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Kaminari: *trying to open the bathroom door but it’s locked* ughhh seriously man?! Again?!?!

Bakugou: *has been in the bathroom for over an hour* It’s a long process to look this good Spark ass

Kaminari: *mockingly* And I thought you ‘woke up perfect’

Bakugou: *steps out of the bathroom looking like a 35/10* Oh please dumbass, that’s just something hot people say to make the extras feel inferior.

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here are some things i can’t stop thinking about,,

Hawks and Todoroki will probably get along well since they had similar childhoods.

If Bakugo ever finds out what happened to Best Jeanist was Hawks fault he’ll most likely go batshit crazy on Hawks

if Tokoyami ever finds out what Hawks did he’ll most likely feel betrayed and might end his internship with him; OR he’ll allow Hawks to explain himself and then isolate himself from Hawks to think over the situation…

Hawks is one of the most morally gray characters i’ve ever seen and my gut from the beginning told me not to like him bc he couldn’t be trusted but i love him anyway

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Hello hello, reader friend! This is adorable, and as we all know, I am in love with Katsuki Bakugou (thanks so much for requesting! )

Lotsa love from Yaomomo xx


Katsuki Bakugou:


Originally posted by osxka

Not attending UA was the right move for you- Your life’s dream wasn’t to be a top ranking pro. It could be difficult sometimes though, not being able to see your boyfriend everyday, not to mention the fact that UA seemed to be under constant attack from villains.  Katsuki would text you a few times during the school day just to check on you, make sure that you’ve eaten lunch or to arrange what time he’d be picking you up for your study date. He is an incredibly caring boyfriend, but he attempts to cover up his secret affectionate side. 

Noone believed that your lockscreen was real: Your classmates teased you about your allegedly photoshopped photos with one of UA’s upcoming pros. But they were all legit - Katsuki’s lips on your cheek as your phone faced the mirror making the selfie that was your phone’s lockscreen. Unfortunately, it made you the subject of some teasing during the school day but, you knew that when the bell rung at the end of the day, Katsuki would kiss it all better.

“Off to see your fake boyfriend, nerd-” One of your less-than-kind classmates laughed at you as you walked out of the school gates, books clutched to your chest. Luckily, Katsuki was in earshot as he waited for your library date. “Your precious little Bakugou who’s totally your boyfriend.”

“Watch your mouth, asshole,” Katsuki growled as he pulled you into his arms, chin upon your head as he glared daggers at your bully, “Leave (F/N) alone before I break your fuckin’ knees.” His hand raked through your hair before kissing your mouth passionately, eyes half-liddedly open still glaring at your despicable classmate. “Stay out of their way or I’ll set you on fire.” Your classmates left you alone about your boyfriend after the incident.

Katsuki gazed down at you, taking your books and holding them under his left arm. His right arm snaked around your waist and a low grunt left his lips. He didn’t say much as you wandered to the library for you date, but, he glared around, holding you close to his body as he protected you.

“How long have they been botherin’ you, nerd?” Your boyfriend huffed, setting your books on the library table and slouching in the slightly uncomfortable chair.

“As long as we’ve been together, Kaachan,” you grumbled, watching his scowling face as he flipped open a textbook. Without a word, Katsuki lay a lingering kiss to your lips, one softer than his usual rough kisses. “Katsuki-”

He blushed lightly, “I’m not soft okay … Just care about you, okay.”

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Fire On Fire part 2

Bakugou x reader

⚠️WARNINGS⚠️: BDSM dynamics, swearing, if sexual shit make you feel uncomfortable don’t read it. Also mentions of drug abuse in this chapter

A/N: also can I just say holy shit? Like I wrote this not expecting anyone to read it. I did not expect this type of response. Thank you, so much. 🤍🤍 the format on this is kind of weird because Tumblr wouldnt let me post the whole thing if there was too many spaces or something like that. I still have a ton of details to work out, I don’t really want to focus on quirks in this so I might just talk about them here and there but we’ll see.😊


It had been three days since the party and all you could think about was Bakugou. You were currently in between patients at the office where you work as a therapist, mostly specializing in addiction therapy and ptsd. You sit in the break room making yourself coffee hoping it will make up for the lack of sleep you’ve been getting. ‘Give me a call. I’ll show you what you’ve been missing.’ Bakugou’s words replay in your head. You couldn’t shake him, you constantly thought about the way his tone made you shiver in delight. Your hand drifts down to your pocket and trying to decide if you should take out your phone and make that call. He wanted a sex slave but that’s something you promised yourself, you would never be. “Good morning, y/n!” You jump and look over to see your co-worker, Niko, standing in the door way. “Whoa, you ok?” She asks in a concerned tone.

“Yea.. yea I’m fine.”

“You sure? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Yes, thank you Niko. How was your weekend?”

“It was WILD. We went bar hopping and ended up at a karaoke bar. It took several shots but Haruto, got me up on stage.” She replied giggling.

