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#Just watch it please the fandom is so small
cheescheesy · 3 years ago
I just watch the latest episode and I can’t believe the plan relied on the unwavering friendship of Kiribaku to work. No one else can guaranteed to get Bakugou on board with the plan except Kirishima cuz over the course of the semester they did some male bonding on the sideline. That trust is vital to the rescue mission and I now have a new ship to obsess over.
Welcome my new and fellow kiribaku shipper!! I mean, maybe to you, anime watchers, it seemed like a very popular ship from a while, but almost 80% of manga reader fandom born in that moment! It’s so meaningful and amazing!!Please, excuse me rambling a bit but you’re asking about some otp material so…  yeah, haha
Their friendship is so amazing and well developed! Now that you know this moment, you can turn around an watch what we’ve got till now and see how small steps, but strong ones, have taken us here. It’s not just one moment, but a long way of trust and caring between the two (and expect more).
And you know what makes my heart race faster about this scene? That Deku and the others where thinking “Hey, Bakugou is proud, he’s not gonna accept our help, bla bla bla..”, but Bakugou wasn’t racionalizing this. He was in danger, and suddenly he saw Kirishima and the others in the sky, and when the redhair calls for him, he doesn’t hesitate. He flies and grab Kirishima’s safe hand and GOD, he looks so relieved and happy?? Have you seen his eyes glowing, his relieved and funny gasp when their hand finally met each other?? His big smile?? He’s so HAPPY! 
And the fact that it’s only because it was Kirishima… okay, now I’m crying again!It’s an amazing ship, keep obsessing with it, my friend!
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some-cookie-crumbz · 3 years ago
Kids Again
Kids Again Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender Pairing: Keidge Summary: And when I’m feeling small, You help me through it all. [link] Standard Disclaimer: If you read and enjoy this, please give it a like/ reblog so I know if I should write more. AN: Day 3 of KidgeFest fill! I just want to say that I have associated this song with Kidge since the first time I heard it and I am so grateful to have an excuse to advertise that fact!
He grew sick of the constant lectures he got from Kolivan pretty quick and simply adjusted to taking it in stride.
He knew he wasn’t supposed to go sticking his neck out to save other Blade members on missions. “We may work with Voltron,” Kolivan had said, sounding tired from having the conversation for yet another time, “but we are not them. The Blade has other priorities. Knowledge or death, Keith; that is what it means to be a member of the Blade.” He hated having to hear that phrase over and over again. It just reminded him that he didn’t belong there, with the rest of them. Sure, he was half-Galra like a good chunk of the other members, but he was like them. He didn’t bear any hint of his Galran heritage physically – due to never being injected with small doses of quintessenses as a child, he later learned – and he had spend so many years of his life participating in things that required teamwork that he wasn’t so good at that.
Pidge had once teasingly called him the lone wolf that actually looked out for an entire pack but it was more accurate than he’d like to admit.
He headed back to his own room in their headquarters and slumped against the small cot-like bed there. He’d just been reamed into because Nihaar had gone ahead and saved another member of the Blade while retreating from a Galra-hub with a device full of secret, coded files. It hadn’t been hard for them to figure out where she’d picked that habit up from, all things considered. The other Blade that she’d saved was furious when she woke up – actually tried to attack Nihaar for denying her the glory of death on the battlefield – and Kolivan warned that they would be permenantly kept from working together if the problem persisted.
Nihaar was one of the few Blade members that was good to Keith. She was more a friend than a comrade and he hated the idea of never getting to work with her again. He trusted Nihaar and knew she had his back in a way that only two other people in Keith’s life ever had. She was a great support and had taught him a lot about his Galran heritage that he never would have known otherwise. The older members of the Blade had no patience for his questions and curiosity, while Nihaar was always eager to tell him what she knew as long as he shared the Earth snacks he kept stashed in his room with her. There was only one other place in the galaxy that he felt comfortable being himself without fear of reprecussions.
“Geez, these windows are really easy to open, aren’t they?” An all too familiar voice goaded from the other side of his room.
Speaking of Keith’s limited safe places to fall.
He jerked upright and looked over, needing to verify that his ears had been right. There, with a small stereo playing quiet music, was none other than Pidge, sitting cross-legged in the slightly ajar mouth of the Green Lion. “What are you doing in my neck of the woods?” He asked, skeptical that she was actually here. Pidge had been on the Blade’s main base before – she was a Paladin of Voltron and his girlfriend, after all – but to see her here on personal business without him knowing was strange.
She shrugged, adjusting the boombox in her lap, and the little spurs on the leather jacket she was wearing clinked together softly. “I was just in the neighborhood… Figured I’d see if I could convince a pretty little thank like you to sneak out for a night on the town,” She said, winking playfully.
He snickered a bit and shook his head. “Kolivan would kill me if I did. I’m already in enough trouble with him as it is,” He said, shoulders sagging a bit as he remembered the previous conversation.
“What was he getting on you about this time?” Pidge asked, rolling her eyes a bit. She was probably the only other person as sick of Kolivan’s treatment of Keith than Keith himself, if he was honest.
“I guess Nihaar saved another blade from getting blown up after an intel gather went south. Now he’s threatening to break us up on missions if I don’t stop exhibiting behaviors that directly conflict with the initiative of the Blade,” He explained, keeping his gaze casted to the floor. Not too long ago, he would have gotten defensive or shut down at a question like that. Well, admittedly, he still tended to get a bit aggressive when he was pestered about what was wrong with him.
