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deescade · a day ago
Tumblr media
Genshin Impact (NSFW: husbando + Who's Your Daddy? ver.)
warnings: flashing images, NSFW/explicit sexual themes -> daddy kink
characters included: arataki itto, thoma, zhongli, childe/tartaglia, kaeya, diluc, baizhu, xiao, albedo, dainsleif
op's notes: y'all knew I just had to add itto as soon as I could to the husbando lineup, especially with the "daddy" theme. how fitting ;)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Game notes • How to Play
Please use a browser other than Google chrome to play because the GIFs always lock onto their first frame on Chrome. Safari and Firefox work, please try those
If you're on mobile, screenshot the gifs either as a set or individually
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coffeerekohai · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
a headcanon ft. me projecting onto diluc with how frustrated i am with their uniforms everytime i have to draw them
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cheppo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- terrible genshin tape -
genshin impact stamp washi tape, available in my shop: (limited numbers will be available at AnimeNYC booth A20!)
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xiaoblossom · 2 days ago
hi rico , hope ur doing well !! if it’s alright, could you please write hcs for xiao, chongyun, and kaeya with an s/o who enjoys receiving/giving lots of physical affection as well as teasing them ?? tysm <<33 !!!
love & affection
Includes: Chongyun, Kaeya, and Xiao with a gn!reader
A/N: Hello :) I hope you're doing well too! I hope you enjoy these, and have a lovely day~ Sorry these took so long as well, school’s kinda been kicking my butt. But hopefully I should be back in the groove soon! :D
Chongyun himself isn’t the most affectionate, mostly because he doesn’t want to accidentally trigger his yang energy
That said, he loves to recieve and give affection, as long as it’s in moderation
He certainly wasn’t expecting you to be as affectionate as you are, but he’s never even come close to complaining about it
Hugs, hand holding, quick pecks... he loves all of it
His favorite is hugs from you, because even though they’re warm, he loves them
He loves to feel close to you, and when you hug him and hold him tight, he feels more peaceful and content than what any popsicle could do
You also enjoy teasing him every now and then, either soft jabs or little quips
He doesn’t mind them, but sometimes they can fluster him, and when he gets flustered he either needs to eat a popsicle or be hugged by you
You love to see his face get pink when you tease him, and sometimes if you mess with him enough he pouts, which is just as cute
You always make sure to balance out the teasing with affection, making sure that he’s always content 
He tries his best to be affectionate back, but he gets a bit nervous on occassion
He gives you plenty of hugs and holds your hand whenever the two of you are walking together
Kaeya himself is very affectionate, especially towards you
You don’t even need to ask, he always knows when you need a hug or a kiss and is always willing to give you one
He’s sweet, and he loves how you reciprocate affection
He chuckles softly whenever you leap into his arms or hug him from behind, pulling him close as you pepper him with kisses
The two of you always hold hands when walking places, normally with you reaching for Kaeya’s hand first
Your fingers intertwine and it’s almost like your hands were made for each other, fitting perfectly
Kaeya loves when the two of you cuddle in bed, whether he’s the big spoon or the little spoon, always loving the feeling of your warmth
He tells you one day how much he loves being with you, being in your arms and holding you close, and you feel your face warm
He touches your cheek and teases you, finishing his tease off with a quick peck to your lips
Kaeya himself is very flirtatious and teasy by nature, but he’s found himself a bit surprised that you can match that energy
He always knows he’s in for a surprise when he sees that smirk on your face
He laughs when you tease him, more out of amusement than anything as he quips back at you, the two of you chuckling
You’re like peas in a pod, both affectionate and teasy, like as if you were made for each other
Xiao isn’t very affectionate, especially physically
He’s almost uncomfortable with it at first, but he slowly grows to love it when he’s with you
He’s shy with affection, always letting you take the initative at first because of his own inexperience with it
But you find that whenever you hug him, kiss him, or hold his hand, he tries to linger
He looks almost sad when the two of you part, but he doesn’t say anything
After a while, he begins to initiate affection
It’s very slight at first, such as reaching for your hand and intertwining your pinkies, or placing his head on your shoulder before gently hugging you from behind
But soon he grows more confident, kissing your cheek in passing or holding your hand as the two of you walk around
He still prefers to be the one receiving affection, even though he knows how much you love getting it as well
His favorite type of affection is laying his head down in your lap as you play with his hair, letting him doze off after a long day’s work
He also loves to sit in your lap and hold you like a koala would, arms wrapped around you as he presses his face into the crook of your neck
You like to tease him occasionally about how affectionate he really is, and he tinges pink before turning away from you, almost pouting
You think it’s fun to tease him, but you always mind not to do it too much for his sake
Xiao loves the physical affection you supply for him, and you’re always willing to give him as much as he needs
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hazelsinteyvat · a day ago
Hello Hazel! How about Kaeya with someone who finds out they're actually lonely (because all of their friends have partners and they are the only ones who dont) and they are not handling the realization well.
