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Madame Courgette!! She's my favorite character from Ketchup!!
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*☆ Nct 127 going grocery shopping with their s/o ☆*
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✿ Taeil
Taeil notices there's no more coke (the beverage, pls) at home. –"Baby, we need to go shopping immediately!!"
You two check if you need anything else, make a list, and go to the nearest grocery shop
You wander the shop with linked arms. When he needs to grab something, he does it quickly and connects his arms with yours again.
He is not the type of person who looks at prices. He just wants the best quality things, so he does have some brand preferences. But he is always willing to try new stuff too
He knows all the things you like, and he always buys extra stuff for you. "What's this all for?", you ask him, seeing him stuffing the basket with your favorite things. "Ohh, hmm, these are all for me!", he lies, trying to hide a playful smile.
Sometimes he freezes looking at some product for good five minutes. You know what this means: a new recipe is being formulated on the spot inside of his cute head. He starts grabbing random ingredients, excitedly saying to you "You'll have a surprise today, Y/N! Don't worry, we get some pizza if things go wrong".
✿ Johnny
Johnny actually likes to go grocery shopping. It's part of adult life, but it's also so much fun when he is with you
It doesn't matter if the supermarket is close to your house, Johnny likes to go by car. But that's because he likes to take you to mini dates after shopping
He finds it precious when you grab a random thing and ask him "Do you have this in Chicago too??"
He usually just gets what you need. Just the things on your list, no extras
But if he sees you are interested in something, he immediately puts it into the basket
He says you're in need of some specific product of a specific brand, and asks you to go get it while he searches for some other stuff. You go and see that the product coincidently but not is located at the top of the tallest shelf of the shop. He has his fun watching you all stretched trying to reach your objective. You can hear his giggles from afar.
✿ Taeyong
It's already a habit of you two to go grocery shopping every saturday
You usually go to the same place, so the staff already know you two. They always greet you when they see you entering the shop with your eco bags. Taeyong likes it very much.
You have a great teamwork. You take decisions together and always reach an agreement about the things you need to buy
Except for the candies. Taeyong loves candies as much as you, but he tries hard to save money with the dentist.
But when you sneakily put some candy into the basket, he suppresses a laugh and pretends he didn't see it. He even ends up getting some extra package for you.
He always talks to the cashiers while paying for the purchases –"The weather is nice today, right? How's working going?"
✿ Yuta
Yuta likes to go grocery shopping with you just for fun. When he feels bored, there you go, on a date at the supermarket.
You just wander around the supermarket, his arm embracing your shoulders, and you just talk about life, eventually point at something, grab random stuff from the shelves, etc
When you're analyzing a product, he clings on you, landing his head onto your shoulders, so he can examine it with you –"What is this, y/n? Let me see it too!"
You two especially like the hair products section. You spend lots of time there, planning some crazy stuff to do on your own hairs.
When you seriously need to grocery shop though, he is an excelent companion. He considers quality and price when shopping, and he usually has the best opinion on things.
It's also pretty easy to go shopping with him, because he is not indecisive at all. He knows what he wants and he takes decisions fast.
On the other hand, he tries his best to buy the healthiest stuff, but he ends up with five types of instant noodles in the basket
✿ Doyoung
Doyoung always has the entire shopping list in his head
He likes to take the cart, to organize things better.
He spends a long time at the cleaning product section, sniffing everything.
He is very good at choosing the best fruits and vegetables. He always asks you what you want to eat, so he can buy everything he needs to cook your desired food for you.
Sometimes he loses you for a while, because you were not patient enough to wait for him to read the nutritional values of everything he touched
"Don't leaaaveee meee, Y/N!! I need your opinion!! We are a couple, right??", he whines when he finally finds you
This makes you melt, and you spend the rest of the supermarket tour clinging to each other, and bickering from time to time
✿ Jaehyun
He does his best to help with the shopping, but he gets easily distracted at supermarkets
If he starts laughing by himself in the middle of an aisle, you can be sure he saw some product and is thinking of a joke. "Ok Jaehyun, spill your pun!" – "Y/N, I'll buy these eggs and I'll cook something that will surpass all of your eggspectations mehehhe".
He likes to see all the new things. He gets impressed by the evolution of technology "Ohhh, now they sell stuff in some fancy cans, i see!" "And omg what's this flavour?? What a crazy flavour!"
He doesn't get distracted only by these kind of things though. He loves to see you all excited when you find something you really like but that you haven't had in a while
"Take it, y/n! You can buy everything you want! Let's buy this whole mall just for you!", he says jokingly, but highkey wishing it could be true
✿ Winwin
When Winwin and you go grocery shopping, he basically follows you around and carries things for you.
But, at the same time, he is really good at remembering the details of your daily life, which always help with the shopping.
You are like "Hmmm What else, what else?", and he goes "You said the cat food was almost over this morning. Also, have you not said we should visit your mom? Let's buy her favorite things! And I saw the empty strawberry jam jar in the sink yesterday, so we should buy more of it too"
Your trips to the market with Winwin also can be kinda dangerous. If you don't control yourselves, you may end up with a cart full of stuff you don't need.
He asks for you opinion and permission to buy anything. It's really cute and, actually, that's one of the reasons you buy things you don't need. You just can't say no to him.
✿ Jungwoo
Jungwoo is actually a very organized person, and he is really good at getting exactly what you need and also at calculating prices and dealing with money he is an engineer okkk!
He is the master of looking for sales. No red stickers escape his sharp eyes. He especially likes the "buy one , get another one for free" type of sale. It's cute how proud he looks when he goes to you with two soap bars in hands, saying "Uff, today was the last day we could get one plus one! I'm glad we came!"
When you suggest him you should split up so you can shop faster, he refuses the proposal with a pout. He likes to stick to you and talk about random things while shopping.
Jungwoo has some weird tastebud, so he buys some equally weird food sometimes. You're already used to it, so you don't even question his choices anymore.
He feels satisfied with his life, looking at you and at the things you bought, thinking about the home you built together
✿ Mark
Mark is an excited shopping partner. He enters the supermarket and his eyes already start moving, scanning the whole place
Mark often relates certain products to certain memories and stories. He sees a bottle of ketchup and goes "Yooo, doesn't it remind you of our first date? You ordered something with ketchup for me, without knowing I didn't like it, but I ate everything just for you!!"
When he finds you after losing you for a minute, he mindlessly just screams your name and wave at you in the middle of the market. He gets shy when he realizes everyone is looking at him, and runs to you nervously smiling
He is the type of person that sees a human shaped carrot and starts giggling at it. He calls you to see it and asks if you can take it home. He gets a little embarrased when paying for the purchase, but it's worth it.
Shopping with Mark is very fun, but in your way home, you may have to go back to the market because you forgot to buy something important.
✿ Haechan
Haechan always knows what to buy. He is very attentive to your home and his smart brain can remember everything.
You may argue a bit over buying some itens, but he is always like "Trust me! This is good! We will need this! Just trust me, y/n, ok?".
He is actually usually right, but he won't stop talking until you kiss him shut him up. " I got it, Haechan! Got it! Let's move on, just put this into the cart!", you say, barely hiding a smile
If you eventually split up, he goes back to you with a back hug. You still don't know if he is being loving or if he just wants to startle you
You may encounter a lot of his friends while shopping, and end up spending some time chatting with them. The boy is popular.
He always pretends he forgot his wallet, this jokester. And you always fall for it. When you're about to pay for everything, he giggles and put some bills into your wallet.
•° Anon <3 here's your request, I hope you like it!! I'll still write the domestic chores with Nct 127!! Stay tuned! Mwah!
•° taglist - @starrdustville @mairahshaikh @mairah-here @cupidluvstarrz @kpopsnowball @kaepopsicle @purplepsycho03 @najatheangel @dundun-baby @showmewhatyoureworkingwith @intokook @emuava
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MariChat incorrect quotes compilation
So I found this incorrect quote generator and had too much fun with it. I own nothing about it. I’m just posting this for the lols and to give you a smile. MariChat has the best chaotic energy potential.
Marinette: Why are you drinking? Chat Noir: I drink when I'm depressed. Marinette: But you're always drinking? Chat Noir: *smug grin*
Marinette: *running towards Chat Noir with open arms* Chat Noir: *moves out of the way* Marinette: Hey, why'd you move?! Chat Noir: I thought you were going to attack me. Marinette: I was going to hug you! Chat Noir: Why would you hug me? Marinette: WHY WOULD I ATTACK YOU!?
Chat Noir: So you like cats? Marinette: Yeah. Chat Noir: *tries to impress them by slowly pushing a glass off the table*
Marinette: Where did you get that tomato soup? Chat Noir: It’s actually a bowl of ketchup I just microwaved. (aka my headcanon about Adrien’s cooking skills)
Chat Noir: Do you want some tea? Marinette: What are the options? Chat Noir: Yes or no.
Chat Noir: *coughs blood* Marinette: Don't die, Chat Noir! Chat Noir: Don't tell me what to do!
Chat Noir: Tomorrow's garbage day. Marinette: I can't believe they made a whole day dedicated to you.
Marinette: I assume you realize that this kind of idiocy will not be tolerated in this house. Chat Noir: Is there any kind of idiocy you would be more comfortable with?
Marinette: Hey, what’s the name of the guy who lives down the hall? Chat Noir: His cats' names are Walter and Rose. Marinette: That's not what I asked. Chat Noir: That is all the information I have.
Chat Noir: No, this is not a mess. You know what I consider a mess? Marinette: Your life? Chat Noir: I- well yes, but-
Marinette: Smart is attractive. Educate me on something I don't know! Chat Noir: The mouth of a jellyfish is also an anus. Marinette: Stop.
Marinette: Wow, that was quick thinking on that phony sacrifice stuff. Chat Noir: Oh, that was all real. Marinette: Wait, you were trying to help them kill us?!  Chat Noir: If I’m gonna be sacrificed, I’m gonna do it right.
Chat Noir: *Kicks the door open, looking panicked* Marinette: What did you do?! Chat Noir: NOBODY DIED! Marinette: WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT?!
Chat Noir: *is visibly upset* Marinette: Chat Noir, what happened? I haven't seen you like this since you found out candyland wasn't an actual country.
Marinette: Chat Noir, what is the ONE thing I asked you NOT to do tonight? Chat Noir: Raise the dead. Marinette: And what did you do? Chat Noir: Raise the dead.
Chat Noir, very tired: Can I sleep in your bed? Marinette: *half asleep* Chat Noir, this is a queen-sized bed. That means it’s for *gestures vaguely to herself* the Queen.
Chat Noir: Everybody shut up, I'm thinking. Marinette, patting him on the back: Well, don’t think too hard. I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.
Chat Noir: *on the phone* Hey Marinette, do you know my blood type? Marinette: Of course, it's B-. Chat Noir: Oh, I guessed wrong. Excuse me, nurse-!
Chat Noir: I know one person who finds me funny! Marinette: Okay, who?... and you can't say yourself! Chat Noir: Okay then I'm out.
Chat Noir: Are you an ‘arr’ pirate or a ‘yo ho ho’ pirate? Marinette: I’m a ‘I’m not paying $600 for photoshop’ pirate.
Chat Noir: Marinette, I screwed up, big time. Marinette: Chat Noir, given your daily life experiences, you’re gonna have to be more specific.
Chat Noir: Ah, Hello again. We really need to stop meeting like this. Marinette: Maybe we would, if you would sTOP BREAKING INTO MY F-ING HOUSE!!!
Marinette: I’ve invited you here because I crave the deadliest game... Chat Noir, nodding: Knife Monopoly. Marinette: I was actually going to play Russian roulette, but now I'm really interested in whatever knife Monopoly is.
Marinette: Isn’t a bit dangerous? Chat Noir: Marinette, please. We’ve in a lot of unexpected predicaments before and we always escape unhurt. Marinette: ... Chat Noir: Okay, we sometimes escape unhurt. Marinette: ... Chat Noir: Alright, we escaped unhurt once... Then we hurt ourselves in the way home.
Marinette: Sleep is the body’s best safety mechanism. Chat Noir: How so? Marinette: It keeps you from screwing up for 8 hours.
Chat Noir: Which is correct, seven and five IS thirteen, or seven and five ARE thirteen? Marinette: Neither. Because it’s twelve.
Marinette: What? I’m not aggressive! Chat Noir: Last Tuesday, you wacked me with a pair of crocs and stole my chocolate chips? Marinette: Survival of the fittest, b-tch
Chat Noir: Are you this rude to everyone? Marinette: Yup. Don’t think you’re special.
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Hello uh, I know that your OCs are you know OCs, but can I request some head canons for them? Like, Viorel, Servus, and Yuutaka with a crush on their gender neutral best friend who got transported to the TWST world like the MC? (different from Yuu) Lets say they had a bad day, how would the boys comfort them/show that they care? Even if you don't do this, like if you feel uncomfortable, it's ok. I just wanted to send this anyway, thank you! Love ur art
|| Um, so… this was an interesting ask. I really don’t mind it, but it is surreal to think about how much attention they’re getting— As in, enough to request hcs for them??? That’s pretty cool because it feels like they’re part of the actual franchise but….hm…
I have mixed feelings about this, just because I might get threats from the fandom—- but anyway, here you go Anon! I hope they’re to your liking—- ||
Tumblr media
You see, Yuutaka has…a few screws loose when it comes to dealing with things he’s heard of, but is not really familiar with. Case and point; how he deals with most of his problems.
So when he sees you, the object of his affection, a little worse for wear, he’s not the brightest when it comes to his attempts in consoling nor comforting you.
You’d think as friends, best friends, no less, he’d have a better understanding for how you’d react to this type of situation.
He doesn’t. It’s not like he had a lot of close friends from back in the day, so he really is at a loss.
He doesn’t know how what the best course of action is, but he’ll gladly do whatever. You just need to tell him what to do.
You want something to eat? He’ll whip up something simple (and kind of childish, like omurice with a ketchup smile on it) because he’s not the best cook, but he tries.
Want to just talk about it but not want advice? He’ll listen to whatever it is you have to say, thank you for being willing to open up to him, and praise you for doing your best.
“The days are long, and the days are hard, but these are just the cards we were dealt with. You did good today, prefect.”
You want him to hold you? He’ll try his hardest finish his work as soon as possible to do just that when you need him.
Is the work that the Headmaster has been giving you two too much? He doesn’t have the guts to complain to him, but he might end up doing some of your chores when he sees that it’s really taking a toll on you.
Is Grim being too much of a handful? Good thing he likes cats, so he’ll probably find a way to redirect his attention to himself more than Grim does to you.
You want him to leave you alone? That’s fine, he’ll give you all the space and time you need because to some extent, he can sympathize with your troubles.
Well, he can’t completely understand since he doesn’t really have much to look forward to back home, but he knows that you have a life that you wanted to live then.
He’s awkward, but he does have his spurts of reliability and charisma.
For now, he’ll just hope you can settle with what little he can offer you in this wonderland that even he has trouble dealing with.
He wants you to be able to rely on him because for whatever reason, he feels as if he just can’t let you carry it all on your own.
Tumblr media
Haha—- Where do I even begin?
Viorel’s the type of person to end up liking someone, but doesn’t know it(?) Like other people notice, but he’s the last to understand it(?)
Like, he subconsciously puts you first you above most people, which sometime include the Octa trio, but he doesn’t think much of it.
Note: sometimes.
But perhaps that’s just him finding more interest in you than what it was he was doing beforehand…
Granted, he can’t offer you a physically affectionate refuge, but what he lacks in that department, he makes up for in his acts of service.
There’s a special menu item from the cafeteria and he catches wind that you want one before it runs out? He’ll get it for you, makes sure that he’s one of the first few to get it too so that they’re still fresh.
You don’t get the assignment that’s been given because you were too busy to work? He’ll teach it to you even if you’re in different grades.
Admittedly he’s busy with work too, but he’s born with that intelligence that makes him understand everything without to study, so it’s not like he needs that much time for anything else.
So when he sees you stumble in the lounge, possibly to meet up with him, and sees that you’re not feeling so good as you take your seat on the farther tables, he’ll abandon his current shift as a server, and get into the kitchen to make your favorite food.
He’s not only skilled in drawing, but he’s skillful with his hands in general. So he’s very good at making whatever it is that you want, just as you had described to him once in a conversation you had before.
He brings it out, puts it on your table with a firm, but gentle, “Eat.” And he goes back to his originally scheduled shift as if nothing out of the ordinary happened.
That’s his way of telling you to wait for him until he’s done working so you could talk to him, but to enjoy something in his absence for the meantime.
The warmth of the food he just served you warms your heart right up and makes you feel comforted as you dig in.
Surrounded by the delicious aroma that envelops you like a warm hug, one which he can’t quite give you just yet, as you feel oddly less alone in your empty corner.
Tumblr media
Now this boy is a wild card, just because it really depends on his mood, how strongly he feels about you, and how “close” you two are.
If you’re “best friends,” but you’re not that close, you’ll just have to settle being the last thing he thinks about, he has his own life after all.
But for the sake of this post, let’s say that you’re quite close, but he hasn’t told you everything about him so he still has a few secrets.
He’s normally busy, meaning he’s practically everywhere and nowhere at once so it might be difficult to find him when you really need him.
You absolutely can NOT enter his room. Even if you did try, his door is enchanted to stay shut while he’s not inside, so there’s no use in checking there.
He’s either with Kalim, though not entirely voluntary, in Scarabia, or with Crewel in a vacant classroom.
On the off chance you do find him, or on the least likely scenario that he visits you in Ramshackle, he could almost physically see the weight you’re carrying on your shoulders.
Considering who he is and what he does, you don’t want to burden him with your own problems so you try your best to keep it from interfering with your time with him.
That obviously doesn’t work. He’s used to seeing that face of holding back, both on his own, and on his brother’s.
And much like his brother, though he finds your face annoying, he just can’t seem to leave you alone when you’re like that.
“What’s wrong, little sprout?~” he says, teasingly, with the most charming smile that seems to be harboring other emotions behind it.
He’ll usher you into a more private place, like the garden, so you feel more comfortable to talk. He’s used to having to deal with troublesome children like you, after all.
I don’t think you can expect warm words from him, just because he wants to be honest with you. You’re one of the few people that he feels as if he doesn’t have to be “nice” or “perfect” to because you see right through him anyway.
He’s not very romantic either, so he just settles with linking your pinky fingers together as he sits beside you under one of the trees. Listening to whatever it is you have to say to him, and to just be there for you.
Time is a luxury to him, so he makes sure to spend it accordingly. Even if that means indulging you in his presence every once in a while.
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nightparades · 21 days ago
— the shortest day.
Tumblr media
pairing: Megumi Fushiguro / Yuuji Itadori
tags: no powers au, modern au, vague narration, college-aged itafushi
word count: 5.7k+
summary: On December 22nd, Yuuji decides to capture himself spending the winter solstice with Megumi.
notes: this type of pov really kicked my ass. this was meant to be for Megumi’s birthday, and I had planned to write something for it anyway. but I got inspired by this art and wanted to go along with that.
