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Raining cats and dogs 馃導
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Her concept design still does things to me
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*gasp* What's this? More sneak peeks??
Yes. 鉁ㄢ湪
Act 1 out of 3 is officially done! 2 more to goooo
The first act took the longest b/c it has the most going on but the last 2 shouldn't take as long--hopefully lol
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Pepa, about Isabela and Mirabel: They've been fighting since they woke up.
Abuela Alma: Good! I'm glad they're back into a little healthy competition.
Julieta: They鈥檙e trying to drown each other in the river as we speak, Mam谩.
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Do you know any encanto blogs that only post about encanto?
"Only" is pretty extreme (even I post about different stuff sometimes), but here are a couple blogs you might like/already know:
@waitingonavision ; @acewithapaintbrush ; @seanettlles ; @sketchnwhatevr ; @arctictea ; @encantoisawesome ; @incorrectmadrigalfamilyquotes ; @randomratthoughts ; @rats0ut ; @omgcheez ; @cheetee ; @encantomybeloved ; @aeoneri ; @pensandpizza ; @naoko-world ; @mmollymercury ; @nurkeinwort ; @actualhecc ; @usedtobeguest123 ; @daliceus ; @kinschi ; @captaincravatthecapricious ; @usedtobeguest123 ; @breannaaiedail ; @brunoisagoodboy ; @sokkas-first-fangirl ; @luisaenjoyer ; @melelooo ; @encanto-hcs ; @youtellingthisstoryorami ; @becstuffs
Phew, I hope it's not annoying that I tagged you all and if it is, please just ignore this--
Feel free to add!
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encantoisawesome 2 days ago
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2 sisters hugging their brother
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cheesy-cryptid a day ago
Okay but now I'm imagining the second set of triplets misbehaving with the first set not knowing what to do. That's when Eva and Alma come in ending it instantly. When the original trips ask how they did that, the two women are like "It's basically you guys all over again"
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Anon that is so true. You could only imagine how chaotic the household would be since the baby triplets seem like absolute duplicates of the OG triplets HAHAHAHAH
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iwannabecamiloshovel a day ago
Y/n: For self defense reasons, I'm going to pretend to be a burglar and you guys have to act wisely.
Julieta, Bruno, & Pepa: Okay.
Y/n: If you don't want to die, give me all your money.
Pepa: Bold of you to assume I have money.
Bruno: Bold of you to assume I don't want to die.
Julieta: Bold of you to assume I can die.
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the-little-robyn 12 hours ago
The big question
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"Good luck dodging that, Tia"
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naoko-world 2 days ago
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Sometimes you only need to have your heart melt by Bruno's smile! And by Julieta so happy so have him back, to have back his young twin brother she loves (platonically) so much and worry about.
They're so lovely siblings! (Actually without Bruno I probably would have a crush on Julieta)
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trendyshadowqueen 6 hours ago
Julieta: Yesterday I overheard Bruno saying 鈥淎re you sure this is a good idea?鈥 and Pepa replying 鈥淭rust me,鈥 and I have never moved from one room to another so fast in my life.
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sokkas-first-fangirl 2 days ago
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鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to catch your death!鈥 she shrieked, three seconds from stomping over there and dragging him back inside like a sack of potatoes. (A very small, easily carried sack of potatoes at that.)
鈥淛uli will heal me!鈥 Bruno tilted his head back; arms thrown out he spun in a circle, laughing. He suddenly seemed so much younger. 鈥淧epi, it鈥檚 raining!鈥
It hit her like lightning, no pun intended.
He sounded so awed, so happy. It was a downright storm and Bruno looked like he鈥檇 never seen anything so wonderful in his life.
She remembered how he鈥檇 frozen when they were rebuilding, staring up at the sky as the rain came down.
Ten years, she thought and tears suddenly filled her eyes, blurring her vision even more than the rain. Her cloud appeared and her emotions added to the storm.
Ten years, it鈥檚 been ten years since he felt the rain like this.
A study in Bruno, Pepa and the rain.
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waitingonavision 12 hours ago
Description: Also known as the Pancita-verse - with stories focused on Bruno's physical, mental, and emotional recovery.
Status: ongoing;聽contents so far:聽鈥淧ancita鈥 and 鈥淐omfortable Truths鈥
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dragoneyes618 2 days ago
Many of the Madrigals鈥 gifts were traits they had anyway. So the miracle enhanced it.
Julieta would have loved and had a talent for cooking anyway. So the miracle gave her the gift of healing people with the food she cooked.
Luisa would have been unusually big and strong anyway. So the miracle made her really strong, able to lift donkeys and wagons and even move buildings.
Antonio already loved animals. So the miracle allowed him to communicate with them.
