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#Kalim Al Asim
crystalreydraws · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spoiler alert. How I see chapter 4. (btw I love all of them! Happy scarabia 😊)
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lovee-infected · 12 months ago
Hello! ♥ Can I request headcanons or oneshot (whichever is easier) about how the twst boys react when they discover that MC is a girl, because they thought MC was a pretty boy, someone like Epel, when an unexpected rain happens during flying class and they can see the silhouette of the breasts or the vibrantly colored bra under the wet T-shirt 👀
At some point they all go : “My expectations for you were low , but holy f ”
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Class 2 E had to take Riddle who crashed the ground from the 20 meter height to the nurse office afterwards
His pe grades were already horrifying and with those two tips of something he saw under your wet clothes , it isn't really strange to end up in bed
Thankfully he doesn't end up with a broken leg , but that seemed way better than having this broken sanity now : (y/n) is a girl...?
He gets red but not of any anger , instead embarrassment . He has been treating you too casually good lord , he is never the same with girls
Riddle doesn't talk to you for a few days because he now realizes how lame your relationship may seem ; many things he should have done , many things he shouldn't have done
Would things still be the same ? Well it has to be he , thought . After all you didn't ever hide anything or lie about your gender , it was his misunderstanding
Well now , maybe he wants to treat you a bit... softer ?
Trey Clover
He isn't terrified by the gender , he is terrified by the way he saw it : Wet clothes , squishy big things under your shirt with a visible color...
He sweats at even saying it by word he wasn't ; he wasn't expecting that at all
He tries to hide his blush but that doesn't really work ; everyone knows that Trey isn't one to blush easily
He decides that it's better to skip the class now ( His eyes need some fresh air) . Just a few hours away , and he seems to be already used to it
He has to admit that it's somehow creepy to see the guy who you always liked having around is actually a girl , but he decides to pretend that he already knew it
Male or female , you're the same to him . The lovely and adorable (y/n) you always were
But still , this got him thinking...does he need to treat you like a girl sometimes ? Stuff that just girls do , say or like ?
Cater Diamond
He... notices the big deal when he's taking a rainy day selfie with you . He is making sure that you both look good but suddenly his eyes lay at the sight of your chest through his phone...
His eyes grow wider and he doesn't notice when he presses the button : The sound of his phone's flash almost made him drop it
You ask if he's alright but Cater just gives you a nervous laugh and say that the phone just slipped for a second . He neither shows you the pic you just took nor agrees on taking a second one when you ask him to
He leaves in pretext of picking his umbrella up but instead , runs to a corner where you couldn't see him : He brings that selfie from his gallery and zooms on your chest . He wants to make sure of what he just saw
Which one's worse ? The neon pink bra under your T-shirt or the... clearly visible tip of your nipple under it ? Damn you are laying your breasts on his hand in the pic...
He quickly saves it though his private albums . On the second thought , he sends all pictures he had from you to that folder as well
Well , he'll get used to it right? Perhaps he can now flirt more comfortably with you knowing that you're actually a girl . The only important thing for him is too make sure that no one ever finds out about photos he has on that private folder ; the one he keeps specifically for you
Deuce Spade
"E-eh??" Remember what happened with Eliza ? This is the second version of it . Even during his rage days ( Wild yellow hair and random fights with others) he lacked the ability to even say hi to a girl . And here he is now spending all those days together without knowing that you were a girl !??
His whole personality almost cracks for a second . All those dirty stuff other first years had shared about girls flashes before his eyes . He wasn't damn prepared -
He couldn't be any more thankful that you couldn't see the horrifying scenes and sounds through his mind at the moment- He just leaves before you could even see him blush
Ace doesn't stop teasing him though , late at the night inside Heartslabyul's , Ace is walking on his nerves asking him to tell what's wrong . Ace isn't the only curious one ; soon all his classmates too keep asking Deuce to say what is bothering him
Deuce has decided to keep his mouth shut until he comes over this fact on his own , and he's strong on it . There's no way that he'd let anyone recognize his anxiety with women
He knows his friends better than this and doesn't want to be dared to steal your underwear or poke your breasts in another round of truth or dare
Let's just...hope that things will soon get better for him or , perhaps you can be his chance to overcome his lack of skills with women ?
Ace Trappola
"Holy sh-" He then gets fired from the pe class for his impolite usage of words- ( School rules , right ?) Not that he cares though
Comparing to Deuce , he's a lot better and more experienced especially because he has been in a relationship before... which is both good and bad
The last time he got this close to any girls before you was with his ex-girlfriend ; and to be honest even that relationship didn't brought them as close as you two are now . The thought of going through similar things with a new one even though he no longer thinks about his ex ... that kinda hurts
Maybe he would've died to tell Deuce what he found out if old memories didn't haunt him . He isn't an awkward realizing your gender like Deuce is , but he can tell that it's kinda hard for him to deal with it . Mostly because of how close and dear you are to him now...
He finally realizes that he doesn't deserve carrying the shame and anxiety on his own and tells Deuce ; well at least calming Deuce down will make him pay least attention to his own problems
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
He almost chokes- He was standing in the corner without a single drop of water on his hair while you got too wet as if you took a shower with your clothes on
He is teasing you likr always again until he realizes a second color under your white clothes ... no . please don't be
He prefers to imagine that you're a guy having the kink of wearing feminine underwear . He isn't ready to accept that you're a girl and he still denies it after seeing the vibrantly visible bra with his own two eyes
God...he teased you , kicked you , laughted you off and literally stepped on you ; that's what he usually likes to treat others so..? But not a lady , never . He is raised better this to end up neglecting a lady's great level and worth
Now considering how he's been teasing you so far , what did you think of him..? Do you consider him an asshole who has no respect for women due to how he treated you ??
He is really stressed out and doesn't know what to do , he just takes off his own jacket and quickly comes to you , wrapping it around your wet body and hair and taking you to a warmer place . He keeps asking if you're alright ? Didn't you catch a cold ? Do you need a doctor ?
Leona doesn't know if your fascinated gaze means a yes or no , and it isn't going to help
He isn't going to explain himself right now , maybe give it some time ?
The only reason he treated you this casually was because he was comfortable with you and it was all...a way of showing admiration ?
Maybe it gets better when he explains himself
Ruggie Bucchi
His mouth drops open when he realizes the bra as you two were drying yourselves after the rain . (y/n) is a she...!?
He doubts , he would doubt it again if he even takes a closer look . Suddenly his body feels warmer and his cheeks get red . No way...
