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youronlydrpepper · 11 months ago
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Nutcracker Month 2020, Day 2: Auran
My favorite lavender baby! @inkabelledesigns
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katalystartist · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Artist Kat Alyst Debuts First Solo Exhibition with LA WEEKLY
"Someone is trying to tell you something" exhibition debut by artist Kat Alyst. Art Review by LA WEEKLY. Visit:
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katalystfans · 3 months ago
First Post!
Hello!! This blog is going to showcase the amazing photographer and model Kat ALYST! She is my favorite artist so far and I follow her since I was 13. Now Im 16 and want to make photography my passion!!! Here are some photos I love coming up next. ENJOY EVERYONE!!
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darknesslioness · a year ago
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Auran’s Journey
A late birthday present for my good friend, @inkabelledesigns​, with an animalized version of her character, Auran!
Thank you for all the encouragement and support you’ve given me over the years!
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inkabelledesigns · 3 years ago
Today started off shitty, but it’s turned into something so much better. I woke up still feeling awful after some stuff that happened yesterday, but as I sit here with the windows open and the breeze blowing in, I feel a lot better. So let me give you a list of all the things that made me happy today, and I encourage you to do the same. Let’s remember the little things in life that we enjoy.
-I had a talk with my dad about how I felt, and he was very good about helping me feel better without sugarcoating anything.
-I had a great idea in the shower about my fan song, Pawns.
-I tried to do my hair differently, putting part of it in a ponytail and then scrunching it with mousse. After adding my white flower hair clips, it actually looks really good. Now I want to try braiding at some point. 
-There was udon noodle soup from Costco in the pantry, and I share it with my baby brother for lunch.
-Arby’s sent me a coupon for free mozzarella sticks, maybe I’ll get to go before it expires. 
-One of the people I contacted about an informational interview e-mailed me back, I now have a chance to schedule with her, which is great!
-I had the best phone call with Career Services at my last college. The guy who specifically works with the art and communication students is new, and he was so helpful, now I have a lot more resources for my job search.
-This guy left me tickled pink when he complimented my art, told me I had no lack of talent, and that I sounded confident and capable on the phone. That felt really good, it’s rare I get a compliment like that. 
-I’ve got a great group of friends who have checked in on me as well as let me check in to talk about how things are going. It’s nice to be reminded that I have so much support.
-I filled my favorite pink water bottle with cold, filtered water, and I added my Sonic ice-pack rings to it. Tastes great, I’m staying hydrated!
That made me feel really good. Maybe this is something I should do with my blog going forward. I really enjoyed reading it back when @star-going-supernova did her three positive things of the day, so what’s to stop me from doing my own kind of thing like that? I’ve hit a bad patch in my mental health, this is a good reminder that things do get better eventually. 
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a-rae-of-sunshine · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Hey Rae, it’s Kat Alyst, hope you’re doing well! Finally got my flowersona done, and I’ve been so eager to share her with you and the garden crew! This is Lillian Dayton, she’s a combination of a day lily and lily pad. The combination was inspired by the flora in the different places I’ve lived over the years. When I was 8, we had these gorgeous yellow day lilies in the front yard, and I looked forward to seeing them in the spring time, and up where my grandparents live, there’s a lake in the front yard that occasionally has lily pads, along with frogs that like to hang out with them. Given I’m going to be moving again in a few months, I’ve felt a little bit uprooted (pun fully intended), and it’s lead to a lot of reflection of where I’ve been and where I’m going. The color scheme has a lot to do with that, especially with the orange, which is reflective of how vibrant the leaves get in the autumn of my current home. I’m sad to leave the place I’ve lived the longest, but I’m also excited to see where I’m going next, and this helped me with some of those emotions, so thank you. Lillian, much like me, is really shy and flustered until you get to know her. She can be a little clumsy, but she loves a good dance (if for no other reason than swooshy skirts) and appreciates any partner who will join her for one. She also adores jokes and wordplay. She’s eager to meet the rest of the garden variety, but of course, it’s gonna take her some time to warm up to things. Hope you like her!
She’s truly lovely! And you’re handlin of those markers is incredible! I’m just floored at the sheer quality of this good lord 💛💛
And I understand how scary and upsetting moving can be. I’ve been uprooted more than a few times myself, but I can see you’ve got a good head on your shoulders there and are already lookin’ at the brighter side of things goin’ forward! Just don’t forget, sometimes ya gotta move to a bigger pot to make room to grow! Yer feet might be danglin’ for a bit, but you’ll find solid ground again soon!
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hidewari · 3 years ago
Since it's hidekane day can you recommend your favorite hidekane fics from ff net, ao3 and tumblr?
I’ve gotten a couple requests for fanfic recommendations but I kept putting them off so I guess now is as good a time as ever to make a rec list 👍
(There are more but these are just the ones I remember at the moment, so I’ll probably update if I think of any more.)
