down just a little, but still was visibly annoyed. He wasn’t used to this kind of attention especially if you didn’t intend on fighting him.
“I’m sorry they’re staring at you Kars. You’re very handsome,” you say trying to lighten the mode.
“Thank you,” he said.
“I assume you all want to get to know Kars, right?”
“I didn’t know he was your boyfriend!”
“Well, he is unless you all stop staring at him….”
Everyone gathered around, practically in a circle, and had their ears open for a discussion.
“Kars, would you like to introduce yourself and your occupation?”
Taking in a deep breath and exhaling rather sharply, Kars positioned himself, his back no longer hunched over and his one leg crossed the other. In no way shape or form was he afraid to show his true self but he could tell that your family was a little judgmental just by gazing at their faces and stares. He truly cared for you and setting a great first impression is very important.
“I am Kars, what a pleasure it is to meet you all.”
“Oh, you’ve trained him well, y/n,” one of your aunts said.
“Trained?” Your heart began to pound hard. Unfortunately, Kars was a serious man and he isn’t able to differentiate between someone being serious and playing around. The left purple eyebrow was pressed against his eye so firmly that it would have made his eye shut while the right one hovered over his eyelid. He stood up from the couch and slowly walked over to them. You could see the shadow of your father quickly leaving the archway acting as the hero that is going to tame Kars but little did he know, he’d be smashed like a raisin. The smirks on your aunt's faces were wiped and a rather, look that you did not want to see on your elder’s faces appeared. He towered over them, a shadow casting over both of their bodies. The room became so silent that you could hear their heart beating a million miles per hour! Still, you remained frozen. Kars was very unpredictable, yet he knew that in the US if you brutally destroy someone in front of many witnesses will land you in prison for sure. He placed the nub of his index finger under your Aunt’s chin, lifting it to meet his gaze. Before he spoke again, she nearly melted just from the mere touch of his finger. He smiled widely; nearly about to burst from laughter.
“These humans are something else,” he thought to himself.
“Madam if I may correct you. Y/N doesn’t nor has trained me to behave. I’m quite capable of it myself. I am flattered by your passes but I am taken after all. If it doesn't work out between us, I’ll be sure to give you a call.” To finish this “out-of-body experience, Kars took his long fingers and brushed both of their bangs behind their ears. Shamelessly flirting with older women was Kars’ specialty, a tactic he learned from Esidisi. His strong build gave him a sense of security but he has not tussled with everyone. Both of your uncles met his violet eyes with anger. Their arms were folded and both gave him the stare of death. He chuckled and made his way to his seat. You, blushing and slightly mortified from your boyfriend’s cocky behavior, made you smile wide. He flashed a smile, wrapping his large arm around your waist pulling you closer. It’s as if your family members caught on quickly to never interrupt your jacked boyfriend again. Your aunt’s awkward laughter seemed to dissipate in the thickness of silence in the room.
Kars began to chuckle, one laugh you knew all too well. Still, you didn’t move or make contact with your mortified aunts.
“Um, anyway,” you began to say, trying to divert everyone’s attention. “You forgot to state your occupation.”
“I apologize, it slipped me—he cranes his neck hard towards your aunts again—mind. How silly of me.”
“Look, pal—you uncles take off their shirts and throw them to the ground—I’ve had enough of you trying to talk to my woman!”
“It’s very disrespectful!”
“Do we have to teach you a lesson, boy?”
“Uncle, please. He means no harm.”
“I see that you all will be fun to be around” he chuckled again “Not a dull moment.”
“I see you like to toy with people, don’t you?”
“Indeed. It brings me joy.”
You could see a sadistic smile form on his face. It would only take a few seconds for him to have you banned from the entire state of Illinois!
“I think we’ve had enough entertainment for now. Let’s cut the turkey and eat!”
🎁 ❄️ 🎁 ❄️ 🎁 ❄️ 🎁
Throughout the night, your family including your uncles began to warm up to Kars. The men laughed at his threats somehow thinking he wasn’t able to carry them out while your aunt continued to squeeze and rub their fingers on his biceps. even if they were strangers, you wouldn’t mind because just the sight of this made you smile. Seeing your grandfather touch his biceps made you laugh.
“I used to be like him back in the day,” he said, drinking from a glass bottle of Coke.
Without direction, Kars randomly flexed his muscle twice, nearly making your aunts faint.
“You’re overreacting, honey. Don’t boost his ego.”
“Oh, shut up (u/n)! You’re just mad because you’re not as pretty as Kars, here.”
“You let me know if y/n isn’t treating you right. I’ll see that y/n is punished.”
“So will I—“Kar's locked eyes with you as your smile disappeared as you realized what he said. His vampire's teeth were showing, sharp and proud, nearly about to pierce the corner of his lips.
🎁 ❄️ 🎁 ❄️ 🎁 ❄️ 🎁
The clock struck midnight.
And not a sleepy eye in the house.
