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Creating Kagome Part 1: The Doll
The journey began with me finding someone who could make Kagome’s school uniform since there’s no way I can do that lol. If her outfit couldn’t be made, the entire project would be in vain. Fortunately, I found a very talented seamstress who’d made Sailor Moon outfits for Made to Move Barbie bodies. I contacted her, and she said she could make Kagome’s uniform! Yay!!!
Next up was choosing the perfect doll. That alone took a good month and a half. I’d planned to use a Barbie for sure because I’m familiar with Barbie and her mechanics (i.e., head swaps and body compatibilities), plus she’s the most common fashion doll for clothes and accessories. And these days, she comes in a variety of skin tones... which turned out to be a big deciding factor for choosing the perfect candidate. I was making this doll specifically to go with my 12″ figure, and if you look at official images of the couple, and even watch the episodes, you’ll see that they have almost the same skin tone. In Barbie terms, the purple top Made to Move doll (ironically, the Asian one) was too pale in comparison to my figure. If I were making Kikyo, she’d work. But I wasn’t. I was making Kagome, and despite the story, the two are vastly different in terms of personality (and even, in my opinion, appearance - I never thought they looked that much alike).
My first plan was to use one of these dolls:
Tumblr media
They’re both anime Mattel dolls from the Barbie Video Game Hero movie. They already had the anime face, so I thought whichever one worked best would just need a reroot and a body swap and I’d be done! WRONG. The neck hole in the doll’s head was vastly smaller than that of a Barbie, and I wasn’t comfortable cutting it to make it larger. I only had one shot, and knowing me, I’d mess it up drastically and be majorly sunk. So I knew I had to use just a regular Barbie instead, one without the anime face mold.
So then I found some Barbies that had the appropriate skin tone - I chose the wheelchair body, and of course it had to be a Made to Move body for posing capabilities. Victory! But of course, anime characters have those distinctive large eyes, and a Barbie face wasn’t going to cut it. So I had to contact a repainter on Etsy and ask if he could repaint a Barbie face to resemble Kagome’s. Then we had to determine the best face mold for that because of how defined the lips were. Anime characters also have tiny noses and mouths, so we agreed that the Lea face mold would be the most effective.
The doll I finally decided on was a Fashion Fever Lea circa 1999. Her skin tone matched the Made to Move body, so I was thrilled to finally have a doll picked out!
Tumblr media
She did, of course, need a reroot because she had blonde/brown streaks in her hair, and Kagome’s hair is solid black. I can’t reroot, and I’m hesitant to dye doll hair for fear of staining the doll or her clothes, so I had to send the head off to get her rerooted. When that process was done, I sent her to my painter.
This process alone took about three months. When I finally got the doll back and complete, I was so happy - until my mom, who isn’t even an avid fan of the show, asked me if I thought the doll really looked like Kagome.
Tumblr media
(NOTE: That uniform is one I got from a different seller, and she’d mistakenly used an old 90s TNT body rather than the Made to Move body as the base, so it’s a little large on her. That backpack was made by Beautyshare on Etsy).
So after looking at the doll, while I do love her, I decided that yes, she is more of a “Barbie as” version of Kagome rather than the actual character. The problem was her largely defined nose and mouth. Nothing wrong with her, but I decided I needed to keep looking. Like I said, being an OCD perfectionist is both a blessing and a curse.
So I continued to hunt for the perfect doll to use. I thought a Momoko doll might work, but she was too short and also didn’t have the desired face sculpt. So I finally decided to just type into Google Images one day “11″ anime doll.” I had no idea what would pop up, but what I got changed everything. Among the results were, of course, some Azone dolls and generic action figures, but then my eyes drifted to this doll and my jaw dropped:
Tumblr media
Her face really helped seal the deal - her eyes were already the perfect shape, and she had that itty bitty nose and the small mouth that was smiling! She’d obviously need her eyes painted brown, and her eyebrows would need to be black and not blue, but I knew I could do that easily enough. Larger anime eyes are easier to paint those little details on as opposed to the tiny Barbie eyes.
The next step was to see if I could even find this doll. She’s an older one, based off an old Sega game known as Sakura Wars. I’ve never heard of it, but at this point that was irrelevant. I was making props in between searching for the right doll, plus having some custom made due to my lack of ability to sew and ordering others (thanks, ReMent!), so I knew I had to get this doll going. To my pleasant surprise, eBay had a large assortment of this doll available, all in the United States!
My next concern was whether or not the skin tone would work. All the anime dolls I’d seen so far (Azone, Obitsu, and even custom-made ones by other people over the years) had that super pale skin tone that belongs to Kikyo, not Kagome. So I looked at several listings, trying to determine if the skin tone would work. Then luck really came to my side as I found this doll for sale deboxed, resulting in a much lower price (this doll wasn’t expensive even in the box, but hey, I’ll save money wherever I can! I don’t need the box!)... and the seller was actually holding the doll in their hand! That allowed me to see the doll’s skin tone in comparison to someone’s actual hand, and it was almost the exact same shade. So I knew I had to jump at this chance.
Next up - wait for the post office to deliver this doll (don’t get me started on the USPS...). I was so anxious, wondering if she’d be okay for what I wanted to do. When she arrived at last, I opened her up and was pleased to see that she was about Barbie-sized (a tad shorter but her head wasn’t too small like some other anime dolls out there, so it would fit on the Made to Move body), and her skin tone didn’t look like the purple top Made to Move. That’s good. So, moment of truth. I took the doll into my doll room, where the decapitated body was waiting. I held the Barbie hand up to this doll’s face, and...
Tumblr media
SUCCESS!!! A perfect match!!! The relief and excitement that washed over me was intense! At last I had an anime doll!!!
Of course, nothing is quite that simple. This head removed from the body super easy (it’s just a peg inside, no hooks at all), but the head hole was too small for the Barbie body. But only by a little bit. So I took a chance and grabbed my X-Acto knife and sliced off the inner ring inside the head. That did it! It took a little bit of elbow grease, but the head did get on the body! I then had to use a bit more force to slide it down the neck so it didn’t look like it was just sitting on top of it, but I got that too!
Original neck hole:
Tumblr media
After using the X-Acto knife:
Tumblr media
The prepared body (the neck peg is necessary to secure the head to the neck, but I did completely remove the hook portion since that isn’t necessary and it was too tall for the head anyway):
Tumblr media
On the body!
Tumblr media
Next up was the hair. I’d hoped to just dye the hair, somehow, thanks to various YouTube tutorials. Her hair was blue, and obviously that wouldn’t do. So I took it out of its ponytail, and received yet another surprise... not a pleasant one, though. Because the doll’s hair had been in a ponytail, the manufacturers apparently thought there didn’t need to be a lot of said hair, so there were a TON of bald spots! So even if I did manage to color the hair, there was no way there’d be enough of it to make it look how it should. So to Etsy I went to find a rerooter!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
What luck I had yet again when I asked a few potential rerooters and came across Paradise Doll Designs, who was actually following me on Etsy and turned out to be a fan of Inuyasha! So I knew I had my candidate! And she did a superb job! I enjoyed talking to her during the duration of the reroot, which didn’t take long at all! The process took about a month starting from shipping the head to it being shipped back. Yes!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Even my mother agreed that this doll looked better than the Barbie! LOL! So when the reroot was done, the head was returned! Every time I got a step closer to my ultimate goal, I just felt like this:
Tumblr media
Now granted, the character’s hair has kind of “spiky” shapes in the back, and her bangs aren’t uniform in size and kind of stick up, but keep in mind this is doll hair, so there’s only so much that can be done with it. It’s not like a sculpture that can be manipulated, even with a ton of hair spray and mousse. I used some of that (cream and spray meant specifically for synthetic/doll hair - I’ve read not to use real people hair products on dolls because it could cause damage down the road) on the back to give it that kind of uneven look, and once I got the outfit on the doll, it really helped tie it together!
Source photos:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I looked at those pictures for so long trying to get the hair just right! LOL It looks better with the outfit on, because when the doll had no clothes on, there was no perspective or context. :D
Tumblr media
So the next step for this doll was getting her eyes painted! Finding the right shades of brown wasn’t as difficult as I feared it would be. I managed to get the eyes painted, though of course one had to be stubborn while the other was nearly perfect. But I eventually got them! I’d bought some special tiny acrylic brushes just for this project, and had been saving them in anticipation. I used one of them to go over the blue eyebrows with black paint (no Sharpie in case I made a mistake), and though they aren’t perfect, the bangs cover up the imperfections.
Source photo:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Well, she should be done by this point, right? Not quite. Remember the lovely rerooter I mentioned? Well, she was also among those on Instagram who discovered that it’s possible to switch out Barbie doll hands! YES! I was terrified to do that for fear of breaking the little pegs, but with Sara’s guidance, I managed to accomplish it! She told me that the DC Super Hero Girls dolls, also by Mattel, were perfectly compatible with Barbie. This was ideal for me, as the hands that were designed to hold swords and hammers would be perfect for Kagome to hold her bow, walk her bike, and even hold her little bottle of jewel shards (more on props later)! So... hand swap time!
This doll is my biggest hybrid doll ever. Sega doll head, Barbie Made to Move body, DC Super Hero Girls hands, completely custom-made outfit and accessories, full reroot, fresh face paint, etc. All in all, I am so excited to have this doll at last! And just in time for the anime’s 20th anniversary!!! Yes, the anime debuted in October 2000, and 20 years later, in October 2020, the series not only celebrated its 20th anniversary, but also dropped a sequel! And the manga that the anime is based off of? This year is its 25th anniversary! It debuted in 1996! I thought this was the perfect time for such a large project that’s been nine months in the making (plus 17 years considering when I first had the idea!). So now, behold, the final product:
Tumblr media
HALLELUJAH!!! This has been a long, and at times stressful, journey, but I am so ecstatic now! I had so much fun bringing this character to life, not only to go with my beloved 12″ figure but also because I enjoy turning dolls into characters that I love, that I’ve decided to try my luck at making some others... I think Miroku and Sango should join in, don’t you? :D They most likely won’t be as perfect/detailed as Kagome, but I’m still excited to get started on them as well!
Stay tuned for the post about Kagome’s props - because no doll or figure is complete without those!
CREDITS: Reroot by Paradise Doll Designs School uniform by elenpriv Face paint by me Bow and arrows by me Quiver customization by me
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Tumblr media
@crimsonacrosstime asked: 🎂 
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Tumblr media
While not a scene from it, this one was tots inspired by @dangerouspompadour Soul Doll!
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If your version of one character for your ship is a vastly different one than is in canon to adjust them to your own fetish (like reducing them as the partner’s sex toy with no personality at all), you’re better off creating an OC for that. 
And stay away from that character you just made a complete joke and massive disservice.
It just only tells us you don’t care about the actual character themselves. And your shipping taste be absolute garbage.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Press F for my girl. 😔
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Japanese Doll
Summary: and she lived happily ever after... or so she thought. What to do when you are ripped off from your fairy tale and thrown into a horror story?
Word Count: 8002  Genre: boo!  Fandom: InuYasha  Pairing: Kagome + Distress I guess Format: oneshot  AO3 Link: 🌹  Fanfic.Net Link: 🌹
Tag List:  @gaykagome @mcornilliac @keichanz @amethystablaze @cstorm86​ (thank you so much for the interest, you guys).
Tumblr media
When Kagome woke up that night, it was her worst nightmare that greeted her to conscious.
Bit by bit, and without fully comprehending, she took in the view of the room that was once hers, unmistakable even in the black. Everything was quiet. Too quiet. Like the pained whispers of a funeral.
The young priestess didn’t expect to be there ever again. She shouldn’t be. That was the deal — a lifetime of happiness with the man she loved in exchange of nevermore setting a feet on her own era — and she had accepted it with every string attached.
Then why was she there? Could it be that her return to the Sengoku had been nothing but a cruel dream? Impossible. She had felt the passage of time in her womb as it bore their first child. It wasn’t something her mind could forge, at least not that realistically so.
Her thoughts were a puzzle of incompatible pieces, buzzing so loud in her ears that only the thunder announcing the storm outside managed to be as strident. Not a slit of light dared to trespass the ajar door. Still groggy, Kagome crawled out the bed, its sheets feeling utterly foreign to her skin.
A few hesitant steps and she was pulling the knob carefully, making it squeak.
“Mom?” She tried, a single tear escaping her eyes while a bad feeling took the form of goosebumps on her arms. “Sota? Grandpa?”
No reply.
Walking outside, a putrid scent stole the air from her lungs like a punch in the guts. Kagome had inhaled that odor too many times to be naive about it. There was no doubt.
She had just smelled death.
Now shaking, she forced herself to go down the stairs, a billion horrific scenarios playing in her brain on repeat. Every little noise the wood made under her weight was enough to set her heart racing.
Finally stepping into the living room, Kagome snapped her gaze through the darkness, searching for something she was terrified to find.
Gasping when a shadow that resembled a silhouette caught her peripheral vision, she turned just in time to see a lightning reveal his hideous features by the window. For the first time that night, the knot on her throat loosened.
And she screamed.
Her stomach seemed to fall in infinite loop, the hair on her nape were crimped up in a way they never did while the creepiest feeling climbed down her spine, freezing her in place.
Kagome shook her head, as if refusing to acknowledge the scene before her could somehow make it disappear.
He hasn’t changed at all. She would know. For years, every detail of his figure was imprinted on her soul, becoming the impersonation of her deepest fears. For the majority of the time, Kagome would successfully push it to the back of her mind — she had to, in order to survive the horde of demonic creatures always on her pursuit —, but that fear never left. It kept waiting on the sidelines for another chance to get her alone, another lowered guard, another almost.
Eventually, Kagome got used to living with that kind of threat constantly sniffing on her neck — all women did, after all. What made it easier was knowing the man that represented that danger for her was long gone.
Yet, there he was. 
The white of his clothes were tarnished by blood, including the adornment that covered his mouth, leaving exclusively his lifeless eyes at sight. No matter how wide he smiled, it never reached them. Kagome remembered that well.
Mukotsu slowly raised the axe he held in his hand — blood dripped from it as well — and just as a magician had snapped his fingers, Kagome woke up from the trance, running to the kitchen.
Wake up, she kept asking herself, wake up, wake up, wake up.
The Master of Poisons showed no rush, but still followed her down the hall, making Kagome brace herself for whatever substance he meant to plague her with.
However, it wasn’t a poison that took her down.
Something solid and alarmingly soft had thrown her off balance. Fallen on the floor and utterly aware of his imminent approach, it wasn’t hard for Kagome to decide that whatever tripped her, would have to remain a mystery.
Then, with a sinister click, the lights went on.
The panic Kagome was incapable to voice came out in sharply drawn breaths and violent chills.
If she had thought waking up without InuYasha in her childhood bedroom was her worst nightmare, that was nothing compared to the horror of finding out she had stumbled on the ensanguined corpse of her mother.
Had the fatal wounds on her body not being sufficient indication, the dull eyes would do the trick — they told Kagome everything she already knew but still couldn’t really process. Lying near, were her brother and grandpa, equally covered on their own fluids. Without even touching, Kagome knew they would feel cold.
Mukotsu left his spot by the light switch, entering the room and driving her attention away from the carnage in which her kitchen had turned. Now that the mask was off, his almost toothless smile set her on her feet. She had lost precious time. Her chances to reach the back door before getting caught diminished by the second.
Acting on pure instinct, Kagome grabbed an abandoned knife on the sink and held it protectively between them.
After years of fighting the nastiest opponents and surviving, she unlearned how to be a prey. Since her bow became an extension of her body and she got a hold of her spiritual powers, Kagome had become someone to fear in the face of a battle. Now, devoid of archery, said powers were the only thing she had to lean on.
And a knife.
Her thoughts went back to InuYasha. How desperately she wanted him to just show up and save the day somehow. Something inside her stomach revolted, both from the strong smells and from the realization that this was the exact wish she made when she had first encountered the Shichinintai member. If it hadn’t been for Sesshoumaru…
Kagome was gonna throw up. She was positive of it.
