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Tumblr media
"McLaren 750"
By Kev Cook in Fort Lauderdale, United States
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itcars · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Prancing Horse
Featuring the Ferrari 488 Spider.
Image by Kev Cook
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junityy · 5 months ago
this picture of kevin is very personal to me now
Tumblr media
also these pictures of chanhee. ill literally scream
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ededdneddy-artrefs · a year ago
Tumblr media
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doctorspiral · 3 years ago
*adds three spices and fresh greens to my instant-pho* I’m a chef lol :)
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triquetrine · 4 months ago
andrew minyard & neil josten, are they or are they not dating? a saga
they would never ever do a legit press release with a joint statement because once a nightmare to the media always a nightmare to the media
it does become pretty obvious that they’re living together at some point so a reporter tries to get an explicit confirmation of their relationship from neil
reporter: “so you guys are roommates? you must spend a lot of time together. cooking, cleaning...?”
neil, unbothered: “well i mean we do more than just that, but yeah-”
this clip is repeated over and over again all over the internet and most of the comments are exy fans replying with memes like WHAT DOES IT MEAN WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN
someone tries to ask kevin of all people about it and the expression of sheer disappointment he makes is enough to send the reporter packing
he later posts a wildly passive aggressive tweet that goes something along the lines of “Was unaware of the fact tabloid journalists are now allowed in exy press events.” 
matt retweets with “GET EM KEV”
when renee is asked she just smiles and replies: “they are very close” 
“close what?” “they’re just close” “close friends or partners?” “they’re very close :)”
a fan sneaks photos of them shopping in petsmart together and it circulates all over twitter because that means they’re not only roommates, but they’re cat dads
and then the next weekend they’re photographed at a farmer’s market, and after that it’s a restaurant, and then neil (just to fuck around some more) posts a pic of andrew sitting on their balcony during golden hour with no caption
most exy fans are 100% convinced they’re dating, while others are like “oh maybe they’re just buds. best buds. doing best buds things” 
allison, scrolling on her phone and reading these takes: “they’re writing about you two like you’re gay people from ye olden days”
(context: historians tend to claim very obviously gay historical figures were just “Really Good Friends”)
this back and forth goes on for a while
and then. the day comes. 
andrew and neil’s pro team have made it to the finals of the championship match, and naturally all the players have to sit for a press conference before the big game
both of their publication teams (who REALLY deserve a vacation) warn them that someone’s probably going to try and explicitly bring it up
they get through the whole 60 minutes without anything going wrong until their coach asks if anyone has any questions left
this guy raises his hand and neil almost rolls his eyes because he can just tell from the vibes what’s about to happen
“andrew, i feel like i’ve gotta address the elephant in the room here. it’s been almost two years, and the speculation over the true relationship between you and your teammate neil josten has been dragging on.”
andrew looks disinterested as always, but neil does notice he’s sitting so that he can speak easily into the microphone
reporter: “are your or are you not in a romantic relationship?” 
andrew: “can i ask what company you’re from first?” 
reporter: “the daily manhattan”
andrew: “so you’re telling me you flew across the country to come here today and ask me if i’m gay?” 
the whole room goes dead silent
their coach and the coordinators are silently debating whether they should end it there or give some kind of non-answer while neil is wildly torn between laughing or making a remark that would definitely give wymack a heart attack
he’s about to go with the remark route when andrew, in the flattest voice over, says: “well, i am.” 
one of their teammates: “why am i gasping i already knew that”
and then while everyone else in the room is spluttering, andrew sips the rest of his water, casually tosses the plastic bottle into the recycling bin by the door, and adds: “and yes, neil josten and i are in a relationship.”
this moment in particular is especially chaotic because the camera men have absolutely no idea who/where they’re supposed to be focusing on so there’s just all these random close-ups being smashed together and lots of panicked swiveling around
the reporters have exploded and are clamoring over each other to try and get more info but it’s so loud that you can’t understand anyone
neil is kinda smirking at andrew, who is now Over It™ and currently looking for places to eat on his phone without a care in the world
their teammates are split pretty evenly between “wait. wait. did that really just happen? no way. what. wHAT-” and “lol that really just happened”
meanwhile at home the other foxes were watching live and they think this is the funniest thing that’s ever happened in their lives
which is how wymack gets about 10 different calls simultaneously
“WYMACK YOU HAVE TO TURN ON THE TV-” “i already saw--nicky what the hell is so goddamn funny??” “THEY REALLY JUST-” “NICKY THE MORE YOU LAUGH THE MORE YOU ENCOURAGE THEM” “I KNOW”
whereas his call with aaron goes something like: “wymack, you saw.” “yes i saw.” *deep sigh* *deep sigh*
nicky later tweets a clip with: “not sure if this is the office or real life...either way #gayrights” 
wymack also gets texted a super blurry photo from matt of dan cry laughing on the couch next to kevin, who was visiting them, but looks like he’s currently regretting every life decision he’s ever made
(i like to think that perhaps sometime later, wymack goes out for drinks with neil and andrew’s coach + publicity teams. just to like, apologize. and probably complain together)
obviously exy stan twitter absolutely loses their shit
the crowd is even crazier than usual at the final championship match, but andrew and neil play as usual and win
afterward their team does a fan event, where neil overhears some 14 year old with a pride pin on their backpack joking to their friends about how “i’m glad they won, because if they didn’t it would’ve been homophobia”
he bursts out laughing and makes that kid’s whole year
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thetwobosses · 4 months ago
Extra info about the Saints Row reboot from the Gamescom interview with Chief Creative Officer Jim Boone and Associate UX Designer Kenzie Lindgren:
They wanted the CGI trailer to give sort of the “feel” of moments from actually playing a mission. Boone emphasized that they really wanted to highlight more of the “criminality” side of the series again. “What can we say, we like crime, we like crime in our games and it is solely that.”
The three rival factions: *Los Panteros, who are kinda more of what you’d traditionally consider a Saints Row faction. “They are about muscle, muscle cars, they’re fighters, there’s a grittier sort of angle to it.” *Marshall, “you can think of them almost like a mercenary group, they’ve got all the technology, their HQ is in Santo Ileso but they act all over the world”, they give more of the feel of SR:TT with hi-tech stuff. *The Idols, a totally new faction, “nothing like we’ve ever done before. They’re a cult of personality, they hit you with numbers, they’ve got a very unique style and feel to them, lots of pinks and golds and they swarm you. Their identity is just very crazy and over-the-top.”
When asked about what the reboot would feel like for newer players who’ve maybe only played SR:TT and SRIV, Jim Boone responded that it’s definitely going to be “more toned down from when we last saw the Saints” as superheroes and space emperors, much more grounded and something that’s more like in-between SR2 and SR:TT. And for those who’ve played SR1 and SR2, it’s “bringing back more of that grounded reality, but also really delving into the criminal aspect of it.”
“An angle on Saints Row, that we’ve never done before, is you’re gonna be able to grow your criminal empire, you decide how you want to build that criminal empire and you build it from the ground up, one step at a time.” He says he can’t share more details yet, but that you get to decide how you want that criminal empire structured and run and there are lots of flavors for both long-time players and brand new ones.
Devs are really excited about the game having lots of diversity in content, gameplay, characters and places to explore, and repeatedly bring up the wide variety in the gameplay mechanics of stuff you can do in the open world.
Big setpiece vibes similar to jumping out of the helicopter to Kanye West in SR:TT are very much an angle they are trying to put into the game throughout the missions, soundtrack plays a large part.
The Saints Row series being one of the oldest open world sandbox series next to GTA means that Volition has had a lot of time to think about what interests them and the players. For example one of the things they are doing is making the city’s nine districts all feel very different, rather than just one homogenous city. “If you go from one district to another, you will know it, it is markedly different.”
The devs are not currently planning on any returning characters from the old series, but are instead building on the diversity of the new cast of characters.
“You have Neenah who is this muscle badass who is driving around in her cars, Eli who loves his podcasts, and you have Kev who loves to cook, that’s his biggest thing, he loves to cook so much.”
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antoineroussel · 23 days ago
friday night beneath the stars - kevin hayes
Tumblr media
note: this is part of the got a hold on me series
word count: 1,037
summary: Pregnant Christmas fiend, Sofia Lakeland, needs a break.
Tumblr media
Everyone in the Hayes family was a loud individual, and when the whole family got together it was on another level. It had been a month since they all were together for Thanksgiving and four weeks was all it took for Sofia to forget just how much energy they had.
Compliments were flying when everyone walked in, all noticing that Sofia had changed out the Thanksgiving decorations to Christmas decorations and reliving past Christmases where she’d ‘vomited tinsel’ all over Kev’s house in New York.
The Christmas Tree was her pride and joy. Sofia had dragged Kev out to pick the perfect one the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and by the time he got back from New Jersey late on Sunday night it was covered in lights, tinsel and baubles. The rest of the house followed—all three stories covered in lights, tinsel and the little Santa statues that Kev was still finding after nearly an entire month.
“We were supposed to host Christmas this year,” Shelagh said, leaning closer to Sofia so she could be heard over the noise. “Kevin basically begged me to have it here again. Apparently, you thought I was disappointed in you last year?”
“I… Did I say that?” Sofia asked.
“He had to tell us that you’d helped with the decorations last year and made sure to say that you did what you could without any warning because you thought we’d be disappointed in what you’d done.”
“Oh,” Sofia said, her hand automatically moving to her stomach as she laughed. “I didn’t want you to think I’d lost my touch.”
“Well clearly that hasn’t happened,” Shelagh said, her smile warm and welcoming. “You’ve outdone yourself.”
Sofia’s chest swelled with pride.
Despite all the decorating she was able to do, and despite Kev’s willingness to help, the one thing they hadn’t tried to tackle was the turkey. Sofia was determined to one day cook her own perfect turkey; it just wasn’t going to happen when she was still dealing with nausea and swollen ankles. They’d ordered one from a shop they trusted, giving Shelagh the day off after her mammoth effort on Thanksgiving.
Despite the big meal they had planned for Christmas Day, and that it was getting later on Christmas Eve, they all sat down for a proper meal. The Hayes family barely even stopped talking as they were eating—they were perfectly synchronised. One person would finish speaking and start eating, leaving room for someone who had just swallowed to swoop in to continue the conversation. It was exhausting watching it happen in real time, though it definitely felt like slow motion, across the table and across her.
After they’d eaten, everyone was distracted enough that they didn’t notice Sofia slipping away and up the stairs. She took the first flight rather quickly so that nobody would see her escape. As soon as she was certain she was out of sight she took them at a more leisurely pace. She only stopped to grab a blanket from the upstairs couch.
A chill had, perhaps predictably, settled across Philadelphia as the sun set. It hadn’t snowed in a couple of days, luckily, so it wasn’t particularly hazardous as she stepped onto the rooftop and turned on the gas heater before relaxing back on the couch and wrapping herself up.
The door opened after no time at all and Sofia didn’t have to move around to know that it was Kevin coming to check on her. No one in his family would follow her up, even if they did want to check on her.
“Everything okay up here?”
“Yeah, I just needed a minute to hear myself think.” Sofia smiled as she spoke.
Kev wasn’t taken aback by it in the slightest, his step didn’t even falter. He asked, “You want some company for that?”
“I always want your company.”
“Make room, then.”
Sofia shuffled forward, making a space behind her for Kev to sit. It wasn’t exactly smooth or coordinated but they were experienced in it enough that he was quickly sitting with her between his legs.
She reached for his hands immediately, pressing them to her stomach.
“I don’t know if you can feel it, but the bubba decided to give us a Christmas present.”
Both of them were deathly still—Sofia not wanting to do anything that would make him feel anything that wasn’t the baby. Kev didn’t want to miss a single thing.
“I can’t feel anything,” he sighed, dropping his forehead to the back of her head.