Ruggie barely talked to any girls other than his own family and even skipped conversations when girls were brought up , he isn't mentally prepared for it !
But now he is changing with you at the same room ?? Wait wait wait- He might act like a brat but he isn't a jerk
He leaves because he's sure that you need some privacy ; all though he still refuses to believe that you're a girl...
You never ever mentioned your gender in front of him and he never asked , but did anyone else know it except him ? He just wouldn't dare to ask
Well girl or not , he doesn't stop teasing you in general ; but also learns not to go too far since it's still hard for you to be wrapped in an all boy need more support
Jack Howl
He doesn't mind going blind after seeing those nipples under your wet T-shirt . He first thought that they were a bit too big for a boy but...he soon realized that they weren't even for a boy-
He had to take a small look between your legs because he couldn't resist- he had to make sure . And NO ! He didn't see what he wished to see there
He still can't make sure ?? Those things usually proved someone being a girl but still , there is no way to make sure unless he asks you ; but how can he ? No way , he'll just melt down
He doesn't mention anything in front of you but tries indirectly bringing the issue of your gender up with Ace and Deuce : Didn't (y/n) tell you two about her schedule today?
" Her...?"
Well great , now Ace and Deuce have joined him on the ‘terrified of your gender’ army . The only way to make sure is either asking you or... stealing something that could prove it . Someone has to get inside your room but which one of them now...?
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
He is vibing with the pleasant rain as it made today's pe sessions a bit better for him . He asks you to join him
He just takes his glasses off for a second to dry them and- BANG
The color of your bra was too visible that he could even see it without his glasses on
He immediately puts them on and takes a better look , well great now he can clearly see your breasts closely . How bad he wished that he went blind for a second...
You don't get why Azul seems to be studying your chest so you ask if something's wrong?
Azul is pulled out of his thoughts and embarrassment takes him over because you realized what he was staring at : Pathetic
Azul excuses himself telling you that he has to take his pills before he returns to his Octopus form and disappears
How dumb he could be not to realize it till now... Beside that - Why the hell didn't those two tall sticks ( a.k.a Floyd and Jade) realize it either !?
God God God...he keeps swallowing his eyes at the thought...
How can he get over the fact that he was being with a girl all this time...?
Floyd Leech
Well of course he is shocked , Shrimpy was supposed to be a guy but he actually is a little girl ? Meh , what a disappointment
Well , body is body to him so he isn't really shocked or freaked out to see , well , those things under your shirt
He might not be that fascinated , but still has doubts . While you two are taking a walk back to Ramshackle dorm , he just doesn't stop staring at your chest and doesn't mind you noticing him either
To be honest , he now seems to be liking it . You were just a kiddo he always enjoyed teasing but now that you're a girl...? How different would things be ? And would the way he treated you make you possibly... have those girlish feelings for him ? Sounds fun
While saying goodbye at your door he stops for a second to say something . You don't quite get what he asked but he knows better himself : " Random question but- are those seriously soft to squeeze ?"
Jade Leech
Just as Floyd , he doesn't mind you being a girl . He actually appreciates you even more now. Night Raven College isn't a place for weak people and still , to think that a small human girl like you could last this long here... Farewell , human beings can be really interesting he can tell
He gently offers you his coat and escorts you to a warmer place , telling you to change into something dry before you catch a cold
Well the first day is nothing different or weird , but the upcoming days prove how creepy he can be...
He doesn't mind popping up out of nowhere to tell you to choose underwears with a less noticable color at school and it just makes you melt ; not just because it's embarrassing to be told so but also because it proved that Jade is watching you
He does do some research on surface females to get to know the differences between what he expected you to be and what you really are better ; not that he has a complaint though
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper
He exactly knows what he just saw there and - He can't help but to feel ashamed . For once he leaves without taking Kalim with him , he just forgot him a the moment
He now feels... angry . You never ever shared your gender but it's not like he ever expected you to be a girl . He feels lied to ; you didn't ever tell the truth but didn't lie either ; that bugs him even more because he doesn't know if he's mad at you or not
Well he now knows when someone you thought you know ends up being something totally different ; like the way Kalim saw who he really is...well that's really annoying to think of
Jamil ignores you for a few days until you come to ask why he's avoiding you . He insists that it's nothing all though it's obvious that it is-
Alright , a few days until he cools down . He wants to keep the distance till then
Knowing your gender often makes him feel ashamed of how casually he's been treating you . Well a lot of things are different when it's an all boy school , right ?
He doesn't know if he should act cooler with you from now or pretend that he never saw anything , he needs time to make up his mind
Kalim al Asim
He was giving you a towel to dry yourself when he recognized your clothes . He was actually thinking of bringing you some dry ones when he saw what he wished he didn't saw- Aaah why would you wear such a recognizable bra : " (y/n)..??"
He quickly pulls back and apologizes ; not that you know what he is apologizing for
He returns to Jamil and tells him to leave , he just can't face you right now
There at Scarabia , Kalim tells Jamil everything since he really needs to share some feelings . He asks Jamil if he knew about this and he certainly didn't
Kalim now keeps wondering... how hard might it be for you ? A girl sorrounded by all guys out there , do you feel safe ?
He now has decided to look after you more than he already did , he just doesn't want you feeling any sad or lonely because of your current situation
He always hated loneliness and that's why he needed Jamil around , now it's your turn to have Kalim around so you'll never be alone
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
Vil is well familiar with all beauty materials - including feminine underwear - so he quickly realizes both the unusual size of your chest and the vibrantly colored bra under your clothes . He wishes he hadn't
Bearing the fact that he was having a girl beside him all this time is already hard enough , but what makes it worse is what a terrible female he thinks you are now
You seriously do need a start over ! You are no girl if you're this ignorant toward your appearance even as it makes you look like a guy
He spends all night thinking of what he now should do with you . He does know how to manage guys but girls ? That won't be called something he had much experience on
He isn't feeling as comfortable as before with you yet , he decides to give you some lessons to at least pull you out of your non feminine self
He doesn't mind telling you that you have to do a lot more for yourself as you are a girl ; and he says it as if he knew it all this time
He isn't going to turn you into a princess , it's safer for you to remain something between male and female as you are stuck between all these untrustworthy guys , but it doesn't hold him back from giving you some chance to see your female self. He brings you wigs and puts on your makeup , telling you that you sometimes need to show up like this
He still needs some time to feel as comfortable as he used to with you , but spending time with you trying to have a start over is actually helping him to like you even more than he used to
Rook Hunt
Well congrats , for so long no one had ever succeeded to shock Rook like you did ! That's an improvement . He always makes sure not miss a single detail about those he has his eyes on ; yet he failed to even recognize your gender correctly until now
A bit of fascination won't hurt , right ? After all having a boy like Epel beside him makes it really confusing to specify male and female sometimes
To be honest , he now finds you pretty fragile and helpless : Bunny between the beasts
If a hunter like him didn't know it so far , then probably no one else knew it either . So that's his little secret now
This place's a considerably dangerous zone for a lady to step on , and Rook isn't planning on exposing you like this . He isn't a monster after all...