It begins with white sneakers walking down a cobbled street before panning up over a mostly secluded backstreet. There’s almost no sound aside from the soft steps of sneakers against concrete before a few people on bicycles ride past with a soft fwoosh. This early in the morning, especially in December, there’s not much foot traffic. The sky appears to be cloudy as well, but shows hints of it possibly clearing up soon.
There’s a cut, and then there’s the sounds of a dog barking. The sneakers begin to jog slightly towards the sound, and then the sounds of breathing and ruffling before a murmur of a man's voice. It’s inaudible due to the ruffling, but eventually slows down and there appears a dark haired man attempting to pull a dog away. The white dog is barking up at a cat who’s perched on a fence, seemingly smug that the dog is being held back and can’t reach.
The dark haired man looks away from his dog, while his black dog (who hadn’t participated in the other dog’s barking) runs up and then there’s the sound of cooing and more ruffling, this time by the dog’s fur. It’s difficult to hear for a while, but then all that’s visible is the cobbled ground and the black dog’s paws in the corner.
“Oh, right. I’m filming your special day,” Yuuji, who’s behind the Super 8 Film Camera, says cheerily. “Happy birthday Fushiguro!”
It pans back up to Fushiguro, who’s green eyes had lit up at the sight of Yuuji, but then immediately scowls at the sight of the camera and turns away from it to pet his dogs. He’s wearing an oversized hoodie and navy sweatpants. It’s hard to tell if he has a bedhead or if it’s his regular hair. “Get your camera awa—wait, how’d you know it was my birthday?”
Yuuji hummed, zooming in on Kuro’s head. The dog had a goofy face as he basked in his owner’s absent head pats. “Your sister messaged me. She told me about how she couldn’t fly back for your birthday, and said to make sure you have fun today.”
“Tsumiki did? She’s so annoying.”
Yuuji laughs, bright and hearty. It makes the camera shake a little, still stuck on the dog who now has his tongue out with no thoughts in his head. “She said you’d say that, y’know,” Yuuji replies, before finally zooming out back to Fushiguro. Fushiguro who was still scowling, eyes shyly averting Yuuji’s gaze at the sight of the camera. “She also said you’re a loser and probably wouldn’t even have plans today, so here I am!”
The camera cuts off when Fushiguro begins to curse excessively.
Tumblr media
There’s nothing in the shot except for a bowl of omurice set on a small kitchen table. The background noise consists of a tv playing in the background and two voices speaking but not too audible. The space is very small, so everything feels too close and can easily sound jumbled on camera.
“Fushiguro can’t cook,” Yuuji says to the camera, panning closely over the simple meal. The eggs are a nice yellow and then there’s a hand reaching over to pour ketchup onto the meal. He makes a happy face. “But his omurice is pretty good.”
“I heard that.” Fushiguro deadpans in the background. There’s the sound of sizzling and a rice cooker going off.
“He’s right, kid,” a deeper voice agrees. The camera pans up to the man behind the voice. Tall and broad with a black t-shirt and black sweatpants. Fushiguro’s father, Toji, who looks just like his son. He’s leaning against the kitchen counter while spooning mouthfuls of his omurice, green eyes staring at the small tv.“That Gojo brat taught you nothing but how to mouth off. Thank your friend here for teaching you some shit, like those meatball things.”
“Thanks, sir. They’re pretty easy to make, even someone like Fushi—”
“And what did you teach me besides how to fight? They didn’t have parenting classes in prison?”
There’s a tense silence in the small apartment for a second, and Yuuji’s finger hovers over the stop button on the camcorder. He quickly pans the camera back down towards his lap, but manages to catch loud laughter and Toji affectionately ruffling his son’s hair.
The camera cuts off and only cuts back on a bit later to Yuuji’s hand petting the dogs as they longue on their dog beds. It’s hard to do with one hand, so it’s shaky, but the animal’s content expressions are captured well. Yuuji continues his petting while talking with the dogs, and they simply roll over to expose their fluffy bellies. It continues on for a bit until the two voices from earlier slowly ease into hearing range.
“—had to pick up an extra shift tonight,” Toji is saying with a sigh. “Tsumiki’s plane tickets are fucking ridiculous this time of year. Sorry, kid.”
“I get it. It’s fine.” Fushiguro replies. There’s the jingle of keys and clothes ruffling, and Yuuji’s sure even the camera can pick up that Fushiguro doesn’t think it’s fine.
The camera cuts off.
Tumblr media
There’s nothing particularly interesting being shown, Yuuji is simply holding the camera and pointing it at his side. The average streets of Tokyo, busier than normal now that it’s still the morning rush and close to Christmas, so there’s more tourists. The rustle and bustle of people walking past in several directions and the occasional snippet of pop music playing outside of stores. No one is paying the camera any attention, as everyone keeps to themselves and is focused on their own destination.
Yuuji and Fushiguro’s destination happens to be Shinjuku Station, which is near the birthday boy’s tiny apartment. Fushiguro’s voice is audible, but the words are hard to make out as he’s speaking on the phone. The camera has cut in and out as he receives birthday phone calls from his “sisters” and now it’s his old guardian, but the street is so loud that Yuuji doesn’t feel the need to cut off this time.
The camera remained on the street in front of them, slightly angled down as Yuuji looked away from the viewfinder. “Was that Gojo-sensei?” Yuuji asked. “I thought he’d come see you himself. He’s so funny, always showing up everywhere.”
“You don’t have to call him that, he just thinks he’s hot shit,” Fushiguro scoffs, and the camera can probably pick up the eye roll in his tone. “He said he can’t make it…his flight got delayed by the weather in the Netherlands.”
“Oh uh—” Yuuji begins, voice sounding unsure and hesitant. The buzz of the busy street remains, uncaring of their sudden silence. “Sorry about that, Fushiguro. First your dad now Gojo-sen—Gojo…”
“Whatever, it’s fine.” Fushiguro dismisses. The loud sound of the crosswalk at the intersection and the buzz of several voices speaking at once is the only audible thing for a few seconds.
The only thing visible now is the shoes of several people walking across the intersection, packed together like sardines. It gets a little shaky as Yuuji fiddles with the camera, contemplating what he should do, becoming swayed by Fushiguro’s being clearly upset, even if he pretends not to be.
“It’s okay if it’s not fine, you know,” Yuuji murmurs, and the camera shakes slightly to the side, picking up the sound of their thick jackets ruffling as he affectionately bumps Fushiguro’s shoulder. His voice is barely audible on camera now. A little more serious and subdued.“You said you feel better after you vent to me, remember?”
“...I was drunk.”
“So? Nanamin said drunk thoughts think—wait it’s—”
“Drunk words are sober thoughts.” Fushiguro corrects before Yuuji’s brain turns to mush. The camera shakes, Yuuji’s white sneakers being the only thing shown as the two walk down the stairs to the train station. There’s the sound of several shoes going down the steps and Yuuji’s mhm mhms.
Then, they reach the bottom of the stairs and the camera comes up to focus on Fushiguro. His brows are furrowed and he’s rubbing at his shoulder the way he does when he’s unsure. His mouth opens, then closes as he directly faces the camera.
“Fine. But put the camera away.”
It cuts off once again.
Tumblr media
The camera turns back on, and it’s pointed at Yuuji’s hand, who’s humming a random tune while selecting a drink from a vending machine. Once he’s selected, the camera zooms back out and pans over all the bright drinks that are displayed. It pauses over certain drinks as Yuuji reads the names to the camera and gives commentary on the ones that he’s tried.
There’s the sound of steps coming towards him and then—
“Alright, I told Toji I’d be out most of the day,” Fushiguro begins, voice coming in and out as he’s probably looking around Tokyo Station. The murmurs of the busy station aren't too audible, as there’s no one really around them by the vending machine. “Where are you taking me?”
A peach plastic bottle is being taken out of the vending machine, and the camera follows its journey until it stops at the bottom near the buttons. Yuuji's hand reaches out to take it before the camera rustles and shakes, the image swirling in several directions as he opens the bottle to take a swig.
“Chiba!” Yuuji finally replied with a sigh, relishing in the sweet drink. “We’re taking the 10:30 Keisei, so we’ll just wait here till then.”
“That’s…far,” Fushiguro says, and the camera is now pointing at his lower half. His arms are crossed over his chest, looking like the aggressive old man he’s always been. “You’re not gonna tell me where exactly?”
“Nope! It’s a surprise.”
“Alright then. Let’s go wait by those benches, sometimes cats show up there.”
The image cuts out and cuts back in at 10:13AM for only a few seconds. Yuuji has the camera towards Fushiguro, who’s crouching down to pet an orange cat. The camera zooms in to give a clear image of the soft smile on Fushiguro’s face.
Tumblr media
“—nk I got it,” Fushiguro says when the camera cuts back in. It’s pointed down at his lap before it pans up ahead of him.
They’re on the Keisei bus now on the way to Chiba. The sunlight is filtering in through the windows, and the bus is driving through a bumpy road, so it’s noisy. There’s the sound of the engine running and all the bumps along the way. And, in front of Fushiguro is Yuuji, who’s standing near the plastic grab handles at the top.
The entire bus is empty save for the two of them, so Yuuji is the focal point at the center of the aisles. It’s the first shot of the cameraman, in his olive green jacket with the fuzzy hood and his black pants, grinning at the camera. Fushiguro zooms in slightly as Yuuji begins to roll his shoulders and then stretches his arms above him in preparation.
“Alright, go.” Fushiguro instructs softly.
With a charming grin, Yuuji grabs a grab handle with each hand and begins to pull up his entire body like a pull up bar at the gym. He even crosses his ankles as he does so, showing his strength by doing it so effortlessly. For a few minutes, they converse like Yuuji isn’t doing pull-ups in a moving vehicle.
Sounding completely normal and not like he’s currently pulling up his entire weight, Yuuji glances over towards the camera. “Fushiguro,” he begins, holding his weight over the handles for a few seconds.“Please tell me I look cool on camera and not like a douche.”
Without missing a beat, “Nope, you look like a complete tool. Only Todo would think you’re cool.”
Yuuji sputters at that, and he falters which causes his arms to wobble around mid pull-up. He loses his rhythm at that a second later and slips off, barely avoiding falling on his ass. He’s groaning to Fushiguro and looking like a kicked puppy, but it’s muffled by the rare sound of Fushiguro laughing.
Like him, his laugh is quiet and subdued, but it’s laughter nonetheless. It’s not even exactly at Yuuji’s expense, but a genuine laughter at how unknowingly endearing Yuuji is. It causes the camera to shake, and will later become one of Yuuji’s favorite clips of the day.
Tumblr media
The camera is pointing down to Yuuji’s next meal, which happens to be a sub sandwich. It then zooms out and the restaurant comes into view, if the tiny space could even count as a restaurant.
In front of him is Fushiguro, who’s picking up some greens and rice with his chopsticks. He’s unaware of the camera, and looks content to finally eat after a two hour bus ride and walking around Onjuku. Behind him against the wall is a poster with the restaurant’s name on it.
ONJUKU STAND, it reads. The same poster that was at the front door: a painted cartoon cactus with a sombrero holding onto a cheeseburger with the ocean behind him. It’s the entire reason that Yuuji wanted to eat there, and Fushiguro didn’t care as long as he ate. Neither of them cared that the decor in the small establishment was outdated by at least a decade, not when the food and service was so good.
“It’s so quiet here,” Yuuji says after he finishes chewing a bite of his sandwich. The camera is set down at the edge of the table, facing the vertical half of Fushiguro and half of the restaurant behind him. The daylight has brightened the exposure a bit, painting the frame with a white glow. “Makes me realize just how noisy the city is.”
“You’re from Sendai though, shouldn’t you be used to this?” Fushiguro retorts with a snort, setting his chopsticks down. He looks a little bored, but his face always looks like that. Resting Bitch Face, is what Kugisaki calls it.
Yuuji’s voice sounds louder as he’s right beside the camera, and there’s some ruffling as he wipes his hands on a napkin.“Yeah, but Tokyo is that loud. It’s so overbearing, that you forget what peaceful silence even is. Even in places like Aoyama where Gojo-sensei lives, there’s so many people and it’s not the same as this.”
A waiter passes by. “Do you ever miss it?” Fushiguro asks. Even with only half of his face showing, he looks calm now that he’s ate.“You never talk about Sendai unless it’s about your grandfather.”
“Oh, definitely,” Yuuji responds without even thinking about it. “All the time. Whenever I talk to Setsuko or Takeshi, they tell me how cool it is that I live in Shibuya. They thought it was crazy when I said I didn’t wanna grow old in the city.”
“Yeah, do you think it’s weird too?” Yuuji responds with a thoughtful hum. Their conversation is clear, as the restaurant is quiet. They’re the only patrons after an older couple left. “Doesn’t have to be Sendai, but just not a place full of concrete, y’know?”
“I—I do,” was Fushiguro’s quiet response. He looked down at his open palm, seemingly lost in thought. “....I want the same thing, actually. Somewhere quiet and bigger, a house so I can get more animals.”
There’s a jingle heard in the distance, and the muffled voices of the restaurant owner greeting whoever came in. Yuuji pays them no mind, sounding lost in thought at this hypothetical house outside of the city. “Like rabbits or something? That’d be cool!”
“Yeah, whatever you want. I’ve always wanted some.” Fushiguro responds without thinking, and becomes aware of what he’s said immediately. But any embarrassment disappears just as fast, and he stares resolutely now.
Despite the higher exposure in the frame, and the slight distance from Fushiguro across the table, the camera perfectly captured the way his pretty green eyes looked towards Yuuji’s brown ones. Thoughtfully, with an implication hanging in the air. That whatever this is, whatever their relationship has been for several months, has a future. Their close friends don’t know what to call their relationship, and they don’t understand how serious or not they are. How could they, when Yuuji and Fushiguro don’t even call each other by their given names? But the two of them have always been on the same wavelength from the moment they met. If it makes sense to them, that’s all that matters.
Yuuji laughs, light and carefree.“Sounds good, babe. Oh, but not too far from Tokyo cause it’s the only place that has that theater that—”
“Here’s your—oh!”
Their waitress speaks before there’s the harsh clicking and heavy sounds against the mic, image distorted until the camera hits the ground and clicks off.
Tumblr media
They’re at 7/11. Yuuji is filming himself getting his cup to pour himself some hot chocolate, then shows Fushiguro serving himself black coffee. His cheeks are still pink from the cold air outside, and it makes him look…pretty. Without thinking, Yuuji zooms in a little until Fushiguro abruptly turns towards the camera with a scowl.
“Get that out of my face before I knock it off your hand.”
“Whoa, so violent!”Yuuji laughed, unfazed by Fushiguro’s ire. The camera panned down towards his drink, showing how he closed the lid over the hot drink. “Gonna beat me up, you delinquent?”
“The hell—” Fushiguro groaned. A loud cheer was heard in the bathroom, probably the owner, who was in the middle of watching a basketball game on a chunky wall-mounted TV when they walked in.“How much did Tsumiki tell you?”
“Uh…now I know you threw a tantrum until Gojo let you keep the stray cat at your old apartment. Oh, and that you got in trouble for punching your dad in prison.”
The camera remained on Yuuji’s hot chocolate for a few seconds before panning back up to Fushiguro, who had remained quiet. He was looking down at his own drink with a contemplative look. Like he was realizing something in that 7-11 all the way in Chiba.
“Tsumiki really likes you…”
Tumblr media
There’s several cuts of them walking towards Onjuku Beach, the beach itself up ahead, and the back of Fushiguro’s head. The reason that the clips cut in and out is that the wind is hitting harshly against the mic, so Yuuji’s narration about how the sea has calmed and looked it's best for Fushiguro’s birthday is barely audible.
It’s completely deserted considering the time of the year and the fact that the sun is going to set soon, but it only makes their two voices sound all that much clearer once the wind has settled. The crunch beneath Yuuji and Fushiguro’s sneakers as they walk through the concrete littered with grains of sand and seagulls in the background are the only sounds for some time.
It’s serene despite the cold winter weather, and the camera captures how vast the sea is ahead of them; how the sky is beginning to darken for the night, and how content Fushiguro looks. They don’t speak for a while, not until they find a good spot near the shore and settle in with their drinks and snacks. Yuuji shows him digging his and Fushiguro’s warm drinks into the sand in front of them until the sand has flattened as a makeshift surface.
Now, the camera is facing the space in between Yuuji and Fushiguro, the white sand taking up almost the entire image. While the space between the two isn’t too far, it appears wide on camera. There’s some crinkling sounds as Fushiguro takes their snacks out of his small pouch and hands Yuuji’s over to him. The camera man takes his too close to the mic with an absent thanks, and the camera almost doesn’t pick up the birthday boy’s next words.
“You…” Fushiguro begins, and the camera pans over to him. The crinkling stops. He’s looking down at his drink on the sand.“Did you bring me here…because of what I said back then?”
Yuuji chuckles, and the camera shakes as he does so.“Yup,” he confirms with a pop on the ‘p’. Maybe Yuuji is aware of it, maybe he isn’t, but the camera is perfectly angled over Fushiguro. There’s a clear shot of his open expression, and the sky and ocean behind him. “It was when we were helping Kugisaki on her first date or something?”
One day, after class, the three of them got together at Kugisaki’s insistence once her and Maki had set a time for their first date. It was the first time they had seen this unshakable woman doubt herself, as she didn’t know what to plan for this important date. Ultimately, Yuuji and Fushiguro ended up being no help, but the latter had revealed something personal to him.
Once, when he was still young, Gojo had planned a day for him and Tsumiki. To this day, Fushiguro can’t remember what the original plan even was, but the timing of it wasn’t the best. They had spent the past few days slaving over the paperwork in order for Gojo to become their legal guardian, and it required opening a lot of wounds for the two siblings. It meant Tsumiki coming to terms with the fact that her mother left her, and Fushiguro discovering that his only living family had terribly abused his father. So, once it was all done Gojo had wanted to reward the kids with a simple day trip. But, the heir was still new to the bus and the three of them had been so exhausted from the previous days that they fell asleep through the entire bus ride until they ended up at a seaside town.
It was in December, in between Gojo and Fushiguro’s birthdays, so not the best time for a beach trip. Still, Gojo has always been spontaneous (annoying) and went ahead with the trip anyway. Yuuji wasn’t aware of the details regarding this impromptu trip, but it turned out to be one of Fushiguro’s favorites. The three of them wound up making it a tradition to visit the sea in the last month of the year every year after that. This would be the first time that Gojo and Tsumiki wouldn’t be able to make it, and Yuuji had found out beforehand.
“You didn’t…” Fushiguro begins, and the camera pans down slightly to his torso as he looks bashfully aware of the camera on him. Still, he isn’t telling Yuuji to put it away yet. “You didn’t have to do all this, you know. Now I've got to find a way to outdo you for your birthday.”