Everyone sang their hearts out as they prepared to sing Christmas Carols for tomorrow night. Although it seemed heartwarming, it was projected to be 10 below 0 tomorrow night. No thank you! In your father’s den, deep in the back of your house, warmth radiated through the closed door. The fireplace was lit; red and orange flames blended creating a mind-blowing scenery. The crackle of the wood somehow felt like more heat radiated from that section of the room. In the room, the lights were dimmed by nearly 10%. Kars’ biceps were wrapped around your body, gently grabbing your bottom. The additional heat he provided nearly made you feel like you were slowly melting away. The atmosphere felt so perfect, you’d never think of moving a muscle. Just then, the urge to get eggnog evolved. Slowly removing yourself from Kars’ embrace was stupid, but you still attempted. The feeling of slight gestures triggered him to jerk you back to the couch.
“Stop moving. I’m trying to get warm,” he mumbled half-sleep.
“You are a walking heater!”
“Not when you’re sucking the heat from me! Just be still, we’ll leave soon.”
“You better hope there is more Eggnog left, you hear?”
“Yeah, yeah,” he says, placing his cheek in the middle of his palm.
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thusspokeshan · 10 months ago
Father and Son
Josuke Higashikata x F!Reader
Where Joseph and Jotaro meets Josuke’s girlfriend
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: Part 4 Spoilers
no beta.
This is an interesting one, I really liked this :D 
random story: I didn’t know what to use as a title here at first, because if you guys haven’t noticed,, I use song titles as titles of my stories lmao, so I went through my playlists to find a suitable one and found this song in the GOTG vol. 2 Soundtrack lol,,
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Every time Jotaro is with Josuke, the man can’t help but compare the teenager to his own grandfather, and throughout the times he’s been with his uncle, he’s noticed a few traits that Josuke and Joseph both share and where they differ. 
Josuke definitely inherited Joseph’s mischievousness, that, Jotaro decided when he overheard Josuke complaining to Okuyasu about how his mother froze his account when she found out that they had ‘won’ 1 billion yen. He even thought of lecturing the teenager when he found out how they ‘won’ the lottery, but decided against it.
Josuke’s laid-back and goofy attitude also reminded Jotaro of Joseph, as well as his hot-headedness. And even though many people thought that Josuke was a spitting image of Jotaro, the marine biologist would beg to differ as he’s seen what Joseph looked like in his younger days from the images that hung around the home he grew up in. 
Despite this, however, there are still a lot of differences between the two. Josuke is more polite and level-headed (Well, if his hair isn’t brought up) compared to the old man, and Josuke is way less flirtatious with women if Joseph’s stories of his younger days were to be believed in. 
But of all the similarities and differences that the two share, Jotaro never expected this kind of similarity between the two of them.
You and Josuke were walking down the sidewalk, casually talking and laughing as the two of you make your way towards the cafe for your agreed after-school date. Josuke thought everything is going swimmingly, Okuyasu is even busy and not third-wheeling this time!
Josuke loves Okuyasu, really, he does, he’s his best friend. But sometimes, he also wants to spend time with just you. Without the others. 
But not far from the cafe, the teen suddenly saw a towering figure draped in a familiar white coat and a cap, next to him was an elderly man with a baby in his arms. 
Josuke has only been dating you for a few months and he hasn’t told you about his bizarre family just yet, not wanting to scare you off by telling you about his nephew that’s more than a decade older than him and his dad that’s older than his grandfather. 
“How about we go to Tonio’s instead, (Y/N)?” Josuke suddenly spoke, 
He turns his head towards you with a nervous smile, his hand grabbing yours and squeezing it lightly in hopes of convincing you to say yes. You let out a small smirk, opening your mouth to speak before you were cut off. 
The mentioned teenager closes his eyes in a wince, biting his lip before turning his head to look forward. His relatives now turned towards him, his nephew with his usual resting bitch face, his father, who called him, looking at him expectantly, and the baby in his arms happily squealing upon seeing the pompadour-wearing teenager. 
“Oh! Do you know them JoJo?” you asked your boyfriend, a sweet smile on your face as you look at the people not so far from you. 
“uh.... yes...?” 
Josuke curses at himself internally at the hesitance in his voice, as well as making his sentence sound more like a question than an actual statement. 
Using his hand that is still in yours, you happily pulled him with you as you approach the foreigners that called your boyfriend, a wide, happy smile still gracing your features and a pep to your step as you walked, more like skipped, with Josuke in tow. 
“Oh, was I interrupting you two?” Joseph asks, suddenly realizing that he may have unintentionally ruined his son’s date. 
“No, no, it’s okay, Mister!” You reassured the older man happily, before turning to Josuke, “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friends?”
Josuke’s eyes widened a bit before chuckling, smiling at you with an obvious sweatdrop as he turns towards you and his family a few times before finally finding his voice and introducing them to you.
“Ah... well... This man... uhm, His name is Joseph, Joseph Joestar.. he’s--”
“Woah! Joseph Joestar?! You mean that really famous estate tycoon in the US?!” you cut Josuke off, 
You were only meaning to whisper it to Josuke, but because of your wonder and surprise, you actually ended up saying it out loud, loud enough for the others to hear and Joseph simply smiles at you. 
“Yeah! yeah, he’s an estate tycoon! And this other man is his grandson, Jotaro!” 