But having Rook of all people knowing your secret is already enough of torture , isn't it ?
Epel Felmier
I-I thought we were the same...???
This can't be true , this shouldn't be ! Please don't be , please , please , please
Epel looked up to you bot only as a reliable and strong friend but also as someone who goes through similar appearance problems as Epel himself did
You made him feel better that he wasn't the only one having problems with looking too similar to girls ; seems like he was wrong
Epel wasn't ever comfortable with getting close to girls , along becoming a friend of them . He even kept you closer than his other friends since the too of you could relate a lot he thought ; now what should he do ?
He is too embarrassed to even look into your eyes now , he even skips classes you two share and in summary , does anything to avoid you for a while
That is said that girls and boys can never be just friends and... that's frustrating
Now , could the two of you ever be as close as you used to be again?
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
Which is worse , realizing that he's been spending all his time with a girl over the past few months or seeing her wet breasts during the class ?Man , that looked just like those anime hentais one would find online...
Beside that , having your gender exposed makes him feel a bit unsafe about his relationship with you ; if even a simple thing such as gender could be different from what he was expecting you , then what greater differences would your reality have from the (y/n) you were into his eyes ?
Idia hardly ever gets to fully trust anyone and now he isn't sure if he could trust you anymore . Well yes gender might be no big deal compared to the fearful thoughts he is having at mind ; but it's enough to send him into his safe zone and stay away from you
His face turns red and hot whenever he thinks of that scene even when he's all alone in his bedroom , God he wasn't prepared-
Ortho finally forces him to tell what's bothering him and when he confesses , Ortho gets really excited . He keeps telling Idia that as a friend , he has to stay by your side specially because you may feel lonely being a girl all on your own . He reminds Idia of the fact that this is what friends do
He now feels sorry for abandoning you like a coward , but he has to admit that it's a bit hard for him to return the old friendship you two had . Well maybe just texting you instead of face to face interaction would be better ?
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
uh..? A girl...? Child of man caught in an unknown world and... That's a female . You keep fascinating him over and over ever since he met you , it's just another surprise he can tell
He kinda loses all his focus during the pe class after he accidentally notices the unusual knobs popping under your T-shirt ; are you wearing something wrapped around your...chest ?
He first thinks that it may just be somewhat of a brand new clothing trend to wear feminine-like stuff ; but remembering how you never clearly stated your gender , he now understands how wrong he was
He thought that he had you under his watch pretty well , but he even failed to realize your gender correctly ; perhaps he should learn to do it better
Malleus isn't about to treat you any differently just because you ended up being a girl , all though he has to agree that it was a bit shocking . But in general , nothing about your relationship really seems to be gender related
You don't know his name and he didn't know your gender until now ; is this how karma works ? Well that'd be a bit unfair , gender was rather worthless compared to the fear his real identity might bring you
The only thing that may change now is him being more protective over you ; not that he underestimates you but rather because there's no way for you to be totally comfortable in a school filled with rebellious guys . He wants to make sure that his currently favorite human being won't get in much trouble because of that...
Lilia Vanrouge
Eh ? Through out his hundred-year life this would be the most shameful thing he got to face . You might think that he found it to be a disgrace to his long lasting life which is filled with honor and pride ; but in that case you may like to get to know the old man better
He doesn't like being thought of as a pervert ; but it doesn't mean that he didn't enjoy himself either. Naked figures or seductive girls aren't something he gets overly excited about , same goes for you . Well accidents like this can happen everyday , right ? But this one had something rather fun along with it :
From the direct yet neutral gaze he gave your chest , you immediately realized what he was looking at and you pulled back . Lilia didn't expect you to notice it so quickly , but the embarrassed face you gave him afterwards , that was priceless
He giggles softly at the thought , a shy and cute little girl . He isn't really a fan of boys that are overly cute or childish , but when it comes to little girls , that's another story
You had already caught his eyes by being the only human being caught in this school on your own . Well , to see how feeble and shy you sometimes could be , that reminded him of Silver
Now now , what should he do ? Playing the role of a small girl's parents or something ? Doesn't sound that bad
Sebek Zigvolt
He's about to lose his mind - he feels like he has saw you totally naked or lurked into your privacy , he feels awful
He runs to another corner to cool down from what he saw - Damn- That scene doesn't get away from his eyes for a second
Well then , take deep breathes , it's cool , it's fine - it's gonna be fine
Sebek wouldn't dare talking to you for sometime after that . His cheeks get warmer whenever he sees you around , making him change his direction to avoid you
When you finally get him to talk to you , he breaks off- He starts apologizing . He swears not to ever peek on your body again and that he won't say a word from what he saw
You probably don't know what he is talking about , but you say okay to calm him down
Sebek isn't used to having girls around but now that he does , he should be really careful . He doesn't want you to think of him as a antisocial chick when it comes to women and he tries his best to be a gentleman in front of you . Man...he really does take it seriously
A... girl?... Silver's first reaction would be nothing different from blushing and turning back ; what else would you expect him to do ?
He's a simple guy , he doesn't overreact but doesn't feel totally comfortable either
He didn't ever even think of the possibility of you being a girl , he just isn't used to having anyone else than boys in NRC around . You did always look too cute for a guy but still , he didn't see this coming...
(y/n) is a girl...A girl , this thought gets looped inside his brain . He can't stop freaking out over it . It feels like he's been building a sand castle on water all this time and now he's watching it sink . His whole expectations of you seems to be ruined
It gets even worse when the figure of you dressed in a long beautiful dress , holding a brilliant crown of your flowers on your long silky hair haunts him on his dreams - Why on earth do you have to be so beautiful (y/n)..!?