The mirth in Fushiguro’s voice makes Yuuji pan the camera back up to the birthday boy before going over to the view in front of him. Nothing but the glistening sea below the reddening sky is visible now. “Hey! It’s not a competition, sheeesh. And if it was, I won anway.”
The camera cuts off forcefully as Yuuji’s suddenly tackled to the ground by Fushiguro’s delinquent self. The cameraman's laughs are all that’s heard before it shuts.
When the camera turns back on, the sky is still red, albeit darker. Not much time has passed since their tussle, but the sun is properly setting now. The country saw less than ten hours of sunlight today, but that’s about to change as well. It’s easy to enjoy such a beautiful, cold, and seemingly dark winter day when you know that there’s something else coming. The camera facing the horizon looks like it could be dawn, and the thought of a new and brighter day reminds Yuuji of something.
“Did you know,” Yuuji begins, zooming in on the water glistening. There’s a soft glow over them, painting the image in a warm light despite the cold weather. Even so, one is still able to tell that the air is cold. “Your birthday is on the shortest day of the year?”
There’s a snort beside him, and the camera pans over to Fushiguro, who’s sipping on his coffee while looking the other way. The back of his pale neck is visible, and it appears a little red. He’s probably colder than he looks. “Yeah, people tell me all the time, dummy.”
“Really? Heh, my bad.” Yuuji chuckles sheepishly, focusing on the sunlight hitting Fushiguro. The light breeze makes him bring his warm cup closer to him, which is oddly cute. Yuuji’s voice settles, and he feels like he’s caught in a dream.“I just found out.”
It’s what prompts the next words out of his mouth. The camera suddenly pans down to the sand, as if Yuuji wants to keep what’s in front of his eyes just for himself.
“It’s the shortest day, and longest night.”The camera is still pointed at the open space between Yuuji's crossed legs, and the mic picks up the tenderness of his voice. He almost doesn’t sound like himself. He’s caught in his affection for the boy beside him. “But it brings the promise of longer days.”
It’s quiet after that, only the sounds of the waves pulling in and out, the seagulls in the distance, and the wind slightly picking up. Thankfully, not enough to distort the sound on the mic.
“My dad is the only one who tells me that,” Fushiguro confesses, and Yuuji decides to keep the camera just where it is. He thinks he should cut off when Fushiguro sounds so soft, like he’s telling an important secret. But Yuuji wants to be able to keep this moment. “When I finally opened all his letters from prison, he says it every year on my birthday. He’s far from being a poetic guy, but he tells me every year because…I guess my mom used to say that.”
“That’s—” Yuuji cuts off, unable to form a proper sentence. He internally curses at the fact that the camera picked up how his voice fumbled. “Thanks for telling me. Thanks for spending your day with me.”
By now, he thinks he knows Fushiguro. Their relationship has been mostly formal and casual, with their developments only happening within the past months. Still, he knows that Fushiguro moves slowly when it comes to opening himself up (he’s emotionally stunted). And, he appreciates Yuuji’s earnest honesty and bluntness. So, that’s why he said the most simple thing that came to mind. A time will come when they can speak more and more freely, more intimately. Fushiguro has taught a loner like him how to be patient, and he’s slowly coaxing him to express himself.
The breeze has settled, and all that’s heard is the serene sounds of the beach. There’s some birds in the distance, some rustling, then the soft sound of a peck of lips. The camera is completely black, lens pushing against the fabric of Yuuji’s coat, but the sound of a deepening kiss is still audible through the rustling. There’s a soft groan and—
“Wait—,” Fushiguro murmurs softly, voice rougher than earlier. He’s a little out of breath, too. “—is the camera still on?”
The camera shakes up, facing the ocean at an odd angle.
“Oh shit—“
The camera cuts off.
Tumblr media
When the camera turns back on, it’s pointed forward from where Yuuji is seated. They’re back on the train, this time back to Tokyo. The train isn’t empty this time, and the other three patrons are visible in the frame. An old man who’s dozed off, head lolling forward. A woman and her young child, engrossed in a book that’s opened across the woman’s lap. The camera remains like that for a few seconds before it pans over to Yuuji’s side.
Beside him is Fushiguro, with Tokyo Bay right out the window. He’s asleep and leaning his head against the glass, which made one side of his headphones slide off slightly. His slender neck is now covered in Yuuji’s scarf, well, it’s a hand-me-down from Choso. The birthday boy looks peaceful and unbothered, so Yuuji zooms in slightly. His eyes gaze into the viewfinder, lingering on the way that Fushiguro’s long dark lashes brush over his high cheekbones.
A thick hand comes into view, slowly inching closer to Fushiguro’s handsome face. He gently and cautiously brings the scarf up to keep Fushiguro warm, which he almost manages to do without waking up the other. Yet, at the last second, the backs of his fingers accidentally brush against the soft pale skin.
It probably tickles, because Fushiguro’s face scrunches up before he unconsciously swats at Yuuji’s hand.
“My ba—”
The camera abruptly cuts off.
Tumblr media
“—kay, sorry. But yeah, I guess my grandpa was just making it up as he went along.”
“I mean, I would’ve believed you if Tsumiki hadn’t told me. I thought Orion was just the name of that cat from that movie Gojo showed us.” Fushiguro consoled, burrowing further into Yuuji’s scarf. Despite being back in Tokyo, the background noise around them was almost nonexistent, as if the universe understood this was a soft and intimate moment that the cameraman was trying to capture.“I guess that means that…”
“Another trip?” Yuuji supplied cherrily, perfectly picking up what Fushiguro was getting at, and his grin was almost audible despite not being visible to the camera. He could pretend his excitement was for what Fushiguro was in for, and not the promise of more alone time with his…his…“Stargazing?”
“Mhm,” Fushiguro agreed with a soft smile, making a little dimple appear. His spikes were softly flopping in the wind as they began to walk up the stairs into his small apartment. He hadn’t questioned why Yuuji turned the camera back on mid-conversation to what was supposedly the end of the night. “We can go to Hokkaido or—”
There’s the jingling of his keys as he’s opening the door, and then—
“Happy birthday Fushiguro!”
“Happy birthday Megumi!”
“Happy birthday Megumi-chan!”
“Happy birthday, kid.”
All at once there’s several variations of Fushiguro’s name being shouted out, all of their guests crowding in by the Fushiguro’s tiny doorway. The birthday boy has frozen, and Yuuji is sure that his face looks hilarious, but the camera is faced at the back of his head. So, he pans the camera around him and faces it towards everyone in the small residence.
It’s all their classmates and friends, and at the center are Fushiguro’s family. Tsumiki is releasing a party popper with a cheerful smile on her pretty face, and a pink party hat perched on her head. Beside her, towering over her more like, are Gojo and Toji.
Gojo is wearing a plastic tiara and he’s attempting to wrestle the custom birthday cake out of Toji’s big hands. It appears the two have been fighting over who gets to hold it.
The camera pans down towards Yuuji’s shoes as him and Fushiguro take them off on the genkan and Kugisaki is ushering them in because they’re letting the fucking cold air in.
Yuuji hadn’t anticipated how chaotic it’d be to hold his in such a small space, so this is the messiest of his camera footage for the day. There’s a lot of rustling and noise hitting the mic as everything gets settled in.
There’s Fushiguro punching Yuuji’s arm for not letting him in on the surprise, and then Tsumiki and Gojo coming to tell the birthday boy that they faked not being able to make it for the birthday as a surprise.
Toji’s deep voice cuts in to tell his son that the luxurious cake is a gift from him, and it’s a bittersweet flavor to perfectly suit his tastes. Gojo’s quick to give a snarky retort that it was him who paid for it and Toji’s a cheap bum.
Since the camera is facing slightly down at an angle, it captures Inumaki sliding over a baggie of weed as Fushiguro’s birthday present. It also captures Fushiguro’s grateful thanks. It’s a generous amount, so Panda cuts in to say that he and Yuuta pitched in as well. Megumi had already received the electronic concert tickets for him and Yuuta when the older student comes back from his trip abroad.
Suguru’s soft voice filters in and murmurs to Fushiguro that his present to him is that he’ll get Gojo out of his house before midnight. As the two head into the kitchen to cut the cake with everyone, the twins excitedly tell Yuuji to face the camera towards Kuro and Shiro. They pull Fushiguro to show him the sweaters they custom ordered for the dogs (with Gojo’s credit card), as it’s an exact copy of one of Fushiguro’s favorite hoodies.
Kugisaki simply pulls Yuuji’s ear to make him face the coffee table, and Maki jabs a thumb to show Fushiguro the stack of books they bought for him. With their closeness, the mic picks up Maki muttering to Fushiguro that Toji’s extra shifts lately had been in order to free up the next three days. He’s taking him and Tsumiki on a trip to Okinawa.
Yuuji isn’t sure what Tsumiki and Gojo gave Fushiguro, as by the time they hand him the large gift bag, Yuuji was by the kitchen counter filming Panda taking a mug of coffee out of his pants pockets. Whatever it was, it makes Fushiguro’s cheeks redden and makes him look away bashfully. He allows the two to envelop him in a big hug, the three of them rocking back and forth.
Tumblr media
The final shot is facing the mirror, right by the Fushiguro’s front door. There, on the doorway, where the small mirror was against the wall, shows Yuuji pointing the camera against his face, which is partly visible. Beside him, leaning into his shoulder, is the birthday boy. Fushiguro looks properly tired after a long day, headphones still slung over his shoulders and Gojo’s birthday hat is now on his head. The birthday boy has a rare but content smile on his face, completely lighting up the room.
Yuuji’s pride at making such an expression is visible even with half his face hidden. Who wouldn’t be? Megumi’s face is gentle right now, green eyes softened as he gazes at the mirror, at the camera and most importantly, Yuuji.
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Yugioctober Day 27: Burger
(Prompt list)  (Read it here on Ao3!)
Summary: The unexpected arrival of a long-lost friend makes Anzu's slow work day much more exciting.
It was a snowy Wednesday afternoon and, with nothing to do, Anzu was relaxing on her phone in the employees-only area.  There were a few patrons out on the floor already enjoying their meals, so Anzu wasn’t worried about wasting time until one of them asked for their check.  Despite having to cut down on her hours, she was grateful to the Burger World people for allowing her to transfer locations when she moved to New York.  The extra income was a huge help when covering the cost of tuition and everyday necessities.
The bell above the door chimed, and Anzu left a quick like on a photo of Yugi and Atem’s new cat before slipping her phone back into her pocket.  Snatching a menu from the top of the stack, she weaved through the tables like a practiced figure skater, her customer service smile already plastered on her face by the time she reached the new arrival.
“Hi there, welcome to Burger World!” she chirped as she set the menu down.  “My name is--”
The haze of her routine lifted, allowing her to take in the details of the person she was serving.  Her eyes widened.
Sure enough, Miho Nosaka was smiling up at her from the booth, but she certainly wasn’t the Miho who had moved away during their freshman year of high school.  Her swooping lavender hair was cut almost as short as Honda’s, the few rebellious strands falling across her forehead a stark contrast from the bangs that once covered it completely.  The bow in her hair was gone, replaced by a mint bowtie under the collar of a pale pink button-up with little white polka dots.  A red trench coat was neatly folded on the bench next to her, a knit beanie and a flannel scarf resting on top of it.
Anzu’s smile shifted to one of genuine happiness as Miho shot up and yanked her into a hug.  Both of them squeezed the life out of each other, their squeals and laughs muffled by the other’s clothes, and instinctually continued their conversation in Japanese.
“Miho, holy shit, how are you?!  It’s been so long!”
“I know!  I’m so sorry I didn’t keep in touch, my phone got stolen a couple years back and I couldn’t remember anyone’s numbers!”  She gave Anzu an apologetic smile and sat back down.
“Oh my god, don’t worry about it!  Trust me, there was a lot going on, you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”  She pulled out her notepad and pen.  “You still get your usual?”
“Yep!  You still remember?”
“Duh, of course I remember!”  She read off the order as she scribbled it down.  “A double bacon cheeseburger, medium rare, no mustard, no pickles, a chocolate milkshake, and fries with extra extra extra ketchup on the side.”
Miho laughed.  Anzu had forgotten how beautiful her laugh was.  “You got it!  Except switch out the milkshake for a hot chocolate, it’s way too cold for a milkshake.  And you know I’m a ketchup hog, they always stiff you on ketchup.”
“No they don’t, you just eat more ketchup than a normal human being.”  She fixed the order and flipped her notepad closed so she could look back into Miho’s royal blue eyes.  “Since it’s so slow today, I could probably ask my manager if I can take my break early.  We can catch up!”
“I would love that!”
Anzu grinned and shot her a wink on her way back to the kitchen.  After getting the all-clear from her manager, she added her own order to Miho’s ticket, dropped it off with the cook, and waited until it was ready.  Since there was really nothing for her to do anyway, it didn’t cut into her break time.  She was grateful her manager was so flexible.
She returned to Miho’s table with two trays of food, one balanced in each hand, and set them down so she could sit across from her.  Miho popped the lid off her hot chocolate to blow off some of the steam.
“So how’s everyone back in Domino?” she asked.
Anzu smiled around the fry in her mouth.  “They’re doing great!  Everyone graduated last year, Yugi, Honda, and Ryou are at DCU, and Jou’s working on becoming a top duelist.  And you remember Shizuka, Jou’s little sister?  She’s been getting into fashion designing!  She’s already halfway through high school, can you believe that?”
“No way!”  Miho gawked at her, her cheeks puffed out from the huge bite she took out of her burger.  She held up a finger while she finished chewing.  “She just started junior high when I left!”
“I know!  She’s even taller than me now!”
“Stop it, you’re lying!”
“I swear I’m not, see for yourself!”  Whipping her phone out of her pocket, she pulled up a picture she took of her and all of their friends outside the airport before she flew to New York for the first time.
“Wow, look at how tall Yugi is too!”  Miho leaned over the table to get a better look at everyone.  “Who’s that?”
Anzu followed where she was pointing.  “Oh, that’s Yugi’s boyfriend, Atem!  He uh...moved to Domino from Egypt a few years ago.”
“And they just happen to have the same hair?”
“It’s a long story, trust me.  Come on, tell me about you!  How’ve you been?  What’ve you been doing?  When did you cut your hair?”
“I knew you were going to ask eventually!”  Miho giggled into her hot chocolate.  “I cut it last year, but I traded my ribbons for bowties a year before that.”
“Leave it to Miho to always work a bow into her outfit.”
She shrugged.  “What can I say?  Old habits die hard.”
They spent the rest of Anzu’s break catching up, chatting about fond memories and new friends they made while they were separated.  Anzu had to do a bit of clever maneuvering to explain some of it without giving away the whole “Yugi was possessed by the spirit of an ancient Pharaoh” thing, but it didn’t take away from the joy she felt at finally reuniting with one of her best friends.  After what was definitely not long enough, the timer on her phone went off to signal the end of her break.
Miho hastily wiped the grease off her fingers and put her palm face-up on the table.  “Phone, give.”
Anzu handed her phone over, and Miho opened a new contact for her to punch in her information.  Anzu waited for her to finish before swapping her phone for the check.  Once everything was paid for and Miho was bundled up again, they exchanged another tight hug, and Anzu walked Miho to the door.
“You better not forget my number this time,” Anzu teased and was rewarded with another round of Miho’s musical laughter.
“Trust me, I won’t!  But just in case I do…”  In the blink of an eye, Miho leaned in, pecked Anzu on the cheek, and threw open the door with a blast of cold air.  “I missed my chance years ago, I’m not about to miss it now!  Call me!”
Then she was gone, leaving a flustered, giddy Anzu staring out at the snowy street through the glass.  Her phone was still open to Miho’s contact.  She smiled down at the little note below her name.
“Your all-time favorite gal pal!! <3 ;)”
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shsl-shuichi-simp · 5 months ago
Shuichi as your house husband
I was craving this 🤤 also I'm hella tired so I'm sorry if some parts don't make sense lmaoo
- mod mocha
Category: Headcannons
Warnings: mentions of food, you and shuichi are married and living together, this is only marriage hcs so yall don't have kids, shuichi being a good husband 💞, not proof read
Tumblr media
Shuichi REALLY wasn't expecting this,, he probably thought hed just be working for the rest of his life so becoming a stay at home husband was a bit surprising to him
Not that hes complaining ofc!!
But he feels bad bc you're working all the time while he gets to be lazy all day
No matter how many times you reassure him, he'll still feel guilty
So instead he repays you by doing chores, cleaning, and cooking
Hes actually great at it- well the cooking part atleast
I hc while shuichi was still living with his uncle he had to sometimes make meals for himself bc his uncle and aunt were rarely home
he's gotten pretty good at it since then
He makes you breakfast in bed on your days off and packs lunch for you to eat at work draws little cats on your food with ketchup
Shuichi may even wear a frilly apron while he does things around the house if you pester him enough
He misses you a lot whenever you're at work so when he's feeling clingy he wears your clothes
might even take them without you knowing and act like it went missing if hes in a particularly needy mood
One time you came home early to find him napping on your shared bed with your "lost" hoodie on, wrapped in blankets
On your days off he sorta latches onto you and doesn't let go,, so be prepared to have a VERY affectionate shushu attached to your arm
texts and calls you when you're on break
Shuichi has retired from being a detective bc theres no real need for him to be working since you are the one who makes all the money
So if he's not doing chores, hes usually reading
Yall probably have your own mini library filled with novels, shuichi spends most of his time in there with his nose in a book tbh
Ooo He picks up some new hobbies like drawing, poetry, gardening, maybe even knitting
Hes def good at poetry I can feel it
Shuichi loves you so so so much please treat him well
Tumblr media
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morkleemelon · 9 months ago
things I love about mark
I love him. I love the sound of his voice and the way he laughs. he giggles wildly and his eyes squint into crescent moons and his claps syncopate over the sound of his laughter. I love how he has a habit of hitting the person next to him too. I love how round his teeth are and when he grins, they’re so even and he truly does look like a baby lion. I love his little freckles- the one on the corner of his lip, the one on his cheek, and the one on the side of his neck. I love the way he could be smiling and laughing and suddenly something in his mind switches and his face goes all serious like 0_0 and his eyebrows raise and he looks so goofy and I love him. I love him when he posts his writing even though he’s nervous about sharing his work. I love reading over them to try to see what he’s feeling. he claims they’re “scribbles” I cherish them more than any literature written by others. I love the way he’s the nicest guy in the world and he’s always willing to help. he’s hardworking and grounded. I love his fuzzy black coat and his old jansport backpack. I love how he goes to bed pretty early because he really likes sleeping. I love how he’s supportive of his friends through thick and thin and he makes everyone feel included. I love how much he adores his parents and big brother and how he still prays before he eats because he was raised that way and he’s loyal. I love how he rarely ever cries but he did once at what he thought was his last concert with dream and another time watching sad video compilations on youtube with taeil. he loves justin bieber and bruno mars and his favorite doja cat song is candy. he does his little tip taps when he’s excited and if he’s especially thrilled, he’ll start jumping up and down full-force. he hates ketchup and frozen yogurt and he loves watermelon and fried chicken. his favorite song is viva la vida by coldplay and he’s really, really bad at cooking. when donghyuck broke his leg, mark was worried for him well after he was healed. his favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream and he used to dream of being an ice cream truck driver when he was young. he’s so gullible and boyishly innocent. yet, he also wrote whiplash. he loves wearing beanies when his hair is messy and he takes loads of vitamins and supplements to stay healthy. he’s extremely afraid of heights but he’s not afraid of bugs. I love him, I love it all. he makes me want to be a better person because I want him to be proud of who his fans are. he’s forever the best person I know and I pray everyday that he’s happy, that he’s had a good day. he’s my first thoughts in the morning and my last thoughts at night. he’s one in a lifetime, him, and I don’t know what I’d do without it all.