This wouldn鈥檛 really have worked for Pepa or Bruno, though.
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The Madrigals' Reactions to Getting Stabbed With a Sword:
Rude:聽Dolores, Julieta, Abuela Alma聽
That's fair:聽F茅lix聽
Not again:聽Luisa, Camilo, Agust铆n聽
Are you gonna want this back or can I keep it:聽Isabela, Mirabel, Pepa, Bruno, Mariano聽
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lizzywrites1 a day ago
Sneak Peek pt. 3
Agust铆n only truly found peace when he was with his wife, but chopping wood came to a close second. He enjoyed the exertion of energy, even on a hot day like the one that had taken over. Even the act of chopping wood was for his wife, so she could use it for the brick oven in the cocina.
It kept him fit, made him feel good about himself, and it drove Julieta mad with desire. A win-win situation.聽
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aurelia11fan 2 days ago
F茅lix: What is this?!
Agust铆n: I鈥檓 smoking. I'm smoking, I'm smoking!
Pepa: Oh, I can't believe you! You've been so good for three years.
Agust铆n : (Showing the cigarette) And this is my reward.
Julieta : Hold on a second, all right? Just think about what you went through the last time you quit.
Agust铆n : Okay, so this time I won't quit.
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ginnyweatherby 3 hours ago
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Your wish is my command, @sophiasi1172 !!!
Sequel to this.
Word Count: Around 1700.
A full week had passed since Mirabel's disastrous Gift ceremony, and the energy in Casita was still鈥 unusual.
A dark cloud hung heavy over the entire town, but no one was sure whether it was Pepa's worry for the Miracle or Bruno's disappearance that conjured it.
Perhaps both.聽 All anyone knew was she and Julieta spent much of their days hunting high and low for their missing brother, hopes growing dimmer with each passing day.
Alma spent her time hiding in her room, clutching the candle for dear life, and on the rare occasion she ventured out, barking orders at anyone who was around.
The kids all felt terrible, no one knowing what to say when all the adults in their lives were in such distress.
But no one felt worse than poor Mirabel, who was seldom seen these days.聽 She'd been refusing to sleep in her own bed all week, spending both her days and nights holed away in the safety of her parents' bedroom.
But life did eventually have to move on, and Agust铆n was willing to put on a brave face if it meant getting his daughters to smile again.
He had just checked on Luisa in bed, watching for a moment as her chest rose and fell in gentle breaths.聽 With a kiss to her forehead, he pulled the blankets higher under her chin, taking extra care to make sure her large collection of stuffed animals were all tucked in comfortably beside her.
Mirabel, he knew, would be in bed beside Julieta when he eventually retired for the night鈥 whether or not she slept would be another story.
That left Isabela, who wasn't in her room when Agust铆n passed by, despite the late hour.聽 He hummed under his breath.聽 The entire house was quiet, everyone else safely nestled into their beds, so he wasn't sure where his eldest had ended up.
He wandered throughout the house, making sure all the candles were blown out, and nothing was amiss before he prepared himself for bed.聽 Just as he walked into the kitchen, he saw her.
Isabela was seated at the table, her long hair falling down in a curtain in front of her face.聽 She looked like she may have been crying at one point, although her face was now dry.
Isabela looked up at him as he stood in the doorway.
"Oh.聽 Hi, Papi,"聽 She said.聽 "I'm okay!"
Agust铆n tutted.聽 "Are you?"聽 He walked over to her and laid a hand on her shoulder.
Agust铆n hated that word.聽 Everyone had used that word to describe his daughter since the moment she was born.聽 Sure, she was perfect in his eyes, but it wasn't the same coming from someone else.聽 Not when it came riddled with expectations.
"You don't have to be okay,"聽 Agust铆n said with a squeeze to her shoulder.聽 "But I know what'll make you feel better."
"Your famous hot chocolate?"
"Precisely,"聽 Agust铆n may not have been a gourmet in the kitchen, but he made a damn good hot chocolate, if he did say so himself.
(Possibly even better than Julieta's, although he'd never tell her so.)
He made his way over to the stove and prepared the treat, while Isabela sat quietly at the table, tracing shapes on the wooden surface with her finger.
For a time, the only noises that were heard were the sounds of Agust铆n moving throughout the kitchen.聽 The stirring of a pot, opening of the ice box, a curse or two when he burned his hand. ("Don't repeat that.")
"Papi?"聽 Isabela's soft voice cut through the quiet of the room.
"Is Mirabel鈥 gonna be alright?"
Agust铆n sighed.聽 He knew the stress was hard on everyone these days, but he hated that it was affecting the kids.聽 Poor Dolores had barely spoken a word in days, Mirabel was rarely seen without tear stains, and even Camilo's smile didn't quite reach his eyes as it usually did.
