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skykashi 2 days ago
It's so befitting for team 7 to become so famous after the war when their leader/sensei is practically a celebrity in the Ninja world.
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Even dead people knew who he is lol
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Also, ofc the selfless humble baka he is had to deny the praise of a god like half alien and say that he did nothing and it was all his students and Obito but Hagoromo still insisted that without him they would have lost.
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starbooksligth 2 days ago
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Going for a walk 馃惗
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narutwitter 17 hours ago
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dailykakashipics a day ago
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kakairuincorrectquotes 2 days ago
Iruka, Naruto and Sakura: [screaming]
Kakashi, running into the room: What's wrong, Iruka?!
Naruto: Why are you only asking Iruka-Sensei? We're all screaming!
Kakashi: Because Iruka doesn't scream unless it's necessary or an emergency. You two scream whenever you have the chance.
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Okay, but Uchiha Sasuke as an Antagonist-
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-was HOT on a completely different level.
Ofcourse, not saying that I want that version of him back :P
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sharingangirl 2 days ago
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Manga vs. Anime
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animetrashmuffin 2 days ago
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Heavily inspired by a forked tongue tells many lies by @doctornemesis (not exactly what happens but the vibe is there)
Again, I absolutely adore this story and I love how you write them in general. Just鈥.so damn good!
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incorrectkonoha 2 days ago
Naruto: Do you want the tea?
Kakashi: For the last time, it is called a mission report.
Naruto: Do you want the tea or not?
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shizukais 2 days ago
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bloggersltd 2 days ago
This is a friendship that everyone wants but only some get.
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komehyappyou 2 days ago
Naruto Extra Jump Comics
These are extra comics that were published to jump magazine that you might have missed.
Comic 1: Eat Your Vegtables!
Did you know that Kakashi sneaks in "eat more vegetable" notes in Naruto's room, in the early chapters of the manga? This extra comic strip is in reference to that. if people ask for it, I can try to collect the whole Kakashi naruto vegetable saga.
Tumblr media
Naruto: 鈥渕unya鈥 (sleeping)
NoteInBoot: To Santa-san!! Let have me a year鈥檚 worth of ramen cup noodles!聽 -(Swirl Uzamaki) Naruto
Tumblr media
Note1: It only takes Training! (motivational)
NoteBehindPlant: 鈥淯nbeatable/constant victory鈥, full note:
Tumblr media
Note3: Let鈥檚 eat more vegetables - Kakashi
Tumblr media
The Next Morning
Naruto:聽鈥渄o-sari..鈥(flip off blanket) EE--... What-tebayo, Hey-----!!?
Tumblr media
Naruto: Holy cow!聽 How could he confuse Ramen and Vegetables ------
Note3: Let鈥檚 eat more vegetables!聽 -Kakashi
Naruto: Where the hell is this idiot Santa from, dattebayo!!?
Comic 2: Bug Hunt!
Tumblr media
Sakura: Butterfly... cute <3!
Butterfly: pata 鈥渇lop flop鈥
Tumblr media
Sakura: Sasuke, what about you?
Sasuke: Got 1 locust. Bug鈥檚 annoying. *Locust sounds鈥(mi--n, mi-n)
Shikamaru: Insect collecting鈥檚 alright but.... the bugs just don鈥檛 seem to exist...
Tumblr media
Naruto: Hehe-n! Lookie here, I snatched a stag beetle-tattebayo! Groovy, right!
鈥渂an鈥 (showing off)
鈥済asa鈥 Rustle
Tumblr media
Shino: Fu-.(crowded, rustle, etc really noisy)
Naruto: Waa-----! You鈥檙e sure going overboard!! Grooss-ttebayo! (gata -shaking)
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incorrectkakagaiquotes 2 days ago
Gai, taking a deep breath: Kakashi... I'm in love with you.
Kakashi: I know.
Gai: What? How do you know?
Kakashi: Because we're dating.
Gai: We are?
Kakashi: We're not?
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dailykakashipics 20 hours ago
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kakairuincorrectquotes a day ago
Iruka: Why are my keys in the refrigerator?
Kakashi: You said: 鈥淭his is really gonna confuse me tomorrow.鈥 Apparently, drunk-you plays pranks on hangover-you.
Iruka: This explains so much.