Silver refuses to accept , but he's pretty soft when it comes to girls . He's pretty shy but to have a girl he has been liking for sometime close...his inner self is getting teased - in a pleasant way
He doesn't show up in front of you for a while , but he just can't get the thought of you out of his mind . From reality to dreams , seems like you're always in front of him . As if you really walked with him once upon a dream
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lemontwst · 12 months ago
CAN I JUST, LIKE SHARE SOMETHING - okay, since NRC is an all boys school and bc of that all of the boys just kind of assume MC is a dude too right?? MC just wears hoodies and oversized clothing in general! Well, one day while cleaning the Heartslabyul gardens, MC takes off her shirt and is left in a tank top, and the school proceeds to have a crisis, the staff to bc AAAA SHOULDERS - 😂😂😂😂😂
mc shows a glimpse of skin and the entire school shuts down like it's a national emergency!!!! students from each and every dorm come to see you, keeping you from getting any actual work done, and Riddle almost overblots in a fit of rage.
You're here to clean the gardens and Riddle won't stand for any dilly-dallying. He tries to maintain a semblance of order as the other Heartslabyul students crowd around you, but you suspect it's more out of jealousy than an actual sense of duty. Ace pinches your shoulder and teases you for being 'shameless' with all that skin out, but despite his sarcastic remarks, his ruby eyes remain glued to the pleasant line of your upper body. Deuce tries to protect you, bless his heart, but his face glows an iridescent red as he gently pulls you away from Ace, his hand lingering on your back.
Cater is already taking pictures of you and uploading them on MagiCam. The close-up of your pretty shoulders gets a thousand likes a minute… and Cater promptly makes the post private, simmering in quiet irritation as he finds himself being possessive of a girl for the first time. Trey tries to get the first years to leave you alone… and then promptly uses his senpai status to lead you away from the others and enjoy a few moments alone with you as you two continue to clean the gardens. You completely miss the way he gazes at your sweaty skin with clouded eyes whenever you turn your back to him.
Che'nya materializes behind you and steals kisses on your shoulders from time to time. He disappears immediately after with a chuckle so no one can stop him. Ace tries to smack him with a broom but misses every time.
You're wearing a tank top? Savanaclaw can smell your scent from a mile away. You somehow find yourself sandwiched between Jack and Leona, Jack's nose bumping against your shoulder while Leona's brushes against your neck. Ruggie swoops in to save you, pulling you away as he half-assedly scolds the other two. You don't notice how his thumb brushes over your pulse point, marking you with his scent, nor the way the air seems to spark with tension between the four of you when Ruggie keeps his hands firmly on your bare shoulders.
Azul clears his throat and tries to pretend he's not affected. He's very affected. He tries to romantically caress your shoulder but he's immediately cockblocked by Floyd and Jade. The twins hover around you like two skyscrapers and actively distract you from cleaning, poking and prodding at your exposed skin like they've never seen a clavicle before. Floyd attempts to take a bite but Jade pushes his face away before he can chomp down on you.
Jamil should be used to seeing exposed skin since his country's fashion is light and breezy, but he takes one (1) glance at you and flushes. He hides his face under his hood, but he steals glances when he thinks you're not looking. Kalim just waltzes up to you and wraps an arm around your shoulders, grinning from ear to ear as he offers to help you with your chores. You don't think much of it. It's just Kalim being a sweetheart. But the way he holds you flush against his body and looks down at you with mischief in his eyes tells you he may not be as pure as you think...
What is this, a zoo? Vil clicks his tongue and swats away the greedy hands that reach for your body. He's known you were a girl this entire time, of course, and he won't stand to have your blossoming beauty tarnished by a bunch of unruly monkeys. He casually offers to wipe the sweat off your shoulders… and then smoothly moves to dry off your cleavage too, lingering a bit too long with his fingers and giving you a dazzling smirk when you blush.
You hear Rook gleefully singing your praises all the way across the garden, his words getting sweeter and sweeter the closer he gets to you. You're all sweaty and flushed with exhaustion and yet here he is, following you around with a happy smile on his face and roses blooming around him as he waxes poetry like you're Helen of Troy. Epel is about to have a mental breakdown. He has to pretend to be all princely and polite because Vil is here, but he's seconds away from beating the shit out of Ace and Floyd with his metal dustpan. He remains glued to your side and drapes himself over you, bristling like a feral cat whenever someone tries to touch you.
Idia praises and curses the gods in the same breath. He should have stayed in his room!!! … But then he would have missed out on this premium moe content of his favorite character, (y/n)—! Maybe going out into the real world from time to time is not so bad?! He squats down and brings his hands to his head as he has a mini panic attack. If you and your bare shoulders get too close to him, he will pass out.
The only good thing about having Diasomnia's attention on you is that whenever they take a step towards you, everyone else takes four steps back. Malleus sighs and lets you stand next to him under his mantle, keeping a hand on the small of your back. His gaze is dark and intense as it flickers between your neck and your shoulders. You think he might be slightly flustered at the sight of your skin. Lilia is usually an old fashioned gentleman with you, so it catches you completely off guard when he sneaks up behind you and gives your neck a little love bite. It doesn't hurt. He just... rests his fangs on your skin for a second and your heart nearly jumps out of you. He cheekily licks your sweat off his lips and grins as he tells you to be more aware of your surroundings.
Sebek refuses to look at you, covering his mouth with a hand as his cheeks glow a light shade of pink. He stubbornly keeps his eyes on the half-painted rose bushes as he pretty much orders you to hide your half-naked self behind him. You're… most definitely not half-naked, but you know Sebek is just trying to protect you in his own awkward way, so you go along with it for a bit. Silver looks like the perfect knight in shining armor as he stands next to you, keeping the others away with a steely glare, a hand resting on his baton. You actually manage to finish your chores under his watchful gaze, and relish in the way his cheeks flush a little when you smile and thank him. He reaches up to brush your hair off your sweaty shoulders, his eyes burning into yours with unspoken longing.
At the end of your chaotic day, Crewel places his fluffy coat on your small frame and reminds you to be careful around men. You don't see the smirk he sends Crowley over your shoulder, nor the way the headmaster fumes at being beaten to the punch. It's his coat you should be wearing! He places his top hat on you instead, and starts brooding very dramatically whenever you attempt to take it off.
You sigh and keep Crowley's hat on for the rest of the evening.
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twst-shenanigans · 9 months ago
Basically what happens in TWST Halloween event
At Heartslabyul:
Ace, Deuce, Trey and Cater: *trying to calm Riddle down*
At Savanaclaw:
The rest of the Savanaclaw students: “YEAH!!!!”
Jack and Ruggie: *trying to bring back order*
Vargas: *using this opportunity to spar with the muscles of the students*
At Octavinelle:
Crewel: “Octavinelle is known to have calm natured students. I’m sure nothing bad is happening there.”
Azul and Jade: .....