“Oh wow.”

You internally sighed. Thinking about how uncomplicated Niko’s life seemed.

“What did you do? Any fun Halloween parties?” She asked.

“Yea I went to one.”

“Aaaand how was it?”

You thought for a moment before answering, not really wanting to give her too many details, considering it was an exclusive party, not even the press knew about it.

“It was alright. Nothing to special.”

“C’mon, you gotta give me more than that! Did you meet anyone?” You remember Bakugou’s smile before telling her no. “Y/n, I’m a therapist as well. I can read you like an open book.”

“Ok ok, there was one guy. He bought me a drink, we talked for a bit, but it’s not going to work out.”

“Really? We’re doing this again?”

“Doing what?”

“The thing where you blow a guy off without giving him a chance. Let me guess, you have his number but you haven’t texted him?”

“Girl you scare me sometimes.”

“Just text him and see where it goes. What’s the worst thing that could happen?”

‘Um I’ll become a sex slave that’s what.’ Is what you wanted to say but you just nodded and promised to think about it. You pull out your phone and stare at Bakugou’s name in your contacts. You didn’t want Niko to be right about you and you DID really want to see him again. You clicked on his name and decided to just get it over with.

You: I thought about you this morning in the shower. It got a little too hot for me.

You: The water, I mean

You face palm, questioning if that message was too forward. Three dots appear on the screen. You were shocked that he was reply already. You thought he’d be too busy saving lives. His message appears on the screen, it makes you swallow hard and your phone almost slips from your hands.

Bakugou: was your skin nice and red?

You: it was, it stung a little.

Bakugou: awe you don’t even know what a sting feels like, Princess.

You: do you want to show me?

Bakugou: careful now.

You: I like a little danger

Bakugou: you wouldn’t be able to sit for a week.

Your whole body feels hot.

Bakugou: but remember… I’m off limits

You: rules are meant to be broken, Bakugou

Bakugou: not my rules

You: guess I’ll just have to find someone more flexible than huh?

Bakugou: you’re going to have a hard time, if you’re looking for a dom that will let you be in control, brat. Maybe you’re the one who needs to be a little more ‘flexible’.

You: oh hunny, I’m plenty flexible. I can bend in ways you wouldn’t BELIEVE…. for the right guy of course.

Bakugou: are we still talking about following rules here? Because it feels like we aren’t. Naughty girl ;)

You stare at your phone, a little unsure of how to respond to Bakugou’s text. You weren’t sure if you would be able to accept his help. You needed more time to think it through, but in the mean time you had clients that you needed to help. You downed the rest of your coffee and headed to your office.

Your first patient of the day is A young man that you’ve been working with for awhile named Eito. He can’t sit still in his seat and he wrings his fingers. “You’re getting closer to your discharge date.” You tell him with a smile “how does it feel?” He casts his eyes downward and you can sense the dread rolling off of him in waves “honestly? I’m a little scared.” He tells you. You can already tell today is a bad day for him so you try to push a little further to understand what’s going through his mind and help him work through it.

“Why’s that? Anything in particular bothering you?”

“Look I know how this works, this is my second time in this situation. I get out, go out and use again, and I end up right back here.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way, Eito.”

“But it will. It happens all the time.”

“It does. But that doesn’t mean you have to be in that category. You need to focus on how far you’ve come and the accomplishment you’re gaining when you get out of here.”

Suddenly your phone buzzes at your desk, but you ignore it.

“I don’t have anything to go home to, I’m losing my mind.” Eito tells you.

“You might not yet. That will come with time, you will have things to look forward to. You just have to stay sober and work hard.”

Your phone buzzes for a second time. You quickly shove it in your desk drawer, getting annoyed with whoever it is for bothering you in the middle of such an important time. Eito notices your irritation and asks if you need to answer it.

“I’m not worried about that right now. You are my main focus right now. Fear is normal, remember that quote we talked about? Courage is being scared to death and-“

“And saddling up anyway.” He finishes for you

After talking a little more. Your session with Eito ends. You say goodbye to him and tell him to try and stay positive, hoping you gave him the right advice. You pull your phone out and look at the texts you’ve received. They were from Bakugou:

Bakugou: I don’t like to be kept waiting.

Bakugou: ya know ghosting someone mid conversation is a little fucking rude.

‘Saddle up anyway’ those words echo through your mind as your phone buzzes again. Jesus Christ he really doesn’t quit huh? You think as you glance at your phone again. It’s from Mina asking if you wanted to hit the gym today. You text her back and say that you’ll meet her there.

At the gym, you and Mina sit on the mats stretching out your muscles before your workout. She starts the conversation “sooo how do you feel?” You look at her confused. “About what?” You ask back.

“Your first venture into the world of kink.”

“It was a little disappointing. Mostly due to my run in the prince of Jack asses.” You say glaring at her.

“I’m really sorry about that. I swear it will never happen again.”

