caffstrink · a month ago
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twinkluffy · 2 years ago
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Dude, how could you not love Riko and Mitsuhashi
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v087 · 2 years ago
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I love these delinquents
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oceancracker · 2 years ago
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chapter 3- Female High School Students
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pompamaroon · 2 years ago
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Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! by Nishimori Hiroyuki. Chapter 01 from 1988 on the left. Final Chapter of the Gaiden series from 2019 on the right.
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sailorawesomepants · 2 years ago
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My first art I’ve posted in awhile!!! It’s Riko giving Mitsuhashi a kiss ;) and Kyoko looking on in surprise or something! Why is Mitsuhashi a chick? Where is Itou? I have no idea!
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doctordragonisback · a month ago
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They chose each other's outfits
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scream-mans-friend · a year ago
While many hc that mic is a crybaby, i think its just the opposite.
He never cries. Never. Not even alone.
Why? Because of his quirk- crying and sobbing is an easy way to lose control of your voice, after all, and when your voice is a highly destructive power, its best to stay in control. Mic can handle a little bit of silent tears, but nothing more- not without quirk suppressants (which ngl im not sure if they exist- eris temporary quirk erasing bullets are the closest thing to a suppressant that we've seen in canon).
So question is: does mic only allow himself to cry in front of aizawa?
I dont think he does- we've seen aizawa cry in canon on multiple occasions, but we've never seen mic cry, even after Oboro died. And speaking if Oboro's death, I dont think that aizawa would (in mics mind) appreciate the knowledge that one of the quirks that was used to kill a friend is so easy to lose control of- so I doubt aizawa is even aware that mic doesnt allow himself to cry- and if you hc that aizawa cut mic off after hs, then I think it would be even harder for mic to ask aizawa for help later on.
So I dont think mic cries. I think he would like to, and probably is frustrated with himself about it, but I think he, for the most part, locks away his feelings and lets them stew in his chest, turning from grief with no relief into constant anger, ready to be released upon the barest hint of annoyance.
And I think that his best friend, the only one who could help him, doesn't know, because as much as we'd like to believe aizawa is the emotionally distant one, I think mics true emotions are under six feet of fake smiles and repression. I think mic fears that he would be rejected if he did try to share his grief with aizawa, and I think thats a big part of why he helps aizawa with his mourning, but doesn't mourn much himself- he can mourn through aizawa, and in that way they can mourn together.
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craperonipizza · 8 months ago
Me, checking the Supergirl (a show I haven't watched since season 2) tag: so are the girls canon gay yet???
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caffstrink · 3 months ago
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King of bastards. The blueprint. The man, the legend
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twinkluffy · 2 years ago
Okay but Imai and Tanigawa friendship is so cute. Imai doesn't care about his pride or anything, he is just there helping Tanigawa to do what he think is the right thing.
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Tumblr media
And in the other hand you have this simpleminded moron, self proclaimed the strongest man in Japan.
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freunwol · 9 days ago
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everyone shut up athena has a new sprite
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oceancracker · a year ago
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chapter 5: Cheapshots
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formallyablackfangirl · 8 months ago
Random songs the my fave haikyuu boys know all the lyrics too
Tumblr media
Bokuto knows all the lyrics to baby got back by sir mix a lot
When that song comes on he just sings at the top of his lungs much to akaashi's annoyance
It's kinda suprising to that he doesnt miss a beat to the whole song
And you bet your ass he twerks to it too
The whole thing is a sight to see
Tumblr media
Tendou is a huge justin bieber fan
And baby is no doubt still his favorite song
He'll point and sing to who's ever closest to him
And it always gets a laugh out if everyone
Tumblr media
Iwa lowkey cant help but jam to it wasnt me by shaggy
He swears he hates the song because of that the lyrics are but at the same time its so damn catchy
And dont let the song come on when okiawa is close by
Cause they both lose it singing the whole song
Tumblr media
Thriller by Michael Jackson
It's just a bop and he likes it
He knows the whole dance and everything
He tries to make his voice sound higher like Michael but it just comes out at a screeh it's so bad
But he loves the song
Tendou totally lost his shit the first time he saw ushijima do it too
Its really cute
Ushijima is a very cute zombie
Tumblr media
Its britney bitch
Lol but really he loved britney spears and knows every song by her
His favourites include toxic and salve for you
Kenma gets second hand embarrassed whenever hes singing but kuroo doesnt care
Hes also a twerker
Dont get him and bokuto both in the same room dancing
Karasuno boys
Tumblr media
Catch them listening to party rock anthem
They all know the song and if the song comes on they're more motivated
Suga knows how to shuffle lol
Kuroo bokuto and akaashi
Tumblr media
I want it that way is there jam and they all join in every time
They take tunes on whose verse it is
The harmonize and everything
Its actually quite beautiful lol
Aoba Johsai
Tumblr media
Catch them in the locker room listening to my band by d12
It's just there feel good song
They all think it's funny and the say this song is basically oikawa~which lowkey it is lol
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62kh · 5 months ago
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technoplane · 2 months ago
I have run out of cat pictures to shows people so have some mushrooms to distract you from the weird people in your notes
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pigrank · a month ago
didnt etho hack worms revolution or was that skmeone else
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ballpitbee · 7 months ago
Happy Jazz week!!!
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sunflowermoons · a year ago
moments in legend of fei that feel like a fever dream from what I've watched so far:
zhou fei giving xie yun dog food and him eating it TWICE
him just chilling in prison even though he already could open the lock and walk around as he pleased?? why??
when xie yun gifts her a small sword figurine and she makes it into a necklace so when he sees her putting it on he squeals and face plants into a tree
when xie yun has to draw chuchu's portraits so they can send the bad guys on a wild goose chase but ends up accidentally drawing 2948391 portraits of zhou fei... ACCIDENTALLY
not him secretly keeping her handkerchief and accidentally letting it fall and embarrassing himself by not even explaining just putting it inside his robes again
xie yun stuffing his face with bread in the middle of a fight because he knows zhou fei will start a fight and he didn't want to go hungry
the whole inn fighting in episode 12 tbh especially when they want to see like a cool team in front of the bad guys and zhou fei threatening to kill someone and xie yun going "yeah shut up she really means it"
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caffstrink · 8 months ago
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80′s fashion is peak fashion
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