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x0401x · 9 months ago
Jeweler Richard Fanbook Short Story #15
Tumblr media
Feel free to message me about possible corrections, and please consider supporting the creators by purchasing digital copies of the official releases: Novel || Manga || Fanbook. In case anyone is feeling generous: Ko-fi | PayPal. ( ╹◡╹)っ’・*
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Richard-sensei’s Cooking Classroom
On a bright morning in Kandy, a provincial town from Sri Lanka, a man was standing still in his kitchen. Leaning against the wall was a Japanese book titled “Breakfast for People Who Live Alone”. There were three items on the menu. Just an omelet with ketchup on top, boiled sausages and fruit salad yogurt.
Regardless, the kitchen where the man was standing was an explosion of colors, as if it were the atelier of some Dadaist painter. Perhaps he was wrong in trying to make an omelet, the blond man thought, tilting his head despondently. Loved by the god of beauty, his blond hair swayed smoothly, and on the wall behind him, the exploded omelet was scattered in all directions, giving off an artistic atmosphere. It was obvious that in order to cook an omelet on a frying pan, it was necessary to shake up said pan, but the specific method of how hard one should shake it had not even once made an appearance in his life, much like fairies and unicorns from fictional stories. As a result of him jerking the pan with moderate adjustment, the omelet had flown off, hitting the wall and dripping down under the influence of gravity.
The beautiful man cast his eyes at the opposite side of the kitchen with a melancholic look as well. His golden eyelashes reflected a rainbow-colored prism and shone like an emerald-green sea under the morning sun. In a corner, where a microwave and water heater sat on top of the kitchen table, something orange had burst all over the place from within the microwave. Just why did food blow up so often, the man wondered, silently ashamed of his ignorance for trying to reduce just two rules of thumb to common sense. When he put three vacuum-packed blood sausages in the microwave and warmed them up, the sausages lost their original shape with a faint explosive sound. Obeying the instructions that said, “Bain-marie or microwave”, the man had chosen the microwave, which seemed less difficult, but probably due to some process being neglected or the heating time being incorrect, the sausages had undergone a magical transformation, looking like some sort of eerie monster.
Moving his feet so as not to make a sound, the man headed to the dining room, lightly placing a hand on the large table and elegantly gazing at the tabletop. Fragments of yellow and green were floating on a sea of white.
“Fruits yogurt,” the man whispered, as if it were a magic spell, heaving a spring breeze-like sigh.
It was just chopped fruits floating on yogurt. Taking into account the possibility that he could not cut the fruits too meticulously, the man was out of luck to have a slicer with him, and by the moment he realized that this one was apparently not supposed to be used for fruits but rather for slicing things such as cabbages and carrots into thin pieces, the fruits that he had failed to chop had gone flying over the table, surrounding the bowl of yogurt and instantaneously creating a Genesis-like scene on the tabletop. It was chaos.
On 360 degrees, no matter where he looked, it was a foodstuff hell. After looking around one more time at the artistic misery he had created and sighing coarsely, he started anew and began doing a quick cleaning.
   “Morning, Richard. You slept well, I see.”
“Good morning, Seigi. So you wake up early even in Sri Lanka. Short sleepers have shorter lives. Didn’t you go to bed yesterday when it was already past midnight?”
“That’s fine for today. I have a guest here, after all. I’ll catch up with my sleep tomorrow.”
“I have not done so much to be called a ‘guest’.”
“There, there; let’s leave that for after we eat.”
His face looking like he was checking on something, the man whose appearance was impeccable even first-thing in the morning, as usual, glanced at the kitchen and dining room of my Sri Lankan house, and then let out a tiny sigh, stopping by a place close to the garden.
“Hey, could it be you woke up early this morning? Like, around 5AM...”
“I wonder if it was my imagination.”
In this three-story house, the first floor was a shared space for the dining room and bathroom, while the second and third floors had bedrooms. The room that I used as my main one was on the second floor, and the room on the third floor was used when Richard came over to be my overseer, but only the first floor had a bathroom. Whenever someone was going down to the first floor, one could tell by the sound of them stepping on the stairs. That was no big deal when I was alone, but this was the kind of house that would disturb other people’s sleep if I didn’t walk quietly whenever I needed to use the toilet in the middle of the night.
At around five o’clock, probably because I was drowsy, I had the feeling that someone had gone downstairs. I went back to sleep thinking that maybe Richard, who was looking after me despite having a jetlag, felt like having a late-night snack or something, but it was apparently a wrong guess.
Said man, dressed in a soft-looking shirt and the beige pants that he usually wore when he was relaxed, was standing still with eyes wide-open. It seemed he had noticed what was on the table. I was happy with the reaction.
“I’ve got breakfast for us. Hope it suits your taste.”
“Why? You said yesterday that your breakfast was just cereal and fruits.”
“I indeed said this yesterday, but I wanted to show it’s really not like that every single day. I also didn’t want you to worry for no reason.”
Plain omelets, sausages and fruit salad. For some reason, this house had many pottery dishes from European brands instead of Sri Lankan ones, but they were working out well for today. The paintings of green and pink pedicels over a white background were apparently from a German brand. It was actually my first time making a breakfast like this, which looked like it could show up in a commercial for some newly built apartment building and wasn’t as filling as its appearance suggested, but it had been surprisingly fun.
“I saw the recipe book in the kitchen. It’s a present for me, right? Thank you. I was happy to read a book in Japanese after so long, so I decided to make the part that showed up when I opened it into our menu. Now, now, please have a seat and eat up.”
For about solid ten seconds, Richard stared at the one-plate breakfast, his gaze looking like he was seeing a stone that he had never set his eyes on before, but then, after giving a start as if just remembering that I existed, he sat down with his same-old graceful demeanor.
“Well then, shall we?”
And so, Richard ate breakfast next to me. At times like these, this man would become extremely well-mannered, taking notice of and praising the details, such as the fineness of the omelet’s texture and the beauty of the fruit cuts in the yogurt, as if he were evaluating a five-million-yen jewelry or something. Even while being in Sri Lanka, I sometimes thought that if there were teachers like him in middle or high school around Japan, it would save many children.
“Thanks; that makes me happy. I’m benefiting from it too. Getting so many compliments for just boiling sausages.”
I didn’t know very well how to describe Richard’s face when I said that. His expression seemed like it could be the theme of a masterpiece painting, as if the exceptionally beautiful man had suddenly been reminded of an indescribable pain in the depths of his chest, but was struggling not to expose it in his facial expression. When I asked what was up, the reply was a gentle smile. His usual face was already back.
“I believe I have already said this several times, but you are extremely smart. You decipher the texts, assemble the methods in your head and put them to practice. There are more hardships in this process than you can imagine. Nevertheless, you specialize at it. This is clearly a talent of yours. Be sure to cherish it.”
“I will. But, well, I think doing my best because someone else’s gonna eat it also counts.”
For security reasons, I wasn’t allowed to invite guests to this house. I was sometimes called over to the house of a local friend I had made, and then I’d cook a simple dish there, but guests that make several meticulous dishes on the spot were probably not very welcome. So whenever there were days like these, when “guests” officially recognized by the house’s owner, Saul-san, occasionally came over, it was a great opportunity for me have a change of pace.
While thanking Richard for washing the dishes, I cleaned up the dining room and before moving on to stone study, which was my daily routine in the morning (at any rate, I had to examine stones thoroughly, guess their prices and drill the right and wrong ones into my head; pretty simple), I asked him about lunch. Richard-sensei was very busy. No time for leisure.
“You’ll be off again in the evening flight, right? What we gonna do about lunch? If you’re leaving at three o’clock, then you’ll still be in Kandy at noon, right? Can we go to a restaurant I like?”
“What a good thing it is that you found a ‘restaurant you like’ in this country. Allow me to accompany you.”
While smiling, Richard was about to let out a yawn, yet he hastily bit it down. He was like a prideful cat. As I thought, he seemed a little sleepy. When I suggested him to go to bed again, he said that he didn’t mind it, since he was going to sleep in the night flight either way. And yet he was calling me a short sleeper.
I glanced at the dining room and the kitchen. They were neatly organized. From their tidy and orderly state, I could tell with just a look that I obviously hadn’t cleaned them to this point last night. There wasn’t a single speck of dust on the floor. Despite the difference between the inside and outside of the house being so vague. There was no evidence left, but it was clear that something had happened here. Not a murder, but a more peaceful and heartwarming incident. The suspect showed no signs of confessing. So I wouldn’t say anything either. No particular comments on the multiple rags and some food remains at the bottom of the organic waste bag. I only had one thing that I wanted to say no matter what, so I hoped he’d just let me say it.
After finishing the meal, I waited for the beautiful man to stand up, and then I went behind Richard, clutching his shoulders. I was going to say it before he turned around, asking what I was doing. It was best if I didn’t see his face. There was no telling what I could say when I was staring at him in fascination.
“I myself don’t know very well what I’m talking about, so I want you to forget it in two seconds, but I was reeeally happy for this morning. Really happy. To a shocking extent.”
“What are you talking about?”
“I said I didn’t know either, right? I don’t get it, but anyway, I was happy. That’s all! Aight, study time.”
Without looking at Richard’s face until the very end, I started knocking a thousand gemstones in my workspace on the first floor. I had to look over them while it was morning. This was my current job. Richard didn’t say anything else, but his back looked calm under his shirt, so I was a bit relieved as well. Thinking back on it now, I had taken the wrong path at that time. I should have told him “not to overdo it” more clearly.
Two weeks later, Richard came back, but this time, I heard a small explosion at 6AM. Three times in a row. What did it take for things to turn out this way? The current time was already 7AM. Between getting up right now or not, which one would be less of a hassle later on? I didn’t even want to think about what had been made of the dining room. There was no one other than the two of us in this house and this wasn’t a matter that I had to go as far as asking the landlord, Saul-san, for advice on, so I knew I was the one who had to deal with it anyway. I wanted someone to decide in my stead. What should I do?
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yespolkadotkitty · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Chp 1 ~ Chp 2 ~ Chp 3 ~ Chapter Four
THANKYOU @kindablackenedsuperhero for the lovely banner!
THANKYOU @heatherbel​ @astroboots​  @knittingqueen13​  @disgruntledspacedad​ and @alienprincesspoop​ for the cheerleading!
Words: 1,840 ~ Warnings: meddling family members, allusions to victims of assault being ignored by police
I drummed my fingers on my copy of The Calculating Stars as I waited for the rest of our book club to arrive. My friend Aisha - my favourite of the club girls - leaned in. “This is the best book we’ve read for ages.”
“I agree. I loved Elma.” Anselma York was the heroine of the piece, a woman who could do superhuman math without a pen and paper and who had been a heroic pilot  - a WASP - during WWII. “And I kinda want to be mothered by Mrs Lindstrom.”
“Me, too. I love a good chick lit, too, I really do - but please no more frazzled mothers bored of their marriage who start banging the gardener.”
I snorted. “And no more abusive relationships dressed up as aspirational sex fests.”
Aisha lifted her glass, and I clinked it with mine enthusiastically.
A book got voted in each week, from a selection of seven put forward by Poppy, who’d started the group. It had gotten off the ground on Facebook as an LA thing, then numbers had dwindled, and after six months when it was just seven of us still contributing to voting and feedback, Aisha had suggested we meet in person.
Our first face to face book club had met in July and now in January, there were still six of us attending regularly.
Poppy swept into the vegan cafe in a cloud of Michael Kors perfume, her hair immaculate and not a strand out of place. She worked in marketing for a high end Real Estate company in town, so I suppose it came with the territory. I had never ever seen her looking anything other than photo-ready. It must have been exhausting.
We went through the chorus of hellos; me, Aisha , Maisie, Emma, Hanna and Aleksandra. Poppy flagged down a passing waiter and ordered a mojito, then set her massive purse on the table along with her book.
The drinks - both alcoholic and soft - flowed as we discussed racial inequality back in the late 50s and now, and what life would have been like if, as in the book, a meteor strike triggered an extinction level event.
“I wish it were unimaginable now,” Emma said, her lips pursing as she looked down at her dark-skinned hands on the table, “Black people being cut out of the corp like Ida was.”
We were all silent for a second.
“And I wish “coincidences” like the only Asian woman, Maggie, getting a sudden “heart murmur” and being dropped from the group didn’t happen these days.”
We all looked at each other. 
“Constantly amazes me,” Emma said, chewing on her lip, “how the world has and hasn’t moved on.”
Poppy rested her chin on her balled fist, leaned her elbow on the table. “You guys did say you wanted a book to sink your teeth into this time.”
“And we are not complaining!” Poppy hated conflict of any kind - unusual for someone who worked in PR, but I figured perhaps her job required all her powers of argument. “I’ll definitely go back to this again and again.”
“Maybe something lighter next week,” Hanna, ever, the diplomat, chimed in. “But it’s important that we don’t lose sight of issues like equality and racism just because it’s fiction.”
“Right,” Aisha and I agreed.
Poppy eyed us like she wanted to say something, but she settled for stirring her mocha idly. Eventually she nodded. “Anyway, I’ve suggested seven books for our next read - voting as usual on the Facebook page.”
Chatter turned away from the novel - Aisha’s son’s birthday party, a three hour seminar Hanna endured, in which some of the participants connecting through Zoom hadn’t muted themselves (a true modern day horror story), Maisie’s driving test on Monday.
Eventually the girls left, some alone, some in pairs. Aisha and I stayed, ordering a plate of fries to share. This cafe got them right - skinny, crispy on the outside and cloud-like on the inside, lashings of salt.
Aisha dipped a couple of fries in ketchup, shoved them in her mouth, then winced. “Fuck. Hot. I always do this. Can’t eat this kind of junk around my kid, after all.” She smacked her lips. “Worth it. So tell me what’s happening in your life?”
“Not a lot. Ah Ma is coming for dinner tomorrow.”
“What will she give you this time? A subscription to match.com?”
“Do. Not. Joke.” I pointed a french fry at her. “She’d do it. She’s getting better with the iPad all the time. I swear she hangs out at the Apple Store.”
Aisha snorted. “I’m so lucky to be married. So. Tell me about being a single woman. I gotta live vicariously through you now.”
I shrugged. “Well…”
“Now we’re getting to it.”
“Oh.. it isn’t like that.” I ate another fry. “I took a stupid shortcut through Vista Hermosa Park. Two guys got the jump on me.”
“Oh, shit!” Aisha grabbed my hand across the table. I have always loved how tactile she is. 
“No I’m fine.” I squeezed her fingers. “Well of course I am. Some guy..” Zach “..saved me.”
“Yeah. I think he’s homeless.”
“Well, thank fuck he was there. Did you call the cops?”
We shared a look.
“Thought about it. For all the good that would’ve done,” I added.
Aisha grabbed another fry. “Do you think you should at least report it? So they can… I dunno. Patrol the park? What did the homeless guy say?”
I looked down at my plate, littered with salt crystals. Aisha was one of my best friends, so I have no idea why I held back on telling her about Zach. “Not much. I bought him some pizza from that place on the corner.”
“That was nice of you.” She tucked a curl of her thick, dark hair behind her ear. “I’m sure he appreciated it.”
“He did.”
Aisha’s gaze narrowed on my face. She was good at reading people and she knew I wasn’t giving her the full story. But whatever she saw on my face made her change her mind, so instead she said;  “The pepperoni there is the best.”
And just like that, the conversation thread drifted. 
I didn’t bring Zach up again. 
I should have, shouldn’t have hidden him like he was something to be ashamed of. He wasn’t - but I imagined he wouldn’t have liked anyone to know his situation.
Had he read the books?
My Mom’s duplex apartment was a thirty minute walk across the city. 
Sunday dawned, chilly, but the sun high in the sky. I set my Spotify playlist up before slinging my backpack over my shoulder.
I didn’t pass the park on my way, but the urge to detour there on my way home was strong.
Deep inside, I did wonder what this was. If I was romanticizing Zach. 
Well - of course I was. He was young and attractive and his smile was killer.
But more than that. I couldn’t stand to see anyone suffer needlessly.
I had a soft heart and I knew it, and it had caused me grief more than once, but I was too old to learn new tricks, now.
Besides, I learned from my Dad - closing people out and burying your feelings doesn’t protect you. It just makes you sad, and bitter, and lonely.
The comforting smell of singapore noodles wafted out to meet me as I turned my key in the lock of Mom’s door. Inside, I could hear her and Ah Ma arguing about something in Hokkien. I only caught the gist of it but it seemed to centre around divergence on the amount of soy sauce needed (never too much, in my opinion).
“Sweetie!” Mom exclaimed when I dropped my backpack by the door. 
I waved and hung up my beret, coat and blanket scarf, then crossed over to kiss them both on the cheek. “Smells good.”
“Fifty seven years old and I’m still teaching her how to cook,” Ah Ma grumbled, her cats-eye shaped glasses slipping down her petite nose.
“Keep that up and I’ll swap your tea for Durian fruit juice,” my Mom countered, her tone as sweet as honey.
I skirted around them and filled a glass with water from the tap, drinking deeply. The walk had dried me out.
When I turned around Ah Ma had settled into the leather chair at the end of the kitchen-diner. “Come and talk to this old woman about your life, Martha.”
I dropped into the chair next to her. “What do you want to know?”
“Have you met a nice boy yet?” The word Chinese was unvoiced, but I heard it anyway.
“And you won’t if you spend all your time with your nose in a book,” she groused, eyeing me over her glasses. “You are young and pretty, time to make use of it.”
I refrained from rolling my eyes.
Ah Ma reached for her iPad. “You look nice now. Could use some make-up but no matter, I can take a photo.”
“Not this again,” Mom muttered.
Ah Ma fired off some Hokkien which amounted roughly to she’s your only hope for a chubby little grandbaby, you know. 