“You can make it up to me by giving me some more info on Bakugou.”

“Why? Have you texted him?”

You think about your phone sitting in the locker room. Hoping he wasn’t figuratively blowing it up with more agitated text messages. You didn’t know what to tell him. You wanted to make up your mind and give him an answer soon. Hopefully talking with Mina would help you make a decision.

“How do you know he gave me his number?” You ask

“Word gets around, especially when you hand your phone to a pro hero in a room full of kinksters.”

“How well do you know Bakugou?”

“Sero and I have known him for years. We’re still in the same friend group. He’s not a bad guy but-“

“But he’s looking for a sex slave.”

“He told you?” Mina gives you a shocked look, “do you know what that entails?”

“Yea but I don’t get it. How is that in any way consensual? It seems like a huge contradiction.”

“It is confusing but not everyone agrees with an exact definition of certain kinks in this community. But it definitely can be consensual. My definition is: when you’re a sub to a dom, you’re allowed to set and change limits whenever you need to. You have this word, called a safe word, you can use it any time to stop a scene that becomes too much for you. But with a sex slave, they’re expected to submit to their masters every will, all the time.”

“Do they get safe words?”

“Every relationship is different but from what I’ve heard, most times the answer is no.”

You were starting to get pissed off at the idea. “So a guy can just do whatever he wants to a girl because she’s ‘his’ property. Is that it?”

“It takes a massive amount of trust to be in that type of relationship. It works for some, but it’s definitely not for you.”

You sighed. She was right, you just couldn’t fully hand over your free will to someone. You didn’t want to. “So are you gonna delete his number?” Mina asks.

“Well I’ve thought about it but I think I might actually talk to him.”


“Oh calm down, it’s not for that. He offered to help me out.”


“With finding me the right dom.”

“I thought Sero and I were helping you with that.”

“I know and I really appreciate it. And I totally trust you both, Don’t get me wrong. It’s just I kinda want to see what he can help with too, he might know some different people.”

“Yea true. Sero and I have been out of that scene for a minute now. We’re married and all boring.”

“You my friend are anything but.”

You started to work on your stomach. Laying on your back to do some bicycle crunches.

“Ugh girl I wish I had your curves you’re so hot.” Mina whines.

You roll your eyes at her “shut up. You’re sexier than me and you know it. And you don’t have my huge ass.” You say, pointing out your biggest insecurity. Before the conversation about your body goes any further, you switch the topic back to a certain Tall ash blonde. “So. Bakugou. What’s he like?”

“He’s intense, but He’s one of the good ones. his whole life has been centered around trying to be the number one hero. He’s thinking about opening up his own agency one day.”

You picture what Bakugou in what he might look like in action and it makes you hot. Thinking about him all sweaty and covered in dirt from battle. You bite your lip and Mina quirks up an eyebrow at you like she knows exactly what you’re thinking. A ransom voice breaks through your fantasy. “Hey.” You turn around to see a sweaty, absolutely ripped, guy standing behind you. His chest rises and falls, rapidly while he catches his breathe. “Oh sorry are we in your way?” You ask. “No.. um you’re good. I just uh- saw you from across the room. You have a really nice form.” He replies. You blush and thank him. Mina cuts in “she does right?” You start to question if this guy is hitting on you. You notice he’s very attractive, with short black hair, shaved underneath, that hangs a little bit into his steel gray eyes. You wonder if he could be a little rough in the bedroom. “I’m levi.” He says. You smile and flirt with him “are you a personal trainer, Levi?”

“I’ve dabbled in it a little.”

“I can tell. It’d take an experienced eye to recognize my form from far away.”

“well you’re hard to miss” he says making a show of raising his arms while stretching and you take notice of the deep v-line that dips into his shorts.

“You have any tips for me?”

“Uh tips?”

“To improve my ‘form’.”

“Oh yea I can definitely think of a few.”

“I’m a bit of a tough student just so you know.” You say, walking up to him and tilting your chin up to meet his eyes, you bite your lip “I need a firm hand.”

His voice drops a few octaves “you do, do you?”

“So what should I do?”

“You should adjust here.” He places hand on your hips then takes you hand as if you two were going to waltz around the room. He continues on “and here, but be careful. You don’t wanna get swept off your feet.” With that He dips you back like a cliche romance movie. You want to bust out laughing, you can tell from the look on Mina’s face that she does too. You desperately try to hold it in. Yea, this guy was hot but you weren’t interested in vanilla anymore. He pulls you back up and you pat his chest. “It was nice to meet you, Levi. Thank you for the compliment.” You tell him trying to let him down easy.

You were exhausted. After taking a long hot shower you stared at your ‘gold star kink virgin’, as Bakugou put it, body in the locker room mirror. If you had met a guy like Levi a year ago you would’ve been head over heels for that cheesy shit, but now all you could think about was Bakugou. You run a hand over your ass wondering what his palm might feel like, thinking about what it would be like if he added his quirk into play. Or those teeth with his sharp canines digging into your skin. You sigh and take your phone out, clicking on Bakugou’s messages.

