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30 March 2020

Deadlifts. Started with jump rope and jumps. Rdl ss hamstring curls, deadlift up to 535 then 435x3x4. I’m not sure what the weights actually weigh but I’m pretty sure they’re off. Barbell row ss dumbbell curl and barbell curl ss banded curl. Doesn’t look like much but I was dying.

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29 March 2020

Bench day. 305x3x4 and 315x2x4. ½ board press 290x2x4 and 4x4 back downs. Barbell ohp ss band extensions, flys ss overhead band thing, laterals, dumbbell press ss skull crusher, and push ups ss dumbbell ohp

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24 March 2020

Chest/back. Bench 5x5 from 300-280 dropping 5 lbs per set. Cg 1 board press 275x4x5. Did a bunch of accessories with what we have in the garage. Tons of pull ups.

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