I wanted the ground to swallow me up. My eyes were drawn to the framed photo of Bryan in his army fatigues, jet black hair cut military short, a wide smile on his face.
I miss you, Bry.
How much of me wanting to help Zach was rooted in wanting to go back in time and save Bryan?
“Time to eat,” Mom called out as Ah Ma hovered the iPad near my (make-up free) face. I blinked at the light of the flash. She always kept it on - not realising a photo with full flash was literally the least flattering thing ever.
Saved by the bell.
Mom had done herself proud as usual for our small family dinners - roast pork belly, her speciality, the Singapore noodles, and a plate of steaming pak choi topped with chunks of roast garlic cloves. I set my contribution - gleaming parcels of fresh dim sum from my favourite Asian deli - next to the pork belly and we dug in.
The empty plate where Bryan would normally sit held my gaze for some minutes until Mom nudged me, and I helped myself to some food.
It was delicious.
I managed to avoid the topic of men until I made the post-lunch tea, then Ah Ma took out a little tissue paper parcel. “For you.”
“Thankyou.” I unwrapped it to reveal a little rose quartz mandarin duck. Pretty - well, it would look pretty in the drawer where my other “good luck” tokens lived. “It’s lovely.”
“Take some food with you.” As we cleaned up, Mom shoved a Chinese bakery box towards me, heavy with sliced, cooled pork belly and thick, fatty crackling. “I always make too much.”
She didn’t say: Bryan always ate enough for four people.
I took the box. 
I knew its destination.
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addisonpendragon · 9 months ago
(Or tbh, if you have a specific one you want, just send the number)
[text] I'll be there in 5 min. If not, read this again.
[text] on the last problem of the exam i just drew a picture of a cat and left 
[text] just woke up in the beanbag bin at walmart 
[text] I'm a gentlemen, chivalry is what i do, i'll open the door, pull out your chair, buy your drinks, i'll even go down first, but when it comes to mario kart, i draw the line. I'm sorry but i just can't let you beat me at mario kart 
[text] This is a mass text. Does anyone know where I am? 
[text] o shit let me call u back theres a hamburger in my pocket 
[text] Feel like bed is flying. Not sure where we're going. Hope there is candy. 
[text] Holy fuck where did this cat tattoo on my ass come from 
[text] I am more sore today than I was after my car wreck. Take it as a compliment that you bang harder than a semi-truck.
[text] He finally delivered on the dick pic, and Jesus Christ, it was worth the wait.
[text] After we hooked up, his roommate shouted "I LIKE TO HAVE SEX TOO" from across the apartment 
[text] Someone said we're out of ice. You collapsed on the spot and started sobbing, saying 'but where will all the polar bears live". That drunk. 
[text] You missed out on a serious adventure. Cops were called. We put a chicken in someones house. 
[text] Get out of your relationship and into my pants. 
[text] I remember going home with 2 girls. Woke up with 4. 
[text] You made out with both twins? Ten points to you! 
[text] This is a drunk text message. I am so glad that we are friends. Tomorrow we will eat sandwiches in miniature. We both love dogs. Flower. 
[text] I slept awesome next to you. You're like an electric blanket that I can have morning sex with. 
[text] The ticket read "Found nude in a tree" 
 [text] I think i sorta joined a cult last night 
[text] I'm still laying in bed cuz I don't feel like adulting yet 
[text] At McDonald's last night the guy gave you the wrong kind of McFlurry, so you screamed at him, "YOU MCFUCKED UP." 
[text] Today, my weed came in a pokéball. I officially love my dealer. 
[text] Why is there a traffic cone in the shower? And did you wash it with my body wash? It smells nice.
[text] The only thing the cop asked me is..... "how are you still alive"?
[text] Hey sorry for calling you so much last night. I mixed your number with the pizza guys, and he was running late
[text] Let’s go get coffee and handcuffs.
[text] Well I had to use a seat cushion at Soul Cycle today so, yeah, I’d say the sex was good
[text] I woke up knowing I have nowhere to be today except parties and it was glorious and I am so happy
[text] I need you there. I need someone to glance at when other people inevitably annoy me.
[text] 75% of my food budget goes to wine, the rest to chips and salsa.
[text] You think you’re funny, but you’re just an asshole.
[text] I dont have to work tomorrow im yelling gibberish at squirrels
[text] I wish things were different.
[text] I told you I’d ride your broomstick if you let me call you Harry Potter and you drew a lightning bolt on your forehead.
[text] I broke my foot jumping out of YOUR window under YOUR watch. You failed me drunk guardian. You failed.
[text] Taylor Swift needs more songs about threesomes. I’m not sure she gets me anymore. 
[text] I don’t have patience for riddles.
[text] Dunno. My heart says “no”, my brain says “maybe” and my dick says “YES YES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YES!!”
[text] We had sex and he ended up in the hospital… don’t know if I should be worried or proud.
[text] Just tell me what’s wrong !
[text] I hope you get eaten by satanic starfish.
[text] … so it’s a date ?
[text] Sunday mornings are confusing. Like. I can’t decide if I want to go for a run or start drinking 
[text]  just hungover. watching movies and roasting marshmallows in bed, over a candle to avoid life
[text] I should have told you first, I’m sorry.
[text] You spent the entire night trying to get me to make out with you 
[text] why did I wake up with ketchup packets in my bed and the stove in my room?? 
[text]  did i just see you in the movie theater carrying a margarita into Frozen? 
[text] I don’t understand…
[text] If I had a penis, I’d want to put it in you. And I’d treat you with respect and pay for your drinks. 
[text] You had to apologize for “being too aggressive about harry potter”
 [text] You’re so easy to be with and so hard to be without.
[text] Every morning I wake up with a sad face because I know it is the start of one more day without you.
[text] I just fell off a roof. So I’m kinda chillin for a minute. 
[text] I’m 2 beers deep on an empty stomach, and I just wanna say, I pride myself on my use of commas
[text] You cried at the bar for 30 minutes because you got your arm stuck in your sweater. You got free drinks for the rest of the night after the bartender helped you.  
[text] Why are my keys in the refrigerator?  
[text] Waldo just asked us for directions. Even he doesn’t know where he is.
[text] You made me take a photo of you under the stairs at the bar. “Look I’m Harry Potter.”
[text] Mom just told me I need to start having sex.
[text] I’d help you out but I got Bacardi and Tequila poured down my snorkel last night and I’m still drunk
[text] YOU TRIED TO SWIM IN HER FISHTANK. I don’t think she’s going to call you.
[text] And the view of you in reverse cowgirl is arguably the most spectacular view ever… And I’ve seen the Eiffle tower, the colosseum, mountains of Hawaii, Michaelangelo’s David, and the Mona Goddamn Lisa. Just saying.
[text] It’s not too terrible. You just got a little naked and broke your arm.
[text] Stop making me think about you. I’m busy. 
[text] You saw my boobs then looked up and yelled thank you jesus.
[text] Are you lost?
[text] NO! That was a typo
[text] I think I’m a mermaid
[text] I know it’s 3am, but come over and cook for me. 
[text] Need to bury a body, it’s urgent.
[text] Well maybe I broke my tongue!
[text] I was using my old baby blanket as a makeshift skirt because no pants
[text] Like alphabetically, I’d say a t?
[text] there is absolutely nothing wrong with two grown men staying up all night singing karaoke and drink out of juice cartons. don’t judge me.
[text] I found a door knob in my purse this morning, I hope whoever it belonged to doesn’t need it today.
[text] We played Rock Paper Scissors to see who would get a piggy back ride home. I’ve never been so broken.
[text] There isn’t enough cookie dough ice cream at home, so I’ll be heartbroken tomorrow instead.
[text] Not sure if I took a nap or went to another dimension
[text] My dick just got serenaded.
[text] I ate the whole wheel of cheese. Help.
[text] I’ve been hiding under the bed for the past 20 minutes, and now they’re getting into it and it’s a little too late for me to jump out and surprise them. So expect a live sex updates
[text] The fridge is fully stocked. I’m either hallucinating or this is a miracle
[text] It’s all fun and games till someone says you’re so pretty they could punch you and they, you know, punch you
[text] My night ended with me crying in a gutter, I hate you.
[text] I promise I’ll get everyone to jello wrestle with us xox
[text] I am armed with a crown, a sash and a bouquet of flowers. Don’t test me.
[text] My mouth tastes like poor choices
[text] There is an alarming amount of glitter in my… everywhere
[text] You’re my hero
[text] Have you ever had a good idea in your life?
[text] Mark my words, your dad will be my sugar daddy, he’ll marry me and you’ll have to call me momma bear and I will interrupt your sex life with condoms and condiments.
[text] She high fived me out of pity
[text] You walked in wearing nothing but a beekeeper mask[
text] You just walked in, rated their performance, dragged in three other people to clap for them, then walked back out.
[text] I am a responsible adult. I tied up my hair before I puked
[text] Call me and get me out of this conversation NOW. 
[text] Buy me a helicopter, I will give you the last slice of pizza. pls. this is important. okay maybe the crust?
[text] I tried to put lipstick on my eyeballs, help.
[text] You climbed the fence and then started crying because you were scared of hamsters, I really don’t know what you took, but you need a babysitter.
[text]  I wish we could all take a bath together. Not in a “let’s fuck” way. But in a relaxing drunk in the tub sort of “let me wash your hair” way.
[ text ]: i just sold my soul.
[ text ]: last night was…interesting.
[ text ]: i am not jealous.
[ text ]: we should get a puppy!
[ text ]: your name in my phone is asshole.
[ text ]: your head is too far up your ass.
[ text ]: i wanna be on tv.
[ text ]: i guess my company doesn’t interest you anymore.
[ text ]: so that’s your type huh?
[ text ]: something’s not right.
[TEXT]: We're bowling witha frozen turkey in the hallway...ur missing out
[TEXT]: I'm sitting on our balcony drunk. And in my underwear. Our relationship with our neighbors may improve.
[TEXT]: two words: fractured penis. two more: emergency room.
[TEXT]: According to google history I spent most of last night trying to buy an elephant.
[TEXT]: I have a tab of a google image search of onion rings open and it is making me so happy.
[TEXT]: I still don't know his name but his ass is spectacular. Like he should never wear pants.
[TEXT]: A surplus of mistakes were made and I don't know what 89% of them were.
[TEXT]: Come over. Bring weed. And my t shirt with the dolphin on it.[
[TEXT]: I want my tombstone to read "making poor life decisions since 1993"[
[TEXT]: I just remember lots of butts and something about ranch dressing.
[TEXT]: Drinking from the bottle. In bed. Making dinosaur noises. Oh man.
[TEXT]: I thought I would be a proper lady and put my spare panties in a ziplock
[TEXT]: I have a terrible feeling that I made out with a fraternity last night
[TEXT]: Wall of shame with a backpack full of beer bottles, cowboy hat in hand, and a handlebar mustache. I was applauded by a passing car
[TEXT]: I know the wedding is going to be a good time, I don't have to wear a bra with my dress
[TEXT]: Woke up eating a pickle on the bathroom floor this morning in some random guys sweat pants.
[TEXT]: I know you saw me get knocked out after I stepped on that rake why did you leave me there
[TEXT]: We fired a shoe out of a medieval cannon. I know not where we got either one
[TEXT]: That's a lot of judgement coming from a man wearing a dress made from a bedsheet.
[TEXT]: I fell into a manhole last night, so there's that
[TEXT]: Well.. If you trust a test that only costs a dollar, I'm not pregnant
[TEXT]: I wouldn't know what to do. You never really mentally prepare for a cactus getting thrown at your face.
[TEXT]: You kept whispering to me that the guy making your burrito was an angel.
[text] I will show up on your front porch in a wet t shirt and some mac and cheese
[text] Seriously. I’m like, “Wait, we are actually talking about physics in the middle of sex and its ACTUALLY erotic because you’re so fucking intelligent I’m turned on?”
[text] Hyyypothetically, what would you do if you happened to see my boobs on the internet?
[text] I’m making poor life decisions again. Tune in tomorrow to see how much I hate life.
[text] It’s a lube slip n slide down the hallway now. Details later.
[text] Just woke up with an entire pack of Oreos in my cheetah onesie. I’ve been waiting for this moment forever.
[text] Lesson learned. Don’t roleplay with a real knife.
[text] He asked me if I wanted to blow his whistle and proceeded to pull out an actual whistle.
[text] I’m wearing sunglasses around my house. Douchebag status. The hangover is real.
[text] I was orgasming and dying of laughter at the same time. I think I’ve found the One.
[text] i just walked into a room at this party and someone yelled “dibs!”…
[text] so I was just driving high and I stopped to let a pinecone cross the road because I thought it was a hedgehog.
[text] Sex on bubble wrap = best decision ever.
[text] Your lack of great college experience of margaritas and foam parties scares me
[text] We get an extra hour of sleep. That means we can take an extra shot tonight. Sounds logical. Thank you daylight savings.
[text] There’s a girl in class eating a pumpkin pie. Like a whole pie straight from the pan with a fork.
[text] Apparently I taped knives to my hands and made everyone call me wolverine
[text] Can I even tell you how badly I want a day that is just on and off napping and sex with intermittent snack breaks? Because I want that day very badly.
[text] When was the last time you wore pants?
[text] Tuesday Boozeday turned into What-the-fuck-were-you-thinking Wednesday real fast.
[text] Have you ever had chicken nuggets while high? Because it tastes like hearing the Beatles for the first time
[text] Being able to fart in my own house is like 90% of why I pay rent
[text] We played Rock Paper Scissors to see who would have to go down on the other person.
[text] We go out, we get drunk, we watch Star Wars, we pass out. What’s wrong with this tradition?
[text] Pretty sure the guy I hooked up with Saturday gave me a buy one get one free coupon for chipotle. Who said nice guys don’t exist?
[text] And when I feel bad about myself I go to the library and suck my pen over an open book, counting the seconds until a guy sits across from me and tries to get my attention
[text] This is a mass text to all my friends. Whoever gets this first, please find me and confiscate my phone immediately. I am far too high to have it. Even if you have to punch me in my face to get it. Otherwise, let the “High While Analyzing Disney Movies” texts begin.
[text] I am trying to think of a way to make alcohol cupcakes
[text] One of us needs to be functional tomorrow and it won’t be me. I’m drinking liquor out of a fishbowl.
[text] You pulled the fire alarm because you had to shit and there was someone in the bathroom. you said you needed privacy
[text] im guessing your the one that tried to make bacon in the toaster
[text] I just made out with a girl with a life jacket on wtf is going on
[text] Let’s play a little game called “Chill the Fuck Out” - you’re our first contestant
[text] you should buy a sheep. A) you get an awesome pet. B) free coat
[text] tonight is going to be epic. can you pre-book an ambulance?
[text] We thought you were crowd-surfing until we realized it was the bouncers throwing you out
[text] maybe tonight we can turn coloring into a drinking game
[text] i think its awesome that according to your mom i’m your friend that caught on fire.
[text] So fucked up. Can’t tell if I’m starving or about to puke. Playing it safe and eating froot loops. Tasty in, colorful out.
[text] I just saw a hobo ride by on a unicycle. Good day.
[text] You decided to make a porno with gummy bears and things went downhill from there.
[text] You’re always adorable, but when you’re drunk, you’re like Chia Pet adorable.
[text] we woke up to him feeding us cheetos at 3am. and by feeding i mean shoving them in our mouths and saying “i mean who doesn’t like cheetos”
[text] quit making up holidays to get me to go drinking with you
[text] I left a cheeto on everyone’s car trailing to the house i’m at, hanzel and gretel style.
[text] When I came home you were using a glowstick to eat peanut butter from the jar.
[text] It’s like the only way I know how to apologize is by giving a blow job.
[text] did you by any chance leave me that 7 minute long voicemail of you running and constantly tripping into bushes?
[text] The world would be so much better with thought bubbles.
[text] You handed some guy a spoon you found, he yelled SPOON GAME, and then the two of you spent the next 20 minutes throwing spoons all over the kitchen.
[text] So we successfully lit our bathtub on fire. Thought you should know.
[text] when i start to cry when i lose at mario kart is when you should put me to bed
[text] so apparently the car got towed with me passed out in the back seat.
[text] I need a good reason NOT to eat this entire jar of nutella right now
[text] Yeah I think we tried to use the shower curtain as a parachute because its tied to my backpack with some string. Dont know if anyone actually attempted it though.
.[text] You yelled at the kitchen sponge and asked for the Krabby Patty secret formula. I’m pretty sure you were drunk.
[text] I just finished watching Alice in Wonderland for the third time in a row. I’m starting it again. I’m eating cocoa puffs. I’m a grown man. If you’re ever feeling down about yourself, just remember that you could be me.
[text] The last time I heard someone say ‘YOLO,’ I ended up getting arrested for pole dancing in the middle of a shopping mall. Too soon.
[text] I caught him masturbating to the Mario Bros. theme song. I’m marrying him.
[text] You told them the TV just grew wings, unbolted itself from the window and threw itself at the ground, and then started to cry because you believed your own story and thought it committed suicide. I’m pretty sure the police were justified in drug testing you.
[text] I am literally ashamed of what I would do for a Klondike bar
[text] Don’t worry, if we end up getting chased by a murderer, we’ll just split up. Whoever he runs after, sucks for them. That means you’ve got like, at least a 50% chance of survival if you come camping.
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muwur · a year ago
snapchat headcanons
✧ hc’s ✧ for using snapchat w ur boi toi ft. the pretty setter squad
❧ gn reader
✎ 3.1k words
a/n: kinda a combo of how they use sc and the kinds of snaps they send you! along w wat u send them, and uh... dating stuf n shenanigans? texting/snapping habits? my fantasies? IDEK ANYMORE EOFHEFJ
this was born from the recesses of my mind , which desired nothing mor than snapchats from suga , us sending cute selfies , others bein dumb n chaotic , no context videos , n him snapping me photos of some mangoes on sale he said he’ll buy for me DXX it’s too late for me now
doing research on hq bois and surfing thru sc features (im just now realizing theres quite a bit?? im hoping i address most of them at some point lolol) instead of real life tings aHHhhhHAHA
requests: open! will be working on a suga one i got, dw, requester!
Tumblr media
✧ sends good morning and good night snaps
✧ so he’s rlly good at keeping streaks, probs has the longest ones (one of them being y’alls streak)
✧ posts tidbits of volleyball practice on his story every once in a while
✧ snaps you pics of his sleeping teammates when they’re coming back to school after a long day of matches , adding a single ‘❤️’ as a caption
✧ he will also create colorful masterpieces on all of them
✧ gives daichi a santa beard, tanaka a squiggly stache (i imagine it to look like spongebob n patrick’s seaweed ones now that were mEN), n kageyama sum angry brows,,, wait he already has them lolol u good der kags
✧ posts a picture of you when you’re hanging out, captioning it: “🥰“
✧ has conversations with you purely via snaps
✧ ranges from casual chats and checking up on u to crackwhoring ( ** indicates the photo, while the “” quotes indicate the caption, all snaps are italicized, otherwise its regular dialogue)
✧ suga: *peace sign* “hey sweetheart, how r u?”