You: hey sorry, I was caught up at work.

Bakugou: disappearing like that was shitty

You: ok? And I said I was sorry, what do you want?

Bakugou: listen here, Brat. I think you need to learn how to follow someone else’s rules.

You: why?

Bakugou: you’re too headstrong for a dom.

You: I am not.

Bakugou: Yea? Why don’t you prove me wrong then? Do 100 Kegel exercises right now.

You: are you crazy?!

Bakugou: that’s not how you’re supposed to answer me. Do it now, and text me when you’re done.

You hesitate a little, reading his text as another comes through.

Bakugou: do it or I going to assume you aren’t serious about wanting a dom.

You: ok fine

You began the kegels. You wanted to proves to him that you were serious about this but part of you also wanted to impress him. You couldn’t help but feel a little ridiculous but still you counted in your head, squeezing you pelvic floor muscles with each number. You started to wonder if Bakugou was fantasizing about you doing them, on cue you received another text from him:

Bakugou: how does it feel, y/n? Are you picturing my fingers stuffed deep inside of your cunt? Maybe my cock?

You: it feels good. I’m picturing you fucking your hard cock into my pussy.

Bakugou: oh yea? Am I being rough with you?

You: yes

Bakugou: why?

You: because I was a bad girl and I need to be punished.

Bakugou: exactly fucking right. You do.

You: I promise I’ll be a good girl.

Bakugou: you have allot to prove, princess.

You: I’ll prove it to you.

Bakugou: oh yea?

You finish your kegels and text him back.

You: I’m done

Bakugou: good now answer me. Do you want to take me up on my offer to find you a dom?

You: I do

Bakugou: a definite yes. Good girl.

You: don’t rub it in

Bakugou: you free Saturday? I have a friend who might be a good fit.

You: well that was fast. Who is it?

Bakugou: just wait and see.

You: I don’t like surprises.

Bakugou: just trust me.

You: ok but I don’t know you very well. You have to give me details.

Bakugou: you’re smart. Lesson 2 always meet in a public place. He’s in hero marketing. Nice guy and definitely your speed. Ya know like 20 miles per hour.

What a fucking jerk, you think to yourself.

Bakugou: what do you think? Coffee shop on Ebisu street at 1 pm? Daylight, public place, I promise to leave the chains at home.

You find yourself wishing you could say screw the guy and bring the chains but you don’t.

You: that works for me.

Bakugou: we’ll find someone to play nice with you before you get into too much trouble.

You: they better not play too nice.

Bakugou: your wish, my command. See you Saturday ;)


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Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

So, don’t ever second guess yourself. That’s the worst you’ll ever feel AND I WILL NOT STAND STILL AND WATCH YOU FALL APART!

Get your ass up, and do it anyways. You might fail but try again! Never give it up.


Originally posted by raittos

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request: Hey, I was wondering if there was a chance is we could get a reaction out of Deku, Bakugo, Todoroki etc of the reader coming to school dressed an E-Girl or a Soft Girl or something like that 😂

a/n: since they do have a dress coded school, i decided to change your request just a bit! i don’t know how to implement the aesthetics into the uniforms without breaking some sort of dress code
i added cottage core to this too, to mix it up a bit!

warnings: fluff and slight sexual tension but no nsfw



Originally posted by morganiser

Izuku Midoriya.

It was all Toru’s idea. And though it was supposed to be a prank on Izuku, but it felt more like a prank on you. You didn’t really know how the conversation got there but suddenly the girls were going to dress you in cottage core attire to see Izuku’s reaction on you going out of your comfort zone a bit. A few in the class were going out that day to the park for a picnic, since the weather had been so nice lately.
So they put you in a light blue, angelic-looking, dress that Momo just had lying around for some reason. The dress ended above your ankles, so you could still see the brown leather shoes which you matched it with. In your hair they put a matching light blue bow on the back of your head. To keep warm you put on a creamy white knitted cardigan, which Momo made on the spot when you asked about the slightly chilly breeze.
Ochaco was in charge of putting on make up, so she went out to grab some of her stuff. When she came back she only put on very light, natural make up. But with a bit extra blush on the apple of your cheeks and on the tip of your nose.

Once it was done you looked yourself in the mirror. You looked right about ready to go to your cottage in the forest to take care of your cats and water your flowers… and you kind of… liked it?

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Scrubs and Combat Boots | Bakugo x F!Reader

Pairing: Bakugo Katsuki x Female!Reader

Warnings: Bakugo’s potty mouth

Author’s Note: Hi everyone! I’ve been working on this for a while and I’m really happy about how it came out. I left it open for a possible part 2 if people want it. Just let me know please :) I hope you all like it <3

Word Count: 1.5k


The first time you met Bakugo Katsuki you had just begun working as a nurse at a local hospital. Coincidentally, the Emergency Room was getting ready for patients to come in after hearing about a villain attack near the hospital. Thankfully most of the civilians were evacuated from the area. But that didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be any casualties being rushed to the ER.

