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see u in 1000 years!
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Ruin this friendship
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Higuruma with White Shirt & Overcoat
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JJK Men as Fathers
What I think the guys would be like as fathers and what their relationship with their kid(s) would be like. (In Toji’s case it’s what he would have been like if the Zen’in clan wasn’t Like That™)
Gojo Satoru, Nanami Kento, Fushiguro Toji, Geto Suguru
A/N: I’m up late with horrible acid reflux and I needed some kind of comfort.
Gojo Satoru
He’s 10/10 fun dad. He can’t even help it. If he’s settled down enough to have a child, he is 100% in a position to spoil and dote on both the child and their mother.
I think the first time he ever holds his child is probably super emotional for him, because they’re so small, and the need to protect them is so god damn overwhelming. But he’s grateful. He’s so damn grateful to you for giving him this child. (I think even if the two of you aren’t settled down once his baby is born his reverence for you goes up 1000%)
I imagine him with a daughter, and she’d be such a daddy’s girl. You feel so robbed because I also get the sense that those Gojo genes are strong so after 9 months of carrying that lil big headed child, she gon come out looking like him and he’s her favorite person in the world.
You can’t be too mad though, because the smile on her face when she sees her father is so sweet it melts your heart every time (plus, when you do leave the house without her and you come back she’s happier to see you than she ever is to see Satoru)
That being said, she definitely says “Papa” first. Gojo is over the moon about it. He also rubs it in just a bit that she said his name first.
When she can walk, he looks forward to coming home and hearing her chubby little fit smack against the floor as she comes running to him. It never fails to put a smile on his face. He always picks her up and spins her around. It literally does not matter how big she gets, this is their greeting every time.
Will dress her up as a teddy bear. You better believe that baby has a million and one teddy bear onesies for the winter. 
He also coordinates outfits with her. If you’re down, then you can all match. But for sure the daddy/daughter fits are FIRE.
When she gets older, he’s definitely a dad that lives to embarrass his kid. It comes from a place of love, genuinely, but expect to hear her groaning “MOOOOOOOM!” all the time as she comes to tell you what her father has done lately. 
Nanami Kento
Nanami is all the traditional parts of a father that are great! He’s stable. He’s patient. A bit stoic, but he speaks from the heart. He supports his family, and he shows his love mostly through action.
However he’d lack the toxic parts of the traditional view of fatherhood, meaning though he prefers to show his love through action he will not hesitate to tell his child(ren) that he loves them. I also imagine that he’s extremely emotionally supportive. They would grow up knowing they could talk to their papa about anything. Lastly, Nanami’s definitely the strict parent. He’s the disciplinarian. He has a clear idea of the way he wants to raise his children and it’s gentle but still firm.
I think his reverence for you would definitely rub off on his kids. Just seeing how tenderly their father treats you would make them extra affectionate with you, but I also just think that Nanami would wind up settling down with a motherly person. Nanami gives calm father vibes, and I think he would naturally gravitate towards a homemaker, and someone who could make him lighten up a little. It’s giving stoic man + ray of sunshine woman.
He’s not bothered by the fact that his children seem more attached to you. In fact, he thinks it’s sweet. He knows they love him. He doesn’t need them to be joined at his hip. After all, he still quite enjoys his alone time, even though he gets much much less of it as a father.
Definitely the one to stay up late with the babies when they’re infants and Won’t sleep through the night. He wants you to get your rest, you need it.
You will get plenty of amazing moments seeing Nanami sleeping with a kid on his chest,
Oh my god, when his kids are old enough to play pretend, he faithfully eats at their “restaurant” while complaining about the service and the outrageous prices. The kids definitely understand his deadpan humor and they are giggling their heads off listening to their father complain.
I think he would have quiet yet affectionate children. They climb into his lap when they find him sitting quietly with a book. They know he’s busy reading, they just want to be close to him, so he hugs them close to his side and continues what he’s doing.
It’s like I said. Sure he says that he loves you all, but he doesn’t have to. You can feel it.
Fushiguro Toji
It’s a wonder your kids make it at all because the things this man does... It’s like he is trying to give you a heart attack.
Not really a baby person. They make him a little anxious when they’re that small and all they do is cry, poop, and sleep. 