At Scarabia:
Trein: “Their dorm leader wouldn’t start a fight, and I’m sure the vice dorm leader can handle this situation.”
Kalim: *crying* “Jamil, stop~!!” 
At Pomefiore:
*While the dorms students are acting as Vil’s bodyguards...*
Epel: “Did you call me cute? FIGHT ME!”
Vil: “.... I will not complain.”
At Ignihyde: 
*Dorm students hiding in the corner from the threat of social interaction*
Good boy Ortho gone feral: “EXTERMINATE!!”
At Diasomnia:
Malleus: “How dare you threaten me and my child of man!”
Sebek and the rest of the students: “We will follow you Young master!”
Lilia and Silver: ....
At Ramshackle:
*MC, Grimm and ghosts barricading the doors*
Grimm: “I never asked for this sort of fame!!”
MC: “I can never have a quiet day, can I....?”
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tinyfantasminha · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
damn Ace stans are really privileged  😔 (I know everyone will eventually get their own SSR but Ace is the first one to have three so-)
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mugi-chan · 10 months ago
❞ 300 Follower special~!❝
ლ  Tea Order: All the boys: When you wear his clothes!
ლ  Warnings: None!
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Tumblr media
Ace was going to be a little late so he told you to chill in his room 
His other room mates weren’t there as they had chores to do. 
Bored out of your mind you decided to look around his closet
You found his NRC jersey laying there 
You decided why not wear it to see how you look 
It was clean thank goodness and wearing it made you feel a little bit good about yourself
You grabbed the basketball and pretended you were Ace 
You didn’t notice Ace walked in, you shot the basketball in the hoop and cheered. 
Ace’s goofy smile was on his face and he snuck up on you
He gave a you a big surprise hug from a behind 
A squeak came out as you turned to be meet by a kiss from Ace
“Ace, I didn’t know you came in!” 
You quickly try hide your face by leaning into him 
You felt the vibrations from his chest as he laughed. 
He ruffled your hair a bit 
“Yeah I came in when landed that crazy shot!” That tease you called a boyfriend.
You just groaned and turned away
Ace just laughed and kissed the top of your head
“I think you look really cute in my jersey”
It was night time and it was only Ace, Deuce, and You 
His two other roommates decided to have a sleepover with other members 
Ace was fast asleep as basketball practice killed him 
And you completely forgot to bring a change of shirt 
“Hey Deuce is it okay if I borrow one of your shirts?” 
He face flushed bright red 
Y-you want to borrow his shirt? 
“S-sure” He tried to play it cool 
It was dark and you couldn’t see well 
So when you found a nice soft shirt you grabbed it 
When you got into bed with Deuce, he was scrolling through magicam 
He let the light from his phone illuminate the bed so you can get comfortable and know where your going
When he realized what you were wearing, he had a bright blush on his face.
You were wearing his pink cheetah shirt 
“Ah I didn’t know you were going to wear that” 
“What do you mean?” 
“I didn’t know you were going to wear the shirt I take care of the flamingos in” 
Then the realization hits and your face was so flushed that you both were stuttering
Then suddenly a pillow hit Deuce’s side 
“Can you love birds, keep it down?” It was Ace I guess you two were a little too loud. 
A nice unbirthday party was in motion
Well it was nice for a little while until something tripped a student and tea was spilt all over you
You were drenched in tea, Riddle got up and quickly walked over to you to drape his cape over you to keep you warm 
As the student was getting a lecture from Cater and Trey, Riddle helped you to his room to change. 
When you got to his room you still had his cape around it was nice and warm
Riddle was rummaging through his closet trying to find clothes that could possibly fit you 
While you sat on his couch waiting for whatever Riddle was doing
He grabbed you a dress shirt and a cardigan
“Here these should fit you” 
Riddle gave a soft smile as he left the room to give you privacy
When you changed into his clothes you hugged yourself letting everything sink in  
When you walked out Riddle’s face went red 
He knows it’s his clothes but when you wear it you look so cute! 
He coughed in his hand trying to calm himself down as he gently grabbed you hand and kiss your knuckles
“You look lovely” 
You two sat in silence for bit until Cater came in asking if they're okay
You and Trey where enjoying some nice cuddles on his soft bed 
All was fine until Cater knocked on his door asking for him to come help as some of the first years did a big oopsie. 
A tired sigh and quick kiss and he's gone 
Now all alone you looked around Trey’s room seeing if there was anything to entertain you 
His little Fedora collection 
There were three little stands, one was empty guessing that’s the one he’s currently wearing, you grabbed the one to the right of the empty stand. 
A nice olive green fedora with a blue ribbon going around the hat
You placed it on your head and looked at the mirror 
The hat looked a little off, but then it clicked. 
That’s right Trey wear his hat at an angle 
Angling the hat was most likely the hardest thing for you to do
You were to focus on the hat to notice Trey came back into the room
A big smile was seen as he walked up behind you and softly angles the hat correctly on you 
“There now it looks perfect on you” 
You quickly turned around to reveal a smiling Trey while you were a stuttering mess trying to explain yourself. 
He gives you a sweet kiss on the temple and whispers 
“It looks good on you”
Cater is off doing his light music club stuff leaving you alone on his laptop watching movies on there 
It was summer and the temperature in the Heartslabyul is not forgiving. 
You looked around and notice that there was a nice fluffy robe sitting on his bed 
You grabbed it and slipped it on 
It was so warm and soft and plus it had a nice scent to it 
Cater knows how to take care of his clothes well 
The warmth of the robe started to make you pretty sleepy 
As a yawn threatened to escape of your mouth 
You decided that it’s time to take a quick nap
You know for sure that Cater won’t be back for a while and you understand that 
You drift to sleep letting the warmth take over you 
When Cater did come back he was a little loud but as soon as he saw your sleeping figure he immediately went quiet 
He quickly pulls out his phone snapped a quick photo of your sleeping figure 
Cater looked at the picture he just took 
He went to his desk and sat there watching your sleeping figure
Tumblr media
You always admire the necklace that Leona always wear
 One time Leona had them off and set aside on his desk
You were cleaning up his room a bit, at least putting his clothes were their  suppose to go 
You notice the necklace sitting on the desk and decided to try it on
He always wear it why not see what it looks like on you
You were deciding which one to wear the colorful beads or the one with teeth 
You decided the one with teeth since that one looks the most interesting
Gently taking the necklace off the desk and head over to a mirror and tried to put it on 
When you finally got it on it was a little to big on you
 Leona woke up from his nap hearing you talking to yourself
 He peeked what you were talking about and saw you wearing his necklace
 A smile as plastered on his face thinking about how he would mess with you 
“You're wearing my necklace aren’t you?”