“Might take a couple more weeks,” Sofia said, bringing Kev’s hands to her mouth to kiss his palms. “Bubba’s moving around like crazy, though.”
“Do you reckon he can hear everything?”
“I was just looking it up to see.”
She could feel Kev’s head over her shoulder as he leant in to see what she’d brought up. The week-by-week descriptions of the baby’s progress were always at the ready on both their phones, and Sof moved from week 22 to week 23 to see what she should start expecting.
“Bubba doesn’t have any clue what’s going on,” Kev laughed. “He just wants you to know he’s there.”
“We don’t know it’s a boy.”
“It’s a boy,” he assured her, kissing the back of her head. Sofia just hummed and pressed back into his body.
The blanket Sofia had brought up with her wasn’t doing much to keep the breeze from nipping at her skin, nor was the heater providing much warmth. Kev was a furnace though, and large enough to wrap his arms around her and protect her somewhat.
“I’m gonna miss this rooftop if we move to Haddonfield. I’m gonna miss Amy and Erin and walking to work—”
“We don’t have to move, Sof.”
“The baby deserves a garden.”
“The baby has a whole park around the corner,” Kev said, pointing vaguely in the direction of Rittenhouse Square. “He’s not going to need a garden right away anyway; we can definitely survive at least year and a half without a garden.”
Sofia pictured their future and, despite the logistics she knew would be difficult, it was all still in the three story townhouse Kevin had opened up to her.
Tumblr media
Please consider leaving feedback—reblog and write in the tags or send an ask, I’m not fussed. I just want to know what you’re thinking!
Help me name the baby?
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laurenairay · a month ago
Tumblr media
Day 16 – Kevin Hayes
Trope: Building a snowman
Word Count: 567 words
A/N: When I think genuine excitement, I think of Kevin Hayes. I have nothing else to offer, other than my adoration of this man, and to share that love with @danglesnipecelly 😍
“Baby, oh my god, look outside!”
You blinked your eyes open slowly at the sound of your boyfriend’s voice, blearily looking at him in confusion.
“Kev, what time is it?” you yawned, scrubbing a hand over your face.
“Okay, it’s early,” Kevin admitted sheepishly, “But look at all this snow!”
You couldn’t help the fond smile that spread across your face as you sat upright, looking out the window where he was pointing. Well, he wasn’t kidding. What was only a light dusting of snow when the two of you went to sleep, was now a thick layer covering as far as the eye could see. That had to be at least a couple of feet deep – no wonder Kevin was excited.
“Hey Kev?” you said sweetly.
“Yeah?” he said, smiling back at you.
“Do you wanna build a snowman?” you sang, wiggling your eyebrows.
Kevin laughed, throwing his head back slightly with the force of it, making you laugh as well. It really was such an addicting sound.
“That sounds like the perfect idea,” Kevin grinned, “How about I put on some coffee while you get dressed in something warm?”
“And I’ll cook breakfast while you get dressed in something warm,” you nodded, grinning back.
This was going to be fun. Kevin ducked down to kiss you softly before he rolled out of bed, leaving you smiling after him fondly. As much as you had intended sleeping in this morning…spending time with Kevin when he was this genuinely happy? That wasn’t something you were going to give up. Not in a million years.
“What do you think we should use for the eyes?” you asked, tilting your head.
The snowman currently stood at three large rounded balls of snow, Kevin having put in most of the hard work, with a hat, scarf and sticks for arms already in place. Now all that was left was to give your creation a face.
“Hmm, how about these?”
Kevin held out two old wine corks, still digging through the odds-and-ends box he kept for moments like these.
“Oh those are perfect!” you gasped.
The right size, the right shape – exactly what you needed. Kevin just winked, a small pleased smile on his lips as he continued to rummage for more supplies. You carefully dug your thumbs into the head of the snowman, making two indentations for the ‘eyes’, and placed them in with a smile. Perfect, just like you’d thought.
“It’s looking good, baby,”
You looked up at Kevin with an even bigger smile, nudging him with your shoulder.
“Thanks Kev,” you mused, “what else do you have for me?”
“Six red bottle caps for a mouth, and I’m pretty sure I have a carrot indoors for a nose,” he listed.
He really did think of everything, didn’t he?
“That sounds great, thank you,”
“No, thank you,” Kevin said, shaking his head, “Thank you for humouring me. I know you’d rather be relaxing in bed,”
“If you’re not in the bed with me, then I wouldn’t rather be there. This is much more fun,” you insisted.
“Pretty sure I can make it up to you later though,” Kevin grinned sharply.
A flash of heat ran through you, something you know Kevin noticed as your breath hitched in your throat. Menace.
“Oh I’m holding you to that,” you said, rolling your eyes fondly, “But first, carrot,”
“Yes ma’am,” Kevin laughed.
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aesthetixhoe · 6 months ago
ghetto ninja warrior C.G
warnings: cursing and mention of death
word count: 1.3k
pronouns used: she/her
Tumblr media
Carl had stepped onto the steps of his house, his Aldi bag in hand. He walked up, not knowing what to expect. He'd just been called out of military school for his mom's death, yet he wasn't sad. He was happy because there was one person he wanted to see and could now. You, his girlfriend.
He opened the door only to see no one. He continued walking into the kitchen. Deciding on making breakfast before he went to see you.
After about ten minutes he heard footsteps and voices from upstairs before Lip and Fiona came downstairs.
"Hey, Carl!" Fiona said before laughing. "Oh my god. Hi!" She commented looking at the table and hugging Carl.
"Holy shit, it's Lieutenant Dan! Come here man." Lip exclaimed before also hugging Carl. "Oh, I gotta salute you now or something?" he laughed.
"Where did you get all this stuff?" Fiona asked, still stunned by the set table and all the food that was being cooked.
"I stopped by the Aldi on the way from the train station." Carl said, sounding proud of himself.
"I could have picked you up." Fiona said, walking over to the table with a pot of coffee.
"You have a car?" Carl asked in disbelief. All these years and she was just now getting a car. Hell, he didn't even know she had a license.
"Mm-hmm." Fiona hummed back.
"She's a rich lady now." Ian chimed in. "Look at those stripes and ribbons! You're a general now?" he spoke again, picking Carl up.
"Hey, Cadet Corporal, get to kick some lazy freshman ass." Carl said, pulling away from his older brother before asking "Everybody, scrambled alright?"
Everyone answering back with a "Yeah."
Veronica and Kevin walked in, Veronica saying "Just the neighbors, bringing in 10,000-calorie sugar bombs." Getting a "Nice." back from Fiona.
"Yo, Carl!" Kev shouted while laughing, "Look at you! The ghetto ninja warrior! Should just be afraid, your hands licensed to kill now?" he asked before he and Carl threw fake punches at each other while Kev grunted.
"Carl! Hey, you're home." Debbie said, walking in the kitchen, joining the breakfast party, before calling to Neil to inform him.
"Anybody up for going to the mortuary with me later, figure out what to do with Monica?" Fiona asked picking up some breakfast foods.
"We can't just leave her there?" lip asked.
"I called in sick the last couple of days. I gotta go to work." Ian said, getting out of the un-planned plans.
"Yeah, I got something I have to do this morning, then I got my shift at Patsy's." Lip also used work as his get-out-of-jail-free card.
Carl piped up, sitting at the table, "I'll go."
"Really?" Fiona asked.
"Yeah, sure." he said confirming his answer.
"Can I come?" V started, "With the Alibi gone, I've got nothing but time."
"What happened to the Alibi? Carl asked, being out of the loop for so long.
"Svetlana stole it from them." Fiona said. She never trusted her, that shown through in her voice.
"How do you steal a bar?" Carl asked, confusion evident in his voice.
"Russian KGB sneaky Putin shit. I'm working at the Fairy Tale now." Kev said taking a bite of his pancakes.
"You are?" Ian asked. His passed job there didn't end up so well.
"I'm making 'beau-coo' tips. Ancient queens love the impossible-to-get thing. Even more Benjamins to had if I let old dudes give me hand jobs." Kev said, giving all of them details they did not need to know.
"Not gonna happen." V spoke up, earning a look from Kev.
"A little help here." Debbie groaned.
Ian started talking about how a hand is a hand and lip cut in. Carl stood up, ready to leave.
"I'm gonna go to [y/n]'s house." Carl said, putting his plate in the sink. "Have any of you guys talked to her?" he asked leaning against the counter.
"Sometimes, she fills in for employees at Patsy's if they can't come in, which hasn't happened in a while." Fiona said look at him.
"She comes over and asks about you sometimes but you write to her more than me." Ian said.
"When she does work though, ugh that outfit. When she bends over, oh god!" Lip exclaimed, teasing Carl.
"Shut the fuck up Lip." Carl said angry before walking out, slamming the door.
"Damn, I was just messing around." Lip said standing. "I gotta go." he said also walking out the door.
Carl walked over a couple blocks to your house. He took in the sight of your house before walking up your steps. He knocked at your door before your mom answered it.
"Oh, hey, Carl! [Y/n]'s not here if that's why you came by." she said a slight smile on her lips.
"Where is she?" Carl asks, excited to see you after all this time.
"She's at the park with her niece." she said.
"Oh, Beth right?" Carl questioned, trying to make small talk.
"That's the one. Um... She left not that long ago, so you can probably still catch her." your mom said, "Uh, I got to go, the laundry's done and I need to switch it over. It was good to see you!" she said getting a "you too" from carl before they went their separate ways.
He walked all the way to the park to find her. It was like the first time he saw her all over again.
Her hair was curled effortlessly and laid against her back. Her face was lit up as she was laughing, her smile spreading to his face. She was wearing a dress that stopped above her knees. She was playing with her niece, laughing, it was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.
Beth started pointing to Carl and you looked to see where she was pointing at. What you saw made your heart stop. Cadet Corporal Carl Gallagher, you're boyfriend, standing in uniform. You smiled even wider running over to him, jumping up, wrapping your legs around his waist.
You stared into his eyes for a moment before pressing your lips to his. You moved your lips against his plump ones. You pulled away, Carl setting g you down as you hugged him.
"God Carl, I missed you so much." you said into his neck where your head was tucked away.
"Me too [y/n.] So fucking much." Carl said kissing the top of your head.
"I missed you too, uncle Carl!" your six year old niece exclaimed, wrapping her arms around his legs.
"I missed you too, Bethy." Carl said letting go of you and picking her up. He started swinging her around, you smiling at them both.
The three of you stayed at the park till dark, picking up Beth and carrying her when she inevitably fell asleep.
You can Carl got back to your house, him asking if he could stay like he'd done hundreds of times before.
You were laying in bed watching a Disney movie with your head on his chest almost asleep when he whispered "Monica died."
"What!?" you asked bolting up to look at him.
"Yeah... That's why I'm back so early. She died a few days ago. Her funerals in two days." he said softly, drawing shapes on your arm.
"Do you want me to go?" you asked quietly.
"Please?" he said, giving me a sad smile.
"Yes, I will." I said laying back down on his chest.
"Hey, I love you, you know that right? And I've missed you so bad over there past few months." he spoke up after a few minutes.
"I love you too."
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wrooom · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
McLaren Duo 
By Kev Cook in Fort Lauderdale, United States
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itcars · 12 months ago
Tumblr media
Baby Blue Bull
Featuring the Lamborghini Huracan.
Image by Kev Cook
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nugnthopkns · 7 months ago
i wish i could disappear
word count: 3.6k
warnings: explicit!fem reader, cursing, feelings of anxiety due to social media harassment, invasion of privacy that border on stalking
recommended listening: brutal | olivia rodrigo
series masterpost: here
a/n: and we're off to the races!! i love this album and olivia so much. there's a shoutout to goon by tobias jesso jr. in here bc it's my favourite album to cry to lmao (highly recommend giving it a listen!). i'm on the fence about this one but am posting it anyways because i don't think i can make it any better
Tumblr media
How the fuck do people find your social media?
