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#Katsuki bakugou

Your Happiness, My Priority

Summary: Headcanons for Bakugou taking care of his s/o on a bad day

Note: These are dedicated to one of my writer role models, @katsukisprincess​, who isn’t feeling too well at the moment. I hope that you’ll feel better soon <3


Originally posted by bnhajourney

  • Sleeping in, okay. Skipping breakfast once, acceptable. But not leaving the bed at all unless you are sick - Bakugou is not having it.
  • „Stop acting like a freaking caterpillar and get up already! I want to make the bed“, he grumbles at your figure as you are wrapping yourself in three different blankets. 
  • In his opinion a day without doing anything turns into a wasted day, which is something that he doesn’t appreciate. Every hour can become the chance for success instead of isolating yourself in the bedroom.
  • What might seem like a gruel behaviour actually is his way of trying to make you move at least a little bit. Feelings aren’t exactly his strength, so this will have to do for now.
  • As long as you don’t physically resist, he will carry you to the living room on his own. Whatever it takes he will get you to eat breakfast or a snack to restore your energy. Be prepared for a nutritious meal because the boy won’t touch frozen pizza.
  • Homemade tomato soup with grilled cheese, omelettes, fresh salads combined with a light dressing, sandwiches of all kind - Bakugou is the master of comfort food.
  • If he can’t convince you to leave the bed, he will bring the food to you on a tray to eat together with you in the bed room. 
  • Call him out on his motherly behaviour and he will death glare you while his cheeks will change colours to a light pink. Picture him rumbling about it as he is trying to eat faster by stuffing the food into his mouth!
  • Chipmunk Cheeks. The squishyness!
  • Going for a walk with you is a given at days like this, he silently demands to hold hands with your fingers intertwined with each other in order to send a little bit of warmth to you. 
  • One way or the other he attempts to make you talk about the issue. Without that he feels like he can’t do anything you cheer you up again, which would lead to him being a useless excuse of a boyfriend - His point of view.
  • Such days being your enemy awake a pretty rare side in Bakugou. And it’s a freaking soft one. 
  • Soft as in movie cuddles in the evening.
  • Imagine him laying on the sofa with you on top of him, your ear on his chest so that you can listen to his heartbeat. Meanwhile he absentmindedly draws circles on your back, fully focused on the TV. All of this with the comfy protection of the shared blanket the two of you are covered with. 
  • Thanks to his endless amounts of knowledge about physiotherapy, his massages can be described as the best anyways. The perfectly pressured movements of his heavenly warm hands wherever you like make you melt in no time.
  • But he only does this for you and absolutely no one else. He is a pro hero and not a freaking masseur, so he says. His skills speak differently though.
  • Oh yes to having a bad day as Bakugou’s significant other.


Posted: April 9th 2020 | Requests: Open | Match-ups: Closed

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The ash blonde stared at his phone. 

It was already 5 pm and he had yet to hear from you. You departed in the morning for christ sake! Did you get there safely? Did you fall asleep and miss your stop? Did your phone die? Did you lose your phone??? 

Where the hell were you?!

His mind flurried with endless possibilities, nearly all of them being negative. He didn’t want this to be the time for this to happen. It was too soon, he wasn’t prepared- heck he had been preparing since the day he went back in time, but nothing he would’ve done could prepare him for something he didn’t know when was going to occur.

He feverishly paced around his living room, his leg bounced erratically when he tried to calm himself by sitting on the couch, and he nearly choked on his water as he quickly downed it to refresh his mind. 

‘Dammit, dammit, dammit!

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Bakugou having a crush who's best friends with Izuku or Monoma Neito?

Jelly jelly Bakugou! I chose Monoma because i never wrote for him befofe. Thank you for requesting! ❤️💜❤️

-Why was he jealous? It’s not like you’re his girlfriend or anything.

- But whenever you were around him, around stupid Monoma, he couldn’t help the rage that was bubbling inside his heart.

- And it definitely didn’t help that Monoma really liked to tease him.

- He’d wrap his arm around your waist, whisper in your ear, hug you, all while keeping eye contact with the angry blonde, shooting him a cocky smirk.

- It wasn’t hard to tell that Katsuki had a little crush on you, first by the way he threatens Neito whenever he interrupts him whilst having a conversation with you, second by the way he treats you, less harsh, less mean, he cared about you, and everyone can see the little smile, that he tries so hard to hide, when he’s talking to you.

-Now Monoma wasn’t that mean to be honest, he knew you liked Bakugou too, you always talk about him and how cool and stong he is.

-But he couldn’t help it! He loved seeing the explosive guy fuming.

- But as you got closer to the 1a boy, Neito seemed to cut down on his teasing.

- But he still liked seeing the boy jealous.

- When you tell him that you two are finally a couple, he was happy for you, he cared about your happiness you were his best friend after all, but he wouldn’t stop calling you traitor or fake just to annoy you.

- Though he stopped being too physically affectionate with you, respecting your relationship, he turned from a teasing prick to am overprotective one.

-Always glaring at Bakugou when he was giving you a sweet kiss, or picking up a fight with him if he saw you sad, even if it’s not the angry porcupine’s fault.

- But Bakugou could see, that even behind all the fights, the yells, the glares from the copy cat, that he still accepted him and trusted him.

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Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

“above it all” | katsuki bakugou

Summary: facing your fears for a certain boy is easier than you thought it would be.

Type: Fluff.

Warnings: swearing (it’s bakugou c’mon).

Words: 3003.

A/N: just something to get me back in the writing mindset uwu. Also faaaar longer than I originally intended oops.


To say that you’d been excited when Aizawa-Sensei said 1-A could go to the local carnival that was coming to town at the end of the semester if you all put in the work would be a heinous understatement. There was something about their glorified romance that had hooked you in from the moment you’d first visited one as a child. You couldn’t help yourself and although Mina and Co. teased you ruthlessly for the week before the outing you knew they were just as hyped. There was however one slight difficulty.

Almost a month ago when the idea had first been revealed to the class, in true Mina fashion, the girls had gathered in the pink girl’s room for some good ol’ truth or dare. And as you’d expected the questions quickly transitioned from boring basic knowledge to which new boy had caught the girls fancy. You tried to avoid this topic like the plague but your flimsy excuse of wanting to go to bed early didn’t fool anyone.

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