You knew, funny that you always knew but never really allowed yourself to admit it. The knowledge settled in the back of your mind, it lingered in the deep breaths you took to still yourself, it buzzed in your heart no matter how much you tried to drown out the noise. What you tried so hard to ignore, what you smiled away with reassuring words of, “no, it’s okay. I’ll be fine,” couldn’t stop your eyes from seeing what your heart didn’t want to feel.
It was debilitating, the observations that you made and how they, little by little, became far to difficult to ignore. Friends who you cherished, laughs that you had from inside jokes so deep it was hard to find the root of them anymore. Interactions that made you feel warm and listened to started to feel like sheets of papers left to compost in the garden. Several relationships dwindled; fewer and fewer until one day, it was only you.
A single lonely flower that no one wanted to claim.
“Well, well. Isn’t this an unexpected surprise.” A lush voice drifted down to you. Lifting your attention from the beckoning ground, you noticed the black boots and form fitting pants which directed you upward until you saw who was standing before you. Kaeya, with his hand on his hip, gave you a curious expression but you didn’t have the energy to give him one back. Instead, you let your eyes fall to your hands and pushed your nail into the pad of your finger. “No response today, that’s unusual.”
“I’m not in the best of moods right now, Kaeya.” You felt his energy shift and soon he was sitting next to you. The large windmill in the small garden continued to move even if, for a time, the conversation didn’t. The heat from the sun warmed your shoulders, pushed against your back until it became to uncomfortable you had to adjust and, when you looked up the path of vines stretching toward the sky, you sighed. “Kaeya …”
“Do you … do you get lonely?”
He chuckled, shifting his position to look at you but keeping his ankle locked onto his knee. “Not as often as you might think. I have plenty of people to bother me.” He spoke the last bit almost like an annoyance but it didn’t seem directed at you.
“Makes sense. I’m sure someone like you couldn’t possibly feel lonely …”
“Now, I wouldn’t say that.” He acted like he was going to continue, but you cut him off before he could. Your head moving to glance at him while your mouth turned into a frown.
“Am I unlikeable?” The way his eyebrows furrowed made your stomach unsettled and caused the words in your throat to spill out like a defensive shield. “There must be something about me that’s off-putting, right? Is it the way that I am or who I am? Is it … the way that I look?” Your jaw quivered, forcing you to turn away and bite your lip.
“Now hold on, what’s with this line of questioning?”
“Am I so unloveable that I’m destined to be alone?” A frustrating tear spilled from the corner of your eye and you pushed it away in the hopes that Kaeya didn’t see. It was unlikely since he was always able to see things even with half his ability taken by an eyepatch.
“Hey, wait a second.” He moved and so did you. The sound of his foot settling back onto the ground and shifting material under him as he adjusted caused you to slide away from him, but there was only so far to go on a bench of this size.
“Kaeya please, leave me alone … everyone else already has …” The sturdiness of your voice cracked and your hand moved to hold it together, fingers pushing against your throat and jaw as if to stop any shards from falling free. In an effort to hide, you turned away from him hoping that he would drift away into the wind but praying to Barbados that he wouldn’t.
“Y/N,” His normally playful tone turned soft and sincere. It wasn’t what you expected but desperately what you needed. “Something has taken your smile, tell me what it was.”