“STAY AWAY!” She imposed herself above the rain noise. Timbre steady, hands trembling.
“That’s no way to greet your groom.” Replied Mukotsu. His voice was as deep as she recalled, but the goofy tone that detuned it in weird places was still there.
None of it made sense. By just being there, Mukotsu defied every universal law Kagome believed in. She would be the first to admit it wasn’t a long list, considering the insane experiences she went through. Of two of them, however, she was absolutely sure.
One, death — for the most part — was an irrevocable rule. And she saw him die. 
Two, the well didn’t work for anybody besides her and her husband. Sometimes, not even for them, as Kagome had felt on her own skin for the entirety of three years.
Part of her, the rational one, wanted to ask him how and why. The other part just wanted to stick the quivering blade on him as deeply as possible and run to safety, to InuYasha.
“I SAID STAY AWAY!” Kagome tried to stand her ground, in vain. He was getting closer. She was cornered. 
“Still scrappy.” Mukotsu mused, clearly unaffected by her threatening posture. 
Once he got in her reach, Kagome uncerismonly buried the knife into his neck and ran.
A pained groan dissolved into laughter behind her, followed by the metalic sound of a blade hitting the floor. Kagome didn’t get far before he managed to knock her down — hands opening in reflex to ease the fall, she immediately resumed her flee by crawling away, eager to put as many space between them as she could, but there was no matching his strength.
Mukotsu turned Kagome over, climbing on the top of her as she scratched and kicked nonstop. He had to put the axe aside to immobilize her properly. Fresh blood started to drip all over her uniform.
“GET OFF ME!” Her throat emitted the words, but it was in her soul she channeled every drop of energy, in order to release that dormant power within.
Nothing happened.
Raw terror threatened to disable any reaction Kagome might pull as her defeat became more and more evident. Nonetheless, she kept fighting. It was exhausting and futile at that point, but she knew what the alternative was. Fighting was all she had.
“You are just as pretty as I remembered.” He ran a finger through her cheek. His touch felt strangely warm and wet and she knew instantly it had left a trail of blood on her face. Kagome wondered, in vain, to which member of her family it belonged to, or if the slaughter had annihilated any chance to tell it apart.
The more the contact lasted, the more she ached for a shower. Anticipating what he was about to do, every inch of her protested the imposed closeness. She found herself hoping he’d just kill her already. A clean, swift, painless death. That would be the best case scenario, given the circumstances.
‘Kill me! Please, just kill me’, she thought, refusing to give him the satisfaction to hear her begging. Mukotsu would never let her go, one way or another.
“You are not getting away this time.” As she bit back her sobs, he took both her wrists with one hand and the axe with the other, lifting it to a good — aligned with her neck — distance. Kagome could hardly believe when she caught his intentions, shutting her eyes to cage the relieved tears. With InuYasha’s smile pictured behind her eyelids, she accepted her fate.
The last thing she heard was the swishing sound of an axe coming down.
Tumblr media
As soon as Kagome came to consciousness, her hands flew to her throat, where Mukotsu’s final strike was supposed to be. There was nothing there but cold sweat, but Kagome was no fool.
It was clear now she wasn’t having a nightmare. 
She was living in one.
Someone or something was toying her like a Slinky and Kagome needed to get to InuYasha at once.
She kicked the sheets off herself — breath still hasty — and considered her options as her eyes adjusted to the dark.
The unsettling feeling of a presence she couldn’t see told her that Mukotsu was still downstairs. Waiting.
Kagome couldn’t bring herself to come down and check. She couldn’t risk reliving the trauma of finding her family in that dreadful condition ever again. It was just too much.
The priestess left the bed — careful not to drive attention to her awakening — and stepped inside a pair of shoes, looking for anything that might help her fight or flee. 
No bow or arrows at sight. Nothing sharpy or heavy she could make use of. Kagome doubt her spiritual powers would work, either, and given the previous failure, she was less than enthusiastic to try again. The insistent din against the curtained window reminded her of the raging storm outside and Kagome made a decision.
The umbrella she abandoned on the top of the wardrobe years ago was probably still there. Daring to hope, she navigated between furniture and triumphantly avoided potential tripping risks.
There it was. She grabbed the ferrule and pulled, realizing too late in her eagerness that something was attached to the handle. Whatever the object was, her movement made it drop into the floor with an audible thud.
Both her feet and heart stopped in place as Kagome got engulfed by a reverie of despair. She has been discovered. He was coming for her. Seconds crawled unrushed, one after the other. It looked like she was in the clear.
With renewed determination and umbrella in hand, Kagome marched to the window, pushing the curtains apart and lifting the glass open.
Then, without a warning, the door slammed, making her startle. She turned around to find Mukotsu, every bit the frightening monster from the past time. Kagome gripped the umbrella tigh to ease the tremors that took over her hands and before he could react, she jumped off the window.
It wasn’t a long fall, but the chilly air surrounding her all the way down made it feel eternal. The muddy ground approached in slow motion and when her feet finally collided against it, they did so in a bad angle. A searing pain inflicted her right ankle right away.
Kagome fell to her knees and whimpered. Under the incessant rain, she tried to surpass the ache and just keep going, but the unexpected sound of breaking glass announced it wouldn’t be that easy to escape.
Mukotsu had jumped after her, axe in hand. All the sirens going off on her brain screamed danger. She started moving, but in matter of instants he caught her by the injured ankle, making her screech and collapse face first in the mud.
“Where do you think you’re going without your groom?”
Without thinking twice, she yelled again — either from pain or adrenaline — and shoved the tip of the umbrella into his left eye with all the strength she managed to gather.
His hand instantly let go of her to nurse the damage as a guttural howl fell off his lips. Kagome seized the opportunity and ran to the Well House. Every step was torture, bringing her close to salvation and unlocking new levels of agony at the same time, but she wouldn’t stop. She couldn’t.
She threw at Mukotsu a final look back. His face was red with blood and rage, umbrella and axe tossed to the side. Kagome didn’t have too long now. Driving her gaze forward, her undivided focus was on the time portal.
Kagome jumped into the well and sighed in relief when the well known passage of years embraced her, transporting her back to another era. Part of her was terrified it wouldn’t work again, since nothing else seemed to do from the moment she woke up.
When she emerged, the urgency to go to InuYasha and the fear of being followed by Mukotsu set her running despite the soreness. She had to assume if he was able to show up at modern Tokyo, he might as well pursue her to the Feudal Era and the well was the only way to do that. She needed to put maximum distance between them.
It wasn’t raining, but the wind was cool and blew through her wet skin with the fury of a hundred daggers, the pain rivaling with the one in her ankle. Even so, Kagome refused to slow down now that she was so close to home.
Not once had occurred to her that the path of hope she so firmly walked on could crack under her strides, leaving her adrift. It was, however, exactly what happened just as she made the turn that should put their simple hut at sight.
Kagome felt electrified like the sky she left in the other side of the well.
There, in front of what their place was supposed to be, her knees gave in. Every inch of ground was taken by untouched flora. Nothing led to believe that, someday, a happy family used to call those desert lands home.
“I-I don’t understand.” Kagome stared at the empty field, feeling empty herself. The miko was willing to bet that whoever was playing this cruel games with them had got to InuYasha first, but there was no signal of fight and her husband would put up one for sure. It was so frustrating to try and come up with explanations only to have more questions popping up. 
She didn’t want to do it all on her own, without as much as knowing if her family was safe. Very little about everything that was happening that night seemed real, but it did feel like it to a frightful extent.
“InuYasha.” She wished for him, as if that alone could conjure the hanyou there. Her breath shook along with the tree leaves, the whistling wind their only company.
Or so she thought.
His small shape sprang out of nowhere, surprising Kagome just when she began to believe nothing in this fever dream could caught her off guard anymore. His contained chuckle prevented the tears she was about to shed.
“There is no use on calling for the half-breed.” Hakudoshi resembled an apparition, standing so palid in the clearing with the wind on his hair and shadows on his cheeks. His angelic face could fool anyone who didn’t know better. He was the devil.
“Where is he? What did you do to him?” Kagome wrapped her fingers around a handful of grass, wishing it was Hakudoshi’s neck instead. As much as she wanted to unleash her fury upon him, it would have to wait: the incarnation may hold the key to unsolve this distasteful ploy once and for all.
In fact, Kagome was mad at herself for not realizing sooner that this had Naraku’s fingerprints all over it. Of course, he was supposed to be dead. But so was Mukotsu. And so was Hakudoshi. If someone could trick death to seek vengeance, it would be Naraku. And who else would be his targets, if not her and InuYasha?
“I see your heart is still tainted by the likes of him.” He paused, savoring something she failed to perceive, then reducing the distance between them in two elegant steps. Kagome was used to see him with Kagura — or whichever creature Naraku designed to kill them that time — by his side. Alone and unarmed, the boy didn’t appear to be much of a threat. It was his mind games she should be looking out for. “I remember it well. All of that precious darkness, hidden behind a righteous facade. You try to fight it, but it’s there. It will always be.” Hakudoshi giggled again and it was an arduous task restraining herself from slapping that smile right off his lips.
“Listen,” she menaced, “I’m really not in the mood. Either tell me where he is or get out of my way!”
Clumsily trying to stand on her good ankle, Kagome stared him with every sign of deep dislike. She was soaked and cold. Mud covered most of her face. Everyone she ever loved was either dead or nowhere to be found. She was in pain and frightened and confused and wanted to scream into the void until her voice was gone. An uncalled for reminder that she used to cultivate such terrible feelings was the last thing she needed.
Long ago, back when Hakudoshi was still part of the Infant, he reached for the darkness within her heart, meaning to corrupt and use her to find the remaining shards of the Sacred Jewel. He tried to twist her love for InuYasha, to pin her against her best friend in the entire world. Kagome was not proud to admit he almost got away with it.
“I’m afraid I didn’t see him around.”
Kagome didn’t bother to grant him not even the briefest of eye rolls. It was a lie, but in spite of her talk she was in no conditions of doing something about it. She was about to leave when he spoke again.
“I did, however, met a new friend. A charming, brunette little child. What was her name again? Izayoi, was it?”
She froze at the mention of that name. Their poker faces were useless now. He had the winner hand. And he smiled because they both knew.
Ignoring her body’s plead for stillness, Kagome walked towards him, getting closer than she ever intentionally did.
“If you so much as touched a single strand of my daughter’s hair, then so help me...”
“You have nothing to fear.” Assured Hakudoshi, too affable to be trusted. “I just wanted to see what was in her heart.” Looking their surroundings conspiratorially, he toned his words down to a whisper. “Do you want to know how I did it?”
Keen pain clawed up her abdomen faster than any reply could be build and the air involuntarily expelled from her mouth soon turned into blood. It only took one look at the source of the damage to understand what had happened. He had a weapon hidden in his sleeves all along.
Hakudoshi removed the dagger from her insides and watched the blood flow, a pool of it forming on the ground while a fraction was spread on his face.
As Kagome broke down, agonizing, he struck her again.
And again.
And again.
Tumblr media
Hand in hand with her senses, came a strange touch of acceptance.
The looping Kagome was stuck into caused the ceiling of her bedroom to be such a predictable vision, she recognized it within a heartbeat even in the complete lack of light.
Not that someone could come to terms with getting violently murdered so effortlessly, but death gets a little less scary when you already know what happens after.
Having learned from past mistakes, the priestess moved with expertise, dodging from anything that might drive attention to herself.
Until the time to make noise came.
She pushed the wardrobe to block the door, yelling ‘come and get me, you prick!’ just in case the friction of wood against pottery wasn’t loud enough.
Kagome didn’t stay to see it work. Climbing down the window, she shielded herself from the rain with the umbrella. Literally and figuratively in the eye of the storm, it was inexplicably good to use the item in its primary function for a change.
Running to the Well House was no trouble. The advantage of a healed ankle was everything she had prayed for. By the time she felt Mukotsu’s gaze burning on her back, she was too close to the well to be stopped. On the verge of freedom, Kagome didn’t met his furious stare, framed by lightning and the window’s edges: she simply jumped.
The night air that welcomed her in the other side was much kinder than the one from her previous attempt, since Kagome was now dry. It would have been the perfect moment to come up with a plan, had she better clues to work with.
Kagome knew her best shot was finding InuYasha. She also knew their home was gone and he could be anywhere. What wouldn’t she give to have her powers returned? She didn’t even ask for much. Just long enough to search for his aura.
But it wouldn’t be that simple to make it out of that mess and she had made her peace with it four or five terrible things ago, so she settled for the next best option.
There was a place, not far away, where her connection with InuYasha was the strongest: it was the place where they first met. The Sacred Tree, just like the Bone-Eater's Well, linked their worlds and bonded their souls, always bringing them back to each other. Maybe she could use its powers to find him, somehow.
Dropping anything that could possibly slow her down, Kagome headed to the Goshinboku.
The already shy moonlight got dimmer the further she entered the depths of the forest, the night sky getting gradually swallowed by the canopy.
Distant caw. Owl hoots. Her own hurried steps. They were the only sounds filling the air. Branches scratched her skin like decrepit corpse fingers and every new shadow was a threat until proven otherwise.
Kagome was midway when something went zooming by from behind her and landed a few inches away from her feet. She could have identified the device blindfolded. It was an arrow. On her mind, she retraced its trajectory, trying to track it back to the archer behind the bow.
As soon as she trailed it to a specific tree veiled spot, another arrow flew to confirm her hunch. Swift and precise, it grazed against her cheek as it passed by, stirring her hair on its path.
A thread of blood came streaming down her face while the person who caused it made herself seen.
It was as if the moon, tired of its ethereal realm, abandoned the heavens to wander the Earth in woman form. Her hair was uncharacteristically loose, the clothes immaculate. Her eyes were alive but she carried death on her hands — under her ministration, the bow almost seemed almost light and the arrow was aimed directly to Kagome’s head.
She should had seen it coming. Although they had parted on relatively good terms when Kikyo finally reached nirvana, her relationship with the undead priestess had been turbulent from day one, and with dead, old complications popping out left and right in this little set up, Kikyo’s presence wasn’t exactly shocking. Seeing her there, ready to strike, revived a collection of entombed feelings.
“What are you doing?” Kikyo didn’t respond. She didn’t have to. Her hostile behavior left no room for reasoning approaches as she walked forward, but Kagome was willing to give it a shot. She could be a powerful ally at breaking off this prison if Kagome snapped her out of the spell, curse, or whatever it was Naraku had inflected her with.
“Look at you, trying so hard to hold onto what was never yours.” Her condescension hit Kagome’s pride where it hurt, but her curiosity spoke louder.
“What are you talking about?”
“Don’t you see? I’m talking about the world of the living.”
She was making no sense and Kagome’s patience was wearing thin. She took a deep breath and mentally counted to ten.
“Okay... Okay! This is great! Now why don’t you put that thing down so we can talk about what are you doing here, why everything is such a mess and how do we fix it?”
Oblivious to her positive speech, Kikyo made no motion except for curving her lips in a smile that could freeze the sun.
“It was foolish of you to think tragedy would never find you again.” A disapproving shake of her head was all it took and suddenly Kagome was a five years old who just got caught wearing her mother’s makeup and pretending to be an adult. “Silly girl, don’t you know happiness comes with a price? Don’t you know I am you and you are me? Disaster is our fate.”
“You’re wrong!” Her words came off more confident than she actually felt. Kagome might had even believed them if each blink didn’t bring her closer and closer to crying. Not now, she begged, anytime but now.
“It’s time for you to learn I am much more than only your past. Listen close now…” As if on cue, soul collectors emerged from every corner to circle around their master, flying by Kagome without any consideration for her personal space whatsoever. Crimson eyes seeing right through her, they had never looked more wicked and surrounded by the creatures, Kikyo herself was a vision to fear. Her gaze was solid on Kagome’s. “I am your future.”