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kingkonoha a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Social Media - Pt. II
Description: What it would be like if the Naruto characters had social media/internet in general
Find part one here.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
His lock screen is of him and the ninja hounds
No thoughts just take pic of dogs
You already know Naruto took his phone and spammed it with selfies
Has the team 7 group chat muted
Plays iMessage games with Guy for rivalry purposes
His search history reads as follows: 鈥淲hat to do when your child runs away from the village鈥 鈥淚s it okay to have 8 dogs鈥 鈥淗ow to raise 8 dogs鈥 鈥渄o my dogs like me鈥 鈥淚cha Icha book sale鈥 鈥淗ow to get a demon out of your child鈥 鈥淢asks on sale鈥
What it should say: 鈥淟ocal therapist鈥
Definitely doesn鈥檛 really use his phone except for important stuff
Team 7 once took his phone to snoop on their Sensei and he didn鈥檛 even care that it was gone
Snapchat filters don鈥檛 work for him 馃様 mask is in the way, and Face ID is a form of harassment in his eyes
It鈥檚 literally him just with a mask let the poor guy access his phone already
Definitely doesn鈥檛 have social media, he just isn鈥檛 a fan of it and hears enough about it from his children his team
He answers the phone when scammers call him just to mess with them and make them angry
Tumblr media
Don鈥檛 call him
He will not answer
And it鈥檚 such a drag hearing the phone ring
Has Twitter, isn鈥檛 on Instagram but Ino takes a lot of selfies with him in it that she likes to posts
Way too lazy to change his lock/Home Screen from the default one they give you
Has a lot of mind puzzling games
Is SUCH a dry texter
He invents his own damn slang if it means less typing
鈥渋dk abt u bt gty dkotw blh nffjoe ok?鈥
Don鈥檛 question it just say okay 馃槓
9/10 will not save your number
Takes so many pictures of the clouds
I guess you could say it鈥檚 clouding his storage
Pls laugh ok
Is smart enough to hack stuff but too lazy to do it
Tumblr media
This poor bby
As the Kazekage when his phone number gets leaked it is chaos
It makes him nervous bc he went from having to Google what the word 鈥渓ove鈥 meant to getting flooded with nudes okay
Has to put his phone on Do Not Disturb for a moment of PEACE
Has Naruto listed as his favorite in his contacts
Took the time to fill out his Medical ID
His phone is pretty organized, and you won鈥檛 find anything really interesting going on
If you do find something interesting, it was definitely an accident
Always responds to calls and text messages even if he doesn鈥檛 know you
Types slow as hell
The war is over by the time he finishes sending a text message
His sand knocks his phone out of his hand whenever he gets a call from a scammer
Kankuro sends him memes sometimes and has to explain it to Gaara
Which ruins the joke
So sometimes Gaara fake laughs and pretends he understands
Tumblr media
TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, you name it, he has an account
Takes shirtless pics and selfies from stupid angles for fun
As we know, Akamaru is 90% of his photos
No thought just dog
He also updates his Snapchat so much with short videos and photos
鈥淲alking Akamaru鈥
鈥淕etting lunch with Akamaru鈥
鈥淒estroying the planet with Akamaru鈥
鈥淗anging out by Akamaru with Akamaru鈥
Texts in caps a lot and loves emojis
Is a fast texter and responds so quickly
Loves to FaceTime and for no reason
You can hang up on him if you want but he鈥檒l just call back 鈽猴笍
Always has headphones in listening to music or watching funny videos
Will run up to you excitedly to show you a dumb video and you BETTER LAUGH 馃敧
Tumblr media
A/N: Hope you guys like these! Should I do an Akatsuki version?
Please like, reblog, and comment!
Buy Me a Coffee? 鈾
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akanothere 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
馃崋馃尭Coffee shop AU
The hot stranger who orders black coffee every Wednesday noon.
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soapteeth a day ago
Tumblr media
moi? drawing naruto in 2022? more likely than u think. goose has been keeping me very busy (as puppies do), so i haven't had much time to draw. i'll try to draw smth proper soon, but for now, here's a doodle :}
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incorrectkonoha 19 hours ago
Naruto: Yeah I give up. I'm tired
Kakashi: Quick, get the emergency supply!
Sakura: *brings Sasuke into the room*
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chemmerson a day ago
there鈥檚 a light in your eyes that kakashi finds himself lost in every time he looks at you.
it鈥檚 there when you smile, glittering and stunning. that鈥檚 why he loves when you smile. and god when you laugh, there鈥檚 something so pure about your smile when you laugh, and the light glitters even more.
it鈥檚 there when you鈥檙e sitting and focused. kakashi can鈥檛 help but glance over at you when you鈥檙e both reading together because the light is steady and still. you鈥檙e absolutely beautiful like that.
it鈥檚 there when you鈥檙e mad, and the light becomes a fire. a fire that fuels your thoughts and turns them into words and he doesn鈥檛 like being against the fire, but it鈥檚 your fire all the same.
it鈥檚 there when you鈥檙e anxious, though it鈥檚 somehow different than all the rest. the light in your eyes as you tell him about the doubts in your mind is wavering, flickering like a candle. he knows that it won鈥檛 go out; you just need him to listen. he watches carefully, listens intently as the light steadies when you finally let it all out.
it鈥檚 there when you kiss his fingers and tell him you love him. his heart swells at the words, but even more so at your eyes. they鈥檙e warm, raw, intentional. and kakashi admits that this light is his favorite, because it鈥檚 meant for him and him only.
to get lost in the light of your eyes is what helps kakashi sleep at night. it鈥檚 what pulls him out of his nightmares and darkest memories. it鈥檚 what gets him through the day and helps him look forward to the next. and there鈥檚 nothing he looks forward to more than you.
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