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#Jotaro Kujo
kai-queen2 hours ago
Josuke: Croissants: dropped
Okuyasu: Road: works ahead
Yukako: BBQ sauce: on my titties
Koichi: Shavacado: fre
Rohan: Miss Keisha: fuckin dead
Jotaro: ...I didn鈥檛 understand a single word of that and I hate every single one of you
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highdio3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ai Fairouz (CV: Jolyne Kujo) and Daisuke Ono (CV: Jotaro) showing off their Jolyne and Jotaro T鈥檚, available in this month鈥檚 Ultra Jump.
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jotaros-massive-tiddies5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dialogue: "I don't think I could live alone again."聽
Two voices giggling were what greeted one Jotaro Kujo as he walked in through the door of his parental home after dipping out for a moment to the store.
He鈥檇 only been gone for around ten minutes after introducing you to his mother. Holly had been eager to meet you for weeks now, hounding Jotaro to bring you over so she could meet 鈥榟er future in law鈥, and though you鈥檇 initially been nervous, you鈥檇 agreed without much issue. Unsurprisingly, Holly and you had hit it off right away, despite your nerves, and the two of you had settled down to chatter on while Jotaro was asked to go pick up some important things for dinner that evening. Of course, the black-haired man was unaware that this had been a ploy for Holly to get some alone time with her future in law, as she鈥檇 know that if he was in the house when she brought out her 鈥榮ecret weapon鈥 he would have done anything in his power to prevent such an embarrassment.
In all honesty, Jotaro had hoped he鈥檇 successfully managed to hide those books years ago and hadn鈥檛 thought twice about disappearing while two of the most important people in his life continued to chat. It鈥檚 not that he didn鈥檛 enjoy seeing his mother after so long away from home - it鈥檚 just that despite how many years had passed, the black-haired man still despised idle chit-chat, and would do anything to avoid having to go through it. Then again, maybe if he鈥檇 been around he would know that his hiding places had all been thoroughly searched through so Holly could have her cute pictures of Jotaro once again.
Raising a brow, curious at the laughter filtering through the otherwise empty halls of the house, Jotaro slid his coat off of his shoulders and hung it up on one of the nearby hooks. The plastic bag he held in his hand was placed on the ground while he bent to take off his shoes, slipping his feet into the comfortable slippers his mother liked to buy for guests. Humming lowly to himself, the black-haired man set the items he鈥檇 bought for later tonight into the fridge before heading back to where you and his mother were chatting. Just as he placed his hand on the doorknob he heard a soft coo coming from the other side, the hairs on the back of his neck rising slightly. Apprehension filled him when he heard your voice, something tender and sweet filling your tone as it filtered through the door, 鈥淥h my gosh, he was soooooooo cute as a toddler! Look at that gwumpy little face!鈥
鈥淩ight? My Jotaro has always had such a powerful glare - and the eyebrows to match his expression!鈥 Jotaro heard Holly cooing in delight, her voice full of laughter as the two of you giggled together, 鈥淎nd this is a picture of Jotaro鈥檚 fifth birthday party! My father - Joseph Joestar, you might not have had the chance to meet him just yet - took him out to the aquarium to watch baby sea turtles hatching! The aquarium we went to had this project that they hoped would help raise the population of sea turtles, so they were located near one of the beaches further to the north!鈥 Jotaro could hear the slight sound of a page being flipped, followed quickly by a burst of your charmed laughter, 鈥淢y baby boy saw that some seagulls were hovering around one of the nests and decided to try and chase them off all on his own! Unfortunately, the gulls were greater in number!鈥
鈥淥h my god, that鈥檚 just too cute!鈥
Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no, no. Jotaro cringed as he heard you and his mother flipping to another page. Damn it, he鈥檇 so hoped Holly wouldn鈥檛 find the places he鈥檇 hidden the baby albums in! Inhaling slowly, the black-haired man prepared to face his destiny, opening the door to the tea room with a sigh, 鈥淚鈥檓 back - I wasn鈥檛 able to find any chilli flakes, but they had some sambal so I got that instead,鈥 Jotaro grumbled, his eyes falling to a particular picture of his younger self, hands full of feathers with a pout on his face, little scratch marks all over his cheeks as he sat and mulishly watched the baby turtles scrambling into the sea. He bit back a groan, though that didn鈥檛 stop you and Holly from giggling at him when he pinched the bridge of his nose in aggravated embarrassment, 鈥淵are yare, did you really have to bring out the baby albums on the first meeting, mom?鈥 You laughed at the vexation on Jotaro鈥檚 face, his mother pouting and turning her nose up at him in a small 鈥榟arrumph鈥.
