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listen i understand the whole 'gotta respect the prophecy' shit and the 'the avatar is who should save us' stuff but i still maintain it would be really funny if Zuko was like 'fuck the prophecy' and killed Ozai on the day of the black sun like he was about too before he left.
like the gaang show up like 'we're finally ready to end this' and just find this emo bitch who was supposed to be hunting them down like 'no lol i already did that'
'i thought you were on his side? isnt he your father?'
'barley. he was pissing me off'
'k gonna go end the war brb'
'what about Azula?'
'idk i told her she could be my second in command if she didnt kill anyone, she seems fine with it'
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jasten692 days ago
now it makes fucking sense i can't believe i didn't realize this sooner kshsjsksksjs it's head canon but this makes sense okay?!?!?!!!!
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rubikor21 hours ago
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low-budget-korraa day ago
TikTok audios and trends, Avatar edition #3
- Why does everybody think we fucked?聽
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Two friends in a room they might kiss...聽
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I was made for lovin' you, baby. You were made for lovin' me...聽
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聽I'm twenty so i can't f* with you
U twenty????
It's okay no one has to know baby girl聽
Dont! dont call me that
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6ft tall and super strong聽
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Anything can happen in the Bronx聽
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I understood the Assignment *literally every women in avatar*
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But why do I always feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone and...I always feel like somebody's watching me
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fanonical11 hours ago
katara: so, i can bend ice, which is a solid
katara: water, a liquid
katara: and steam, a gas
katara: i need to find a way to bend plasma and then i'll be the avatar
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doodlaang2 days ago
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Originally they were visiting Kya鈥檚 grave, but I couldn鈥檛 fit it in right. Enjoy!
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azulasnailtech2 days ago
How the Gaang would react if told they are allowed to say "fuck" once and only once through the show's run.
Aang: Thinks he's not gonna need it because his show is gonna be a punchy but ultimately lighthearted travelogue until Roku tells him about how he needs to defeat the Fire Lord before the comet allows the destruction of the world. Plans to say it in his final showdown against Ozai but ends up using it during Ember Island Players.
Katara: Understands the precious gift that has been bestowed upon her and keeps that "fuck" saved for a rainy day. Uses it when promising to kill Zuko on the spot if he screws Aang over again so he understands she means business. Absolutely nails it, A+.
Sokka: Refuses to believe he is a character in a TV show and foolishly says "fuck" in the pilot. Regrets it for the rest of his days, even as he continues to insist that they're not on a TV show and it's some weird spirit sh鈥 stuff blocking him from cussing.
Toph: Makes the conscious choice to say it in her very first episode, as part of her Blind Bandit showmanship. A girl's gotta make a fucking entrance!
Zuko: Had every intention of saving his "fuck" for a moment deserving of its gravity. Got riled and accidentally used it on Zhao after the man blew up his ship. Really wishes he hadn't wasted it on a low-level antagonist when Azula and Ozai come into play.
Suki: Doesn't get enough screen time to use her "fuck" in a way she deems worthy. Ah well, she figures it'll carry over and she gets to say it twice in any sequel series.
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ianime02 days ago
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Avatar: The Last Airbender | Book 3 | How about Grand-Pakku
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*The squad right before Zuko's wedding*
Sokka: Well I have to go, I have a wedding to attend.
Toph: Wait... Oh! I have a wedding to attend too!
Suki: Oh, I have a wedding to attend as well
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allinoxa day ago
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Inktober: The prompt is "loop"
Me: Hair loop?? 馃憖
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an-unknownsoul2 days ago
Do you have a jock nerd au but katara as the nerd and zuko the jock?
Fencer!Zuko and Top Student!Katara
Zuko was tricked into joining the school鈥檚 fencing team by a guilt tripping uncle and plotting sister.
He鈥檚 reluctant to admit he enjoys the sport.
Katara is the top student in her grade and is focused on being the top in her school.
She鈥檚 competitive and when she starts to struggle with gym, she goes to the brooding guy in one of her advance classes that she knows is some sort of athlete.
Zuko鈥檚 a little unsure about the 5ft something girl from one of his classes and cornering him for help in gym.