✧ you: *pics of homework* “ahh, drowning in school ;-; i cant wait for this week to be over fghjkl”
✧ suga: *close up with :o on his face* “let’s study together tmrw!”
✧ or
✧ suga: *complete darkness* “its 3 am n i cant sleep”
✧ you: *the top half of your head, laying on a pillow* “ ;( aw babe. do u want me to send something to help u sleep?”
✧ suga: *still in darkness* “y u still up?? go sleep. n 🥺 yes pls”
✧ you: *snaps pics of feet* “that’ll be 50 bucks, pay up” 
✧ suga: *darkness remains* “can we make a trade instead? i promise to make it worth ;)”
✧ ok now u BOTH cant sleep (im sry my crackheading be acting up around 2am eeryday, i stan a mischievous suga--)
✧ video chats (in the darkness lol) instead until you both pass out (im not in luv u r 😭)
✧ super down to take filtered selfies w you
✧ does all the silly ones with you (things like ’angry face’ or the frog one)
✧ but also rlly digs lookin cute with you using some heart crowns, y’all an aesthetic (n crakhead) duo fosho
✧ def subscribes to life hacks and tries them out himself, has a 50% success rate
Tumblr media
✧ doesn’t rlly use snapchat too much
✧ but when he does
✧ will either send you a picture to indicate he’s at volleyball practice (wow wat a sexi lookin gym floor)
✧ or some random picture of whatever he’s doing at the moment (*drinking milk*)
✧ this is mostly in order to save streaks
✧ he’s so bad at streaks
✧ “why does it matter?? what’s the point of sending just black screens or whatever’s in front of you at the moment??”
✧ can’t keep a consistent streak for more than 3 days and also doesn’t care (until hinata challenges him to see who can have the longer one)
✧ when you send him videos of him playing, he really focuses on them to try to improve his technique. asks you to send those vids to him (assuming u saved them, which u did)
✧ but when you look over his shoulder when he’s watching a video and give him some compliment (“i recorded at the perfect moment! that was a really good set, kageyama!”), he gets a bit flustered
✧ gets even more flustered but pretty happy whenever you post videos on your story showing karasuno winning some points with captions like:
✧ “footage of the legendary quick >.>” or “karasuno crows flyin high!” or “these bois make my heart 😭 im so proud”
✧ you WILL catch him off guard in photos, using filters that surrounds his head w/ emojis like 🥺💖🥰💘
✧ you also put these on your story (to his dismay)
✧ ppl comment on these mor than anything else (n for those who dont rlly kno kageyama, theyre kinda surprised to him like this)
✧ hinata snickers “hey kageyama you look pretty good here--”
✧ takes some selfies with you, mostly cuz you want them
✧ saves them after u send them over (n secretly cherishes them)
✧ occasionally watches his subscriptions, they’ll usually involve sports, mostly volleyball (who woulda guessed)
✧ you use his bitmoji to test out random facial expressions you would never see him wear
✧ you: “can you smile and wink like this? act like you’re the obnoxious charming guy in a shojo.”
✧ will actually attempt, but it looks so bad that you die inside and he never wants to try again cuz of ur laughing outburst (you: “😭😭 bb im sorry i couldnt help it”)
Tumblr media
✧ literally sends you anything and everything
✧ morning bathroom selfie to show off how good his hair came out that day, saying:
✧ “he has risen”
✧ or “i woke up like this”
✧ and my favorite, “you’re lucky you get this content for frEE”
✧ selfies with iwa, who just looks annoyed and exasperated at the camera
✧ sends you pics of his lunch and snacks (“bet u wish u had milk bread too”)
✧ always packs extra milk bread so he could convince you to stay at his practice after school--
✧ will either use the filters that make him kayooottt (cute)
✧ loves the ones named ‘hearts,’ ‘soft,’ ‘peach,’ ‘butterfly cheeks,’ vsco filters LOL, etc
✧ uses ‘big mouth’ when he feelin a bit sASSY; also loves to use this one when he rants, it channels his inner valley girl
✧ sometimes he’ll be snacking or drinking something while he does so (“hey guys today im gonna eat these milk buns from my favorite bakery and this bomb orange juice and complain about this little kid who talked smack to me earlier and almost made me cry--”)
✧ takes cute selfies with you, is an aesthetic selfie king, puts them on his story to show off he’s hangin with you
✧ but on your story you only post the ones he looks bad in LOL
✧ has separate stories for his every need, some r private (and lucky you, ur included in all of them)
✧ titles them ‘mean things iwa said to me today,’ ‘ranting hotbox + mukbangs,’ ‘a day in the life of oikawa,’ ‘volleyball 🏐,’ ‘unpopular opinions,’ etc. 
✧ fitting room photoshoots lol
✧ “y/n, what do you think of this??” “and this?” “oOH WHAT ABOUT THIS??”
✧ ends up calling you through video chat so you can live critique his choices
✧ “oikawa, please no, i can’t be seen with you in public if you wear those--”
✧ also changes his bitmoji’s outfits from time to time, hopes you’ll notice, but you don’t LOL (oikawa: ;((((((( )
Tumblr media
✧ uses sc usually just to reply to messages ppl send him
✧ indifferent about streaks, but keeps a few with ppl he’s closer to
✧ mindlessly plays the snapchat games with you, finds some of them kinda cute
✧ you both made his bitmoji for him, dressing his up in the orange cat suit
✧ you also helped make kuroo’s and put his in the black cat suit to match--
✧ snaps you every time he gets a new game, starts playing it, and once he finishes
✧ started to post some gameplays and reviews on his sc story (might as well add them to sc since he was already on other social platforms), and ended up amassing a large following
✧ follows the tech and gaming stories on sc
✧ as well as the ones with cute animals--
✧ open to selfies with you, usually wears a calm expression and holds up a peace sign
✧ even occasionally sticks his tongue out
✧ his story is occasionally heavily bombarded with candids of him w/ pretty sc filters, all taken by you
✧ but of all the filters, you love using the clout glasses on him
✧ especially when he’s just minding his own business
✧ “kenma, in his tru habitat” when hes cocooned in a blanket
✧ “kenma, on his way to steal yo manz” while on his way to the bathroom
✧ “kenma, next iron chef. watch out gordon” as he’s cooking instant ramen
✧ “kenma” n das it
✧ but he thinks it meme-y so he lets you do whatever you want, kinda digs it
✧ you end up dedicating your snap story to memes of kenma and the nekoma volleyball team. ppl are in it for the shits n giggles n hot bois
✧ you later discover someone else did the same thing with their volleyball team filled with hot bois from shiratorizawa, and you befriend tendou and share funni internet tings
Tumblr media
✧ 99% of his photos include either you or bokuto or both
✧ bokuto spams akaashi’s story and contact list with selfies and videos of himself using weird filters, often gets you to join him
✧ has several streaks, but will send something with more substance than a black screen or his bedroom window
✧ will usually involve smthng that just happened to him or smthing he saw, like:
✧ “a kind older lady offered me some apples in return for helping her”
✧ “how do i break the news to bokuto that the yaikniku place he’s been wanting to go to for the past week ,,, is closed today”
✧ o n let’s not leave out:
✧ “is it possible to conjure a ghost using a wooden spatula, ketchup, and a chalk drawn hexagram? bokuto’s been paranoid ever since he tried last night and i dont know what to tell him. seriously, help”
✧ looks through stories occasionally, comments whenever bokuto makes questionable decisions
✧ also comments on whatever you’ve posted. his words range from “you’re cute” to “why,” depending on the content
✧ ppl know when y’all are hanging out cuz he’ll post smthing to indicate he’s with you, usually it’s some candid and you’re not paying attention
✧ appreciation posts for you as well! esp if you got him something, like onigiri or his fav, Nanohana no Karashiae , for lunch! (akaashi: *snaps a pic of his food* “thank you y/n for feeding me”)
✧ prefers video calling over texting/snapping whenever possible tho
✧ occasionally reminisces thru his sc memories
✧ enjoys the flashback feature and will send them to you and bokuto (cuz they’re about y’all anyway lolol)
✧ also has secretly saved a bunch of selfies of himself, consists of him trying out a lot of the filters (he feelin himself)
✧ you, one day, looking thru his phone and discovering them: “akaashi, you’re so pretty wtf”
✧ akaashi: “...”
Tumblr media
✧ sends you selfies of him before practice
✧ during breaks
✧ and after practice, usually makes a comment about how it went for him that day like:
✧  “i hit a decent toss today and futakuchi actually complimented me!”
✧ that, or:
✧ “i got yelled at 17 times today 😢😩”
✧ has quite a few streaks, his longest ones being with you and hinata
✧ def uses filters
✧ tries out every funny one he finds and sends you videos
✧ “look y/n im an aaaaAALlliiEEENnnNNN oo oo hoo hhhooOOh”
✧ “now im a chicky nuggy!!” (chicken nugget)
✧ also enjoys the doodle feature
✧ but he uses the filter with the clout glasses unironically--
✧ usually when smth good happens to him and he feels happy and/or cool about it
✧ “just beat the boss in this game on my 69th try B)”
✧ “kogane, that’s--”
✧ plays sc games with you and thinks bitmojis r cool
✧ kinda sad he cant find a hair option that matches him tho lolol rip
✧ you: “you hair’s just,,, unique,,,”
✧ subscribed to anything sports and fitness, as well as pop culture so he can stay in the loop
✧ also watches everyone else’s stories, pointing out whenever he sees smthing cool and/or interesting
✧ “woahh, karasuno’s at nationals right now! i wish we could’ve won, but next year for sure!!”
✧ you encourage him at all his games, hyping him up irl and online
✧ “koganegawa: best setter 😍!!”
✧ luckily you didnt record the parts he completely messed up LOL
Tumblr media
✧ before going out with you, snaps you a pic of his casual outfit like:
✧ semi: “does this look ok”
✧ you: “babe you look great, tendou was just messing with you”
✧ will make unwanted appearances on tendou’s snap and complains to you about them
✧ “i didnt consent to being part of his meme page” and
✧ “okay, but he didn’t only have to share all the moments i messed up--”
✧ also indifferent about streaks but will do them
✧ sometimes sends snaps/streaks indicating he’s practicing his music
✧ when you see these you usually ask him to send you vids or if you can come over n watch
✧ initially is a bit shy about it but he loves what he does and you and knows you’re genuinely interested and supportive so he agrees
✧ secretly rlly enjoys having you as his personal audience
✧ lowkey into asmr, like the soap cutting shit as well as chewing crunchy things
✧ also watches food porn and clips of mukbangs, then can’t resist going on youtube and watching the whole thing
✧  “y/n, can we try this, it looks so good--”
✧ will also often watch oikawa’s stories, especially his ‘ranting hotbox + mukbangs,’ and makes comments about him being an idiot
✧  “this kid he’s talking about is a savage”
✧ but admits they’re quite entertaining
✧ just looks serious in all the selfies you take with him
✧ you: “can you look like you’re enjoying yourself?”
✧ semi: “i look cooler like this tho”
✧ sc memories filled with shenanigans from you and the volleyball team, doodles, and mirror selfies with him experimenting diff looks (you: “tendou, you got him way too concerned about this”)
✧ also enjoys showing off he’s with you, taking a short video of you when you hang out
✧ you: “semi, i look bad right now”
✧ semi: “but you can never look bad”
✧ you: “🥺 bb”
✧ viewers: “aw”
✧ shiratorizawa: “can he be this nice with us LOL”
Tumblr media
✧ his main mode of communication with you is mostly through the regular messaging app, so he doesn’t use sc too much
✧ also doesn’t care for streaks and is bad at keeping them
✧ will answer to you or his senpais rather soon tho
✧ but lets all his other notifications pile up a bit before finally going thru them
✧ goes through the snaps he receives really fast, spending like 2 seconds each to look at them cuz aint nobody got time for dat
✧ doesn’t even rlly open goshiki’s LOL
✧ you have fun using filters on him and taking videos while he’s just doing his own thing peacefully like studying
✧ it takes him a second to notice and when he finally looks up, he just gives you an exasperated look
✧ cue you cracking up with laughter bc the filter finally shows up on his face
✧ his eyes and mouth are now on mike wazowski
✧ that, or his face becomes so disturbingly moRPhed like an alien
✧ caption: “ken-chan, my future medical man 😍”
✧ “y/n, please, this is like the 7th time in the last 20 minutes--”
✧ finally convinced him to take a study break and hang out with you
✧ which usually consists of snacking and light banter while you lay your head on his lap
✧ and scrolling through snapchat stories and showing him what everyone else is up to and cool things you’re subscribed to
✧ “loooook, dr. miami’s doing another butt job! is this the line of work you’re studying so hard for?”
✧ “no, it’s really not”
✧ is actually very soft with you and likes having the photos and vids for memories
Tumblr media
✧ sends you snaps where his brother looks bad, captioning it:
✧ “this is evidence that im the hotter twin”
✧ likewise, osamu sends you snaps where atsumu looks even worse
✧ like, the mans passed out, looking rekt and open mouthed, drool seeping into his pillow
✧ osamu: “u still have time to break up with him”
✧ also lucky for you, atsumu also loves to take unflattering photos of you and send them to you randomly at like 2 am
✧ you: “nani tf when did you even take this??”
✧ usually posts a snap while he’s out somewhere like at a match, the gym, outside on a run, a party, or just hanging out with you or his frens
✧ however, makes sure you look good if you show up on his story cuz he wants to show you off
✧ doesn’t really care for streaks, but has a lott
✧ but also has a tON of unopened snaps
✧ is the type to send just a black screen n call it a day, or maybe spice it up by sending a pic of the sexi gym floor (a comeback) w his shoe in the corner
✧ will, however, consistently respond to you and kinda looks forward to ur snaps (secretly hopes you show ur face)
✧ but when you dont:
*in class*
✧ atsumu: *a smirk on his face* “your content’s kinda dry today” 
✧ you: *your sexi desk* “my nudez ain’t free, i demand compensation”
✧ atsumu: *grasped his chin in thought, but angled the cam up bc he needa hide his phone in class lolol* “what if i... take you out on a romantic excursion”
✧ you: * your face but with ‘sausage’ filter* “🥵🥵🥵🥵 yessir, what u want”
✧ rlly only wants to have pics of your face wat a closeted sOFTIE
✧ likes to have content on his flashbacks
✧ usually has other social media sources to keep up to date with things
✧ actually rlly digs using sc filters, mostly ones that’ll make him look like a queen
✧ captions a selfie of you two like: “me >>>>>>> y/n”
✧ but nearly everyone who comments on it is like: “i think you flipped the sign, bro 🤥”
✧ judges ppl who are into soap cutting asmr (you will never hear the end of it if you also like it)
a/n: sc kinda dying for me, my use went from suga to an atsumu to like nearly nonexistent LOL
also o gawd i already have ideas here n there for a pt 2 so stay tuned fjxnwfesd hope it takes me less long cuz this one took me fkin foreva LOL
idk y i made semi like mukbangs but i feel like he’d be rlly into them--
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undertale-au-imagines · 3 months ago
- He's basically the laziest sans of all, he is original after all
- Sans loves both dogs and cats but he prefers to have a pet cat rather than a dog but he doesn't mind having both
- he reminds Papyrus to feed pet rock once a week
- he drinks ketchup most of the time but he also drinks apple juice, he likes the taste of it.
- He's a smart mad lad, he knows how to manipulate people but he chose not to for Paps' sake.
- Sans really doesn't care how people see him as the younger brother because of his height, in fact it makes him laugh or chuckle.
- Classic helps Papyrus find out on how to make puzzles interesting by giving him books or let him watch movies or play games with puzzles to solve in them
- despite his laziness, he's really good at cooking, who do you think cooked for baby paps when ****** wasn't around?
- got his insipration to cook when Sans used to cook for him
- he wanted to repay him and make him food too!
- except he was bad at making spaghetti
- he's good now dont worry, he took cooking lessons!
- Paps is interested in figurine collecting, he makes it a hobby
- especially sewing, his scarf is a bit worn out
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snowdice · a year ago
Not Dying is Not Where the Bar Is (Everything’s Fine Universe)
Fandom: Sanders Sides
Relationships: Remus & Virgil & Remy, background platonic DLAMPR
Main: Remus, Virgil, Remy
Appear: Janus, Roman, Logan, Patton (in text)
Virgil hurried into the bathroom and grabbed two bags of cough drops as well as the thermometer, some children’s Tylenol, Benadryl, Afrin nose spray, two boxes of Kleenexes: one with lotion and one with lotion and Vicks, and some cough syrup. Then, he grabbed three extra pillows from the hall closet.
Remy looked at him and his armful of things when he came back into the bedroom and twirled his finger around in a circle (his typical substitute for rolling his eyes).
“What?” Virgil said. “He’s sick. He could be really sick. He could have pneumonia!”
One of Virgil’s kids get sick.
Notes: Soulmate AU, Superhero AU, illness, implied/referenced child abuse, implied/referenced child neglect
This is part of the Everything’s Fine Universe, but it set far in the future. So it’s kinda spoilers, but not really because obviously all of them are going to end up a family eventually...
To read the first book in this series, click below
AO3 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8
The prompt was “I really don’t like the sound of that” With Virgil, Remy, and kid!Remus from the Hurt / Comfort Sickfic Drabble Prompts list.
“Yes, yes,” Virgil groused. “I will get you your damned food if you stop attempting to trip me.” Diesel Fuel did not seem to care about his argument, continuing to meow loudly and bump up against his legs. Virgil finally gave up and teleported away from her to grab the cat food and back to the bowl to pour it in. “There, you menace. Breakfast.”
No thanks came from the cat. She just dashed over to start gorging herself. Virgil shook his head and wandered into the living room. His eyes landed instantly on Janus who was leaning back in the armchair with his electric heating pad. He stirred when Virgil walked in.
“I hope you didn’t sleep there,” Virgil said.
“Do you think Patton would have let me sleep here?” he mumbled back.
“Still, it’s early,” Virgil said, letting a hand gently touch his forehead to push back his hair. He’d need a haircut or some other solution to keep his bangs out of his face soon. “Want to go back to bed?”
“Remus’s been snoring. So loud.”
“Hmm,” Virgil said. “That sucks. Want something to eat or drink or want me to leave you alone?”
“Leave me be?”
Janus was the only one of the kids up (unless you counted the cat), so Virgil grabbed his chemistry textbook and started working through a few of the problems his professor had assigned him for next week at the kitchen table. About half an hour later, his phone buzzed. Remy had texted him.
‘I’m invading your house for the TV. You can’t complain, because I’m bringing your kids breakfast.’ Virgil rolled his eyes and sent back a thumbs up emoji. He got a sunglasses emoji back.