“I’m … I’m all alone, everyone has moved on to someone and here I am … still here like I’m stuck in place.” Turning your head sharply to him you gazed into his face and huffed at the expression he held. “What about me, Kaeya?” Your shoulders rose as you shook your head, a warm tear drifting down your cheek. “Why am I still alone?” You sputtered.
“You aren’t alone.”
“I’m am. I’m unbelievably lonely …”
“Well then,” He began, sliding closer to you so his arm could rest against the back of the bench and his thumb could push away your tears. “Come be lonely with me.”
You broke. Somehow the acknowledgment, the breakthrough and the confirmation that you were lonely made your weak composure shatter. Still, you felt lighter somehow as you cried onto Kaeya’s outstretched arm. As you gripped onto his clothes and felt his hand run over your hair. As you adjusted and felt the proximity of his knees bumping into yours. Yes, you were lonely, but so was he and, together, you managed to find company.
A single lonely flower finally picked by hands who knew it’s name.
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dainsdoormat · a day ago
giving physical affection +.* Kaeya, Diluc, Xiao, Zhongli, Dainsleif, Albedo + GN Reader +.*
Comforting THEM. sfw fluffies for you *kiss kiss*
Tumblr media
It's weird, doing something like this with no goal in mind
He's always worried if he relaxes too much, he'll do something wrong and you'll experience even the slightest bit of discomfort
sadly, it ends up being the very thing that feels weird; he concentrates so much on staying still, it's like hugging a dead body
while it's obvious he's had previous partners, most of their relationships were evidently sexual, he's lacks experience in anything that isn't sex and flirting
so when you sit in his lap one day, in the office, facing him; he stops moving like always, but you ease his head into the crook of your neck
his breathing tickles your skin gently, and you slip off his hairtie and run your fingers through the navy locks
this man melts like putty in your hands, suddenly he's no longer scared, or tense. he's just yours. and that's enough
after that day, he always welcomes you into the office regardless of how often Jean or Lisa wander in during the cuddle session
Lisa's teasing is always light, and Jean doesn't mind since he gets work done better; besides, neither of them can talk when they do the same thing in the library
Tumblr media
you were both working on paperwork for the winery in the office, when the maid brought in a tea tray
he had waved off the cup you offered him after she left, and had been massaging his temples when he felt you grasp his other hand
peeking out at you, he jumped and almost pulled his hand back when you gently kissed his fingertip
"What are you doi-" You shushed him, continuing to kiss each of his fingers while he watching with a reddening face
pressing a hand to his cheek, you met his eyes with a smile. "Feel better yet?"
he forgot all about his exhaustion, so apparently he did
now it's basically a break time ritual, and you'll do it whenever he's tired too
he seems to let you do it begrudgingly, but it's all a facade; barbatos forbid you forget to do it, he'll grumble and sigh, and if that doesn't catch your attention, he'll put his hand in yours or tap your lip with a finger and an expectant expression
even if he has loads of papers to do and hasn't slept in days, it always works like a charm
Tumblr media
Xiao likes lying down in high places, but dislikes it when you are up there alone.
so when he finds you on the roof of the Wangshu Inn, of course he can't just leave you there!
he sits next to you awkwardly for a bit, before wordlessly leaning into your lap, pointedly avoiding your eyes- I mean, it was obviously for your safety and nothing else at all
you haven't held someone like this before, and are unsure to how to react; perhaps petting him like you do the cats?
it works, and he's slightly tilting his head against your hands as you run your fingers through his hair
it's adorable how similar he is to cats, he even particularly likes it when you rub the spot behind his ears
stifle any noises and laughter while doing this, otherwise he'll quickly pick his head up
every now and then (not super often since he tries to avoid it) he'll show up covered in blood with an apologetic expression; you ignore it, or try your best to, at least
clothes can be washed, he's tired and needs love
sometimes Venti plays near one of the high places you frequent
Xiao seems to love his music, so you started leaving bottles of wine and apples for the little bard as thanks
Xiao started accompanying you to leave the gifts, even when you weren't stopping to sit there; he wanted to show thanks too
you never sit around cliffs with him anymore, after he almost passed out watching you hop off a high one to glide back to town
Tumblr media
Zhongli is quite protective, so having as much of you near him is best
Naturally, the most of you that's possible is, well, all of you
It was a surprise when you were reading next to him on the bed and he tugged you close, spooning you silently
You were actually worried the first time, jumping up to press a hand to his forehead and check for fever
He chuckled quietly, "I just want to hold you... if that's ok?" He would never do something you didn't like, but you didn't mind
It was quite comfy, actually, thanks to the mild climate in Liyue
In the bitter winters, it was incredibly welcome; He was built like a heater
Rarely a small spoon since he prefers to have you under his protection rather than vice versa... but sometimes he feels vulnerable
When those times come, you will be there. It consoles him to know this.