Without warning, sometime between one shinidamachu’s course and the other, Kikyo’s features changed. Round, slightly wider eyes and shorter hair that refused to stay aligned: every aspect that distinguished the priestesses gone.
Kagome was staring at her own face.
Kikyo laughed. It was only then Kagome realized the tune was entirely new to her ears. She never would have guessed it could sound so frightening.
“Yes! Fighting is no use. My incarnation shall walk the same path I did.” Her skin rotted before Kagome, bits of it falling to the ground until she was more a carcass than a person. “This is what you will become.”
“And here is where the path ends.”
Then she shot.
Tumblr media
Snorting was inevitable.
At this point, being murdered was just playing annoying and if Kagome was being honest, that last time had been particularly irritating. Of the worst ways to die, an archer getting killed with an arrow to the head by her husband’s ex had to be the dumbest.
At least, now she identified a padron. Everyone so far conspired to prevent her from getting to InuYasha. If that was really the case, finding him became even more crucial.
Maybe she was running against the clock without even knowing. Maybe one of these lives would turn out to be her last, just like in one of Sota’s stupid games. Maybe InuYasha and Izayoi were in an even bigger trouble than she was.
Lucky for Kagome, practice made her pretty good at avoiding the mishaps along the road.
Mukotsu and Hakudoshi weren’t even a problem, and once she got to the forest, she took a Kikyo-free route. Way longer, but also effective.
When she arrived to the Sacred Tree clearing, a distorted déjà vu knocked the air out of her lungs.
There, sealed to the Goshinboku, InuYasha laid unconscious.
The scene took Kagome back to the day they met, except this time instead of a impressionist painting withdrawn from someone’s dream, it looked more like a picture one might only find on a police file.
Skin as white as his hair, the half demon seemed dead rather than sleeping, with the night shadows shaped his face in keen angles. The green of the vines that tangled up his body had long worn-out and the arrow piercing through his chest appeared to be ready to disintegrate at the minimum touch.
It was like time had decided to spare the place, an unaffected sanctuary forgotten by its course. Even the Beads of Subjugation were missing from his neck.
Kagome raced to him. Hands shaking and stomach sinking, her mind was only put at ease once she felt InuYasha’s even breath, her fingers tracing his jawline out of habit.
Yearning for his voice, his warmth, she grabbed the arrow and pulled it out with less resistance than she had anticipated.
InuYasha opened his eyes, but they weren’t the gentle honeyed ones she was used to. Glaring right back at her, his irises were blue as the sea and, just like the ocean, beautiful enough to make you forget why it was dangerous to dive in too deep. Still she might have drowned in it, if it wasn’t for the vicious tone of crimson surrounding them.
Trying to keep her worst fears in check, Kagome stood before him and hoped for the best.
Of course the best never happened.
“I smell it. The blood of the woman who killed me.”
His statement fell upon her like a blizzard. Implacable, leaving nothing but wastelands and a desolate cold on its awakening. Lilac strips sprouted on both his cheeks.
Forceful and skilled, five sharp talons bore deep inside her flesh before the question could be even asked.
Her body reacted sooner than her brain.
The impact was excruciating in every sense of the word. Her blood all over his hand, his deathly grin. It was obvious what had happened, but even if Kagome had in herself to conjure a thought that wasn’t about the sheer agony that started in her heart and spread to the extremities in wildfire flares, she wouldn’t have believed it.
There was a clench on his grip and black dots obscured her sight. Although Kagome could feel her lips struggling to talk, nothing more than pathetic, meaningless sounds came off. Then his touch was gone and she was discarded to the ground.
InuYasha remained unbothered, smiling down at her as she died.
Tumblr media
Kagome couldn’t stop shivering.
Silent tears bathed her face as she grasped her hair.
He had killed her. InuYasha had killed her. Her husband, the man who had sworn to protect her with his own life had murdered her without a second thought and the fingers that had once caressed hers with such devotion, betrayed her trust and ripped her heart out.
He wasn’t himself when he did it, Kagome was aware of it. Nevertheless, InuYasha had turned into a full demon before. There hasn’t been a single time when he had hurt her to the point of no return.
Truth be told, it wasn’t quite her case, since Kagome had returned. Details of how this continued to happen were still unclear, but she would find out. She would bring InuYasha back to himself and if Naraku was really the one scheming against them, he would be very, very sorry.
Mukotsu. Hakudoshi. Kikyo. None of them managed to stop her when Kagome got out to what she was sure to be her thousandth try.
More than a girl on a mission, she was a girl who realized the best defense is a strong offensive.
Which was why instead of heading to the Sacred Tree right away, Kagome went to the village.
The apocalyptic scenario that received her did little to wave her resolve. Burnt houses, abandoned objects: Kagome sidestepped all of them, telling herself it wasn’t real. Everything would go back to normal as soon as she discovered how to fix it. That didn’t keep her eyes from wandering briefly to where Miroku and Sango’s place was, neither her disappointment from surfacing when she noticed nobody was home. 
It was okay. Maybe that meant they were safe or on the run with their children. Be as it may, they weren’t the ones Kagome was looking for.
The village was unrecognizable. What had been so full of life now resembled a cemetery, gray and quiet. All the way to Kaede’s hut, not a soul presented itself. Kagome worried the ancient priestess had left too and when she arrived to her destination, she wished Kaede had left, after all.
In the center of the hut, Kaede’s remains hanged from the ceiling, a rope around her neck and a feeding raven on her shoulder.
At the sound of Kagome’s exclamation, the bird took fly, frightened by the interruption. She got out as well, fighting against the acid taste on her mouth.
In vain.
She emptied the contents of her stomach on the floor quite loudly.
Kagome had that coming since she first found her family, but with Mukotsu on her heels, there hadn’t been time to process that horrible view properly: her survival instinct wouldn’t allow her to. Now facing the music was inevitable and she didn’t like it one bit.
She composed herself. Kagome had come to Kaede in the hopes that her wisdom could tell her what to do. Just because that wasn’t possible anymore, it didn’t mean that her efforts should go to waste.
Holding her breath, she entered the hut again. The faint smell of smoke had masked the putridity within the area, but from the moment she inhaled it, nothing else could overpower it.
Avoiding to glance at the dead priestess, Kagome immediately got to work. She turned the place upside down, examined every corner, until find in a dustied little chest the items she seeked.
She also grabbed a bow, mercifully lying on the back wall, alongside with a quiver full of arrows, which she threw over her shoulders.
Craving for some fresh air, Kagome stormed out to the first secure spot she laid her eyes on. There, she opened the chest, bringing black and white beads to the moonlight. It was a long shot, but the only one she had. Praying that they were already enchanted, Kagome put the articles together in a rosary and ran to InuYasha.
“I wish I could say this will hurt me more than you.” With an apologetic look, Kagome set the Kotodama around his neck, then took off the arrow that sealed him to the tree and stepped back, her own arrow aimed to him by precaution.
InuYasha woke up, his eyes still demonic. Kagome didn’t think twice.
“Sit, boy!”
The rosary glew and brought him down. A wave of pure relief washed over her, but it was nothing compared to the bliss of meeting amber irises when he managed to lift his face off the ground.
“InuYasha?” Tried Kagome, slightly letting her guard down.
“You bitch!” InuYasha hissed as he stood up. Something about his wrath — probably the insult — took Kagome back to their infernal cat and mouse days, just before they became friends. When he spoke again, she discovered that was exactly the case. “It ain’t like you to rely on these little tricks, Kikyo.” InuYasha shook the dirt off his suikan and displayed his claws in a characteristic fighting posture, which made Kagome note he didn’t have Tessaiga on him. “Why dontcha shoot one of those arrows of yours? Gimme everything ya got. I won’t go easy on you this time.”
“Not Kikyo. Kagome. Ka-go-me!” Having to say that phrase once more, to him of all people, annoyed Kagome out of her mind.
“Keh. How much of a fool do ya take me for, Kikyo?”
“InuYasha, listen to me!”
The half demon attacked, but Kagome miraculously diverted his assault and ran deeper into the forest.
He was on her tail, both of them knowing he could catch up with her whenever he wanted. Still, Kagome couldn’t bear the thought of shooting him. Not him.
“If you just... take a break... for a minute and... hear me out...” She bargained, lungs giving up on her, legs burning. InuYasha paid no attention to her plea. He was a hunter, a killing machine. It would take more than negociation to get him to stop.
He was getting ready to strike. She could feel it.
“That’s it for you!”
She waited until the the thundering noise of InuYasha hitting the ground echoed to slow down and turn around.
“Please, InuYasha, you have to remember me! Make an effort, okay? What did they do to you? Where did they take Izayoi? Where’s Tessaiga?”
Aside from a quick enraged glare, InuYasha ignored her altogether, too busy furiously trying to take the Kotodama off.
“Damn it, Kikyo, quit stalling already!” Apparently deciding the beads were a lost battle, InuYasha darted to her again.
Colorful curses left his mouth left and right, after the spell wore off and he could finally move. It was the gap she needed.
“I’ll talk and you will listen. Otherwise, I’ll take you down again. It’s up to you.”
Beyond displeased, InuYasha sustained her gaze. Kagome didn’t back down and was rewarded with a grumpy expression.
“Well? Spit it out!”
“It’s a long story, but… I’m not Kikyo.”
InuYasha considered her for a moment, his thoughts indecipherable. She expected his keen senses to confirm her statement without a hitch. If not, her clothes would get the point across just fine.
“I believe ya.”
“You do?” Kagome said, wondering if the raw hope on her voice was as evident to his ears as it was to hers.
“Yeah. In a closer look, you ain’t as pretty.” Reminding herself that he didn't really mean it, Kagome resisted the urgency of sitting him into oblivion. That would be just playing spiteful. InuYasha crinkled his nose. "Your smell isn't as good, either, and that’s gotta be the weirdest kimono I’ve ever seen.” He paused, then shrugged. “So you ain’t her. Big deal. It doesn’t change a damn thing."
It would be hard to swallow her pride and maintain focus if his tone didn’t have left her at edge.
"What do you mean?”
“That I’mma still gonna kill ya.” InuYasha explained, as if she was the dumbest person alive. “Whoever the fuck you are, I won’t let a human walk around subduing me at her will.” Instead of pulling it out, he now tried to rip the rosary off. Kagome rolled her eyes.
“How? You’ll be eating dirt before you could ever touch me. All I have to do is say the word.” InuYasha let it go of the beads, all of his hatred directed to Kagome.
“You’re just a pathetic, weak girl. Gonna have to sleep some time. I ain’t in a hurry.”
“In that case, I take it you will follow me anywhere I go, then.” She settled, pretending his threats had no effect on her whatsoever. InuYasha didn’t answered. She didn’t need him to. “Good.”
Kagome stumble on through the night, with InuYasha’s reluctant presence not far behind.
“All right!” She exclaimed, to put her thoughts in order. “It could be worse. At least now I have InuYasha by my side. Sure, he has no idea of who I am and wants to kill me, but that’s fixable. I bet Miroku knows someone who can help. They probably headed to Sango’s village. If we walk fast enough we’ll make it there by-”
“Don’t you ever shut the fuck up?”
She sighed. It would be a long trip.
Hours and hours of InuYasha being his most unpleasant self really took a toll on her and fatigue started to show. It would be better to continue, to cover more ground. However, the sun began to rise and Kagome decided to sit down before her body gave up on her and enjoy its light for a bit. For quite a while now, she had only known cold rain and cruel winds. The sunlight was a reminder of how far she had come. Surviving a whole night was something to celebrate, in her current situation.
Unfortunately, she had reached the limits of exhaustion. Kagome needed to sleep, and if she did, InuYasha would kill her on the spot. She could feel him circling her like a vulture whenever she closed her eyes a few seconds longer than a blink. It was a losing game.
“None of the stories I told you rang any bells?” Kagome had thrown countless tales of their journey on him. Facts, secrets, anything that could trigger his memory. She would be luckier talking to a wall. “How about this: I take the Kotodama off you.”
That seemed to break the ice.
“Why would you do that?”
“A sign of good faith. I take them off and in exchange, you neither hurt me or run away. Deal?”
“Get on with it already!”
It was sad to admit she didn’t trust InuYasha to keep his end of the bargain, but at least if she took a risk, there was a small possibility of it paying off, after all. If he kills her… Well, she would just have to start from scratch.
Kagome got up and went to him. Slowly, testing the waters. Impatience emmaned from every gesture he made, urging her to move faster. When they were close enough, she removed the rosary. Then he smiled at her and whatever weariness she still felt became irrelevant.
“InuYasha? Is that you? Did you remember me?”
His smile turned wider and wider.
“Not at all.” Out of the blue, a clawed hand closed around her neck, choking Kagome impetuously. She dropped the Kotodama to the floor, reaching for his arm in a weak attempt to break free. It only caused him to lift her up and squeeze harder, until her breath was finally gone.
Tumblr media
Eighty-first time was the charm.
What kept her going, after all the failures, was the confidence that, however long it took, she would get it right eventually.
Kagome was running out of mistakes to make.
She had tried to get help. Sango and Miroku. Koga, Totosai, Myoga. Even Sesshoumaru. So far the scoreboard marked fourteen beheadings, ten stabs, eight chokes, three arrow shots and one drowning — which was specially infuriating, because she was a really good swimmer — and those were only the most memorable ones.
No matter what she did different, the outcome was always the same: her death.
To make things worse, InuYasha had no remembrance of who she was. It was like they had never met. As if Kagome had been erased from his life forever. Still, there was no way she would leave him behind, so she swore to get him back if it killed her. Which, to be fair, happened more often than not.
Hypnosis, describing their life together, letting him inhale her scent — she had even tried kissing him once. None of it induced his memories.
So there they were again, alone in the middle of nowhere, stuck in the same impasse.
“So whatcha telling me is that you’re Kikyo’s reincarnation?”
“That’s right.”
“And we’re married?”
“What a lot of crap!” They both said, in unison. Kagome sighted at his puzzled look and left the rock she had been sitting on.
“Did I also mention I’m reliving the same day non stop because somehow I keep getting killed? Mostly by you.”
Matter of fact, the Kotodama around his neck and the bow and arrows over her shoulders were the only thing preventing another bloodbath from happening.
“You’re a crazy ass bitch.”
“Is that so?”
Kagome nocked an arrow, drawing the string and pointing directly at him. At the last second and without looking away, she changed her aim to the bush on her right, where a red eyed, old witch that had got her killed once or twice was hidden. She released the traction, hitting the creep straight in the head and raised a brow.
“This doesn’t prove anything. I knew she was there too. Not really brainy, are ya?”
“Ugh!” She threw the bow onto the grass, her hands closed in fists so hard her knuckles were probably white. “You believed me when I said I wasn’t Kikyo. What’ll take for you to believe everything else?”
“Why don’t you try a better lie than Kikyo dying so that a wannabe would take her place? Do ya really think, if there was any truth in your story, that I’d settle for a poor excuse of an imitation?”
Different words, same crushing feelings. Kagome should have been used to them by now, but no matter how the sentences were rearranged each new attempt, they still hit where it hurt.
The tears came pouring out as they pleased. She was tired of fighting them.
“I can’t… I can’t do this anymore.” Kagome lifted her chin to the night sky, throat aching with the effort not to sob. “DO YOU HEAR ME?” She screamed to whoever would listen. Never had occurred to her that accepting defeat could be so freeing. “I GIVE UP, YOU WIN!”
InuYasha watched with a sadistic smile while she curled into a ball and weeped.
He didn’t care.
He didn’t care if she was in pain and it didn’t matter to him that he was the one inflecting it to her. She might as well be a stranger. The saddest part was Kagome was starting to feel the same way about him. It was torture.
And then she understood.
“I see.”
The one thing she kept making each and every time, the one constant on this absolute mess.
“I thought I had to find InuYasha to escape.”