Josuke motions his arms towards the tall man, who simply looks at you and nods before turning to look at his uncle once again, raising a brow, silently questioning him as to who this woman may be. 
“And this (Y/N)... she’s my girlfriend.” 
The teen had a wide, flustered smile on his face, his cheeks turning pink. His smile was so wide that his eyes are closing. His right hand rubbed the back of his neck. Jotaro noted the flustered, yet proud tone in the teen’s voice as he introduced you.
You, on the other hand, simply looked up at the two Joestars, giving them a warm, welcoming smile as a way to say ‘nice to meet you’.
Joseph stared at you, feeling like you’re familiar in some way but at the same time, you aren’t. There’s just something about you that reminds him of someone very dear to him for some reason. As he continued to wonder and allowed himself to get lost in his own thoughts, his eyes somehow managed to land on your hips. 
His wife. 
You definitely remind him of his wife.
The old man suddenly feels a large hand on his chin, the cold hand of Crazy Diamond pushing his face to look up and away from the woman’s hips. His eyes landed on his son, who noticed where he was looking and is now glaring at him. 
Meanwhile, Josuke’s lovely girlfriend who seems oblivious to all of this, turns to him with a curious look. 
“How did you get to know them, Josuke?” she whispers, 
Josuke felt his face pale as his mind races, trying to formulate an elaborate lie to answer your question. A tour guide? Just bumped into them? Family friends? He’s working for them?
He sweats nervously as he tries to come up with an answer, your (E/C) waiting patiently for his answer. Deciding to just spew whatever bullshit he can come up with, he opens his mouth to speak but was suddenly cut off by a coo. 
The baby in the old man’s arms had her arms out to you, cooing at you, asking to be picked up. Your eyes light up once again as you approach Joseph to take the baby from him. 
You thought it was weird. How the baby seems to be wearing a thick layer of foundation, lipstick, and large sunglasses resting on her small face, but you shrugged it off and cooed happily at the baby. 
“I suddenly need to pee,” Joseph quietly said to Jotaro, 
Jotaro looks at Joseph, before landing his gaze on Josuke and motions for the teenager to accompany the old man to the restroom. Josuke’s eyes widen for the nth time that day, motioning towards you, silently telling Jotaro that he can’t because he’s accompanying you. However, a single glare from the older Joestar was enough to shut the younger one up
“(Y/N), I’ll just accompany Mr. Joestar to the restroom, will you be okay here?”
“Of course, I’ll be fine, after all, you take all the stupid with you!” 
You stick your tongue out at Josuke and he does the same to you before approaching his father, intertwining the older man’s free arm with his to help him get into the cafe. 
You and Jotaro were left in silence, other than the sounds of a happy baby reaching out to touch your face and grasping at the collar of your school uniform. 
Jotaro took this time to sort his thoughts out about you. Like his grandfather, he thinks your personality is familiar as well, but couldn’t pinpoint as to where he encountered someone who was a lot like you. 
“Mr. Jotaro.”
Jotaro would be lying if he said he wasn’t surprised that you called him, but he’ll be damned if he let that suprise be seen on his face. He didn’t reply, but his eyes glancing towards you was enough to let you know that he’s listening. 
“I don’t know who you and Mr. Joestar are, but I can tell the two of you are closer to Josuke than what he’s letting on.” 
You look down at the baby once again, smiling down at her, and you were rewarded with more happy baby noises upon doing this. Jotaro didn’t turn to look at you, his face still looking forward, but is now listening intently to your words. 
“Josuke has been my classmate for years and ever since our schoolmate, Shigechi, went missing, something has been different about him. I don’t know what’s going on but I do know that something major is happening, something dangerous. I also know Josuke has secret abilities that he’s trying to hide from me, and I believe in his abilities, even though I don’t know what they are... but I do have one request to ask of you, Mr. Jotaro...”
“And that is?”
“Please keep Josuke safe. I have a feeling that he’s trying to save Morioh from something dangerous, that you and Mr. Joestar are helping him, and this is somehow related to what happened to Shigechi... but we’re just kids. He’s just a teenager, and I don’t want him to get hurt.”
Jotaro turns to look at you, your eyes still glued to the bundle of joy in your arms. He didn’t respond, but he can see the serious look on your face even after you spoke. 
It wasn’t long before Josuke and Joseph finally came back, and the smile on your face came back again. You and Josuke eventually said goodbye to the Joestars, a wide smile on your face and a glint of giddiness in your eyes as if nothing happened earlier. 
Seeing the happy glint in Joseph’s eyes as he watches the teenagers walk away immediately brought Jotaro almost a decade back; overhearing Rosas tell Joseph about his grandmother, Suzi Q, already knowing about Holly’s illness, about their trip and the two of them risking their lives without even him saying a thing, and the question in his mind was suddenly answered. 
It was his grandmother. You were a lot like his grandmother. 
Apparently, Josuke also inherited Joseph’s taste in women.
“I like Josuke’s girlfriend. He’s in good hands.”
The marine biologist softly smiles at Joseph’s statement, shaking his head gently and tilting his hat down.
“Good grief.”
Jotaro hopes that Josuke will not make the same mistake that Joseph did. 
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