Tumblr media
Dainsleif had been nothing but cold when you first met, and even after getting to know you and going out with you, he was never the clingy type
but when you give him the grabby hands
he is weak to you and only you, as he tells you often
it's incredibly obvious when he needs some cuddles or a hug, his shoulders get tense and he gets restless, pacing or tapping his fingers until you motion for him
melts into hugs, once overdid it and sen both of you toppling to the ground since he's quite a bit larger than you
^you laughed while on the ground, ruffling his hair as he apologized profusely
sometimes, when you take a break from traveling, he'll ask you to lie on his chest; direct eye contact and slow breathing
you were nervous at first, not because you didn't want to but you were worried he'd be uncomfortable or that you were too heavy
he actually likes the constant weight of your body, and now you lie there and braid flower crowns for him while he naps under the shade of a cluster of trees by the sea
Tumblr media
Albedo's tummy...
it has definitely caused more than a few misunderstandings when you get walked in on
but once you helped him experiment on himself, and he found he gets enjoyment from you rubbing his tum
didn't admit it, but the influx of experiments needing his shirt off and your hands on his stomach was evidence enough
"Albedo... can I rub your tummy?"
he agreed too quickly to brush it off, and his pale skin reddens as he pads over to you
you decide not to comment on this^ fact for his sake, of course, since you ARE a caring s/o
it did little for his pride when Sucrose walked in on the two of you...
It's the weirdest thing, he especially looks for it whenever he's stressed. It helps him calm down after too many failures as well.
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moontofuu · a day ago
❥ ‑‑‑‑ ‑ 𝐀𝐑𝐂𝐇𝐈𝐕𝐄 !
Tumblr media
synopsis;; reader as the twins mother. (quite old writing)
[ reunited;; as the twins venture to say their farewells in liyue, they stumble in an uncanny encounter with their mother.
[ braiding;; the family takes a small break in the field, to which aether gets caught up in their mysterious endeavors that include his hair.
[ back to a city of freedom;; the twins eventually decide to stay in tevyat a little longer and travel together as a family once more, the first stop is mondtsadt.
[ memories of golden shadow;; when paimon slips up about the duel with the 11th harbinger, you and lumine are found in a fit of rage.
[ a life to yearn for;; headcanons of the family, but make it in a modern universe.
[ girls love girls;; the twins mother's romance being intertwined with another. (beidou x fem!reader), (baal x fem!reader)
[ surprising relevation;; travelers mother dating dainsleif. (dainsleif x fem!reader)
[ twins have common interests;; ( kamisato ayaka x twins), not self insert (coming soon)
[ adult mondstadt characters holding your drink in a party;; (venti, diluc, kaeya, albedo, rosaria, eula, jean, lisa, mona, sucrose)
[ dating headcanons;; (chongyun, kaeya, dansleif x gn!reader)
[ my three words to you;; you say you love them for the first time (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche x gn!reader)
[ a love worth noticing;; gestures or habits they do that are actions of love. (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, dansleif x gn!reader)
[ a kiss from your one true love;; how they kiss you. (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha, lumine x gn!reader)
[ a product of love;; moments with your family that they cherish. (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha, la signora x gn!reader)
[ news;; you're pregnant and you finally tell them. (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha x gn!reader)
[ maid shenanigans;; you've lost a bet and is now wearing unfortunate clothing. (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha x gn!reader)
[ headpats;; you pat them on the head. :3 (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha, thoma x gn!reader)
[ genshin characters who;; click to find out ;). (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha, thoma x gn!reader)
[ random boyfreind things;; (diluc, kaeya, tartaglia, zhongli, xiao, venti, albedo, scaramouche, kazuha, thoma x gn!reader)
[ relationship headcanons;; (tartaglia x devilhunter!reader)
[ a siblings love;; (qiqi x gn!reader) PLATONIC
[ teasing;; (kazuha x short m!reader)