All of your accounts are private and Kevin makes sure to never tag you on the rare occasion he posts a picture of the two of you together. The wives and girlfriends who have public accounts make sure to never post about you, and you’re careful not to comment on posts often. You’re a private person and though you understand that due to the nature of your relationship with Kevin you intrigue some fans, you don’t want to give them more than you have to.
Despite making no attempt to open up to the public or media, every day you wake up with hundreds of follow requests from complete strangers. At first it was a little exciting knowing that people were curious about your life but after years of the same routine it’s become draining. It takes you nearly twenty minutes each day to weed through them and accept only the people you know personally. Kevin doesn’t actually know how many people want to catch a glimpse of your daily life because you do your best to keep it from him. Knowing would only bring him stress, and you want him to be able to focus on winning games and loving you with his entire heart.
The phone on your desk rings loudly, pulling your attention away from the computer screen that has way too many numbers on it for your liking. The finance department needed someone to proof their audit before sending it away and since you’re the only one in human relations that has a business degree the job landed on your shoulders. Eager to take a break, you pick it up and press the receiver against your ear.
The voice on the other side laughs gently, but you immediately know it’s Kevin. “Hi sweetheart,” he says warmly, “How’s work?”
“Fine I guess. It’s work, Kev. Nothing terribly exciting happens here,” you explain but continue to fill him in on all the coffee pot gossip you got this morning. Kevin listens as you complain about forgetting your lunch on the counter and chuckles at how upset the situation makes you.
“What if I told you I’m outside your window with a burrito bowl?”
Excited at the possibility of seeing your boyfriend before dinnertime, you whip towards the window and spot Kevin on the sidewalk, waving like an idiot despite knowing your office is on the fifth floor. You hang up quickly after telling him you’ll be down in two minutes and let the receptionist know you’re stepping out for lunch. There’s a line for the elevator so you head to the stairwell, taking them two at a time in your haste. You’re crossing the street to the small park where Kevin has set up a picnic before your co-workers are even out the door.
You plop down on the blanket beside Kevin and lean into him. He presses a sweet kiss to your forehead before passing you the food he brought. You take a bite, sighing at the taste. Kevin knows you better than you know yourself and knew exactly what to get that would satisfy your mounting hunger.
“Thanks babe,” you smile, holding up your fork and offering him a bite. He takes it graciously but makes a face. “What’s the matter?” you laugh as you take the utensil back.
“I fucking hate avocado.”
The two of you eat in relative silence, speaking only when you remember a detail from your morning. Kevin tells you about the drills he’s going to lead at practice in the afternoon and what he plans on cooking for dinner since he’ll be home before you. You insist you can whip something up when you get home but Kevin shakes his head. He reminds you that relationships are give and take, and that you’ve made dinner the past three nights because he had a string of games. You manage to reach a compromise that has you doing the dishes before you have to return to work.
Kevin insists on walking you back to your office even though you protest vehemently. Your relationship is far from secret, and has been the topic of workplace gossip more times than you can count, but after five years you’ve learned to ignore most of it. However, you don’t want your co-workers to think you flaunt your NHL player boyfriend to prove you’re better than them. They all love Kevin, and a couple of them congratulate him on last night’s goal as he follows you down the hall. A few of the newer hires stare in awe and shake his hand, completely blown away that one of Philadelphia’s biggest stars is asking how they like their jobs.
“Pretty soon they’re going to approach you to do PR for us,” you chuckle as you flip the light on and close the door of your office.
His laughter echoes off the walls as a pair of strong arms find a home around your waist. “It would be kind of fun to hear myself crush those radio commercials.”
“Since when do you listen to the radio?”
“Checkmate,” Kevin sighs, pulling you closer. He kisses you quickly, not wanting to give a show to anyone who could be walking past, but it still sends you reeling. You don’t want him to pull away and kiss him again.
You get your way for a few more moments and then Kevin’s leaving with a promise to not burn the house down and wishes for a good rest of the day. Focussed on giving the audit its final once-over you don’t bother pulling your phone from the drawer you had placed it in when you got to work that morning. You turn up the small radio at the corner of your desk and get to work scanning the document for errors. There’s a mistake halfway through that skews the rest of the data and fixing it takes a bit of time, but it isn’t a huge deal. You have nothing else to do except answer a few emails and organize meetings for after the weekend.
An hour or so later you’ve completed all your tasks and debate what to do. It’s too early to leave for the day, so you decide to kill time by checking your phone. You’re expecting a few notifications, perhaps two or three memes in the group chat you share with your friends, but not the hundreds that greet you.
The majority of them are instagram notifications, and assuming they’re just more fans requesting a follow you ignore them, instead heading to your text messages. There’s a picture from Kevin of a dog he found walking home and another from your mom asking why you haven’t called home in a few weeks. However the one from Claude’s wife is the one that piques your curiosity.
Just a heads up that someone posted a pic of you and Kev to one of those stupid wag pages. I filed a request for Instagram to take it down but it’s gotten a lot of traction. Sorry :((
Your heartbeat increases rapidly and a million thoughts fly through your head at a rapid speed. Fingers shaking, you respond with a thanks and open up the dreaded app. You don’t see it immediately, your feed being full of photos belonging to friends and family, but it’s in your messages almost two hundred times. Many of them have text attached and you know there will be a comment about your relationship regardless of which one you open.
Tapping on the most recent message you brace yourself for the worst. The new window opens a photo someone took of you and Kevin while eating lunch in the park across from your office not even three hours prior. It’s grainy and the camera angle is strange, but you’re eating and Kevin is looking somewhere out of frame. The accompanying caption reads Kev and his girlfriend out for lunch today! Follow @philllywagupdates for more :).
You let out a sigh of relief – it could have been a lot worse. Personal pictures of yourself have made it onto pages like that before and most of them they’re paired with mean-spirited captions about your appearance or other trivial matters. Assuming you’re in the clear, you head back to the page of the original message to thank the person for bringing the post to your attention. However, the message accompanying the post is anything but positive.
He can’t even fucking look at you. It’s only a matter of time before he leaves you
The blood in your veins runs cold. You know it’s not true – Kevin’s made it clear you’re the one and truthfully you’re just waiting for a ring – but it doesn’t stop the sting you feel. What could possess someone to say such horrible things? You decide not to respond despite, possibly opening another can of worms with the seen function, and close the app. Leaning back in your office chair you focus on anything but your phone, looking out the window at passersby while regaining your breath. It works for a while, but eventually not knowing what others said eats away at you. You go through every single message to see hundreds of similar comments to the first, with only a few saying they’re glad you’re happy or how posting the picture is a violation of your privacy.
By the time you’re finished your spirit has been crushed. However, it’s also an acceptable time to start the weekend – at least no one in the office will have to see you cry. Things are hastily packed into your bag and you wave a few quick goodbyes before once again taking the stairs. You curse yourself for deciding to walk to work that morning and set off in the direction of home wiping away tears. The last thing you need right now is for someone to recognize you, but you have to get home. Tobias Jesso Jr plays at much too loud a volume through your headphones and Kevin will most certainly remind you it’s bad for your hearing, but the melancholy piano riffs of Goon overpower the thoughts swirling around your head.
Do people really feel that way about me?
Are my friends just too nice to stop inviting me places?
Does Kevin really feel trapped?
Hundreds of similar sentiments and situations cross your mind as you stumble through the streets of downtown Philadelphia, but you force them as far back as possible before opening the door to the apartment you share with Kevin. Hoping to slip inside undetected, you take your shoes off slowly and throw your jacket on the end table instead of hanging it in the closet. Your plan fails somehow and Kevin hears you, greeting you in a goofy apron covered in flour.
“Hey sweetheart,” he smiles, but it drops once your eyes meet and he sees the hurt on your face. “What’s the matter?”
“It’s nothing,” you insist, trying to step around him in pursuit of the bathroom.
Kevin doesn’t buy it and sees right through your feeble words. “It’s not nothing if you’re this upset. If you don’t want to talk now that’s fine, but I think you should get it off your chest.”
You know he’s right, but you also know you can’t tell him the true cause of your despair. “Just some work stuff,” you sigh. “The audit got all fucked up and I had to fix it even though it’s not my job.”
It’s not technically a lie, which makes you feel better, and Kevin buys it. He presses a sweet kiss to your lips in sympathy. “Go take a shower and the gnocchi should be ready by the time you’re done. We can spend the night cuddling on the couch.”
“And watching Selling Sunset?”
“We can watch whatever you want sweetheart,” he chuckles. You part from him with a final kiss and head to the bathroom. Hopefully the steam from the water will carry away the negativity brought on by that damn post.
Time passes but the hateful comments on social media don’t stop. In fact, you’re pretty sure they get worse. It’s so bad that you’ve deleted every app except facebook because you need it for work. Kevin doesn’t notice your abstinence from social media, but he picks up on how you spend more time criticizing yourself or staring off into space. When he pushes you either brush him off or feed some bullshit excuse about how work is getting you down. You know he doesn’t believe you but trusts you enough to come to him when you’re ready to talk.
You aren’t sure if you’ll ever be able to tell Kevin what’s been going on. There’s been scrutiny from social media before, when you first started dating, but it quieted down after the initial media frenzy. He helped you through that but it’s different this time around. Never before have you had strangers tell you your life is worthless or that your boyfriend should end your relationship. Some of the other wags notice your absence on instagram but chalk it up to you just taking a break. They reach out via the group chat and send wishes to see you at the next home game. It’s nice to know they care, but the voice in your head that has grown much larger in recent weeks tells you they don’t truly mean it. This leads you to decline the invite as politely as possible, citing extended work hours for your absence. In reality you’re too anxious to be anywhere that isn’t home or work, petrified someone is going to post something that will add fuel to the flames of those who interrogate you.
It’s another Friday afternoon, and you’re leaving the office early once again. There’s a small craft exhibition taking place around the corner from work and today is the last day it’s open. You had been meaning to go all week, hoping to find something small to add to Kevin’s birthday gift. As you step out of the building there’s a small group of young women, who don’t look old enough to have graduated college, standing off to the side. It fills you with dread, worried that somehow someone found out where you work and the insults are going to start occurring verbally, but you force yourself to be rational. You work fairly close to one of the artsier districts in the city and it’s more than likely they just want to find a cute mural to take pictures in front of.
You pass by and swear you hear them snicker, but you remind yourself you’ve just been jumpy lately. When they peel from their place on the wall and follow behind at a distance you think the coincidences are running out. It seems a little too strange how their movements line up with yours, and you go down a few winding side streets in an attempt to lose them. Part of you feels ridiculous because what group of barely legal girls would track a full-blown adult around a city of nearly two million people, but your life is currently strange enough you can’t be sure. They don’t follow you, and by the time you reach the market your heart rate has returned to normal.
The first few stalls have little to catch your eye, but a few rows in you find a leatherworker who makes adorable wallets. Kevin’s is ridiculously old and falling apart at the seams – his mom bought it for him before the two of you got together. You think a new one will make a perfect addition to the concert tickets you already bought and browse the table for something simple and elegant. A deep brown one with tan braiding around the edges catches your eye and you know it’s the one for Kevin. Checking the price to make sure you have enough cash in your wallet, you approach the shop owner to purchase. The older man has a kind smile that reaches his eyes as he thanks you for purchasing from him.
“No, thank you for making something so beautiful!” you gush. “My boyfriend is going to love it.”
It’s then you hear it – snickering accompanied by the click of a camera. You look over your shoulder to see the same group of girls from before laughing as they huddle over a cell phone, no doubt already starting to broadcast the photo across the internet. Tears prick at the corners of your eyes but you refuse to let them fall. Those girls don’t deserve to see their mission accomplished, but the longer they laugh at you the harder it is to swallow your feelings.