鈥淲ell, when else was I going to get the chance to show (Y/N) what a cute little tyke you were! You always try to hide the albums anyways,鈥 Holly huffed, her cheeks puffed out in a childish pout as Jotaro grunted something in response, the larger man moving to sit next to out once more, 鈥淏esides, you were such a cute baby and now you鈥檙e all grown up! I wanted to share your cuteness with my potential future in law!鈥 You laughed even more at that, smiling brightly even as you leaned against Jotaro, taking his hand in yours and linking your fingers with his. Jotaro relaxed slightly, the glare he was giving the picture album lessening somewhat as he released another sigh. Holly smiled bright, scooching closer before the dinging of the antique clock on the mantel reminded her what time it was, 鈥淕oodness, it seems we鈥檒l have to take a small break from looking at the pictures for now. I think I should go and get things ready for dinner before we lose track of time,鈥 Seeing you shift in your seat so you could go and help her, Holly waved you off and shook her head, 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to get up - I鈥檒l call if I need any help! Besides, your tea might grow cold!鈥
You laughed and nodded at the blonde woman鈥檚 words, sitting back comfortably, 鈥淚f you鈥檙e sure then I鈥檒l accept your reassurances. Still, if you do want some help in the kitchen, I鈥檓 more than happy to offer a hand!鈥 Holly hummed and gave you a small nod, shuffling out of the tea room to go get started on the dish she had planned tonight. You carefully shut the album and set it on the now vacant space where Holly had been sitting, snuggling more into Jotaro鈥檚 side while smiling up at him brightly, 鈥淵ou really were a cute little tyke, in all honesty. I never would have thought that your big, scary glare was practised for so many years!鈥 Your teasing brought said infamous grumpy look in your direction, which just made you laugh and lean towards him to give Jotaro a light peck on the lips, 鈥淥h, hush, there鈥檚 no need to give me that look, I鈥檓 just teasing you, babe,鈥 Your boyfriend huffed and leaned down to give you another small kiss in response.
鈥淢hmm, I figured - I鈥檒l have to get revenge when we meet your family too, you know,鈥 You laughed at that and nodded lightly, prompting Jotaro to give you a small smile at how genuinely joyful you seemed at the moment. He shifted to wrap an arm around you, pulling you closer into his side with a hum, "Have you thought more about my proposal for us to move in together?鈥
鈥溾橮roposal鈥, Jotaro you鈥檙e making it sound like you鈥檙e suggesting your thesis topic when you say that,鈥 You chuckled lightly, humming in thought as your boyfriend brought up the topic the two of you had been talking about for over a week now, 鈥淚t鈥檚 not necessarily that I don鈥檛 want to move in with you, but I鈥檓 a little scared that I don't think I could live alone again if anything happened that would cause us to break up,鈥 You admitted your worries softly, admitting what had been on your mind the whole time while thinking it all over. You felt comfortable in Holly鈥檚 home, and maybe that鈥檚 what made it a lot easier to talk about moving in together, especially now that you knew Holly liked you as Jotaro鈥檚 girlfriend at the very least, 鈥淧lus, if we move in together, it should probably be somewhere where we鈥檇 both be able to pay half the rent with the amount we make at the moment. I know you have a lot of money that you could spend on buying an apartment or house or whatever, but it鈥檇 feel kinda unequal, you know what I mean?鈥 Your boyfriend nodded lightly in response to your concerns.
Jotaro mulled over your words for a little bit before giving a light shrug, 鈥淲e don鈥檛 have to move in together right now, or anything. We鈥檙e both living comfortably at the moment and can take our time looking around for something you鈥檇 be comfortable paying for,鈥 You sighed in relief, smiling in response to the reassurances your boyfriend was giving you in the face of your worries. The two of you decided it would be best to continue this discussion later, possibly with some housing choices that would suit your level as doctorate students that would be close to the university you attended. For now, you quietly discussed some other things while waiting for Holly to call for you both for dinner.