[ how dansleif loves;; (dansleif x gn!reader)
[ a reincarnation of a lover;; (venti, zhongli, ei x gn!reader)
[ comfort;; a death haunts you. (diluc x gn!reader)
[ ballroom;; diluc asks for your hand for a dance graciously, who were you to decline a lovers invitation? (diluc x hintedfemale!reader)
[ a friend to remember;; kaeya finds his friend who he'd thought had passed away. (kaeya x gn!reader)
[ a librarians interest;; lisa finds you intriguing and flirts with you throughout your extended stay in the library. (lisa x fem!reader)
[ mornings;; (zhongli x gn!reader)
[ zhongli x god/goddess reader short drabble;;
[ elevator;; you get stuck in an elevator with your co-worker who is miraculously your crush. (kazuha x gn!reader)
[ taking his privileges;; (thoma x gn!reader)
[ wounds;; guaritrice is a head of a medical unit within the fatui. you receive a visit from him. (tartaglia x fem!reader)
[ not into you;; (tartaglia x fem!reader) songfic(?)
[ run;; after disappearing and being assumed dead, you run into your lover that you left behind. (tartaglia x gn!reader)
[ dance of denial;; scaramouche realizes his feelings for his newly appointed assistant. (scaramouche x fem!reader)
[ console;; he attempts to comfort you. (scaramouche x gn!reader)
Tumblr media
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karmictruths · 22 hours ago
in his arms. | kaeya.
fandom: genshin impact
pairing: kaeya/reader
summary: you and kaeya share an intimate moment whislt slow dancing.
warnings: none, kissing & intimacy?
word count: 572
ao3 link: click. | master list.
Tumblr media
It was the way he held your hand. So gingerly, his fingers curled around your own, guiding your body to follow the rhythm. The other on the small of your back, never moving whilst the two of you moved with the music. 
The music carried the two of you to a divine tune, the harp prominent in the melody. You could live in this moment forever if you could. With his thumb gently running along the skin of your hand and your arm wrapped around his neck, you didn't know how much more perfect this could get.
"I'm up here, my love."
Kaeya's voice pulled you from your thoughts. You lifted your head, the dimly lit lights of the room illuminating the figure in front of you. 
Your gaze no longer on your feet, you looked back at the periwinkle gazing back at you. The strides the couple of you were taking slowed, a gentle rhythm forming. Swaying in place, feet occasionally rocking at the right times.
"I know, I'm sorry," you said softly, giving an apologetic smile. 
"You look gorgeous tonight, have I told you that?" Kaeya hummed, pulling you a little closer to his body. Your chests pressed together gently, making something in your stomach flutter. You tried to hold back your reaction, but easily failed as you broke into a smile.
It wasn't long before the hand holding stopped, both hands now wrapped around Kaeya's neck. His other arm fell to your hip, holding you close to him. He didn't want to let you go. You would probably have to convince him to release you, only for him to follow you to your bed that night.
He just couldn't get enough of you. The feeling of holding you in his arms so intimately right now. Just being in your presence was enough to make him happy.
Kaeya dipped his head to rest his forehead against yours. It didn't take long for him to start eyeing your lips. Noticing this, you leaned forward to press your lips to his, Kaeya not wasting a second to kiss you back. 
The kiss was slow and tender at first, your lips melding perfectly with his. Simple and loving even, did he kiss you. If it was even possible, Kaeya wrapped his arms around your hips even more. He was always careful at first, but the moment you allowed him to, he would put his whole heart into his movements.
Even after you had pulled away from him to catch fresh air, Kaeya snuck in one more quick peck. You could feel the heat in your face as you rested the side of your head against his chest.
One of his hands left your hip to hold your head, keeping you close. It was comfortable, just resting in his hold. His heartbeat beneath your ear. His hand stays on your back, occasionally adjusting the position on his fingers. Looking down at you, admiring what the two of you were doing.
The two of you stayed like that for a while, sometimes taking peeks at each other. You had moved your arms to hug him around his torso, feet moving lazily to the music.