I’ll Follow You by Naoish
He remembered when he had everything, everything that now felt so far away. Friends, close family, happiness, health. Now all he had was his name. Hideyoshi Nagachika. Hide for short.
White Noise by @katsuki-army​
In this final stage of the war, Kaneki leads the ghouls and Hide leads the humans. Plans are made together, meals are shared, and peaceful dreams are difficult to come by. It's not supposed to be this hard to trust each other. Yet the wounds run so much deeper than they expect. Maybe bridges are best left burnt. Maybe not everyone deserves a happily ever after.
Blow Out All The Candles by @midori-verte​
His scars had never bothered him before. In fact, he had foolishly worn them as a badge of honour. They were proof of his feelings for Kaneki, proof of what he had done for him.
But the world Hide lived in now was far less forgiving of scars.
Sometimes Miracles Don’t Work by FallenBleedingAngel
Hide buried his face in Kaneki's shoulder to hide the tears rolling down his cheeks.He didn't know what to say, so he said nothing.Hide could only hold Kaneki closer and hope for a miracle with all his heart.
Baby, Don’t Say No by @kat-alystic​
Kaneki was used to running away from all his problems, literally.Three years later, one problem showed up right in front of him when he least expected it, in the form of his Ex-boyfriend that he left years prior without an explanation.And from there, with the help of a bit of alcohol, everything went out of control.
Cantabile Dreams by @fweeble​
Nagachika Hideyoshi loves Kaneki Ken, everyone knows this. Nagachika Hideyoshi loves Kaneki Ken, has since they were children, and will continue to do so until he dies.
Dear You by @fweeble​
He's a liar, thief, and murderer -all ninja are."You shouldn't trust me," he says.Kaneki doesn't.
[Untitled] by @tim-drabble-vault​
They did not speak after Kaneki was saved and reunited with his family and friends alike.Hide was quite aware he was no longer apart of Kaneki’s family after years of separation. So he didn’t make an attempt to approach Kaneki.They did not speak, either, after the war was over. At the moment, there was peace and this alone was quite an extraordinary feat.But Hide - he missed Kaneki terribly.
Coloured Lines by @bestboyyusuke​
Hide always enjoyed the spontaneous irregularities in life, the little things that made every day special on its own. He didn't really expect something as special as the graffiti that had caught his eye instantly and struck something in him though._Graffiti au in which Kaneki is a graffiti artist that fascinates Hide to no end.
You Never Asked by @ayainu​ and @glittery-meme-rabbit​
Hide opens up to Kaneki about his parents and they both realize that they weren't all that different.
I Can’t Go on if You’re Not Here by sunshinehide
Hide found flowers beautiful. They were one of the simple pleasures of life; so, even when he began throwing them up, he couldn't bring himself to hate them. They reminded him too much of Kaneki, beautiful, and trampled by some, but still growing despite the harshness it faced.
Bateleur by @katsuki-army
The Night Circus is an enigma that none have been able to understand. It appears, entertains, then vanishes, and all who have witnessed what lies within have never come out the same. Hide is but one of its various centerpieces, playing the role of a charismatic magician. He soon comes to realize that some roles come with a steep price to pay.
And some bonus non-hidekane, Hide-centric fics which I love:
[Untitled] by @glittery-meme-rabbit​
The baby was crying again.
Nevermind that both him and Chika had to work in the morning, but the stupid kid should learn to sleep. It was Chika’s job to tend to the kid when he was crying. He could tell the difference between him being wet or hungry or just touch starved. To Marude it was all the same noise that kept him from getting at least five hours. Why did they adopt the kid again? Oh, it wasn’t adoption, it was more akin to picking a stray cat up off the street. Only Hideyoshi wasn’t a cat, he was a baby.
A baby who was about to get yelled at if Chika didn’t wake up and shut the damn kid up.
Unintended by @sasassy-writes
When Touka finds Hide after the Raid, she puts up with him for Kaneki's sake, to honour his memory. She didn't expect this sentiment to ever change - until it does.
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thealphareporter · 12 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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desmoinesnewsdesk · 12 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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ussharemarkets · 12 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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unspoilednews · 12 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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inkabelledesigns · 3 years ago
A Toast to a New Dream
So I’m sitting in my kitchen drinking some tea and painting my nails. I’m almost done packing for the big trip tomorrow. My family is headed to see the rest of our relatives in a big family Christmas party, our big tradition right before New Years. I’ll be driving back on New Year’s Day, but even though I’ll have my computer with me, I feel the need to say this now while I have the spirit of it in me. Just a little musing on this year.