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porunareff9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ok but Ai Fairouz (Jolyne) and Daisuke Ono (Jotaro) modeling the commemorative Part 6 shirts by Ultra Jump聽馃槏馃槏
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thatsthetriick11 hours ago
JJba characters witnessing you skinny dipping
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: caught in 4k characters saw u skinny dipping in the 90s after ur friends left u lol. (Joestars x Fem!Reader) Inspiration:聽 This was inspired by a funny and innocent scene in Now & Then(1995) where the main characters decided to prank their bullies(who were skinny dipping) by stealing their clothes and running away Disclaimer: Perverted thoughts, skinny dipping reader, characters aged up! anything else under those categories, not nsfw just fluff I suppose(Though I call it soft spice)? Header photo: Koisuru Harinezumi
Joestars Witnessing you Skinny Dipping all alone
Jonathan Joestar
鈫 He鈥檒l accidentally see you and get flustered, he鈥檚 a gentleman so he鈥檒l probably leave you on your own, afterall there was nothing really wrong with skinny dipping. 鈫 Since he鈥檒l walk away you鈥檒l be the one who will notice him and you鈥檒l get his attention,聽鈥淗ey Jonathan!鈥 and he鈥檒l have no choice but to go towards you and he鈥檒l try to be polite by not staring at your body since its offensive. 鈫 You might invite him as a friendly thing to do but he鈥檒l decline and explain that he didn鈥檛 wanna ruin your alone time and you respected his choice and you ask him if he could get the towel on your bike and he鈥檒l do it for you. 鈫 He gets easily embarrassed and flustered so he鈥檒l leave after saying goodbye and he would just try not to think about it and yet he still does, especially he gets flustered everytime he remembers your question of joining him for skinny dipping Joseph Joestar 鈫 Ah he鈥檒l already hear about you going with your group to skinny dip so he鈥檒l stalk you there, this creepy pervert would watch your friends leave you alone. 鈫 He would usually cover your eyes from behind and ask you to guess but you would guess that it鈥檚 him and slap off his hands and he鈥檒l act playfully hurt 鈫 You wont be the one to ask him to skinny dip he鈥檒l ask you if you could join but you鈥檒l jokingly tell him to please at least wear something because you honestly don鈥檛 wanna skinny dip with this weirdo. 鈫 But in the end you two had fun, you two splash water and chased each other and swam to different places and went back, you had a great time and the more time you spend with him the less his perverted flirts and jokes were told, he did tell them from time to time but not frequent, that鈥檚 why you didn鈥檛 mind hanging with him at all because you get to see he was honestly a fun and kind person to be with, a funny one as well. 鈫 You guys will end up in the lake/beach/any body of water for a long time until the sunsets probably, both of your hands would be wrinkly but you two wouldn鈥檛 care and coninue to just talk while in the water 鈫 You two will part ways and he鈥檒l remember he doesn鈥檛 have a towel so you two shared a towel and dried out while you two are in a nearby park or log to sit on while you two shared the towel till you are warm, you part your ways and immediately fall asleep after all that long swimming, you鈥檒l probably ask him to swim with you again. Jotaro Kujo (Part 3) 鈫 He couldn鈥檛 care if he knew your group of friends were gonna skinny dip or anything, though he鈥檒l probably take a route where he sees you accidentally, he鈥檒l try to go back but he鈥檒l hear you call out his name 鈫澛犫淥h Jotaro!鈥 You would say and he would probably be annoyed maybe he would mumble a聽鈥渢ch鈥 while adjusting his hat. 鈫 You鈥檒l ask him if he can get your towel on your bike and he would comment,聽鈥淗ow come you don鈥檛 bring your towel with you, woman.鈥 He would still get it though as he explains and you would apologize and laugh it off. 鈫 He鈥檒l hand it to you and you鈥檒l thank him and innocently offer him if he鈥檇 like to join you and he would disagree, though he would still stay by your side as you skinny dip some more. 鈫 You鈥檒l wonder why is he still there but you ignored it and instead chatted to him as he either stood up with hands on his pocket or sat down on a log while watching you as if he was babysitting a baby who was in a pool. 鈫 He honestly doesn鈥檛 mind your company, and it hella good at not looking at your body whenever you accidentaly reveal it everytime you accidentally get up or something. 鈫 He鈥檒l be very unpredictable with what he thinks but nevertheless you like his company more than skinny dipping alone, he would also look away at the right times when you鈥檙e gonna get out of the water. 