As you were stocking up supplies in the trauma room, the emergency phone rang through the floor. The charge nurse picked up the phone and all you could hear was loud yelling and sirens. “Alright, everyone! We have ambulances coming in 3 minutes. I want every room stocked up and ready.”

You felt your heart thumping against your chest. It reached your ears like a steady drum. Boom. Boom. Boom. This is what you’ve trained for. Deep breaths. You’re finally helping people like you dreamed you would be doing. And nothing is going to stand in your way. 

All at once, everything turned to chaos. The first thing you hear is the sirens wailing outside the building as they bring in the first casualties. You snapped out of your daze as they brought in your first patient to your trauma room. It was louder than your heartbeat thumping in your chest. All at once, everything became too loud. You need to focus. Focus on your patient.

When you reached the stretcher, everything was silent for just a second. No loud shouting. No thumping heartbeat. No chaos. Everything was zeroed in on your patient who was angrily fighting everyone away from him. You were immediately overwhelmed by the smell of smoke, blood, and caramel in the room. 

“I fucking told you extras I didn’t need to be here. Get off of me!” Loud explosions went off in your trauma room which just added to the noise coming from the patient shouting at everyone. 

You took a better look at your patient as he struggled against the doctors and paramedics. His ash-blond hair was littered with dried blood. You noticed blood running down the side of his head and more under his bright red eyes. Bruises ran along his exposed skin. More hidden under his hero costume. You were surprised at how much energy he had even with all those injuries. 


You took a deep breath and took the patient’s chart from the paramedic. Bakugo Katsuki. Hero name: Ground Zero. Quirk: Explosion.

“Ground Zero, sir, you need to calm down.” You began to say but it was drowned out by all the yelling and loud explosions. You tried again. “Sir, we’re trying to help you.” No one gave you a second look as they were still trying to keep Bakugo on the stretcher. You couldn’t even get a word in with all the yelling and shouting. You could feel a headache start to form. 

You gulped and took a step closer to the patient. You put a hand on his shoulder but he pushed you away just like everyone else. More people were rushing in. You cannot help him like this. You bit your lip. This was not how you expected your day to go. How were you supposed to help your patient like this? 

You took a deep breath. “SHUT THE HELL UP!” 

Everyone stared at your small form as the chaos dissipated from the room. Bakugo glared down at the nurse. He didn’t even notice you were there with everyone running around the shouting the whole time. Bakugo saw the way you scrunched up your nose as you glared at everyone in the room until your eyes landed on him. He doesn’t know why he suddenly felt his chest tighten or the way his palms were sweating more than usual. It was like he was about to go into battle. All he knew was that Bakugo Katsuki never backed down from a fight. Even from a small nurse. 

You let out a huff as you stared down your new patient. “Ground Zero, you are in need of medical attention. Either you let us help you willingly or else.” You felt your bones trembling as you looked at this beast of a man. You would have shrunk under his glare but you were determined to help him, whether he wanted it or not. 

Bakugo sneered down at your small figure. “And what are you going to do, dollface? I don’t need your fucking help. Go wipe someone’s ass for all I care.” Bakugo growled and shrugged off the hands holding him down. He wasn’t going to be stuck at another hospital when he should be fighting villains and taking the number one spot. Not even this little nurse was going to stop him.

Before Bakugo could step out of the room, you were at his side with an arm blocking his exit. “I’m going to ask you one more time. Get back on that stretcher and let me help you.”

Bakugo has had a number of people try to keep him in the hospital for medical treatment. Either he was too injured to fight back or his so-called friends forced him to stay. Never has he had a nurse with enough balls to fight him, especially not as small as the one in front of him. It peaked his interest a bit, but nothing was going to stop him from leaving this hospital. Not when he can still fight. He scoffed at your effort to make him stay and made a move to push you away.

Before you could even think, you had him pinned against the wall with a hand pressed against his side. You knew he had a broken rib by the way he was breathing. You hated using violence against your patients, but all you wanted to do was treat your patient, even if it meant keeping him against his will. 

“You fucking bit-”

“You have several broken ribs. You’re bleeding from your head, which probably means you got hit pretty hard. You have burns on your hands from overusing your quirk. If you let me help you, I will get you out of here in less than an hour.”

You both stayed silent, waiting for one of you to break. You could feel your heart pounding out of your chest. Your throat felt tight. Tears were threatening to spill from your eyes. But you refused to back down.

Bakugo could feel you pressing him against the wall with all of your weight on him. He could have easily fought back even if you had a hand against his ribs. He could have easily pushed you away and walked out of this goddamn hospital. But he didn’t. There was something about you that made him stay. Maybe he just got hit in the head too hard.

“Fine,” Bakugo grumbled.