Head held high, you thank the owner one more time before holding your head high and walking past the group. The only way out is past them so you hold your breath and pray they don’t notice you. Unfortunately you aren’t that lucky, and one of them looks up just as you come into earshot.
“If Kevin doesn’t leave you after that sorry excuse for a gift I don’t know what’s wrong with him,” she sneers.
Another one chimes in, “You’re honestly so pathetic.” They all cackle in amusement, and you speed up. The tears flow freely now, and you call an uber even though it will be a ridiculous amount of money. You just want to get home.
The uber driver doesn’t say anything when you get in, though you know it’s strange to be bawling your eyes out at four in the afternoon. You can’t help it – weeks of keeping all the hate to yourself finally got to you and being followed with the sole intent of ridicule is the final straw. At one red light he silently passes you a box of tissues, which you accept gratefully.
Luckily the lobby of your apartment complex is empty and you manage to get to your floor without encountering a familiar face. There’s a few hours until Kevin gets home from his final roadtrip of the season, and if you play your cards right you can get all the tears out and be as normal as possible before he comes through the door. You don’t even bother to put anything away, just head straight to the bathroom to slump against the tub. Sobs rack your body and you lose all sense of time. All you can feel is the hurt you’ve been holding in releasing itself and soaking the material of your blouse.
Kevin finds you laying in the position hours later. He tripped over your shoes coming in the door and immediately knew something was wrong – you always place them neatly on the rack in the closet upon arriving home. Peering through the quiet house for a hint at where you are, he sees the bathroom light on and makes a beeline for the room. It breaks his heart to see you like this, and even more so because he doesn’t know what spurred it on.
“Sweetheart, hey,” he coos, maneuvering his body to sit beside you and pull you into his lap. “What’s the matter?”
You bury your head in his shoulder and clutch the material of his dress shirt as you cry harder at the sound of his voice. Kevin takes your reaction in stride, rubbing circles on your back and working on evening out your breath. He doesn’t pressure you to speak and provides the stability you desperately crave as the world around you spins. An unknown amount of time passes before your tears run out, but spend it all on the bathroom floor curled into Kevin.
“I guess I should have told you sooner,” you mumble, “But I didn’t want to bother you.”
Concern laces Kevin’s features and his eyebrows knit together. “Tell me what?”
“I, uh, have been the subject of some internet hate for the past little bit,” you say sheepishly. It feels stupid to not have told him now, but you can’t change that. “But you were really busy with the season and I wanted to make sure your head was completely focused on the game so I just dealt with it myself. I deleted the apps and tried my best to go about my life. And then today after work I was followed by some people and they said some really hurtful stuff and shit became a little too real.”
“I’m so fucking sorry.”
It’s your turn to be confused. “Why are you sorry Kev? You're Not the one sending me death threats.”
He tucks a loose strand of hair back into your ponytail. “Maybe not, but I still made you feel like you couldn’t talk to me about what was going on. What kind of partner am I?”
“The best one,” you say confidently. “It’s okay, I’m okay. I just want to forget about it right now. Can we just disappear for a little bit?”
Kevin wraps his arms around you tighter, as if he can engulf you to protect from the cruel outside world. “We can do whatever you want. If you want to get out of the city for a bit if you want, or just spend the next few days here away from prying eyes.”
“I love you.”
You say it because you mean it, and if you could scream it from the rooftops you would. Kevin is incredibly easy to love, even when you make it difficult for him to love you back. You know another much longer conversation is coming about everything that has happened recently because communication is the only way to solve problems and Kevin deserves that, but you’re thankful he’s willing to put it to rest for a few more moments.
He cracks a smile for the first time since he’s been home and kisses the crown of your head. “I love you too sweetheart,” he whispers, “Always and forever.”
Things are far from over and though you still never want to show your face in public ever again, you know that Kevin is going to do whatever he can to make things better and that’s enough for you.
taglist: @ricohenrique @tortito @boqvistsbabe @iwantahockeyhimbo @himbos-on-ice @2manytabsopen if you want to be added just shoot me an ask :)
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plus-size-reader · a year ago
Tumblr media
Philip “Lip” Gallagher x Plus size!reader
Word Count: 1050 words
Warnings: none
Summary: Lip having you over for the first time to stay the night and being shocked when you’re still there in the morning
You knew that Lip cared about you, but you also knew how his relationships usually went.
That was why you were so adamant that the two of you weren’t going to get physical until you were really serious about one another.
It just wasn’t something you wanted to do.
Lip was special and you really cared about him too.
That was part of the reason why you weren’t willing to risk losing him until you knew that this was real.
...And it was.
You woke up curled up with him, skin sticky with sweat between your two bodies.
It was a little cold, just under the sheets with nothing but Lip’s body to keep you warm but more than anything, you wanted food.
As best you knew, everyone else was asleep with the exception of Liam who you had watched toddle past the door fifteen minutes ago.
Fiona wasn’t home and Carl and Debbie wouldn’t get up until food was in the picture.
You knew that much from what Lip had told you about his family and having been around then a couple of times before today.
If nothing else, you knew that food was the logical next step, for all parties involved, including Lip when he finally decided to roll out of bed.
So, as quietly as you could, you crawled out of bed and tossed on one of those old t-shirts of Kev’s Lip had given you to borrow.
It fit better than Lip’s ever could.
So, you kissed Lip on the forehead, covering him back up with the sheet and made your way down the stairs as quietly as possible until you were in the kitchen.
You weren’t familiar with it enough to know where everything was right off the bat but after fiddling with a few of the cabinets and drawers, you found the basics of what you needed.
There was eggs, bacon, even orange juice in the back of the fridge.
It wasn’t going to be the best breakfast you ever made but it was food and you were doing the best you could with what you had.
One thing was for sure though, the next time you stayed over, you were going to have to make a grocery run first.
In any case, it wasn’t long before the smell of bacon sizzling on the stove roused the youth from bed and the kitchen table was full of sleepy, hungry Gallaghers.
To no one's surprise though, Lip was the last to come downstairs, wearing nothing but his boxers that you’d left out for him on the dressers.
That was one thing you’d always found funny about Lip, he slept like a zombie.
You were sure that if he slept well enough the night before, he could have ignored a nuclear explosion.
He was about to complain about the noise, but that fell away from his mind as soon as he saw you there, Liam on your hip and a spatula in hand.
It was something that caught him off guard, but in the best way.
“What are you doing?” he wondered, closing the space between you casually, leaning in to press a kiss to your lips before taking the coffee mug you’d already had waiting for him.
To you, this whole display wasn’t that big of a deal.
You had always liked to cook and a houseful of hungry people was the perfect excuse to make a grand meal.
It was just second natural and honestly, you couldn't help yourself.
...But for Lip and all of his siblings, it was everything.
In their household, it had always sort of been every man for himself if they wanted to do or have anything.
So, something like this was guaranteed to spoil them.
In the best way.
“I thought it would be nice to make breakfast, besides, Liam was up so I figured I’d keep him company” you shrugged, gently tapping the youngest Gallagher on his nose, as if proving your point.
The two of you had made a pretty impressive spread, if you could say so yourself, and you were proud of it.
However, it wasn’t until this moment that you realized you could have overstepped your bounds.
You had never been here before, and you just kind of took it upon yourself to raid their fridge.
It probably would have been smarter to ask permission before.
“Oh god, I’m being so rude. I practically broke into your house” you sighed, upset that you hadn’t thought about that before now.
...But Lip didn’t seem upset.
In fact, he was just shocked that you would even worry about that.
The two of you rarely talked about it, but in general, Lip had to shoulder a lot of the responsibility around here.
No one really made it their business to look out for him, especially not anymore, but you did.
You took it upon yourself to take care of his siblings and go above and beyond to feed them when that wasn’t even your job.
If anything, he should have been thanking you, not ushering in an apology.
“I don’t think it’s breaking in if I invited you” he teased, taking a long sip of his coffee, which you had been forced to leave black due to the lack of cream or sugar in the Gallagher house before setting the mug back down.
“Speaking of, did you want to spend the night again? I don’t think after this, my family is going to let you go” Lip added, scooping up Liam from your arms and heading into the living room.
You were sure that he was just being dramatic but as soon as the words left his lips, the surrounding Gallaghers all chimed in to confirm what he’d said.
Frankly, they would keep you forever if this was what you brought to the table.
None of Lip or Fiona’s prior partners had chosen to look out for them in the way that you had and if they had to put up with anyone this early in the morning, they would have loved for it to be you.
Now they just had to hope that Lip didn’t mess it up, like he so often did.
Letting you slip through his fingers would be one hell of a mistake.
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mistresspotterhead · 5 months ago
How Divine- Chapter 1
Alma Peregrine x fem!reader
Tumblr media
(Alma appears in chapter two first, just so you know.)
Warnings: Blood, non-lethal injuries
Words: 554
A/N:: Yes, this is a different fic from the Ymbryne one, no I don’t care. I’m gonna work on both of them. >:3 Also thank you so much to everyone who encouraged me (lookin’ at you, tagged peeps.)
Tags: @itsonlydana @evil-feather @merci-bitch @multimilfs @escapetodreamworld@gay-and-sad-tm @multifandomfix 
(ask if you want to be added/removed)
It was dark and rainy when you finally entered the loop. You tapped your watch a few times, but it wasn’t working. It made sense, but it still sucked. You started to limp toward the slightly lit-up town you could see in the distance; maybe someone there would be more helpful than they had been in modern times.
It was a long walk, and you were pretty sure that you had exacerbated the wound on your leg, but you finally came to the Preist Hole, the same dingy pub that had turned you away when you asked for some bandages. Granted, it was an odd thing to ask, but still.
But this was wartime. Everyone was probably on high alert (for good reason) and stocked with medical supplies. You pushed open the door, ringing the rusty bell that was above it, and a (much) younger-looking Kev called out to you.
“Aye, sorry lass, but I was just closin’ up- my goodness, what happened to ye?!” he exclaimed, staring at the blood starting to seep through your pant leg.
“I slipped on some rocks down near the beach,” you replied, lying easily. You leaned against the doorframe with your injured leg raised above the ground, out of breath.
“Oh my. Well, it needs te be cleaned up fast, that’s fer sure. When’d ye slip?”
1997 “About half an hour ago, I think. I had to walk all the way from there to here, and that probably didn’t make it better.”
“I’d think not, ye. Come o’er here, behind the counter; I have some antiseptic ‘n bandages.”
“Thank you so much, sir.” You limped over, dripping water all over the floor.
“Not a problem, lass. Always good to help someone in need.” 
He was very nice. You wondered where he was when you first came to the pub.
“Okay, sit down here ‘n put yer foot up on the barstool.” You followed his instructions. “Now, which cabinet did I put the stuff in…” He rummaged around for a bit before triumphantly retrieving a half-empty bottle of antiseptic and a few large bandages that had army labels on them. “Arnie, our cook, got some stuff from his brother. Nigel’s in the army, ye see.” You nodded.
“Thank goodness for Arnie and Nigel, then.” He chuckled.
“Yeah, Arnie’s sweet. He just started a few months ago, but he’s already a great chef. Now, d’you want te clean it or should I?”
“I can.”
“Alright’n. Here ye are.” He handed you the bandages and antiseptic.
“Thank you.” You pulled up your pant leg, revealing a bloody gash on your shin that was too clean a cut to be from rocks. Thankfully, Kev didn’t notice that little fact. You flinched when the antiseptic hit it, letting out a low hiss from between your teeth, but otherwise, the cleaning and dressing of the wound went fine.
“Thank you, Mister….” You pretended to not know his name. 
“Kev. Just Kev. No ‘mister,’ please. I’m not that old yet.” He grinned.