鈫 You鈥檒l dress up and he鈥檒l walk you home safely as you continue speaking to him, always leading your conversation. He may look grumpy but you knew deep inside he was listening and interested with your topic Old Joseph Joestar (part 3) 鈫 He鈥檒l coincidentally see you skinny dipping and wouldn鈥檛 notice you were skinny dipping at first, he鈥檒l think you were wearing something so he鈥檒l come up to you and hold your shoulders to scare you and you鈥檒l get startled but the sudden touch and once you get up he鈥檒l basically look away and apologize聽鈥淎HH IM SORRY!鈥 He鈥檒l look away and you鈥檒l chuckle. 鈫 He鈥檚 not much of a pervert as he was when he was younger so he鈥檚 more of a mature and gentle person so he did look away and wait for you to hid your body in the water once more, you would apologize as well for standing up but you鈥檒l just laugh and make fun of him because of his face. 鈫 He鈥檒l constantly scratch the back of his neck and apologize once you鈥檙e back to the water and you鈥檒l just continue makeing fun of his reaction and he鈥檒l blush in embarrassement, you鈥檒l often tease him that he better not tell anyone what he saw and he鈥檒l sincerely yet nervously promised he won鈥檛 tell anyone what he saw, he鈥檚 too embarrassed to talk about it anyway. 鈫 You gave him more of a optional choice on joining you by saying,聽鈥淵ou can join me but please wear some clothes I don鈥檛 wannna witness anything traumatizing鈥, he鈥檒l refuse of course and say he鈥檒l be somewhere 鈫 After small you tell him that you can accompany him to whereever he was going because you鈥檙e bored so you ask him to fetch your towel and you鈥檒l walk with him even though you鈥檙e soaking wet out in the streets. Josuke Higashikata 聽 鈫 He will encounter you because he鈥檒l be looking for someone and he鈥檒l see you swimming all alone and he鈥檒l be curious and approach you,聽鈥淗ey, Y/n what are you doing all alone?鈥 he鈥檒l ask then eventually notice that you were skinny dipping 鈫 Like young joseph he would be embarrassed and look away and pretend like he didn鈥檛 see anything while you speak to him,聽 he鈥檚 really uncomfortable and embarrassed since he never noticed anyone skinny dip before and you鈥檒l just chuckle at him and offer if he wanted to join 鈫 He鈥檒l stutter since he was originally looking for someone else and yet he didn鈥檛 want to seem rude.聽鈥淚-i鈥檓 sorry Y/n I鈥檓 kind of looking for someone right now.鈥 he鈥檒l scratch the back of his head and you just simply nodded at the flustered Joestar and ask who was he looking for. 鈫 He鈥檒l tell you who he was looking for while trying his best not to look at weird areas of you and was literally sweating since this was super hard. He really didn鈥檛 want you to think of him as a pervert no way, he鈥檒l never forgive himself because he doesn鈥檛 want one of his friends to think that about him. 鈫 He鈥檒l find ways to leave the conversation and area immediately so he wouldn鈥檛 do something that would make Y/n uncomfortable but you on the other hand would make the conversations long so the poor Higashikata had to wait till he鈥檒l find an exit of that conversation as he tries his best to look away. 鈫 It was honestly a funny scene for you since you knew what he was trying to do. Jotaro Kujo (part 4) 鈫澛犫淥h Y/n鈥 he鈥檒l say after he hears you call him out to him, unlike his part 3 self where he accidentally encountered you, you were the one who encountered him and called him. 鈫 At first he thought you were swimming with some clothes or something but as he got closer he realized and he adjusted his cap and look someplace else as you spoke to him. 鈫 You鈥檒l invite him to swim with you but he鈥檒l decline and convince you it鈥檚 a bit dangerous for you to skinny dip at hours like this (which is like mornings) just so you could get back, honestly this guy doesn鈥檛 anyone to accidentally encountered you with no clothes that would be a nightmare to him so he convinces you honestly. 鈫 He鈥檒l try super hard to convince you and after he does he鈥檒l help you get the towel immediately and gently give it to you and not throwing it (unlike part 3 Jotaro), he鈥檒l look away as you put the towel on and help you walk home. 鈫 He鈥檒l watch until you get through the door of your house and that鈥檚 when he leaves. Giorno Giovanna 鈫 He鈥檒l be looking for you but he鈥檒l hear sounds so he鈥檒l crouch under a big log or a bush as he tries to hear whats going on, once it鈥檚 been silent for too long he鈥檒l look up just to see you skinny dipping. 鈫 He will be really flustered but his face says otherwise, he鈥檒l just look at you because of the surprise and shock till you get scared of him and fall over in the water.