She had guessed all the obstacles separating them were thoroughly calculated to prevent their getaway.
How stupid of her.
It was for divert her from the truth.
“But you’re not him.”
Under her intense gaze, his lips formed a firm line and Kagome knew she was right.
“I should have noticed sooner. InuYasha would never, ever hurt me. And even when we weren’t friends yet… he couldn’t stand to see me cry.”
Kagome had the satisfaction to see the astonished expression on his face as he realized his mistake.
“This is real, isn’t it?” Melancholy and comprehension intertwining in a mix she had never experienced before. “InuYasha… he never came for me.”
It had been an illusion. All of it. Her rescue, the three years apart. Even her return to the Feudal Era, their marriage, Izayoi… Everything was nothing but a cruel scheme to torment her mind little by little and she fell for it.
“I’m still in the jewel.”
Just like that, the impostor wearing InuYasha’s face vanished. The forest crumbled and faded away, engulfing her into an awfully familiar darkness.
In the distance, an ominous laugh reverberated through the void, followed by a voice that terrified Kagome to her very core.
“And you always will be.”
Tumblr media
A/N: first of all, thank you so much for deciding to give my story a go and for coming this far. This one-shot is my longest one yet and pretty much the one that challenged me the most, since it was totally out of my comfort zone. It took me a lot of work and time and brain cells. That's why I ask (pretty please with sugar on top) that you leave a review.
It doesn't have to be clever or too thoughtful. Just tell me what you felt, what worked (or didn't) for you, the things you theoryzed you while reading. I had so much fun with this, maybe I turn this Halloween themed one-shot extravaganza into an annual thing (should I?).
Second of all, this title is a refference to Russian Doll, you know, because of all the deaths. Anyway...
Happy Halloween!
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ayosdesignz-blog · 2 years ago
How Inuyasha x Kikyo is viewed in canon...in a nutshell
Inuyasha: is sad Kikyo thinks he killed her
Kagome: poor guy, how could she think that about him?
Fandom: Oh shit!
Me: is no one going to acknowledge she's a walking horror film monster?
Inuyasha: goes to talk to Kikyo about her real murderer and his promise to avenge her
Kikyo: acts like the angry moody ghost she technically is
Kagome: Oh no! He still loves Kikyo! How will I get him to notice me now?!
Fandom: You're so much better! You deserve him more/you two belong to each other!
Me: Maybe try talking to him and confessing your feelings?
Inuyasha: wants to have two people(women) that he knows like him to be and remain in his life however he can have them because he's been unwanted and unloved since his mother died and having people who actually want to be near him would be amazing.
Miroku: being a perv about it.
Kagome: getting indignant and sits Inuyasha
Fandom: Wow, Inuyasha is a dirty boy
Me: Doesn't he realize that Kikyo shouldn't even be walking around? She needs to pass on.
Inuyasha: leaves for the umpteenth time to talk to Kikyo...mostly about Naraku and the shards. And to reassure her he still cares despite her unfortunate death.
Kagome: I can't believe he still prefers Kikyo over me! *Gets angry*
Rest of the gang: He's such a two-timer
Fandom: What a two timing asshole!
Me: He's single tho. And not actually in a relationship with either...soooooooo
Inuyasha: cries when Kikyo dies again but this time for good.
Kagome: this is sad...but now he can focus on solely me.
The rest of the gang: awkwarrrrrrrrrrrd
Fandom: so touching, how moving, much wow
Me: laughs happily because the trouble making abomination is finally gone.
Also me: Poor Inuyasha...someone hug him dammit!!
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clearwillow · a month ago
Tumblr media
Merry Christmas, @lavendertwilight89 ❤❤❤ I was your secret santa and it was an absolute blast to work on this!
Some InuKag family fluff in matching pajamas, and Shippo being the best big brother for Moroha by helping her open the new doll that Santa left her. (Sailor Mars because it reminds her of her mommy). Plus a little mistletoe because Kagome’s gonna take her opportunities where she can 😉
Such a fun event, thank you @inusecretsanta for organizing it again!
@keichanz @lemonlushff @dawnrider @mamabearcat @inuykago @sailorbabydoll92 @zelink-inukag @itzatakahashi @superpixie42 @sticky-llama-perfection @the-rebel-alchemist  @digitl-art-monstr @theinuyashareader @eternalnight8806-3 @cstorm86 @sarah-writes-stories @animelove1313 @nartista @smmahamazing @xfangheartx @cyncyn981 @bluejay785 @witchygirl99 @lady-dark-69 @kazeinori @willowandfog @lavendertwilight89 @gaysonthefloor @senneth-pendra @ruddcatha @pinkpigeonstudio @shinidamachu @cammysansstuff @little-inukag-obsessed @arcprz @liz8080 @trying-not-to-loveu @wulfintheforest @memusicmuse @princessinume @hnn-wnchstr @that-weird-kid-charlie @cannibalsforbreakfast @mr-fairywings @nsr0716 @eringobroke @ladyphoenix0711 @malditamigs @fawn-eyed-girl  @littlestuffstohide @smh1821 @karina-inuphantom @dreaming-of-soup @irrationalandimpossible  @boostyourmind-blog @anisaanisa @inussunflower @sacred-arrow @nillavanilla21 @yusukesmomjeans @lordofthechips @bluehawaiicat @kawaiichan67 @kagometaishostory @hopidoodle   @omgitscharlie  @themusicalshoo  @heynikkiyousofine @preciouslyours @roseheartwhitefox @brokenangelwings22 @banra-yar
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my-plastic-life · 3 months ago
A Feudal Fairy Tale
The time has finally come. This is a project that has been in the works for 11 months, started last November. If we’re being technical, it could be considered a project 17 years in the making considering I first had the idea randomly in high school.
It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of Inuyasha. I owe a lot to the series. It’s the first anime I ever saw, and it’s what introduced me to the entire anime and manga genre, sparked my interest in Japanese cultures and customs, and has even helped me make some amazing friends. My collection began in high school with the Toynami action figures, and since the release of the show’s sequel (Yashahime) in October 2020, my collection has tripled with new figures, jewelry, and other merchandise.
I also had the 12″ collector’s edition doll in high school, and when I got him in the mail (this was back before eBay had PayPal, so we had to get and send a money order before he even shipped), I was thrilled. I then thought, “You know, he needs a Kagome doll to go with him!” But that was it, and Inuyasha went into a display case, where he stayed for all these years. Until Yashahime dropped.
At that point, I knew I wanted to make a Kagome doll to go with him. I’d made some custom dolls already at this point, so I thought surely I could pull this off. Of course, being a perfectionist with a touch of OCD is both a blessing and a curse...
But at last, this idea has become a reality! In honor of the anime’s 20th anniversary, the manga’s 25th anniversary, and the premiere of the sequel’s second season, meet my one of a kind Kagome Higurashi doll in one-sixth scale! Along with all her props! Posts showing behind the scenes progress photos are coming soon!
Oh, and I’m nothing if not authentic... all these backgrounds are actual scenes from the anime, printed out from paused TV screens!
Traveling through the well:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
She loves her bike!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wearing the Shikon No Tama necklace, walking through Kaede’s village:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Wearing the necklace with the broken jewel:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Counting the sacred jewel shards (yes, they’re in the bottle - the world’s tiniest bottle of sacred jewel shards!)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hit the mark!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Shooting a sacred arrow:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Time for ninja food! Inuyasha has his favorite, instant noodles!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Next up: Dry potatoes! Kagome is like, “Excuse you, but someone else may have wanted some of those chips.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Red thread of fate: " An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Where we first met.”
Tumblr media
“I wanted to see you.”
Tumblr media
Diorama display (this is inside a bookshelf covered with plexiglass):
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Thank you to all who contributed to making this doll come to life! This wouldn’t be possible without you!
CREDITS: Reroot by Paradise Doll Designs School uniform by elenpriv Priestess outfit by FabHat Backpacks (large and small) by MiniMichCrafts Face paint by me Bow and arrows by me Quiver customization by me School books by me Bike customization by me Sacred jewel shards & bottle by me (bottle was ReMent) Well made by me (with help from my dad and hubby!) Sacred tree by me Shippo by my friend Samantha Rash
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kawaiibiscuit · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
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stecesworld · 2 months ago
You know what's sad? I actually actually hope Rin dies in this series and stays dead. Not because I hate her, quite the opposite actually.I love Rin I am a huge Rin stan. I think she's an adorable little girl and who had such potential and wanted for her the happiest of futures. When I heard that there was a generation 2 of Inuyasha coming out I was so excited to see who Rin grew up to be.
I had always thought she would be Kagome's apprentice, who specializes in healing, both human and demon, thanks to her bonds with Kaede and Sesshomaru. Kaede is how she will learn about healing humans and her bond with sesshomaru would give her the drive to learn how to heal demons. With her own fighting style that was a mix of demon slayer fighting from Sango and Kohaku and archery/holy fighting from Kagome & Miroku. Just incase she needed to defend herself.
KohRin is also my flag ship and I had always had it in my mind that she would marry Kohaku, have like three kids, with Grandpamaru comming to visit. But I was also happy if she didn't fall in love and stayed a single pringle as well and have awesome adventures.
There was sooo much she could have become and I was ecstatic to see what they had done with her.
But then Yashahime came out and when I saw that she had become the bride of Sesshomaru, had his twins, then was cast asside like a broken doll having accomplished nothing but being a baby factory. Made me cry.
Everything that she could have become. All the stories they could have made with her in them. All the potential she had... completely flushed down the toilet. Seeing her sleeping with in the tree with nothing but having babies. Was the worst thing to have been done to her. No one loves or even cares that she is even gone. Some don't even remember that she even exsisted. The only reminder of her presence is her and Sesshomaru's daughters. That from the what I had seen of the anime,Sesshomaru didn't even care about.
Rin was distroyed. True they have made a season two that from what I have seen here on tumbler had given her the smallest of personalities but she was instantly cursed to die and thrown into the tree seven days after giving birth. ((A curse that if her love with Sesshomaru was actually real would have never happened in the first place. For the true OG sesshomaru would have never have let Zero live if she had so much as even thought about hurting his loved one. He would have taken her head from her shoulders before she even had the chance to curse Rin.))
They have taken everything from her. She is the most tragic character in this whole series. A little girl who lost her parents to bandits. Lost her life to wolves. Then was cursed to continuously die and revive by the hands of demons. Her only biological family torn from her side before she even had the chance to hold them. A husband who can care less about if she's alive or dead and a future that holds nothing for her but being a perfect subservient wife and brood mother. Her chance to be a doctor, a demon slayer a priestess. Ripped from her before she even had the chance to lose all of her baby teeth.
I hope Rin dies in this anime so that she can finally be released from the curse that is her life and giving the chance to reincarnate like Kikiyo did and live a life that she deserves. One were she's happy, loved and can become the Queen she deserves to be.
But..I know that won't happen. Sunrise will find a way to keep her alive and she will wake up from her cursed slumber and instantly be the airheaded, subservient wife that forgives everything that happened and only wants to love her lord. Be at his beck and call ready to bare him a new hord of Hanyo children with a smile. For that's all she is good for. Untill the next Yokai comes along and tries to kill her once more.
I am sorry,Rin......
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neutronstarchild · 3 months ago
Inuyasha Bad Girlfriend Guide
Tumblr media
This is a companion piece to the bad boyfriend guide. As a Kikyō stan, I see so many fics where she is cast as the bad guy—sort of rightly—but... I’m hoping that a handy-dandy worksheet of a few more choices and why they make great bad girlfriends will free my girl from the perpetual bad guy treatment (and yup, I understand that she… in her necromanced wraith form in canon kinda deserves it.) Even so <cough>, here are some ladies for your consideration! They can do an excellent job keeping (or tearing) our OTP apart, so let’s let ‘em! (be aware here that Kagome is assumed to be the heroine in these scenarios!)
Yura: How can we not love to hate this vicious queen? She wears pieces of folded cloth as her outfit? Hell yes! Because if you’re not going tits-out in your schemes to further your personal hair fetish, are you really living? She’s mean, she’s over-the-top sexual, she collects heads like they’re trophies, and she has little personality outside of being the ho-out-to-steal-your-man. If your hero needs some terrible vapid awful-teen-movie-stereotype girlfriend, Yura is here for you. If you need someone who has no boundaries and makes your man uncomfortable? Yura is here for you.
Princess Abi: Gotta love someone with mommy issues that believes in her own superiority. She hates humans and doesn’t have time for lesser demons. Yes, fine, she’ll use them to get ahead (or help her mom get ahead), but she doesn’t mince words about those she feels are inferior to her (which is basically… everyone.) Need a snob? She will serve all your snobby needs!
Kanna: She’s an incredible practitioner of the dead-eye stare. Need someone who is so full of themselves that they don’t even deign to talk to the heroine? Well, Kanna is here for you. She can even have the nickname soul stealer because she seems to leech the very soul out of the poor man (or woman) she’s with. Add to that the looking like a doll and you have someone who is absolutely ethereally beautiful (almost to a creepy degree) and arctically cold.
Nazuna: Remember her? The human who hated demons even after one saved her life? The one who put all her trust into a dude who ended up being a spider? (We remember!) She eventually came around when poor Inuyasha turned into a human… She’s got that nice anti-demon bigotry to play with, and perhaps even a bit of the cultish attitude of “come to my temple and we can change you!” feels if needed!
Eri, Ayumi, Yuka: You date one of them, and whoops, you’re suddenly dating all three of them, because they can’t go anywhere without their best girlfriends. The vapid three are really great for name-swapping shticks (is it Eri or Yuka? nope it's Ayumi!), and can serve as a set of three-in-one mean girls to your heart’s delight! Lean into the power of three!
Ayame: Need a fiery redhead in your life? Yes? No? She seems like she would be a wonderful girlfriend except for the whole… she’s been stuck thinking about this one boy who she talked to this one time when she was younger and now compares absolutely everyone else to him. Seriously. Be ready to never stack up against the fairy tale. It’s fun while it lasts (Ayame is probably a pretty wonderful cook!), but you’re never going to be ✨Kōga✨ (the fantasy version, not to be mistaken with flesh-and-blood Kōga) so… ultimately it’ll fall apart.
Kagura: Oh what wonderful things that can be said about this queen of mean. Namely that she is powerful, she is beautiful, and she is desperately trying to escape a terrible home life. If you look like someone who will get her out of that awful situation? Congratulations! You have yourself a girlfriend! Unfortunately, this makes her cold and calculating, looking for where her next jump to farther away from her awful family will be. And lordie if this woman’s father comes looking for her…
Hitomiko: There are a lot of possibilities here! Let’s start with the tragically sick partner, who has been clinging to life and starting to fight a losing battle to an illness. You wouldn’t abandon her on death’s door, would you? Even with the sweet heroine there? The angst you can throw in with that! <chef’s kiss.> And then there’s the… “don’t do this one thing but if you do it’s going to get bad.” Sure, it was “don’t bury my head with my body” but how many other creative ways could you use this? Trigger that dark personality. The one controlled by the spider. The one that Hitomiko desperately tries to hide! The one that only happens behind closed doors! Basically don’t count this tragic priestess out.
Sara Asano: Yes, great, she is musical and can make people stop and listen to her play. But here’s the problem: she’s got that obsessive energy about her. She will follow the hero everywhere he goes, and definitely provides you with that excellent stalker vibe you might need. Would she pull a Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction and boil a bunny if someone breaks up with her? Yes she would.
Botan, Momiji: Silly silly girls, taken in by the words of a mean MILF who needs them to act as a shield between her schemes and the heroes. But what can they do for you dear writer? Well… they blindly follow what their mother says, and that means you have yourself some excellent stepsister types! Ones who are dating the noble boy because mom said so and they listen to mom. That extra bit of noble snootiness can be weaved into some great angst, especially if your heroine lacks the thing that makes one or the other snooty! These two also have the interchangeability aspect if Eri, Ayumi and Yuka are useful elsewhere!