Unless the person asking was Pidge, that is.
“Are you kidding me?” She sputtered indignantly. She huffed and changed the tracks on her boombox to something a bit more intense to match her mood. “That’s absolutely stupid! The Blade numbers are already kinda pathetic compared to any other group we’re allied with! You’d think that maintaining what little they have would be a huge benefit! Want me to Allura on him? I know she’s having another meeting with all the groups in the coalition soon. I’m sure she’d have a field day dressing him down in front of a bunch of other leader-types.”
He chuckled and shook his head. “For as much as I appreciate that offer, I shouldn’t. The fact remains that I shouldn’t be doing things against Blade regulations,”
“You’ll never be able to fit in with them the way things are, Keith. You’re too genuinely loving and compassionate to abandon someone on the battlefield; consequences be damned,” She said in a gentle but serious tone. He paused and stared at her, meeting her blazing gaze. “That’s why you’re still doing it, even after all this time you’ve been working with the, and it’s honestly one of the reasons I love you so much. You’re a real softie underneath that edgelord exterior, and you won’t stop doing something when you know that you’re right, and I sincerely hope that you never do. The galaxy would be a lot better with more people that think like you in it.”
He opened his mouth to say something then closed it again, unsure of how to respond. He learned that, when Pidge was allowed to be honest, she could say things that were sincerely sweet. She – much like him – had a bad habit of shoving her foot in her mouth and being misinterpretted. He had dealt with that a lot growing up, too, and had been so relieved as he got closer to her and found it wasn’t like that. For the longest time they’d both apologize right after saying something that might be seen as harsh or rude, but the other would wave it off, completely unperturbed and understanding.
He knew what she was saying, both what the words meant at face value and the other message attached.
“Now, given that, it sounds like you absolutely need a night out. Get changed and get in the Lion,” She hummed with a small click of her tongue, setting the bookbox off to the side and crawling to the edge of Green’s mouth. If not for the fact the mechanical feline was nearly pressed right up against the building itself, he’d have panicked about her falling out.
“And where, exactly, are you planning to take me?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest.
She beamed at him, smug and proud. “We – Lance, Matt and I – may have found an illegal spaceship racing derby not too far off from here. Lance is planning to enter the race with Red. The rest of us – Matt, Hunk, Allura and the two of us – are going along for moral support. And to, you know, maybe do some gambling,” She explained, her tone completely casual.
Keith hummed then glanced back at the door to his room. “If Kolivan finds out I bailed -!”
“If Kolivan gets huffy, I’ll lie and tell him that it’s an Earthling courtship ritual or something. I always have a contingency plan, and if I don’t, I can cook one up like that,” She said, snapping her fingers for emphasis. She then clearled her throat and patted one of Green’s large metal fangs. “Now why don’t you get all dolled up for a trip on the space equivalent of a magic carpet?”
“I’ve flown a Lion before, you know,” He laughed, but he turned and headed towards the small closet regardless.
“Hey, I am being suave here. Don’t spoil my fun,” She tsked back at him.
“Have you been getting advice for Lance?”
“Rude. I haven’t gotten that desperate yet,”
“Not yet?” He teased back, disappearing into his closet to actuall change. He left the door cracked a bit so that he could keep talking to her.
“Give me some credit. I came here because I just had a feeling you were gonna need me, so I may not have figured this whole thing out ahead of time. Well, that I thought you’d enjoy going to the race. I know how much you like checking out the craftsmanship behind some of the self-built ships other non-Galran factions use,” She commented.
He smiled as he tugged up his jeans and slipped a belt through the loops. “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least a little interested,” He agreed.
“Damn right you would be!” She laughed lightly.
“You know,” He called, tugging a shirt over his head, “isn’t this situation supposed to be the other way around? Like, you know, the guy coerces the girl to sneak out while Daddy isn’t looking to go to some risky event?”
“Have we ever followed the norms of a situation in our relationship?” She retorted as he opened the door, grabbing his jacket and shoving it on as he crossed the room to her. She stood up, one hand holding the handle of the boombox and the other extended to him.
“No, we haven’t. And I hope we never do; I like the surprise you bring to my life,” He said, smile wide and sincere and warm.
“Right back at you, Kogane,” She mused back, leaning up to give him a quick kiss. He tried to chase after her but she stepped back. “Ah, ah. You gotta wait until we get their if you want more.”
He chuckled and followed her into the cockpit, making a note to remind Pidge to leave hickies in less obvious places this time around. The hour-long conversation hed had with Zartula, another Blade general that was working with Kolivan, about the Galran equivalent of safe sex had been humiliating – hilarious to Pidge when she told him – and was something he’d like to avoid again.
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girls-are-weird · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so i just finished watching season 1 of 86 (eighty-six... yes, that's the title of the anime, lol. i get it, it's not very search engine friendly 😅), and i'm kind of in love with it. from what i can tell, the fandom is still fairly small, so last night i poured all my fangirl energy into making these two wallpapers because, yes, i do already ship these two even though they have not, technically, even met. (as of the last episode of season 1. i have not read the novels-- please no spoilers!)
ah, fangirls. 😂 we're funny, aren't we? in my defense, the characters ship them in-universe, too. 😝 (most of them, anyway.)
the lyrics in both are from "avid" by sawano hiroyuki, aka the first ending theme for the show. choose your resolution below.
"your name":
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