“Alright. Well, thank you for your help. You won’t regret it.” You gave him a small, slightly mischievous smile and slipped out the door.
“Wait! I didn’t catch your name!” he called out, but you were already gone, lost in the rain.
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celestialmickey · 7 months ago
I love all those sentence prompts you just posted.😂 But I feel like the most appropriate one is probably:
“So why did I have to punch that guy?”
Thank you Arrow!! 💗
Ridiculous Sentence Prompts: "So why did I have to punch that guy?"
There were only a few things left in the world that made Mickey really, really angry.
The first was their property manager, Melanie, and her stupid-ass dog with its stupid, stupid diaper.
The second was the fact that a single can of beer cost four times more on the West Side than it did back in their old neighborhood. What special brand of bullshit were these crunchy granola hippies trying to churn out at the Wine, Etc. store, anyway?
The third thing, and probably the only one that would stick around after he adjusted to his new life above the poverty line, was any time that anyone disrespected, hurt, or even mildly annoyed his husband.
Every time they dealt with an irritating client or an overzealous new employee, Mickey would clench his teeth and fight the urge to knock them on their ass. One hit was all it would take, he knew that for certain. He'd taken down Ian's exes, family members, hell, even Ian himself on a few occasions, with a single punch to the throat.
Now, he was an adult, a business owner, a husband and partner that needed to play by society's rules if they were ever going to crawl out of the gutter completely.
The very idea made Mickey's teeth ache.
He bit his bottom lip while they sat side-by-side in their booth at the Alibi, waiting for some schmuck to meet them for an interview.
"We need to start interviewing the guys we hire, Mickey," Ian had said one night while cooking dinner. He chopped the carrots and celery on the wooden cutting board while Mickey sat slumped on the couch, nursing a beer and watching a TikTok Mandy had sent him earlier that day.
He looked up at his husband as he watched an orange and white cat chow down on kibble after his automatic feeder malfunctioned.
Mandy 🌻 (6:09pm): plz tell ian this is him in cat form
Mickey snorted at his phone, barely registering Ian's comment.
"Mick?" Ian tried again, and Mickey looked up from his phone.
"Hmm?" he replied through a mouthful of beer.
"I said we need to start interviewing the guys we hire," Ian said again, using the knife to scrape the carrots and celery off of the cutting board and into the giant pot he had boiling on the stove. Mickey wasn't sure what he was making, but it smelled amazing.
"What for? Those resumé things ain't good enough for you?" Mickey's mouth quirked up on the side as he tried to hide a smirk.
Ian rolled his eyes and used the comically oversized wooden spoon to stir his soup.
"No, Mick. So we don't have another Connor situation."
Mickey snorted. Connor was a dipshit they'd hired back in April to help with pickups, a dipshit that had cost the company almost $2,500 after he "forgot" to make the deposit with Ian and Mickey at the end of his scheduled route.
"I mean, his name's Connor. Kinda feel like you should've known what you were walkin' in to with that one."
"I'm serious," Ian said. "Interviews. We gotta do 'em." He stirred the soup vigorously, the spoon clanking against the side of the pot with every twist.
Mickey sighed deeply and rolled his eyes.
"Fine, we'll interview some new guys. But we're not doing it at a Starbucks or some shit. I'm not ready to go full West Side." He scrunched up his nose and made a face, to which Ian just chuckled.
"Glad you're on board," he teased, getting back to work on his soup, which had started to bubble.
Kev and Vee had moved to Louisville a month before, transferring ownership of the bar to Carl and Officer Tipping, who promised to keep everything just as it was. It gave Mickey a sense of calm knowing that even as the rest of his old neighborhood was slipping away, his adolescent stomping grounds now littered with coffee shops and yoga studios, some things remained the same.
He ran his fingers along the familiar crack in the table, a sharp sensation prodding the pads of his fingertips and helping him forget, even temporarily, what they were there to do.
Ian smacked the back of Mickey's hand gently.
"Stop it," he said, referring to the way Mickey was two seconds away from giving himself a splinter.
Mickey huffed and rolled his eyes.
"What's this guy's name again?"
Ian looked at his phone where he had an email pulled up. He glanced over the message then scrolled to the bottom.
"Derek," he said plainly.
"Derek," Mickey mocked, and Ian whacked him in the chest with the back of his hand.
"Knock it off," he said, and Mickey rolled his eyes again.
"Whatever. He's late anyway, let's just bail and go get some pizza."
"He's not late, Mickey. It's only..." he looked at his watch. "3:58. He's got three minutes until he's late."
Just then, as if summoned by Ian's voice, a tall, lanky, blond man walked through the front door of the bar and made his way towards the back corner booth where Ian and Mickey sat.
"You guys Ian and Mackie?"
Ian snorted as he tried to hide his laughter. Mickey rolled his eyes a third time, this time so hard that it was honestly impressive he didn't snap his optic nerves in the process.
"Mickey," Ian corrected politely. He nudged his husband with his elbow and the two of them climbed out of the booth to meet with their interviewee.
Ian shook his hand firmly.
"I'm Ian, and this is my husband Mickey." He smiled and turned to Mickey, who was standing with his hands in his pockets and giving Derek, all six feet two inches of him, an intense once-over. Elbowing his husband for a second time, Mickey relented, pulling his hands from his pockets and reaching out to shake Derek's hand. His giant palm was cold and clammy but also somehow uncomfortably hot. Mickey grimaced.
"Hey," he said gruffly. "Mickey."
"Derek," the other man said as they shook hands. "So you two are married?"
Ian nodded.
"Little over a year now, yeah."
Derek nodded.
"Cool, cool, cool," he said, nodding and looking around. "So this place is...interesting."
The judgmental and condescending way Derek said "interesting" wasn't new or unusual to either of them, but tall lanky blond bitches with North Side energy and a terrible fade saying "interesting" like they wanted to say "disgusting" made Mickey's blood boil.
He clenched his fist without even realizing what he was doing. Ian noticed immediately when Mickey's shoulders tensed up, stiffening in a way that reminded Ian of a startled cat, and he turned to climb back in the booth. He squeezed Mickey's arm once, twice, and dragged him down into the booth with him.
"It was a family friend's place," Ian said, nonchalant, eager to move the conversation away from the Alibi and towards their business. "So, Derek, on your resume, I see that you worked--"
Derek cut Ian off mid-sentence.
"Have they ever thought about turning this place into some sort of art installation or something? Just with the open floor plan and the exposed pipes, it's very pseudo-industrial-chic."
If they hadn't already assumed before by his distinct vocal fry and the smell of coconut hair gel, Derek's use of the term "pseudo-industrial-chic" solidified what the other two already knew: there were three gay motherfuckers in this booth.
Ian stuttered for a second, surprised by Derek's interjection and resistance to changing the subject.
"Don't think so, no." He grabbed his phone and opened up the Gmail app again. "So, anyway, your resume says you worked at--"
"You know what would be really cool in here? A movement class. I went to one in LA once that was hosted by Gwyneth Paltrow and it was liberating."
Mickey snorted and Ian elbowed him in the ribs.
"I bet it was," Ian said, unamused at Derek's refusal to talk about his work history. "So you worked at--"
"Have you guys ever been to LA? Oh my god, it's the best. So chic. I mean, I'm from Evanston originally, so basically anything is chic in comparison. I mean, not here, obviously, but you know. Other places."
Ian sighed.
"Totally," he said. "So, your work history, it says--"
"Hey, do you guys know what the best dispensary is around here? Preferably something upscale, with those iPads you can order on. I need a few new carts--"
"Dude," Mickey cut in. "Can you shut the fuck up for five seconds?"
Derek looked surprised, and Mickey could hear Ian's sharp, apprehensive inhale.
"Excuse me?" Derek said, holding his hand to his chest.
"He's been trying to ask you the same question since we sat down, and you won't shut the fuck up about chic cities and weed, so if you could just answer our questions, that would be great." He looked over at Ian, whose eyes were wide and hesitant, unsure about how things were about to unfold.
"You're very rude," Derek said to Mickey, giving him a scowl.
Mickey snorted.
"Yeah, tell me something I don't know."
Derek's eyes narrowed and his forehead wrinkled up, agitated.
"You should be nicer to the people you want to hire." He crossed his arms over his chest like a petulant child.
Mickey laughed out loud.
"Dude, who says we wanna hire you? I'm pretty sure if you worked for us, I'd blow my brains out in the first two minutes."
Ian tried and failed miserably to conceal his laughter, covering his mouth with his hand and looking down at the table. Mickey leaned over towards his husband.
"I kinda wanna punch this guy in the mouth," he mumbled, and Ian side-eyed him from where he sat beside him.
"Please don't," he replied in a whisper before composing himself and turning back to Derek.
"Look, Derek, you seem like a nice guy, but I don't think this is gonna work out." He held out his hand to signal that the interview was over, but Derek didn't return his handshake. Instead, he pouted like a toddler that had just been scolded for bad behavior.
"Your husband's a dick," Derek said to Ian, and Mickey could literally feel Ian's body stiffen next to him.
"Hey," Mickey said, putting his hand on Ian's knee. "Forget it. Let's go get pizza."
"No," Ian said sternly, turning back to Derek. "Listen, dude, you're also kind of a dick, so why don't we just call this a wash and you can go track down your carts or whatever."
Mickey bit his lip, fighting a smile. He secretly loved when Ian got defensive, as long as it wasn't directed towards him.
"You're both dicks!" Derek said, slamming his hands down on the table. He slid out of the booth and stood up, and Mickey and Ian did the same. The three men stood there, Derek facing the husbands with a pissed-off expression.
"You should go," Ian said, pointing at the door.
Derek snorted.
"I guess I shouldn't be surprised. When the ad said South Side, I knew there was a good chance the owners were a couple of trashy, ghetto assholes. But him?" He pointed at Mickey. "He's a world-class dick."
Before Derek could say anything else, he was cut off by a fist to the jaw and dropped to the floor, unconscious.
The ambient chatter and loud clacking of billiard balls came to a halt as the regulars that sat scattered around the Alibi turned in unison to see what had happened. Once they identified the source of the loud "thud" as one of the Gallagher-Milkovich boys knocking out some blond giant, they immediately turned back to their various activities.
Just another day on the South Side.
Ian cupped his right fist in his left hand and turned to Mickey, bewildered.
"I just punched that guy, Mick," he said, genuinely surprised. "I knocked him out. Shit."
Mickey shrugged.
"He kinda deserved it."
Ian looked at Mickey with a really? sort of expression and shook his head back and forth.
"Still," he said, turning to look at Derek, sprawled out unconscious on the floor like a rag doll.
"C'mon man, it's fine. He'll come to, and when he does, we'll be long gone." He grabbed Ian's upper arm and gave him a tug, but Ian just sat back down in the booth.
"Why did I do that?" he asked, but Mickey knew he was talking only to himself. He sat down beside his husband, stepping over Derek's long ass leg on his way back to the booth.
"I mean, you kinda had to."
Ian looked over at Mickey, eyebrows raised. He stared at his husband for a moment, puzzling, before breaking into a smile.
"What?" Mickey asked, confused as to how Ian could go from having some sort of moral crisis over knocking out a hipster to grinning gleefully at his husband in a half second. Ian reached over and put his hand on Mickey's thigh. Immediately, the mood shifted. Pool cues squeaked as they were chalked up and glasses clinked on the countertops. The distinct chhh-chhh sound of a spray bottle punctured Mickey's ear drums as he looked down at his husband's hand on his thigh.
"So," Ian said, voice quieter than before. "Why did I have to punch that guy?"
Mickey smirked. He could be honest, and say the obvious reason, which was that Derek was a total douche canoe and deserved to be socked in the mouth by someone his own size. He could lie, and say it was because Derek seemed dangerous and Ian was just following his instincts, but that would have been the lie of the fucking century.
