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I’m putting out bits as quickly as a I can!

Lloyd leans against the ferry’s hull with a sigh.

“You okay, Green Bean?”

Cole’s tired voice manages to drudge a tired smile from his face. “Yeah,” he assures. “Yeah, I’m fine.” He sinks to the floor. “I’m just…thinkin’ bout Jay.”

A shadow passes over Cole’s face.

“Why he didn’t come? Or how he didn’t even tell us why?”

Lloyd shrugs. “It just doesn’t seem like him – even aside from why I originally called you all together, there’s a chance…”

His voice drops off. They know why they’re here.

“It just doesn’t make sense.” He murmurs.

Cole’s silent for a moment. The creaking of the ferry fills the quiet air around them, the sound of rushing water over its mill taking the place of unspoken words.

“After.” Cole finally says. He leans against the hull with folded arms. “When we’ve gotten to the bottom of this, and it’s all over – we’ll find Jay.” He nods to himself. “We’ll find him, and find out exactly why he’s not here right now.”

He stares dully into the dark space of the ferry. “After.”

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Bold of you to assume Kai knows he can do that and it doesn’t just happen immediately after. He just starts crying and Zane’s alive and then people start trying to capture Kai to use his powers- oh hey, the Tournament of Elements because Chen kidnaps Kai to steal his powers, cool.

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I mean,,, I guess it doesn’t specifically say in canon that you can’t have two elements,,, it was just kind of implied…

Kai is now ridiculously powerful and the Tournament of Elements is so confusing.

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Oh!!! The Master of Emotion gave Kai his powers so now he has those instead of his regular ones-

Wait so Nya can still be the Master of Water, but the fire has to seek out a new host…

Hmm. I’d say Pixal, but she wasn’t really around yet.

Yeah I’m drawing a blank.

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Ok I’m dumb and I can’t really understand this, but an elemental master can only have one power, if he has emotion, then he can’t have fire… but I guess fire still needs to exist-

Nya’s the Master of Fire


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Ok I get what you’re trying to say but brought the statues and decoritibe animists back to life?

Anyway yeah, but the real question is- if he can fake an emotion realistically enough, can he still make others feel it? Like if someone is sad, if he forces himself to make himself sound and feel happy, could he make them feel better?

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Oof I bet, canon Kai is emotionally constipated and I wonder how many times he’s been caught in lies about how he’s doing because of it.

Also instead of the Sword of Fire there’s now the Sword of Feeling. I’m not entirely sure how that works in combat and stuff but if he can actually manipulate emotions with it (without having to feel them himself) just imagine him making someone so hysterical that they can’t do anything- they’re literally just cry-laughing on the ground.

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Cole, walking into the room: Hey, who wants to make fifty bucks?

Jay: … how?

Cole: I need someone to take the fall.

Kai: What did you do?

Cole: I can’t tell you. Yes or no, no questions asked.

Zane, from the other room: Oh, Great First Master!




Zane: First Master, how could this have-

Kai: [downs the rest of his drink] Make it a hundred.

Cole: Deal.

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I recently got @wrenbirdy8​ to watch Ninjago, and I asked her to text me as she was watching some of her thoughts. These are some of the texts I have received in the past couple of weeks.


I also…….may or may not have corrupted her into lavashipping


And then, of course, there’s always the I-just-finished-season-3 text:


Welcome to the hellhole Ninjago fandom :)

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Ahsjjhrks just kidding I just thought it was funny to think that when he’s embarrassed you can see through his clothes.

But seriously, I’m not sure what color it would be- probably something tinged gray, because that’s self-doubt. So maybe self-doubt would be dark gray and embarrassment would be light gray.

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Anon, I am so sorry for the long wait. I will give you as much as I can:

-Being in the Never Realm has really changed Kai in both good and bad ways.

-He has learned the way of the formlings, but not how to shape shift into an animal.

-In return, he taught the formlings about spinjitzu and all the fighting skills he learned.

-Kai missed eating the food in Ninjago.

-He missed a lot of things in Ninjago.

-You know Boreal? Well get ready for Ruby, Kai’s Fire dragon.

-When there would be Rest days, Kai would tell stories about the past (making sure it was PG for the kids).

-Back when Kai was still 19, he wished the others would come to help quickly. But after two decades, Kai hopes they never come so that they don’t have to see what has becomed of him and Zane.

Again, sorry it was late.

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