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#Katherine Howard

@isabellalinton I’m pretty sure it’s the same dress Lynne Frederick wore as Katherine Howard in Henry VIII and His Six Wives!

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what would Cathy’s go to coffee order be? Black? Idk i don’t drink coffee

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Do you even know WHY a groom couldn't see a bride before the wedding?
No. It dates back to arranged marriages. People thought that if the couple had time to see each other before the wedding, they would change their minds and bail on actually getting married.
That's not US, okay? Because you love me, and I love you. And no silly superstitions are gonna change that.
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I found this on YouTube and even though it’s not mine I just want to share it on Tumblr so they could get some love 

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Cathy, seeing Kit trying on her wedding dress
When I pictured my wedding day, I thought I would be the most beautiful woman there, but I was wrong. You will be. You look amazing.
Kit, panicking and grabbing a curtain to cover herself
Cathy, what are you doing here?! This is like the ultimate bad luck! A bride CANNOT see her bride before the ceremony! Why are you trying to sabotage this wedding!
You know what? This was all adorable, but now I'm putting my foot down. Do you even know WHY a groom couldn't see a bride before the wedding?
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Okay, so, i’ve been thinking about what the SIX film could be/be based around and hear me out…

(I did add this in a reblog this but i think it’s awesome so i’m posting it again.)

THE QUEENS MAKING SIX (a prequel kinda thing)

It starts with the queens being reincarnated into the 21st century and we get these scenes where they meet each other again, work out who they are before discovering the outside world etc etc.

We could get some really cute scenes with Cathy and Catalina, maybe Anne could discover she’s Bisexual in the 21st Century and Jane could accidentally walk into a lingerie store. 

Eventually, (through means of movie magic) they find out that no one is telling their true stories and they come up with a plan to tell that: A musical!

It’s about their story making the musical, the meanings of their songs and how they eventually come together as a found family to retell their stories through means of forgiveness and hope.

To end, the queens are performing their flash mob at the Tower of London. After the performance they all take a moment to bow and look at the crowd. Soon after though, they each start fading away in rhyme order - they’ve reclaimed their stories.

Cathy is the only ‘survivor’. The 6th queen makes it her mission to get SIX officially on the West End before her time is up and she casts a new group of queens. She fades away after the first official performance having reclaimed their stories.

*As for cast, the original West End cast will play the tudor versions of the reincarnated queens (in any flashbacks)

We have a totally new upcoming cast of Gen Z performers playing the reincarnated queens.

The ‘final’ cast of queens will be played by the updated west end cast (Courtney, Danielle, Sophie etc.)* 

I have an ENTIRE TRAILER IDEA pre-written and ready to go because i’ve been hyped on this idea for like a year now! ☁️

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“My child is fine”

Your child has experienced sexual abuse and got beheaded for it.

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Anne: Things have actually been going really well with Cath. Our friendship is in a really good place.

Anne: Last week I said, “Did you know the weiner dog is neither a weiner nor a dog?”

Anne: And instead of saying, “Shut up, Anne,” she said, “Okay.”

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Anna: I like your shirt!

Kitty: Thanks *remembers people like bad girls* I stole it.

Kitty: *remembers people also like nice girls* from an old man I was helping walk across the street.

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Anne: You’re a lying, cheating, piece of shit! You’re not the person I married!

Cathy: Fine then! We’re getting a divorce! And I’m taking the kids!

Kitty, pushing the Monopoly board away from them: …Maybe we should stop playing.

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no y’all! She THOUGHT he was going to be DIFFERENT because he’s CARES and he’s DEVOTED but then he said THEY HAVE A CONNECTION so it’s NEVER EVER DIFFERENT

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Ok i need help (obviously but like for a different reason)

I have so much writing shit I could be working on, but I don’t know what to focus on so i need y’all’s opinions, should I focus on, for now, finishing…

  1. My upcoming chapter of Totally Platonic
  2. My contribution to Anne Angst™
  3. Or some one shots with some prompts i found (it would probably take the least amount of time to publish if y’all really want some content)

Please let me know what you would like to see first, i will eventually get all of this stuff out i just need something to focus on so I stop jumping from story to story, thank you :)

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All the queens deserve love and cuddles!!!!

I totally think that once a week, usually the night before their day off, all the queens will make a giant cuddle nest in the livingroom and all get comfortable in each other’s arms. Kitty likes to lay in Jane’s lap. Jane likes to lean on Catalina’s shoulder. Catalina likes to run her fingers through Cathy’s hair. Cathy likes to bury herself in Anna’s arms. Anna likes to tangle her legs with Anne. Anne likes to be in the middle of the whole pile getting as much love as she can.

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Anne: have any of you seen cathy? I can’t find her

Kat: she’ll be out any minute

Anne: out?

Anna: we saw a documentary where they said octopodes where super smart and could get out of a water tank like a magician

Kat: so we deciphered that Cathy was smarter and could easily compete against seafood

Anne: did you trap Cathy in a water tank?! Where is she?!

*random fiddling noise on the background*

Cathy *coming out of the water tank they trapped her in*: what the heck?!

Kat: ladies and gentlemen! We have here the new queen species! The cathtopus!!

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So! A friend told me I had to do something once I reached 100 followers, and I never reject a challenge!

Here you go! Thank you for following me even if mostly I just post random stuff! I love each one of you and if you ever need someone awkard to talk to my dms are always open!

Have this!

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