Instead, he said neither, and opted for something he knew would make Ian smile.
"Because you love me."
Ian's face broke into a full grin and he giggled, leaning over to kiss his husband once, quickly, well-aware of Mickey's hesitancy towards PDA when they were out and about on the South Side.
When he pulled back, he was smirking, and Mickey knew his cheeks were flushed. He hadn't been expecting the kiss, however brief it was, and his stomach felt a little fluttery.
"I mean, I'm not the kind of guy that just stands by and lets people talk shit about the man he loves." He grinned and Mickey rolled his eyes, remembering Ian telling him about the last words he'd said to Glittery Twink Byron the night they'd gotten engaged.
"You're a fuckin' sap, man."
"True," Ian said, standing up from the booth and stepping over Derek's leg as Mickey had done minutes before. He reached out his hand and pulled his husband from the booth. The two of them stood there momentarily, staring at Derek's lump of a body on the sticky, peanut-shell covered floor.
"Should we like, do something?" Mickey asked, kicking Derek's foot with his own boot. The man didn't move a muscle. Mickey wondered for a second if he might be dead, but the shallow rise and fall of the douche canoe's chest let him know that unfortunately, for all of humankind, the asshole was still alive.
Ian shook his head.
"Nah, he can sleep it off."
He reached down and took Mickey's hand in his own.
"C'mon," he said as he dragged them both towards the door. "Let's go get pizza."
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y0itsbri · 6 months ago
gallavich week 2021 - day 1 - post-series finale w/ inspo from the lovely @ianandmickeygallavich // @gallavichthings
5 things that change after moving away from the south side + 1 thing that never changes
the most noticeable change in their lives was the lack of disruptions. no family members barging into rooms at a moment's notice. no mix of car alarms, fights, and music blasting from somewhere down the street every night. no more prison guards controlling their schedules. no more being told to "get a fuckin' room" in their own fuckin' house. there are definitely still moments where both ian and mickey find themselves lost without the familiar bustle of a busy household or the streets of the south side, but they've been learning to lean into it and fall into their own new normal.
family has always been a thing -- love it or hate it, but the dynamics of being in a family changed a bit. ian no longer sharing a house with his siblings was nothing unfamiliar, but this time -- without the isolation from the effects of his untreated illness -- family stuck around and he let them. he often reached out, not wanting to miss out any more than he already had. one another hand, mickey had to unlearn his fear and tame his resentment. now that his father was dead and the rest of his relatives fucked off to god knows where, he didn't have any immediate threats pounding on his door. he was allowed to just be. he was allowed to be free, and he was learning to let himself.
ian and mickey could not imagine going to work early each morning without a healthy cup or two of caffeine, and lucky for them, there is always coffee in the pot. no more million siblings beating each other over it in the mornings. and this time it's the good shit, too -- mickey approved. ian always made sure things were mickey approved now, which was really fuckin' sweet.
ian got into reading again. the last time he got into it was when they shared a prison cell together, just the two of them. their new place was definitely an upgrade from a prison cell... even if it was still painfully devoid of furniture. mickey would always grumble whenever ian rattled off information about whatever book he's stuck his nose into, but mickey loves seeing him passionate and curious. occasionally, mickey will even bring up things that remind him of a book ian has read and ian gets major heart eyes.
another thing that changed for them was the appearance of new friends in their lives. it definitely was not an intentional effort, but it happened nonetheless. mickey found himself relying on the gallaghers more and more much to his dismay. without the guidance and friendship of kev and v, ian and mickey found a new bar... that wasn't always crawling with cops -- thanks carl. too many drinks and a lot of oversharing later, they found themselves promising the barkeep roger to bring in photos from their wedding. they also found themselves chatting with the yoga class regulars, and even being invited out to cook outs and their kids' fuckin' soccer games. it turns out the kids really like mickey and he was even offered a coaching position.
one thing that never changes, wherever they have found themselves over the years, is the way that they find solace within each other, a source of peace. they always had each others' backs and were in it together, looking out for each other. being there for each other. forever.
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mrawkweird · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
At the rate they’re going they are really about to drop a “Breaking Bad” shirt with Kev cooking Seth.
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denis-scorianov · 10 months ago
the art of learning you deserve better. (7)
Tumblr media
→ When your boyfriend cheats on you, Nolan offers you a place to stay until you get back on your feet. Sometimes a good friend is what you need to help realize you deserve better.
♦ word count: 4.6k+ ♦ tags: @creator-appreciator , @konecny-s , @precioustk , @notaccurateornice , @flybabyfly @laurenairay @chicagoblackhawkslover96 @fiveholegoal @stars-canucks​ @dembenchboys  @iateyourdonuts @yourlocalgranolagirl55 @damndunner  @bellaguarneri @kiedhara @titobeauvs @honeybearbarzal @cass33x @svechnikolan @petey-patty @stlbluesbrat, @teenagekook @106sami @hockeyallthetime @marnerharts @heybarzy
Tumblr media
the one with the party.
Nolan was home. The second he had walked through the front door, you felt a weight lift off your shoulders, and it took everything in you not to throw yourself into his arms right away. Instead, you greeted him from the other side of the couch, a bright smile on your lips as he set his travel bag down and moved across the room to join you. 
“Are you baking again?” Nolan asked as he paused to sniff the air and the tell-tale scent of lasagna wafted into his nose. You nodded sheepishly, a little embarrassed by the fact that you had baked three sheets of cookies and put together a lasagna already that morning just waiting for him to arrive. You hadn’t been able to sleep in like you wanted, and cooking was how you decided to pass the time. 
“Are you hungry?” you asked hopefully, sparing a quick glance at the clock on the wall to see that it was just past lunch time. You weren’t sure if Nolan had eaten anything on the plane or before he left California, but even if he wasn’t hungry now, you knew that he would be eventually.
“I could eat,” he murmured in return, and a soft smile spread across your lips. You had put the lasagna in just long enough ago that it would be ready soon, and just as you turned to head towards the kitchen to check on it, you had another idea.
“Do you think Kevin would want to come over and eat with us?” It wasn’t the family dinner that you had originally planned, but you had definitely made more than what you and Nolan could eat on your own. 
Nolan hated that familiar twinge in his stomach at the mention of including his teammate, but he knew that he was being ridiculous and couldn’t have you all to himself forever. Besides, he knew how anxious Kevin was to come over and enjoy your cooking, and Kevin wouldn’t hesitate to kill him, or worse, sick Gritty on him, if Nolan didn’t ask him to come after you suggested it. 
“I’ll text him and see,” Nolan mumbled in response, and you smiled brightly before turning back towards the kitchen. You were excited and more than anxious for some company after the last five lonely days, so having the apartment filled with chatter was sure to be something that would help soothe your soul.
Nolan disappeared into his bedroom to put his bag away while you checked the lasagna, and just as you closed the oven door, Nolan entered the room.
“Kev said he’ll be here in twenty,” Nolan told you, and you gave him another bright smile as you moved to stand at the counter next to him.
“That’s great, I can’t wait to hear all about your road trip,” you beamed, and Nolan gave you his own small smile as he slid his phone into his pocket. For a moment, the two of you fell silent, and you could tell by the way his blue eyes searched your face that he was trying to tell how you were doing without actually asking. Slowly, you lifted your hand to rest against his forearm, his eyes falling down to where your hand rested before glancing back up to you. “Nols, I’m fine. I am happy to have you back though. This place is lonely while you’re gone.”
Nolan tried to hide the way his cheeks flamed at the comment by ducking his head, but the soft giggle that slipped through your lips told him that it was no use. It was such a typical comment that a roommate might make, but there was rarely anything typical about the way he felt when you said things like that. He was still allowing his heart to hope for just that little bit more, even if there was no chance of that ever happening. 
“California was pretty boring,” he replied, his skin still tingling where your hand was still resting on his arm. You scoffed from next to him as your hand fell back down to your side, much to his disappointment, and his eyes slowly lifted back to meet yours.
“Boring, huh? Scoring a goal in all three games, yeah, that must have been a real drag for you,” you teased, and Nolan shrugged. He wanted to say that, at this point, he still would have rather been in Philadelphia with you, but he stopped himself. He could pretend inside his head all he wanted but expressing the deepest thoughts of his heart to you now would have been a mistake.
“It’s my job,” he replied instead, and you just shook your head as you turned so that you could lift yourself onto the counter.
“Well, even though it was so boring, tell me more. I want to hear all about it.” You knew that Nolan didn’t always like to talk about his road trips, but you needed another distraction, so you were going to ask him about it. Sure, the two of you had spoken every day that he was gone, but you knew there was more to the trip than just what you had heard through your FaceTime’s. You were also sure that, when Kevin arrived, there would be even more stories to hear. 
Nolan leaned against the counter next to you, his eyes fixed on the countertop as he seemed to be thinking. For a moment, you didn’t think he was going to say anything, but then he started a story about something that had happened on the plane to California, and easy conversation ensued from there. Nolan’s dry humor about every day happenings always made you laugh, and as you giggled along with the funny parts, and really listened when he talked about the blow of the first loss, it wasn’t long before the lasagna timer was going off and the sound of Nolan’s front door opening and closing pulled you both out of the little bubble that had formed around you.
“Do I smell lasagna?” you heard Kevin’s voice call from the living room, and you grinned as you pushed yourself off the counter and moved towards the stove to pull the dish from the oven. The cheese on top was a perfect golden brown now, and it smelled even better than you thought that it could. You had just barely set the container down on top of the stove when you felt an arm wrap around your waist and lift you into the air.
“Kev, stop! You’re gonna make a mess!” you squealed, just as he whirled you around, and then set you back down on the floor facing where Nolan was still standing. He had a small, semi-amused smile on his face as he shook his head before you were spun, once more, back to face your friend that had just arrived.
“Excuse a guy for being happy to see you,” he teased. “I’m guessing you didn’t receive the same greeting from Patty over here.” 
Nolan felt his stomach plummet, and Kevin laughed heartily at the look that formed on your face in response. 
“Nolan knows better,” you replied, turning to flash him a quick wink from across the room. “He knows if he wants me to cook for him, he won’t pick me up.” When you looked back at Kevin, he playfully rolled his eyes before turning his attention to the stovetop where you had just placed the meal that you had made for lunch. “Go on, dig in,” you urged as you saw the longing in his blue eyes. 
Kevin didn’t hesitate to do just that as he swiftly moved towards the cabinet where he knew Nolan kept his plates and accepted the spatula you handed him so that he could scoop a serving of the fresh lasagna onto his plate.
“You’re an angel sent straight from Heaven, you know that?” he asked as he moved past you to head towards the dining room. You laughed as he passed, and you nodded towards Nolan for him to go next. Slowly, he made his way over to the same cabinet, and you watched as he grabbed two plates before turning and handing you one.
“Thank you,” you smiled as you accepted it, and Nolan nodded slightly before turning back to the stove. He had fallen quiet since Kevin arrived, not that quiet was uncommon for Nolan, but it was still something that you noticed. You hoped that he was just tired, and not that there was something else that might be wrong. 
Once the three of you had your food and were settled down at Nolan’s dining room table, you felt a sense of peace wash over you that had only been rivaled by the feeling you had experienced when Nolan walked through the front door about an hour prior. It was nice to have company again, and it was even better that it was two people you considered your best friends. They had helped you so much over the last few weeks, even if neither one of them truly realized it.
“So, how was the roadie?” you asked Kevin just before taking a bite of your lasagna. “Nolan here says it was boring, but I’m sure you have stories that he isn’t telling me.”
Kevin’s eyes moved from yours to Nolan’s, and while you were sure there was something off about his expression as he looked at his teammate, he didn’t bother elaborating on it. Instead, he started recounting every little thing that he found interesting about the trip, including Nolan’s goals and the celebrations that followed.