Virgil finished up the problem he was on and set his work aside to walk into the living room. “Remy’s going to be here soon with food,” he warned Janus, so he wouldn’t wonder why the doorbell would be ringing in a couple minutes and panic. The boy hummed his acknowledgment.
Virgil walked up the front staircase and knocked on one of the bedroom door. “Roman, Logan, Remy’s coming with breakfast. If you want it warm, come downstairs.”
“Kay,” Roman’s tired voice said. “Be down in a minute.”
Virgil turned to the other door and knocked, saying the same thing.
There was a pause. “Not hungry,” Remus said quietly.
“Alright,” Virgil said. “I’ll put yours in the fridge for later.”
There was no response, but Virgil didn’t think anything of it. Sometimes Remus would say no to breakfast when he’d just woke up but would come down a few minutes later anyway when his body woke up a bit more.
He was heading back down the stairs when the doorbell rang. He passed Janus, who was still on the couch but now had Diesel Fuel kneading his thighs.
“You better have brought coffee too,” Virgil said when he opened the door.
“Who do you think I am?” Remy asked, pushing past him.
“Kids!” Virgil called. “Food!”
Two sets of footsteps tromped down the stairs as Roman and Logan came down.
“Do I have to get up, or do we get to eat in the living room?” Janus asked.
“We can eat in here,” Virgil said.
“Yes!” Roman said. He ran to pull two of the giant pillows over to the coffee table for him and Logan to sit on and Remy set the bags of breakfast food he’d brough onto the table.
Breakfast was about what Virgil had come to expect from the meal. Logan had snuck a book under the table and was trying to read it without anyone seeing, Roman had managed to get ketchup from the hash browns all down his front, and Janus was arguing with the cat about whose food Janus had on his plate (and losing). The only thing missing was Remus’s chaotic energy.
Remus didn’t come down the whole time they ate or even after they’d cleaned up and Virgil was washing the dishes in the sink. That was odd. Virgil glanced at the clock. It was definitely past the timeframe Remus usually got up.
“What’s up Wonder Dad?” Remy asked, probably seeing him frown. Janus and Logan were talking on the couch and Roman was humming as he drew, having gotten out the crayons.
“Remus hasn’t come down yet.”
“Kids like to sleep sometimes,” Remy said, unconcerned.
“But we’re going to go up to make sure, aren’t we?”
“Alright, let’s go.”
They went up the back set of stairs to the second floor and walked up to Janus and Remus’s door. Before Virgil could knock, however, the sound of pretty intense coughing came from behind the door.
“I really don’t like the sound of that,” Remy said.
Virgil barely resisted the urge to kick down the door. Or, better yet, just teleport in there. Instead, he knocked on the door. “Remus, can we come in?” he asked.
The coughing stopped so Remus could say, “Yeah,” quietly.
Virgil pushed open the door. The lights were off in the room, but he could still make out a lump in the bed. “Are you alright?” Virgil asked, crossing over to him and sitting on the bed. Remy flicked on the lights behind him.
“‘M fine,” Remus said. He did not sound fine. He sounded miserable. Virgil carefully peeled the blankets away from his red face and set a hand on his forehead.
“You have a fever,” Virgil said.
“Yeah,” Remus agreed. “I’m sick.”
“Then why did you say you’re fine?”
“I am fine,” Remus claimed.
“No, you’re not,” Virgil said.
Remus shook of Virgil’s hand and pulled the blankets back over his head. “I’m not going to die,” Remus mumbled.
“That is not where the bar is!” Virgil exclaimed, peeling back the blankets again from his lax fingers. He groaned in displeasure. “Remy, come take a look at him. When did you start feeling bad? When’s the last time you ate? Does your stomach hurt? Are you congested?”
“I’m fine,” Remus said again, but then coughed hard, undermining his words.
“Oh, buddy,” Remy said sympathetically. “That’s quite the cough. Let’s get you sitting up.” He helped Remus into a sitting position. “Virgil could you maybe get him another pillow from somewhere?”
“Yeah, there should be some in the hall.”
“Maybe get some cough drops too while you’re at it.”
“Okay.” Virgil hurried into the bathroom and grabbed two bags of cough drops as well as the thermometer, some children’s Tylenol, Benadryl, Afrin nose spray, two boxes of Kleenexes: one with lotion and one with lotion and Vicks, and some cough syrup. Then, he grabbed three extra pillows from the hall closet.
Remy looked at him and his armful of things when he came back into the bedroom and twirled his finger around in a circle (his typical substitute for rolling his eyes).
“What?” Virgil said. “He’s sick. He could be really sick. He could have pneumonia!” 
“I don’t have pneumonia,” Remus said.
“He doesn’t have pneumonia,” Remy said at the same time.
“How do you know?” Virgil stressed. Remy looked at Remus and Remus giggled at his expression. Virgil folded his arms in front of him. “What’s so funny?”
Remy shook his head. “Remus, how do doctors diagnose people with pneumonia?”
“They take X-rays of their chest.”
“That’s right!” Remy replied. He slipped his sunglasses down and glanced at Remus’s chest. “Look, no pneumonia!”
“You’re a jerk,” Virgil said.
“Yes, yes, make yourself useful and go make the kid some tea with honey.”
“Don’t need it,” Remus claimed.
“Don’t care,” Virgil responded. “Anything else? I should make you soup. Would you eat soup? Or baby crackers. My mom always gave me baby crackers when I was sick. Toast?”
“He doesn’t have a stomachache,” Remy said. “Why don’t you just heat him up the sausage biscuit I got him for breakfast and maybe bring an orange?”
“Sure, sure, and also orange juice,” Virgil said.
“You’re already making tea,” Remy reminded.
“I’ll bring both, and water. People are supposed to drink water when they’re sick.”
“Orange juice and tea are plenty for hydration for now,” Remy said.
Virgil ignored him and teleported downstairs. He grabbed the phone that he’d left next to the sink and shot a text to Patton. ‘Remus is sick,’ he wrote. ‘Bring back carrots, celery, chicken broth, and whatever else goes in soup. I’m making soup.’
He then quickly went to the tea kettle to start making tea before moving to get the rest of the promised food and drinks. Also, he grabbed ice chips. Sometimes people let ice chips melt in their mouths when they were sick, right?
Virgil’s phone beeped as the sandwich warmed up in the microwave.
‘Remy already texted me that he’s fine,’ Patton had written back. ‘You can’t cook.’
‘He needs soup,’ Virgil texted back immediately.
‘There is some canned in the pantry.’
Virgil frowned at the phone. ‘Homemade soup.’
‘Honey, he just has a cold. Calm down.’
‘He could have pneumonia.’
‘Remy says he doesn’t have pneumonia.’
‘It could turn into it.’
‘Not with you around, I’m sure.’
Virgil sighed and stuck his phone into his pocket so he could load up the tray of food and drinks.
“What are you doing?” Janus asked when Virgil stepped into the room.
“Remus is sick. Janus, you can sleep in my bed tonight. I don’t want you to get it.”
“Um…” Janus said.
“He’s going to get overprotective when any of us is sick,” Roman proclaimed cheerfully kicking his feet. “It’s fun!”
“Everyone eat an orange,” Virgil ordered as he walked to the staircase and went up.
“Virgil, I said he didn’t need baby crackers or toast,” Remy said with a sigh when Virgil walked in. Remus was now propped up with one extra pillow and the other two were set aside.
“What’s his temperature?” Virgil asked, setting down the tray of food onto Janus’s desk.
“100.7” Remy said. He held up a hand before Virgil could speak. “I already gave him some Tylenol.”
“Good,” Virgil said. “That’s good. We should get him a cold rag for his forehead.”
“He’s probably fine,” Remy said, “but I don’t think I’ll talk you out of it. Let the poor thing eat first, though. I’m going to go grab something.”
Virgil nodded. He took most of the food and drink off the tray and set it on the desk but left the tea and sandwich on it. He brought the tray over and put it in his lap before taking a seat on Janus’s side of their conjoined twin beds.
“Thanks,” Remus said. “You don’t have to.”
Virgil frowned and leaned forward to kiss his forehead. He was still warm, which was to be expected, but it didn’t calm Virgil at all. “Of course, I have to,” Virgil said. “Drink your tea. It’ll help your throat.” Remus rolled his eyes. “Hey, I saw that!” But the little bit of cheek did make him feel better. Remus did take a sip of tea despite his resistance.
“Oh,” he said. “That does make it a bit better.”
“Good,” Virgil said. “I can get you more any time you like. Or if you’re not thirsty, the cough drops should help. I personally prefer the blue ones, but I got the red ones too.”
Remus shifted a bit and looked at his lap. “You really don’t need to hover.”
“You have zero choice in this,” Virgil said. He kissed the boy’s forehead again.
Remus sighed, but shifted to snuggle into him a bit. Virgil took his tea and held it for him so he could pick up his sandwich.
“Alright,” Remy said, stepping back inside. “I brought you something that will make being sick a lot more tolerable.” He set a tablet next to Remus’s legs. “I’ve got Netflix and Disney+ on this bad boy. So, have at it.”
Remus’s eyes lit up. “I wanna watch Scream!”
“Absolutely not,” Virgil said.
“I put the child lock on it,” Remy said.
“Lame,” Remus pouted.
Virgil chuckled and kissed his head before grabbing the tablet. “We’re watching The Lion King.”
“We?” Remus asked. “You’re staying?”
“Of course,” Virgil said, “and if you need anything, just tell me. I mean it.”
Remus didn’t seem to know what to say, setting his sandwich down to hug him. The poor thing must really not be feeling well because Virgil could feel tears soak his shirt. Virgil set down the tablet to wrap the arm not holding the tea around him and hug him softly.
Remus’s crying was interrupted by coughing and Virgil drew back to pat him gently on the back. Remy offered Virgil a box of tissues and Virgil took one so he could gently clean the tears and snot off his face.
“Here,” Virgil said once he managed to stop coughing. He handed him back the mug. “Drink some more tea, there you go.”
“We’ll have you right as rain soon,” Remy promised. “Even if Super Dad makes me X-ray your chest 50 times an hour.”
Remus laughed and handed back the mug. “Can I get radiation poisoning that way?”
“Nah, not with me doing it.”
“Lame,” Remus mumbled. “I wanted to glow in the dark.”
“We’ll get you glow in the dark body paint when you’re well,” Remy said.
“I don’t know about that…” Virgil said.
Remus pouted at him.
“Fine… but you can only use it outside.”
“Okay,” Remus said with a smile.
…Virgil was going to be cleaning glow in the dark paint out of the carpet, wasn’t he?
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shadowhuntertrash · a year ago
Dru and Kit cause they're friendship is everything
When Julian, Emma, Mark, and Christina went on a mission one night Dru, Ty, and Kit stayed up and Dru decided she wanted to make something and they had peeps and Kit was like haha I dare you to put them in the microwave and Dru is like oh alright youre so on. It's safe to say that when Julian got back they were banned from cooking and late night snacks (that didn't stop them though)
They both have tik tok and love posting embarrassing stuff the other one does. It has turning into a competition to see who can catch the other doing more embarrassing stuff. So far Kits best video is when Dru was sick and completely delirious and going on and on about how unfair it was that she wasn't allowed to sleep and cuddle with people all the time when cats did and no one judged them for it. Dru's was when she found Kits journal and found a ten page long list on why Ty was perfect and the best person on earth (he still hasn't lived that one down 'I CANT BELIEVE YOU POSTED THAT TRAITOR')
Kit constantly breaks his phone. All the blackthorns were careful with their phones since technically they weren't allowed to have them, if they broke them it would be super hard to get another but Kit is super careless with his because Jem and Tessa can easily get him another one.
When they go on missions as parabatai and have to sleep together normally theyre fine but Kit twitches in his sleep a lot and Dru steals the covers do when they get annoyed they kick the other out of the bed and make them sleep on the floor (Kit always feels bad afterwards but Dru has no remorse whatsoever)
Dru thinks she's an amazing chef but really she just has a really weird taste in food. She always makes Kit try her food (much like Izzy with Simon and Alec) and Kit always tells her its great (and if he goes after eating it to throw up becaude ketchup does NOT belong on ice cream no one needs to know)
I think Kit would die first. I feel like they wouldn't kill another Blackthorn sibling because there is just so much going on their so I feel like they would be fine and Kit would die in true Herondale fashion, sacrificing himself for someone else.
Dru fusses over the small things like cuts and Kit not getting sleep but Kit fusses over the emotional things such as Dru liking Ash and Dru feeling bad about her weight etc. 'You're size does not define you, if anything the size of your heart is all that matters and yours is big in all the best ways.'
I feel like it would be Kit when he gets back. When Dru officially forgives him for leaving Kit completely breaks down and just sobs saying how much he misses her and how much he loved her and they just say that sobbing for hours
Kit is more cuddly. Dru has never really felt the need to be because she always got enough love from Julian and her family but Kit is severely touch deprived and so he is constantly handing on to Dru or putting his arm around her if he isn't able to do so with Ty
Kit is highly protective of Dru. If anyone says something about Dru he does the the thing where he lets Dru speak up for herself but also mouths 'Run' or 'I'll kill you' or something of the like behind her so she can't see him
Dru doesn't read very often but sometimes she sits in the library with Ty or Kit and will listen to them read. She is an emotional person with a big heart so anytime anyone gets hurt or dies she cries but is embarrassed about it to the point of she won't let anyone (except occasionally Kit or Julian) comfort her over the character
Kit and Dru are both night owls. It has lead to many interesting conversations about growing up mundane (Kit) or as a Shadowhunter (Dru) they also talk about Ash and Kit and how funny it is that of course they would fall for someone related to the other
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fashionablyfailing12 · 11 months ago
▶Bungou Stray Dogs Characters x Dumb and Chaotic Shit I Did As a Kid and A Few Recent Ones Cuz I'm just as Dumb and Chaotic
Tumblr media
Warnings: swearing
Note: I'm still working on the bungou wonderland thingy (sigma's is nearly done aaa), just wrote this to get rid of writer's block (;—;) also workin' on an angsty soukoku oneshot so please look forward to it! And pray for my grades uwu!!!
Tumblr media
Akutagawa: got flustered and so confused at why this one kid kept letting me borrow his crayons in pre-school and just being so kind for no reason and nothing in exchange and...slapped him on the back. I'm so sorry bro you're a good person.
Atsushi: Going to an aquatic park with my family and kept dragging my sister everywhere and loudly explaining the kind of sharks I learned from nat geo while holding her hand tight enough to cut her bloodstream.
Only to look at 'her' and see that it wasn't my sister but an unsuspecting poor civilian all along while my real sister was wheezing at the back.
Fukuzawa: My cat kept stretching on my lap and dug his claws each time he did so but I just choked back my tears and let him do it, until he decided to hop off leaving a constellation of scratches.
Kenji: Aggressively telling my mom that crocodiles (what she called corrupt and tyrannical people) don't eat money for food and that my teacher said they were carnivores and didn't drop the argument until she agreed.
Yosano: flipping off a guy who ran for a particular position in our local government (he didn't win lmao) on a car ride because I fucking hate him and my sister suggested we do so why not?
So yeah it felt exhilarating.
Dazai: sleeping at 7:00 pm to wake up at midnight to watch two new episodes of hunter x hunter on Animax and kill time watching spiderman on Disney once it's done.
Then watch the replay of said episodes at 6:00 am singing along to the opening with absolutely no rest but lots of chips and a painful sting each time I blink.
Chuuya: Kicking open a door to look cool and badass only to hear a loud snap of metal because it was, apparently, locked.
And end up replacing it because it did open, sure—forcefully opened, to be exact. So yeah the lock broke and it was embarrassing as hell, but I still presently kick my bedroom door open cuz I still think it's cool.
Mark: confidently made a bet with my friends to see who the first one is to freak the fuck out when we go inside the horror house.
Only to end up punching each other for survival and screaming so hard our vocal cords could've snapped and never really knew, to this day, who did it first.
Ranpo: Ate a shit ton of sweets and chips the night before my ballet class when I was six and looked like I swallowed a whole ass soccer ball entering the studio, my bloating accentuated by my pink tights of course.
Kyouka: cooking extremely spicy instant noodles with my classmates and setting a separate one for our teacher just in case he likes to try it, we had good intentions really. Then remembered we finished all the juice and forgot to give him anything to drink...
Nikolai: Rode the same thing on an amusement park three times to see if my guts could take it and tried to do a fouth one.
Because I haven't spilled everything I ate yet and just felt like the world was doing the tango and that my stomach was doing a backflip, aka everything is spinning what the fuck is happening—you know, trivial stuff.
But then I got called by our tour operator because of the time limit and fell asleep on the bus the moment I sat down.
Kunikida: going after a friend (who stayed for a school project) late in the night because public transport apparently wasn't available that late in a rural place and got scared of what might happen to her.
Then I got chased by a feral dog but kept running anyway because I've already decided to drive her home with my dad and nothing can fucking stop me and I'm not dying without a fight.
Tetchō: not believing that vanilla tasted bad when not mixed with other ingredients and slurped a spoonful of pure vanilla on a spoon and instantly wished for death as I used half of our mouthwash and drank everything at hand to get rid of the taste.
Fyodor: dedicated a thick notebook back in middle school - junior high where I listed all the words I know and could find to absolutely decimate every single person I know playing scrabble.
Then felt like the most mischievous, and cunning evil mastermind when I win and never stop grinning until someone slaps me out of it out of annoyance.
Gin: wore a black leather jacket, boots, and ripped skinny jeans with a graphic t-shirt saying 'rebel' in all caps to a meeting so hopefully, I'd look very unapproachable especially since I tried my best to look like I would stab anyone who dares to make eye contact.
But I was actually the one intimidated by them and reciting 'please don't talk to me' in my head because I was so anxious and knew that wearing such clothes in a meeting would drive people away from me. (In my culture, at least)
Elise: walking past a row of ketchup in a grocery store (dunno my exact age but not older than 7) and thought they looked neat, so I grabbed a bottle and smashed it onto the floor.
Lucy: was in a very bad mood and had that ominous feeling of a ghost following me from behind when I was going up to my room, and instead of panicking and sprinting as I'd usually do.
I turned around and flipped it off with angry tears and a 'fuck you' because I was so mad fear was non-existent (didn't see anything though)
Lovecraft: sleeping for 13 hours straight then realizing it's nearly night so I just shrugged and went back to sleep.
Tumblr media
Sorry if there are errors, kinda did this on a whim and it's almost morning where I live so lmao, feel free to tag yourselves if you did/would do any of this. Might do a part two since my fucky memory thrives at reminding me of weird and embarrassing shit I did years ago, lovely <3
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Hewwo, you know who I am lol. I’m here to ask for some food headcanons for Trey and Deuce, please~ They’re are cooking together and f!Reader feeds him when they’re done. S/O for Trey and friendship for Deuce (he’s too baby for this) XD
...Anon is Anon!
Curiouser and Curiouser...