However, once they can walk around, and they’re a little more durable, prepare to have multiple heart attacks throughout the day. He’s carrying your child like a football, tossing them in the air, letting them use him as jungle gym.
Definitely does that thing where he makes them stand in the palm of his hand, balancing them to keep them from falling, and every time you yell at him to hold them right he just laughs at you. Your kid is giggling too.
The “walk it off” dad. He gives you shit for running to comfort your baby when they hit their head or fall. They’re only crying because you seem scared. When they fall he just looks at them, and they look back at him and when he has no reaction they just get up and keep moving.
Of course when they’re older and experience real pain, he does check them over for serious injury but for the most part he brushes the dirt off of them and tells them to get back out there and keep playing.
Tells dad jokes. At first it’s because you find them stupid and you always groan about it, but then once his kid old enough to understand them and be exhausted by them he definitely makes it a habit.
10/10 would kill for his kids and they know it. The older they get the more they’re aware of it. I’m sure there are plenty of “My dad could kick your dad’s butt!” moments and no one gets it until they set eyes on Toji.
If your kid gets into a fight at school he doesn’t even pretend to be upset. He immediately asks who won. Of course your kid won. They’ve got Toji’s blood in them, there’s no way they were going to lose.
Doesn’t matter what gender they are, he puts them in a martial arts class, or teaches them himself. They also do traditionally masculine things with him: Fixing up on a car, mending things around the house, tending to things outside.
Geto Suguru (A non-genocidal and crazy version of him)
A doting father, one of unconditional love. Though I think he would be the disciplinarian I also think his kids would still take a great deal of comfort from him. He’s firm but not scary.
When they’re babies you definitely have to fight him for a chance to hold your own child. He just really loves them and they’re so small and defenseless. It’s all he can do to hold on to them.
Doesn’t allow you to do much around the house after you give birth. Claims you’ve done more than enough. He truly would rather you never lifted a finger again. You just brought life into the world.
When they’re older he indulges their games. Pretends not to be able to find them in hide and seek. Will play peek-a-boo with them for a ridiculous amount of time.
He doesn’t even realize just how much his kid(s) love him until he’s been away from the house all day and finds them waiting for him eagerly while you sit on the couch looking exhausted. “They refused to sleep until you tucked them in Sugu. I did my best but they’re just as stubborn as you.”
Definitely gives girl dad vibes (i mean think of the twins). Allows his daughters to do his hair in whatever way they like. Does that mean that sometimes he spends all day in pigtails with bobos and barrets? Yes, sometimes it does. They also paint his nails for him and tell him how pretty he is. You really cannot tell this man a damn thing after he leaves from his daughter’s makeshift salon.
Definitely a father with high expectations, but he can’t stand to see his children upset and so even if he’s harsh it’s only a matter of time before he goes to them with the typical father apology of food, or a proposition to go do something with him.
Fiercely protective of his family. I mean god help the person that hurt any of you. He wouldn’t stop until he’d exacted his revenge. Even at his best he’s prone to resentment and cruelty if the occasion calls for it.
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know your place.
for @uzuittengen and @reigenphobe 💕
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Jujutsu Kaisen Key Animation
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I must confess, I... Dab©
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toji receiving your nudes while he’s in the middle of a mission so he stops toying around, shoots the target, and runs home. shiu receives a short message that just says “bank” from toji which doesn’t say anything about the status of the mission.
Tumblr media
(toji almost rips the hinges of the door when he slammed it open, panting heavily and no, it’s not because of exhaustion. he almost whines when he sees you lounging in his shirt, two sizes too big, wide eyes looking at him in shock. your phone’s still on your hand while the other is clutching a half-empty bowl of cereal.
“what the fuck,” you say, “toji, i just sent that message seven minutes ago. what—”
but he doesn’t say anything, instead, he just runs towards you before unceremoniously throwing you over his shoulder and making a beeline to the bedroom. your bowl clatters to the floor, milk spilling even on the couch, but you don’t even have the chance to complain because toji’s pressing you to the bedroom door, trapping you with his big body, and captures your lips in a heated kiss. the kiss is too wet, all tongue and desperate which forces out tiny giggles from your throat, but toji is relentless.
“jesus- fuck- toji- oh my- mmhm-??!”