 Your reactions was priceless 
 You froze in your tracks and turned around to see Leona awake and getting up
“Yeah I am, I thought it was so interesting and I wanted to see what I would look like in it”
“Hm okay” 
And there he goes back to his nap 
You just smiled and shook your head and went back to cleaning up his room 
Winter break was coming near and you were going to stay on campus 
Sad that Jack was going to visit his family
He decided that he would leave you with some of his clothes to at least to make you a little less lonely 
It was one of that lonely nights
You were texting Jack while in one of his green shirts Jack was talking about his siblings and their antics, while you were talking about the movies you were watching 
Then a facetime popped up and you gladly answered it 
When Jack’s face came into view he saw what you were wearing and blush formed on his face 
He coughed into his hand and said that you looked lovely 
A smile formed on your lips and show him how his shirt pretty much drowns you 
He’s very embarrassed but will compliment you 
You two would try to continue having a conversation but Jack only looked at the shirt you were wearing. 
The sun was setting and you and Ruggie where taking down laundry from on top of the savanaclaw 
You spotted Ruggies leather jacket and decided to see how it would fit. 
Once Ruggie finished grabbing his clothes from his side he turn to see you in his leather jacket 
“What are you doing?” 
“I always wanted to wear your leather jacket, it makes me feel like a bad boy” 
You flex showing him how cool you look 
Ruggie laughed as he walked up to you 
“Well if you want to wear it, at least wear it properly” 
He fixed his leather jacket 
You just let out a laugh and was going to take it off
“No no, keep it on you look good in it” 
He steals a quick kiss and picks up the basket with folded clothes 
“Come on”
Tumblr media
Azul was looking around the mostro lounge
Where did he put his outer coat? 
He knows he lay it down somewhere and now it’s gone 
Jade and Floyd refused to help Azul 
He knows they know where his jacket is
The only place he didn’t check was his own room 
But he’s for sure he didn’t see his jacket there because he had it with him the whole time 
Just in case he went to check 
And oh no this boy just had a heart attack over the cuteness that was going on
He saw you sleeping ontop of his bed and his outer jacket 
Your sleeping figure is already cute enough but with his jacket OOH MAN THIS MEAN IS WEAKKKK
He was trying contain his flushed face as he entered his room 
He checked if you were asleep and when he confirmed that you were 
He quickly took out his phone took a quick picture of you and swiftly left his room 
He curse Jade and Floyd for not telling him that you had his jacket 
All they had to respond was with their wicked smile.
It was very cold day in the mostro lounge 
And you completely forgot your jacket 
Jade was to busy at the bar to help you out so you left lounge and headed over to Jade and Floyd’s room 
When you got there Floyd was chilling there
“Floyd what are you doing here?” 
“I don’t feel like working today” 
And Oh escaped your lips and looked around the room
“What are you doing here anyway? Jade is at the mostro lounge” 
“I know, it’s just cold today and I forgot my jacket” 
“Oh then take his scarf, its over there” 
Floyd pointed at Jade’s bed where his scarf was neatly hunged
“Are you sure?” 
“Eh he wouldn’t mind it, he might find it adorable” floyd cooed 
Rolling your eyes you took it and wrapped around your neck letting Jade’s scent and the warmth take over you
You left Floyd in his room and walked back to the mostro lounge 
When Jade spotted you enter the mostro lounge with his scarf his classic smirk was plastered on his face 
Having to keep the gentleman act he complimented your scarf asking where you got it. 
Of course you rolled your eyes and playfully punched his arm.
You didn’t come to visit the Mostro lounge and this annoyed Floyd 
Why weren’t you here? Floyd wanted to play with you 
He told Jade he’s going to look for you 
Before Jade could protest Floyd was already gone. 
He found you sitting underneath the apple tree crying
Crying? Why are you crying?
He stops right in front of you where his shadow covered you 
When you saw Floyd you quickly hid your face again not wanting him to see you cry 
Floyd thought about it for a second and took off his scarf and hat and put it on you 
You looked at what was on you and then looked up at floyd 
He had his goofy smile on and laughed 
“Aww (y/n) look so cute with my clothes!” 
He plopped himself next to you and comfort you until he saw
Tumblr media
You were looking around Kalim’s room looking for something to wear
You had to go to school to grab something but the school sometimes really cold 
You found Kalim’s Cardigan that he always wears at school 
You quickly grabbed it and headed out 
Kalim came back to his room seeing his closet open and you not there
“Huh where’s (y/n)? Jamil do you know where (y/n)?” 
When you got back to Scarabia you everything was quiet a little too quiet 
You walked back to Kalims room who was taking a nap 
Ahh so that’s why the dorm is so quiet the Jamil is probably out and Kalim is taking a nap 
When you take one step inside his room Kalim is already up and pounced on you
“Ahaha! (y/n) there you are!” Kalim gave you a big bear hug 
“Hello Kalim!” 
When Kalim pulls back to see you better he finally noticed that you were wearing his cardigan 
“Wah! (y/n) you look so cute in my cardigan!” Kalim gave you a kiss on the temple 
“You should wear my clothes more! In Fact I’ll get you the same Cardigan so we can match!” 
Oh Kalim this big goofy baby otter is too lovable.
Ah again Jamil is busy 
Kalim did something again that needs Jamil’s attention
Sadly this was when you and Jamil was having a cuddling session 
When Jamil left you became lonely 
You missed Jamil already, even though he just left
So to fix that why not take one of his many hoodies?
You found the hoodie that he always wore to school 
When you put it on Jamil’s scent surrounded you 
And the warmth made it feel like he was still there
Is it a little desperate? Maybe 
But when you miss Jamil anything works
You drifted to sleep as the warmth and tiredness was taking over 
It took a couple of hours for Jamil to fix whatever Kalim did 
When he got back to his room he noticed that you were in his hoodie
A small blush crept on his face as he walked over to your sleeping figure
When he noticed that you were a sleep Jamil didn’t wake you up
He just sat down at his desk and do some homework 
Every once in a while he would glance at you in his hoodie
Maybe he should let you borrow his hoodie often
Tumblr media
Now where did Vil put his crown?
 Ugh this is annoying, he was looking around where he could have possibly put it He looked around his peacock throne to see if he could left it there
 Nope it wasn’t there either 
“Rook, ROOK” 
“Yes Roi de Poison”
“Have you seen my crown?”