Tsubaki: Speaking of the big old mean mommy. Here she is in the plastic-surgeried-to-look-young flesh! She’s manipulative and cunning. She is toxic and will burn everything down to get her way, and she will deceive and deceive and deceive to get ahead! Need an older woman who is pretending to be young trapping your poor hero or heroine? Well, here you are! Tsubaki the evil witch can give you all that sweet sweet old-hag power that your story needs!
Tōran, Karan, Shunran: Nothing like a good old family rivalry to make these two amazingly bad panther demon girlfriend candidates! Oops, they totally forgot to tell the hero that there has been a blood feud between their families for generations and they’ve come to collect!
Midoriko: Listen. Girl has a lot on her plate. She had to use her soul to trap the really bad demons after all. So if you are looking for that impossibly unattainable woman who seems to be able to balance a million things all at the same time while looking and being flawless? Midoriko is there for you. Problem though? She puts work above everything else. Fine, so her job is saving the world, but sometimes somebody just needs a snuggle, right? She’d also probably be that pep-talking ex, who sits down and tells the heroine to stop comparing herself to others, because she’s fabulous all on her own.
Kaguya: That type of narcissist that you could see becoming an influencer that will stop at nothing to become the top influencer in the world. She’s manipulative and powerful, and she is a weakness-seeking missile, so the hero better watch out. The more of his soul he reveals to her, the deeper into her power he will become. She definitely won’t let the breakup go, and will continue to haunt the OTP long after she’s been dumped. We don’t see this beauty enough in people’s stories!
Tsukiyomi: Beautiful, powerful, and has fallen in love with demons before. Problem is, she is absolutely stuck on her ex. She probably texts him while you are sipping wine!
Shiori: Sometimes it sucks to see your love interest with the perfect partner (can anyone tell that I am a Shiori stan?) She’s sweet and she’s smart and she’s supportive. She and the hero really do seem so completely happy together and it tears the heroine’s heart from her chest. Maybe they break up because Shiori realizes that the hero is secretly falling for the heroine, and maybe she moves away and they make the hard decision to part, but they decide to remain friends and continue to support each other. Sometimes it’s okay to have a fluffy and affable ex! And for one of those? Shiori is a great idea!
Inukimi: Lucille Bluth but a near-immortal perfectly beautiful dog demon goddess among mortals (we totally get where Sesshōmaru gets his good looks from). She probably thought of that one date with your hero as being because she was bored. Inukimi definitely likes to play with her food.
Shima: really doesn’t want to be here, but her parents forced her to behind her back. (Who the hell offers a girl to a catfish?) Problem is, she sees a convenient lie about the hero to be far better than the marriage her parents arranged for her. And that bleeding heart hero might just accept to get her out of a really bad situation! She’s a lesson: don’t trap people into relationships!
Honeki/Bone Demon: Gotta love those bait and switch ladies. This demon looks beautiful and lures men to their untimely deaths by feeding their bones to her father (who is basically all bone). Nickname her boner-killer (because clever puns are lifeblood), and make it clear she is really only after the bone and you have a dirty demon set of jokes and a heroine who can endlessly roll her eyes at a hero who is after her.
Koharu: You are too young to be trying to date these older men, young lady! Now go home and do your homework.
Sōten: I blame this headcanon entirely on @witchygirl99 and @nartista. That Sōten, the sweet thunder demon sister to the bad boyfriend brothers is a sapphic queen, who dates the hero in her journey toward being comfortable with who she is and what her sexuality is. Once she figures it out though, the relationship blazes to an abrupt and friendly end! You have the potential here for Sōten to comment on thinking the heroine is gorgeous, helping spur our hero toward his OTP!
Sango: Here’s another hard-to-make-bad girlfriend! Well, she has a tragic family history and really can’t handle trusting people but once she’s found her people, she becomes endlessly supportive. Sango fits the role of the better off friends ex-girlfriend extremely well. Hell, she’d probably be down for fake dating shenanigans to get the heroine to understand that she has a crush on the hero!
Kikyō: Yes yes, Kikyō is here. And yes, she does make a pretty great bad girlfriend. But that’s the thing about her. She’s full of so much baggage and tragedy and anger and resentment that if you’re going to thrust her into that role, she deserves the depth that her tragic priestess backstory provides her. She was burned (literally!) and betrayed! So if she’s clingy, it’s with this desperate knowledge that someone might tear the fragile balance back away from her. Give her the chance to be a broken bad girlfriend instead of the ho-in-the-way, after all, we have Yura for that!
Kaede & Rin are going unmentioned here intentionally. I’m sure that we can bend our imaginations to make them work—of course we can! But… with a most excellent list of 23+ candidates, do we really need to go there?
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shinidamachu · 6 months ago
If sunrise tried to emphasize the love triangle, they did a terrible job! 😂 Like you said, even with all the nuances, it was so clear to me at least that Inuyasha loved Kagome and felt incredible guilt over Kikyo. When I was watching the anime for the first time, my sister was like "oh yeah the love triangle is not really in the manga" and I'm like, "wait, there's a love triangle?" 😂 I just didn't get it. My love for the anime will never die though, that's just me.
This is the part where you all boo me because I confess that I'm not really against love triangles in general. I know it's overused, I know it can be frustrating and I understand if it's not for you. I, myself, have a couple of tropes I always try to avoid. But I never had a problem with love triangles.
It's the way they are portrayed and then solved that dictates if they did or did not work. And by "work" I don't mean "the couple I was rooting for became endgame." I mean "the love triangle was essential narratively and, as a result, who the characters ended up with made total sense with the story, developing and finishing their arcs in a way that feels organic rather than forced.”
In my opinion, the love triangle in Inuyasha felt flat because it wasn’t really necessary. It looked like its main purpose was to refrain Inuyasha and Kagome from being together romantically so they could milk the “will they, won’t they” suspense. And I get why. However, there were more substancial ways to do that.
We’re talking about an interracial pairing, from (literally) different worlds, in the middle of an universe saving journey. After a rocky start, they finally managed to become friends. Oh, and the girl is the reincarnation of the boy’s former lover. How aren’t these more than enough obstacles to keep them from pursuing a relationship?
Maybe Inuyasha wanted to protect Kagome from the consequences of dating a half demon. Maybe they didn’t want to start a relationship knowing their days were numbered, since they didn’t belong in each other’s era and would eventually have to part ways when the quest was over. Maybe the time wasn’t right because they had bigger priorities. Maybe they didn’t want to risk the friendship. Maybe they weren’t sure if Inuyasha was truly in love with Kagome or just projecting the feelings he once had for his deceased lover into her reincarnation. Maybe all of that. But each and every one of those reasons could have been explored without the love triangle. It wasn’t needed. 
Because ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ was essential to the story, but her ressurection wasn’t.
Now, if they were adamant about it even still, the least they could have done was to give ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ a fighting chance. If she had to come back, then Takahashi should have done it for real. No clay and graveyard soil body. Give me human, flesh and bones ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ. Give ɪɴᴜᴋɪᴋ an opportunity to truly try again, to sort out their issues, to actually be a “threat” to Inukag.
But with the way ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ was brought back, there were only two ways for ɪɴᴜᴋɪᴋ to happen. She either drags the main character back to hell with her like she first intended or they stay together even though she’s basically a walking doll and wasn’t supposed to be there. The audience knows neither one is really an viable option and therefore doesn’t expect it to happen, anyway. 
It was never a choice between Kagome and ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ. It was a choice between love and duty. Love and grief. Love and guilt. Guilt for not trusting ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ enough, for failing her. But also guilt for being happily in love with Kagome while ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ is all alone, feeling angry, miserable and betrayed. Kagome doesn’t understand that and jumps to conclusions. To her, it means Inuyasha still loves ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ. She feels hurt and we’re compelled to empathize with her pain, but her jealousy makes her biased.
Inuyasha and Kagome were always making progress, while Inuyasha and ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ froze in time. Even the major problems in the ɪɴᴜᴋɪᴋ relationship were “fixed” in Inukag. ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ wrongfully put an arrow through Inuyasha’s chest? Kagome was the one to pull it out. ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ didn’t trust Inuyasha enough? Kagome trusted him blindly. ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ suggested to get rid of Inuyasha’s demonic side? Kagome told and showed Inuyasha she liked him just the way he was. Inuyasha put ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ on a pedestal? With Kagome, he never had trouble acknowledging her flaws and loving her all the more for it.
I’m not saying Inukag is perfect. I’m saying they had their own issues because they had their own dynamic because Kagome is not ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ. The difference is that they worked very hard to solve them, while we never really saw ɪɴᴜᴋɪᴋ doing the same even though they desperately needed to. So Inukag had great development and a fleshed out relationship while ɪɴᴜᴋɪᴋ kept running in circles.
How many times did Inuyasha run off to be with ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ? And how many times did those meetings actually brought meaningful changes to the so called triangle? It was always the same: Inuyasha goes to ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ, Kagome gets hurt because of it, nothing substancial happens between Inuyasha and ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ, Inuyasha goes back to Kagome. Repeat. It gets old real fast and when we know that drill by heart it becomes boring at best and annoying at worst.
It doesn’t matter how many times they make other characters say that Inuyasha and ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ are in love or that Inuyasha wanted to protect ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ forever, when the narrative itself shows us a different story. There was nothing stopping Inuyasha from going to ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ and staying by her side, but he deliberately always chooses to go back to Kagome because she’s the one he’s truly in love with.
And so, not only it wouldn’t have made sense for ɪɴᴜᴋɪᴋ to end up together with the way their relationship was portrayed, but is unfair to ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ’s character to be used as a source of angst for the endgame couple, dragged into a love triangle that brings nothing to the table when she had great potential to be way more than that.
What did Inuyasha get out of it? Letting go of his guilt and grief to get closure? What did Kagome get out of it? Realization that she was her own person and had her own place inside his heart? I don’t see how the love triangle was imperative for any of that to happen. 
What did ᴋɪᴋʏᴏ get out of it? 10 seconds of being an ordinary woman in Inuyasha’s arms right before dying again? That’s why they dragged her out of her resting place? It was a beautiful scene and I understand the symbolism but it just didn’t feel worth it after everything she went through.
The thing she wanted the most in the world was to live as an ordinary woman. And since they brought her back, they should have granted her that even if it wasn’t with Inuyasha, instead of killing her off the second she finally got it.
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inu-mothership · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello everyone! We at the @inu-mothership come once again with another rec list.
This time, we pair our favorite priestesses who share a connection no other can understand!  We hope you are ready for some KagKik recs!
Our list below is in alphabetical order, and as always, please carefully read all tags and summaries and heed any warnings.
If you’d like join our server, you can click here.
Happy Shipping, Happy Sailing ⛵️
A consequence of Life (T) – tragicamente
The first time Kagome sees her in modern Tokyo, she is sitting on a park bench. It’s raining. Kagome is cradling her books to her chest, trying to protect a recently written essay as she runs through the rain hoping to escape some glacier drops. Suddenly something tugs at her insides, something long lost and almost forgotten.
All I want for Christmas (T) – Yukio
Kagome wants to invite Inuyasha to spend Christmas with her in the modern era, but things turn different and Kagome invites someone else.
Demon Begone (G) -  Lugubrious
“I… you… wait. Wait, wait, wait.”
Kagome steps forwards, staring at the girl in front of her. “Wait a minute.”
“I’m waiting,” the girl says coolly, and Kagome presses her fists into her eyes, effectively blocking the sight of the tall, fully nude girl who materialised in her apartment.
Devil on My Shoulder (T) - @hazelhalfpint
Kagome Higurashi is convinced that the girl of her dreams couldn’t ever possibly see her that way, and she intends to keep their relationship exclusively platonic for the sake of their friendship. Too bad her friends have another plan in mind.
Frost Thaw: Lessons in Drowning (T) - @gaykagome
Kikyo feels perpetually frozen. But when Kagome saves her from Naraku’s poison, she finds she very much likes the warmth. Thawing and drowning are not so different.
In the Castle of the Jewel (T)- @callmegri​
An homage to Angela Carter’s “The Lady of the House of Love”.
One of them is an undead soul eater waiting to be ordinary; the other is an adventure-seeking taijiya full of compassion. Their fateful meeting changes both of their lives.
Only You (E) – InfiniteAzul
"She could not find when the lines blurred from resenting being compared to her, to wanting nothing more than to be spoken of in the same breath.
When she first started mapping beauty marks as if they were constellations, and she a lowly scholar not deserving of the night sky."
Plans (E) - @nikkxb
Kagome wants to enjoy a night out flirting with cute guys. Kikyou has other plans.
Shared Tastes (E) - @fawn-eyed-girl
Musashi Public Library is a quiet place; just the way that librarian Kikyo likes it. Until the day she hears loud, squeaky singing coming from the cubicles. When she goes to lecture that patron with the awful singing voice, she sees that the voice belongs to Kagome Higurashi, the most beautiful girl she's ever seen. A girl who completely captures Kikyo's heart, and who Kikyo needs to figure out how to get to know better.
Even though Kagome can't sing at all.
To Ignite a Green Eyed Monster (G) – Pepperish
Prompt: Just broke up with my boyfriend and there are no decent available options left to make him jealous at prom.
(Or: The one in which Kikyo is the unexpected beacon of hope)
Warmth (T) – marsmagari
Everything changes after Kagome makes the decision to save Kikyo's life.
What Splendid Games we Play (T) - @neutronstarchild
Kagome has been hunting ‘the Killer Doll’ for years, and she finally has a big break in the case: an apartment number of the next likely victim. Little does Kagome know that “Renkotsu” was simply a lure, so that the Killer Doll could deliver the FBI agent a message.
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mamabearcatfanfics · 7 months ago
Battle Couple
I've had this little idea for a while, and then decided I could bend it slightly to fit this year's @inukag-week's first battle couple prompt. Because not all battles we face have to be huge ones against a deadly foe. Sometimes the battles can simply be standing up for what's right.
Inuyasha dragged the beanie down tighter over his head, stomping towards the exit of the store. He hated this. This is why he bought things online and had them delivered. Because then he could avoid interactions like he’d just had with that racist arsehole. He glanced down at the text from Sesshoumaru again, wondering if there was some other way he could get this gift for Rin. It was the first time his half-brother had thrown a birthday party for his adopted daughter, and no doubt it would be a big deal.
Rin has expressed an interest in this item. Her birthday party is on Saturday at 10am. Do not be late.
And of course the toy Rin had asked for was sold out everywhere online. The tiny dolls with light up dresses and a matching crystal necklace were apparently ‘the’ toy at the moment. She specifically wanted the purple one, the ‘hope’ doll, because it was her favourite colour, and she already had the other dolls in the set. This was the last one she needed. And he hadn’t been able to find it anywhere. He was failing as an Uncle. The last store he’d been to, he’d practically seen a pair of mothers come to blows arguing over the last CrystalShines doll on the shelf.
He was close to the exit of the store when an intriguing scent wafted past his nose. It was another store employee, dressed in the dark polo shirt and black jeans, with one of those ear walkie talkies they all seemed to wear. She was giggling, talking to someone using the button on her mike, her other arm full of a variety of women’s clothing that she was putting back on the racks. Her arms were a blur as she began sorting them into different sizes, working quickly to make each rack neat and tidy.
He watched as she flitted about the store, talking to a customer, smiling and waving at a baby in a pram, folding jumpers and t-shirts. His eyes were drawn to her dark ponytail; the way it swung as she moved was almost hypnotic. Her glossy hair was black, but had a blue sheen to it under the harsh fluorescent lighting, and he had a sudden urge to reach out and touch it, stroke down the length of the swinging tail to see if it was as soft and silken as it looked.
Without even realising it, he followed her, almost bumping into her as she suddenly spun around to go in a different direction.
“Oh! Good evening sir, can I help you with anything?”