"She will, Amor,"聽 Agust铆n assured his daughter, ladling out two mugs of the sweet drink.聽 "It might take time, but she will."
He brought the cups over to the table and set them down.聽 Isabela immediately pulled one toward herself, wrapping her small hands around it.
"Hang on,"聽 Agust铆n said.聽 "You forgot the best part."聽 He rooted through the cabinet for a moment, until he found what he was looking for.
"Marshmallows,"聽 Isabela said, a small smile on her lips.
It may have been a small smile, but Agust铆n was glad to see it nonetheless.
"I know they're your favorite,"聽 Agust铆n said, scooping a handful into her mug, before plopping a few into his own.聽 "Salut."
They clinked their mugs together, and sat in silence for awhile.
"It's okay to be upset, Isa,"聽 Agust铆n said, blowing on his drink before taking a tentative sip.
"I'm not upset,"聽 She insisted, picking a marshmallow out and eating it.
"Okay,"聽 Agust铆n said, not believing her for a second.聽 "But it's okay if you are.聽 There have been a lot of changes around here lately."
"Papi, if you don't mind, I don't really wanna talk about this right now."
Agust铆n nodded, respecting her wishes.
Isabela took a few sips of her drink, and Agust铆n smiled when she put her cup down, a hot chocolate mustache on her lip.聽 Despite the front she put on, she was still a silly kid deep down.
"Ay, your mustache rivals mine!"聽 Agust铆n said, running a finger across his lip with a smirk.
Isabela touched her lip, her cheeks burning a soft pink.聽 "Papi, please."
Agust铆n smiled, handing her a napkin.
"So, I overheard you girls the other night,"聽 He said, dropping a few extra marshmallows into each of their cups.聽 "When you had that sleepover."
"You were snooping."
"I would never,"聽 Agust铆n threw a hand over his heart, an offended look on his face.聽 "I simply had to use the facilities, and happened to pass your room on the way."
"Mhm,"聽 Isabela didn't look convinced.聽 "What did you hear, exactly?"
"Oh鈥 nothing much,"聽 Agust铆n peered at her over the rim of his mug.聽 "Just something about you kissing boys."
Isabela spat a mouthful of hot chocolate out, coughing for a moment before composing herself.
Agust铆n chuckled, handing her another napkin.聽 "So, the rumors are true."
"Papiiii,"聽 She whined.聽 "That's so embarrassing!"
"I know, my little girl?聽 Kissing already?"聽 Agust铆n shuddered.聽 "That means I'm getting old."
"You are old,"聽 Isabela said with a smirk.
"Got me there."
A beat.
"So who was it?"
"Papi, I'm not going to tell you that!"
"Why not?聽 Is he your boyfriend?"聽 Agust铆n wiggled his eyebrows at her, delighting in the embarrassed look on her face.
"N鈥 no,"聽 Isabela said.聽 "He's not my boyfriend."
"Why not?"
"He's gross."
"Then why did you kiss him?"
"I didn't know he was gross until I kissed him,"聽 She said.聽 "But he is."
"How so?"聽 Agust铆n furrowed his brow.聽 "Did he try something?"
He felt a paternal sense of anger swell in his chest.聽 She was only eleven, he'd hoped to put off this conversation for a few years, but he was well aware how people already looked at her鈥 even those who definitely shouldn't.聽 If he had done anything to hurt or make her uncomfortable he wou-
"He's a dead man,"聽 Agust铆n said, lowering his mug, the ceramic clinking against the table.聽 "Tell me his name."
"Papi, no,"聽 Isabela insisted.聽 "He just smells bad.聽 It's okay!"
"Hmm,"聽 Agust铆n wasn't swayed.聽 "Well, who does he think he is, kissing my baby without a proper bath?"
He was teasing, but he also couldn't rid himself of the feeling of dread.聽 His girls were growing up right in front of him, and all he wanted was to shield them from the world.
"Well, if he tries any funny business, let me know."聽 Agust铆n said, draining his cup.聽 "Your papa will not stand for any funny business."聽 He jabbed a finger into the air to prove his point.
"You've got it,"聽 Isabela said, draining her own.聽 "But also, I'm not going to do that."
"It won't be needed anyway,"聽 Agust铆n said.聽 "Since you won't be kissing anyone else until you're thirty."
"I'm serious!"聽 He said, standing to move their cups into the sink.聽 "The only boy who is allowed to kiss you is me."
To accentuate his point, he leaned down and kissed the top of her head.聽 "Got that?"
"Got it."聽 Isabela giggled, before letting out a yawn.
"It's well past your bedtime,"聽 Agust铆n said, reaching out a hand.聽 "Why don't we get you upstairs?"