鈫澛犫淵-y/n!鈥 He鈥檒l stand up and look for you under the water and lake, he was honestly gonna swim in to save you but you came out with soaked hair that drips droplets of water, he鈥檒l calm himself down but breathing in and out faintly,聽鈥淵ou scared me.鈥 He鈥檒l say in his normal tone and same expression on his face. 鈫澛犫淪orry, you scared me as well.鈥 You鈥檒l chuckle and then you were about to stand up till you forgot you had nothing on so you quickly sat down, he didn鈥檛 see much honestly, but he鈥檒l look at the opposite direction on where you were,聽鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥 He鈥檒l apologize and you鈥檒l find it cute.聽 鈫 His inner Jonathan side gets revealed when he was around you honestly, you ask if he wanted to join and he鈥檒l be surprised and flustered once again but you won鈥檛 hear it in his voice or聽 anythingm but he鈥檒l politely decline as he waits for you to finish. 鈫 At the same time he informs you on what he needed to say in the first place and you two start a conversation afterwards and just enjoyed his accompany as well. 鈫 He鈥檒l also walk you home as you two talk and he鈥檒l watch you till you make it back, sweet guy honestly, he鈥檒l also be having a hard time not looking at your body while you were in the pool
Tumblr media
Sorry folks im still only up to part 5 i鈥檒l write the other joestars when i get to their part, im honestly in classes rn so i鈥檒l edit later lmfaO
Check out my masterlist~
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schadenfiend15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Art for Chapter 7, 8, and 9 of Sound Decisions. :)
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sinarose16 hours ago
Candid Camera
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jotaro Kujo x Fem!Reader
Summary: The day before Jotaro leaves for Morioh he realizes he鈥檚 going to miss you more than he thought. He makes the most of the time he has left.
Word count: 1859
Tags: idk kinda fluffy at the beginning, smut, porn with a tiny bit of plot, he鈥檚 been distant bc ptsd and all, kind of modeled after what his canon relationship with his wife was probably like, praise kink, size kink, he takes pictures, mirror, implied that splat is there too, possessiveness if you squint, mention of choking
A/N: inspired by a mirror selfie I took where I edited jotaro into the background with me hahaha anyway this is just self indulgent smut like I really just threw all my kinks in and called it a day. I don鈥檛 really know what other tags to include, so if I missed any tw pls let me know! Enjoy the filth besties
Tumblr media
It鈥檚 the day before he鈥檚 scheduled to leave on the Speedwagon Foundation jet that Jotaro becomes uncharacteristically clingy. You鈥檝e been married for a couple years now, have a daughter, live together in a small house in California, but he doesn鈥檛 usually grab you like this.
He鈥檚 been following you around the house like a lost puppy all day, going from one room to the next as you go through the chores you reserve for your days off. Snaking his arms around your waist when he can. Content to just watch you work when he can鈥檛.
Jolyne鈥檚 with grandma, it鈥檚 just the two of you.
At first it makes you think the worst. He doesn鈥檛 really kiss you the way he used to, and you can鈥檛 remember the last time you woke up in his arms. Is there something making him feel guilty for leaving? Is there some other reason he鈥檚 leaving to Japan?
He travels often enough, something you might find strange for a marine biologist. Especially that trip to Cairo. Something about research for his PhD, but he rarely talks about his trips so you wouldn鈥檛 even be able to tell if he was lying.
It鈥檚 when he tries to follow you into the bathroom that you decide enough is enough. 鈥淛otaro,鈥 you sigh. 鈥淚s everything alright?鈥
He simply stares down at you, not one for many words. 鈥淓verything鈥檚 fine.鈥
鈥淭hen why are you trying to follow me into bathroom?鈥
His eyes don鈥檛 meet your own at that, the faintest of blushes forming on his tanned skin. 鈥淐an a man not spend time with his wife?鈥
A laugh bubbles out before you can stop it. 鈥淲ell, yeah, but I need to pee.鈥
He looks away again, completely flushed now. 鈥淚鈥檒l uh be in the room.鈥
鈥淲hat鈥檚 all this?鈥
There鈥檚 a Polaroid camera out on the bed sitting next to your husband, a nervous look on his face that you haven鈥檛 seen in years. 鈥淛otaro, what鈥檚 the matter?鈥
鈥淲ell, I鈥檓 gonna be gone for a while...鈥 he trails off looking down at his hands in his lap. It鈥檚 almost comical seeing your monster of a man looking nervous on the huge bed. A man that would strike fear into the heart of any opponent, too nervous to look his tiny wife in the face.