The song had long changed since earlier, something with a gentler lute playing. It was much more slow dance worthy than previous songs, the notes slower paced and better fitting.
You could get used to being in his arms more often.
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bumbleklee · 21 hours ago
masterlist | 1k prompt masterlist | baby series
request: Helloo there! Can I request an hc of a s/o reader that doesn't know how to sing/is bad at singing but wants to sing with diluc, kaeya and zhongli? Ive seen a lot of hcs about readers good at singing but I'm personally not good at it and quite insecure abt it so yeaa. Thank youu✨✨- idk how anons work but ig ill be 🦔 anon
pairings: diluc, kaeya and zhongli x gn!reader (seperate)
You were drunk the first time Kaeya heard you sing. And Archons, was he glad you wouldn’t remember him doubling over with laughter. He loved you, adored you, but he would be lying if he said you could sing.
“Thank you to Venti the Bard for performing with me tonight,” You slurred, holding onto a chair to steady yourself. Venti was drunk himself and probably thought you sounded great with his clouded mind. The only reason Diluc hadn’t kicked you out yet was because you were extremely entertaining.
Kaeya watched in horror as you climbed on top of a table, flipping an empty wine glass around to use a microphone, and belted out another chorus to the popular tavern song. It was so horribly off key that a few patrons had to plug their ears.
“This one is dedicated to Kaeya,” You continued. Your words were mixing together and Kaeya was, still, shocked you only had a few shots. “He’s my cinnamon roll.”
Kaeya cocked his head at your pet name but didn’t have time to process it before you nearly fell off the table and made your way towards Kaeya. You wasted no time in throwing your legs over his lap and leaning into his touch, all the while singing the same song.
“We should get you to bed,” Kaeya whispered in your ear.
His words angered you and you flung yourself away from your boyfriend. “But my set isn’t done!” You cried out. You gripped the wine glass tighter and flung around, pointing to a random knight and singing directly to him. The knight burst out laughing, tears forming in his eyes from laughing so hard, but you didn’t realize what was going on.
Kaeya heaved himself up and wrapped a strong arm around you, prying the wine glass out of your hand. You hit one last high note, which made Kaeya visibly flinch, before bursting into a fit of giggles.
“I’ll be here next week!” You yelled as Kaeya dragged you out of the tavern.
Ever since he was young, Diluc liked to sing. It was a private affair, of course, but if you asked Adeline, the maid could tell you hundreds of stories about his symphonic voice. When Diluc finally showed you this secret side to him, you were amazed. And all you wanted to do was sing with him.
The only problem? Singing was not your forte. In fact, you sounded like a dying cat when you sang. So, as much as you wanted to join in when Diluc hummed to himself while washing dishes, you refrained so you didn’t burst his ear drums.
When you came home from work one day, you weren’t surprised to see Diluc singing while he cleaned the windows of the Winery. Despite having an entire team of maids, Diluc still wanted to help out.
You recognized the song immediately - it was a popular holiday tune - and hid around the corner so you could beam in secret. When Diluc saw you, a smile spread onto his face and he beckoned you near him.
“Sing with me,” He encouraged, putting down the rag.
You wrapped your arms around Diluc’s neck, “I don’t sing.”
Diluc pressed his forehead against yours, “Why?”
“Because I can’t sing.”
Your boyfriend only smiled deeper, “You don’t have to be good at something to have fun doing it.” Before you got a chance to respond, Diluc started to sing the next line. His voice trailed off at the end and, knowing what he was hinting at, you picked up.
Even the visible wince that crossed Diluc’s eyes didn’t stop you and soon you and Diluc were whirling around the living room, singing horribly off-key to the song. Diluc didn’t seem to mind your horrible singing voice, considering the fact his face was lighting up like a sky full of stars.
Singing in the shower was your safe haven. You knew you couldn’t sing well and the thought of anyone hearing you was horrifying, but in the shower you could hold a million concerts and no one could say anything about how you were tonedeaf. That is, until Zhongli came along.
When you moved in together, Zhongli took notice of your shower singing. He kept quiet about it for a while, not wanting to embarrass you, but eventually brought it to your attention.