“fuck baby,” toji whispers when he’s finally pulled away from your lips, throbbing and bruised, to trail wet kisses on your neck. “i’m gonna wreck you so hard—do i look like i’m messing around?”
toji pulls back, his head looming over you and his scarred lips pulled in a feral grin. “did you really think that i wouldn’t punish you?”
you squeak, an aborted sound that you tried to muffle, but it’s too late: toji’s smile turns a lot sharper, more dangerous.
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yandere husband! Gojo x fem reader x neighbor Toji/Megumi
note: HAHAH YESSS IM EXCITED TO WRITE THISSS. Anyway, this idea came to me due to the terrible realization that I didn't write enough of Gojo 😔 also, I'm too lazy to think of a title name rn but it shall get one soon bb. And you already know this fic is gonna have some smut
warnings: mentions of cheating, non-sorcerer au
"Satoru. Satoru!"
You feel like you've been calling his name forever now but he's just texting away on his phone with some occasional chuckling.
"Yeah babe? What's up?" He finally turns his head over to you with that stupidly gorgeous smile of his.
You sigh. "Satoru, didn't you hear me? I said I prepared dinner already."
"Oh, really? I'll be right there." He flashes you a smile before going back to texting.
Your expression turns grim before you walk away to the dinner table. You and Gojo have been married for about a couple months now but you were starting to have regrets.
You're pretty sure he was cheating, no, you knew he was cheating, that's why he was on his phone so much. Just sending a bunch of thirst emojis to other chicks you didn't even know the names of.
That's what you get for marrying the Satoru Gojo.
But you loved him...Truly. Or you did. The spark, that fire was no longer lit and you honestly weren't sure if you had any more love for your husband.
You've thought about divorce a few times but you've noticed that Gojo has this tendency to...be a tad bit possessive over you.
"Do you really have to dress so nicely? It's just a dinner date. If you wanna look nice, just look nice for me here at home."
"Your phone? What happened to your contacts? I got rid of them all. All you need is my phone number sweetheart."
"I want you to quit your job. You don't need to work anymore since I'm taking care of you."
Those are only some examples of how Gojo changed your life. You became a housewife that did nothing but cook and clean and please her husband.
But you didn't have to worry about money since Gojo was a rich man. A very rich man. He was the CEO of a company.
"How was work?" You question softly while unbuttoning his dress shirt in the comfort of your shared master bedroom.
He sighs and rolls his head back. "Same old, same old. It honestly gets so boring sometimes."
You notice a hint of sweet perfume on his collar and spot a lipstick smudge on his neck. But you don't point it out and only focus on undressing him.
"I see." You mumble out with slight bitterness.
He was lying through his fucking teeth. He was probably fucking his own secretary in his office.
Once you're both ready for bed, you slide under the covers and turn to your side with closed eyes.
The lights turn off and a few minutes pass before you glance over your shoulder to see if Gojo was awake. He was not.
Angry hot tears well in your eyes. Did he not even care if his own wife needed some attention? He's too busy giving his cock out for free like it's some fucking charity to even notice your own dilemma.
With an agitated huff, you shut your eyes and go back to sleep.
"I'll see you later baby." Gojo whispers against your lips before kissing you sweetly.
It was the next morning and Gojo was heading out to work.
"Yeah, okay. Have a good day." You mumble back in reply before watching him leave out the door.
With a sad sigh, you turn around and decide to get started with the chores. It was just the normal stuff, laundry, grocery shopping, etc.
"Now what should I make for dinner…" you hum while walking into the kitchen and opening the fridge.
"I suppose I could just make some curry. Yeah." With a small smile, you close the fridge before opening the cupboard to take out a pot.
Heading over to the sink, you turn on the faucet to fill the pot up with water only to be met with nothing.
"Huh? What the-" you try switching it back on and off but it doesn't do anything.
"Great...I'm going to have to call the plumber." With a sigh, you set the pot aside for now and head over to the phone.
Dialing the number, you wait for an answer only to be sent to voicemail. 
"Sorry but due to some personal matters, the business will be closed for a few days."
"W-what? Oh, what am I gonna do? Satoru is not gonna be happy…" you bite your lip while placing the phone back in place until the doorbell suddenly rings.
"Huh? Who could that be?" You don't normally get visitors. People are too intimidated by the big house.