You stride over to him, knowing that in his few moments of vulnerability he needs to be held. 鈥淚 know baby, but we鈥檒l make the best of it. We鈥檒l talk on the phone when we can and I鈥檒l mail you lots of pictures of Jolyne. I鈥檓 still not sure how to use email if I鈥檓 being honest, but we can try that too.鈥
You wish someone could photograph the way your husband looks in your arms. It鈥檚 ridiculous having a man twice your size cling to you.
鈥淚 know I鈥檓 not the best at showing it, but I鈥檒l miss you, a lot.鈥 He鈥檚 speaking into your neck, but his arms are wandering elsewhere. From your upper back down to your waist and ultimately finding purchase where your hips meet your thighs.
鈥淛otaro, you鈥檙e starting to scare me.鈥 A small giggle spills out of you as his fingers begin to move once more. Massaging into the meat of your thigh, one of his favorite things about you.
He鈥檚 shifting positions now, parting your thighs and pulling you onto his lap now. 鈥淚 love you, I don鈥檛 say that enough.鈥
And then his lips are on yours, stealing your breath and making your head spin. The worried man from moments ago is long gone, a newfound confidence and hunger taking his place. Your arms wrap around his neck, pulling him in even closer. The last time he kissed you like this must鈥檝e been months ago, that time you both had one too many glasses of wine at dinner. Before that? You couldn鈥檛 say.
He knows your body, even if he hasn鈥檛 indulged you as much lately. He knows that if he kisses you on the lips and then makes his way up your jaw then you鈥檒l let out those soft moans he loves so much. He knows that when he licks the shell of your ear it makes you shiver and writhe in his arms. When he gets to your neck it tickles you, and the breathy giggles that pepper your moans have him so hard it hurts.
You鈥檙e bucking into him now, not quite sure where this is all coming from but definitely not opposed. You鈥檙e so enthralled in the way he feels, his scent, his touch, that it barely registers that he鈥檚 standing now. One arm under your bottom, the other reaching for the camera on the bed. Your legs tightly wrapped around his waist.
Your pussy squeezes around nothing when you realize he鈥檚 holding you with just one arm, just how little are you in his eyes?
You can鈥檛 bring yourself to open your eyes until you鈥檝e reached your destination. He鈥檚 slowly making his way down to the floor, taking a seat on the soft carpet as you continue to grind yourself into him.
And then he鈥檚 pulling you out of the fog, moving you once again like you weigh nothing until your back is flush to his chest. You鈥檙e met with your reflection, you鈥檙e sitting in front of the full-length mirror.
Your hair is falling out of your ponytail, wispy half bangs framing your flushed face. Your lips are slightly parted, swollen and glistening from your husband鈥檚 abrupt kisses. There鈥檚 the beginnings of a love bite forming on your neck, just barely peeking out from under your sweater. Your hoodie is wrinkled and you鈥檙e only now realizing that somewhere along the way he managed to unbutton and unzip your jeans.
What has gotten into him? Not that you鈥檙e complaining.
鈥淵ou look so pretty like this, my pretty little wife. Wanna remember you like this while I鈥檓 gone.鈥 He鈥檚 grabbing the camera now, turning the flash off and bringing it up to his face. 鈥淪mile.鈥
It鈥檚 the first time you鈥檝e ever taken any sort of lewd pictures before. You鈥檇 bought him the Polaroid camera for his birthday earlier that year for this specific trip. To photograph Japan for you, the starfish he鈥檒l be researching, the long-lost family he鈥檒l be meeting. You won鈥檛 be joining him, not that you ever have. It鈥檚 hard to travel with kids, even if you only have one Jolyne is enough to keep your hands full.
To see him use the gift you bought him for something like this... it鈥檚 sending all kinds of pleasure down to your pussy.
鈥淛otaro, please...鈥 you don鈥檛 really know what exactly you鈥檙e begging for you just need his hands on you. The momentary absence as he snapped your photo was too long.