 “Ah I do believe you gave it to (y/n) to wear”
 Then it clicked, he was busy doing his makeup that he didn’t notice he agreed to let you wear his crown
He was little mad but not at you
 Rook informed him where you were
 Luckily you were just walking around the Pomefiore premise with Epel 
When he does see you with Epel he would keep his calm collective himself
 “My sweet darling Potato I do believe you have something that belongs to me” 
You turned to see Vil with his classic smirk
 “Ah you mean your crown?” You gently took it off your head
“Yes, I was looking all over for it” Vil took it out of your hand and place it on his head
“I think, I should give you some of my old jewelry you looked marvelous with my crown” was all Vil said before leaving  
Rook noticed that you were down in the dumps 
He tries to coax it out of you but you refused to say anything 
He wants to see your smiles again but it’ll have to wait until he figures out what’s wrong 
The idea he came up with was to give you his hat 
A sweet gesture he hopes 
When you felt his hat placed on top of your head you looked up seeing Rook
“Rook what’s the matter?”
“I should ask you the same thing mon amour”
Rook sat right next to you holding your hand 
You two sat in silence 
“I think you look beautiful in my hat mon amour” 
You just gave a simple nod 
“Can you tell me whats wrong” 
You told him what happened as he sat there and nodded. 
“I have heard enough Mon amour,no more gloomy days! Let us go and turn your day around” 
Rook kept his hat on your head and swoop you away to pomefiore
You were snooping around Epels room 
Mainly looking at the photo’s Epel had hanged up on his room
After looking at the photo’s Epel had you looked around and saw his closet door open
Curiosity got the best of you and you went and looked around his closet 
Looking around the closet you see this big fluffy knitted sweater 
It looked really fluffy, a quick look around seeing no one around you grabbed it and put it on 
It was really clunky and was  warm 
Epel was coming back from a very tired day of Vil’s manner works
Dragging his feet to his room he could hear small commotion coming from his room 
Little squeals?
When he opened the door he saw you on his bed rolling around squealing a bit 
He immediately notice you were wearing his clunky sweater his parents gave him 
A small smile was plastered on his face as he tiptoed his way to you  
When he got close enough he tackled you
You let out a squeal and quickly turned to see your purple haired boyfriend 
You two let out a laugh as Epel relaxed where he was
“Heyy at least take off your shoes!” 
You heard Epel whined a small “noooo” as he cuddled you close to him 
“You look cute in my sweater you should wear it more” 
A small pat on his head is your response
Tumblr media
“Come one come on dude!” 
Is what you normally hear when you chill with Idia
He hasn’t even got off his game in hours
I mean it’s not like you don’t mind it’s just some attention would be nice 
So what can you do to relieve the loneliness you were feeling 
Simple, he was wearing a tank top and not his school jacket so 
Anyway Idia likes to have his room cold for some odd reason so wearing his jacket would be perfect 
Your body heat kept you warm and you were practically swimming in his jacket 
“Ayeee gg gg” 
Idia’s round finally finished
He took off his headset and turned to see what you were doing
His pale face went as red as riddle’s hair 
A million words per second where coming out his mouth 
He trying to compliment you but also like really embarrassed 
He wanted to say “You look pretty” and “why are you wearing that” 
But what came out was “WHY ARE YOU PRETTY” 
Oh boy this boy wants to die now 
You burst out laughing 
Idia just layed on the floor covering his face
Poor Ortho came in seeing you punching the bed laughing while his older brother was crying on the floor
Tumblr media
Of course Sebek was off doing whatever Malleus was doing 
But he left his little hat he wore all the time 
It was neatly placed on his desk and it was so tempting to try it on 
He strictly tells you to not touch his uniform as he wants to make sure nothing is wrong NOTHING
But temptation got the better of you and you grabbed his tiny hat a placed it on your head 
Now Sebek had to go outside and needs his hat as it’s part of his uniform 
He remembered that he left it on his desk
When he walked in he saw you imitating him 
He stood there in shock at first but quickly recollect his composure
That scared the living soul out of you 
You quickly turned to see a angered Sebek 
But you notice a very slight tint of red on his cheeks 
You know he isn’t mad at you 
“I’m sorry I wanted to try on your hat it looked so cute!” 
The red tint got even more red by your statement as he coughed into his hand and outreached his hand
“May I please have my hat back?” 
You took his hat off and tried to gently place it on his head 
It was a little crooked but Sebek fixed it 
Sebek gave you a quick kiss on top of your hand and left 
Well a ‘thank you’ would be nice, but a kiss on your hand isn’t that bad either
It was a rainy day and you totally forgot your umbrella 
You were already half drenched as you made it halfway through campus before taking refuge at a nearby tree 
You were looking at the weather app to see when the rain would possibly stop 
It seems like your going to be stuck at the tree for a while 
Well you thought so until you felt a jacket go over your shoulder 
You looked up seeing silver with a smile on his face and an umbrella
“I heard from Sebek that you were stuck in the rain, of course it would be shameful for me not protect you from something that can harm you” 
“But rain can’t harm you” 
“Why of course it can, you could possibly get sick from the rain”
You burst out laughing at how absurd that statement was 
Silver looked a little confused but opened up the umbrella and put it over you 
“Shall we head back?” A short nod and you two were heading back to Diasomnia 
Once you two got to diasomnia you were still drenched in rain but Silver quickly fixed that by handing you a t-shirt and a fluffy jacket 
“Here change into these so you don’t get sick”
For sure Lilia would have told him all these crazy lies 
When you finally changed into his clothes it was big on you but not to big where you were swimming in it
When you got out Silver had a nice smile on his face as gave you a gentle kiss
“You look lovely in my clothes”
“Thennn is it okay if I steal them?” 
“Sure, but not my dorm uniform” 
Lilia’s dorm uniform coat is always something to be interested in 
It’s so big on him how does he even fight in his dorm uniform 
You wanted to test it yourself 
When Lilia was at his light music club you asked Malleus if Lilia had a spare dorm coat
Sebek may have yelled at you but Malleus gladly told you where to find Lilia’s spare dorm coat 
When you do find it, it’s huge like if Malleus wore it he would fit in it 
When slipped it on you felt like Lilia for sure 
How can anyone fight in this jacket it’s crazy 
You could barely move around without tripping 
Lilia said his goodbyes to Cater and Kalim and teleported his way back to his room
When he got there he barely got there in time before you tripped over his coat and face planted
“Oh my are you okay darling?” 
He helped you up and notice that you were wearing his coat 
“Oh ho ho, it appears that you are wearing my dorm jacket” 
“Yeah I wanted to know how you are able to walk around or even fight in this!” 