Tumblr media
Trey Clover...
...is so thankful to have his sweet S/O lending him a hand in the kitchen! He’s so used to preparing for Unbirthday parties by himself, and it gets stressful at times to juggle that along with his school work and other duties as vice-dorm leader.
Trey’s very good about explaining complex techniques and splitting difficult recipes into short, easy-to-understand steps for you to perform. What a reliable senpai!
Having trouble with piping frosting or pastry shells? Let Trey demonstrate! And if you’re still having issues? He’ll wrap his hands around yours and physically guide you through the motions.
Trey’s nice, so he’ll let you taste test everything (as long as it is safe, of course--no raw eggs here!), and adjust the taste accordingly. He thinks it’s very important to consider the input of others while he’s cooking or baking!
The fun part’s the decorating! Trey comes up with the most whimsical and fantastic designs, but he lets you do whatever you wish to your portion of the pastries. It’s a joy to dot tarts with fruit and drench topsy turvy cakes with mountains of frosting, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream.
If you’re in the mood, you have playful competitions to see how many desserts you can decorate in a set amount of time. In other instances, you take turns picking words and seeing who can come up with the most creative designs based on that single word prompt.
By the end of the afternoon, you’re covered in powdered sugar and flecks of flour, but that won’t stop Trey from thanking you with a peck on the lips.
You insist on feeding him a tart, since he has worked so hard today, so he lets you! It’s cute how Trey tries to clean up after himself by prodding his tongue around, trying to lick up stray crumbs and custard. He asks you to double check that there isn’t anything left on his face--so you lean in and steal a kiss, claiming that last, annoying crumb.
Deuce Spade...
...is super thankful for this opportunity to learn how to cook from you! He can barely use the microwave or boil water without causing a mess!! (Riddle has since banned from being in the kitchen unsupervised.)
Great Seven, please help this lad. Deuce isn’t the brightest, but his lack of mathematical aptitude is really showing here. He can’t seem to grasp any conversions, and sometimes he mixes up his fractions.
You keep him away from the heat and fire, instead giving Deuce very simple tasks to start off with. You always hover close by, in case you need to rush in and correct anything.
He comes this close to chopping off his own fingers a few times! You need to remove the knife from him and demonstrate how to cute using the “cat’s paw” move! The visual seems to really help him, though his movements are still a bit rough.
Deuce handles his ingredients like they are precious gems! He hates wasting food, so he doesn’t want to take any chances with accidentally dropping an egg or crushing grains of rice between his fingers while he’s washing them.
He really enjoys seasoning food (even if he has no idea what he’s doing)! Deuce’s eyes practically sparkle as he watches salt and pepper rain down on his finished plate of rice.
He also really likes making his food look pretty! Deuce spends several minutes trying to pick out just the perfect sprig of parsley to use as garnish. He also does his best to write a cute picture on top of his omurice using ketchup(Deuce insists it is a chick, but it looks more like a misshapen T-rex)!
When all is said and done, he makes sure to take a picture to send to his mom--she’ll be so proud of him! Before Deuce digs in though, you offer to feed him as a reward for all of his hard work. He accepts with a laugh, his lips eagerly closing around a big spoonful of rice. 
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chibinekochan · a year ago
I'm curious how the boys would react when they try to flirt with MC kinda like :"There's someone who likes to go on a date with you". But MC reply was :" nah, dating is annoying" (sorry my English is bad)
I get what you mean. My english isn't great either. I'm fluent but grammar is still a big mystery to me.
After some less than subtle flirting between you two. 
Asmo just says nonchalantly. "Hey, there is someone that would love to go on a date with you." 
It's very obvious to everyone, but you, that he refers to himself. 
You laugh. "No thank you. Dating is annoying."
Asmos's face falters for a moment, slightly disappointed. 
Then he catches himself. "You are right. Let's just skip the date and get right to the action." 
Well, who needs dates anyway? 
You are joking around with some friends, including Mammon. 
The topic of dates comes up. 
Mammons ears perk up. 
One of your friends says, while glancing at Mammon:" You know there is someone who wants to date you right?" 
You don't get who they mean and just brush it off. "Dating is so annoying, no thank you."
Mammons' heart shatters, you could probably hear it breaking. 
He has a hard time keeping it together. 
It only would have been worse if you would date someone else. 
Mammon calls it a night very soon after that. 
You are a bit worried, since he did seem a bit down. 
You text him later to figure out what happened. 
You: Hey, did anything happen? 
Mammon: Nope, everything is alright. 
You: Mammon! 
Mammon: Alright...it's just, you know, did you mean that about dating? 
You: Mammon you know that I only would date one guy. 
Mammon: Who is it? I will punch him! *angry emoji*
You: You have to punch yourself then. 
Mammon: Wait you mean ME?! 
You: Of course, or do you think I just go around kissing random guys? Now move your butt over here and I will show you. 
Mammon: Alright, just gimme a sec. 
Mammon is over the moon. 
You play some online games with him. 
You are together in the same guild and currently in a raid with some team members. 
You all use voice chat and then the conversation somehow ends up being about dating. 
Everyone and their cat knows at this point that Levi has a huge crush on you, well even you are a bit suspicious at this point but you don't mean to pressure Levi. 
Your mates, on the other hand, keep teasing the poor guy. 
One of them asks you. "You know there is someone who wants to date you."
You somehow assume they mean themselves. 
"Dates are annoying." You say this just to brush them off. You had no idea that Levi was even listening. 
Levi did hear it and honestly it breaks his heart. 
He had slowly built up his confidence to ask you out on a date. There goes that plan. 
After your game session you meet up with Levi in his room and you have already planned this ahead of time. 
Once you arrive you notice that Levi seems a bit down. 
You won't let him be mopey. 
"Levi did something happen to you?" 
"Not really." Levi is unusual tight-lipped. Very unusual for him. 
"Come on, you know you can tell me everything." You feel very concerned. 
Levi sighs, he can't hide anything from you. "It's not a big deal. I just kinda overheard something earlier and well it kinda bugs me."
"Did someone tease you again? I swear, I'm gonna kick them!" You grow protective over your demon boy. 
Levi is flustered that you would go this far for him. 
"I can deal with that on my own, regardless of how amazing that would be to see. I mean it's well... what you said about dates…"
Now you understand and grin. 
"Ah, I see you heard that. Don't worry Levi, that was just directed at anyone but you." You give him a small wink. 
Levi becomes very red. "You are such a tease, you know that, right?" 
"Only as long as you give me such reactions." You tease some more.
Levi plays with his headphone cable, then he summons all of his strength. 
"So you would go on a date with me?" He is hesitant to ask but this is the perfect chance. 
You give him a huge smile. "Of course. I thought you would never ask." 
Leviathan is very happy to hear this. He is proud that he finally asked, despite your teasing. 
You are with him and the rest of his brothers in the living room. 
Chatting about this and that. Nothing too important. 
Then the topic of dates comes up. 
Of course it does, it always does. 
Honestly, you are sick of it. 
You don't know it, but Lucifer perks up when one of them asks you. 
"Well, you know there is someone that is interested in dating you." 
You don't know who they mean but frankly you are tired of just playing along. 
Lucifer is ready to jump in if you feel uncomfortable. 
You just coldly reply. "No thank you, dating is annoying." You just want to end this whole conversation. 
Lucifer looks at you, of course you would say something unexpected like this. 
He notices that his brothers just keep joking as always. Typical really, but at least they don't bug you. 
Later you leave to return to your room. 
Then you notice Lucifer. 
"So dating is annoying?" Lucifer has a smug expression. 
"Well, not if the one I'm dating is you of course."
You smile back at your boyfriend. 
"They are always like this you know that."
"I know and I don't mind. I know you have my back."
"Of course. I love you after all." Lucifer looks at you, with love in his gaze. 
"I love you too." 
You both kiss and then you go to bed. 
He happens to overhear a conversation between you and a classmate. 
Satan doesn't want to snoop but he is curious. 
"Is there someone who wants to date you?" Your classmate asks you. 
You roll your eyes. "I have no interest in dating." You just brush your classmate off. 
Your classmate doesn't press any further and soon enough the conversation is elsewhere. 
Not wanting to be caught listening to your conversation Satan goes to his room. 
He feels a bit frustrated after hearing that. 
Satan wonders if he should bring it up to you or not. 
Were you serious or not? This question bothers him. 
Later you come to his room, you had scheduled to study with him tonight. 
Satan seems very distracted by something. 
"Is something bothering you Satan?" You worry about him, you think there must be something that is on his mind. 
"Well not bothering per se. It's more of a nagging feeling."
"That's kinda the same thing isn't it?" 
"I suppose. You know I just been thinking about dates and I wonder if you are up for it?" 
"You mean dating in general or dating you, Satan?" 
"Well that depends on your answer."
You think for a moment and guess what he wants to ask. "I'm not generally interested, unless it's you we are talking about."
"Would you date me?" Satan has no choice but to ask you directly. 
"Yes of course Satan." 
You both smile and are glad that it has finally been asked. 
You talk about something random with the other brothers. 
The topic of dates comes up. 
It's no big secret that Beelzebub likes you, everyone knows. 
He just hasn't admitted it to himself quite yet. 
One of the brothers decides to ask you anyways. "Hey, you know there is someone who would love to date you."
Obviously thinking it's about them and not Beel you reply. "It's not going to happen. Dating is annoying."
Hearing this just doesn't sit right with Beel. 
It bothers him for some reason. 
It's your turn to cook tonight, naturally Beel helps you out. 
The conversation from earlier is still on his mind. 
You notice that Beelzebub seems a bit off. 
"Is there something that is bothering you?" 
Beelzebub is still trying to figure everything out so he just tells you what is on his mind. "I don't know but I feel a bit off since earlier."
"Are you getting sick? When did you start feeling off?" 
Beelzebub thinks for a moment. "I don't think I'm getting sick, it happened earlier when we all were talking in the living room."
"Hmmm maybe something upset you then?" 
Beelzebub goes over everything that has been said. Nothing seems to stand out at first glance but then he recalls the first moment he started to feel off. 
Then it suddenly hits him. 
"Ah, I get it now. I felt upset because you said you wouldn't want to date. Alright I feel better already. " Beelzebub feels relieved now that he figured it out. 
You almost stop breathing after hearing this. 
"Wait, hold on a second. Why would that upset you?" 
"That's because I want to date you of course, well I guess I won't now." Beelzebub accepts this so matter of fact that it takes you back. 
You are surprised to say the least. You take a breath to calm down. "I only said that to get them off my back. I would date you of course Beel."
"Are you sure about that?" 
"Yeah, of course. I really like you Beel. I mean why else would I draw ketchup hearts on all of your food?" 
Beelzebub nods. "That's a good point. Let's 
date then." 
Beel beams at you and you smile at him. 
You sit together when he brings the topic of dates up. 
"You realize that someone wants to date you right?" 
You know him long enough to figure that he is only teasing you. "So what? Dating is super annoying." You declare with a winning smile. 
Belphie pouts a bit, not getting the reaction he intended. 
"So you aren't interested?" He keeps poking. 
"Nope, not at all."
"Not even if the demon is really handsome and really into you?" Belphie smiles smugly. 
You raise an eyebrow. "Oh where, is this handsome demon? When can I meet them?" You won't play Belphies games. 
He shakes his head. "You don't know?" 
"I have no idea who you are talking about." You know that he is only playing with you. 
"Really? Are you blind? I mean you must know." Belphie keeps pouting, seemingly annoyed. 
"I won't know unless you tell me."
"You are no fun tonight." Belphie turns his pout up to 11.
"Fine, I will bite. It's you isn't it?" You roll your eyes, knowing that he will just tease you. 
Belphie smiles. "Yes, it's me. You get 5 points and win a date with yours truly."
Somehow you find this kinda cute, in his own way he is trying. 
"You know you can just ask me on a date but fine I will accept my price."
Belphie is satisfied with this outcome.
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Tom&Sabine Bakery Idiots
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So, once upon a time, I was working in retail and started a series of short comics about retail store idiots (Right here - it’s still online, but pretty much dead (or let’s say, on infinite hiatus)). After a short, but effective depression, I never found the motivation to continue even though I had plenty of ideas to share and characters to present. My job had become a nightmare and I didn’t want to rub salt in the wound, so I stopped, even if I liked that project.
Nowadays, I’m much more into the Miraculous fandom and I wanted to create something to bring smiles to people, even just a smirk, but to make something no one had done before (that I am aware of), but also, something I would be comfortable doing on a regular basis. So, I was talking to my sis @melyxan​ about my previous project, as to what I should do with it, if I should publish it on my second account where I barely have 10 followers, or here where my main account is dedicated to ML content only. So Mel, in her infinite wisdom (*cough*), told me “Why not make a RSI, T&S Bakery edition?”
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MariChat incorrect quotes compilation
So I found this incorrect quote generator and had too much fun with it. I own nothing about it. I’m just posting this for the lols and to give you a smile. MariChat has the best chaotic energy potential.
Marinette: Why are you drinking? Chat Noir: I drink when I'm depressed. Marinette: But you're always drinking? Chat Noir: *smug grin*
Marinette: *running towards Chat Noir with open arms* Chat Noir: *moves out of the way* Marinette: Hey, why'd you move?! Chat Noir: I thought you were going to attack me. Marinette: I was going to hug you! Chat Noir: Why would you hug me? Marinette: WHY WOULD I ATTACK YOU!?
Chat Noir: So you like cats? Marinette: Yeah. Chat Noir: *tries to impress them by slowly pushing a glass off the table*
Marinette: Where did you get that tomato soup? Chat Noir: It’s actually a bowl of ketchup I just microwaved. (aka my headcanon about Adrien’s cooking skills)
Chat Noir: Do you want some tea? Marinette: What are the options? Chat Noir: Yes or no.
Chat Noir: *coughs blood* Marinette: Don't die, Chat Noir! Chat Noir: Don't tell me what to do!
Chat Noir: Tomorrow's garbage day. Marinette: I can't believe they made a whole day dedicated to you.
Marinette: I assume you realize that this kind of idiocy will not be tolerated in this house. Chat Noir: Is there any kind of idiocy you would be more comfortable with?
Marinette: Hey, what’s the name of the guy who lives down the hall? Chat Noir: His cats' names are Walter and Rose. Marinette: That's not what I asked. Chat Noir: That is all the information I have.
Chat Noir: No, this is not a mess. You know what I consider a mess? Marinette: Your life? Chat Noir: I- well yes, but-
Marinette: Smart is attractive. Educate me on something I don't know! Chat Noir: The mouth of a jellyfish is also an anus. Marinette: Stop.
Marinette: Wow, that was quick thinking on that phony sacrifice stuff. Chat Noir: Oh, that was all real. Marinette: Wait, you were trying to help them kill us?!  Chat Noir: If I’m gonna be sacrificed, I’m gonna do it right.
Chat Noir: *Kicks the door open, looking panicked* Marinette: What did you do?! Chat Noir: NOBODY DIED! Marinette: WHAT KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT?!
Chat Noir: *is visibly upset* Marinette: Chat Noir, what happened? I haven't seen you like this since you found out candyland wasn't an actual country.
Marinette: Chat Noir, what is the ONE thing I asked you NOT to do tonight? Chat Noir: Raise the dead. Marinette: And what did you do? Chat Noir: Raise the dead.
Chat Noir, very tired: Can I sleep in your bed? Marinette: *half asleep* Chat Noir, this is a queen-sized bed. That means it’s for *gestures vaguely to herself* the Queen.
Chat Noir: Everybody shut up, I'm thinking. Marinette, patting him on the back: Well, don’t think too hard. I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself.
Chat Noir: *on the phone* Hey Marinette, do you know my blood type? Marinette: Of course, it's B-. Chat Noir: Oh, I guessed wrong. Excuse me, nurse-!
Chat Noir: I know one person who finds me funny! Marinette: Okay, who?... and you can't say yourself! Chat Noir: Okay then I'm out.
Chat Noir: Are you an ‘arr’ pirate or a ‘yo ho ho’ pirate? Marinette: I’m a ‘I’m not paying $600 for photoshop’ pirate.
Chat Noir: Marinette, I screwed up, big time. Marinette: Chat Noir, given your daily life experiences, you’re gonna have to be more specific.
Chat Noir: Ah, Hello again. We really need to stop meeting like this. Marinette: Maybe we would, if you would sTOP BREAKING INTO MY F-ING HOUSE!!!
Marinette: I’ve invited you here because I crave the deadliest game... Chat Noir, nodding: Knife Monopoly. Marinette: I was actually going to play Russian roulette, but now I'm really interested in whatever knife Monopoly is.
Marinette: Isn’t a bit dangerous? Chat Noir: Marinette, please. We’ve in a lot of unexpected predicaments before and we always escape unhurt. Marinette: ... Chat Noir: Okay, we sometimes escape unhurt. Marinette: ... Chat Noir: Alright, we escaped unhurt once... Then we hurt ourselves in the way home.
Marinette: Sleep is the body’s best safety mechanism. Chat Noir: How so? Marinette: It keeps you from screwing up for 8 hours.
Chat Noir: Which is correct, seven and five IS thirteen, or seven and five ARE thirteen? Marinette: Neither. Because it’s twelve.
Marinette: What? I’m not aggressive! Chat Noir: Last Tuesday, you wacked me with a pair of crocs and stole my chocolate chips? Marinette: Survival of the fittest, b-tch
Chat Noir: Are you this rude to everyone? Marinette: Yup. Don’t think you’re special.
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do u have any marionette and chatt fic recs? i want a sweet and playful read💛
Hey anon!
I rarely pay attention to the ships present in the fics I read, since they are the same people. From the top of my head, I can suggest you:
Double Jeu by kurohaha
My all time favorite. @tresity is also drawing a comic version of this fic, and there's a dub of this comic on Youtube (I could only find the first part though). The fic is on hiatus.
Were-Chat Noir by myself (because why not?)
Tbh, each chapter is more or less of a different side of the ship, but I like to think it's mostly Marichat. It's based on a dream I had where Adrien is a were-black lion, and were-creatures are a pretty much common thing.
Movie Night by @lyradaisical
Sweet one shot where Marinette and Chat Noir bond upon movie nights at the Dupain-Cheng's. Podfic version here.
Stress Relief by @galahadwilder
It’s purely marichat, for MATURE READERS, with smut and BDSM, but still a WIP
There's another one I'm currently reading that happens to be marichat, but I'm barely at the beginning. Keep this post around, Anon, since I'll probably update it.
Thanks for the ask!
Ask me anything, my inbox is empty
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Some aged-up training session I suck at backgrounds. Sorry.
Tumblr media
Thanks for 500 followers, guys! You don’t know how much this means to me.
If you like, REBLOG, don’t repost!
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Tumblr media
@ladyblargh ! I made a thing! I hope you like the thing :)
I may work a little more on the thing if I feel confident enough to do so
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Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →
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