“You know I can hear you in the shower, right?” He asked as you both got ready for bed one night. His words caused you to freeze.
“That wasn’t me,” You stammered, your face turning red.
Zhongli queried, “No? Then who do you have in the shower with you?” You said nothing and quickly got into bed, throwing your pillow over your face. You felt a hand rub your back and peeked out from underneath the cover, “It’s not a bad thing.”
“I sound like a tormented dog,” You muttered, “It is a bad thing.”
“But you have a good time, right?”
You threw the pillow away to look up at your boyfriend with confused eyes. “What are you talking about?”
Zhongli’s hand found your hair and twirled a lock of it between his fingers. He looked at you with admiration but you couldn’t seem to figure out why. “I love seeing you enjoy yourself, Darling,” He said gently, “It doesn’t matter if your singing doesn’t sound good. If it makes you happy, then that’s all that matters.”
Your cheeks grew warm again and this time you buried your head into Zhongli’s chest, “You’re too kind.”
He chuckled, “Though I do hope you’ll sing a song to me one day, instead.”
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rugretti · a day ago
Tumblr media
kaeya!! wanted to draw childe but my hands didnt cooperate!!
awkward process pics underneath sdflgfsjk
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cheppo · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
check out my terrible little guys! genshin doodle charms PRE-ORDER now open through this weekend:  ships mid/end November! I will be closing my store at the end of November. charms will also be at AnimeNYC booth A20!
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cecil-g · a day ago
Because I am very bored, some randomly generated incorrect quotes of the characters in Mondstat:
Lisa, teaching Kaeya to drive: Okay, you're driving and Jean and Amber walk into the road. Quick, what do you hit?
Kaeya: Oh, definitely Amber. I could never hurt Jean.
Lisa, massaging their temples: The brakes. You hit the brakes.
Bennett: Hey, did you know as a kid I accidentally ate paper?
Fischl: I feel like we've all done that at least once.
Razor: I ate it too-
Fischl: See?
Razor: -On purpose...
Bennett & Fischle: ...What?
Jean: You're violent.
Klee: Yeah but I'm also short and that's adorable.
Kaeya: I'll offer you some friendly advice-
Diluc: I don't want your advice.
Kaeya: Well, then consider it unfriendly advice.
Rozaria, watching Kaeya and Diluc fight: Are you sure they should be fighting? What if they get hurt?
Venti, not bothered by the chaos: It’s fine. They’re too evenly matched to hurt each other.
Rozaria: Then... who’s the strongest out of you three?
Kaeya: Venti.
Diluc: Venti.
Venti: Me.
Aether: I trust Paimon.
Lumine: You think they know what they're doing?
Aether: I wouldn't go that far.
Mona: Change is inedible.
Traveller: Don't you mean inevitable?
Mona, spitting out coins: No, I did not.
Jean: Where are you going?
Barbara: To get ice cream or commit a felony, I’ll decide on the way there
Barbara: what?
Amber: Where are your parents?
Eula: What are parents?
Amber: That’s just about the saddest thing I've ever heard
Lisa: We’re kind of missing something guys.
Amber: Cohesion?
Kaeya: Teamwork?
Noelle: A general sense of what we’re doing?
Jean: And Diluc is not here.
Amber: Oh, and that, yeah.
Diluc: Can you pass the salt?
Diona: Can you pass away?
Diluc: Too much salt.
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chuukae · a day ago
"what is my freedom to gods, for them to curse me for seeking it."
mild spoilers below !!
Tumblr media
the murals on tsurumi island....absolutely rotted my brain...i am so starved for khaenri'ah lore at this point i simply inhaled EVERYTHING !!!! especially this one with the three golden stars because i simply couldn't stop thinking about the 3 characters we have met so far (kaeya, albedo and dainsleif..) yk.... i am incoherent but thats ok im insane
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genshinplanner · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
We are busy preparing behind the scenes while Xinyan is getting ready to start the Rock n' Roll! 🎵🎸
Happy Birthday to Xinyan! Let's celebrate today with a huge blast! 🔥
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ly-prince · 2 days ago
thoma, childe, kaeya:
Tumblr media
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sleepukittu · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
warm up with the pretty boy
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