With slight hesitance, you place your hand on the doorknob before opening it. A man with black unruly hair and a prominent scar on the corner of his lip is on the other side and your mouth goes agape.
He smiles slightly before ruffling his hair. "Hi. Are you...Satoru Gojo?"
"O-oh, no he's my husband." You stammer with your hands held in front of you.
"Oh I see. Well uh, I live next door and think I got his package by mistake. Here you are." He hands you a small box so you hastily take it.
"T-thank you." Your heart was hammering against your chest. This man was your neighbor?? How did you not notice before?
Well...you rarely leave the house so it makes sense.
He chuckles, the sound stirring unknown feelings in your chest. "Well I shouldn't bother you any longer. Seeya."
He turns to leave but you call out to him. "Wait! Um..what's your name? I-it'd be rude not to know considering you're my..neighbor and all." You grin sheepishly as he turns back around.
"Oh sure. Name's Toji Fushiguro." He smirks, the action almost making you swoon. "And you?"
"Y-y/n. Gojo." You add Satoru's last name quietly at the end.
Toji smiles. "Lovely to meet you Mrs Gojo. But I should get going, have a good day." He waves while walking away and you watch how his muscles flex underneath his tight black shirt.
You quickly shut the door before pursing your lips and holding a hand over your beating chest. It was that familiar feeling you felt when you first met Gojo. 
The spark that may reignite your dead love life.
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This Nanami Kento POP UP PARADE Figure releasing in June 2022 is something g that I NEED
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What’s your type of woman? ;)
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JJK Men on Your Period
Mentioned: Gojo, Yuuji, Megumi, Sukuna, Toji, Nanami, Yuuta, Choso, Mahito
In honor of my period starting and it being a bitch, I give you this. Also- you can thank my stepdad for setting the bar low. Very low. Like underground low. He's like 'you got a period? fuck that' vibe going on. So yes, I could use a Nanami or a Yuuji right about now. (Please universe, I beg of you).
Cocky mf.
He's all smug when you ask him for help that when he comes back from the store, he brings the wrong size.
"Hey babe, what size is your-"
If you are having a particularly hard day, worry not. He's already booked you a 3-hour session at a 5-star spa.
Rich boy. Would bring you that one gold expensive candy you see for Valentine's day.
He's pretty open to do whatever you want if you're not feeling well. And by that he watches chick flicks with you.
Your typical 00's movies.
White Chicks, 13 Going on 30, and his favorite- Legally Blonde.
Doesn't understand what foods you need or don't so he just assumes whatever is expensive is the best.
"Gojo, I don't need exotic pineapple cake imported from Indonesia, I just need Chamomile tea."
How They Get Pads-
As stated earlier, he does somewhat of a good job. The first time you ask, he brings 3 more packets. One for light flow, heavy flow, and one for when you don't really need a pad, but you need it there just in case.
He's pretty open and not too shy to ask the women next to him for help (good for him!). They're usually nice, seeing as he's being a good partner.
He'll buy a stuffed animal for every month you're on your period. It sort of becomes this weird tradition of yours.
"Gojo... you got me a bumblebee?"
"I did! I saw the crochet ones on TikTok, so I wanted the prettiest one I could find."
You were sobbing.
He would be really sweet about it all. He won't really understand the basics, and he'll wonder why cramps keep you from possibly standing, but once you explain things to him, he's as understanding as a beside nurse.
Yuuji is always at your side if you ever need anything. Sweets? Grains? Something warm? He's there. If you want time to yourself, which he can notice, he'll be in the living room watching a movie. Occasionally taking the time to check up on you every now and then.
If you don't want to be alone, he'll settle for watching a movie. Cuddling is his best medicine, so you're more than insured on that department. Since his love language is physical touch, you'll be getting more of it during these days.
It's not until after your period that Yuuji notices you're extra needy on those days, so he frowns. He misses those days and hopes your next period comes around soon (weird, huh?). But you get the point.
He's already coming up with new things to do when the next wave hits.
I know I said that, but he sees it as an opportunity to show his love, so you bet your ass he's treating it like an assignment.
This mf even has a week outlined on the Calander for every month. And he refuses to tell you why (out of embarrassment).