There was a pleasant smile on her face, and she was looking at him expectantly. His voice didn’t seem to want to work now he was actually standing close to her, so he turned around his phone, showing her the picture of the doll.
“This is what you’re looking for?”
“Yeah”, he said softly, his eyes focused on hers as she glanced up at him again. He’d never seen anyone with grey eyes before. It seemed they were lit from within like starlight, and now that he was closer to her, she smelt even better. He cleared his throat, trying to get a hold of himself. “My niece wants one of these for her birthday, and I’m having trouble finding one.”
“Okay”, she said, reaching for the button on her headset to talk to the other employees on the shop floor. “Let me just talk to my colleague in the toy department, and I’ll see if we’ve got that item in stock.”
Kagome watched as the man in front of her visibly deflated.
“Don’worry about it then. Already talked to ‘im.”
And then she got it. Ryan was working the toy department tonight. Ryan the racist bigot who didn’t like interacting with any customers who weren’t white, male, good ol’ boys, exactly like him. Usually he worked out the back in the store room, unpacking shipments, but due to the flu going around and the shortage of staff, the evening shift manager had put him on the floor tonight. And he’d no doubt said something innaproppriate to this gorgeous man in front of her, who obviously had some sort of youkai heritage.
She’d had her own run-ins with Ryan. He’d said many cruel things to her over the past six months, since he’d found out what happened a few years ago, cruel enough to make her run to the safety of the women’s toilets to shed a few silent tears in private. He never bullied her in a place where others could overhear, he always cornered her in dark places where there was no one else around. He frightened her. Jak knew she was uncomfortable around him, and did his best to make sure they were never rostered on at the same time, so it had been a while since she’d had to deal with him.
She took in the golden eyes, fangs and the beanie yanked down hard over his long silver hair, but it was the resigned bitter look on his face that caught at her heart. She knew that feeling. Internally Kagome fumed, but outwardly she hoisted her brightest smile onto her face, wanting to make it up to him. She could fix this!
“Wait. I don’t know the toy department that well, but I’m sure I could help. Just give me a moment to put these things down.”
He followed her to a wheeled rack in the aisle where she hung all the clothing in her arms back up, and then turned to him, smiling brightly again.
“Let’s go to the toy department and see if we can’t find this doll for your niece. When’s her birthday?”
“Oh dear, that doesn’t give you much time to find one!”
“I’ve been lookin’ all week. Online stores have sold out.”
“Well, hopefully we’ll have one in stock. Let’s see, the doll aisle is around here somewhere.”
They walked together down the aisle, both scanning the shelves for the tiny dolls.
“They should be around here”, said Kagome, her finger running along the price labelling on the edge of the shelf, her eyes lighting up as she found the right tag, but sighing in disappointment as she found the shelf empty.
“Yeah”, sighed Inuyasha. “I asked the guy around here if he could find out if there were any more out the back or somethin’ and he, ah…”
“Don’t worry”, said Kagome, a determined look on her face, “I will personally go take a look in the store room for you. Just wait here for me sir.”
He coughed a little, his head turning to the side to avoid her direct gaze. “My name, it’s Inuyasha.”
“Oh. Right. Just wait here for me Inuyasha, and I’ll be right back.”
“Thanks Kagome.”
She blinked in confusion as he said her name, wondering how he’d known it, then realised he had read her name tag.
For some reason him saying her name out loud made her stomach swoop, like she was on a roller coaster, even though her feet were firmly planted on the ground. As he gave her a shy smile, she felt her cheeks begin to heat, and she whirled around, making a beeline for the storage room, talking into the mike on her headset as she left.
“Hey Jak, it’s Kagome – just going out to the store room for a moment for a customer. I’ll get right back on those returns as soon as I’m done, okay?”
“Oooh, tell me it’s the hottie with the white hair that I pointed out to you!”
“Oh it is! Take your time honey!”
“You’re incorrigible, you know that?”
“And you love me for it. Make sure you get his name and number before he goes!”
“For the customer form darlin’, what else did you think I meant?”
She could hear him still sniggering as she released the talk button on her mike, and she shook her head, grinning despite herself. He was her in-line manager and they got on really well, but rarely got to spend time together, as he was usually rostered on during the day, and her in the evenings so her day was free for lectures and study.
Kagome squeezed her way into the storeroom, scanning the aisles of stock yet to be placed out on the shelves. And then she saw it, the edge of a box with a picture of a tiny doll up on the highest shelf.
Dragging over the step ladder, she placed it under the shelf and climbed up, her petite size meaning she had to stand on the very top to have any chance of reaching the box. She just managed to reach the doll with the tips of her fingers, and nudged it. It tipped forward and fell, and with a gasp she managed to catch it with her outstretched hand, teetering on the top of the ladder, her other arm windmilling frantically to keep her balance.
She took a few deep breaths, trying to calm her frantically beating heart after her almost fall, the box containing the doll clutched tightly against her. But she’d found one for him, a purple one, just like he’d wanted. She had no idea why that made her feel so incredibly happy, but it did.
Grinning widely as she emerged from the storeroom, she began walking directly to the toy department. She could see Inuyasha there, waiting for her. But she could also see Ryan, his arms crossed as he spoke to him, a sneer on his face. She quickened her pace. Previous experience had taught her that expression couldn’t mean anything good.
Inuyasha stood his ground, hands clenched in tight fists by his sides. He had every right to be here – he was a customer, he hadn’t caused any commotion or damage. Kagome had asked him to wait here. But apparently that wasn’t good enough for this guy.
“I told you already, we’ve got none of what your looking for. Nothing for you. Are you deaf, or just stupid?” The volume of his voice wasn’t loud enough to draw anyone’s attention to them, but definitely loud enough to get on Inuyasha’s nerves.
Inuyasha closed his eyes and took a deep breath, his hands shaking slightly as he held back. He would not punch out this idiot – this was a department store, not a battle ground. Even though he deserved it because he was a racist bigoted shit.
“I already told you to leave youkai! Do I have to call security?”
Inuyasha breathed out slowly, trying to keep any trace of anger out of his voice, even though he wanted to let rip. He’d found out the hard way that security tended to not ask questions, just see his youkai traits and assume the worst.
“And I already told you, another employee was taking a look out the back for me. She told me to wait here for her.”
“Yeah, like I’d believe anything one of you would have to say. You’re all the same. What are hidin’ under that hat huh? Some kinda weird freakish thing I’d bet. ”
Inuyasha turned, his eyes lighting up as Kagome appeared. But she wasn’t wearing the wide smile she had when she left. She was stomping towards them, a box tucked tightly under her arm, the scowl on her face impressive. Thankfully that scowl was not directed at him.
He could smell the nervousness pouring off of her, but you never would have thought it looking at the way she faced off with her work colleague, stepping in front of him like she wanted to shield him from this man's ire with her much smaller body.
“Ryan, I’m handling this customer. And I’ve already found what he needed, so there’s no reason for you to be here. I think you’ve probably said enough.”
There was the barest trace of a tremble in her voice, and Inuyasha moved in closer behind her, wanting her to feel like he was there to support her. He wasn’t exactly sure what was going on, but he didn’t like it.
Ryan rolled his eyes and then sneered at her, his voice low and vicious.
“Ha. Shoulda known it would be you Kagome. Such a helpful little kiss ass. Why don’t you turn that cute little tush of yours around and head back to the ladies department where you belong, unless you’re still that desperate for some demon tail.”
Ryan grinned at the shocked expression on Kagome’s face, posturing like he’d somehow scored a point. “Bit ironic really, you working in the ladies department when you’re anything but. A human ain't good enough for Kagome, huh? Wasn’t it bad enough that the last guy you had got fired, now you’re after customers too? You really are a-“
“Don’t. Say. Another. Word.”
Both Kagome and Ryan flinched at the snarled words behind them.
“Kagome, call your manager”, said Inuyasha gruffly. “I wanna report this guy.”
“It’s my word against yours demon, and little Kagome’s not gonna say anything, are you Kagome, because you’re fuckin’ pathetic. There’s nothin’ you can report me for”, snorted Ryan.
“Oh, I don’t know. I’d probably pick being a racist arsehole, for starters”, said another voice cheerfully. "Then maybe we could add workplace harassment."
A tall man in a tailored suit stepped into view, his dark hair slicked back into a short ponytail. He was holding his phone up, obviously still recording the whole thing.
“Here I was, minding my own business in the Lego aisle while I looked for the perfect birthday gift for my little girls, and what should I hear? An employee bad mouthing a customer, when the customer had been nothing but polite and civil. Don’t worry about proof, I’m happy to be a witness. I was recording the whole thing. From the very first racist slur that left your lips.”
Kagome’s eyes were wide as she glanced from the ponytailed man back to Ryan, and Inuyasha could hear her heart beating frantically. He nodded at her approvingly as she took a deep breath, her hand steady on the button on her headset.
“Jak, it’s Kagome”, she said, her voice a little breathless, but firm. “Can you-“
Ryan lunged towards her.
“Don’t you dare, you fuckin’ bitch!”
Inuyasha ducked out from behind Kagome, his fist grabbing the back of Ryan’s shirt and lifting him into the air, Ryan’s legs kicking frantically as he tried to escape. Before Kagome could move out of the way, his steel capped boot caught her on the chin. She dropped like a stone, crumpling to the floor in a heap.
“Fuck, Kagome!”
Inuyasha swung Ryan out of the way and dropped him none too gently, all his focus on the small woman laying prone on the slightly grubby linoleum floor, still out for the count. He could hear a scuffle behind him as the man in the suit and a few other observers struggled to keep Ryan contained, but he no longer cared about him. He knelt down close to her, gently stroking the glossy dark hair back from her face.
“Kagome, can you hear me?”
Inuyasha shook Kagome’s shoulder gently, trying to rouse her, and her eyes fluttered open.
“Inuyasha?” she said groggily, her arm tightening around the box, a wobbly smile on her face. “I got your doll.”
It took a while to sort everything out. An ambulance was called, and the police. The police took statements from Inuyasha, Kagome and the man in the suit, Miroku. Ryan was fired on the spot, and Jak was positively gleeful, despite the mountain of paperwork he’d have to fill out before he went home that evening. When the paramedic suggested that Kagome should go to the hospital to be checked for possible concussion, Inuyasha had immediately said he’d like to go with her, if that was alright with Kagome, and after a few polite remarks about it not being necessary, she’d gratefully accepted. Jak had positively pushed them into the ambulance together, waving them off with a bright smile. It was the most exciting evening shift he’d had in years.
“You don’t have to stay you know. I’ll be fine, I’ll just get an Uber home.”
Inuyasha rolled his eyes, leaning back against the wall, his arm resting on the edge of Kagome's hospital bed.
“For the tenth time woman, I don’t mind. I want to be here when the doctor examines you to make sure you’re okay. And then I wanna make sure you get home safe.” He sighed as he looked at the dark purpling bruise on Kagome’s chin. “I’m just sorry I didn’t throw that fucker down to the end of the aisle when I had the chance.”
“But it’s so late! It’s almost 2am, and you have the party to go to tomorrow. Today I mean.”
“Eh, that’s hours away. She won’t mind if I’m a little late, Rin’s a nice kid. And now I have the perfect present, thanks to you.”
Kagome was quiet for a while. The silence grew to feel uncomfortable, because Inuyasha could sense how tense Kagome suddenly was.
“Inuyasha… I want to explain. About what Ryan said to me.”
“Hmm?” He could smell nervousness again, billowing around her like a cloud, and he didn’t like it. “Doesn’t matter, none of my business.”
“But I want to”, she said, her voice taking on a stubborn edge.
“Fine, I’ll listen. But nothin’ you can say will change my good opinion of you. You stepped up for me back there Kagome, and that don’t happen for me much. I will always remember that.”
Kagome reached out her hand to lightly grasp the clawed one sitting next to her on the bed, and squeezed it.
“Thank you.”
He squeezed back.
“You’re welcome.”
“Anyway”, she sighed. “About what Ryan said. I started working at that department store when I was still in high school, as a weekend job. And there was this training manager, a kitsune. He’d come around every so often, and all the girls thought he was really good looking. He had a little green sports car; a lot of the other girls thought was really important. They all were flirting with him, and then he asked me out. I was so surprised. I mean, me! I’m nothing special! He was so stylish, and so charming. I really thought…” Kagome laughed but it had no humour in it, and Inuyasha squeezed her hand again. She shrugged, her shoulders coming up around her ears as her face turned away from him.
“I was so stupid! It turned out I was right about being nothing special, because he was going out with a couple of girls at every store that he visited.” She flinched a little at Inuyasha’s low growl of disapproval. “There were around ten of us. And because a couple of us were under aged, he was charged. Lost his job. Ryan found out about it a few months ago and thought-“
“Don’t say it”, said Inuyasha gruffly, squeezing her hand again. “Don’t matter what he thought. It’s in the past. And the Kagome I saw tonight was amazing.”
“No I wasn’t!” Kagome shook her head, then winced as her head throbbed, realising that was a bad idea. “I was so scared Inuyasha! I’ve never been able to stand up to him before. But I couldn’t stand the thought of him being mean to you!”
“Then you’re even braver than I thought.” Inuyasha entwined his fingers with hers, and cleared his throat. “Kagome, I know you don’t know me. But I think I’d like to get to know you. Could I call you? Maybe we could go out for coffee or somethin’? I mean you don’t gotta answer, and if you don’t wanna, I totally understand, I mean-“
“Yes.” Kagome giggled at the wide toothy grin on Inuyasha’s face. “Give me your phone and I’ll put my number in.”
“Wait. Maybe you should see what all’a me looks like before you say yes.”
Inuyasha tugged off his beanie, revealing the pointed white dog ears on top of his head. “If you wanna change your mind, I-“
“They’re so cute!” squeaked Kagome. “Please give me your phone!”
Kagome woke up the next morning very late, so late that it was no longer morning at all.
It had been 3am by the time Inuyasha had dropped her home with a bag of painkillers and the Doctor’s instructions for treating her mild concussion. He’d helped her into bed, placed her medicine and a glass of water next to the bed for her, kissed her softly on the cheek and whispered goodnight, closing the door behind him.
She rubbed her cheek gently at the memory of that small kiss, a smile on her face. She still had a headache, so she took two of the tablets, then reached for her phone on the bedside table where it had been charging.
There were two messages.
The birthday girl loves her present! Attached was a picture of a smiling Inuyasha kneeling with his arm around a little girl in a checked orange party dress and sparkly sandals, her dark hair up in pig tails. A wide excited grin split her face, revealing the gap of a missing front tooth. The doll was clutched tightly in her hand, and she was wearing the necklace that came with it.
I told Rin how brave you were, and she wanted you to have some birthday cake. Can I bring some over when you wake up? 🍰
Kagome smiled almost as wide as Rin, despite her headache.
I’d love you to ❤
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ivyprism · 26 days ago
Characters That Are Sort of No Longer Available for Asks for my Sanity
Piper Doll: Cookie, Ivy Doll: Pumpkin, and Prism Doll: Chocolate
Sort of Vampire OCs/Code Vein OCs - Gwendolyn, Viola, Kagura, Kagome, Hiroyuki, Julia, Kana, and Kairi.
Reader Insert Children - Melissa, Missy, Mark, Max, Misaki, Misae, Marcus, and Maxim The Ghosts - Mel, Missouri, Markel, and Maxwell
Moon and Sun Mages - Ayla and Cyra
The Roses of Fate - Umi, Sadako, Arashi, Kumo, Yugure, Jiyu, Ryu, Kitsune, Sora, Osore, Chikyu, Amai, Kori, Kyoki, Shurui, Usagi, Taiyo, Tsuki, Michelle and Leona
OCs that aren't good people - Snake and Karen. Byron, Calvin, and Abaddon.