You sighed in relief as you stepped back from Bakugo. You smiled triumphantly at him as he made his way back to the stretcher. You looked at the other people in the room and nodded at them to begin healing the hero. Some were skeptical at the way the violent hero let them treat him but performed their job either way. 

Bakugo’s eyes were on you the entire time, even as other people hooked him up to several wires and prodded him with different questions about his injuries. He didn’t bat an eye as you used large scissors to cut his ripped shirt open (but he did notice the light blush on your face). He watched you listen to his lungs and heart and let you look at his head. He stayed quiet as other people with healing quirks attended to his injuries while you stayed by his side. He noticed the way you smiled as his injuries quickly healed, the way your nose scrunched up when something annoyed you, and the way you walked with confidence and strength around the room. 

As you promised, Bakugo was healed and ready to go in less than an hour. You were the only one left in the room as you finished discharging him. “Your ribs are healed but it might be sore for a few days. We also healed the burn on your hands, but you might have to consider bringing burn ointment with you while on the job. It also looks like you had a mild concussion, so if you start getting severe headaches, get dizzy, or lose consciousness, you need to go to an emergency room.” 

“Whatever.” Bakugo scoffed at you as he grabbed the clipboard from your hands and signed the discharge papers. He gave you one look and strutted out of the trauma room, head held high and a sneer permanently plastered on his face. Everyone else moved out of his way but you couldn’t help but stare at his back as he walked out of your ER. He was definitely a patient you will never forget. 

“Oi shitty woman!” Right before he stepped out, Bakugo turned back to look at the nurse who tackled him against a wall. Even through all the chaos, blood, and people running around the room, his eyes focused on you. Your hair pulled into a messy bun. Your blue scrubs lightly covered with his blood. And your eyes. He didn’t notice at first but your eyes held a sense of determination and strength that he hasn’t seen in anybody else. It was different. Something about you was different and it bothered him. “Thanks.”

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Chin in palm… Challenge?  ❤

Yukiko: *recording* Izu! Can you put your chin in my hand? It’s for a challenge!
Izuku: Challenge? Um, okey… Like this?
Yukiko: Yes! Can you give a little smile? Pretty please? *Puppy eyes*
Izuku: O-Okey. *Cute smile*
Yukiko: *Melts*

❤ ~

Yukiko: Hey Bakugou, put your chin in here.
Bakugou: Isn’t this one of that stupid internet challenges? Fuck off.
Yukiko: Bitch, just put your chin in my hand.
Bakugou: What the fuck did you just called me, cat face?
Yukiko: Are you deaf? Just do it, please?
Bakugou: Ugh… Fine.
Yukiko: Thanks I guess, what a happy bean, Jesus… And you look kinda cute when you shut up, did you know that?

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got this prompt from the IzuOcha server, actually.  X’D  It was fun to do, so I figured I’d share it here.



The young man kicked a pebble along the road.  It skittered away from the sheer strength of his foot, but its momentum was soon stopped by a wall.

The idea annoyed him.

Katsuki might have chased after the pebble, picking it up and throwing it with all his might to force it to go as far as it possibly could, but he actually had other things to do. The pebble, now laying innocuously at the meeting between the road and the wall, was too far out of the way.  It was straight ahead.  He wanted to turn left.

So, dammit, he turned left.

He marched along, glaring at the grass that swayed with no care at all in the wind.  He shot dirty looks at trees that weren’t reaching high enough and roads that wouldn’t take him straight where he wanted to go.  Too many damn turns.

No, he knew why he was so pissed off.  There was the reason he was walking.  And then there was the fact that he couldn’t use his quirk.  Well, he could, but that would lead to more problems than he had time for, honestly.

Of all the fucking hair-brained—

Katsuki ground his teeth as he turned another corner.  This was so fucking stupid.  He was so fucking stupid.  How fucking stupid do you have to be to—

“Oooi!  Bakugoooo!”


Katuski glared at the source of the noise.  Dammit. Of course the idiot was about to go jogging.  Of course he was.  Katsuki marched towards him.

“Hey, man!  You came all this way to say hi to little old me? Man—cough—it feels like forever since we’ve seen each other.  What’s in the—hey!”

“Can it, shitty hair.” Katsuki didn’t release his idiot as he marched him right back inside.  “Fucking sick and you’re jogging?”

“Jogging’s healthy! And super—achoo—manly!”

“Not when you’re sick, dumbass!”  Katsuki could practically feel his idiot gear up a retort, so he fixed him with a glare.  It worked. His sharp teeth clicked shut and he fell in line pretty quickly.  Katsuki huffed as he shut the door.  “Honest-to-fucking-god, I thought maybe you had one braincell beneath all that shitty hair of yours.”

“It’s not shitty.” Don’t look at the pout.  Do not look at the pout.  “So… what’s in the bag?”

“Nu-uh,” said Katsuki, snatching the bag out of reach.  “Get out of those gym clothes and back in your pajamas.”