How They Handle Getting Pads-
He's already out the door when he hears you from the bathroom. Telling him you've run out of pads. Up until he reaches the store, does he realize he does not know anything about pads. Other than the fact they all look the same. So, he picks up Nobara for help.
"You're so lucky to have me as a friend," Nobara instructs as she walks down the feminine product aisle. "Get her night pads and ultra-thin pads."
"What's the difference?"
Nobara shoots him an 'are you serious?' look. "Do you seriously not know the difference?"
He shakes his head no.
"Make sure to get her snacks too. Oh, and maybe flowers. Quick! What sort of flowers does she like? Is she really angry or very sad?"
"Umm... both?"
He's so confused someone help him.
You're so confused when he comes home with a dozen items. Kind of like that episode from Spongebob where Mr. Krabs spoiled Mrs. Pufff with the accessories.
Overall, he's one of the purest. He's trying his best, ok?
He knows what periods are, he just doesn't know what to do in this case. Is there a specific routine? Ritual? Is he supposed to offer his kidney or something? *humor*
After your first day, he's already doing research on his own. He's too shy to ask you, so he goes to the internet instead. Over the past hour, he's read 6 professional articles on periods: 2 written by Doctors, 1 on the tax system and pads, along with a few videos. One of which happened to be What Did Women Use Before Pads in History.
Let's just say he's really informed
But also, really really overwhelmed.
"Hey, don't drink that. It's not good for you."
"But it's my iced Boba!"
"Exactly," he answers, taking it from your hands. "Iced. You can't have ice on your period."
"But my period is already gone."
"You still have a pad on, so no ice. I saw the wrappers in the trash, so don't try to fool me."
It's during one of these interactions when it strikes you that he really does care for you. So you nod, a smile creeps on your lips.
"Okay, can you hold it for me until it's over?"
"Of course, I'll put it in the fridge-" he freezes when you've stepped in and pressed a kiss to his cheek.
"Thank you."
How They Handle Getting Pads-
Fairly well. As inexperienced as he is, he knows he can never go wrong with bringing more than one option. He can always return the ones he doesn't need, so he's not too worried.
On his way back from the store, he makes sure to head to your local TK-Noodle shop and buy you Pho on the way home.
"Do you need a blanket, or anything?"
He's very serviceful during these days. And like Yuuji, his love language truly shows. He's there during it all. Even when you're ugly throwing up, he's already got medicine on the counter waiting for you.
All he hopes for is to make the (unpleasant) week as pleasant as he can.
Mf is grossed by the idea of periods.
"Sukuna you've literally killed and seen blood before, this-"
"You're comparing two different things. Get that away from me."
He's like the type of person that would be cooking with oil but wearing a sweater and doing it as far away as possible.
Doesn't really care. But if you ask him for water, maybe he'll oblige.
'it's that bad that I can't give you a 0, so I give you, a 1.'
How They Handle Getting Pads-
Just don't.
Just like Sukuna. He's nearly avoidant.
If you're in pain, he'll toss you some painkillers and a water. That's all you get.
How They Handle Getting Pads-
On his way to the grocery store, he gets the first thing he sees and leaves. He hates getting near the feminine product aisle that it's the first and last time it happens.
"I got your stuff." he says as he tosses you the package, "So when can we have sex?"
A man who can safely handle things.
I'm not saying Yuuji and Megumi can't handle it, they do a great job, but this man is your gold star.
Brings you baked goods on your period.
Apart from baked goods, if your lower abdomen hurts, he'll offer to give you a back massage. And LORD ARE THEY GOOD. You'll be wishing for more cramps to get this mans hands on you. Relief has never felt so good.
He frowns on men who see periods as gross. In his eyes, all men come from a woman, so how can you be grossed about that? In all eyes, he sees that as a red flag.
You wake up and stain the bed? He won't tell you. Instead, he'll coax you out of bed and prepare you a warm bath. While you're bathing, he'll wash the sheets. So by the time you come back, you're sleeping in sweet scented (warm) sheets.
During your period, you notice how well he cares for you. He does a fantastic job, and you thank him for it. Actions like these, make you wonder if he will be a great father. And you nearly wish to be Pregnant, just to know, see, and feel how he would care for you.
How They Handle Getting Your Pads-
"Hey sweetheart, I'm at the store. Do you need anything? Ok. What kind? Thin? Or..."