“Oh, sure, the girls were lining up to congratulate Nolan on his big games,” Kevin teased, his eyebrows waggling as he said it. You giggled, though you felt a squeeze in your chest that you didn’t quite recognize, as you turned to Nolan, whose cheeks were now a deep pink. 
“I bet they were,” you grinned, though the expression was slowly falling from your lips as you thought about the implications of the statement that Kevin had just made. You knew that Nolan didn’t have to share about his escapades at any given moment, but you couldn’t help your curiosity. “And did you take any of them up on their offers, Nols?” 
Nolan’s gaze remained fixed on his empty plate in front of him as he twirled his fork between his fingers subconsciously. You had no idea that he was currently plotting Kevin’s demise at bringing those girls up to you, but he tried his best to keep his expression even.
“I was there to play, not meet girls,” he answered simply, and you felt the knot in your stomach dissipate. You hated how your lips tugged up at the corners at his words, and so you tried to hide it behind the rim of the glass of water that you had brought to the table with you. 
“There’s nothing wrong with accepting a little praise sometimes, Patty,” Kevin joked, and while you had turned to look at him, out of the corner of your eye, you didn’t miss the death glare that Nolan shot in his direction. The smirk on Kevin’s lips didn’t falter and you were sure, now, that there was something going on between them that you were missing. You were just too afraid to ask. 
A silence fell over the table after that, and you fidgeted in your seat a bit as you tried not to think about Nolan and all of his California girls. You weren’t blind. You knew that he had just as many, if not more, girls trying to get with him here in Philadelphia too, but he never made a move on any of them. Even when you were with Connor and you would go out with the team, you noticed that Nolan stuck close to his teammates and rarely interacted with anyone outside of his own bubble. Truthfully, you thought that he was just a little shy and maybe a little intimidated by all the attention. Now, you weren’t so sure.
“But what about you?” Kevin asked finally once the rest of his food was gone. “You look good. Are you feeling good, too?”
A genuine smile returned to your lips as you nodded. If you were being honest with him, you hadn’t been doing so great while they were gone, but now that they were back, with no extended road trips on the horizon, you felt like you could breathe properly again. 
“I feel alright,” you replied honestly. Kevin’s smile grew at your response, and that’s how you knew you really did sound convincing. If he would have called and asked you that same question while they were in California, you were sure that he would have had a different reaction. “I mean, it’s been almost a month now since everything happened and I really think I’m starting to get over it.”
Out of the corner of your eye, you could see that Nolan was looking at you as well, but you didn’t turn to face him right away. If anyone was going to see any underlying pain in your eyes, it was going to be him. Not that you were sure there was any to be found, as you were positive that you really were starting to move on.
“Well, that’s great!” Kevin exclaimed. “Then I don’t feel so bad asking you to come to a party at my place tomorrow. You can say no, of course, but it’s just gonna be the guys from the team and their better halves and we’d love to have you there.”
You perked up at the invitation, and you couldn’t deny that getting out of Nolan’s apartment and into the presence of more people sounded like fun. However, just as you were about to accept, Nolan spoke up from the other side of the table.
“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” 
You were taken by surprise at his initiative in speaking for you, and you turned to give him a quizzical look. Out of all of your friends, you expected him to be the most excited about you getting back out there. The sooner you were comfortable and back on your feet, the sooner you could be out of his hair.
“And why not?” you challenged, and Nolan’s eyes widened as they met yours.
“I just- I didn’t think that would be something you were up for,” he stuttered, and your eyes narrowed slightly. 
“I didn’t realize that you spoke for me now.” The annoyance in your voice was evident, and Nolan leaned back in his chair as he seemed to realize that he had spoken out of turn. His entire face turned red, and his gaze fell to his hands as he mumbled out an apology.
“I don’t. You’re right.” You stared at him for another moment more before you let out a small sigh and turned back to Kevin, forcing the previous smile back onto your face.
“I’d love to come. I’ll be there.”
Kevin, who had clearly just witnessed the entire exchange between you and Nolan, switched his focus from his teammate to you, and the twinkle in his blue eyes told you that he was just as excited as you were that you had agreed to come.
“Great! It’s going to be a lot of fun. As long as Patty here doesn’t decide to be a party pooper.” Nolan scoffed in response, and Kevin laughed, as he moved to stand up from the table to take his plate to the kitchen. “But I should get going. My bed is calling my name for a good afternoon nap after that delicious meal.” You stood up after him, grabbing both your plate and Nolan’s, before following Kevin into the kitchen. He gave you a quick parting hug as he thanked you again for lunch, and then he started towards the front door.
“Actually, I realized I left something down in my car. I’ll be right back,” Nolan called to you, as he stood up from the table and headed towards the front door with Kevin. You didn’t think anything of it, and instead started wrapping up the leftovers so that you could have some when you got hungry later.
Kevin knew almost immediately that Nolan hadn’t forgotten anything in his car, and that he was coming with him to talk to him about something. Something that he was almost sure he could guess.
“Why are you telling her about the girls in California? It’s not like anything happened with them, and that’s not something she needs to know,” Nolan huffed as soon as the apartment door was closed behind them. Kevin glanced over at his friend and saw a deeply agitated look on Nolan’s face that he really wasn’t expecting to see. 
“I’m sorry, man. She asked for stories, and so I told her. Weren’t you the one that said she was worried she was holding you back? Besides, I thought you were trying to get over her?”  
Nolan sighed. He knew that was what he was supposed to be working on, but the look on your face when Kevin mentioned the other girls, he had seen the flicker of emotion that was hidden beneath your smile. That tiny little movement was one that had him hoping again, and while he knew Kevin wasn’t going to support it, at this point, he had started not to care.
“That’s still not your story to share.” 
“Kind of how it wasn’t your call to say whether she should or shouldn’t come to my party tomorrow, huh?” Kevin challenged back, and Nolan groaned as he pushed a hand through his hair.
“Yeah, that was messed up. I should have kept my mouth shut,” Nolan agreed, and Kevin could hear the strain in his voice.
“Why did you, anyways?” Kevin was curious because he had never seen Nolan speak up for anyone outside of himself before. He knew the feelings that Nolan was harboring for you, but, just like you, Kevin thought that he would want you to get over Connor faster so that he didn’t have to see you struggling anymore.
“I don’t know, man,” Nolan replied slowly. “I guess I’m just… I’m so used to her just hanging out at the apartment, I didn’t think she’d be ready for something like that.”
“Or, you aren’t ready to share her with the world again.”
Kevin’s words cause Nolan to come to a stop as he stared over at his teammate with a dangerous glint in his eyes. Watching Nolan cycle through so many emotions so quickly was something his friend had never witnessed before, but he could tell that he was entering dangerous territory with his latest comment.
“I’m not being selfish with her,” Nolan all but growled. “I want her to be happy just as much as you do.” Kevin nodded as he came to a stop just a few feet in front of him. 
“I know that. I just want you to be-“
“Be careful, I know.”
It was clear in that moment that Nolan was tired of hearing that he needed to be more cautious with his heart around you, and so, Kevin dropped it. The conversation seemed to be over after that, and the two bid each other goodbye as Nolan turned to head back to his apartment. He hadn’t even thought about the fact that he had told you he left something in his car until he stepped back into the living room and you looked up at him from the couch.
“What did you forget?” you asked casually, and for a moment, Nolan was confused, but then it hit him.
“Oh, I thought I forgot my charger, but it must be in my bag,” he replied, and though he wasn’t sure if it was believable or not, you just nodded and turned back to the television that you had turned on to Food Network. You didn’t turn to look back at him again, and as he stood in the doorway, he wondered if his words from earlier were to blame for the continued awkward air that hung in the room.
Slowly, he made his way over to the couch before sitting down next to you, your eyes remaining on the latest episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. 
“I’m sorry about earlier,” he mumbled, and finally, you glanced back over in his direction. “I’m happy that you’re ready to go to parties again. It was wrong of me to think otherwise.”
You stared at him for a moment, but after just a couple of seconds, a small smile tugged up the corner of your lips. 
“I know you just want what’s best for me right now, Nols, but I promise, I’m doing alright.”
Nolan had no reason to believe that you were lying, and he was grateful for any chance of forgiveness he could get for speaking out of turn, so he simply nodded. Everything felt a little bit lighter after that, and the nerves that had been crawling across his skin dissipated as he settled in to watch shows with you for the rest of the afternoon.
While you had been a little frustrated with Nolan and his reaction to you wanting to go to Kevin’s party before, that annoyance had been short lived, and you were able to appreciate just having his presence next to you again while you wasted away the afternoon on the couch. The silence in the apartment didn’t seem quite as loud with him there. 
There were a lot more people at Kevin’s apartment than you expected. When he said that his teammates and their significant others would be there, he really meant his entire team. Nolan hadn’t seemed surprised when you walked through the front door, but you had felt a little overwhelmed when ten sets of eyes turned in your direction, and several familiar voices called your name.
“It’s nice to see you,” Travis greeted, as he was the first to approach you. You smiled up at him and returned the sentiment before Oskar was stealing you away, and you soon found yourself locked in a conversation with him, Joel and Phil. 
At one point, you lost track of Nolan completely, and you hated how dependent you felt on him. Sure, you were good friends with everyone else here, but almost everyone was here with someone, and the person you had come with was nowhere to be found. Sure, Nolan wasn’t your boyfriend, but he was your support, especially when you felt like you were going to drown.
“You look a little lost,” a voice said as you stood at the kitchen counter, your eyes scanning the room for a familiar head of brown hair. You turned to see Kevin standing next to you, a knowing smirk prominent on his lips.
“This is quite a party you have going on here, Kev,” you breathed, a small wave of relief washing over you as Kevin was the next best thing to Nolan when it came to company. You knew that he was here by himself as well and that made you feel a little less lonely.
“Are you having fun?” he asked, and you nodded – maybe a little too quickly – as he eyed you suspiciously. Kevin could seem oblivious a lot of the time, but he seemed to be really good at reading you. Almost instantly he knew that you weren’t telling the truth.
“Too much, too soon?” he asked gently, and you felt tears build behind your eyes as you tried to will them back. You hated that you felt like this now when you really had been looking forward to coming. You thought that you could handle it, but maybe Nolan was right. Maybe this wasn’t the best idea.
“I should go find Nolan,” you murmured, and Kevin nodded as he pointed across the sea of people into the living room.
“I believe I saw him sitting on the couch in the living room.” 
You thanked him for his help as you moved around him and headed in the direction that he had just indicated. You weren’t going to ask Nolan to leave, but you needed to at least let him know that you intended on heading out. You didn’t want to just disappear and have him worry about you even more.
Kevin was right, and Nolan was sitting on the couch between Carter and Travis and he looked up at you as soon as you entered the room. An expression you couldn’t quite read settled on his face as he swiftly stood up and closed the distance between you.
“Are you alright?” he asked immediately, and you swallowed hard as you realized that your unease must be written all over your face. 
“I think I’m going to head back,” you mumbled, shame settling on your shoulders at how pathetic you were sure you looked. Nolan’s hand reached out, but it dropped back down to his side before his hand touched yours and he shoved it into his pocket.
“I’ll come with you,” he stated simply, and you started to protest, but he was already moving towards the door before you could say anything. He said goodbye to the few people he passed, and you did the same, before you stepped out into the hallway and let out a heavy breath. Nolan turned to look at you once the door was shut behind him, and you could see the concern in his features. “Are you okay?”
You wanted to tell him yes, and that you were just tired, but you knew he could see right through you. Besides, a lone tear slid down your cheek at just that moment and you knew that there was no use in pretending to feel a way that you didn’t.