Lilia gave a soft chuckle and kissed your forehead
“Honestly it takes time but eventually you get used to it and work around it.”
You were going to take it off but Lilia stopped you 
“No no darling keep wearing it I think you look beautiful in it” 
A small blush formed on your face as you quickly tried to cover your face with his jacket 
Malleus was who knows where and you were waiting for him to come back so you two can go to bed 
You didn’t have pajamas so you looked around the massive room he has to see what you can wear
The closet is a good place to look at 
When you opened it you spotted something that you can definitely wear 
A dress shirt 
When putting it on you understood what it felt to wear Lilia’s uniform 
You were drowning in his dress shirt 
You know Lilia’s lab coat SR? Yea thats you in his dress shirt 
Once you got it to where you were comfortable you crawled back into his big bed 
Malleus came back to his dorm after his usual late night walks to find you almost asleep on his bed 
You looked so adorable he wanted to take a picture of you but didn’t know how to 
He quietly summoned Silver and asked him how to take a picture on his phone
Once Silver showed his old man how to take a photo, he took a photo of you but forgot to put it on silence 
The loud click sound woke you up from half asleep slumber 
Malleus quickly tried to hide his phone from you and luckily you didn’t see 
“Malleus your back” 
“I’m sorry for being out to long darling”
Malleus removed his outer layers and crawled into bed 
You didn’t notice the small blush but seeing you in his clothes just makes him feel some sort of way.
and we’re done, omg this took forever I’m so tired ( ु⁎ᴗᵨᴗ⁎)ु.zZ
Thank you so much for 300+ Followers! You all mean so much to me!
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twstdreams · 11 months ago
Tackle Hug
Sometimes you just have to be a little more aggressive to get your dose of physical affection!
Riddle Rosehearts
Running is not always uncommon at Heartslabyul. Obviously, you’re not supposed to run in hallways, but sometimes the flamingoes escape or you’re about to be late for a tea party! So Riddle isn’t pleased to hear fast steps but not completely surprised either
He lets out a shriek when you tackle him and you both go down. No matter how much affection the act is filled with, he’s now fallen to the ground, even if it’s in your embrace
This must be breaking some rule and if not, some societal rule or norm. You’re 2 seconds away from being beheaded until you tell him because you wanted a hug, specifically one from him.
Riddle’s face is as red as the rose he wears from some odd amalgamation of affection, anger, and embarrassment. He’s still chiding you but it comes out a lot more like a flustered mess than a sharp lecture
Leona Kingscholar
What are you doing? Guess the herbivore has a lot of energy
Why are you coming so close? So fast? No way, there’s no way ... You couldn’t possibly be aiming for him, right?
Your arms latch around his torso, and Leona stumbles a bit from the unexpected impact but manages to keep the two of you upright
He says he caught you because hearing your friends whine about you getting hurt would be too troublesome, but his heart knows it’s because he has a soft spot for you. 
All this for a hug? You could have just taken a nap with him. “What an annoying herbivore,” Leona mutters but his arms still hold you in a loose embrace with his tail wrapped around your frame
Azul Ashengrotto
Azul hears frantic footsteps approaching him and swiftly turns around to face you. You look like Floyd when he’s chasing down someone who hasn’t fulfilled their contract with a chaotic grin to match
“What are you doing?” he asks as you break out into a run towards him. Azul is about to sidestep out of the way of your random rampage when you gleefully tell him it’s because you want a hug!
The answer is so unexpected that it freezes him in his place and unfortunately sends you two falling to the ground. He’s just not used enough to his land legs to support the two of you during a spontaneous collision
He’s chiding you for being so reckless, now his suit is crumpled, he’s rambling a bit but the light dusting of pink on his cheeks are undeniable. 
Try nuzzling your face into his neck and he might even shut up for once
Kalim Al Asim
BAM! Kalim goes from thinking about how much fun the latest light music club session was to tumbling on the floor before he even knows what’s happening
He lets out a yelp but it soon dissolves into a fit of giggles when he realizes what’s happened. A tangle of limbs, bouts of laughter, crinkled clothes, but you’re both happy
Kalim tells you to let him know next time so he can properly catch you, but neither of you are complaining. 
Be careful! It might end up as a little competition between the two of you to see who can give the other more surprise hugs.
Vil Schoenheit
Vil does sidestep out of the way when he hears you stampeding. He has no intention of encouraging your zealous affections when they come with a dose of recklessness
Yes, he did say that he was someone worth dedicating yourself to, but he didn’t mean like this! Vil strives to be elegant and never show clumsiness which hardly goes hand in hand with a tackle hug
Vil scolds you about your impetuous display of adoration, warning you of the dangers of rashly charging about and how it lacked both tact and grace.
However, he helps you up after you tumble and fixes your uniform with gentle touches that contrast the harsh words slipping from his mouth. Even if his actions are covered with a bitter coating, the centre is sweet
He finishes off his lecture by saying that next time you should just ask for a hug, silly potato
Idia Shroud
You’re running towards him and honestly it kicks in his fight or flight instinct and now suddenly you’re both running
Too bad Idia skips out on gym too much, so you’re able to tackle him with your affection whether he likes it or not
He freaks out because he thinks you’re gonna hurt or bully him. Why else would you tackle him, if not in a blind rage? Is this the destruction flag event he was supposed to avoid?
You cut off his rambling and explain you hugged him as a show of fondness. 
Idia.exe has stopped working please return at a later time. He practically combusts on the spot but makes no move to wiggle out of your arms
Malleus Draconia
What are you doing? Is this a game of some sort? He’s not really concerned given you don’t really have the capacity to hurt him but you look quite odd, scurrying towards him and then suddenly opening your arms
You’re lucky the other Diasomnia members aren’t here right now or else they’d definitely intervene in fear that you had ill intentions
The goofy grin on your face indicates to Malleus that he’s safe but even after you collide, though Malleus doesn’t even stumble despite the force you came at him, Malleus merely quirks an eyebrow
Now you’re clinging onto him like a koala and he’s unsure of what is supposed to happen next. He asks what your intentions are and to discover it’s that you wanted physical affection from him causes the arrogant smirk to fall. 
Soon enough he’s smiling. Ah, so you’re brave enough to touch him without hesitation? Good for you, he shall permit it to reward you for your boldness. 
Malleus hugs you back and you feel safe in his strong arms. He feels delighted by your tight embrace and bright expression looking up at him. Perhaps he could get used to this
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pathidoszune · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
why did i spend time on this idfk have some mean girls christmas vdc redraws
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