Katsuki glared at his idiot of a best friend.  Sniffling—no, he wasn’t crying this time, it was just the fucking mucus (honestly, what idiot goes jogging when he’s sick?)—he did as he was told.  When his back was turned, Katsuki turned to his own craft.

He grinned, an almost feral thing.  Time to get to business.


The dumbass took twenty minutes.  Because of course he did.  But it gave Katsuki the time he needed.


The croaking voice definitely belonged to his idiot.  And it definitely sounded just as miserable as Katsuki figured it would be.  Katsuki rolled his eyes.  He really was predictable, the little—


Katsuki’s eye twitched. His hands stilled.  Whatever.  He was done anyway.

“You gonna stand there like an idiot or are you actually gonna take care of yourself?”  Katsuki didn’t need to turn around to see the offended look.  But he did it anyways.  His idiot did not disappoint.

“I was taking care of myself.”

Katsuki allowed his face to do the talking for him.  But they could both read the ‘dumbass’ of the room quite well.  The fight left his shoulders pretty quickly, and he looked more or less like a kicked puppy.

And dammit if Katsuki didn’t feel like the puppy who just got kicked with that face.  He groaned.

“Just—” He reached blindly behind him, grabbing the offering he’d brought and pushing it in front of him.  “—here. And don’t say I don’t do shit for you.”

Red eyes blinked.  One hand, trembling in its illness, gently took the offered item.  “What—”  his friend took a moment to cough.  “What is this…?”

“It’s a Red Delicious, you idiot,” seethed Katsuki.  He put the carving knife away and began to usher his friend out of the kitchen.  “What does it fucking look like?”

Snapped out of his awe, Kirishima held up the miniature food sculpture.  “Looks like Crimson Riot, man.”

If Katsuki felt pride in having his work recognized—or for having the damn thing do its job and bring one fucking smile back—then the only way of showing it was a gentle shove towards the couch and one self-satisfied smirk.

“You should get your eyes checked,” said Katsuki.  “It’s just a fucking apple.”

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If I Were a Zombie - Prologue

heyyo! it’s admin lynae here. it’s been a hot minute since i’ve been on here, but i’m back! this is the prologue to something i’ve been working on for a little while. it’s pretty long compared to other things i’ve written so i’ll be posting it in 5 or so parts as i finish them. i hope you guys enjoy, and thank you for your support!

summary: no quirk/zombie apocalypse au with plot inspired by The Zombie Song by Stephanie Mabey

pairing: kirishima x bakugo (bakugo p.o.v.)

warnings: cussing, mention and use of weapons

written by admin: lynae 💫

Four months since the outbreak, and people still can’t get the damn facts straight. This apocalypse is no mistake. This so-called “international tragedy” left half of the population plagued. Damaged. Diseased. One day we were poisoned, and the next we woke up like this. They ruined us, for what? Because we weren’t good enough for everyone else? As we were destroyed by their hand, they acted as if we couldn’t think. Couldn’t feel. The plague didn’t take our brains, nor did it take our hearts. But the more people treated us like zombies, the more we lashed out. We tried to protect ourselves, but their shotguns were no match to our defenses. Yet we couldn’t back down. To give up then was unthinkable. Even now, giving up is not an option. We have to live. We have to see another day. Harsh as it may be, devastated as we may feel. And no matter the damage, we must go on.

It didn’t start out how it is now. No, it used to be okay. First, we were marked. The infected and those who weren’t. Of course, those who weren’t avoided those who were. Makes sense for a contagious disease. But it escalated. First buildings were sectored off, then cities, then entire states were being limited to the non-infected only. Fine. From there, more problems arose. Those who were not infected wanted to exterminate those who were. They wanted there to be no risk of ending up like us. They first came after us with water. Then flames. Acid. Guns. Bombs. We had no choice but to defend ourselves. The infected had weaponry rights taken away long ago, so we fought with whatever we had. We scavenged for forgotten ammo and for abandoned guns. We only wanted to defend ourselves. We weren’t looking to kill, until things took another turn for the worse.

Groups formed for the sole purpose of killing the infected. They called themselves zombie hunters. Of course, there were small groups assembled before, and many individuals tried to defend their turf, per se. But numbers were growing. There were more groups with more people. They had more guns and caused more damage. It was like a game to them, to see how many they could kill in one day. We weren’t people anymore. We weren’t even “the infected” anymore. We were merely targets for then to shoot at.

And that’s how we got to today. In four short months, the world had turned against itself. It’s all about surviving, at least for the infected. I travel with my little pack. There’s 7 of us total, including myself. We go by numbers. Why? You can’t get attached to someone. The more you know about them, the more it hurts when they die. And because of that, we know our numbers and nothing more. I’m 1, and that’s it. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 have been with me for about a month now. Defend yourself, defend your pack. Leave it all on the line and don’t hold back.