“I thought it’d be okay,” you whispered, your head falling as your gaze fixed on the carpet of the hallway. “I was so sure that I was ready, but seeing everyone here with someone else and knowing… and knowing that I’m all alone, it just-“
“Hey, hey, hey,” Nolan cooed as he stepped towards you, his hand reaching out for you this time as he lightly gripped your chin to lift your gaze back to meet his. “You’re not alone, okay? Everyone in there cares about you, sand I care about you, so you’re not alone at all. I can promise you that.” You nodded, and your breath caught as Nolan’s other hand brushed away another tear that had escaped down your cheek while giving you a sad smile. 
“Let’s go home.” He made the suggestion so simply, for a moment, you could pretend that it really was your home too. But really, it wasn’t. And if you still couldn’t manage to stay at a party filled with people you considered your friends, how were you ever going to get a place of your own without falling apart? The thought scared you, but you knew you couldn’t dwell on it too long. 
Nolan didn’t talk about the party again for the rest of the night, even though you thought you had a much warranted ‘I told you so’ coming your way from him, but the words never left his lips. Instead, he put on a playlist in the car that seemed to play all your favorite songs, and when you got back to his apartment, he grabbed a pint of your favorite ice cream and the two of you settled onto the couch to watch your favorite movie. He didn’t ask what you needed, instead, he seemed to just know, and you weren’t one to protest. You needed the rest of the evening to require as little thought as possible, and Nolan made that easy. 
Then again, as you were realizing, he had a way of making everything easy. 
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The Three Of Us Chapter 2 - Experts
Tumblr media
Summary: Cases involving children hit harder for Kim and Adam, and the mention of the man who tried to kill her makes Kim realise how far she has to go. Series masterlist here
Words: 2.2k
Warnings: General warnings for this series
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“Just put them away, it’s too early to deal with brine!” Kim half shoved Adam, grinning at him before hearing steps on the stairs. He held the tub of pickles aloft, Kim rolling her eyes.
“Look, don’t come between a man and his pickle, Burgess. Don’t even think about it.”
“It is way too early for innuendo, and that was a self burn,” Kevin began, before spotting the literal jar of pickles in Adam’s hand. “Dude. It’s eight in the morning. Why?”
“I worked out this morning. Needed electrolytes. So, I figured pickles.” Kevin rolled his eyes, and Kim just forced herself not to blush at the actual innuendo that their best friend had missed. Although it was a good workout that morning for her.
“Just go put them in the fridge. Burgess, how do you put up with him on your couch?”
“It’s just like having two kids instead of one, except I don’t have to tell him not to touch the stove. It works.”
She started pulling the files she’d brought home to work on out, ignoring Kevin talking about not trusting Adam’s cooking and trying to calm her face down from the grin Adam left on it. But her boyfriend re-emerged from the break room with Jay and Hailey following him.
“…we all know you’re doin’ it, right?”
“Doing it?” Jay looked around confusedly at everyone, Kevin cleaning his phone and rolling his eyes at the scene unfolding.
“Doin’ it.”
“What’s up?”
“Jay and Haley are moving in together. Tonight, I think, yeah?” Adam perched on his desk, taking a bite from yet another pickle in his hand as he got comfy. “I’m a trained observer.”
Kim bit back the response that he wasn’t trained enough to not leave his underwear in the living room until she told him no sex until he cleaned, but instead just smiled at the awkward couple.
“You do know we all know you’re together, right?”
“Yeah, I’m aware of that.” Jay began, looking between the three of them as Hailey tried and failed to stop her blush. “What I don’t get is why that’s a non-event, but this is a thing? We’ve been staying at each other’s apartments for months.”
“Well, ‘cause then you were just, like, doin’ it-“ Adam shimmied his shoulders attempting to be sexy and Kim wanted to soft at the ridiculous action, “now you’re doing it.”
“It’s the same thing!”
“Most definitely not the same thing,” Kev cut in, Kim nodding in agreement with her serious face on. It was rare that they got to make fun of arguably the most straight laced person in the unit, she was taking full enjoyment from this.
“For instance, did you know that sometimes women use the medicine cabinet to store medicine?”
At Adam’s words Kim bit her inner cheek to stop her grin. He’d been so confused about the fact that there was actual medication in her medicine cabinet instead of in her nightstand, until she pointed out that it was high enough for her to keep her post surgery painkillers and birth control out of Makayla’s reach, without Kim herself needing a step ladder to reach it. After that he’d added his muscle cream, something that had delighted her to see.
“Haley, got a sec?” Voight called the other woman into his office as Jay just stared, realising that he wasn’t winning this battle.
“Let me tell you something right now. I look around this room, you know what the first thing I think is?” He paused for maximum effect, making sure to stare at each of them. “Here’s a bunch of relationship experts.”
Kim couldn’t stop the grin from spreading quickly across her face, eyes flickering and meeting Adam’s before forcing her smile down and looking at Kevin. Her best friend was looking between them, understanding about their relationship beginning to dawn on his face. She should have known she couldn’t keep anything from him. But before either of them could be asked a question they didn’t want to answer in work, the entire unit was pulled into an armed robbery.
Hearing the nine year old girl had died cut Kim to the core, and she sat on her desk, staring at the board to give herself a few minutes while Jay was in interrogation with his ex Army colleague. Kid cases. Fucking kid cases. They’d always cut her harder, they’d always hurt more. Ever since she’d found out she was pregnant they had affected her, she hated that they affected her that way. But now as a mother with a live child who’d been a victim it cut to a whole new level.
“You ok?” Adam asked, standing beside her as he took in the board. Sydney Rose’s face was up as their victim, a grinning child with messy brown hair and two missing front teeth. It was a school photo they’d gotten for the board, and all Kim could think was Makayla had lost her front tooth the week before.
“Nope. I have to be though, right?”
“No you don’t. You have to be yourself, Kim. These cases started hitting me harder after eighteen months ago. They’re even worse now for me. Every little girl…I see her.”
“I see her too. It’s all I can see.”
They sat in silence together, fingers interlinked until a noise from the hallway told them Jay and Voight were finished in Interrogation. Adam dropped her hand with a squeeze before going to the bathroom, and Kevin came up from the roll up as they started talking through the case.
“Alright, so bottom line is we got zero evidence tying any offender to any of this?” Voight ranted, Kim letting his tone roll off her. He was pissed about the situation, and she didn’t blame him. They were clever and even the bombing lead they’d uncovered didn’t help.
“Sorry for the interruption.” Trudy appeared at the top of the stairs, the gate opening ignored by everyone as they’d listened to their Sergeant. Kim’s head turned on a swivel to see the new arrival, her former boss looking stressed. “The Feds have now left three messages, they’re looking for you. They want to confirm all Roy Walton’s vehicles. Make and model.”
Platt was staring at Voight as she spoke, and Kim stiffened at the mere mention of Walton’s name, the reminder that he was still out there. She forced her face to stay still, unwilling to make any movement that would show her fear. Adam glanced at her immediately, and she could tell from his eyes that he knew how worried she was. She never could hide something like this from him, but hopefully nobody else would realise.
“Send them the case files,” Voight retorted, clearly unimpressed.
“That’s what I said. And I’m pretty sure the new round of Fed boys can’t read, nor can they read my tone. So please, call them back.” With her message delivered Trudy went downstairs again, Kim focusing on just keeping her breathing and reactions even. She was safe. Makayla was safe. Makayla was in the CPD daycare right now, playing with other six year olds on summer vacation whose parents were cops. They knew about what had happened to Kim there. Her daughter was safe. She was safe. Adam was in front of her and safe.
“Everything good, boss?” She nearly missed Adam ask the question that she so desperately wanted to know the answer to, but there was supposed to be a brick wall between her and any investigation. Not that that had stopped them from filling Kim in on what was going on.
“Yeah, they’re just confirming for their bulletins. Ok, so we use Davis. I mean Knox is already fully cooperating. We have him reach out to Davis, sell him some explosives, we keep flipping on up. Alright, Jay, advise State’s Attorney we got a cooperating defendant.” Voight went into his office as the bullpen began to be a hive of activity.
Kim sat back slightly on her hands, giving herself a moment to pause and breathe before slipping off the desk and getting back to work. Roy Walton was still out there, breathing and living his life and just doing whatever he wanted, and he’d put two bullets in her without even blinking.
She should have been dead. That was the one thing Kim was crystal clear on, the one thing the doctors had said without saying. She should not still be alive. She’d lost nearly half her blood volume, and the only thing that kept her alive was the late April snow the day before. It’d meant the temperatures had been freezing when she was first shot. Shock and mild hypothermia, mixed with a dirty sock as a trauma pad had kept her alive.
She was in the car with Adam while Jay and Hailey were listening to Knox’s bug, holding their position a few blocks away. His hand was over hers on the shifter, and she didn’t realise that she’d been tapping on the door, her nails rattling a tune on the metal.
“Talk to me.”
“I can’t.” Kim took a look at his face, at the disappointment her words caused before realising exactly how it sounded. “I want to. But I can’t in work. It’s just…Walton.”
It was terrifyingly silent for a few moments between them, and all Kim could think was maybe she’d pushed him too far. Maybe she’d made Adam realise just how fucked up her head was. That he’d now decided her nightmares weren’t worth it.
She should have had more faith that he knew her heart.
“I’m sorry Kim. I wish I could just fix all of this. Not that you need fixing, you know I think you’re perfect. But I just wish…”
“I know.”
It was quiet between them, this silence sweet instead of terrifying. He got it. Adam would never truly understand, he’d never go through the fear and terror that Kim had while she’d been abducted - and she never, ever wanted him to even imagine it - but they loved each other. And that love, that strength that they were building, that was what had to keep them moving forward. Even when just a mere name could bring her fears to life.
It could have been an easy rest of the case for them, but they were pulled from pillar to post, from shootout to chasing down a storage location. It was the first time bullets had flown past her since everything and she didn’t freeze, she didn’t pause, she just reacted instinctively and that was when she knew she could do it. Adam pushed a kiss to her when they were alone in the jeep soon after, his relief at her actions as clear as hers were. When everything was over, and Kim was back in the district filling out paperwork and getting ready to pick Makayla up from daycare that she felt like she could breathe for just a moment.
Even the mention of Walton still made her skin crawl. The idea that he could be in the Midwest made her want to sob. There was so much that could go wrong, so many things that could put her and her family in danger with everything.
But she wasn’t alone. It wasn’t just her fighting to keep Makayla safe anymore. It was her family in their apartment, her and Adam and Makayla and the little girl who loved both of them. It was going home and spending time together. Putting Makayla to bed and listening to Adam read her a story from the doorway. Being held by him and loved by him. The kisses he’d lavish on her, the words of affection, of praise, the actions that he knew her so well to do shared between the two of them. Murmured words of love and pleasure at night.
And it was even more than just that. It was the love that they shared being rekindled to a full blaze, the love that had never gone out. It was that they were living together, loving each other, raising Makayla. And it was terrifying to trust her heart to Adam again, it was a horrifying prospect to even consider that they could lose what they were so painstakingly rebuilding. But she trusted him.
She trusted that even if the two of them weren’t ok, even if they split up for good or something happened between them, he would always be there for Makayla and would be in her life and her daughter’s life. Even when things weren’t good between them he’d promised that he’d be a family there for them both.
“You ready to go home?” Adam murmured from across the office, pulling Kim out of her thoughts. He had that boyish smile on his face, and for the briefest moment all she could see was the babyfaced man she’d known eight years ago, the man who had asked her to marry him, the man whose heart she’d broken. The man who she loved fiercely and who loved and fought for her, who held her when her mind convinced her that the healed scars on her body were bleeding through.
“That sounds really, really good.” She stood and linked her hand with his, going down the back stairs to pick up Makayla and go home. They left the nearly empty bullpen behind them, just their Sergeant sitting in his opened door office left in the quiet room.
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