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mrfeenysmustache · 5 months ago
In Hindsight Chapter 32
Summary: Hindsight is 20/20. Or.. it’s supposed to be anyway. A Drabble series about overcoming our misconceptions and all the little ways we talk ourselves out of happiness. InuKag Post Canon
Also read on: AO3
The shrine was packed with a modest crowd. There were a couple of food stalls, a display of those silly Shikon key chains for sale, and the goshinboku was decorated with colorful paper streamers as Souta, now grown and almost taller than he was, regaled the crowd with the history of the sacred tree and it’s ties to the Shikon no Tama.
“And then the graceful miko, heartbroken by the destruction of her truest love, died in a pool of her own blood, determined to take the evil jewel with her to the afterlife forever, where she would be reunited with her lover for all time. The end!”
Inuyasha winced. That was definitely… not how it happened, though it was more believable than the truth he supposed. Naraku certainly never seemed to show up in any legends.
He shook his head and headed toward another crowd to see what they were watching.
When he made it to the next demonstration he was stopped in his tracks by the sight of Kagome, all dolled up in classic miko clothing, hair secured at the nape of her neck and tumbling down her back as she shot arrows toward a bullseye for the crowd’s enjoyment.
She looked so much like the dreams he used to have, ones where she’d come back through the well and married him, that his heart twisted with old pain.
Suddenly she swung her eyes on him, and when blue met gold, he wondered if he wasn’t being a bigger idiot than even Shippo thought.
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my-plastic-life · 3 months ago
Creating Kagome Part 2: The Props
More behind the scenes footage of my one of a kind Kagome Higurashi doll! LONG POST AHEAD!
No doll is complete without props. The 12″ Inuyasha figure that I made this doll to go with came with his Tetsusaiga sword, both transformed and not transformed, so of course Kagome needed goodies too! Keep reading to find out where everything came from and how it was made!
Obviously the first thing Kagome needed was her bow and arrow. Thanks to a YouTube tutorial by MyFroggyStuff, I was able to make the bow relatively easy. Then I just had to paint it, and then I wrapped it with bias tape (cut in half to make it thinner) and added some black thread to be the string.
I needed arrows as well, but I also needed a place to keep those arrows. So a quiver was necessary. I looked around for some possibilities before settling on the one that came with the Catching Fire Katniss doll. It had the closest shape I’d need, and because it was Mattel, I knew it was designed to fit a Barbie. It would need to be painted and have some twine added to it for those extra details, but I knew I could pull that off. And thankfully, I was able to find the quiver by itself on eBay, so I didn’t even have to buy it with a doll I didn’t need.
What I didn’t know was that the arrows in that quiver were NOT designed to come out. The first doll had removable arrows in her quiver, but this one, for some reason, did not. So I had to use a mixture of pliers, scissors, and a ton of muscle to cut and yank those things out of there. And I mean I had to get the base at the bottom of the quiver, or else the arrows I desired wouldn’t go in properly and would stick out too far and look ridiculous. I wish I’d saved the picture I took of when I was done doing all that digging, because there were literally pieces of curled wire-type plastic all over the counter. But finally, the quiver was empty and ready to be customized and filled with arrows!
The arrows were, of course, also tricky. They have a unique shape in the anime, kind of like a triangular diamond, and there are only two feathers at the opposite end. Most 1/6 scale archery accessories have arrows with three feathers on the end. But I did manage to find a set that had two! Yay for eBay! :D So I ordered those, and they arrived quickly, but they were unfortunately too long to fit inside the quiver.
Tumblr media
So I did some measuring, then used side cutters to cut the arrows down to the desired length. Of course, that meant I had no arrow tip left. Not a huge issue since most of the arrows are going to stay in the quiver anyway, and the only time the doll will actually hold/use the arrows is for pictures. But in that case, I did still need tips. So I took some Crayola Model Magic (all I had on hand) and stuck the blunt ends of the arrows into it, then began attempting to shape the arrowheads as close as I could to resemble the source material. Not perfect, but they’ll work! I even painted one a shade of magenta to give the illusion of Kagome firing a sacred arrow. :D
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I was going to stop there with the props. Like I said, Inuyasha had his sword and that was all he needed. Well, this is me we’re talking about. Me, who has an avid love of Barbie and a ton of random goodies lying around and the capability of obtaining more goodies. I had a Barbie bike in storage, and it was already pink (but light pink, so that had to change), so I thought, hey, why don’t I add her bike to the collection? Yeah, I’m such a perfectionist, I scrutinized her bike in every episode I saw it in, plus the movies, to find the right shade of pink. Of course, one major issue was that I didn’t have a rack on the back of the bike. And that’s a pretty big thing considering we see Inuyasha riding on that rack a number of times, in the show and in the “Every Heart “ending. It’s iconic! At first I thought I’d have to get an entirely different bike for that rack, but I couldn’t find one that satisfied me. The rack either had a heart design in it (cute, but not what I want here), the bike wasn’t meant for a Barbie-size doll, or the bike bars in between the seat and handlebars had the wrong shape (i.e., a bar directly underneath the seat).
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I finally determined that the best option was to use the bike I already had and attempt to make the rack. I started by unbending and gluing paperclips together, but that quickly proved to be a disaster. So I looked on eBay one last time, and there it was. An off-brand bike made for a fashion doll that had not only a bike rack - but one that was attached via little arms! The bike itself wasn’t the right shape or design, but that rack? I needed it! I ordered it promptly, and when it arrived, I confirmed what I suspected - the rack easily detached from the bike it came with, and fastened itself nicely onto the magenta one I’d already customized! I had to paint the rack silver, and then I painted the little grippers magenta to camouflage them into the bike, and voila! Kagome’s bike WITH the bike rack! How fortunate that the one I’d had in storage even had a basket with it already!
Of course, the bike I had was designed for a Barbie to actually ride, so it had these huge, ridiculous pedals attached to it. Those had to go. I took some side cutters and cut the pedals off, then took some sticky-sided craft foam, stuck two together around a toothpick, and super glued that into the hole left from where the original pedals were. They don’t spin around like real pedals do, but it’s purely cosmetic, so it’s okay!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Did I stop at the props there? No, I did not. Another iconic prop from the show is Kagome’s backpack. It’s just an ordinary backpack but it’s never the same size! The thing seems to magically expand to accommodate whatever she may be carrying, be it books, medicine, food, extra clothes, or other supplies. Of course, none of the Barbie backpacks I had were the right shape/design, so even though I’d planned to paint a plastic one yellow, it wouldn’t do any good if it didn’t look right. So I checked Etsy for Barbie backpacks, knowing there were talented seamstresses out there who could make such things. I asked one shop, and they said they didn’t take requests but to contact MiniMichCrafts. I did just that, and met a wonderful, talented person who promptly made BOTH backpacks - yes, a regular size backpack, and an expanded one! Perfection!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Modern props are shown above, including ninja food, a portable hot plate, first aid kit, and school books)
Now we need something to put in that backpack! I knew right away that I wanted to make some of Kagome’s school books. Literally every time I saw one in an episode, I’d pause the show and take a picture of it with my phone, then I replicated it in Photoshop. Again, I’m a perfectionist! :D Plus, thanks to my good friend FabHat, who is fluent in Japanese, I was able to figure out what each individual Japanese character was on those books! Yep, I’m nothing if not authentic! :D But honestly, the books were probably the easiest props to make.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Both backpacks hold various items from food to books to hygiene products, and the tiny bottle of sacred jewel shards fits nicely in the front pocket!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Obviously Kagome needed something quite important to the entire plot - the sacred jewel shards! I had some little bottles found in the miniature section at Michaels, and I used one of those and filled it with actual smashed pieces of rose quartz to resemble the shards. Of course, the bottle was as big as the school books, and that wasn’t sitting well with me. So I started thinking of what I could do to get an even smaller bottle, one more to scale to a Barbie hand.
Then I stumbled upon my ReMent first-aid kit set. I was already going to add the first-aid kit and its goodies to the props list, albeit the box needed to be painted an off-white to match what was in the show. Thanks to some masking tape, I was able to do that and paint around the green cross! Inside that box was a tiny pill bottle that I knew would be perfect for the jewel shards. Of course, the cap wasn’t meant to be removed, so I had to use side cutters to pop open the bottle, which was filled with a rubbery substance meant to resemble tiny little pills. Getting those out of that bottle was a real chore - I had to carefully use an X-Acto knife to stab at them and slice them in order to pull little pieces out one by one, all while trying not to scratch the sides of the bottle. Scratches still ensued, but hopefully not too bad. I tried the toothpaste trick method to try to remove them, but I’m not entirely sure it helped. But that’s okay, I’m still happy with this little bottle of shards! I took the cork off one of the miniature bottles, trimmed it a bit with the X-Acto knife, and BOOM! The world’s smallest bottle of sacred jewel shards!
Source picture:
Tumblr media
(ReMent bottle on the left, miniature from Michaels on the right)
Tumblr media
Before and after of the ReMent bottle:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh, and that tiny bottle fits right inside the backpack’s front pocket!
Tumblr media
Back to that first aid kit, it’s the perfect size, but it wasn’t the right design. The kit in the anime is kind of an off-white color with a green cross and brown handle. Break out the acrylic paint for more customization! Here is before and after, plus goodies inside (I see gauze and pain killers for sure LOL):
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Of course, if Kagome is bringing her backpack and all this modern stuff with her, how can she not bring the ninja food for Inuyasha? Behold the instant noodles and dry potatoes!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yep, those are also ReMent! Authentic Japanese miniatures in the perfect size!
While not seen too often in the show, I did go ahead and test my hand at making Barbie-size jewelry - in this case, the sacred jewel necklace! There’s the one seen in the anime (which looks similar to the one you could buy from Hot Topic), and the one you can buy in real life that creator Rumiko Takahashi helped design. I made both versions... twice, because one has a clasp so it can be worn by dolls, whereas one has no clasp because said clasp is unsightly LOL. And of course, I made the special necklace Kagome wore when she had a huge chunk of the jewel on a chain - the one that eventually got stolen by Kikyo. That one was the hardest of them all to make!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Is that the end of the props? Nope! In fact, all those props came AFTER the big ones. Yep, these aren’t even the big ones!
How could I have possibly made a Kagome doll, with the intention of putting her in a diorama with my 12″ Inuyasha figure, without this very important item?:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Yes, I made a well! The iconic time-traveling device that allows our two primary characters to travel between worlds. :D Now, how to build a well? The first step was getting the right dimensions. The well had to be big enough to allow both Inuyasha and Kagome to fit inside, since they’re frequently seen using it together. It would also need to be tall enough to allow Kagome to sit on it while still allowing her feet to touch the ground. So after some practice measurements, it was time to get to work! My original idea was to have my husband use his Glow Forge and scorch plank lines into the sides. But he had a better idea - get some .5″ thick wooden dowels, cut them down to size, them glue them all together and stain them. He did use the Glow Forge to create the top portion, though. Special thanks to my dad for putting all those planks together and staining the well!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The well also needed vines, but thanks to Michaels, I was able to find the perfect little ones! I used hot glue to secure them in place. For the inside of the well, I paused like 10 episodes of the show, whenever I saw a straight-down well shot, took pictures with my phone, and then resized the interior of the well in Photoshop and printed it out. I then wrapped it around a piece of cardboard measured to fit inside the well, and voila!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Speaking of those vines, they served a second purpose - they were great for wrapping around the sacred tree! Yeah, I totally built a sacred tree for one-sixth scale figures. I regret nothing!
Source photo:
Tumblr media
The tree started out as a curled up tri-fold display board, but after constructing the bark and details, I decided it needed to be taller. So I added about half of a second tri-fold and curled it into the shape of a tree trunk, then hot glued it to the top. I then used Mod Podge to glue tissue paper all over the structure to give the illusion of tree bark. I also cut out, stacked, and glued some pieces of cardboard together to make a branch to go on the top of the tree. To make the roots (which was tricky because no two scenes showing the roots are alike lol), I used more tissue paper to get the desired shape and glued them onto the tree.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Next up was the paint! I used mixtures of brown shades and some dry brushes of gray to help bring out textures and details.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I also needed to make the symbolic scar on the tree, a reminder of how the story all began. Technically, the scar is kind of submerged into the rest of the tree with the bark growing around it, but I’d already completely covered and painted the tree, so a flat scar would have to suffice. I measured my 12″ figure, sketched out a design, then glued it to the tree (finding the ideal height was fun lol). The scar is lighter than the rest of the bark, so I used the same colors as before, but I used more of the lighter shade.
Tumblr media
I’d also originally glued the entire thing onto a large piece of cardboard to help keep it sturdy, and I was going to paint it to look like grass and dirt. But the cardboard began to warp, so I had to break out a box knife to cut all that away and repaint as necessary LOL. But it was worth it because I’d be able to set it on top of artificial grass and make it look better! And hey, the cardboard helped secure and shape the roots and keep paint from getting all over the counter and floor!
Tumblr media
After putting some greenery on the top of the tree (even though in photos the top may not be visible, but it didn’t look right without it lol), the final touch was adding the vines, which wrapped around the trunk. Yep, the same vines I used on the well. I love those things!
It may not be obvious in these photos, but that tree is about three feet tall! It may still technically be a bit small to be completely to scale based on scenes in the anime, but this will work! Here’s a shot of me showing off the size:
Tumblr media
And that’s it! That’s all the props! At least for now... more may come at a later date! hehehehe Overall, I’m very pleased with how everything turned out!
Thank you to all who contributed to making this doll come to life! This wouldn’t be possible without you!
CREDITS: Reroot by Paradise Doll Designs School uniform by elenpriv Backpacks (large and small) by MiniMichCrafts Face paint by me Bow and arrows by me Quiver customization by me School books by me Bike customization by me Sacred jewel shards & bottle by me (bottle was ReMent) Well made by me (with help from my dad and hubby!) Sacred tree made by me
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mythicamagic · 11 months ago
Snake Charmer: Sesskag fic
Tumblr media
Summary: Sesshoumaru is extremely amused by the prey currently trapped in his den. Kagome just wanted a vacation. Naga Sesshoumaru fic. Sesskag AU.
Rated M
Read on Ao3, fanfiction.net or Dokuga
AN: Sooo I might make a series of stories featuring Monster! Sess or Monster! Kagome. I've already written a vampire one and a werewolf one. Shall see! I hope you enjoy this. 
Snake Charmer pt. 1
Impossibly blue skies free from clouds stretched out above her head that bright and cheerful morning. It was hot. Uncomfortably so, but Kagome welcomed it despite the sweat beading at the back of her neck. Clad in a two-piece bikini hidden by her cute blue summer dress, the cotton thankfully thin and breezy, she drank in the sunny scenery greedily.
Hawaii sprawled out, with its rolling hills, high cliffs and exotic greenery. True, it was a little tourist-centric where they were staying, but the Japanese college students could hardly complain.
"I'm so excited for cliff diving~" Eri grinned, practically buzzing as they walked down a road beside the ocean. "Kyle said he'd meet us there, right? Do you think he'd be more attracted to a confident girl, or should I pretend to be scared?"
Yuka rolled her eyes, adjusting the strap of her bag over one shoulder. "From the way you were flirting last night at the hotel, I don't think he'll care either way."
"Maybe just fake a dizzy spell so he can catch you in his big strong arms~" Ayumi giggled.
"And what about you? I'm sure his friend will be there."
"Oh, don't get my hopes up!"
The three laughed, noticing their friend's silence once the girlish giggles died down.
"What's wrong, Kagome?" brows knitted with concern, Ayumi gently tapped her shoulder.
Shaken from her reverie, Kagome dragged her distracted gaze away from the ocean. "Hm? Oh… nothing," she smiled. "I was just thinking about what that man tried to say to us."
"You mean the Native we saw earlier?" Yuka arched a brow. "Forget it, none of us know Hawaiian and when he switched to English it was a lost cause. None of us can string a sentence together."
"It's true, I forget most of mine when we left school," Ayumi sighed mournfully.
"I flunked English," Eri smirked.