There’s been a group of four people watching my pack for a few days now. From what I can tell, there are 3 guys and one girl. All I have to go off of is hair and voices, as they don’t completely roam free. The girl has faded pink hair, and for the guys there is a black haired kid, a yellow haired kid, and one with spiky red hair. From their conversations, it seems like they’ve known each other since before this apocalypse shit. Reminds me of my old friends. But they don’t matter to me anymore. Can’t save the dead, so just keep the living alive.

I say they are watching my pack, but in reality I suppose we are watching each other. I just hope they don’t have as much info as us as we do on them. Our numbers are critical to our attack, and simply knowing the amount of us could throw us off our rhythm.

As I began thinking of a back up plan, I heard low voices nearby. At first, I thought our group of seven was about to be knocked down to six. Then I realized it was coming from the abandoned house across the way. It was fairly far, so their argument had to be pretty heated for me to be able to hear. I didn’t hear much, but I did hear the girl shout some things like “food” and “starve”. Inferencing from that, they’ll be running out of supplies soon. I don’t know what their plan is, but they might be attacking sooner than we thought. We have to get out.

“Let’s go.” My voice was harsh, but the pack was used to it. They don’t care, as long as we’re alive. That’s all we need to be.

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Genuinely cannot remember the last time I opened my inbox, but send in your requests! I have so much time now because of ~quarantine~ and I want to write as much as I can.

I still have five requests that I’m going to get to that are in my inbox and I plan on finishing “The Villain” soon too.

Can’t wait to see your requests :)

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My ask box is completely empty, so if anyone wants to send something in right now to help me pass the time by writing or drawing it’ll probably be up in only a day or two! Yesterday’s update was also longer so I hope you don’t mind the length! I also just passed 400 followers so if anyone has any suggestions for a special I would love to hear them! Until next time, Enjoy!

  • Bakugous is not the biggest fan of PDA, no surprise there. While others may think it’s because he doesn’t feel the need to show others that you’re his (because who wouldn’t know who you were, being not only his s/o but a successful pro hero as well), or that he’s just not big on showing affection, that’s not completely true.
  • He actually finds it quite comfortable to throw an arm around your shoulder or wrap it around your waist and let his hand rest in your pocket. The reason he doesn’t do it often is because you’re not comfortable with it, and he’s not about to make you uncomfortable anytime soon if he can help it. You aren’t as skittish about it at home, so he doesn’t mind waiting until then to get his cuddles.
  • Not having this way to show his affection in public, Bakugou has turned to other ways of displaying his affection. Namely nicknames.
  • Sure this angry boy has nicknames for everyone, but those are more as insults or just because he genuinely doesn’t remember someone’s name. The names he calls you are purely out of his love for you.
  • There was, of course, the more insulting ones when he first met you. He would always call you things like ghost face or lurker as you always seemed to appear out of nowhere. But as your relationship progressed and the time that you spent together grew so did the list of names he had for you. They became less aggressive and more, well, positive and encouraging.
  • When you officially got into a relationship they turned into even sweeter things.
  • Ghost face turned into ‘pretty thing’, ‘lurker’ into love.
  • In his phone he has you as ‘angel’, because that’s what you are to him. A symbol of beauty, yes, but also someone who holds amazing power. And just like an angel, people see you as a thing of innocence but in all reality, you’ve been through so many horrible things and won many long and hard fought battles.
  • While what he calls you often depends on the situation and who’s around, some of his favorites to use when he’s being more soft are things like  love’ or ‘sweetheart’. The ones that surprise people the most though are spitfire and firecracker. Ones that they would normally think you would call him.
  • Ask anyone who’s met you, those are the last things that they would think when they think of you but Bakugou isn’t just anyone. He’s seen you in states and situations that no one else has. He knows what you can do.
  • In the bedroom, he doesn’t have any names that he wouldn’t use normally. His compliments get a whole lot embarrassing though. Constantly referring to you as his own personal goddess, a beauty for only him to behold. He could never even dream of calling you something that would even hint at an insult.
  • Your relationship is built on building one another up. While he avidly pushes you up, you know that he’s not as confident as he pretends to be. That he too has his own doubts.
  • You’ll be damned if you let him doubt his worth for even a second. While you aren’t the most confident when it comes to nicknames, you do have a few.
  • You often refer to him as lord explosion murder or simply my lord, when joking around. While he would kill anyone else for calling him by that stupid name he came up with in high school, he begrudgingly blushes whenever you say it. He loves how it acts as a reminder of how long you’ve known him, sticking with him all that time and watching him grow into the person he is today.
  • Hun or love are your go to, as they have a more innocent love feel to them. At certain times you’ve been known to call him my hero, which never fails to make him feel like a king. The fact that someone as amazing as you would call him their hero is something he’ll never understand.
  • To be honest, whatever you call it will never fail to make his heart race. He’s still not used to the soft love that you give him.
  • So, while PDA isn’t your guys biggest thing, names are most definitely how you show your affection and neither of you mess around when it comes to displaying that affection.
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