鈥淧lease what, princess? Use your words, baby.鈥 Jotaro is enjoying this much more than he thought he would. His hard cock straining against his white pants, he has to stifle his moans every time you grind against him.
鈥淭ouch me, please,鈥 you can barely whimper out. He鈥檚 not even touching you, yet you feel like your skin is on fire. The fog in your head is back, so turned on from watching the photo start to develop on the table next to you. Something about watching your own blissed-out face slowly appear in the photo.
鈥淭ouch you where?鈥 Such a fucking tease.
The longer he goes without touching you the more frustrated you get. Looking at him dwarf you in the mirror is just adding to the arousal pooling in your panties. 鈥淛otaro-鈥 You can鈥檛 help but whine.
鈥淎lright, alright. But only because you look so perfect when you whine.鈥 He snakes a finger down into your undone pants and starts a soft rhythm on your clit. He groans into your ear, 鈥淵ou鈥檒l have to ask nicely next time.鈥
He continues circling your clit and begins sucking another bruise onto your neck. He knows it鈥檒l be long gone before he comes back, but he wants to mark you before he goes. Not sure when he鈥檒l be back he needs everyone, especially that single guy with the wandering eyes down the block, to know you belong to someone.
You miss when he pulls your pants down, not even sure how he managed to do so with one hand in your pants and the other up your shirt. You suppose you鈥檙e too out of it, head lolling back into his chest and moans falling freely from your mouth, to notice.
You hear another click and faintly realize he鈥檚 snapped another photo. You don鈥檛 even give it a second thought, too lost in him to realize he鈥檚 not the one holding the camera.
鈥淔uck, you look so good right now,鈥 he groans into your neck. 鈥淥ne more for me baby, come on, smile.鈥
You raise your head off his chest, heavy from his touch, and give him the faintest of smiles. He鈥檚 actually in the frame this time, smiling down at you rather than the camera. It鈥檇 be cute enough to include in a photo album if not for your purple neck and glistening pussy stealing the show. The photo isn鈥檛 entirely in focus, but somehow his fingers buried deep inside your sloppy cunt look picture perfect.
You both stare at the photo as it develops, and once it鈥檚 completely finished you feel Jotaro shift beneath you. 鈥淥h my god...鈥
His chest rumbles behind you, something between a moan and a growl is stuck in his chest. 鈥淵ou need to cum. Now.鈥
And then he鈥檚 burying his fingers back in your dripping cunt, thrusting in and out with a ferocity that makes you feel like you鈥檙e floating. He鈥檚 murmuring all kinds of things in your ear. Something about how your pussy, how you were made just for him. You honestly only hear half the words coming out of his mouth, too busy drowning in pleasure.
You start to feel ice at your fingertips, the familiar greeting of overstimulation upon you. You鈥檙e so so close, just a little more. 鈥淛o-Jotaro..I wanna... Please I can鈥檛- I鈥檓 I鈥檓 gonna-鈥 you can鈥檛 get a full thought out between pants before you鈥檙e falling.
The floating feeling is gone, instead, you鈥檙e crashing down into an ocean. Waves of pleasure threaten to pull you out to sea but you鈥檙e tethered back to shore by a firm hand squeezing your neck.
鈥淭hat鈥檚 it baby, let go. Give it to me,鈥 Jotaro鈥檚 babbling into your ear, just as lost as you are. In the heat of the moment as you fuck yourself on his fingers you don鈥檛 register another few clicks of the camera.
It feels like an eternity of floating in the waves before it finally settles. The waves have calmed, but when Jotaro moves his fingers up to his lips and sucks on them, a languid moan escaping him, you feel like you鈥檙e getting lost at sea all over again.
鈥淪o pretty like this, all spent on my lap.鈥 He鈥檚 placing soft kisses on your jaw now, reeling you back to shore slowly as you struggle to catch your breath. He tugs at your sweater.
鈥淗ow about a few without this?鈥
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A/N: hi idk if anyone will even read this but hope you enjoyed if you did! I love joot so much so I hope I can write some more for him. Thanks again 馃グ
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16? XD
16. How often do they shower?
Tumblr media
"Whenever I need to. Could be every other day, or every day. Depends."
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I feel like Primadonna could work well for the Stone Ocean ED??? Maybe??????
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CrocTaro was the loadscreen in the JJBA dreamcast game!!!!
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