Shaking her head, Kagome folded her arms and frowned, "maybe so, but I could pick out a few of his words. 'Water' and 'no' with some kind of motion with his hands. He approached us while Kyle was talking to us about the cliff diving location with that map. Maybe it's a dangerous area, and the man was trying to warn us?"
"If it was a warning, Kyle would have told us. He said it was fine, just that we should be wary of any rocks, but he knows the area. It's standard stuff," waving this off, Eri quickened her pace, heels clanking on the hot road.
"He knows the area better than a guy who lives here?" Kagome drawled, sharing a glance with Ayumi. Her more sensitive friend bit her lip, giving a weak shrug.
"Let's at least check it out," she said, adding more under her breath; "Eri is really excited. We can humour her a little by meeting with Kyle again today. None of us has to jump."
Releasing a breath, Kagome set her concerns aside for now. It wasn't like she wanted to be a wet blanket about it. Still, the man's wide, imploring brown eyes continued to nag at her mind. Such an expression could bridge the gap in communication. She'd practically felt his concern.
Kyle was a tanned, brown-haired boy travelling around the world. He struck Kagome as the adrenalin junkie type. Eri fawned over him, positively smitten. It was rare for a foreigner from London to be so well versed in Japanese, and they'd met through an online dating site, organising a get together while he was in Hawaii. Thus Kagome and the others had been dragged along. Kyle was practically their tour guide and means of verbal communication with English speakers.
His friends were less fluent in Japanese. The three shirtless blonde-haired young men flustered both Yuka and Ayumi, talking in broken sentences.
Kagome couldn't say she minded the male attention as they walked together to the cliffs. Obviously, they weren't up for anything permanent, just fooling around. Kagome had indulged in that sort of thing before. Unfortunately, it was quickly becoming boring. Men just couldn't get a clue. Whether it was a long-term boyfriend or a one-night stand, a playboy or attentive virgin, she found her experiences frustrating on a level she couldn't quite understand. It was lacklustre.
Perhaps today would be different. It would've been nice to hang out with Kyle's friends and get to know them if she could just rid herself of the man's warning.
"This is the spot," Kyle grinned, showing his dimples.
The group had stopped atop a cliff with a few trees littered near the edge. Yuka peered over the lip of the side, holding onto a branch.
"Wow, that's uh… quite a drop."
Kyle rolled his shoulder, muscles coiling. "It looks worse than it is. So! Who's going first?" he grinned wider, clapping his hands and rubbing them together.
Eri laughed nervously, hugging his arm, "shouldn't you go, oh fearless leader?"
"I believe in ladies first," sea-foam blue eyes strayed to Kagome, who remained a little uncomfortable.
"What about your friend?"
"Ah- she's a little afraid. I don't think she'll be jumping," Eri dismissed.
"Aww c'mon," Kyle broke away from her to gesture to Kagome, inviting her closer. "At least take a look. No point in walkin' all the way here and not seeing the view at least."
"I can see it fine from here," Kagome gave a smile that showed her teeth. "Thanks anyway."
Judging from her friend's expressions, they clearly wanted her to act more respectful.
Biting back a sigh, Kagome forced a more amiable smile upon her lips and stepped closer to the edge, peering down.
To Kyle's credit, it was a stunning view. She'd never seen water so crystal clear and blue. She couldn't tell how deep it plunged, but the waves rolled pure white, not a blemish in sight. No deadly rocks either.
What had the man been warning us about?
"What do ya think?" a playful voice rasped close to her ear. Kagome felt the heat of his body draw near.
Her lips pursed, "it's beautiful," she allowed. Maybe she was being too much of a stick in the mud, it wasn't like her.
"Then- why not take a closer look?"
Hands shoved.
Blue eyes flew wide as Kagome felt her body careen forward, hair swooping back. Letting out a fearful scream, Kagome felt her feet drag and fly free from solid earth. Gravity pulled her down.
Falling was surreal, disorientating. She'd pretty much left her stomach back with her friends it lept so violently. She couldn't tell up from down, but the ocean swooped in closer and closer.
Instinctively, Kagome sucked in a huge breath.
Making impact with warm waters, she plunged deep beneath the surface, bubbles obscuring her vision.
Almost immediately, still, serene waters swirled into motion.
Kagome's heart thundered with alarm, bracing herself. She mindlessly kicked her legs out of instinct the second something started pulling her downwards. Trying hard to break away from the current, her efforts proved to be in vain as it swept her up like a whirlpool.
Kagome closed her eyes. It became impossible to know where she was, how far the surface lay beyond her reach. Her lungs strained.
Getting desperate, Kagome abandoned all logic and started to swim with the current rather than fight it. If she was going to die, she'd rather it be while doing something. Staying motionless didn't suit her.
Aching lungs grappled for air, and Kagome felt herself weaken. Desperate motions slowed. Her mind hazed with fog, becoming dizzy.
Gradually, she began to resemble a motionless rag-doll.
Something strong and sturdy wrapped around her waist, pulling her body.
Kagome weakly felt the sensation of being yanked. Shadows entered her murky gaze like she'd passed through a tunnel, lights soon reaching her again. And then she was suddenly flicked up and released.
Gasping the second her head broke free from salty waters, she sucked in sharp breaths and coughing violently. Kagome then promptly collapsed.
She blearily noticed the dim lighting and smooth rock she found herself splayed upon, shuddering. I almost died.
It took a few moments to adjust and control her breathing, but eventually, after laying there and recovering from the experience, Kagome shakily roused herself enough to sit up. Looking around, she found a cavern of sorts awaiting her. The layout was spacious. Rock walls sprawled around her, a single circular opening high above in the ceiling allowing a circle of concentrated sunlight to pour down into the ocean pool she'd surfaced in.
Kagome pulled herself onto a rocky platform, following a walkway around the water and leaving wet footprints on cool stone in her wake. Thick shadows lay beyond the opposite side of the pool, with a multitude of paths in the rock-face branching off in different directions. They looked as though they'd been hollowed out by a huge earthworm. Kagome wagered they were a maze of sorts.
No way am I going in there.
Glancing up at the natural skylight, Kagome bit her lip. Such smooth rock would be too steep and slippy to climb, and she doubted a helicopter passing overhead could spot her inside. She wasn't even sure how far she was from the mainland. Silence reigned within the lonely cavern, save for lapping water within the glittering pool. She couldn't hear any tourists or speedboats outside.
Kagome swallowed.
The pool.
She didn't exactly like the idea of chancing another swim. However, diving in again to reach the open ocean could be her only chance of finding help.
Putting it off for now, Kagome wandered around the edge of the pool, rubbing her arms absentmindedly. She felt shaken from the high fall alone, never mind nearly dying from a random whirlpool.
"That's what that man was trying to warn us about," she mused to herself, glancing at the water. "I hope Kyle doesn't push anyone else in. That bastard!" she seethed. She'd always been a strong swimmer, but if he had pushed in Ayumi, even with regular waters, the situation could've been dangerous. The idea of it only pissed her off even more. "When I get outta here, I'm giving him a piece of my mind. I bet he'll say - 'ohh it was just a joke.' Ha! You can tell that to my fist, buddy!"
A shadow moved to her left.
Kagome jumped, snapping her gaze to it. Sweat pricked at the back of her neck.
Well, it had been out of her peripheral vision. What a convenient time for her mind to start playing tricks on her.
Taking a deep breath, Kagome let the air whoosh out of her lungs. "And now I'm seeing things," she rambled, grasping her hair and wringing out excess salty water. "That's not unusual though, heck I think I see things passing by in the kitchen all the time. Totally nor- AH!" Kagome started badly, looking directly at the shadows. A sleek, long thing swept out into bright sunlight across the floor before retreating smoothly. It had been pale, covered in a sheen that resembled scales.
Was that a… tail?
Kagome took one step back. Then another. Whatever it was, it had been quite large.
She didn't want any of that. None.
Pivoting sharply, Kagome hurried directly towards the pool. Climbing down a rocky incline, she bent her legs, muscles coiling and springing free as she leapt, body arching into a dive.
She made it into warm waters, kicking her legs madly. Gliding down from rippling surface to murky bottom of the pool, Kagome swam towards an opening in the rock wall. Something large and solid slid beneath her stomach then- closing around her waist and yanking.
Kagome's mouth opened in a gasp- pulled from the water with a hard tug. She coughed the second she surfaced, spitting out saltwater and holding onto the thing wrapped around her waist.
The tail.
Kagome's eyes widened, squirming and trying to get free as water dripped from her body, watching the pool drift further away as she ascended. The white scales felt smooth, warm beneath her touch.
Gritting her teeth, Kagome tried to dig her nails in, only to find them repelled by deceptively firm coils.
"You do not possess claws nor fangs sharp enough to cut through my hide, little human."
Kagome jolted, whipping her head up.
Half-lidded, piercing golden-yellow eyes stared back.
She gaped.
Slit pupils dilated.
The man observing her with a wry smile possessed beautifully ethereal features. Pointed ears, exotic magenta marks slashing across his pale cheeks. A silver fall of long hair spilt down over broad shoulders, hanging off the high rock he lounged upon that overlooked the pool. He'd propped both elbows on his bent tail, resting a strong chin upon one hand. The tips of his fingers resembled long, frighteningly sharp claws. Kagome blinked, trying to make sense of his form. His head and torso resembled a human male- physique impressive. From the waist down, however, an impossibly long snake tail sprawled out. She wasn't sure how vast it spread, a little preoccupied.
"Listen pal, I don't know what stage play I've stumbled across, but great effects. Top-notch. The puppet feels really lifelike," she minded some slick hair from her face. "The contacts are hot too, but I'd really like to be set down now."
"Would you?" he purred silkily, tail twisting to flip her upside down. Kagome gasped as black hair cascaded in front of her face, hanging towards the distant pool. "Unfortunately, this one has no interest in releasing you. It has been some time since prey has willingly stumbled into my den like a lost filly."
Kagome's mind raced. Prey. Shit.
"I-I didn't stumble in. The whirlpool-"
"Ah, yes," he hummed, rising from his perch languidly. His form moved smoothly, top half easing closer without fear of toppling from the rock his larger half wrapped around.
"Hn… few mortals are foolish enough to jump from that cliff at noon."
"I was pushed," Kagome seethed, bristling as he prodded and turned her like prized meat hanging off a hook. "Hey! Watch it!" She swiped an arm out, cheeks flushing. "Put me down this instant!"
The Snake-man tilted his head, "curious that of all people, my prey this time happens to be a woman from my homeland."
Kagome had been too startled to really think about it, but they were indeed conversing in Japanese.
"So you're a Japanese demon, huh?" she squeaked. "Awesome. We can talk more about that when the blood isn't rushing to my head. Put. Me. Down," a growl hissed free from her teeth.
His lips spread into a half-smirk, half sneer, exposing sharp, glistening fangs. He turned her upright once more, only to coil more segments of his strong, pale tail around her. A part of it twisted and slid around her knees, parting them.
Something twinged between her legs- a bead of sweat, hot and salty where it rolled down her thigh in a lazy trickle.
Kagome's eyes widened as the moving tail constricted beneath her chest, restricting the use of her arms and squeezing the air from her lungs like he'd trapped her within a huge fist.
His body loomed close, face hovering near. His touch felt oddly human upon her chin: grip as firm as any other arrogant male's.
"The harder you struggle, the tighter my grip," he uttered, gaze and voice almost gentle in their rich cadence.
Kagome fought to keep her breathing even, becoming still. He seemed intelligent and well spoken. If that was the case, talking her way out of the situation might be her best bet.
"For the record, I'm Kagome," she said, trying not to tremble. "W-what's your name, Mr Snake man?"
Ivory lashes fell shut and swept open in a slow blink. His lips parted, hesitating, as though out of practice with speaking it aloud.
The Killing Perfection.
It sounded like a bad omen.
Kagome swallowed and kept blabbing. "Oh, that's cool. Your parents must've been anticipating a nice blood thirsty baby. I'm sure they're very proud."
His expression darkened, and Kagome quickly shut up. Clearly, that had been the wrong thing to say.
Sesshoumaru tipped his head to the side, breath fanning over her ear. "For the record," he uttered, archaic speech clearly unfamiliar with the term but imitating her, "my kind are not referred to as 'Snake Men.' I am a species of Naga."
"I-I see, sorry for using the wrong term," Kagome jolted as something flicked out close to her ear, nearly brushing the shell.
His tongue. Was he tasting the air?
Sesshoumaru made a low, pleasurable noise in his chest.
"You know… unless you're into playing with your food, maybe there's a reason you haven't eaten me yet," Kagome was ever the optimist.
"Pray tell: what would that reason be?" he asked, nose brushing and gliding into her hair. She felt his body roll as he inhaled deeply, having a ripple effect down his entire tail.
Kagome shivered. Oddly, the heat of him wrapped around her sent thrills racing up her spine due to every movement being intimately felt. The anticipation, fear and adrenaline mixed into a cocktail of absurdity. She felt its effects pour liquid heat into her lower abdomen.
"You want someone to talk to. Even people called 'The Killing Perfection' can get lonely. A-am I right in thinking you're the one who pulled me from the water?"
Though she knew it wasn't out of any concern for her, Kagome nonetheless felt a stab of gratitude. "Thank you for that, I mean it. You're terrifying but much preferable to drowning."
Golden eyes danced. "Your compliments leave much to be desired."
Kagome's lips twitched. "Do you see what I mean, though? Maybe you just want a delightful conversationalist."
"Hn, perhaps," Sesshoumaru adjusted her, so that she loomed above him, his head dangerously close to her chest, "or perhaps I do just enjoy playing with my food."
Kagome jolted and gasped as a regal nose glided up the valley between her breasts, lips skimming, a teasing drag. She tried to squeeze her thighs together- prevented by a segment of his tail that rose and undulated slowly against her core, rubbing. Shamefully, Kagome moaned. Her wet dress, plastered to her form- pitifully could not hide the hard peaks of her nipples as her body heated.
"You respond quite enthusiastically to me, woman," Sesshoumaru purred, tongue flicking out to lick a long, wet arch up her chest, collarbone and neck. "Have you considered...you might enjoy my 'playing' with you?"
Panting, she quickly stopped her squirming hips. "L-let's talk about this," she swallowed, catching her breath. "We could make a game out of it. A real one."
Thankfully, his tail stopped.
"I am listening."
Okay, keep talking Kagome. She shifted, looking at the glittering slashes of magenta cutting over his tail like stripes. It was safer than getting distracted by his enchanting eyes.
"Is there a way out of here other than the pool?"
His silky voice caressed her hearing. "Yes."
"T-then let me run for 15 minutes. If I find the exit- you let me go. If you catch me, then fair enough, I'm yours to eat or... or whatever," Kagome muttered, cheeks heating. "But I can and will defend myself during the run."
Sesshoumaru's claw-tipped fingers grasped her chin, turning her face back to look at him.
His eyes were hypnotic in their richness of colour. Slit, inhuman pupils only drew her in instead of repelling. They smiled even as his lips remained still.
"Nothing would please me more," he purred, free hand gliding down her stomach, making it twitch. "You possess a silver tongue, girl. I have not met a prey that could hold a conversation before."
"Thanks, you're not so bad yourself- when you're not talking about eating me."
Chuckling with rich tones, the Naga loosened his tail, unwinding it so that she slid over his coils down to the walkway next to the pool.
Standing on her own two feet again, Kagome righted herself, glancing up at the looming Naga.
"Run along, little filly," he uttered languidly. His soft, masculine voice oddly put her at ease even as she prepared to run for her life. Perhaps this was how he lulled prey. Kagome chose not to examine why she'd responded so... favourably to him. It was the humidity. The adrenaline.
Kagome headed for a tunnel, realising half-way her mistake. It was pitch black inside, and she had no light.
Almost as immediately as she'd stepped inside- green flames flickered to life upon the walls. Torches lit her way, scattered further ahead.
Steeling herself, Kagome took a breath, bursting into a run.
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