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lofistudygirl2 days ago
Part 1 of my arguments for Zutara & Taang and against Kataang & Maiko
The main premise of Avatar: The Last Airbender is restoring balance to a war torn world and balance itself is a big theme as well being a part of Asian culture in general. So since so much of the show is centered around balance and the concept of dualism naturally you would expect it to be woven throughout and it is for the most part. But there is one important aspect that would have tied perfectly into the themes of the show and yet they chose not to take such an opportunity. I鈥檓 of course talking about the romance.
Kataang is not a relationship of equals and is highly imbalanced in many many ways. Katara and Aang are opposites but not in a way that has their strengths and weaknesses complimentary to each other. In fact they don鈥檛 even really understand one another. Katara coddles Aang and never pushes him to be better as a person, rather she lets a lot of his problematic behavior slide. We see this when Toph starts teaching Aang earthbending, both girls have very different ways of dealing with Aang. Katara is gentle and relenting with Aang which quite frankly is not at all what he needs in this situation. Aang has what one might call Peter Pan syndrome. Yes it鈥檚 true he鈥檚 only twelve but he unfortunately lives in a world and has a role to play that requires him to grow up quickly, something he refuses time and time again to do. He willingly maintains his innocence throughout and it both stunts and blinds him as a person. Thus we see his character regress instead of develop. And Katara lets him. She never pushes him to change while Toph does. Aang has shown many times he doesn鈥檛 respect Katara, one example being him not calling her sifu. Katara is hurt by this but doesn鈥檛 do anything about. Toph on the other hand demands respect and Aang easily gives it. She challenges his worldview and forces him to break out of his comfort level. She gives Aang exactly what he needs to become a good avatar, what no one else had previously given him, something call tough love. Part 2 to come soon!
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chilheuk2 days ago
click image for better resolution
as a Korean it's intriguing and exciting to witness the attention Squid game is getting :)
somehow the overall cool tone of colors of this scene was appealing to me so I drew it in a zutara ver.
(and also because I wanted zuko to say the words in the last panel)
oh and yeah THANK YOU for 100+ follows! it's been about a month since I joined this fandom and I'm surprised that people actually like my lousy art
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Tumblr media
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incorrectzukoa day ago
Katara: can I be frank with you guys?
Sokka: sure, but I don鈥檛 see how changing your name is gonna help.
Aang: can I still be Aang?
Zuko: shh鈥 let Frank speak.
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never-ending-fanfic2 days ago
I don't know if anyone noticed, but among all the lessons Zuko has learned through his character arc, all of that being who he wants, doing what he wants not what his father wants him to do and all that, but he also mimics how Iroh treated him and he treats other people like that. Okay let me explain...
When Zuko joins the Gaang, he offers to be their prisoner, because he knows he has wronged them deeply and doesn't expect them to forgive him. When they let him join and Katara has her threatening moment, he just takes it. Whatever she does, throwing insults at him and demanding him to do the impossible, he takes it, let's her say those things to him, let's her be angry, because he knows he screwed up.
This is the exact same thing Iroh did for him. Iroh (on some level) let Zuko's father burn him, he turned away, he didn't stop that from happening. I think Iroh blames himself and being and wants to make it up to Zuko, somehow, by giving him a safe space and love that Zuko is not ready for, so he let's Zuko let out his anger (which is his trauma response) on him. He knows Zuko, in order to heal from the past, needs a safe space to let it all out and Iroh gives him that space.
Zuko gives that space to Katara, who is not ready to forgive him. She and her friends/family suffered because of him, he understands that, gives her time to forgive him.
I hope I made my point clear: Zuko's character development is amazing.
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stardust94816 hours ago
Katara: If only there was somewhere to sit...
Zuko: (gestures to the open chair next to him)
Katara: (kicks chair over) I wish there was somewhere for me to sit.
Zuko: (rolls eyes and gestures to his lap)
Katara: (sits on his lap) I knew you'd catch on.
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linuseer17 hours ago
Aang to Zuko: Sorry sifu (derogatory)
Aang to Toph: Sorry sifu (honest)
Aang to Katara: Sorry sifu (kinky)
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