This year kind of sucked. There’s been a lot of struggles with asshole professors, inconsiderate students in colleges, breaking it off with my boyfriend in March, my father’s cancer returning and becoming likely to kill him in the next year, and my art having taken several hits and falling apart. It’s bizarre for me to not want to draw, but I’ve felt drained after doing nothing. Everything feels uncertain and scary right now. And for a long time, I’ve been alone, incredibly alone. It’s not a good feeling. 
But for all the bad that’s happened, there’s been some good too. I got to fulfill a few dreams, like photographing fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle at the beginning of this year. After two awful match-ups, I now have the most wonderful roommate in the universe, someone who’s encouraged me to embrace my inner fangirl and be free to love the things I love. Geeking out over things with her is amazing, and god, I needed it. @exbarbiegirl Thank you for lighting up my life, love you to pieces. And for the first time in my life, I had a surprise party thrown for me for my birthday. I’ve never had friends who have done that before, and I think I cried a little. A ton of my friends from home have moved away, but we’ve gotten closer over Skype, and I made two of them so happy with mailing some cookies I baked this Christmas. I’ve been asked to voice in a fan game called Sonic: Shattered Realities as of this past summer, which has been a dream of mine for a long time. That project, along with Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces has renewed my love for the series, and I’ve gotten better about staying away from the petty bickering in the fandom.
And on top of that, while I’m still not into the horror genre, Bendy and the Ink Machine came into my life, and that’s been a blast too. I think this in particular is notable for a variety of reasons. I’m not a quitter by any means, but in this semester, I began to wonder if maybe I’d made the wrong decision when it came to being a graphic designer. But Bendy has a takeaway from it that I needed to hear, and it’s changed my mind. There will ALWAYS be a Joey Drew that tries to take advantage of you, no matter who you are, but you can’t let one person control your life. On the other side of the coin, meeting someone you never expected to meet can change the course of your life, and the amazing people I’ve met in this fandom never fail to put a smile on my face.
In particular, a huge thank you to @devilsroost . Jess, you and everyone in the Discord server are amazing people, and it’s so wonderful to have met you all. No one parties like the Roost!
And how could I forget @nyrandrea, @mythmica, @star-going-supernova, and @shinyzango? All of you inspire me, and I look forward to seeing what you post every time I log on. You do what you love, that’s something to celebrate, and I’m glad I learned of your existences at the tail end of this year. I’ve learned a lot from enjoying your content, be it about storytelling, art, or comedy, it’s all valuable and I hold it close to my heart. But there’s one person that stands out, who’s probably gonna be broken after I’ve said this. You probably saw this coming @themarginalartist, there’s not a day that passes where I don’t want to compliment you. Where do I even begin? I wouldn’t be back to roleplaying or writing if not for you, and as I tell it to most people when the subject comes up, drowning in ink ended up setting me free. You are an inspiring human being. I’ve learned so much about a ton of things from you, be it talking to you, watching your livestreams, or just reading and weeping a little at the precious amounts of angst. You give me a reason to believe that nothing is impossible, and with enough belief (and more importantly, effort), we’re more than just sheep. 
So even if things didn’t go as well as I’d hoped, I’m still glad I did more than just survive 2017. It’s been an adventure, and starting in a few days, a new one is about to begin, and I’m gonna tackle it with a sketchbook in hand. In the words of Gomez in The Addams Family Musical “Let’s live before we die, let’s laugh before we cry, let’s hold each other tight, and dance.” I’m determined to make it the best year ever, both for myself and for my family. My dad’s always said to live life to the fullest, and with him dying, I need to embrace that notion, now more than ever. I’m gonna do my best for both of us and start working on some dreams. Because after all, dreams can come true, but only if you work hard, and smart, to do it. 
So to all of you lovely folks, thank you for giving me something to look forward to at the end of my day. I never expected to find so much joy here on Tumblr, but it makes me glad to have met you. Here’s wishing you and your loved ones the best in 2018!
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thesunshinereporter · 12 months ago
Artist Kat Alyst to launch personal photographic story, ‘Someone is Trying to Tell You Something, in 2021’
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searchingthedepths · 3 years ago
Dear 21 Followers of the Blog,
It seems like a lifetime since we last told this story together, hmm? Why don’t you stop by the old blog in the next few days? There’s something I’d like to show you. 
Your Best Pal,
Mod Kat Alyst
That’s right folks, I made a lot of progress on the latest chapter of Searching the Depths, and now the plot is gonna get kicked into high gear! In addition to the new chapter of the fanfic coming out, I also have a special surprise for you that’s currently being edited. A big thanks to my friend @ahjones94 for his tremendous help with that. Keep an eye on the blog for the next few days.
(And as a side note, you do know this blog is okay to roleplay on, right? If you’re interested in joining me on some adventures with Bella Ewe, Sammy Lawrence, and other characters from this AU, please, feel free to stop by and start a conversation! My private messaging and ask box are open to you!) 
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