He asks all the right questions. And he won't get any creepy looks, instead, he'll be getting flirty looks from middle aged-young women. They all want him and envy the woman waiting for him at home.
He handles it so well 11/10.
Like Yuuji, he has his electronic Calander highlighted in pink for every month. indicating your time of month to remind himself to be extra gentle with you.
While you're on your period, I like to think that you like to have him lay in your chest as you massage his scalp. It's kind of your thing now, so he likes that you are extra physical during this week. But he also likes taking care of you like you do on your normal days.
It's just that on these days he can show it best.
Poor baby doesn't know a thing about periods. He may know that heating pouches are needed, so he'll buy you one from Amazon.
You now, the ones you can throw in the microwave and place over your abdomen.
Once he has a good idea of what it is you're going through and how you're feeling, he will either offer you comfort, or give you alone time.
He will also ask lots of questions.
"How are you feeling? Do you need to be alone? Want me to be here? Or should I go?"
This is as blunt as he gets but know he does it to get a clear idea of what you need. Since he doesn't know how else to come across, it usually works well.
How They Handle Getting Pads:
He's very shy to say the least.
He waits until there's no one on the same aisle as he is, and even then, he rushes. He picks the happiest (pinkest) package with flowers and butterflies.
No one notices him (luckily), but he his least favorite part is the checkout.
That's why he goes to self-checkout stores instead (whenever he's dealing with this type of emergency).
Overall 6/10.
Oh sweet baby boy
After being on this Earth for 150+ years, he has no idea what a period is. So you have to (thoroughly) explain it to him. And answer his questions.
"Does it also come out from your...? Oh, okay."
Respectful af.
He's very empathetic towards your pain and mixed emotions.
When you're usually in your days, he makes everything he can to make your workload lighter. That means doing more chores around the house, being kinder than usual, and he'll be reminding you how he's there for you.
One day, when you're sick, seeing you in bed hugging your pillow makes him twitch. It awakes something in him, and he didn't know what it was until he picked you into his arms.
He wants you to need him. He wants to be there for you and wants you to use him.
He is, quite literally, at your service.
How They Handle Getting Your Pads-
It has to be a while through your relationship where you feel safe enough that he can go on his own.
And he does well. He just doesn't know what exactly you need. So you write down on a piece of paper what you need. However, nearly the bottom half shelf is labeled with the same thing.
So he takes 2-3 packets. Just to be safe.
When he comes home, he's ready to be in your arms again. And he's always asking how you feel. Honestly a solid 7.5/10.
Wtf is a period?
Get this man away from your blood. Unless you want him to collect it and do some witchcraft on you, seriously get tf out.
How They Get Pads
Funny of you to assume you need pants.
You'll be using his hole-poked underwear as your pads now. Have fun. You asked for it.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
A lil thing based off of Found in Translation by @hi-raethia!! I highly recommend this fic because it was one of the first stsg fics I read and it made me sob FR
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nutterbuttermother · 8 hours ago
YN: satoru, is the sweater too much?
Gojo: yeah way too much
YN: ok so just the t-shirt then
Gojo: nah that’s still too much
YN: …so just my bra
Gojo: it’s still too much
YN: …
Gojo: get rid of the pants too
YN: get out
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Sukuna x male reader with Sukuna punishing reader with double penetration, choking, dumbification, belly bulge and cum belly bulge with rough sex.
Tumblr media
favanon4life asks Ꮺ Sukuna x male reader with Sukuna punishing reader with double penetration, choking, dumbification, belly bulge and cum belly bulge with rough sex.
𔘓 [male!reader] double penetration. choking. dumbification. belly bulge. cum belly bulge. rough sex. bondage
𔘓 hello 🙂🙂... Yeah i know this took so long and i am very sorry for that- thank u for the wait, btw u a real one for that😭😭and also i dont know what u meant by double penetration so i just did what i thought is the best ( funfact: i have to search what double penetration means bc my dumbass haven't been able to read smuts for a while ) also not proofread.
Tumblr media
It was just a little flirt, how did it turned out like this? You only did that as a joke just to see how he would react but now here you with a vibrator placed in your dick and a cute pink dildo up in your ass, you couldn't do anything for your hands was tied together in the bed post making you unable to move them around freely.