"I can't believe I still have a bedtime,"聽 Isabela pouted, but took his hand.聽 "Dolores doesn't."
"Dolores has never stayed up past nine o'clock in her life,"聽 Agust铆n reminded her.聽 "You, little lady, would stay awake until dawn if we let you."
Isabela huffed, but allowed her father to lead her to her room.
Agust铆n sneezed upon entering, the flowers aggravating his never-ending list of allergies, but ignored it as he helped Isabela into bed.
"Goodnight, you,"聽 Agust铆n pulled the covers up over her shoulders, planting another kiss on her head.聽 "Stop growing up so fast."
"Papi, I can't鈥"聽 Isabela yawned again.聽 "Can't help it."
Agust铆n sighed.聽 "I know, Amor.聽 I know."
"G'night,"聽 Isabela muttered, before rolling onto her side and quickly falling asleep.
Agust铆n patted her shoulder, before quietly edging out of the room, impressing himself by only tripping over one flower pot in the process.
He stretched and let out a yawn of his own as he made his way to his bedroom.聽 He pushed the door open to find Mirabel snuggled comfortably in Julieta's arms, sound asleep.
"I was wondering when you might join us,"聽 Julieta said, scooching over on the bed to make room for him to sit.
"Isabela needed me,"聽 Agust铆n said, toeing off his shoes, and laying beside her.
"Is she alright?"聽 Julieta's eyebrows knitted together in concern.
"She's fine,"聽 Agust铆n assured her.聽 "I made her some hot chocolate."
"With marshmallows?"
"As if there's any other way to drink hot chocolate,"聽 He scoffed.聽 He gently took Mirabel from her.聽 "They're getting so old, you know."
"I know,"聽 Julieta turned to her side to play with Mirabel's curls.聽 "Our big girls."
"Can't they still be babies, for a little while?"
Mirabel sighed in her sleep, nestling deeper into her father's embrace.
"Yeah,"聽 Julieta said, nuzzling into her pillow, her eyes falling shut.聽 "Maybe for a little while."
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iwannabecamiloshovel 2 days ago
Julieta: You were stabbed. Do you remember anything?
Bruno: Only the ambulance ride to the hospital.
Julieta: That wasn't an ambulance, I drove you.
Bruno: But I heard a siren.
Julieta: That was Person D.
Pepa: Sorry, I got nervous.
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gomarnicencantoversion a day ago
You know what would be interesting. If Mirabel had gotten a gift. To turn invisible and things invisible. I can see Alma still being distant since it鈥檚 not something that can really help the community but it鈥檇 give her a good reason to want to stand out more
@valencethefriendlychangeling鈥, thank you so much for giving me this idea for this AU. Since it鈥檒l be slightly similar to my Half Dead Mirabel AU, I'll call this AU Invisible Gift AU.聽
鈥 The beginning of this journey started just like her siblings/cousin.
鈥 Every five-year-old Madrigal would receive a gift and a blessing from the Miracle.
鈥 On her birthday, five-year-old Mirabel would receive a gift.聽
鈥 A gift rather unique, but still a gift nevertheless.
鈥 After touching the candle, Mirabel touches her door with delight.
鈥 The candle glowed brighter than usual, but Mirabel had received her gift.聽
鈥 At first glance, no one could see the door, not even Alma, who was near it. But Mirabel can see it.
鈥 Once she touches the doorknob again, the door appears with a much older version of her.
鈥 鈥淲e have a new gift!鈥 Alma exclaims, even though she hasn鈥檛 fully understood what it means.
鈥 To Mirabel, though, it was something that she鈥檒l know she needed in the future.
鈥 A whole year since her ceremony, Mirabel Madrigal鈥檚 gift was both a blessing and a curse.
鈥 Some might call it a blessing because it can entertain children whenever Mirabel can make objects disappear.
鈥 A curse to most because it would annoy the adults and not get the help they actually need.
鈥 Although it was troublesome to mostly everyone, Mirabel never lost sight of her gift.
鈥 Upon discovering her newfound gift, she can turn herself to disappear. (For good and bad occasions.)
鈥 For example, her Abuela was scolding her for something she didn鈥檛 do; in reality, it was Camilo, and she disappeared.
鈥 It took the family nearly four hours before Dolores could hear her crying by the river.
鈥 Since then, whenever Mirabel gets upset or annoyed, she would purposely make herself invisible.
鈥 No matter how many times her parents or Abuela told her to stop, she just wants to be alone.
鈥 In the end, it gains a benefit from having her gift, but even so, all Mirabel wants to do is rest.
鈥 Nothing more, nothing less, right?
And that鈥檚 it for part 1 of this AU. I can鈥檛 wait to write more ideas on it. And thank you @valencethefriendlychangeling for suggesting this.
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