"nng! Haah! Sukuna!.... Nng!" you bit your tounge to try to quiet the sinful noises you make, your whole body convulsed because of the enormous pleasure you felt, "haah? What are you saying?" he questioned pretending as if he's not hearing you at all.
You cried as you have felt the familiar knot feeling again, arching your back you called out his name babbling nonsense, "sukuna!... Sukuna! Haah! Nng! Ah! Ah!" there you came once again in your stomach.
Your own cum decorating your stomach as your whole body tremble, the toy and dildo continues vibrating making your sensitivity highten more, "you know... This wouldn't be happening to you if you only obeyed me [name]" he said as he looked down your convulsing form, your hard all dick again as it leaked precum.
"please sukuna... Please.... Haah!" you begged as tears of pleasure streaming down your face as drool came out your mouth, "properly beg won't you??" he said as his eyes sharply looked at you, gulping you opened your mouth already lost with pleasure you just want this to end.
"please sukuna! I'll be good boy! I'll do anything you want! Please AH! HAAH! st-... Nng! Ggn! Stop this!" you cried as sukuna looked at you with an knowing smirk.
"such a good pet you are" he whispers as he places himself on top of you taking off the vibrator that was on your dick, you whimper at the sudden lost of contact of this.
Looking down at your eyes the king of curses couldn't help but chuckle when he took out the vibrating dildo out your ass, there it looked like it was wanting a dick inside of it, you could only shiver feeling your hole now empty as cold air passes by it.
"fuck... Look at your hole! It looks like it just wants a cock in it! It's like your begging for it [name]" he said laughing at this, taking off his garments he lines up his dick and without even thinking twice he put all of his cock inside your whole, your eyes widen feeling the tip of his cock in your stomach.
Looking at your stomach sukuna grin seeing the buldge of his cock, "look its in your fucking stomach" he pointed out as he pressed it with his finger you moaned at this as you arch your back, he smirks as he placed both of his hands in your hips gripping it tightly as he started thrusting inward.
Feeling the tightness the feeling of warmth inside of you he groaned, you could only moan out his name too cock drunk, "aah! Nng! Soo good! Haah! Good! Good! Uwah!" you were smiling as you look down at the buldge you were delirious now, your mind off to nowhere only looking for the pleasure of the cock inside of you.
"what a fucking cock slut you are! Don't tell me this cock isn't enough for your ass" he jokingly said hearing you moan though thinking what he have said he smirked as he stopped thrusting in, you whimpered because of this, taking the dildo he slowly put it inside your already loose hole.
Feeling another dick went in without much trouble you moaned as you gripped on the sheets beneath you as you arched your back, "haaah!" you moaned mouth wide open, "look two dicks inside of you!" he pointed out as he turned on the vibrating dildo as he soon thrusted inward again feeling the dildo pleasure its giving him as he could only groan at the pleasure.
You moaned and moaned feeling so many things in your body, your body convulsed as it felt the the vibrating dildo inside of you, "nng! Haah! Sukuna! So good! Fuwah!" you blabber out though your eyes widen as your felt hands on your neck, before you knew it he was now choking you.
You couldn't help but let your curls toes because of this new found pleasure, you blabber out a moan as you felt a knot and before you knew it! Your squirted as sukuna chuckle at this, "i- im sorry... Nng! I'm sorry!" though feeling his thrusting you couldn't help but feel more pleasure come down as your eyes roll at the back of you head as you could only see stars.
"nng!" he groan as he thrusted inside you there he came filling your insides with his cum, "oh... Don't think were done yet"
With that many rounds part took as your stomach was all swollen up with his cum.
After all this was your fault fot disobeying him when he specifically said no flirting with other men!
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Tumblr media
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presidentmonica · 20 hours ago
Fuck it, I'm writing a full on Jujutsu kaisen fic about my Nigerian Ocs who are sisters from the most powerful clan in Nigerian juju society navigating the Japanese jujutsu society and they have a full on feud with the Zenins. They come from a badass curse user ancestor who travelled around the world and made enemies. Self-induglent, extended version of Mr. Perfect focusing on the two youngest sisters' who are unfortunately special grade sorcerers causing trouble, falling in love and being badass.
I'll make a full on character profile, aesthetic boards on these sisters and actually post it. Idk, it already makes me feel powerful and represented.
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